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5 Best Blockchain Games to Play and Invest In

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

A blockchain game is any cryptocurrency or NFT game that uses play to earn concepts and blockchain technology. CryptoKitties, which were digital pets symbolized as non-fungible tokens, started the blockchain gaming movement in 2017. Major companies such as Sandbox & Decentraland have since constructed complete metaverse platforms and amassed multibillion-dollar market caps to continue the trend.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at the top blockchain games, as determined by popular Game data aggregators like DappRadar, based on the number of unique active wallet (UAW) identities generated in the previous month. We examine a few current and forthcoming blockchain games as possible investments as well.

5 Best Crypto Games Right Now – At a Quick Glance

  • Tamadoge
  • Neopets Meta
  • Axie Infinity
  • Alien Worlds
  • Splinterlands

We’ll first analyze some new and emerging crypto games on several different blockchains, then add some well-established games among the top blockchain games for individuals who are particularly interested in trading in blockchain games and their respective native cryptocurrencies.

The Best Blockchain Games Right Now – Full Reviews

Our selections for the top cryptocurrency games to watch this year virtually all offer the chance to earn cryptocurrencies as rewards while playing these games with a some initial commitment.


Tamadoge plans to develop an augmented reality (AR) metaverse game where users may take care of their beloved pets, NFTs of such a doge meme, as part of its mission to become the successor to Dogecoin and much more than a meme coin. Before that, it will take the shape of an NFT game in which players’ NFT doges engage in combat after being created, trained, and fed. The goal is to climb leaderboards and earn prizes in the form of Tamadoge (TAMA) coins.


While Dogecoin & Shiba Inu lacked that P2E functionality; Tamadoge is literally called “The Play to Earn Dogecoin.” A tremendous degree of active investor interest has helped the Tamadoge presale generate a whopping $16 million, which has helped this project become one of the top blockchain activities of 2023.

In an effort to halt the price of the token from plummeting, the network will take 5% of the TAMA that users spend when they make purchases from the Tamadoge network’s online store and burn it. Additionally, 30% of the money will be used for platform marketing and development, with the remaining 70% going toward the system’s prize fund.

Tamadoge does not levy a fee on other exchanges, stating that it “believes that profit should be produced by the initiative itself and not only from individuals trading the token.” The TAMA token is available on popular exchanges like OKX, MEXC and Lbank.

Visit OKX for Tamadoge

Neopets Meta

Neopets Meta, which runs upon that Solana blockchain, is a play-to-win free Web3 game fueled by its devoted fan base and its entertaining virtual pet gameplay, which combines pet care in a Neohome with warfare in the Battledome. The game has now grown to become on of the most played within the entire crypto space recently.


The browser game, which has approximately 150 million participants, or “Neopians,” is the inspiration for this blockchain game. The traditional videogame had been launched way back in 1999. However, once Neopets Meta as well as its metaverse network were established in 2021, they were exposed to blockchain gaming.

Incorporating staking and participating in GameFi events are additional factors in its appeal. As a game that is rather popular among users who were a part of the gaming industry in the 2000s, NeoPets Meta has managed to create a massive userbase with its newer version. While the game wasn’t something this generation had been wary of for the longest time, its recent blockchain integration has made it so that it once again, made headlines within the gaming industry.


Every generation receives a different introduction to technology. A previous generation of Millennials used Tamagotchi. For younger Millennials, there are Neopets. Roblox appeals to Gen Zers. Each becomes increasingly imaginative, personalised, and immersive. Every one of them moves us a bit closer towards the metaverse. At the moment Neopets Meta may be one of the only few choices that have gotten youngsters and millennials both hooked at the same time.

Axie Infinity

Despite the Ronin attack, which Bloomberg called a “disaster” in mid-2022, and the fact that its native cryptocurrency, AXS, has lost over 90% of its value since reaching an all-time high in November 2021, the Axie Infinity gaming portal continues to draw over 500,000 active players each month.

Here's Why Traders Are Giving up on Axie Infinity But Backing These 3 Coins to Reach $1

The fact that Axie Infinity was among the earliest and finest play-to-earn cryptocurrency games speaks much about its appeal, fun element, and play-to-earn usefulness. Players from all around the world, but especially from underdeveloped Asian nations like the Philippines, rushed to Axie Infinity to play and win AXS.

From $0.10 on Binance to $166, Acie Infinity had one of the most violent bull runs in history. It has recovered more than 90% today and is now trading at about $14.

Axie Infinity was created by Sky Mavis, a gaming company located in Hojimin that was founded in 2018 and has released a number of games with cutting-edge technology. Trung Thang Nguyen is a talented 19-year-old CEO and co-founder of the still-active Vietnamese e-Commerce company, directed by Sky Mavis.


Aleksander Leonard Larsen (COO), the former national Warcraft 3 and DotA eSports player who is now the head of the Blockchain Game Alliance and is committed to the use of blockchain technology inside this gaming industry, is also supporting the stratospheric ascent of Axie Infinity. The AXS token is something that has garnered massive demand, and continues to do so amidst the crypto winter. There is little doubt among users that the token will spike again once the bull market is back.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a cutting-edge metaverse project linked to the WAX & Ethereum blockchains where everything, including all in-game assets, is tokenized. Axie Infinity has a larger player base than Alien Worlds, with more than 500,000 UAWs logged per month.


Animoca Brands, which created the Refers to a Form metaverse game alongside Yuga Labs, Binance, and other cryptocurrency venture capital firms,   is among the investors who have provided impressive support for the Alien Worlds cryptocurrency game. Playing Alien Worlds involves a variety of activities, including staking, joining DAOs, trading NFT cards, and mining for trilium (TLM).

As a Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) member, Alien Worlds, often ranks its ecosystem in the top two spots for the best blockchain video games on DappRadar. Decentralized autonomous groups and NFTs are essential to the Alien Worlds virtual world (DAOs). The basic goal of the game is to explore other worlds & mine Trilium (TLM), a multi-chain utility coin. Players can stake it in order to take part in the metaverse’s administration. The prize pool will be larger, and everyone will be able to earn more as more people invest their TLM on planets.

Alien Worlds NFT Game

Together, in a nutshell, Alien Worlds is indeed a sci-fi mining adventure game featuring lots of NFTs, DAOs, and passive income potential. In this metaverse, every planet functions autonomously and features its own NFTs, ecosystems, and experiences. Weekly council elections are held, and suggestions are made about how to allocate the “planetary treasury.” Between the three blockchains, WAX, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, players may teleport their TLM.

The TLM token is another excellent investment choice, for users who are looking to park their funds in an up and coming crypto game.



The Hive blockchain, which supports a number of decentralized apps, blockchain games, and wallets, operates one of the most well-known NFT trading card sports, Splinterlands. This blockchain game, which was modelled after vintage trading card games including Magic: The Gathering, encouraged players from the mainstream to try bitcoin gaming.

Depending on their rarity, trading cards earned can be exchanged for ERC-721 tokens and sold for a profit on NFT platforms like OpenSea. Each fight has a unique set of hit points, a mana mechanism, and a sophisticated degree of strategy, making the combat sophisticated.

There are more than 500 cards in the Splinterlands library, 64+ abilities, and four different rarities. Each combat character has a unique style of attack, including magic, ranged, speed, and melee. Its competitions have given out about $6.1 million in capital prizes so far, and users may take part in personal quests to advance in the rankings. Splintershards (SPS), the native token of Splinterlands, is listed on several major exchanges, and has a considerable increase in demand in the recent months.

Why spend money on Blockchain Games?

According to the most recent DappRadar industry analysis, blockchain game platforms as well as the utility tokens that go along with them fared better during the 2022 bear market than other crypto assets like DeFi coins.

Because of this, crypto VC investment in crypto gaming has remained robust, surpassing 2021 levels by 33% in 2022 and being expected to exceed $12 billion by the end of the year. Major conventional video game makers like Sony, the company behind the PlayStation, are indeed paying attention and have committed $1 billion to Fortnite creator Epic Games’ efforts to establish a metaverse.

These are all developments that are evidence that the blockchain gaming industry is indeed growing and is capable of becoming much larger than it already is. However, it may be a while before the crypto sector as a whole gros out of its infancy and actually helps blockchain gaming to reach its full potential. This means that right now would be the best time to start getting into strong blockchain gaming projects that have a strong and sustainable future ahead of them in the domain.

Blockchain Games’ Detractors in the Industry

Blockchain games have prompted unfavourable responses from several video game publishers. One such example is Valve, which forbade NFTs & blockchain games from becoming featured on Steam, its gaming platform and online shop. Phil Spencer, an executive at Xbox, has attacked some cryptocurrency gaming goods, calling them “exploitative” rather than fun.

Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve, did concede that blockchain technology merits attention, but he stated in late 2021 that the number of con artists and shoddy goods made it too risky for gamers to come into contact with them.

Blockchain games are still well-liked by investors and players despite the Valve ban on them. Two agencies that audit new cryptocurrency projects, Solid Proof and CoinSniper, have inspected and confirmed the blockchain video games we examined in this guide. Battle Infinity’s presale sold out in record time, generating 16,500 BNB within only 24 days. This goes to show that while there is pushback from the traditional gaming sector, it can be countered just as well over time, with strong projects that arent just cashgrab opportunities for users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can crypto games actually be profitable?

Yes, depending on the time, efforts, and game chosen, players can earn money or crypto playing. However, some games need minimal investments to let users earn profits.

What methods are used to earn in P2E other than playing?

Players can sell their NFTs or other in-game assets on marketplaces for a decent sum of money in order to make profits. Alternatively, they can also build legitimate businesses within virtual worlds.

Do crypto games have a future?

Crypto games is a sector that has been growing at a surprisingly high speed. It may not be long before it penetrates the traditional gaming industry as well.

Can crypto games be played on mobile phones?

There are several crypto games that can be played on mobile phones.