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How to Buy Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) on Uniswap – New Meme Coin

Spongebob token
Spongebob token

PEPE coin has recently rallied by a massive 83000% and is set to be listed on Binance, and other meme coins like Turbo and Wojak have been in a bullish uptrend. One of the newest tokens on the block is Spongebob (SPONGE), inspired by hit cartoon show Spongebob Squarepants. Its marketcap skyrocketed from $2 million to $17 million within a day of being listed on Uniswap.

This guide covers how to buy Spongebob tokens, a background of the project, and what has gotten the crowd bullish and behind a token based on a popular internet meme.

How to Buy Spongebob Token – Quick Guide

Spongebob is listed on Uniswap, with more listings expected to follow. Here is a step by step guide to buying Spongebob tokens:

  1. Step 1 – Go to the Spongebob site – The official website has integrated Uniswap API, and also has a link to the DEXTools pair.
  2. Step 2 – Connect your Wallet – Click on the “Connect” button on the top-right of the API and select the wallet to connect.
  3. Step 3 – Enter the number $SPONGE tokens – Enter the number of $SPONGE tokens that you want to buy. You will then see the equivalent amount of ETH you need to make the swap.
  4. Step 4 – Buy $SPONGE tokens – Make the swap, and an equivalent amount of $SPONGE tokens will be transferred into your wallet. A small amount of ETH may be required to cover gas fees.

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What is Spongebob Token?

The official description of Spongebob token states that it is a decentralized meme token built on the Ethereum network. Its aim is to reach a $1 billion market cap like Pepe (PEPE) and provide the community with the most number of memes. The essence and the style of this token have been taken from the popular TV show Spongebob Squarepants.

That long-running cartoon portrayed many real-life stereotypes as anthropomorphized creatures under the sea. Many might say that it was a meme show before the larger community knew what a meme was.

Buy Spongebob token

This token currently has no utility, roadmap, or anything that many modern crypto traders would consider “valuable” – deliberately. The refreshing fact is that this token is honest about it. It is attempting to give the opportunity to make parabolic gains to those who missed the recent surge of $PEPE.

Note that $PEPE crashed through every market fundamental and has reached a $1 billion marketcap within a few days. The token is up by 83,000% overall, and in the last 24 hours, it has rallied by another 100% following Binance tweeting that they would list it.

Other memecoins like Turbo, an asset that has been created through ChatGPT, also went on a bull run. Bonk is another memecoin that started to turn heads earlier in the year, before a correction.

Why People are Rallying Behind Spongebob Token?

People have been trying to push Spongebob to get to the same level as the PEPE token – that is the simplest reason behind the Spongebob token’s rally. Spongebob is a 100% community-centric token that explicitly states that it aims to pump the value of the asset to reach $1 billion. And the recent trends are showing that it might be able to do that.

The $SPONGE token has gone up by 400% in the last 24 hours alone.

Spongebob token

Although there are a couple of retraces here and there, the overall market momentum is pushing the token up. Another reason why the $SPONGE token is getting so much attention is because of the recent downtrend seen in multiple traditional banks. Signature, SVB and PacWest have collapsed, and people’s faith in traditional institutions is dwindling. And the regulatory tangles are also close to snuffing Coinbase, making DEX platforms the right place to buy tokens and memecoins the right tokens to buy.

The third reason is that many people are low on funds when it comes to how much they can spend on cryptocurrency. Large-scale crypto assets aren’t considered prudent investments by many. But many crypto experts have come out to say if funds are low, memecoins are a good gamble. And from what we have seen from the recent trends of memecoins, that seems to be true.

To get a feel for what the community is saying about this project, find Spongebob’s social profiles including its Twitter, Telegram and Discord linked on the homepage at the link below. The project has also been highlighted across crypto YouTube channels, including the video above.

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How to Buy Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) – Step-by-Step Guide

Here is the complete guide that explains how one can buy $SPONGE tokens.

Step 1 – Go to the Spongebob site

First, you must go to the official website of the Spongebob token. The site is as minimalistic as they come. There are no bells and whistles. Don’t expect to find a whitepaper or even a community feed. There are only the links to the social media sites and a Uniswap API that will let you swap your ETH for $SPONGE.

Step 1 - Go to the Spongebob site

Step 2 – Connect your Wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking on the top-right corner of the API. Pick between the given wallets – Uniswap Wallet (a new addition), Metamask, and Coinbase Wallet. Or you can select the WalletConnect option to pick a wallet of your own.

Step 3 – Enter the number $SPONGE tokens

Once you have connected your wallet, enter the number of $SPONGE tokens you want to buy. Know that ETH is needed to make the swap. So make sure that your wallet has enough Ethereum tokens, to begin with. You can buy ETH from eToro. It is a regulated, simple to use trading platform that allows you to buy ETH easily using FIAT.

Step 4 – Buy $SPONGE tokens

Swap ETH tokens for $SPONGE, and they will be transferred to your crypto wallet.

Update – $SPONGE has also now been listed by two centralized exchanges, CoinW and Toobit.


Spongebob is trying to ride the memecoin wave and hoping to make its holders parabolic gains in a relatively short time. The inclination to buy memecoins is high. And now might be the right time to buy it. So, if you want to strike wins while the memecoin market is hot, buy Spongebob tokens today.

Since first covering Spongebob on this site, it’s risen from a $2 million market cap to a $17 million one, even making it into the top three crypto gainers on CoinMarketCap when filtering for low market cap assets.

Update – see our latest Sponge price prediction article, following its progress since this post.

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What is Spongebob token?

Spongebob ($SPONGE) is a memecoin inspired by Spongebob Squarepants. The token has no roadmap, no transaction tax, and no utility so far, but it is attempting to become the biggest meme-based token in the market.

Should I buy Spongebob token?

There is not much information about Spongebob token currently. However, it is a memecoin, and memecoins are outperforming the crypto markets. So, if you are looking for short-term gains, it could be a good buy with the right risk management strategy.

Is Spongebob token going to explode?

Spongebob rose over 500% on its first day of trading on Uniswap, and still has a low market cap at the time of writing giving it room to grow.