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Best Coins to Buy For Long Term Investment

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are virtual assets that can't be controlled by a central authority, such as a government, or a central bank. It's based on blockchain technology, and the most popular one so far is bitcoin. A massive selection of  new choices are emerging as decentralized finance gains popularity on Wall Street. Thousands of cryptocurrencies are now being traded on the open market, and in this article, we've set aside the best coins to buy for long term investments.

Cryptocurrency has become an essential in the investment industry. The wide variety of tokens keeps growing day by day with a countless array of ambitious projects being released on a variety of blockchain networks throughout the market.

Granted that the market is volatile and not every coin out there is as legitimate or promising as the famous Bitcoin, however we’re certain that there are some projects out there that have a big future ahead of them, which is why we’re going to suggest them to you in this article on the best long term crypto investments one could possibly make in December 2022. So let’s strap in and get ready to HODL!

14 Best Long Term Coins – List

  1. Dash 2 Trade: A Crypto gem powering a Crypto Analytics Platform
  2. RobotEra: A Metaverse Crypto with massive long-term potential
  3. Calvaria: An Inclusive P2E Game
  4. Best Eco-friendly Crypto to invest in 2022
  5. Tamadoge – A play to earn Dogecoin
  6. Battle Infinity – Potential Axie Infinity competitor
  7. Lucky Block V2 – Most promising new project to invest in that kicked off in 2022.
  8. DeFi Coin – Defi Coin with Multiple Use-cases
  9. Bitcoin (BTC) – Most popular long-term cryptocurrency with high stability.
  10. Ethereum (ETH) – Second biggest and massively popular long-term crypto with its own blockchain network and a constantly-evolving project.
  11. Cardano (ADA) – Another massive long-term project with a faster and cheaper system than ETH.
  12. Litecoin (LTC) – Known as Bitcoin’s little sibling with a similar system with a few upgrades at an earlier stage.
  13. Solana (SOL) – Ambitious coin built around a system designed to help improve DeFi, DApps, and smart contracts amongst other networks.
  14. Binance Coin (BNB) – Solid altcoin based on its own blockchain network (BSC) which has the highest trading volumes on the market.
  15. Polkadot (DOT) – Popular token based off of its own network that offers lower fees and faster transactions than others.
  16. Tether (USDT) – Solid investment for those looking to avoid the volatility found in other tokens.
  17. Sandbox (SAND) – Solid rising token based on an ambitious metaverse project.

14 Best XY Coins – Analysis

1. Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade is one of the newest crypto tokens that’s currently undergoing a presale, raising half a million in only 24 hours of its presale. Following that, the project was able to raise $3.5 million in less than three weeks since the presale began and has raised over $4.5 million of its $5.16 million target for phase 2. 

Dash 2 Trade Presale

Dash 2 Trade intends to make a “Bloomberg terminal for crypto”, that operates as a trading platform and a social platform. Aiming to help investors make informed decisions when they are trading. 

The platform will integrate features such as strategy builder tools, where users can backtest their strategies and understand how they performed in the past. The platform will also track the performance of coins, signalling the best buying and selling opportunities for investors.

In addition to that, the platform will also notify users of new presale launches, and enable them to assess the potential of new crypto through a scoring system. And lastly, the platform will also feature an on-chain analytics tool along with a social sentiment indicator that helps investors stay ahead in the market. 

D2T has confirmed the first listing of their token after its presale, which will be taking place on the LBank Exchange. More details about this are expected to be released in a few weeks. Until then, you can participate in a giveaway on the platform and earn up to $150k worth of D2C tokens. 

You can check out info about what lies ahead for this utility-based crypto in our Dash 2 Trade price prediction.

Join Dash 2 Trade Presale

2. RobotEra

RobotEra is a Sandbox-style Metaverse project where the users may have the opportunity to buy and build virtual real estate. The player assumes the role of a robot and administers their territory in the RobotEra Metaverse, a place where they can make friends with the other robots and acquire access to various resources.

Visit Robotera

The TARO token is a vital part of the RobotEra ecosystem and is used as currency in the sandbox-style Metaverse. The TARO token of RobotEra DAO also functions as an authoritative token, which empowers the community’s cumulative intelligence to decide how best to use the the token in the long run.

While TARO is presently in the presale stage and is available at a price of 0.02 USDT, be sure to note that this price will skyrocket in the following stages of the presale. That is why this is the best long term crypto investment you can make in 2022. Even during second presale period, the value of one TARO will grow to $0.025, and then to $0.032 during the final presale phase, for a total gain of 60% from the initial price of $0.012. 

Join RobotEra Presale

3. Calvaria

The play-to-earn economy is gaining high momentum, and Calvaria is a new addition to this ecosystem that’s expected to take the world of P2E by storm. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity presents a platform where users can build strategic decks of cards and battle against each other to win rewards. 

Join Calvaria Presale

The game will be played with NFT battle cards, where each card represents a character and has a set of diverse abilities that makes it unique and powerful in comparison to other cards. Users can purchase a specific combination of these cards to strengthen their position in the game. 

When they win, users will be rewarded with the native token of the platform, RIA, which they can use to make in-game purchases or stake it to earn passive interest on their investment. Otherwise, these tokens can be used to purchase NFTs, or acquired when users sell their own NFTs on the marketplace. 

Calvaria also has a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where users who hold the RIA tokens will have voting rights equivalent to their holdings and can contribute to deciding the direction of the ecosystem in the future. 

Given the lack of utility otherwise prevalent in the play-to-earn ecosystem, RIA really comes out on top as one of the best cryptocurrencies to add to your portfolio. 

The project is currently undergoing stage 3 of its presale and has raised 1.341 million USDT so far. Users who purchase the token before this presale ends will receive 50 RIA tokens in return for 1 USDT. 

Join Calvaria Presale

3. (IMPT)

IMPT is the newly revealed crypto project that aims to achieve sustainability by protecting the environment. Through the application of blockchain technology and NFTs, the project looks forward to bringing about a change in the present carbon credit landscape. The project’s objectives have been able to attract many investors, which is the reason why the project has been able to raise $1 million within 72 hours at its presale event.

The project is currently undergoing phase 2 of its presale and has achieved to raise over $12 million so far. 

This initiative strengthens its plans to establish a transparent and decentralized market for carbon credits. has a shopping platform that helps in connecting environmentally conscious businesses with individuals, and users are able to get carbon credits through their normal shopping.

Join IMPT Presale


Apart from this, IMPT is also having its carbon marketplace, where any user can get, trade, or retire carbon credits very easily. The carbon credits bought through this marketplace can also be tokenized as NFTs, offering the transaction total traceability and secrecy. Every moment someone retires a carbon credit, the NFT is moved to a burn address and erased.

In all the above transactions, the utility token of, i.e., IMPT token, plays a very important role. These tokens allow you to purchase carbon credits very conveniently from the marketplace and offer some additional benefits in case the users have to hold them up. The tokens are going through their presale right now, where the hard cap of $10.8 million has been put. The presale is currently in its first stage and will soon enter its second stage towards the end of this year.

Buy IMPT Now

4. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is not your regular meme coin. It’s way better than that. Like a meme coin, it has the potential to go viral. At the same time, it does not face the usual drawbacks that these meme coins face.

Unlike other meme coins, Tamadoge is backed by a well-structured system that houses the Tamaverse. One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry, OKX, has listed Tamadoge.

Tamadoge Play-2-Earn

Tamadoge, listed as TAMA, allows its owners to play a Play to Earn (P2E) game where players are required to train and raise their pets and fight them in a battle to earn rewards. The pets can be exchanged or sold in Tamaverse as NFTs.

This provides investors with more returns on their investment in the long run. Tamadoge has been able to raise 1.7 million USDT within a few days of its beta sale and plans to raise $2 million in the beta sale. In total the entire presale’s hard cap is $19 million.

Given the kind of reception it has received during its beta sales, it is very much likely that it’ll achieve its targets before the set deadline.

Update – the Tamadoge presale sold out early and is now listed on OKX, see our updated guide on how to buy Tamadoge.

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5. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

Battle Infinity is a gaming platform that offers its users Play to Earn (P2E) fantasy games that are powered by its own currency called IBAT.

The IBAT recently reached its hard cap of 16500 BNB during its presale and now it will be available on Pancakeswap for purchase.

It offers its buyers a plethora of functionality and a significant return on the initial investment in the form of rewards won from its various games.

Top Crypto Gaming Platforms

It has a well-planned architecture consisting of six different components. This enables its users to use the Battle Infinity metaverse in the best possible manner.

It is very well suited for long-term investment. The initial investment gives the users opportunities to earn further rewards and also gain from the overall growth of the coin and the Battle Infinity metaverse as a whole.

Check out Battle Infinity Now

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6. Lucky Block V2 (LBLOCK)

Recently Launched on the LBank exchange, Lucky Block, listed as LBLOCK, has a new version. version 2 has even better features to offer than the previous version launched earlier this year.

Lucky Block essentially is an NFT Competitions platform and has recently been branded as the “NO.1 NFT Competitions Platform”.

The platform hosts weekly competitions which can be entered by buying tokens. For entering into the main draw a person needs 5 tokens worth a dollar each. Rewards received can be $1 million dollars worth of BTC, $1 million House, a Lamborghini, etc.

LBLOCK Price Chart

A specific percentage of the pooled fund is also distributed among the other participants (other than the winner) in their respective proportions.

Lucky Block provides its investors with a global NFT Competition Platform and is fueled by a high-growth currency making it one of the best long-term investments.


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7. DeFi Coin

DeFi coin is exclusively dedicated to long-term investors. All transactions using this currency is subjected to 10% taxation which the company does to check the activities of day traders and keep the currency’s value from becoming volatile.

The coin also powers the much acclaimed DeFi Swap system which offers tons of services to the buyers of DeFi coins like staking, yield farming, exchanging, etc.

Should I buy DeFi Coin

Staking your currency for a certain period of time will help you earn interest on that amount. This prevents your currency from sitting idle.

Investment in DeFi coin will mean gaining returns in the form of a hike in its value and at the same time earning interests from staking the currency.

Buy DeFi Coin Now

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8. Bitcoin (BTC)

Should I buy BTC

There has been a 1.88 percent drop in Bitcoin prices in the last few days, and the price is currently fluctuating between 38 and $40,000 US dollars. As of the most recent price movement in Bitcoin, the token’s market capitalization was at $739,223,914,799.33 US dollars.

Bitcoin is a sort of digital asset that employs public-key cryptography to record, sign, and transfer transactions across the Bitcoin blockchain – all without the scrutiny of a central authority.

An unidentified software architect or collective of developers using the alias of “Satoshi Nakamoto” established the Bitcoin network in January 2009. An electronic payment system that employs a cryptocurrency called bitcoin (lowercase “b”) to transmit value over the internet or function as a store of values like gold and silver is termed the Bitcoin network (Bitcoin).

Bitcoins are divisible to eight decimal places since each one is composed of 100 million satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin). There is no limit to the number of bitcoins you may buy with only one dollar.


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9. Ethereum (ETH)

Should I buy ETH

Even before Bitcoin, a programmer by the name of Nick Szabo laid the foundations for Ethereum. The basics of smart contracts, which he outlined in a paper written in 1994, were subsequently used as a building stone for Ethereum. Smart contracts would not have been conceivable without the 2009 development of the blockchain. While working as a computer programmer, Vitalik Buterin came up with the idea to create an open-source digital currency in 2013. More than $18.3 million was raised for Ethereum in a financing round put together by a group of prominent cryptocurrency experts, including Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) and Gavin Wood (Polkadot).

From the time of conception in 2014 to the time of debut in 2015, the project took around two years to complete. Eth had been pre-mined and dispersed to the team and crowd-sale participants when the blockchain went live on July 30th. Since then, Ethereum has been a popular platform for developers to experiment with and create decentralized apps (dApps).

The Ethereum leadership decided to roll back the blockchain in order to undo the breach. This ruling has been and continues to be contentious since some advocates of cryptocurrencies and blockchain believe that code is law. Ethereum Classic, a version of Ethereum that never had the assault reversed, is still in use today.

There has been a lot going on in Ethereum’s history since 2016, however this part will focus on its features. When it comes to understanding what makes Ethereum both successful and contentious, it is crucial to know where it originated from.


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10. Cardano (ADA)

Should I buy ADA

In terms of market capitalization, Cardano is among the most popular cryptocurrencies. With a blockchain that’s adaptable, sustainable, and scalable, it’s intended to be the next generation of the Ethereum concept. Using smart contracts, Cardano intends to enable a broad variety of decentralized banking applications, new crypto coins, games, and more. “Ouroboros is the first provably safe proof-of-stake protocol,” said the Cardano developers. in terms of security, scalability and energy efficiency.”

There are two levels to the Cardano blockchain, which are the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and the Cardano Computing Layer (CCL) (CCL). Accounting records are kept in the central ledger (CSL) (and is where the transactions are validated by the Ouroboros consensus mechanism). Apps operating on the blockchain rely on smart contracts to do all of their calculations on the CCL layer. The Cardano network will be able to execute up to a million transactions per second thanks to the blockchain being divided into two layers.

Cardano native tokens, in contrast to Ethereum-based tokens, are not produced by smart contract. To put it another way, they use the same software platform that powers the ADA crypto-currency in general. Cards native assets are now considered “first class citizens” on the blockchain, according to the nonprofit Cardano Foundation. The native design of these coins has the potential to improve security while also lowering transaction costs.


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11. Litecoin (LTC)

Should I buy Litecoin

In 2011, a split in the Bitcoin blockchain resulted in the emergence of Litecoin (LTC), a cryptocurrency. As a result of developer worries about Bitcoin being too centralized, it was created to make it more difficult for large-scale mining corporations to acquire an upper hand. Litecoin has transformed itself into a mineable coin and a peer-to-peer payment system, while being unable to stop business miners from taking over Litecoin mining.

At its inception, Litecoin had a goal of thwarting large-scale mining operations by employing a separate encryption mechanism. However, miners soon modified their specialized machinery and proceeded to improve their mining capability.

Like Bitcoin, Litecoin can be mined using ASIC miners. Transaction data is stored in a block on a blockchain. It is validated and made available to any system member (referred as as a miner) who wishes to view it using mining software. Finally, Litecoin gets a new block on the chain and a payout for the miner.


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12. Solana (SOL)

Should I buy Solana

The cryptocurrency used by Solana is called SOL. As the native and utility token of Solana, it offers a way of exchanging value and, by staking, ensures the security of the blockchain. As of March 2020, SOL was one of the top ten cryptocurrencies in terms of market valuation, and the team has worked hard to achieve this goal.

SOL tokens operate in a similar fashion as Ethereum tokens. Token holders of Solana use the PoS consensus method to validate transactions, despite the fact that their tokens perform identically. In addition, the SOL token allows users to engage in governance while simultaneously receiving incentives and paying transaction costs.

There will be more than 500 million Solana coins put in circulation with the current total quantity of Solana topping 511 million tokens — Solana’s circulating supply is little over half of this. Solana’s founders and the Solana Foundation own 60 percent of SOL tokens, while the community has only 38 percent.

To find out where to acquire Solana tokens, you can find them on the majority of markets. Binance, eToro, Coinbase, KuCoin, Huobi, and FTX are just a few of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in Solana.


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13. Binance Coin (BNB)

Should I buy BNB

Originally based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, Binance Currency has subsequently moved to its own blockchain and is now known as the Binance Chain native coin. An initial coin offering (ICO) for BNB tokens was announced in July 2017 and has a cap of 200 million tokens. Angel investors received 10% of the BNB tokens, 40% of the tokens were given to the founding team, and the remaining 50% of the tokens were distributed via the ICO process.

About two-thirds of the money received during the ICO process was supposed to be utilized to create the Binance platform and make the required updates to the Binance ecosystem.

Binance’s own blockchain, the Binance chain, is the native currency of BNB, which was originally built on the Ethereum network.

The entire amount of Binance tokens has decreased since the ICO, despite the fact that 100 million tokens were originally given. Binance burns its treasury’s Binance coins once every three months with a fifth of its quarterly income.

These events have been held on a regular basis by Binance. On April 15, 2021, Binance burnt a total of 1,099,888 BNB, or $595,314,380 USD worth of tokens. In terms of cash, this is Binance’s largest-ever quarterly BNB burn. The total number of BNB is now 169,432,937, down from 170,532,825 before.


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14. Polkadot (DOT)

Should I buy DOT

Polkadot is a piece of software that aims to encourage a worldwide network of computers to run a blockchain on top of which users may build and maintain their own chains.

Similarly, Polkadot is one of a number of rival blockchains that are attempting to build an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum (ETH), Cosmos (ATOM) and EOSIO (EOS).

A newcomer, Polkadot (released in 2020), has some of the most innovative technological aspects to help it achieve its lofty aim.

So, Polkadot is built to work with both Ethereum and Litecoin-based blockchains. User-created networks, known as parachains, and a primary network, known as a relay chain, where transactions are permanent.

Customizable parachains may feed into the main blockchain and benefit from the same security as the main chain’s transactions.

According to the Polkadot team, only the CPU resources needed to maintain a safe and accurate main chain may be used for transactions. For the advantage of the end user, parachains may be customized for a variety of purposes.

They think this approach will allow Polkadot users to complete transactions quietly and efficiently, building blockchains that do not divulge user data to the public network or that otherwise handle a higher number of transactions.


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15. Tether (USDT)

Should I buy Tether

Tokens in circulation of Tether (USDT), a blockchain-based cryptocurrency with a price tied to $1.00, are backed by an equal number of U.S. dollars. In order for a stablecoin to function, it must be linked to a bank account that holds a regular fiat currency.

Tether tokens, produced by BitFinex, are the Tether network’s native tokens and trade under the USDT sign. USDT has a market valuation of around $68 billion as of October 2021, making it the fifth-largest cryptocurrency.

Stablecoins, like Tether, are a subset of cryptocurrencies that seek to avoid the wild price volatility seen by other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Instead of being utilized for speculative investments, it might be used for trade and as a kind of wealth storage.

Tether is a stablecoin that is backed by the value of the US dollar. All of the circulating cryptocoins are pegged to one or more of these fiat currencies. In addition to crypto-collateralized stablecoins, there are also non-collateralized and non-crypto stablecoins. A non-collateralized stablecoin is one that doesn’t have any assets to back it up, but instead functions like a reserve bank to make sure there is always an enough supply of tokens to meet demand.


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16. Sandbox (SAND)

Should I buy Sandbox

The Sandbox’s current price is $2.62 USD, with a trading volume of over $500 million USD in the last 24 hours.  Since yesterday, the Sandbox has lost 2.73 percent of its value. With a current market cap of $3,038,685,780 USD, CoinMarketCap is now ranked #40. There are 1,158,437,853 SAND coins now in circulation, with a maximum supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND coins.

When Pixowl first introduced The Sandbox in 2011, it was a blockchain-based virtual environment where people could play around with digital goods they had created. For a decentralized platform for a healthy gaming community, the Sandbox combines the power of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Main goal: Introducing blockchain technology into mainstream gaming via effective implementation of Sandbox platform, according to official whitepaper Play-to-earn models are encouraged on the platform, allowing gamers and developers to work together. The SAND utility token, introduced by The Sandbox, makes use of blockchain technology to simplify transactions on the network.


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What Are Long Term Cryptocurrencies – Definition

The wide variety of cryptocurrency tokens being released might come off as a little bit intimidating at first glance, since there are many people who observe the market without any prior knowledge, and investing in projects you haven’t researched can create losses. The main problem with the crypto industry is that there are a lot of false projects on the market, so it’s very important to know what you’re putting your money into, since not every coin is  made for long-term investment.

For a token to be a solid long term investment, it needs to be backed by a solid project with concrete plans on future expansion. These coins usually start off by growing extraordinarily fast in terms of price and market caps due to lengthy pre-launch planning and pre-sales that kick-start the trading project with a group of investors who decide they want to put money in the coin before it is officially launched to trade on main networks with the use of secondary platforms.

This also helps the coin start off at a more stable, less volatile rate due to being launched with a decent number of sales which are made prior to the moment when the coin can start being traded. The aforementioned coins have already gone through the stage of building a solid reputation and are now sitting amongst the most reliable cryptocurrencies on the market, and are on the way to growing bigger and bigger as their projects keep advancing into building the pediment for the future of the upcoming reign of blockchain technology.

What Is the Best Exchange for Investing in Cryptocurrencies

1. eToro

etoro crypto platform screenshot

eToro is a well-known cryptocurrency and stock trading platform online. Adding support for Bitcoin (BTC) trading in 2014 made it one of the first online trading organizations to do so. Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) were introduced shortly after (XRP).

eToro was founded by Ronen Assia, David Ring, and Yoni Assia in Tel Aviv in 2007. Assia continues to serve as CEO of the company to this day.

eToro was formerly known as RetailFX, but subsequently changed its name to eToro and added commodities, indices, and equities to its portfolio. When it released its social trading feature in 2010, it became the world’s largest social trading network because it allowed members to imitate the moves of successful traders.

In 2014, eToro launched BTC support, allowing users to buy and sell CFDs on the world’s most popular digital currency (to non-U.S. users). Since then, more digital assets have been added, including Ethereum (ETH), XRP (XRP), and Bitcoin (BTC). eToroX and a crypto wallet were launched by the company in 2018 as a way to enter the cryptocurrency market.

EToro is attempting to establish itself in the highly competitive crypto exchange market today by constantly improving its crypto trading services.

Visit eToro

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2. platform screenshot

In addition to a wide choice of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related items, is a famous exchange. A wide variety of currencies are available for purchase, sale, and trading, and trading fees are kept to a minimum. There are also credit cards, a decentralized trading platform and an NFT marketplace offered by the firm. Users may also earn up to 14.5% interest by staking their crypto or keeping it in a wallet for a certain amount of time. can be a suitable option for anyone who wants to acquire and keep cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With strong trading volume or considerable holdings of the CRO currency, fees drop to as low as 0.40 percent. It is possible to trade cryptocurrency futures on as well as trade in 250 different currencies.

In 2016, Hong Kong-based was created. More than 250 cryptocurrencies are presently available to more than 10 million clients throughout the globe. offers a wide range of cryptocurrency-related financial solutions to customers in more than 90 countries.

Beginner and expert cryptocurrency users alike may benefit from’s extensive currency selection, affordable prices, and more services. Beginners, on the other hand, may be put off by the sheer number of options.

Anyone looking to do more with their cryptocurrencies than merely purchase and keep will benefit most from using, in our opinion In other words, anybody who wants to use cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange rather than merely an investment vehicle will find a lot to like in this platform.


Your capital is at risk.

3. Houbi

houbi platform screenshot

Huobi Global is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange with a significant presence in the Asian markets. Established in 2013, Huobi offers a digital asset ecosystem that includes a wide range of services for buying and selling digital assets.

Founded in 2013 in Beijing, Huobi Global is the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform. For Bitcoin dealers, it soon grew to one of China’s three biggest crypto exchanges, offering enough liquidity.

The shifting legal situation in China, however, led Huobi to transfer its crypto trading services outside in 2017. The firm was formed in Seychelles and relocated to Singapore, where it aims to grow into other Asian markets as well as the rest of the globe.

Aside from China, Huobi Global has effectively expanded its user base and has become one of the world’s most liquid crypto exchanges.

In 2019, however, a study by Bitwise Asset Management accused Huobi Global of wash trading to boost its claimed trade volume data. While Huobi refuted the claims, it declared that it had procedures in place to deter wash trading on its platform. A few weeks following the Bitwise article, Huobi’s stated trade volumes decreased.

As a result, Huobi Global’s US branch, HBUS, was shut down in late 2019 and the exchange added Singapore to its list of prohibited countries in 2021. Also recently, Huobi shuttered its Beijing office and warned all remaining users in China that their accounts will be terminated by the end of 2021.

Despite failures in its corporate history, Huobi has managed to develop a robust crypto-asset ecosystem, comprising its own blockchain, Huobi Eco Chain; the Huobi Token (HT); a dollar-backed stablecoin dubbed HUSD; and more. Tens of millions of people throughout the world use Huobi Global now, the company says.

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Your capital is at risk.

How to invest in Long Term Coins

On eToro, you may trade crypto assets in any of two main methods:

Contracts For Difference (CFD) allow you to trade in the price fluctuations of crypto assets without actually owning them. Investors and traders may benefit from a security’s price changes without actually holding the underlying asset using CFD instruments, while purchasing underlying assets means you get to hold your token anonymously under the care of a separate platform, not needing to use a place to store your token such as an e-wallet.

See how these two methods compare.

Investing in the underlying asset

Trading conventional money (US dollars) for crypto asset tokens like Bitcoin, XRP, or Litecoin is the only way to purchase the actual underlying asset.

A crypto asset is purchased on your behalf by eToro and registered under your name when you acquire it this way.

You’ll make money if the value of the crypto asset you possess grows in value. For example, if the price of gold declines, you’ll lose money.

The key benefit of this strategy is that you control the crypto assets. As a result, the tokens will be yours to retain and use as you see fit. Using the tokens is as simple as putting them in your wallet, exchanging them for other crypto assets, sending them to friends, or using them to make purchases.

A $1,000 purchase of Bitcoin will allow you to pay for items at merchants that accept Bitcoin as payment.

The eToro Wallet allows you to store your crypto assets when you purchase the underlying asset on the exchange. This digital wallet is simple to use, safe, and supports several cryptographic protocols. You may store your crypto assets in the eToro Wallet and send and receive crypto assets from other wallets, as well as convert one crypto asset to another.

68% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.
The price and value of any investment in digital asset products can fluctuate.
The traded price of digital tokens can fluctuate greatly within a short period of time.
Market prices for digital tokens can be volatile and highly unpredictable.
As with any asset, the values of digital currencies may fluctuate significantly.
The value of digital currencies can go up or down frequently.
71% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
As prices of digital assets are highly volatile, users could lose all or a substantial portion of the value of any digital asset they purchase.
Mobile App Rating
Mobile App
Number of Coins
Trading Fees
Deposit Fees
Withdrawal Fees
Min. Deposit
$50100 EURN/AN/A$10$10$2$100N/A
Leveraged Trading
N/AN/A1 - 100x1 - 100x1 - 10x1 - 100xN/A1 - 30x1-200x
Bitcoin Cash
Binance Coin
Bitcoin SV
USD Coin
Credit Card
Sepa Transfer

Using CFDs to trade cryptocurrencies

Using a CFD, you are basically betting on the asset’s future price movement without really owning it.

Although you will benefit if the price of bitcoin increases by purchasing $1,000 worth of Bitcoin CFDs, you will not really own any BTC tokens.

Using CFDs to trade tokens has two key benefits.

CFDs allow you to trade in both directions, so you can make money both ways. As a result, you have the opportunity to benefit from both price increases and decreases.

If you think the price of a crypto asset will climb, you should buy a CFD contract (also known as “going long”). But if you think the price of a crypto asset will decline, you should sell a CFD contract (this is known as “going short”).

Second, you may increase your exposure by using leverage with CFDs. In other words, you can manage $1,000 with just $500 when using x2 leverage. As a result, bigger earnings are possible (but also the potential for higher losses).

The drawback of trading CFDs is that you don’t really own any crypto tokens. In other words, you can’t put them in your wallet or use them to make purchases.

Why invest in Long Term Coins

Long term cryptocurrency investments are the easiest way to get into the crypto industry. You don’t need to keep observing your holdings or the current price of a coin non-stop since the outcome that will affect you is the price change within a longer period of time. As opposed to day trading or margin trading, where investors make use of fluctuations in real time, keeping an eye on the market all the time to avoid losses with more volatile cryptocurrencies.

Day trading with more volatile currencies might be a bit more profitable at the end of the day if you do it right, however it is not as secure as long-term trading with more stable coins, as the high volatility can also easily put traders at a loss. With long term coins, you don’t have to worry about little fluctuations, as long as you keep an eye on the pattern of how a token is projected to move in the future and are well aware of the progress of the project backing the token. Overall, it is ideal to invest in long term cryptocurrencies if you want to have trustworthy assets that are projected to grow at a faster rate than any other investment possible, whether it’s stocks, commodities, property and more.

Risks of investing in Long Term Coins

When it comes to risk, just like any other cryptocurrency, every long term token has a chance of devaluing. When you invest in crypto for the long term, it’s easy to get carried away and forget to check your holdings, which is the main reason why some long term investments end up at losses. It is very important not to forget about your investment and to keep a close eye on it since the market is still at its infancy and this makes it quite difficult to accurately predict how a coin will perform in the far future. Those who keep an eye on their investments wouldn’t have much to worry about, since you can sell your coin at any time if you feel like it is no longer trustworthy to keep as a financial asset. The most important thing is to not neglect your holdings too much in order to stay updated on their progress and avoid losing too much money off of unforeseen volatility. Every coin is capable of going down in price, so it is crucial to know exactly what you’re investing in, and to only invest money which you do not need as part of your essential day to day expenses.

How much you should invest in Long Term Coins

When it comes to how much money you should put in the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 for the long term, the most important thing is to identify and differentiate between money you need and that which you don’t need. It is crucial not to break your bank when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency as you never know what’s going to happen to your money once it’s invested. Some tokens might look like they are projected to massive success and end up reaching zero a week later, so it is very important not to throw all your necessary money out the window thinking it’s going to make you rich the next day.

Nowadays it is becoming harder and harder to find fool-proof projects which are destined to undefiable success, and you need to be very lucky to hit a moonshot. Set aside all that you need plus a little extra to stay comfortable , and then when you have something above that, you can start investing in cryptocurrency. The best mentality to take towards such an industry is one where you assume that every penny you put in there you can lose and not let it affect you financially, that way, should things go wrong, you’ll always have a backup and never end up in a pickle because you invested everything you had in crypto and lost it. It is also ideal to split your holdings between numerous projects, so that the high volatility does not directly affect your whole wallet directly, and like this, losses will be at the minimum.

Best Place to Buy Long term crypto in December 2022

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