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10+ Best Future Cryptocurrency Tokens to Buy

In the crypto market, every trader is looking for the next crypto to explode. As there are hundreds of crypto projects with different features, you may get confused about which one to select. Here, we suggest the top future cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalization and future prospects.
Top Future Cryptos to Buy
Top Future Cryptos to Buy

The cryptocurrency industry is evolving rapidly. Hundreds of DeFi projects emerge trying to focus on solving real-world problems and incorporating blockchain technology to improve our daily lives. It indicates that cryptocurrencies are future-oriented and can gain a lot of value over the years. Investing in profitable cryptocurrencies right now can bring you high yields once those projects become popular and garner huge public interest. 

Still, finding an excellent cryptocurrency project to invest in is not always an effortless game. There are myriads of crypto assets in the market which will make it a daunting process for you to select the best ones. You may even end up selecting the one that will first strike your eye without even going into details about it. 

To make your investments more efficient we have prepared this guide on the top future cryptos to invest in for 2023 for you. Here you will find the best future cryptocurrencies to buy right now that have huge potential for growth. We have reviewed in detail all the cryptos included in the list and emphasized why they are worth investing in. Additionally, you will find the best platform to buy future cryptos in 2023. 

Best Future Cryptos to Buy in 2023

Below is an overview of the best future cryptocurrencies to buy this year and beyond. The following crypto projects belong to different DeFi sectors, including metaverse gaming, means of exchange, blockchain development, DEX industry, etc. Hence, you can select cryptos from whatever field you find most attractive. 

  1. Wall Street Memes – Best Future Crypto Project With a Massive Community
  2. Bitcoin BSC – Popular Future Crypto Aiming to Replicate Bitcoin’s Pump
  3. Launchpad XYZ – New Future Crypto Bridging the Gap Between Web 2 and Web 3
  4. yPredict – A Future Crypto Offering an All-in-One AI Ecosystem
  5. Chimpzee – Future Crypto Pledging Protection of Environment
  6. Bitcoin – Largest Future Crypto that Halves Its Mining Supply over the Years
  7. Ethereum Best Future Crypto that is Expected to Merge Shortly

Top Future Cryptos to Buy Reviewed – Full List

As there are hundreds of crypto projects with different features, you may get confused about which one to select. To ease the selection process, we have picked the best future crypto projects regarding diverse DeFi fields. In this section of our guide, you will find detailed descriptions of each of these cryptocurrencies. Our list includes such assets that have already garnered popularity, introduce innovative and unique features, and have incredible potential for growth in the future. 

Wall Street Memes – Best Future Crypto Project With a Massive Community

Wall Street Memes is an all-new crypto project that has made a resounding impact since its recent market debut.

Within just under 48 hours of its presale launch on May 25, the project managed to amass over $420,000 in funding, highlighting its promising prospects. The project is backed by a team of developers who previously achieved remarkable success with the Wall St Bulls NFT collection. This collection, introduced in 2021, remarkably sold out in a mere 32 minutes. 

Beyond the token presale, there’s significant anticipation surrounding its upcoming Ordinals NFT collection. Limited to just 420 units available for minting, competition for whitelist spots is already fierce.

Wall Street Memes ERC-20 token

Wall Street Memes is driven by a strong sense of ambition, reflected in its plan to offer 50% of its 2 billion token supply during the presale, effectively setting a firm limit of $30.577 million. It is worth mentioning that the project’s developers have made a deliberate decision not to allocate any tokens for their own benefit.

Presently, Wall Street Memes finds itself in Stage 1 of the presale, providing early investors with an opportunity to purchase $WSM tokens at $0.025 each. This marks a 35% discount compared to the projected list price of $0.0337, thus creating substantial incentives for early participation.

Visit Wall Street Memes

Bitcoin BSC – Popular Future Crypto Aiming to Replicate Bitcoin’s Pump

It’s not uncommon for newer versions of popular cryptocurrencies to emerge. This project, however, claims to potentially replicate the surge that Bitcoin experienced several years ago, offering newer cryptocurrency investors a chance at similar returns. Bitcoin BSC is a project built on the BSC chain, ensuring accessibility even for those with lower investments.

Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC operates as a proof of stake token, prioritizing eco-friendliness—a facet where Bitcoin has faced criticism. The native token, BTCBSC, primarily features staking. Currently, the project offers an impressive $0.25 worth of BTCBSC per BSC block every ten minutes, making it an attractive investment prospect.

The estimated yield percentage for the project presently stands at over 165,000%, though this is likely to decrease over time. With a 120-year unlocking schedule and other intriguing aspects integrated into the project, there’s potential for substantial gains in the future.

BTCBSC is currently available for presale directly from the website at a price of $0.99, set to increase in the coming days. This makes it an opportune moment to consider stocking up on the token.

Visit Bitcoin BSC Presale

Launchpad XYZ – New Future Crypto Bridging the Gap Between Web 2 and Web 3

Launchpad XYZ is an “all-in-one” platform that brings all the verticals prevalent across the Web 3 space in a comprehensible and inclusive package. This project aims to deal with the “fracture in the Web 3 market” by creating a platform that takes a human approach and makes it easier for people bound to Web 2 to understand and accept the offerings of Web 3.

Launchpad Future Crypto

As a “home for Web 3”, Launchpad XYZ combines every single aspect of blockchain tech – from NFTs to P2Es on one central portal in a way that people can interact with Web 3 however they wish. Some of the features that have been listed in its official whitepaper are.

  1. NFTs – Launchpad XYZ will provide a launch pad for developers to create and launch their NFT projects. It will also have an NFT marketplace and a place to curate blue-chip NFTs in return for exclusive deals.
  2. Utility Tokens – Launchpad XYZ will allow users to access the utility tokens available in the market by diving into their available details. It will also help users find the best CEX and DEX with the best liquidity for the same tokens.
  3. Crypto Presales – Those wanting to become early movers can use Launchpad to learn about and pick the best crypto presales that suit their requirements.
  4. Launchpad Wallet – Launchpad XYZ is launching a simple Web 3 wallet that users will able to sign up for and use easily.
  5. AI Search – One of the future developments in Launchpad is an AI search bar that will use large language models to offer precise results to searchers.

There are other utilities like P2E hubs and Metaverse libraries. Launchpad XYZ will also feature a unique metric known as the Launchpad Quotient that will rank crypto projects on 400 different data points.

Launchpad XYZ’s native token – LPX – is currently available on presale. The project has the same fundamentals as Ethereum in many senses and can potentially overtake it if it makes Web 3 more inclusive for all. Click the link below to participate in this presale project.

Visit Launchpad XYZ Presale

yPredict – A Future Crypto Offering an All-in-One AI Ecosystem

Navigating the volatility of the crypto markets has become increasingly difficult since the last crypto winter. The chances of achieving parabolic gains are low, but parabolic losses are almost abundant. Therefore, traders are now attracted to AI-driven tools to react quickly to market changes and make gains. However, the issue with that is many of these offerings are less-than-legitimate.

Fixing that issue is yPredict. yPredict is an all-in-one AI ecosystem that offers high-end predictive tools created by industry-leading quants and AI developers to help traders the crypto space

Buy yPredict

Crypto assets don’t flow alongside traditional indicators; looking at the news, therefore, is equally important. But that creates an issue of time. yPredict cuts through that bottleneck and provides a single platform that bridges that gap with its data-driven insights, proven analytical metrics, and prediction marketplace

The marketplace will not only be a good place to find signals for traders, but financial data scientists will be able to sell their proven results and signals from here. That way, yPredict relies on maximizing the data and signals available to the people to make wise investment decisions.

Services on the platform will follow a subscription model. And the currency used to buy these subs will be YPRED. YPRED is an ERC-20 asset built on the Polygon chain. Along with the ability to buy subscriptions, YPRED tokens will empower holders with voting rights. Investors will also be able to stake their tokens in a dynamic staking pool whose liquidity is derived from 10% of each user’s deposited YPRED tokens.

YPRED token is currently being sold at a presale and $400k have already been raised. Those wanting to become early movers might want to pay attention as this asset’s fundamentals can potentially give it more upsides than its competitors.

Visit yPredict Presale

Chimpzee- Future Cryptocurrency Pledging Protection of Environment and Endangered Wildlife

Chimpzee is deemed the most sustainable future cryptocurrency project to have launched in 2023. This green Web 3 project focuses on three things to combat. First is the fight against climate change. Second, to protect and nurture endangered species. Third, to help users earn a passive income while taking steps to help the climate.

Chimpzee- Future Cryptocurrency Pledging Protection of Environment and Endangered Wildlife

According to Chimpzees whitepaper, the mission of this cryptocurrency project is to offer people an opportunity to earn while taking the necessary steps to save the environment and ecosystem. The project Chimpzee is guided by the spirit of protecting our natural environment.

Its philanthropic motives do not end here. The Chimpzee project also aims to create public awareness regarding these pressing issues and provide financial aid to organisations that fight against deforestation and help save endangered species.

The native token of this ecosystem is called CHMPZ. There are three ways by which users can earn CHMPZ as incentives:

  1. Shop to Earn: Users can earn CHMPZ tokens when they buy Chimpzee gears. A percentage of the profit from here goes to projects who work with protecting animals and the environment.
  1. Trade to Earn: Users who trade in the Chimpzee NFT marketplace, will get a portion of the profit generated through trading fees. Thus, anyone who contributes to trade will get a share of the profit. This will be earned in CHMPZ tokens.
  1. Play to Earn: Users can play the Zero Tolerance Gamewhich is focused on protecting the environment. For every milestone that the users earn, they will be rewarded with CHMPZ tokens. Thus, Chimpzee is giving incentives to users to contribute to the environment positively.

The presale of the CHMPZ token is currently going on. The project has raised $872k out of its targeted $1.1 million. Right now, the price of one CHMPZ is $0.0007, this will increase to $0.000775 in the next phase of the presale.

Visit Chimpzee Presale

Bitcoin – Largest Future Crypto that Halves Its Mining Supply over the Years

The word “Bitcoin” is familiar to almost everyone, even those who have never traded or are not interested in the DeFi industry. It was the first cryptocurrency to launch in 2009 and managed to attract huge attention. Now, Bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency with its market capitalization and there are several reasons why it is the most valuable crypto asset right now. 


The idea of Bitcoin is to be a means of exchange and to replace the traditional way we do transactions. Bitcoin introduced new innovative features in the industry that refer to the way we transfer money. When we conduct transactions through our bank cards, the process is controlled by a single entity that possesses all the information about our transactions. Bitcoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that incorporates decentralization and transparency to improve the security of transactions.

Another feature that makes Bitcoin so valuable is the correlation between its demand and supply. Bitcoin has a low supply – only 21 million BTCs can exist. More than 19 million BTC are already mined and in circulation. New Bitcoins are issued through the mining process which operates based on a consensus mechanism known as Proof of work. The PoW consensus mechanism which is used to manage its blockchain and transactions on it requires running powerful computers and solving complex computational tasks to mine a new block for the blockchain. Every time, miners open new blocks they get rewarded with new Bitcoins. 

But the cryptocurrency is designed in a way that it halves the number of BTCs that can be mined for each block every four years. So, gradually, it’s becoming more and more difficult to issue new BTCs. It means that along with the incorporation of Bitcoin into our daily lives its demand will rise gradually. And as long as it has a limited supply its value will increase over the years.

Buy Bitcoin

Your capital is at risk.

Ethereum – Best Future Crypto that is Expected to Merge Shortly

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and it outranks only Bitcoin. Investing in Ethereum can be good for two reasons. First, Ethereum is quite popular and is among the most well-established cryptocurrencies in the DeFi. And if it attracts mass adoption to its platform, people will need to buy ETH to pay for gas fees when using its platform. Another reason is that the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a drop currently, and so does Ethereum. Once the market starts to recover, Ethereum value will increase again and bring you high rewards. 


But what is so special about this cryptocurrency project and why Ethereum is so valuable? The project was launched in 2015, by then 20-year-old Canadian-Russian writer and programmer Vitalik Buterin who worked for Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalik came to the idea that if Bitcoin can make peer-to-peer online money transfers possible, why not apply this technology to broader products and services? And he created a platform on top of which developers can build decentralized apps, tokens, and cryptocurrency projects.

Ethereum’s network first operated the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism similar to Bitcoin. However, since the Ethereum merge it now has changed its consensus mechanism and get switched to the Proof-of-Stake protocol. The latter is more environmentally-friendly as it does not require using high computational power and electricity which harms the environment a great deal. Instead, Ethereum holders can stake their cryptocurrencies (at least 32 ETH is required to stake) and contribute to network security. Stakers will be rewarded for their services with new ETHs. 

Ethereum issues a native cryptocurrency, ETH to power its ecosystem. ETH is used to pay for gas fees on Ethereum’s platform, execute smart contrast, and store and send value. This cryptocurrency is the second largest crypto with a total market cap of almost $227.5 billion. It hit its all-time high on November 16, 2021, reaching $4891 but the crypto is extremely down currently following the whole crypto market. Ether does not have a capped supply so it is not known exactly how many ETHs can be issued in the future. 

Buy Ethereum

Your capital is at risk.

Cardano – Future Crypto that Strongly Competes with Ethereum

Cardano is a quite popular cryptocurrency project which is very similar to Ethereum. It is an excellent future crypto to buy for those who believe in the future of platforms used for creating and launching decentralized apps. Like Ethereum, Cardano supports building dApps, games, and cryptos on its platform and claims to be scalable, sustainable, and secure. Founded in 2017 by Ethereum co-founder Jeremy Wood, Cardano became so popular that it is now among the 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. 


Its native cryptocurrency is ADA which is used for paying transaction fees when using the Cardano platform. ADA can also be used to store value, for trading and staking purposes. The Cardano blockchain uses a special Proof of Stake protocol known as Ouroboros. Those who want to become a validator need to stake their ADA token and the network will select them based on the number of tokens and time they staked. 

Though ADA has a large market capitalization, the value for each coin is quite low. Currently, it is traded at $0.5 which means that you can buy ADA in large amounts and benefit hugely once its value increases. The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 45 billion ADA tokens and almost 75% of the ADA tokens are already issued. 

Buy Cardano

Your capital is at risk.

How to Find Top Future Cryptos to Invest In?

As the DeFi industry is evolving at a high pace, more and more projects are launched monthly or even daily. With such an abundance of future cryptocurrencies, it may seem a bit challenging to narrow down the list and find out which projects are worth investing in. However, if you know where and how to find the best future crypto projects, you can have really productive research. In this section, we have enumerated some of the ways to look for the top future cryptos to buy. 

Social Media – Reddit, Twitter, etc

Social platforms, like Reddit crypto subs and Twitter, are excellent sources for searching for such projects. You can find a lot of themed Twitter accounts or subreddits dedicated to cryptocurrency trading. These groups have several members with various trading levels and they discuss the hottest cryptocurrencies, and most profitable investments and share their opinions about the crypto market. By following these discussions, you will get an idea of which crypto projects are trending or are worth paying attention to. Additionally, you can take a look at the accounts of this or that crypto project to see if it is active, has multiple followers, and understand whether it is a serious project or not. 

Follow the News

Definitely, you must not only be restricted by social media. You need to combine different strategies to reduce the risks of being cheated. Another excellent method is to follow the news. It is not enough to learn about cryptocurrencies. The market is very flexible and it changes rapidly. You can subscribe to crypto news platforms and be notified if there is something new about such important events as Bitcoin halvings, market crashes, Ethereum merging, and other crucial events. 

Analyze Valuable Crypto Projects

Eventually, you need to explore the cryptocurrency you are about to invest in using its website or other sources where you can get familiar with it. New cryptocurrency projects usually publish a white paper, where they introduce the main purpose of their projects, what problems they want to solve, what features they offer, what innovations they bring, and other valuable information about the project.

On their website, they also introduce roadmaps including all the stages and phases the project will undergo. It will clearly show you how much the project will be developed at a particular time, so you can make your investments based on it. You can also follow their social media platforms or subscribe to their Youtube channel and search if they have explanatory videos that can help you better understand what their project is about.

Where to Buy and Trade Future Crypto Coins?

Once you have selected which future cryptos you want to buy, you need to start thinking about where you can buy them. Several brokerage platforms support cryptocurrency trading. You simply need to open an account with one of them, verify it and deposit funds to buy the assets. But as long as you trust a lot of valuable information about yourself and your payment method, you must be confident that the platform is safe enough to protect your information and money.

When it comes to selecting a secure broker that will also be functional and beginner-friendly, we recommend eToro. The platform stands out with a bunch of excellent features that will boost your trading experience and contribute to your safe trading. Apart from being equipped with high-standard security mechanisms, eToro is also regulated by multiple top-tier entities, including FCA, ASIC, CySEC, etc. 

As for functionality, eToro proves to be a good choice too. First, it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies which includes almost 80 popular and trending crypto assets. Second, it has a lot of beginner-friendly tools for once who have just stepped into the world of trading. One of its most exciting features is the social trading platform that enables you to have your own profile and interact with other traders on eToro. You can also follow the news and participate in different discussions regarding crypto trading. 

eToro’s social trading platform also offers fascinating tools for those who do not have too much time to spend on building their crypto portfolios. By using eToro’s CopyTrader tool you can copy the trades of any expert trader on the platform. eToro has recently added another exciting tool – Smart Portfolios which enables you to instantly diversify your portfolio by investing in various assets with one click. 

etoro crypto portfolios

Definitely, when you choose a brokerage platform you also worry about its pricing structure, including trading and non-trading fees. It is worth mentioning that eToro offers one of the most competitive pricing structures in the industry. To buy or sell a cryptocurrency, you will need to pay a 1% fee (for Bitcoin 0.75%) which is added to the buy and sell spreads. No other trading fee is charged in the process. 

As for non-trading fees, you are not required to pay any monthly fees to have an account on eToro. Social trading tools and other features are all free. The broker only charges a $5 withdrawal fee every time you cash out your funds. The deposit fee is only applied for non-USD contracts. The minimum deposit to trade cryptocurrencies on eToro is $10 and the minimum trade must be $10. It means that you can start trading with eToro with as little money as $20-50. See our full eToro review.


In conclusion, you have hundreds of options when it comes to investing in future cryptos. However, to find the best future cryptos that really have huge potential to grow, you need to do a lot of research. Through our comprehensive research, we have picked up the best candidates for the best future cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023. 

Our recommended cryptocurrency currently on the market is Wall Street Memes, which is an attractive and promising crypto project currently available for presale and is surging in demand thanks to its strong community.

Ends Soon - Wall Street Memes


Wall Street Memes
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Established Community of Stocks & Crypto Traders
  • Featured on Cointelegraph, CoinMarketCap, Yahoo Finance
  • Rated Best Crypto to Buy Now In Meme Coin Sector
  • Team Behind OpenSea NFT Collection - Wall St Bulls
  • Tier One Exchange Listings September 27
  • Tweets Replied to by Elon Musk
Wall Street Memes


What is the best future crypto coin to buy right now?

You need to select the best future crypto to buy this year based on your preferences regarding what DeFi sector you want to invest in. In our list, we have included the best future cryptocurrencies from different fields. Wall Street Memes is clearly the top memecoin at the moment.

How should I analyze a future crypto coin before buying it?

There are numerous ways to understand if future crypto is worth buying or not. First of all, you need to make sure that it is not another copied cryptocurrency project that is built for speculative purposes. Hence, you will need to research a lot, get familiar with its white paper, understand why it is created, and make sure that it is backed by a strong project which brings anything valuable into the DeFi. You can also explore its market condition and get familiar with such metrics as demand and supply, market capitalization, maximum supply, etc. Apart from it, read what experts think about the value of this or that cryptocurrency, find out if it is recommended on educational platforms, take into account its competitors, and always consider your budget.

Is it better to invest in one future crypto or diversify my portfolio with several different cryptocurrencies?

It is always preferable to diversify your portfolio and invest in multiple cryptocurrencies. With a diversified portfolio you rescue the risks of losing all your money, as long as you invest in various crypto assets and if one may lose its value others may increase and compensate for the losses. It would be quite helpful also if you invest in competing cryptocurrencies.