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How to Buy 99Bitcoins – $99BTC Presale Review

Buy 99Bitcoins
Buy 99Bitcoins

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

99Bitcoins, one of the leading crypto education platforms known for simplifying the complexities of all things crypto, has now entered the blockchain space with its new Learn-to-Earn (L2E) platform powered by its native token, $99BTC.

This ERC-20 asset, which will soon bridge to BRC-20, is being offered as a presale. It has raised upwards of $150k already, showcasing the interest investors have in this decentralized crypto education platform. This guide will cover how to buy the 99Bitcoins token, its perks, and its future upsides.

How to Buy 99Bitcoins – A Quick Guide

The 99Bitcoins token is currently available as a 14-stage presale. Here are the quick steps to buy it.

  1. Step 1 – Go to the Official Website – Visit the official website – – to take part in the presale. Assess the 99Bitcoins’ whitepaper to get more insight into this project.
  2. Step 2 – Connect Your Wallet – Click on the “Connect Wallet” button. Pick a wallet of your choice and proceed with the connection.
  3. Step 3 – Enter the number of $99BTC Tokens to Buy – Once your wallet is connected, enter the number of tokens you want to buy. Make sure that you have an equivalent number of ETH or USDT tokens in hand to make the purchase.
  4. Step 4 – Buy 99Bitcoins tokens – Proceed to buy $99BTC tokens. Once you make the buy, the tokens will be staked. Claim your tokens when the presale concludes. You can also choose to keep the tokens locked to earn more APY rewards.

Buy 99Bitcoins Token

99Bitcoins Presale Analysis 

There are 99 billion 99BTC tokens in total, out of which 15% have been dedicated to the presale until it reaches its soft cap target. There are seven stages involved in that phase. Once the funds reach the soft cap, the hard cap round will be initiated, which has 7 stages as well. Here is the complete breakdown of the presale phase.

Token Price
Amount of Tokens
Cummulative Amount of Tokens
USD Value Per Stage
Total USD Raised Cummulative
7 – Soft Cap
14 – Hard Cap

The presale is soft-capped at $5.353 million and hard-capped at $11.070 million. What perks lie for investors who invest in this presale? The answer to that query lies in the section below.

What is 99Bitcoins?

99Bitcoins has established itself in the market as one of the leading crypto educators in the field. Using a simplified approach, complete with diagrams, presentations, and interactive videos, the team behind it has tried earnestly to make the blockchain space more understandable to everyone.

How to buy 99Bitcoins

It started out as However, legal considerations caused it to rename itself into 99Bitcoins. With a YouTube channel that has upwards of 700k subscribers, 99Bitcoins already has a thriving community.

However, the need for education has now increased more than ever. With Bitcoin entering its fourth halving in April 2024, people who haven’t been in the blockchain space till now are getting more interested in investing in the latest cryptos. However, the issue arises due to the lack of knowledge.

While the promise of gains that halving could bring due to supply-demand conventions is there, not everyone may be able to take advantage of it. Crypto education is still a difficult prospect, and those who want to learn it are often mired by its technicalities.

With its new crypto initiative, 99Bitcoins has created a decentralized platform where people can learn about cryptocurrencies and leverage their education to earn tokens. This Learn-2-Earn mechanism has been designed to motivate participation and bolster more support for more knowledge in the blockchain community.

This initiative is supported by the 99BTC token, a utility cryptocurrency that offers investors both long-term and short-term benefits.

99BTC is an ERC-20 token. Even though it has been launched on the Ethereum blockchain, it is now in the process of bridging to BRC-20. With its Ethereum-based origins, it has maximized its reach.

However, with the upcoming BRC-20 bridge, it will become capable of injecting itself into decentralized applications on the Bitcoin network, taking a more innovative route, and bringing more upsides for investors of all kinds.

How to Buy 99Bitcoins – Complete Guide

99Bitcoins is part of a 10-stage presale where the price of the 99BTC token will increase with each stage. Here are four key steps to buy.

Step 1 – Go to the Official Website

Go to the official website’s presale page, which is Navigate through the whole page and assess its features and perks thoroughly. We also advise checking the official YouTube channel of the platform to analyze the quality of the content available.

Step 2 – Connect Your Wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button. The site will prompt you to choose between MetaMask and Coinbase. If you have another wallet, click on WalletConnect to pick one. However, we recommend MetaMask for its ease of use and the security features it offers.


Step 3 – Enter the number of $99BTC to Buy

At press time, there are three ways to buy $99BTC tokens. One is through Ethereum, and the other is through BNB or USDT. Make sure that you have the appropriate amount of these tokens to make the purchase. To buy these assets, we recommend going to Binance. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, it offers a simplified, fiat-based way to buy cryptocurrencies and has a good fee structure.

Step 4 – Buy 99Bitcoins tokens

Proceed to click on the “Buy” button to buy 99Bitcoins tokens. During the presale, the tokens will be attached to your wallet’s address and reserved in the liquidity pool, where they will earn staking rewards. When the presale concludes, you’ll be able to claim your tokens to start trading or keep them held to gain more staking rewards.

Buy 99Bitcoins Token

99Bitcoins – Project Analysis 

Acquiring cryptocurrency education has become more important than ever since the world will likely become more receptive toward crypto offerings after the halving event. Even though more people are aware of what 99Bitcoins has to offer than before, there are still some blind spots in learning.


The complexities related to Bitcoin terminologies haven’t been simplified yet, and the trading style still involves a lot of emotions. Furthermore, with more and more institutional players getting involved in trading crypto—Bitcoin in particular—the fundamentals that move the market have started to shift.

As a result, simply learning about the basics is no longer enough. People need access to up-to-date information. However, many try to jump before looking, which means they aren’t interested in diving into the complexities of crypto trading. This issue can be solved by implementing an incentives-based model that allows users to earn crypto by learning.

A heritage platform in the world of cryptocurrency with over a decade of experience, 99Bitcoins is now taking this route through tokenization. This approach will let more parties come forward and learn about crypto with more enthusiasm, allowing them to get educated and become trade-ready while also being rewarded through 99BTC tokens.

Learn to Earn Platform – A Novel Approach That Incentivize Learning

Thinking “learning about crypto is a reward in itself” won’t cut it anymore. Even though there are more interested parties in the blockchain space than before, not many of them are educated on the subject.

Therefore, following the success models of Play-to-earn and Move-to-earn, 99Bitcoins has created a learn-to-earn platform.

99Bitcoins offerings

Under this mechanism, those who learn from 99bitcoins will earn 99BTC tokens. The more actively investors engage with the platform, the more they will be able to learn. To make the platform as dynamic as possible, 99Bitcoins has introduced several features.

Interactive Learning Modules

All the courses provided on the platform will be interactive, which means users will be able to engage with the lessons themselves and understand their practical applications via diagrams or videos. This approach will create more engagement and thus make cryptocurrency learning more fun.

Quizzes and Certifications

Those who learn will also be given a chance to test their knowledge via quizzes and certifications. Completing each crypto course will award them $99BTC tokens. It forms an active way of earning tokens rather than a passive way that has existed in the market for a long time.

Community Contributions

Crypto education is a two-way street. Users may find themselves dealing with some specific topics that the platform doesn’t have information about. In that scenario, 99Bitcoins has stepped up with its community contributions model. Learned users who are already experts in the field can also contribute through blogs, peer support, and participation in community-driven projects.

99Bitcoins community

Community contributions will happen in the form of discussion forums, where there will be questions and answers about crypto. Experts will also organize Live AMA on a regular basis to provide answers to some of the toughest questions about the blockchain space.

Additionally, the community will also be a hub of challenges and competitions. This act of motivating active participation is how 99Bitcoins is continuing to establish its foothold as a place for Web3 learning. It can potentially provide the best crypto courses on the market.

BRC-20 Education Tools

BRC-20 is a novel token standard that most people still don’t know much about. 99Bitcoins has created a separate section for it, delving into its intricacies and how it can help create more decentralized applications.

Crypto Trading Signals 

The learn-to-earn platform also acts as a hub for traders looking for trading signals. It will provide real-time trading signals, allowing investors to make better investment decisions. Since it is an educational platform, the signals will also come with a handful of tutorials on how to buy crypto safely, risk management, trading strategies, and signal interpretation. 99Bitcoins will also provide reports about technical analysis and market sentiment analysis to support these signals.

Trading signals on 99Bitcoins

From ERC-20 to BRC-20 – Unlocking More Utilities with the Bitcoin Ecosystem

99Bitcoins is set to launch on the Bitcoin network in order to leverage its robustness and growing popularity among developers. With BRC-20 integration, 99Bitcoins will be able to tap into the benefits that come from the Ordinals protocols, which have their own unique set of advantages, such as:

More Security 

Bitcoin Network has a more extensive security model, thanks to its proof-of-work mechanism. It provides a highly secure environment for token transactions.

Increased Permanence

Bitcoin’s Ordinals offers a novel ecosystem, which will allow 99Bitcoins to integrate itself into other conventional blockchain elements such as NFTs, decentralized applications, and other Bitcoin-based tokens.

99Bitcoins standard

Value through Rarity

99Bitcoins’ presence as a BRC-20 asset will allow 99Bitcoins to have an added element of rarity as unique data will be inscribed onto individual satoshis. This value is increased when the tokens are associated with early blocks.

Cultural Value of BRC-20 

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work network has always been shrugged off by many new investors who have grown tired of its environmental effects. However, the introduction of Bitcoin ordinals has allowed Bitcoin to gain new followers.

Ordinals add the element of innovation to the Bitcoin ecosystem, which 99Bitcoins gets to be a part of. As a result, any interest that Bitcoin ordinals are able to generate in the market will be funneled to 99Bitcoins as well.

99BTC – Tokenomics 

99BTC has a simple and straightforward tokenomics. There are 99 billion $99BTC tokens in total, a portion of which is allocated for the presale. The presale will act as the initial funding for the project, making it ready for its future growth. Here is the distribution model for the 99BTC tokens.

  1. Presale – 15%
  2. Staking – 14%
  3. Project Funds – 23%
  4. Community Rewards – 17%
  5. Liquidity – 8%
  6. Marketing – 23%

99Bitcoins tokenomics

What Are the Utilities of 99BTC Tokens?

The 99Bitcoins tokens – 99BTC – act as the keys to unlock crypto learning on this learn-to-earn platform. Here are some of the things token holders will gain access to.

Advanced Training Courses

Users will be able to get access to advanced training modules. These modules will cover specific high-performing trading strategies not readily available in the market. Additionally, they will also cover in-depth information about emerging blockchain technology applications

Access to Exclusive Signals

Token holders will also have access to exclusive trading lessons. Additionally, if you hold $99BTC, you’ll get to participate in webinars led by industry experts who will offer insights into crypto trading and demystify some of the most complex trading strategies.

99Bitcoins utility

Trading signals will also become accessible, allowing you to act quickly to make the most gains when the market is particularly volatile.

VIP Community Groups

99Bitcoins will also be home to many VIP community groups. With members consisting of established traders as well as blockchain experts, the VIP groups will give joiners a place to share insights and collaborate with other experts to generate wealth through crypto.


In addition to the aforementioned perks, as holders, you will also earn staking rewards. It will give you access to periodic passive gains as a reward for maintaining the stability of the 99Bitcoins ecosystem.

A Deeper Look into 99Bitcoins Staking

Staking will allow you to earn $99BTC tokens passively at a dynamic rate. 14% of the total supply has been dedicated to staking, which will be distributed over two years. At present, the estimated reward rate exceeds 20,000%, with 4131 $99BTC tokens rewarded per ETH block.

Staking 99Bitcoins Tokens

Multiple earning mechanics, that include a passive earning mode makes 99Bitcoins a strong token for long-term growth seekers. For this reason, 99Bitcoins is perhaps one of the best staking tokens to buy in 2024.

99Bitcoins Roadmap

99Bitcoins has crafted a simple and realistic roadmap. We say this is possible because 99Bitcoins has already established itself as a leading crypto education platform.

Q2 2024

The token presale launched in the second quarter. A staking functionality has also been introduced. The project is being developed in full force.

Q3 2024

99Bitcoins intends to end its presale by the third quarter of this year, which will be followed by launching 99Bitcoins on a decentralized exchange. Platform development will continue, and the learn-to-earn platform will have some teasers to give people a taste of what’s to come.


99Bitcoins will launch the beta version of the platform by this year’s end. Crypto trading signals functionality will also be released by that time.

99Bitcoins roadmap

Beyond 2024

The full platform will enter the crypto space in 2025. The learn-to-earn functionality will be optimized, instructional content expanded, and more blockchain expansions introduced.

Is 99Bitcoins a Good Investment?

Due to an influx of crypto presales this year, there are questions about whether 99Bitcoins is a good investment. Our experts believe so, and here is why.

Already Established Platform

99Bitcoins is not a crypto project that has emerged out of the blue. It already has a strong foundation in the market. With over 700 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 39 million views to date, it is one of the best YouTube channels in the cryptosphere.

Therefore, there is a trust factor associated with 99Bitcoins, which gives it more credibility than many crypto presales active in the crypto space.

99Bitcoins token holder exclusives

Crypto Education Platform

With its web3 platform, 99Bitcoins is offering users a way to earn crypto through learning. While this may sound similar to learn-to-earn programs run by major cryptocurrency exchanges, the education provided on the platform is more comprehensive and worth consideration.

Furthermore, 99Bitcoins is meeting an actual demand within the crypto ecosystem. It does not introduce any new utility, which makes it resonate more with investors.

Access to Crypto Signals 

In addition to providing a robust earning program through crypto education, 99Bitcoins also promises to offer crypto signals. These signals will be coupled with documents and reading materials highlighting the technical indicators and sentimental indicators to support them.

This is a much more nuanced version of providing trading signals than in the past when they were often only limited to a single small notification.

99Bitcoins learning

Doxxed Team

The team behind 99Bitcoins is also open to the public. Therefore, investors would know who to hold accountable for the project, which adds another layer of trust to 99Bitcoins, a very positive point to keep in mind during these times.

Project’s Launch Timing

The project has emerged at a time when the market is in its bullish throes. That gives us hope that this token may conclude its presale sooner than expected. The initial fuel that 99Bitcoins receives can boost its growth when it arrives on cryptocurrency exchanges.

99Bitcoins Price Prediction

99Bitcoins is a new crypto project that brings an already-established platform to the blockchain domain. In addition to providing good educational tools, it also helps investors learn more about BRC-20 tokens.

That means the traction that Bitcoin Ordinals get on the market can be funneled in 99Bitcoins. Since the value of the Bitcoin network ties directly into how Bitcoin performs, the 99Bitcoins price may mirror Bitcoin when it goes bullish.

99Bitcoins Socials 

In order to keep up with 99Bitcoins’ presale updates, here are the socials to follow:

  1. Twitter 
  2. Telegram
  3. Discord

Remember that devs won’t contact you first. Use only the links provided on the page to engage with the presale and avoid entering scam social media handles and websites.

The Verdict

In this guide, we have highlighted the steps to buy 99Bitcoins tokens and have given our analytical take on the project based on its core fundamentals and the larger crypto ecosystem.

99Bitcoins is already an established platform in the world of crypto, which gives it a bigger shot at becoming the biggest presale success of this year. Its raising upwards of $160k in less than three days is a testament to the community’s interest in it.

With 14 presale stages, 99Bitcoins offers ample time to participate. However, those who can possibly make the biggest gains are the ones who join the project as soon as possible, which is now. Therefore, those who are interested should visit

99Bitcoins (99BTC) - New Learn To Earn Token


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  • Established Brand - Founded In 2013
  • Free Airdrop - Win A Share Of $99,999
  • Learn To Earn - Get Paid To Complete Trading Courses
  • 700,000+ YouTube Community


What is 99Bitcoins?

99Bitcoins is a well-established crypto education platform. Previously known as BitcoinWithPaypal, it rebranded to 99Bitcoins in 2013. For the past decade, the platform has earned the confidence of cryptocurrency enthusiasts as a website that simplifies the complexities of the blockchain space.

Why has 99Bitcoins introduced a new token?

The conditions around the crypto space are becoming increasingly complex. Therefore, 99Bitcoins says that it has created a Web3 version of crypto education ecosystem that allows users to earn while they learn. In addition to standard and advanced learning modules, the platform will also provide crypto signals to its user base.

Is 99Bitcoins a good investment?

99Bitcoins has been in the crypto space for a long time. With a good reputation, it is entering the blockchain arena with its new presale offering. Therefore, it can be said that there is some trust factor already associated with this project. Furthermore, the project's roadmap is attainable and the project itself offers a credible solution to an existing intellectual problems in the crypto space. If we consider these factors, 99Bitcoins is a good investment. However, we still advise investors to do their own research before investing.