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What is the NFT marketplace all about, how does it function, what are its fees, and how to buy and sell NFTs on this marketplace? Our review of the NFT marketplace will help you to understand all of these and resolve usual queries related to NFTs buying and selling. NFT Marketplace review NFT Marketplace review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

NFTs, non-fungible tokens, have become extremely popular in recent times and many of them are being sold for millions of dollars.

They are digital collectibles that hold a digital entity – an image, a short GIF, a music piece, a video, etc. The unique thing about NFTs is that they are unique and offer exclusive ownership of the content that they represent. Owing to their popularity and importance, various reputed crypto exchanges are launching their own NFT marketplaces. is the one of the latest upcoming crypto exchanges to launch their own NFT marketplace, allowing its traders to buy and sell NFTs alongside buying crypto and trading. In this guide we’ll review the NFT collections and how its marketplace platform works.

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Your capital is at risk. NFT Marketplace overview is a cryptocurrency platform that aims to contribute to the fast-changing cryptocurrency ecosystem across the globe. NFT Platform operates from Hong Kong. It claims to be a “one-stop-shop” for solutions concerning cryptocurrency. The products offered on this platform include the following–

  1. Apps  — Buy and sell, NFTs, Metal visa card, credit loans, pay, Earn
  2. Exchange — facilitates both spot trading and derivatives trading
  3. DeFi  — Wallet, Swap, Earn announced the launch of NFT in March 2021. Its first drop that featured a new collection by BossLogic, the celebrated Marvel artist was on 26 March 2021.

Crypto dot com NFT marketplace review-min NFT Marketplace

Numerous popular digital artists have joined hands with NFT to launch their exclusive artwork. These include BossLogic, Snoop Dogg, Boy George, famous Clubhouse celebrity Axel Mansoor, Klarens Malluta with Lionel Richie, Bag Raiders, Jonathan Monaghan with Nathan Evans (of #1 single Sea Shanty ‘Wellerman’ fame), KLOUD, KCamp, etc. NFT Platform:  Features explained


The ‘Profile’ is where you can view your profile and edit it. You can also go through the activities of your account which include purchase and sales history, and bids. To view these, you have to simply select “Account Activity” from the profile menu.


On the ‘Drops’ section, you can find the details of live drops along with the upcoming and ended NFT drops.


The ‘My NFTs’ section will reflect the collectibles that you have purchased. It will also show the NFTs you have on sale and the ones that you have created.

What are Drops at NFT Marketplace?

A drop is an event when creators and artists release their collection of unseen digital artwork which they wish to sell. If you want to explore dropping events on this platform, go to the “Drops” tab.

The “Drops” page shows both future drops and past NFT drops. If there is an available live drop, you will find it in this section itself. To learn about the details of the drop, simply click on the drop name.

What are Live Drops?

Live drops are the released drops that are live as and when you are viewing them. Users can buy NFTs directly during a drop event. A drop of each NFT will have a limited number of editions.

Live drop Crypto NFT

The live drop details are available on the Drops page. Simply visit the page and select the available live drop. This is how you can see all the details of a drop.

On the drop details page, you can scroll down to find the drop items. These items are considered NFTs. The number of editions defines the number of copies for each NFT. Users can also view the live count of editions that are available for purchase.

For instance, if the list shows ten copies of available NFTs and five as sold out, then the remaining five editions are available for sale.

The live drop’s NFT page also has a relevant description of NFT and the editions it has. It depends on the buyer to choose the edition he or she wishes to buy.

What are Upcoming Drops?

Upcoming drops are the ones that have been scheduled for future releases. If you wish to view the upcoming drop details, go to the Drops page and simply click on any available upcoming drop. 

The drop details will have information like the artist/ creator of the NFT, information related to the drop, etc. A user needs to click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe for a drop. This is available on the page itself.

Upcoming drops NFT

When you subscribe for a drop, you are notified before the drop goes live. You can also view the profile of the artist/ creator by clicking on the “See Profile” tab on the page. An artist’s profile will have the collectibles created by that artist along with his/ her NFTs that are available for sale.

What are Ended Drops?

Ended drops are the ones released already and are not live anymore. If you wish to view details on the ended drops, go to the Drops page and simply click on any available ended drop.

If a drop has ended for an NFT, you cannot purchase it from a drop. However, you can approach other owners and buy it from them. These are people who bought NFT editions during a drop. You can also buy an NFT from another owner from the marketplace if it is available on sale. In that case, visit the marketplace and click on “View in Marketplace.”

ended drops NFT

An NFT Marketplace is the only place that allows you to buy NFTs of ended drops. Like other drops, the details of the available editions are can be viewed on the marketplace. On the Marketplace listing page, simply click on “Explore All Editions”.

This will have the details of editions. It also displays the present owner who has exclusive ownership of these editions. Here, you will get to know if the editions are available for resale.

To buy an edition from available ones, select whatever you wish to buy. To buy a different edition, browse through all options by clicking on “Select Available Editions.” Here, you get all the available editions that are currently on sale along with their prices.

Pros and cons

  • User-friendly UI
  • Intuitive NFT marketplace.
  • Allows easy navigation for beginners.
  • No NFT transaction fees.
  • Wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from while making payments.
  • Allows payments via debit/ credit cards while buying NFTs.
  • Must connect app to use the marketplace, which might make it inconvenient sometimes.
  • Not many details on creating NFTs in the marketplace compared to other marketplaces.

Get started with NFT Marketplace

The homepage of NFT marketplace will show all the upcoming drops. You can easily buy or sell and even create an NFT on this marketplace. For that, you will need to –

  • Sign up on
  • Enter your full name, email id, username, and password.
  • Verify your email.
  • Use the same credentials to sign in to their NFT marketplace.

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How to Buy NFTs on NFT Marketplace

  • Visit and select ‘NFT’ in the menu.
  • Select an NFT from the ones shown on the marketplace and are available for sale.
  • Use filters to choose NFTs. You can search for these based on creators, art type, gaming, sport, etc.

You can NFT editions with the processes below:

  1. Place a bid.
  2. Buy an NFT at a fixed price.

The seller decides whether he or she wants to sell the NFTs at fixed prices or through bidding.

  1. Placing a Bid 
  • Go for an NFT of your choice from the marketplace.
  • Click on “Select Available Editions.”
  • Decide the edition to place a bid on.
  • You can look at prices and make a choice.
  • Some editions will have a starting bid and some editions will have one price attached to it.
  • Starting bid means that you will have to place a bid on that NFT.
  • If there is just one price, it means that the edition is available for sale at a fixed price.
  • To bid, click on “Place a bid.”
  • Enter your bid amount beyond the starting price.
  • Click on “Place bid.”
  1. Buying at a Fixed Price
  • Go for an NFT of your choice from the marketplace.
  • Click on “Select Available Editions.”
  • Decide the edition to place a bid on.
  • You can look at prices
  • Go for editions that have one price attached to them.
  • Select your edition
  • Click on “Buy For $$”

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Payment Methods on NFT Marketplace

“Payment methods” is one of the decisive factors for users choosing one marketplace over another. In NFT Marketplace, you have two options to pay:

  1. Pay with a credit/ debit card.
  2. Pay with crypto.

Use a Credit/Debit Card to buy NFTs

In case you do not have any cryptocurrency holdings, you can choose to pay with a credit/ debit card on this marketplace.

  • Simply click on the “Credit/ Debit card” option if you want to pay with a credit/ debit card.
  • Correctly enter the details of your credit/ debit card
  • Click on “Pay Now” to complete the payment.

This NFT marketplace does not charge any fee on transactions. As far as information on commissions and royalties are concerned, it is reported giving 10% of the purchase price to the artist/ creator for future resales. However, there is no clarity on how they equate this with commissions on initial sales.

Credit/debit card purchase limits

There are different weekly limits for credit/debit card purchases. Depending on your purchases directly from drops and the marketplace, these limits vary accordingly.

Drop purchases:

  • $10,000 weekly card limit.

Marketplace purchases:

  • $500 weekly card limit upon verifying NFT account through SMS.
  • $1,000 weekly card limit upon connecting NFT account to your App.
  • $10,000 weekly card limit upon connecting NFT account to your App that is staking CRO or/ and holds a Ruby Steel Visa Card or a higher tier card.

Use Crypto to buy NFTs

The user-friendly pay enables you to use more than 20 cryptocurrencies to buy NFTs. These include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

  • To pay through the pay, simply click on “com Pay” button.
  • This marketplace supports the app, WalletConnect, MetaMask, and various other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Users with accounts are recommended to use the “com App” option. There is no network cost with this option.

To pay using the app-

  • Open the app on your mobile phone.
  • Click the “Pay” button.
  • Scan the QR code.

You must not close the window, refresh, or hit the back button until the confirmation of the payment.

Once you buy NFTs successfully, go to My NFTs – Collectibles to view your purchased NFT editions.

Sell NFTs on NFT Marketplace

Like buying NFTs on this marketplace, it offers two ways for users/ creators to list your NFT for sale. You can do it either via bidding or at a fixed price. Whatever method you choose, you just have to follow a few simple steps to list an NFT for sale.

  • Create your user account (if you do not have an account already, then simply sign up on the homepage and complete the process).
  • The next step is to find or create an NFT. Here, you can choose to sell the NFTs that you own or the ones that have been created by you.
  • Click on the “My NFTs” button on the top right portion of the screen to see the NFTs that are available for sale.
  • Go to the “Collections” tab and click on a particular NFT to sell.
  • The NFT page will have a “Sale” button at the bottom.
  • You can also sell your NFT via a bid. In that case, users will have to place bids once you set a starting bid.
  • Selling NFTs at a fixed price is easier than selling them through bidding.
  • Once you put the price on the NFT you want to sell, you can confirm the listing.

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NFTs available for buying on NFT Marketplace

On the NFT marketplace, you get a wide range of non-fungible tokens that you can buy from. The categories include Art, Celebrities, Sport, Music, Gaming, and Crypto. Each of these categories has NFTs from creators across the world.

Art: The category of Arthas artwork that is digitized into NFTs. Bosslogic is among the popular artists collaborating with this marketplace to drop the first 2 collections. All the NFTs created by him were sold out in just 24 hours.


Celebrities: This Celebrities category has NFTs from popular celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Boy George, and Lionel Richie. The NFTs of celebrities sell between $80 to as high as $250,000.

celebrities NFT drops

Sports: NFTs in the Sports category has different sports in video format. It has soccer NFTs of football legends like Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Ángel Di María, the late Diego Maradona, and many more.

Sports NFT drops

Music: This category has music NFTs in either photo or video format. Famous NFTs in this category include the ones created by celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Lionel Richie, Boy George, etc.

Music NFTs

Gaming: Gaming-based NFTs are becoming more and more popular. The current gaming NFTs on this marketplace are cards that sell at the starting price of $2. This is an upcoming category and it is suitable for beginners in the marketplace who wish to hold NFTsas it does not require much money to own these tokens.

Gaming NFTs

Crypto: The Crypto category is one with the maximum number of users. This category has a wide range of visual digital collectibles and artwork that do not to belong any other.

Crypto NFT drops

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Creators’ Community of NFT Marketplace

If you want to join the creators’ community of NFT, you will need to get in touch with NFT to share your ideas and contribution to the community. Since the NFT Marketplace launched in 2021, there have been more than 10,000 creators coming on board.

With more creators and drops expected on the marketplace, many are thrilled to be a part of this sphere. The company wishes to deliver an even more engaging integrated experience across the App and NFT. To join the community-

  • Visit the NFT home page
  • Scroll down and you will see the “Creator Waitlist”
  • Click on “Creator Waitlist.”
  • Click on “Talk to us.”
  • Enter the information required by the platform and you can soon expect to be a part of the community after they review your submission. NFT marketplace allows users to easily become creators and mint their artworks into NFTs. This is a stand-out feature of the marketplace – enabling creators to easily sign up and monetize their artwork.

Is the NFT marketplace legitimate? NFT marketplace is owned by, which is a popular and highly reputed crypto company. It was launched in 2016 and is a regulated platform.

The company’s history with the crypto market indicates that it has never had any concerns related to the security of funds or user information. With over 10 million users, the platform is among the fastest-growing cryptocurrency and finance platforms. The marketplace has many strategic partnerships which also talks highly of its reliability and credibility.

Although the marketplace is new in the NFT space, its support by makes it a legitimate marketplace and one of the most trusted and safest NFT marketplaces around.

Comparison with other NFT marketplaces vs. Binance NFT marketplace

Both these NFT marketplaces are new marketplaces that claim to offer a lot in the coming times. Both these NFT marketplaces are owned and backed by top companies. Let us understand some differences between these two NFT marketplaces.


While the NFT marketplace is hosted by blockchain, the Binance NFT marketplace is hosted by the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum Blockchain.


As far as creating NFTs is concerned, it is better facilitated on the Binance NFT marketplace.


Users are required to sync and NFT marketplace to use the platform whereas they can access the Binance NFT marketplace without connecting it to Binance exchange.

Fees and charges

While NFT marketplace does not have any fees, Binance NFT marketplace charges a 1% fee for every transaction. While there are differences that we laid out for your clear understanding of both the NFT marketplaces, users are hopeful of both these platforms.

Visit Binance

Your capital is at risk. vs OpenSea NFT marketplace

People consider both and OpenSea marketplaces as two reputed places to buy NFTs from. As per trading volume, OpenSea marketplace is the largest across the world. As the first platform to facilitate NFT trading in the mainstream, OpenSea has witnessed over one million users since its inception.

Technology NFT is hosted by the blockchain, OpenSea is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFTs available

Both offer a wide variety of NFTs including art, in-game items, domain names, etc. OpenSea’s platform supports over 150 cryptocurrencies whereas NFT supports over 20 cryptocurrencies as far as paying with crypto is concerned.

Fees and charges NFT has no fees on transactions whereas OpenSea charges a 2.5% transaction fee when you sell items. This has to be paid by the seller and not the buyer. However, the standard network fees are applicable anyway. OpenSea supports 14 different crypto wallets. You can link your wallets to the marketplace within a few minutes. vs GameStop NFT marketplace

The GameStop marketplace has become an exciting NFT platform for NFT enthusiasts just like NFT. Unlike many other NFT marketplaces, GameStop seems to be focusing only on selling video games and has created a strong presence in the NFT space.

Both these marketplaces have been founded recently. GameStop was launched later than NFT. GameStop seeks to enable game developers to use the GameStop marketplace over others and is reportedly developing a huge fund for them.

The NFT platform is built on a Layer-2 protocol for Ethereum, Immutable X whereas the NFT marketplace is built on the blockchain.

While the NFT marketplace is offering an extensive range of NFTs, GameStop marketplace will mostly focus on in-game items. These include digital properties, costumes, weapons, etc. GameStop will probably partner with influential video game developers and offer NFTs to create a wide base of fans with specific franchises. vs Rarible NFT marketplace

Rarible is known as a reliable NFT art marketplace. Investors are immensely satisfied with the vast selection of digital art hosted by this platform. The collection includes photography, music, games, domains, and metaverse items too. The variety is comparable to what is offered by the NFT marketplace to investors.

Rarible charges both buyers and sellers a 2.5% fee which is high compared to other marketplaces like NFT. One unique feature of Rarible is that it has multi-chain support. Hence, this marketplace hosts NFTs built on Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow.

Like NFT, Rarible also enables users to buy NFTs using credit or debit cards. With 190 countries on its supported list, Rarible is among the biggest NFT marketplaces. Just like NFT, Rarible also supports various wallets. The wallets on Rarible include MetaMask and Coinbase.


The NFT marketplace has collaborated with big names like Snoop Dogg, BossLogic, etc., and has been able to create a niche in the NFT market. These celebrities and many others have released their exclusive drops with the marketplace. NFT’s first drop was scheduled for March 2021.

Users on this marketplace can easily buy ended drop’s NFT editions apart from the live and upcoming drops. They can buy these editions either by placing a bid or at a fixed price. This decision remains with the sellers as far as selling their NFT editions is concerned.

Another outstanding feature of the marketplace is that it allows the use of debit/ credit cards and crypto wallets to buy NFTs. So, if you do not have any cryptocurrency holdings, then buying NFTs of your favorite artists on the NFT marketplace is a convenient option.

Also read our reviews of the NFT marketplaces on Bybit and FTX.


Does NFT have an app?

Yes. The app offered by the marketplace makes buying, selling, and creating NFTs easy for users. You can download the app on both Android and iPhone devices.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use to buy NFTs with

This marketplace offers more than 20 cryptocurrencies using which you can buy NFTs. For the complete list, visit their official website.

What blockchain is used for transactions in this marketplace?

The blockchain is used to facilitate and record all transactions. The platform is considering the compatibility of other blockchains like Ethereum.

Is it safe to buy NFTs from NFT?

Yes, it is completely safe and legal to buy NFTs from this marketplace.

How to make an account with NFT?

To make an account with this NFT marketplace, click on the “Sign up” button on the homepage. You must complete the process by entering the required information. This includes including your full name, email id, username, and password.

Do I need to verify my account on the platform?

Yes. When you verify your account, you have complete access to all features of NFT marketplace. You will be able to buy and sell NFTs easily. You could also become a creator and self-mint NFTs on the platform.

How to become a creator on NFT?

To become a creator on the NFT marketplace, you will need to get in touch with the team and have a conversation regarding your ideas to create an NFT. You may go to the “Creator Waitlist” and click on “Talk To Us” to enter the required information.

How do I set a unique username on the NFT marketplace?

If you do not want to use your first name as the username, then go for a username that does not have any abusive, racist, sexually explicit, or defamatory words. It should not breach any intellectual property right nor should it distort personal privacy rights. As per the agreement on NFT, the team maintains full rights to change usernames.

How to contact customer support of NFT marketplace?

While there is information regarding a lot of queries in the FAQs section, you may always reach out to them at

What are the supported currencies for payment on NFT?

While you pay with a credit/debit card, the supported currencies will depend on your card issuer. While you pay with crypto, you can check the official site of the platform to see the full list of supported currencies.

How do I withdraw my balance?

To withdraw your balance, click your account name and select Account Activity to view your balance. After KYC, you can withdraw your balance to your App account which is connected to the marketplace. All withdrawals to the App account are made in USDC. To connect NFT and App, you are required to have the same email address. In case you have two email addresses, it is suggested that you change the email address on the App. To do so, visit the App homepage, click on your profile, and complete the process.

What are the formats supported when I created NFTs?

The NFT marketplace currently supports JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, and GIF. It will have MP4 support in the near future. The maximum file size currently for one collectible is 60MB.