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Most Profitable Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2024

With such a huge list of crypto coins on offer, cryptocurrency investors must consider many factors before making an investment, including narrowing down the list of profitable cryptocurrencies. So, in this guide, we list the top ten most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in this year and beyond.
Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies to Invest in
Most Profitable Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Cryptocurrencies have been around since 2009, meaning that they belong to the newest asset group in the market. The fact that they are being traded in a short period of time makes them the riskiest investment too. However, many cryptocurrencies have proven to be quite profitable, bringing early investors huge returns. Though still many cryptos are highly speculative and involve risks, you can find several projects worth investing in if you explore the market carefully. 

We have done thorough research about the most profitable crypto to buy in 2024 and introduced the results in this guide. Read on to find out our top ten picks and their reviews to better understand and select which coin you want to buy. The guide also provides useful information about which factors to consider if you want to buy coins, when to buy them and how to invest in profitable cryptocurrencies. 

Top 10+ Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Projects of 2024

Based on the detailed research of the cryptocurrency market conducted by our specialists, we have picked these eleven projects as the most profitable cryptos to buy in 2024. 

  1. Dogeverse – Meme Coin Pioneering Chain Hopping
  2. Sealana – Solana Meme Coin with High Profit Potential
  3. Wiener AI – Blending Artificial Intelligence and Meme Coins for a Viral Niche
  4. Mega Dice – Quickest Growing Online Crypto Casino
  5. 99Bitcoins – Transformative Learn-to-Earn Platform for Crypto Newbies
  6. Smog – High Potential Solana Memecoin
  7. Sponge V2 – Profitable Meme-Centric Project
  8. eTukTuk – Presale Token Available at an Early Discount
  9. Binance Coin – Cryptocurrency that Supports One of the Most Popular Crypto Exchanges
  10. Cardano – Smart Contract Blockchain with Successful Adoption 
  11. Bitcoin – Most Profitable and Well-established Crypto Project
  12. Ethereum – Second Largest Cryptocurrency with Huge Potential to Grow
  13. Dogecoin – Popular Meme Coin with Huge Support on Social Platforms

Reviewing the Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Coins

It is an excellent time to invest in the cryptocurrency market, as prices are dramatically down right now. Apart from the highly popular crypto assets with a price history to prove their durability over the bear market, there are also a couple of new projects to buy in the presale. If you want to take advantage of the bear market and add some exciting projects to your portfolio, here are the 11 most profitable cryptocurrencies to buy in 2024.

Dogeverse – Meme Coin Pioneering Chain Hopping

Our number one recommendation for the most profitable cryptocurrency to buy this year is Dogeverse. The brand-new meme coin stands out from a sea of counterparts thanks to its intriguing use case of token transfers between blockchains.

The core idea behind Dogeverse is building a larger and more scalable ecosystem with network traversing capabilities. Using bridge technology, the multi-chain meme coin enables chain-hopping between the Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Base, and Avalanche blockchains. The resulting single verse would quickly take on the form of a common playing field where various crypto communities interact. 

What adds to the profit factor of Dogeverse is the opportune time of the token release and its potential to go viral. First, Dogeverse can draw on Elon Musk’s love for meme coins. Second, it can attract investors with its combination of cosmic lore and utility across multiple chains, giving them many different choices for interaction. Third, Dogeverse’s launch coincides with a bullish market sentiment, with investors being very excited about purchasing cryptocurrencies. 

Additionally, Dogeverse has successfully woven form and function together, unlike most projects where the lore doesn’t live up to the functionality. Dogeverse does well by combining the story of a hopping Doge with a chain-hopping meme coin. With this interesting premise and other driving factors listed above, Dogeverse seems poised for massive profits this year. Investors, look out!

Buy Dogeverse

Sealana – Solana Meme Coin with High-Profit Potential 

When you look at the official website of Sealana, nothing noteworthy will jump out. It portrays a seal with an artstyle inspired by Southpark. Its content portrays a Seal as a trader of Solana meme coins looking for the next best crypto to invest in, and its approach towards presale is limited to sending SOL to a particular address.

Sealana Tokens

But hidden beneath this simplicity is a unique charm and the reality of meme coins that could make Sealana one of the most profitable cryptos of this year.

First, the imagery it portrays resonates with the online degen community – a group of investors who throw caution out the window when a new meme coin arrives and pump it for comedic reasons.

Secondly, Sealana is an honest meme coin that doesn’t give us any long roadmap or any “out-of-the-box” utility. It is aware of the reality that it is a meme coin, a token with limited functionality but a charm strong enough to explode once it goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Sealana’s affordability is another reason it is a suitable cryptocurrency investment for profit seekers. At the time of writing, sending 1 SOL to the address given on the website will reward participants with 6900 SEAL tokens. So, those on the lookout for a token with limited to no long-term potential but a high potential to generate profits in the short term must consider parking their SOL tokens into $SEAL.

Buy Sealana

Wiener AI – Blending Artificial Intelligence and Meme Coins for a Viral Niche

The recently launched AI token WienerAI combines the allure of sausages, canine loyalty, and artificial intelligence to create a global first – a meme-AI hybrid token set to become one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to invest in 2024. The project leverages its “sausage army” to add a distinctive flavor, capitalizing on the notable success of memes and AI coins in the current cryptocurrency market. 

The detailed WienerAI whitepaper lays out a roadmap towards ensuring WienerAI’s top rank in the meme coin market, from launching the presale to listing on international exchanges. $WAI is currently in its presale, with daily staking rewards to encourage early participation and investment. It has already raised more than $400,000 in just a few days. 


WeinerAI supports Sausage Army, a community-driven project where users collaborate and influence the platform’s future development. The platform may be upgraded over time. In addition, Wiener AI’s uniqueness and eccentricity as a meme coin are giving the dog meme market a whole new twist. 

The project is based on the Ethereum network, and its native WeinerAi token $WAI is an ERC20 token. The project plays with the notion of AI coins, another viral niche, which contributes to its appeal. Wiener AI’s robust and impressive tokenomics framework assigns specific amounts for marketing, presale, stake, and community rewards, prioritizing liquidity and community involvement, adding to its wide appeal.

Buy Wiener AI

Mega Dice – Quickest Growing Online Crypto Casino

Mega Dice is an online gambling platform recently touted as the fastest-growing crypto casino. For starters, its presale has amassed over $300,000 in a single day. It is also the first legally recognized casino to launch on the popular Telegram network. 

The Curacao-licensed platform has drawn in over 50,000 players so far with its cryptocurrency casino and personalized sportsbook offerings. It also features over 5,000 titles from well-known publishers, such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play. Mega Dice also focuses on an easy-to-use interface for players, offering easy browsing and eye-catching promos. The welcome package of up to $500 includes free spins and deposit bonuses. 

Mega Dice Presale

Now, with the launch of its native token, $DICE, Mega Dice is opening new opportunities for deeper customer engagement and higher revenue growth. $DICE will be fully integrated with the Mega Dice ecosystem down its development roadmap. Mega Dice will then be able to share its successes with its community of token holders through airdrops, staking, NFTs, and other rewards. The platform is integrating these rewards into its core functionality, all made possible by the transparency and adaptability of decentralized networks. With its remarkable presale numbers, strategic roadmap, and lack of KYC hassles for playing games, Mega Dice is undoubtedly positioning itself for the long run. 

Buy Mega Dice

99Bitcoins – Transformative Learn-to-Earn Platform for Crypto Newbies

99Bitcoins is another topper on our list of the top 10 most profitable cryptocurrencies for 2024. Its distinctive value proposition and the ongoing discounted presale place it among the top contenders. 99Bitcoins is one of the only pioneers in crypto education this year, building synchronous Learn-to-Earn (L2E) ecosystem. Its presale has also garnered much attention, having raised over $4.43 million in just a few days of the first stage.

The L2E model incentivizes 99Bitcoins users with rewards for learning about cryptocurrencies and completing interactive lessons and quizzes. The platform is also working around customized learning styles, such as hands-on and visual, to cater to different users. At its core is the aim to demystify cryptocurrency learning by cutting out technical terms and jargon. 

While it started humble as a guide to Bitcoin, it has grown to provide trading signals, crypto news, token prices, expert community insights, and tutorials on coins like Feathercoin, Namecoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin.

Given the staggering demand for cryptocurrency education and the favorable market conditions, $99BTC may be poised for significant growth in the coming years. It has a sizable and active community to bank on, and has already diversified features like staking rewards, unique trading resources, and learning incentives. Add to that the innovative tokenomics prioritizing project development and community rewards, and 99Bitcoins is easily one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to look out for in 2024.

Buy 99Bitcoins

Smog – High Potential Solana Memecoin

Smog is a brand new dragon-themed memecoin riding the Solana blockchain wave. With Ethereum and Binance memecoins dominating previously, Smog’s emergence, along with some already successful projects in the space, signals a shift towards Solana. Its fair launch on February 7th via Jupiter DEX eliminated any early advantage, attracting investors with a focus on long-term gains.


Within just a single day, Smog surged over 1000%, sparking comparisons to Bonk and Myro. Its unique dragon theme aims to reignite meme coin virality, offering interactive multi-airdrop campaigns for holders. While details on these campaigns are pending, investors are already flocking to Smog, fueled by coverage from top media channels and influencers. It also recently announced an ETH bridge, which along with its impressive staking element makes the project even more appealing to investors.

The only exchange currently listing SMOG is Jupiter DEX, where investors can acquire tokens by setting up a Solana-compatible wallet and purchasing through the official website. However, the community speculates that Smog may be highly likely to see a considerable increase in adoption and exchange listings in the near future, which would set off a major pump for the token. With its fair launch model mirroring successful projects like SPONGE, Smog is poised for potential exponential growth amidst the Solana memecoin hype.

Buy Smog

Sponge V2 – Profitable Meme-Centric Project 

Sponge V2 is surely one of the most profitable cryptos in the space at the moment, intertwining staking mechanics with meme popularity to create a distinctive ecosystem for users. Described in the official whitepaper as the “bigger and better” iteration of Sponge V1, Sponge V2 aims to replicate the 100x gains witnessed during the memecoin frenzy surrounding Sponge V1’s surge.

Sponge V2

Introduced to the crypto community around the middle of 2023 on Uniswap, Sponge V1 rapidly ascended the price charts within a mere couple of days post-launch. Its adoption by multiple high-tier exchanges further fueled its exponential growth, with its value surging by over 3200% by early May.

Sponge V2 represents developers’ endeavour to rekindle this phenomenon, employing a unique “stake-to-bridge” mechanism. This innovative mechanism involves bridging Sponge V1 tokens to Sponge V2 through staking. As investors stake their Sponge V1 tokens, they’ll receive an equivalent amount of Sponge V2 tokens upon release. Long-term stakers stand to reap substantial benefits from the project in the form of high APY rewards.

Long-term stakers, at minimum, can expect to earn up to a 40% APY, the highest among memecoins. Sponge V1 staking has already commenced, presenting investors with an opportunity to generate profits while mitigating risks, thanks to the passive income derived from the staked tokens. Consequently, it presents an excellent buying opportunity at the present moment.

Buy Sponge V2

eTukTuk – Presale Token available at an Early Discount

Investors are flocking to eTukTuk’s presale, surpassing the impressive $560,000 mark and signaling a strong commitment to sustainable urban mobility. As the first automotive project on the Binance blockchain, eTukTuk is set to introduce affordable EV solutions to developing nations, making it a standout initiative in the crypto space.

eTukTuk Best New Crypto

The focus of this profitable crypto project is on transforming the popular tuk-tuk into an electric three-wheeler, highlighting eTukTuk’s commitment to addressing environmental concerns in the developing world. The upcoming production in 2024, starting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, signifies a crucial step towards providing eco-friendly alternatives.

The meticulously designed three-wheeler boasts safety features like a patented roll cage and an LFP battery pack with an impressive eight-year lifespan, setting it apart in terms of reliability.

Investors looking to participate in the presale can secure their position at the current token price of $0.026. The rising presale strategy emphasizes the advantage of entering early, providing an opportunity for long-term gains. The $TUK token, at the core of eTukTuk’s ecosystem, not only fuels the project’s ambitions but also offers holders a chance to earn passive income through the network fee when drivers charge their vehicles.

eTukTuk is not just a crypto opportunity; it’s a movement towards sustainable urban mobility. As the project gears up for production, early investors are poised to not only diversify their portfolios but also contribute to a greener and more accessible future in developing nations.

Buy eTukTuk

Binance Coin – Cryptocurrency that Supports One of the Most Popular Crypto Exchanges

WSM and Deelance are among the newest cryptocurrencies in the market that have the potential for growth in 2024. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most well-established coins that have been traded for a relatively long period. Binance Coin is among the most popular cryptocurrencies that you can buy during the bear market. 

It’s the fourth largest crypto with a market capitalization that only ranks behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. As the coin name’s hints to us, Binance Coin is designed to serve one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. The initial coin offering of the BNB took place before the launch of the Binance exchange and is intended to raise capital for the exchange. The team managed to raise $15 million in BTC and ETH selling 100 million BNB at $0.15 each. 

BNB Price Chart All Time 2024

Initially, Binance Coin was based on the Ethereum blockchain and was meant to give fee discounts for traders on the Binance exchange. Later, Binance created its own blockchain calling it the Binance Chain. Eventually, BNB has become the native token of the Binance Chain, and its use cases have extended too. BNB can also be used to pay for the transaction fees on the Binance exchange.

Additionally, BNB is accepted as a digital asset and can be used by merchants to pay for different goods and services. The coin is used in different industries to pay for travel bookings, entertainment, online and financial services, etc. Two main important factors that can influence the price of the token are the popularity of the exchange and the coin’s decreasing supply. 

Binance is the largest crypto exchange with trading volume, and it has millions of active users. The popularity of the BNB is correlated with the popularity of the exchange, so its demand is likely to increase if more people use Binance. The second factor is that Binance is a deflationary coin, and each quarter, the team buys a certain amount of the tokens to burn them and reduce the supply.

Buy BNB Coin

Your capital is at risk.

Cardano – Smart Contract Blockchain with Successful Adoption 

Cardano is a programmable blockchain platform that developers can use to build decentralized apps, games, and digital tokens. One of the unique things about Cardano is that the whole project is based on scientific research. It uses the same consensus mechanism as Ethereum, which is called Proof of Stake. 

The family of PoS consensus mechanisms used by Cardano is called “Ouroboros” and it is meant to provide a sustainable, flexible, and scalable blockchain. This makes Cardano one of the most successful crypto projects and one of the largest digital coins with its market capitalization. The project has a native token – ADA, with a maximum supply of 45 billion tokens.

As the main currency of Cardano’s network, ADA plays a major role within its ecosystem. It is used as both a utility and a governance token. First of all, ADA is used to pay transaction fees on Cardano’s blockchain. The token is also used to store value to send and receive payments. 

Cardano Price Chart All Time 204

Additionally, ADA can be staked to generate rewards and contribute to the network’s safety. As a governance token, ADA grants voting rights on Cardano’s projects. Unlike other well-established projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, ADA is quite affordable, with each token being traded at $0.314. So, it is an excellent option to add to your crypto portfolio with a promising project and good price history. 

Buy Cardano

Your capital is at risk.

Bitcoin – Most Profitable and Well-established Crypto Project of All-Time

Bitcoin is the first, most successful, and most profitable cryptocurrency of all time. It has the longest price history that proves how this cryptocurrency has successfully experienced all the bear markets and increased in value, hitting all-time highs. Founded in 2009 and being traded at below $1, Bitcoin’s value has increased by millions of percentage points over time. 

Bitcoin hit its last all-time high before the bear market and reached $68.000. Now the coin is traded at $19,000, which makes it the most valuable coin. Due to its scarcity, Bitcoin is also the largest crypto with a market cap of $336 billion. What makes Bitcoin so valuable? First, it is the first cryptocurrency in the market that has created a buzz and garnered popularity. 

All Time Price Chart for Bitcoin

The second thing that influences Bitcoin’s value is its scarcity. Only 21 million Bitcoins can be mined in history, more than 91% of which are already mined and in circulation. The number of BTC that can be mined is reducing, making it even harder to issue new coins. This makes the mining process of the coin quite difficult and costly. The high demand for the coin and its super scarcity are the main things making Bitcoin so valuable. 

Apart from it, Bitcoin has real-world value. It is a payment method that can be used to send money fast, securely, and without the involvement of a third party. Many companies, shops, and markets use Bitcoin as a payment method so people can buy goods and services in BTC too. However, investing in Bitcoin is reasonable in the long-term perspective as it does not have massive price fluctuations in the short term. 

Buy Bitcoin

Your capital is at risk.

Ethereum – Second Largest Cryptocurrency with Huge Potential to Grow

Though Ethereum is one of the most valuable and less volatile cryptocurrencies in the market, it can be one of the most profitable ones in 2024. It is one of the pioneers of the DeFi industry and has been launched to prove that cryptocurrencies can be far more important than simply being a payment method. The project started in 2014 with an ICO where the native token, ETH was valued at $0.30. 

All Time Price Chart for Ethereum

During the bull market of 2021, Ethereum hit its all-time high, almost being traded at $5000, which means that the coin’s value increased by hundreds of times. The coin’s value suffered massively during the last bear market, and it is now traded somewhere at $1300. But Ethereum is considered one of the well-established cryptos in the DeFi industry with a huge potential for growth in the future. 

ETH is based on the ERC-20 token standard, and it is the main currency within Ethereum’s ecosystem. It is used to pay for gas fees when you make transactions on the platform hence owning ETH tokens is mandatory if you want to use its platform. The greatest thing about Ethereum is that it is one of the leading programmable platforms which developers can use to build their apps and tokens. And most of the projects in the DeFi are built on Ethereum’s network.

Another great news about Ethereum is the Merge that has taken place recently. The project has joined its original execution layer with a new and more environmentally-friendly consensus layer – Proof of Stake. This will bring some improvements to the project reducing the gas fees and making it more scalable. 

Buy Ethereum

Your capital is at risk.

Factors to Consider When Choosing to Invest in a Cryptocurrency

The volatility of the cryptocurrency market makes it challenging to find out the most profitable cryptocurrencies and predict which coins can perform well in the near future. How to know which coins are worth investing in, and what factors to consider when selecting a cryptocurrency to buy? In this section, we have shed some light on the factors you need to consider when choosing to invest in a cryptocurrency. 

Past Performance

One of the main things to pay attention to when selecting a cryptocurrency is its price performance. Exploring their price history will give you a clear idea of how the coin went through the bear markets and whether it recovered after the market crashed or not. Some of the most profitable coins in our list have not gone through the bear markets yet you will need to use other factors to predict their profitability.

However, the well-established ones, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others, have experienced several bear markets so far and have recovered their value after the high losses. That’s why these coins are likely to recover from the market crash again and even hit another all-time high.

Real World Use

Investing in new cryptocurrencies is an excellent idea because you buy them when they are traded at their lowest value and can benefit when the prices increase. But in this case, you can’t check their price performance and use this factor to select profitable crypto. There are other factors to consider, though, and one of them is their utility cases. 

If the token has real-world uses other than simply being an asset to buy and sell, it has a more long-term perspective compared to others. WSM, and TG.Casino are all new crypto projects with their native tokens used for different purposes within their ecosystem. And to use their platforms, users may need their native tokens, which is another factor that can influence their demand. 

Token Total Supply

Obviously, the scarcity of the product and its high demand creates high value. So, the total supply of the token can be another indicator to pay attention to when selecting a cryptocurrency. Tokens with a limited supply have a better chance to increase in value if their demand grows. It is also a good idea to check what percent of the token’s total supply is planned for the presale stage, what percent is already in circulation, etc. 

Project Vision and Roadmap

Eventually, when it comes to selecting a new cryptocurrency to buy, it is highly recommended to explore their future plans and roadmap. It will indicate what updates and upgrades the project plans to hold in the future. The new features or upgrades can highly affect its value and raise it in the case of a successful launch. Besides, it is a good idea to explore the roadmap of the cryptocurrency to see whether it has a development strategy or is simply designed for speculations.

What is the Best Time to Invest in Profitable Cryptocurrencies?

Most of the success in buying the most profitable cryptocurrencies also depends on when you buy them. The market is quite volatile, and there are always ups and downs in their value. Below you will find out how to understand the best time to purchase cryptocurrencies. 

Investing as Early as Possible in Presales

Cryptocurrency presales are quite common now, and they are beneficial for both parties. It enables the owners to raise extra capital and use it for the development of the project. Meanwhile, traders get the chance to invest in new tokens at their lowest price and benefit when the crypto enters the market and increases in value. 

Buying the Dip

Another opportunity to get cryptocurrencies at a low price is buying the dip. During the bear market, the whole crypto market experiences a downfall, and traders use this time to invest in the market. This is a normal period in the cryptocurrency market, and it does not mean that it will crash completely. But the problem is that not all assets can recover after the crash, and you need to be sure to invest in promising ones and not speculative ones. 

Relevant Market News – Merges, Forks, etc

You can also follow the news and check if there will be any upgrades, forks, or merges related to a certain cryptocurrency. The major events can also lead to price changes and bring you good returns if you invest at the right time. 

Most Profitable Cryptos to Mine

Bitcoin is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine, but the costs of mining Bitcoin are quite high. As Bitcoin works on the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, you need to run your computer regularly to solve hard computational tasks and contribute to the network by mining a new block. 

However, mining Bitcoin has become an extremely difficult task due to its low supply. As the supply of BTC that can be mined each year is reducing, miners use sophisticated computers and spend huge electricity power on Bitcoin mining. Anyway, you need to consider that the costs of mining Bitcoin are quite high, and it includes spending a lot of money on setup, technology maintenance, and electricity bills. 

On the other hand, Ethereum and other projects using ERC-20 token standard offer some rewards through staking. Projects working based on the Proof of Stake protocol enable you to lock up a certain number of your coins for a particular time, contribute to network safety, and be rewarded with new tokens. 

How to Trade Profitable Cryptocurrencies

In this section of the guide, we will walk you through the process of buying one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies – $BTCMTX. This crypto is in the presale stage so the process varies from the CEX trading. Here is how you can start buying it. 

  1. Step 1. Create a Digital Crypto Wallet – When the cryptocurrencies are in the presale stage, they are not listed on centralized exchanges, so you need to buy them directly from their platform. You must have a digital crypto wallet to connect it to the platform and use its funds to purchase the coin. Hence, your first step is to find a reliable crypto wallet, such as Metamask. 
  2. Step 2. Buy ERC-20 Tokens – To buy the crypto obviously, you will need to have some other tokens on your wallet that are accepted by the platform. 
  3. Step 3. Connect Your Wallet – When you have a digital wallet with ETH or USDT coins, the next step is to visit the Dogeverse website. Next to the presale announcement, you will see the “Connect Wallet” button, which you need to click and start the process of connecting. 
  4. Step 4. Buy $BTCMTX – Once your wallet is connected, you can start buying $DOGEVERSEcoins. To proceed with the contract, select which tokens you want to use to buy $DOGEVERSE and fill in the number of tokens you want to buy. After finishing the transaction successfully, you need to wait until the coin goes official, and you will receive your tokens. 


In this guide, we have discussed a mixture of projects that could each be the next most profitable cryptocurrency this year and some well-established projects that have already delivered high profits. The new cryptocurrency projects included in our list have garnered popularity in the last year and are currently in their presale stages. It means that you have a chance to buy them at an extremely low price. 

We consider Dogeverse to be the most profitable crypto to invest in due to its unique concept that fits perfectly with the ongoing trend within the crypto space.

Dogeverse - Multichain Meme Coin


Dogeverse logo
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Bridge To Solana, Base, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche
  • Staking Rewards -
  • Trade With Low Fees
  • World's First Chain Travelling Doge - Cosmo
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Which are likely to be the most profitable cryptocurrency tokens of this year?

While several cryptocurrencies have already experienced huge popularity and growth, several others are still in the early stages of development. Such projects as Dogeverse, Mega Dice, and 99Bitcoins are in their presale stage, during which you can buy them at an extensively low price. However, once these coins become official and go through the CEX listing, they are very likely to explode in the upcoming years.

What is the most useful cryptocurrency in the market?

It is always a good idea to invest in a cryptocurrency with real-world use cases other than simply being a speculative asset to trade and earn money on price differences. Coins with utility usage have more potential for growth in the long term and involve lower risks when investing in them. For instance, Dogeverse is a great asset to invest in right now due to its unique multi-chain ecosystem networking different blockchains.

What is the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine right now?

Though Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency right now, mining Bitcoin becomes harder and harder over time. The problem is that the amount of Bitcoin that can be issued every year is halved every 4 years. So, instead of spending too much time and money on buying expensive equipment to mine Bitcoin, you can simply stake your ERC-20 tokens for a particular time and earn rewards for your service.