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P2B Review 2024 – Fees, Staking, Trading Tools, New Listings


Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Founded in 2017, P2B has become one of the most sought-after crypto platforms in the world, thanks to its game-changing features. It is currently ranked as the 12th most secure crypto exchange according to CER ratings and has a 7/10 trust score from Coingecko

Hence, it is no surprise that scores of traders across the globe now depend on the exchange to buy and sell a wide range of cryptocurrencies. In this review, we fully analyze the key features of P2B, including its payment methods, supported coins, trading options, fees, and customer support options amongst others.

Key Features of P2B Exchange

Before taking a deep dive into the review of the P2B platform, here is a brief list of all the key features of P2B exchange. 

  • P2B is a high-level crypto trading platform that enables the buying and selling of hundreds of altcoins, funding new coins, and staking your holdings to generate passive income. 
  • The platform boasts of being the first exchange in the world for token variety. It integrates over 24 different blockchains, including Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Omni, Waves, Cardano, Ripple, etc. 
  • The wide variety of blockchains supported by the platform enables users to buy and sell over 200 cryptocurrencies. 
  • The platform also supports fiat currencies, including USD and EUR. 
  • P2B offers competitive trading fees, which include maker and taker fees. Customers can enjoy discounts using its native token – PACT. 
  • Registration is quite easy, as users are only required to provide a few details. However, to increase your withdrawal limit on the platform, you may need to go through KYC. 
  • P2B has an excellent customer support service. Users can make inquiries about the services and policies of the exchange through its email or social media handles.
  • P2B keeps most of the crypto assets in a cold wallet, so users don’t need to worry about the security of their holdings. 
  • Users can always find new altcoins to fund during their listing stage, and new cryptocurrencies are added all the time. 
  • The minimum deposit is quite low, but it differs depending on the currency or coin you use while making your deposits. 

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Overview of P2B Exchange

Founded in 2017, P2B is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Europe. It was formerly called P2PB2B, which stands for “peer-to-peer blockchain-to-blockchain” and highlights its feature of facilitating direct transactions between users on the blockchain.

One of the key features of P2B is that the exchange supports a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, allowing users to buy and sell almost 200 different cryptocurrencies and more than 320 coin pairs. 


Another notable feature of P2B is its staking mechanism, as it features several types of staking, and a good number of coins can be locked to generate passive income. The exchange also provides an initial exchange offering (IEO) platform, allowing blockchain projects to raise funds directly from the exchange’s user base. This can be an attractive feature for both investors seeking new opportunities and blockchain projects looking for a platform to launch their tokens.

In addition to trading and staking services, P2B offers various services and tools to boost user experience. This includes advanced trading charts, charting tools, market analyses, and educational content for users to be informed about market trends and make more reasonable trading decisions. Recently, it has also launched its native token, PACT – which users can buy on the exchange and enjoy discounts on trading fees. 

The next attractive feature is its emphasis on security and transparency. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges often face security challenges, and P2B aims to address these concerns by implementing robust security measures. This includes encryption protocols, two-factor authentication, and other mechanisms to protect user funds and sensitive data.

Eventually, coming to P2B ratings, we can’t but mention that the worldwide recognized independent platform Coinmarketcap ranks it in the Top-20 cryptocurrency exchanges list. According to CER, P2B has a security level of 88/100 and is ranked in the top 15 crypto exchange list in terms of security. 

Trustpilot is another popular independent platform that ranks crypto exchanges according to customer rates, and according to it, P2B has one of the highest customer satisfaction rates. P2B is also ranked by Coingecko as a highly secure platform with a trust score of 7/10. P2B crypto exchange is registered in Europe, and over 40% of its customers are European residents. This also makes it the first EU-based crypto exchange. 

Top Features of P2B Exchange

P2B crypto exchange has a lot of features to offer investors. In this session, we review some of the top features that make this platform a popular choice among investors. 

Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies

For those who want to build highly diversified crypto portfolios, P2B is an excellent choice. The platform supports an extensive number of cryptocurrencies where investors can find everything – from highly popular and well-established coins to newly launched tokens and meme coin projects. Currently, the platform supports over 180 cryptocurrencies and almost 400 cryptocurrency pairs.  

Crypto assets on P2B

This is because the platform has integrated 24 of the most popular blockchains. With this number, currently, P2B is the first crypto exchange in the world in terms of the variety of available blockchains. Moreover, the exchange constantly refreshes the list of the supported cryptocurrencies by constantly listing many new tokens.

New Listings on P2B

Follow the Twitter handle @p2b_exchange to be notified of all upcoming P2B listings.

At the time of writing the next new listing on P2B is Chimpzee (CHMPZ) on January 11th, 2024.

Initial Coin Offerings

P2B is also a great platform to find new tokens as long as it helps business conduct their initial coin offerings. In the IEO section, you can find a bunch of new token projects and invest in them during the ICO stage. Users can visit the “Active Now” section to explore what projects are currently available to invest in during the ICO. 


To get more information about the project, you just need to click on it and read the project description, find information about its founders, website, and social platforms, and see the start and end dates of the IEO. The Initial exchange offering feature is a great tool not only for the businesses but also for the investors, as they can find promising crypto coins and invest in them during the early stages of their development.

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Multiple Trading and Staking Options

P2B is also great when it comes to trading and especially staking options. Being one of the best crypto staking platforms, it supports investing in a huge number of cryptocurrencies, spot trading, and diverse staking services to earn passive income. Users can choose between three staking options and deposit their favorite tokens or lock them for a certain time. 

Flexible Earning on P2B

The first option is called earning pool, and it enables you to buy and earn rewards for holding your favorite tokens. Flexible earning is another option that supports users to deposit and hold popular coins such as ETH, BTC, USDT, and others and get daily rewards. Finally, users can select the locked earning option to lock their coins in the pool for a specified period for higher earning rates. 

Besides staking and trading, P2B offers other ways to earn income, one of which is airdrops: users can verify their accounts and take part in airdrops. Through its referral program, P2B customers can also earn rewards by inviting their friends to play the referral games. 

Holding competitions enables users to transfer and hold tokens on the Main balance and become the winner to get money. Alternatively, users can join trading competitions, trade their favorite assets, and get the chance to win the competition and earn rewards. 

Centralized Exchange

P2B is a centralized exchange meaning that it does not work on the AMM principle like decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, etc. While in the case of DEX, users only need to link their wallet to the platform, CEXs require their users to go through the KYC procedure. This is an essential step to keep your details safe and secure your funds from fraudsters. 

P2B Benchmarks

The KYC process is not complicated: once you fill in the necessary documents (such as ID, passport, or driver’s license), the platform will verify your account in a short time. It should be mentioned that P2B allows trading on its platform without KYC; however, to use the platform’s full potential and to trade in higher volumes, users must verify their accounts. 

Advanced Trading Tools

One of the most advanced features of P2B crypto exchange is that it supports advanced trading tools to enable its users to do proper market analyses before investing in a token. Once you visit the “Trade” section, you can see the advanced charting, which can be customized by users. 

P2B Tools

From the right side, you can select the token pair you want to track or search the token symbol to see the tokens it can be traded against. Users can also select different technical indicators from the Indicators section, where over 100 different indicators are available. Eventually, from the settings, users can change chart settings regarding the body, indicators, symbols, texts, etc.

How Does P2B Exchange Work?

P2B offers two types of options – investing in cryptocurrencies or trading crypto pairs. When you create your account, first you need to deposit some funds on it. You can deposit funds either in crypto or in fiat currency. Nevertheless, the platform supports only 3 fiat currencies to deposit funds – EUR, USD, and GDP, almost 50 other fiat currencies are supported to buy cryptocurrencies directly on the platform. 

P2B app

To buy or deposit coins, users need to visit the “Wallet” section and choose the “Deposit” option. From here, you can select “Deposit crypto,“ Deposit Fiat” or “Buy Cryptocurrency” and continue by providing the necessary details about your payment option. For crypto deposits, you will need to select the coin you want to deposit, copy the wallet address, and send it from your crypto wallet to that address. 

Once you have funds in your account, you can start trading over 900 markets. For this, visit the markets section, choose your favorite pair, and click on it. After that, you will be navigated to the page where you can make the transaction.

Here you can also find advanced charting tools to track the performance of the tokens. Under the charts are separate windows for buy and sell transactions where users can type the number of coins they want to buy or sell. 

As already mentioned, P2B also offers various staking options to generate money with your idle funds. To stake your funds for passive income, select the “Earning Account” section, where you can find three different ways of staking. Now you can choose Locked Earning, Flexible Earning, or Earning Pool, select the coins and period you want to lend, and below you will see all the information related to it.

P2B EarningsThere are other options to earn money which you can find in the Events section. This includes Holding and Trading competitions, Airdrops, and Referal Programs. If you want to find new coin listings and participate in them, find the “Participate in IEO” option from the “Launchpad” section and click on it.

Here you can find sections for Active listings, upcoming listings, completed listings, etc. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see P2B list some of the top presale cryptos in the market right now

The website is so intuitively-designed that it enables you to learn about the IEO project without leaving it. You simply click on the project that interests you, and you will be navigated to a separate page where you can not only buy the ICO but also find important information about the token project and listing conditions.

The platform also has a “Blog” section, where you can find educational guides about listing, crypto trading, ICOs, blockchain, and other related topics. 

Reasons to Use P2B Exchange

P2B is constantly developing its crypto exchange, making it more user-friendly and offering more and more cryptocurrencies to diversify your portfolio. In this review, we examine some of the reasons why we consider P2B a top crypto exchange when it comes to spot trading and staking. 

Variety of Cryptocurrencies

One of the best things that customers like about P2B crypto exchange is the number of coins and tokens supported on its platform. P2B integrates 24 blockchains which enables it to support a huge number of assets. Among the popular blockchains supported by P2B include Ethereum, Binance Chain, Avalanche, Hedera, Ripple, Cardano, Polygon, Solana, and many others. With so many available blockchains, P2B already lists over 200 cryptocurrencies. 

P2B Blockchain integrations

The crypto exchange also offers 900 markets for trades. In the section of the market, users can find trading pairs that include Bitcoin, altcoins, DeFi coins, stablecoins, and others.

Besides, P2B also helps businesses to list their coins and it constantly adds new tokens to its list. According to its website, P2B conducts 30 successful projects monthly and has successfully launched over 2000 new projects during 6 years of its operations. 

Different Staking Options

The next thing we like about P2B exchange is that it supports staking options. Users have different ways to choose how and how much time to lock their assets and generate passive income. One of the simplest ways is to buy the token, hold it in your wallet, and get rewards in the same tokens.

Locked earning on P2B

Besides, a set number of coins can be locked for specific periods to generate higher income. P2B offers other earning options, too, which can easily be found on its website. 

Highly Secure Platform

P2B is a regulated platform, and it requires its users to verify their accounts before it lets them trade in higher volumes. This makes the process more transparent and enables you to tackle the problem when your account is attacked by hackers. 


To bring safety to another level, P2B has also developed multi-layers of protection and integrated the most effective technologies to secure your funds and transactions. Among these security mechanisms are mobile verification, 2FA, Google Authentication, anti-phishing code implementation, etc. Additionally, all the funds are kept in a secure cold wallet which makes it harder for the fraudsters to access them. 

Competitive Trading Fees

Another thing that makes P2B attractive is its pricing, as P2B charges quite competitive trading fees, especially when it comes to trading in high volumes. The only fees charged by the platform are maker and taker fees which both start from 0.2%. However, the fees are reduced depending on the account level. So, the ones having Level 0 accounts must pay 0.2% maker and 0.2% taker fees. 

P2B Exchange

To reach Level 1, users must have a 30-day trading volume of over 1 BTC. In this case, the fees are discounted to 0.19% for the taker fee and 0.18% for the maker fee. The larger your monthly trading volume is, the higher the level of your account will be, and hence, the less fee you will be charged. The highest level is the Level 10 account, for which the taker fee is reduced to 0.1% and the maker fee is reduced to 0.01%.

Multiple Deposit Options

When it comes to depositing money, P2B offers multiple choice – both in fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. As for the first one, users can deposit funds in EUR, USD, and GDP through the ADVCASH provider. The minimum deposit is $10 or the equivalent in your chosen fiat currency. It supports almost 50 fiat currencies for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies through Moonpay and Simplex. 

P2B Deposit Options

You can also make deposits in hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, from popular coins and tokens to meme coins and new tokens. The minimum deposit, in this case, differs depending on the cryptocurrency.

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Good Customer Support

Another thing that P2B can get praise for is its customer support service. The crypto exchange is audited by Trustpilot and got a 3.7 score for its customer service. It offers different options for support, including live chat, through which you can connect to agents and get the answer to your question in 15-30 minutes. A good amount of information can also be found in the FAQ section in the form of questions and answers. 

FAQ on P2B

However, if users don’t find the necessary information in that way, P2B also offers email support. Hence, they can send the question or report the issue through email. Another available support option is its Telegram support. In this case, you activate the Telegram bot and send your question through it.

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Good Reputation

The next thing we would like to mention is the reputation that the platform has managed to build in the 6 years of its existence. It’s known as one of the leading crypto exchanges worldwide and is the first one in Europe. It also got different ratings for its security, cryptocurrency versatility, liquidity, and customer service from such popular companies as Coinmarketcap, Trustpilot, CERtified, etc. 

P2B ratings

Constantly Developing Platform

Another thing we like about P2B is that it keeps developing and adjusting to the challenges of the market. While the platform keeps improving based on the reviews provided by customers, it also significantly increases its list of supported cryptocurrencies over time. One thing that helps this is that it P2B collaborates with businesses to launch their coins.

P2B Partnerships

This is good in two ways – first, it builds great partnerships with different companies, and second, it helps to add new tokens and let the customers buy them during the ICO stage. The platform has already launched thousands of such projects, and it launches tens of new projects every month.

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User-friendly Platform and Mobile App

Eventually, P2B has a well-designed website that is very user-friendly and simple to use. Once you visit the website, you will see everything is neatly organized by sections. Hence, you can easily find information about the list of the tokens it supports, available markets to trade, earning programs, account settings, and not only. 

P2B on Playstore

The website also showcases useful information about P2B’s achievements and rankings. And on the main page, users can also find the newly listed ICOs. Finally, P2B offers mobile trading for those who want to buy and sell assets on the move. Its mobile app is free to download and install on your device. 

How to Open a P2B Exchange Account

Now that you are familiar with P2B crypto exchange and its top features, you may need some information about the registration process on the platform.

Registration Portal on P2B

Opening an account on the platform is a straightforward process and can be done easily. In this segment of our review, we briefly present all the steps you need to do to create an account and go through the KYC procedure. 

  • Once you visit the P2B crypto exchange, you will notice the green sign-up button on the right corner of the platform. Click on it to start the registration process. 
  • After you are navigated to the registration page, you can start opening an account providing the necessary details. This only includes filling in a valid email address, creating a password, and selecting your current location. 
  • After providing these details, read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of the platform and tick the “I agree” field. Finally, click on the “Sign Up” button to create your account. 
  • One last step in the registration process is to visit your email and verify your account. To do this, you simply go with the link that is sent to your email. Now your account is ready, and you can start trading or investing. 
  • You can further enhance the security of your account for which you need to click on your account icon and select the “Account Security” option. 
  • On this page, you can find two types of account security which you can activate by clicking on the “Enable” button and going through the included steps. To ensure maximum protection of your account, you will need to activate both of them. 

As P2B is a centralized exchange, KYC is mandatory to keep your account safe. Besides, many of the features of the platform are only available after fully verifying your account. However, KYC verification does not take too much time and can be completed easily if you do everything correctly. Here are what steps are required for that. 

  • In the Account Security section, choose the “KYC Verification” option and click on the “Start Verification” button. 
  • Here you will need to fill in some personal information, including your name, surname, gender, and date of birth. 
  • The next step is to provide information about your address, so you will need to select your country and city and write down your whole address and postal code. 
  • After this, you can start identity verification. There are three ways to do it, including ID, passport, and driver’s license. Click on your favorite option of verifying and provide the necessary photos of the document. 
  • For the final step of the verification process, you will need to send a selfie with your identity verification document. 

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P2B Review – Conclusion 

As cryptocurrencies have gained huge popularity and become an integral part of our lives, more and more crypto exchanges have launched recently to support crypto trading and investing. P2B is one of the latest crypto exchanges that has been in the industry for over 5 years.

During that time, P2B has managed to build a good reputation and attract millions of users to its platform. In this guide, we reviewed some of the features that make P2B an excellent choice. 

To conclude, these features include the versatility of the crypto assets and markets supported by the platform. The next exciting feature is supporting different staking options despite not being a decentralized exchange. Along with trading and staking, P2B offers other DeFi services, such as initial exchange offerings, which help small businesses to successfully conduct coin listing and raise capital for project development. 

P2B is also a customer-oriented platform with a friendly user interface. Our review found that it is easy to get started with P2B as the initial registration only requires filling in a few details. As for security, P2B takes various measures to keep users’ funds and personal data safe. To further explore the platform and open an account, you can visit its website or download its mobile app. 

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Is P2B exchange decentralized?

According to our review, P2B is a centralized exchange that is registered under Partidia Services. The company's founder is Valerii Solodovnyk. Although P2B is not a DEX, it supports trading a great number of cryptocurrencies and integrates 24 different blockchains. It also supports different blockchain services, such as earning and staking.

Who is the CEO of P2B exchange?

Valerii Solodovnyk is the CEO of Partidia Services which is the name under which P2B crypto exchange is registered. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has had years of experience in the finance sector. It should be noted that P2B itself has already built a good reputation in the crypto exchange market. It has almost 300,000 followers on all its social media channels combined. Its website has over 5.3 million visitors monthly and over $1.5 billion is traded on its exchange daily.

Is P2B exchange available in the U.S.?

Although P2B is a European-based crypto exchange, it is an international company offering services worldwide. So all the major international markets, with some exceptions, can trade on the P2B exchange, including the United States. However, there are some partial restrictions when it comes to the U.S., which is associated with the country-specific regulations.

Is P2B exchange safe?

P2B stands out with excellent security mechanisms that are integrated into the platform to keep their customer accounts away from malicious cases. This includes email verification, 2FA, anti-phishing code, Google Authenticator, etc. Also, all the users who want to make deposits and withdrawals in higher volumes need to go through the KYC procedure. Additionally, P2B keeps 96% of the funds in cold storage to prevent attacks and keep the funds safe. P2B is also certified by CER, which ranked it among 15 crypto exchanges in terms of security.

Can I make a deposit to P2B exchange with fiat?

Along with a huge number of cryptocurrencies, P2B supports buying cryptocurrencies with fiat. However, users can’t keep fiat on their wallet, they only use it to purchase coins. Among the three fiat currencies supported by the platform are USD, EUR, and GDP. Available traditional payment methods are credit and debit cards. Users can fill in their payment method details and use the fiat currency to buy crypto through Moonpay or Simplex. The available cryptocurrencies that can be purchased with fiat are USDC, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, and TRX. Once you buy any of these cryptos, you can later trade them with your favorite token on the P2B exchange.


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