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9 New Upcoming Coinbase Listings in 2023

As one of the most regulated and popular crypto exchanges in the US and the world, new coins being listed on Coinbase typically have a huge potential to rise following being listed. To help you find some of these coins, we have listed the top upcoming coins to list on Coinbase in the near future.
8 New Upcoming Coinbase Listings
8 New Upcoming Coinbase Listings

Coinbase is among the most well-known crypto exchanges worldwide and the largest one throughout the US. So, investing in such crypto projects that will possibly be listed on Coinbase can help you make good returns. A new Coinbase listing can create a lot of buzz around the crypto project resulting in huge popularity and its token price skyrocketing. It is best to invest in new projects before they get listed on major exchanges and increase in value. 

But the important thing is to understand which projects have the potential to be listed on Coinbase and which ones are worth investing in for 2022. Throughout this guide, we have introduced our top recommended coins that are likely to be listed on Coinbase. The list includes the most popular and promising projects of the last year. 

Potential New Coinbase Listings in February 2023

Our specialists have conducted detailed research of the market to find out the best upcoming Coinbase listings. We have also included some great tokens that are already available to buy on Coinbase or through Coinbase Wallet. Take a look at our quick list of the coins with short descriptions before jumping to the detailed reviews. 

  1. FightOut Newest Move to Earn Crypto Presale Launched Dec 2022 to Rival STEPN
  2. Dash 2 TradeCrypto Analytics Platform with a Highly Successful Presale Raising $10M
  3. CalvariaPopular Blockchain-based Card Game with Play-to-Earn Elements
  4. RobotEraExciting Metaverse Game Based on Robot Avatars Represented as NFTs
  5. IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency with Real-life Solutions for Climate Change
  6. EGLD – New Coinbase Listing, Programmable Blockchain Platform That’s Secure, Fast, and Scalable
  7. Aragon – Popular Blockchain Platform that Enables Building and Using DAOs 
  8. Tamadoge – Extremely Popular Metaverse Game with Rare and Ultra Rare NFT Collections
  9. Litentry – Decentralized Identity Aggregator to Provide Simplified Entry to Web3

Apart from details reviews of each of the above upcoming and new Coinbase listings, we also cover step by step how to buy newly listed coins on Coinbase and what benefits you will have investing in them. 

Top Upcoming Coinbase Coin Listings Reviewed – Full Reviews

All of the coins included in our recommendation lists are not only used for trading and benefiting from their price changes but have utility cases within their ecosystems. They serve different DeFi projects related to different sections of the blockchain industry. Now that you are familiar with each of them and what projects they contribute, let’s take a deep dive into each of them and find out which unique features and use cases they have. 

FightOut – Newest Move to Earn Crypto Presale and Rival to STEPN

FightOut is the newest project in the ‘move-to-earn’ or M2E space, a popular variant on the play to earn theme, and currently one of the most trending cryptocurrency assets online and likely to grab the attention of the major crypto exchanges in 2023.

Fightout Presale - possible upcoming Coinbase listing

Unlike crypto games in which players earn crypto while gaming, move to earn projects involve exercising in some form, whether it’s walking a certain number of steps per day, jogging, or dancing. Many new crypto projects in that sector were accepted for Coinbase listings, such as STEPN (GMT), also known as Green Metaverse Token, and the other rewards token of the same app, Green Satoshi Token (GST).

ERC-20 token FightOut (FGHT) aims to be one of the next new Coinbase listings in that space, and has recently launched its token sale in early December 2022, rapidly selling out its private sale which began December 3rd and now entering its public sale which started December 14th.

Browse the FightOut whitepaper on the official site at the link below, follow the official Twitter and become a part of its international community in the Telegram group (admins will not DM you first, beware of impersonators).

At its current price stage 1 USDT = 60.06 FGHT, which is one the lowest prices early investors will be able to buy it at before it launches on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Visit FightOut

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Analytics Platform with a Highly Successful Presale Raising $10M

Dash 2 Trade is a decentralized platform for crypto analytics and trading tools which has already started getting huge attention. The team has secured the project with an initial investment of more than $18 million during the four stages of its presale. It was planned that the project would undergo 9 stages of presale initially, but the team has decided to lower the market cap and launch the coin earlier. 

Dash 2 Trade

More than 73% of the tokens planned for the 4th stage are already sold, raising $10 million out of the planned $13 million. As it’s the final stage of Dash 2 Trade’s presale, there won’t be any opportunity to buy the tokens at a low price. Currently, the coin’s value is $0.0553, and only 70,000 D2T tokens remain available to buy during the presale. 

It is already officially announced that Dash 2 Trade will be listed on 2 highly popular crypto exchanges after going official – Bitmart and LBank. But the team is considering applying for other exchange listings, and it’s highly possible that Coinbase can be among the exchanges that will list Dash 2 Trade tokens in the future. 

Dash 2 Trade’s popularity is also related to the exciting tools and platform that the project plans to launch in 2023. D2T will be the native token of this platform and will grant access to the features of this crypto analytics platform. There are multiple tools that will help traders stay on top of the market and build strong trading strategies. 

Dash 2 Trade’s trading tools will help the users to get updates about the best buy and sell signals and be aware of the latest presales and new cryptocurrency listings on centralized exchanges. The next exciting tool is the Social Sentiment and On-chain Analyses function which will help traders to get on-chain and social data. 

Finally, Dash 2 Trade will provide a strategy-building tool that will help to experiment with different strategies without risking your capital and build powerful strategies. There is also a section for those who want to learn to trade. The Learn to Trade tools will help you not only to get familiar with the nuances of crypto trading, but you will also be able to gain D2T tokens while learning. 

Overall, Dash 2 Trade is a secure cryptocurrency that is 100% verified by SolidProof. The team is also verified and certified by Coinsniper. The project is backed by a team of professionals having careers in the sphere of trading. Additionally, it is backed by the Learn to Trade team, which has built a community of more than 70,000 active traders.

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

Visit Dash 2 Trade

Calvaria – Popular Blockchain-based Card Game with Play-to-Earn Elements

Calvaria is an NFT-based card game with play-to-earn elements and the native RIA token. The project is currently in the presale stage but has already become quite well-welcomed in the market. As its full name hints to us, Duels of Eternity represents a battlefield where players duel with playing cards, build winning combinations, earn new tokens and upgrade their cards to win more battles. 


All the cards are incentivized as NFTs, which helps users to claim ownership of their cards, buy and sell them in the in-built marketplace and even make money through them. Calvaria’s native token RIA is a utility token within this ecosystem where it is used to distribute rewards to the winners. In their turn, winners can use their RIA tokens to buy new and more powerful cards in the marketplace or sell their cards to earn new tokens. 

When Calvaria undergoes the planned upgrades, RIA will obtain a few more features too. For example, users will be able to lock their tokens in the staking pool. Furthermore, RIA will be used as a governance token granting its holders the right to vote on changes and decisions regarding the project. In this regard, RIA becomes an integral part of the project, meaning that if Calvaria succeeds in getting huge attention, it can positively affect RIA’s value too. 

The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 1 billion RIA tokens which will be distributed in different areas within Calvaria’s network. 25% of the tokens are designed to keep for the staking pool and 20% for prizes. Another 25% of the tokens will go to the team, advisors, and operations for the project. On Calvaria’s website, it is mentioned that 15% of the tokens will be reserved for burning events which means that RIA is a deflationary coin and will decrease its supply in the future. 

The last 15% is planned to sell during the presale stage. RIA is currently in the 5th stage of its presale where the coin’s value increased to 30.77 RIA for $USDT. To compare, the token’s value was 100 RIA for $USDT in the first presale stage. 80% of the tokens for the 5th stage are already sold out, raising capital of more than $2.5 million. 

According to the project’s roadmap, the token will launch in the first quarter of 2023, and the alpha version of the platform will launch in Q2. Calvaria also partners with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, including, KuCoin, and, where it will be listed after going official. It is highly possible that after the successful launch and listings, the project will also consider being supported by Coinbase.

Visit Calvaria

RobotEra – Exciting Metaverse Game Based on Robot Avatars Represented as NFTs

RobotEra is a new metaverse project with exciting play-to-earn and PVP features. It represents a blockchain game where avatars are introduced as robots, and they explore the world of the RobotEra to gain rewards and earn new tokens. The platform introduces a narrative giving the answer to why the avatars are in the form of robots. Apart from robots, there are mutants within the metaverse that can harm them.


So, the game’s events take place on a planet called Taro. There once was a war between robots and the aborigines who built them, which ended with a victory of robots. After that, robots took the planet and started a new era. The game is quite similar to the popular blockchain game Sandbox. Robots can buy plots of land on RobotEra’s ecosystem and take part in the creation of a new world.

After obtaining a plot of land, robots can manage it, explore the world to find out resources from land, buy accessories for their avatars and even build robot companions to assist them within the game. All the items – lands, robots, and accessories are represented as NFTs, which helps the players to claim ownership over their products. 

There is also a Central City which is a safe place for robots as long as there are no mutants to harm them. The city is filled with different museums, theme parks, attractions, and other places where robots can browse the metaverse and socialize. 

The utility of the ecosystem is the TARO token, which is also the native token of the RobotEra. TARO can be used to buy in-game items, to stake and earn rewards, and to get rewarded for winning competitions. The latter are quest challenges where robots can take part, win and earn rewards. Another possible way of earning TARO tokens is to cultivate trees within the metaverse, enter the airdrop or stake your tokens. 

RobotEra is currently conducting the first presale stage of its TARO token, which is priced at $0.02. During the second stage, the token’s price will rise to $$0.025. According to its roadmap, the team plans to launch the coin officially in Q4 of 2022. The project partners with a lot of popular names within the cryptocurrency market. According to RobotEra’s website, the TARO token is safe and fully audited by SharkTeam. The team and the project are also KYW-verified by CoinSniper. 

See our full guide on how to buy RobotEra token.

Visit RobotEra

IMPT – Green Cryptocurrency with Real-life Solutions for Climate Change

The IMPT cryptocurrency project seems to be a new word in the blockchain industry. It aims to combine the idea of NFTs and carbon credits to create a more nature-friendly cryptocurrency to solve issues related to climate change and global warming. The project incentives these carbon credits as NFTs, which can be bought and sold by anyone making the process easier and faster. 

Carbon credits are fossil fuel-related emissions that can be traded throughout the world between companies and individuals. Representing them in the form of NFTs brings freshness into the sector of carbon trading, making the process even more transparent and preventing cases of double spending. 

IMPT token

When people obtain those NFTs, they can either sell them when the price increases and make money, or they can burn them and prevent them from being sent to Earth’s environment. While doing it, they get scores for contributing to the project and are also rewarded with a unique NFT of an artwork. These carbon credits can be bought with IMPT’s native token – also called IMPT. What is the way of earning IMPT tokens to buy carbon credits?

Here IMPT does a great job by partnering with a number of popular brands and shops. The latter grant their customers IMPT tokens for doing their everyday shopping from their shops. Later, IMPT tokens can be exchanged with carbon credits. It is a win-win citation for both parties – shops and brands gain popularity for contributing to cutting down carbon credit emissions, and people who buy from them get the chance to make extra money through IMPT tokens. 

IMPT is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 3 billion coins. IMPT has recently successfully sold out all the tokens for the presale stage raising $2.5 million in the last week of the presale, and $20.5 million in total across six weeks.

IMPT was then listed on crypto exchanges on December 14th, including Changelly, LBank, and Uniswap DEX. Its 24 hour trading volume on launch day was over $1 million, a good sign for it potentially becoming the next new Coinbase listing.

Visit IMPT

EGLD – New Coinbase Listing, Programmable Blockchain Platform That’s Secure, Fast, and Scalable

EGLD is among the 50 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization that serves the MultiversX project, formerly known as Elrond. The latter was launched in 2020 after being developed for more than 2.5 years. It is a blockchain platform that operates through the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and enables developers to create different types of decentralized apps on its platform. 


The project was rebranded and renamed MetaversX in November 2022. As its website description suggests, it is meant to be a highly scalable and secure blockchain platform aiming to solve one of the main problems of the blockchain industry. Today, many blockchains suffer from the issue of scalability, which is the ability to run a huge number of transactions in a certain time period. 

MultiversX claims to run 15,000 transactions per second which are higher than most of its competitors can do, including Ethereum. It also enables transactions to run faster and charge a lower fee. The transaction fee on Elrond’s platform is $0.001. Additionally, Elrond is capable of supporting more decentralized apps on its platform. 

The project’s native token is called Electronic Gold and has the sticker symbol EGLD. It is a highly functional coin with utility and governance use cases. As a utility token, EGLD is used to pay for transactions within the MultiversX ecosystem. As a governance token, EGLD grants voting rights to the holders who can make decisions about the development of the project. 

Finally, EGLD is a stackable asset, so the holders can lock up their coins to contribute to the network and earn extra rewards. The token is among the 50 most popular coins with its market capitalization. It was officially launched with a price of $0.065, but the coin’s value increased drastically, hitting its all-time high of $543. 

Currently EGLD is traded at $43.9. The maximum supply of the token is 31.5 million EGLD coins, 75% of which are already circulating. The founder of the project, Beniamin Mincu has recently announced on its Twitter page that EGLD is the latest new Coinbase listing, which means that the coin is now available to buy on Coinbase. Check out our latest EGLD price prediction.

Aragon – Popular Blockchain Platform that Enables Building and Using DAOs 

Aragon is not a new cryptocurrency project compared to the other tokens in the list and has been operating for quite a while. It is already listed on many popular cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase, Binance, Bitrue, OKX, etc. The token has a unique utility within the decentralized industry and assists a platform that enables creating and maintaining of decentralized autonomous organizations – DAOs. 


The latter is a method of running an organization not through the central party but through the code incorporating all the members of the company in the governance. The project was started in 2016 by Aragon One, which was created by Luis Ivan Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo to run the project. 

One of the main events related to the project took place in 2017 when the team conducted an ICO to sell the native token of Aragon – ANT tokens. During the ICO, the team managed to raise 275.000 ETH, which was equal to $25 million at that time. This was followed by the Aragon launch in 2018 on the Ethereum blockchain. Aragon provides an opportunity for users to create their DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain, making use of its various components. 

There are three main components – Aragon Client, Aragon Network and Aragon Association. The first one is designed to provide the toolkit for creating and maintaining DAOs. The second one is to build a community between the DAOs and provide their interaction. Finally, Aragon Association is meant to control and allocate funds raised from the sale of its native token. To build a decentralized organization, developers use the AragonOS smart contract framework. 

It provides different built-in features for efficiently running the DAO, including finance, voting, and token features. Users can manage all the monetary actions through the finance features, including payments, monitoring transaction history, balances, etc. Aragon also provides an Aragon Court where disputes are resolved. It has its own token – ANJ. ANT and ANJ are both tradable assets, and investors can use them to make money on price fluctuations. 

As a native token of the project, the ANT token also provides governance rights to the members of Aragon, allowing them to vote on the decisions regarding the governance of the project. ANT does not have a maximum supply. The current circulating supply of the token is almost equal to 42 million ANT tokens. This raises a market cap of more than $91 million, making Aragon one of the 200 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. 

Tamadoge – Extremely Popular Metaverse Game with Rare and Ultra Rare NFT Collections

Tamadoge is one of the well-known new coins that is supposed to apply for Coinbase listing. It is a meme coin project which differs from its competitors and offers utility for its native token – TAMA. Besides, it incorporates play-to-earn feathers and metaverse to provide an exciting opportunity for users to play and make money simultaneously – something common meme coins don’t have.


Tamadoge has created excitement around its name since its early stages of development. The project finished its presale with tremendous success selling out all the tokens in less than two months. After ending its presale, TAMA token had its initial exchange offering on the popular crypto exchange OKX, which was followed by TAMA’s price skyrocketing. The TAMA price pumped to its current all-time high of $0.197, an almost 20x return for its earliest investors.

One of the reasons why Tamadoge experiences huge success is its exciting features and gaming platform, which is not only designed for DeFi and gaming enthusiasts but for average people. The game’s metaverse is called Tamaverse, where players obtain their Tama pets and start taking care of them. Using TAMA tokens, they can feed their dogs, exercise them, and buy accessories, cosmetics, tools, etc. 

When the dogs evolve and become mature enough to fight, they can take part in competitions and battle against other dogs within Tamadoge’s metaverse. The one getting higher points takes its place on the monthly leaderboard and gets rewards from the pool. Tamadoge also provides an in-built marketplace where all the in-game items can be bought or sold in the form of NFTs. It is how users get ownership over their pets and make money with the game. 

Each Tama pet represents a unique NFT with its weaknesses and strengths. Besides, Tamadoge has experienced a new update dropping 20,000 new pets divided into Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare collections. These pets have unique features which enable them to collect prizes faster. The future upgrades, including the launch of the gaming platform and augmented reality app, are expected to increase interest in the project and grow the demand for TAMA tokens.

As already mentioned TAMA is the native token that is used for utility cases within the network. It is also used to distribute rewards and to stake to earn new tokens. The cryptocurrency has a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens, but it’s a deflationary coin meaning the supply will decrease over time. The deflation of the coin will occur through the burning events: with every in-platform transaction, 5% of the tokens will be burnt.

See our full guide to buying Tamadoge.

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Litentry – Decentralized Identity Agregeator to Provide Simplified Entry to Web3

Another sophisticated cryptocurrency project to invest in for 2022 is Litentry which has been around since 2018, and is certainly one of the most trending cryptocurrency tokens at the moment. Its native coin, LIT was listed on Binance in 2021, and it later became a new Coinbase listing. LIT is used within a network that provides a decentralized cross-chain Identity Aggregator enabling users’ identity linking across different networks. Here are some reasons why LIT can be an excellent crypto investment. 


LIT is the native token of the Litentry platform and has both governance and utility use cases. All the services and transactions within the ecosystem are paid through the LIT tokens. Litentry is a fully-decentralized and privacy-focused platform that is in the way of a cross-chain identity revolution. 

Through Litentry, users can select identities from different chains to link together and use them as first-order logic for multiple dApps. Additionally, identities will be prevented from regular monitoring through the decentralized nature of the blockchain. Developers can also use the platform to create decentralized apps and connect them to the network. 

Among the other use cases of the LIT token is its governance access. The token holders can vote on the project and changes regarding the development of the project. Apart from it, LIT can be staked to become an Identity Registrar and contribute to the network. Identity Registrars get rewarded with new LIT tokens for the service they provide. 

Other advantages that can make LIT worth considering as an investment is its professional team and strong partners, including reputable companies such as Strong Protocol, iME, PAID Network, DeCredit, and many others. The cryptocurrency has a total supply of 100 million LIT tokens which are distributed among the Litentry team, investors, private sales, Litentry foundation for grants, etc. The circulating supply is currently almost 40 million LIT tokens with a market cap of almost $31 million. 

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Newly Listed Coins?

If you still hesitate to invest in newly listed Coinbase coins, you may need some good reasons why to do that. In this section, we have spoken about the benefits you will get from buying future Coinbase coins in the early stages of their development. 

Cheap and Affordable

One of the main reasons to buy into possible upcoming Coinbase listings is that before being listed on popular exchanges such as Coinbase, cryptocurrencies will tend to be at a low price point. So, it is the right time to buy them and wait until they get listed, attract huge attention, and increase their demand. Still, it does not mean that you need to purchase every cheap cryptocurrency you find as some will be a risky investment. Always do your research and find out which coins have the potential to garner interest in the future. 

Have a Lot of Room for Development

The next benefit is that these coins are still in the development phase and will undergo a lot of improvements over time. Most of the projects have only announced the platform, tools, or features they want to launch in the future and have already attracted a lot of attention. It means that they have huge room for growth which can significantly increase their value if they succeed in their goals. 

Coinbase is a Leading Exchange 

Finally, Coinbase is a leading and well-known platform across the world. The exchange accepts coins that seem promising or are interesting enough to catch investors’ attention. Coinbase listings are announced on the news and are meant to get a lot of popularity which increases public awareness about the project and draws attention to it. More popularity is likely to increase the demand for the coin and increase its value. 

How to Buy Newly Listed Coins on Coinbase – Step-by-Step Process

You can’t buy Dash 2 Trade on cryptocurrency exchanges as it is not officially launched and is supported by brokers only. But you can purchase other tokens or newly listed coins on Coinbase, create a digital wallet and use them to buy Dash 2 Trade during its presale stage. Here is a step-by-step guide explaining how to buy coins on Coinbase and exchange them with D2T tokens. 

Step 1: Create a Coinbase Account

To trade on Coinbase, you must have an account, so first of all, visit the platform and click on the blue button “Get started” to open an account. It’s a five-minute process during which you must fill in your real name and last name, provide a valid email address, and create a password. Once your account is created, Coinbase will ask you to visit your email and verify it through the provided link. Immediately you also provide a phone number and activate 2-face authentication. 

Step 1 Create a Coinbase Account

Step 2: Verify Your Account

Coinbase is a regulated financial company requiring all its customers to go through the Know-your-customer stage and verify their identity. You can verify your identity on Coinbase’s mobile app or its website through the verification page. At first, you are required to fill in your personal information, and then, you need to upload any ID that verifies your identity.

Coinbase verification

The available documents for identity verification include a government-issued ID and a driver’s license for American customers. Non-US customers can provide a national identity card, passport, or government-issued photo ID.

After selecting which type of ID verification you want to use, continue to follow the instructions. The next step is to provide photos of both sides of your ID and wait for the email from Coinbase, which will confirm whether your ID is verified or not. 

Step 3: Add a Payment Method and Deposit Funds

To buy newly listed coins on Coinbase, you must have funds in your exchange account. To charge your Coinbase account, click on your username and visit “Settings”, where you will find a “Payment Method” section. From the available options, you need to select the one you want to use to add money to your account. 

Coinbase supports payments through debit and credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, etc. Once you select the payment method, provide the necessary details about it and link it to your Coinbase account. Now when it’s linked to your account, you can use it to deposit funds into your account. 

Step 4: Buy Coins and Exchange them with D2T Tokens

Finally, when you have a verified and funded Coinbase account, you can buy newly listed coins. Type the coin’s name (for example, Tamadoge) in the search area and click on the “Buy” button. Fill in the number of tokens you want to purchase and make the contract. If you want to use your tokens to buy presale coins such as Dash 2 Trade, transfer them to your digital wallet and visit Dash 2 Trade’s platform to link your wallet and buy D2T tokens. 

Buy Tamadoge coinbase

Keep your Coinbase account details secure and your KYC (know your customer) details up to date to always ensure that you can access your account without being locked out. Then you’ll be prepared to buy new Coinbase listings on launch day.

Readers may be interested in our comparison between eToro and Coinbase and some upcoming Coinbase listings will first be listed on eToro, a slightly smaller crypto platform.


In this guide, we have spoken about potential upcoming Coinbase listings and recent new Coinbase listings on the popular exchange. Much like new coins expected to be listed on Binance, all the coins included in our list have a huge potential for growth and can become the next crypto to skyrocket in 2023. While some of them are already available to buy on Coinbase, most of the tokens are not yet listed on the exchange. It means that investors have a chance to buy them at a low price and benefit when the prices increase. 

Take not that it is not officially announced whether they will be listed or not, but this can happen any time in the future as long as all the coins are promising and have the chance to be widely accepted in the market. Once the project gets listed on Coinbase, it will attract a lot of attention which can positively affect its value. 

The list included the best upcoming Coinbase listings carefully selected by our research team. Our most recommended cryptos to buy right now are FightOut and Dash 2 Trade. The viral FightOut presale has raised $2 million in its first two weeks, and Dash 2 Trade sold out its first few presale stages in just two months, raising $10 million so far. Both projects aim to officially launch in Q1 2023 and then apply for crypto exchange listings, including Coinbase and smaller exchanges – some of which are already confirmed, e.g. D2T will be listed on Bitmart, LBank and Changelly Pro. 

Fight Out (FGHT) - Newest Move to Earn Project


FightOut token
  • CertiK audited & CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Early Stage Presale Live Now
  • Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
  • LBank Labs Project
  • Partnered with Transak, Block Media
  • Staking Rewards & Bonuses
FightOut token


Why should I buy coins before they get listed on Coinbase?

Coinbase is among the leading and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, with millions of users throughout the world. When a new coin gets listed on Coinbase, it is highly possible to catch a lot of attention and create excitement among investors. The more people start investing in it, the more demand it will have, and the prices of the coin will likely soar. Hence, it would be a great opportunity to invest in the coin before it gets listed on Coinbase and to benefit from price fluctuations once its value increases after listing.

What new coins are coming to Coinbase in 2023?

It is sometimes a difficult task to know exactly which projects will be listed on Coinbase in the upcoming months. But the coins included in our recommendation list are highly possible to be accepted on this well-known platform. The most popular one - Dash 2 Trade, will be supported by two leading exchanges after going official. So it is likely that the team will apply for Coinbase listing too.

Where can I find new coin listings on Coinbase?

You can follow the crypto market news actively to find out which coins get accepted on Coinbase. Still, if you want to know which cryptos are about to be listed on the platform beforehand, you can use Coinbase’s announcement platform. Keep in mind that not all the projects are listed here, and some coins in our list can also be listed on Coinbase. So, keep an eye on them to be updated about future listings.

What is the best crypto coin to buy right now that will likely be listed on Coinbase soon?

Dash 2 Trade is our top recommended coin to buy right now, which is also highly possible to be listed on Coinbase in the near future. It is a crypto analytics platform that provides a lot of exciting tools for traders to build strategies, maximize their profitability and be on top of the market. Dash 2 Trade has gone through a successful presale and is close to being launched officially.