Changelly Review 2020: Pros, Cons, Fees, Features, and Safety

Founded in 2013 , Changelly claims that traders can get the best prices when buying any of the 140 cryptocurrencies on its exchange.
Author: cate ellen
Last Updated: 25 February 2020

Changelly is an online cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and exchange crypto with crypto launched in 2013 in Prague. The exchange sells over 140 cryptos and has recently added the ability to buy Ripple with a credit or debit card. (XRP) in USD or Euro with a credit or debit card. The exchange offers transparent transactions at the “best rates on the market” and places no limit on how much cryptocurrency you can buy.

Since lowest price claims cannot always be trusted, we sought to find out if Changelly offers the best price. We have conducted an in-depth review of fees, features, and pros and cons to assess whether crypto buyers are getting a good deal on Changelly.

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We went to a few crypto compare sites and found Changelly price quotes in the mid-to-high range of market quotes. But when we cross-checked the prices with the live prices on Changelly, Changelly was indeed the lowest price! We entered a transaction on Changelly to ensure, even with the fee and processing fee added, the all-in cost was still cheaper. Changelly was the lowest price.

What is Changelly?

Changelly is a low cost cryptocurrency exchange. If you want to buy cryptocurrency at a low price, Changelly promises the best prices in the marketplace. Before buying, remember to always directly compare fees on the exchanges or use a crypto comparison engine you know to be trustworthy. There is no minimum or maximum order.

Wallets Exchanging Crypto With Changelly

You may already be using Changelly’s service. Changelly’s API integrates with wallets and exchanges. If you used to love the JAXX wallet, then you will be happy to learn about the Changelly API. JAXX integrated with ShapeShift to provide easy exchange across many cryptos, before ShapeShift left its partner without an exchange service at the end of 2018. JAXX now uses Changelly as its exchange engine, which could make the popular wallet even better if Changelly meets its “best price” offer. Enjin, Exodus, Huobi and Ginco are among the soft wallets that use Changelly. Hard wallets include the popular Trezor wallet and CoolWalletS.

Changelly supports transaction transparency. Exchange transactions are now integrated with the Changelly branded EnjinX blockchain explorer. When you buy ethereum compatible coins and tokens, you can verify your transaction. When your transaction is complete, you can use the explorer to search by transaction, addresses, blocks, and coins to locate and confirm the completion of your transaction. Enjin and Changelly have also launched the Major Tom token – an Ethereum ERC-1155 token playable in 22 Enjin games.

How does the Changelly exchange work?

Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange that sells crypto at a rate determined by its pricing algorithm to be the “best rate on the market.” How so? Changelly’s pricing engine is integrated with the largest exchanges, including Binance, Poloniex, and Bittrex. When you enter an order to buy BTC with ETH, for example, within milliseconds, Changelly finds the best price on the exchange and displays it. As mentioned, the price could slip, though, before you complete the order. Payments are made in cryptocurrency. Crypto is deposited from your off exchange wallet and can bought with credit or debit card.

What cryptocurrencies does Changelly support?

Changelly is always adding new coins. Over 140+ cryptocurrencies are currently available, including:

  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. XRP
  4. TRX
  5. DASH
  6. LTC
  7. ZEC
  8. EOS
  9. TUSD
  10. DGB
  11. BCHABC
  12. ETC
  13. XEM
  14. LSK
  15. XMR
  16. STRAT
  17. ARDR
  18. REP
  19. MAID
  20. DOGE
  21. NXT
  22. NAV
  23. GNT
  24. WAVES
  25. USDT
  26. SWT
  27. DGD
  28. TRST
  29. EDG
  30. WINGS
  31. RLC
  32. GNO
  33. DCR
  34. GUP
  35. LUN
  1. XLM
  2. BAT
  3. ANT
  4. BNT
  5. CVC
  6. PAY
  7. NEO
  8. OMG
  9. MCO
  10. ADX
  11. ZRX
  12. QTUM
  13. PTOY
  14. STORJ
  15. HMQ
  16. SALT
  17. XVG
  18. BTG
  19. DNT
  20. VIB
  21. RCN
  22. POWR
  23. STX
  24. KMD
  25. WAX
  26. BRD
  27. DCN
  28. SNM
  29. NGC
  30. NOAH
  31. BNB
  32. ZEN
  33. AE
  34. ARK
  35. ARN
  1. PART
  2. ZAP
  3. ABYSS
  4. LRC
  5. XZC
  6. SMART
  7. BQX
  8. NEXO
  9. ONT
  10. BETR
  11. ENJ
  12. BCD
  13. KNC
  14. DENT
  15. BKX
  16. TEL
  17. DAI
  18. MKR
  19. IGNIS
  20. ADA
  21. PROC
  22. GUSD
  23. USDC
  24. GRS
  25. EURS
  26. BCHSV
  27. DGTX
  28. PAX
  29. NIM
  30. PMA
  31. RFR
  32. XTZ
  33. GAS
  34. BTT
  35. GAS
  36. FET

Supported countries

Changelly is a Slovakia-based cryptocurrency exchange that accepts transactions from any country.

Fees & limits

Changelly charges a 0.5 percent fee, which is significantly lower than many competitors, but there is the risk of the price changing before the exchange is paid for. How does this compare to other crypto exchanges? Coinmama, in comparison, charges 5.9 percent for a fixed, locked in fee. Bitpanda’s fixed fee of 1.2–1.49 percent is built into the price. Remember to include fees when you are shopping by price.

A network fee is also charged. It averages about 0.002 percent of a transaction. Changelly has no maximum transaction amount. However, if you pay in fiat by bank card, you will be subject to the following processor restrictions.

Simplex limitations (for purchasing BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP, ETH):
First transaction: from $50 to $10000
Daily limit: up to $20000
Monthly limit: up to $50000
Also check Indacoin limitations, if applicable to your transaction.

Changelly Dashboard

You do not need any experience to trade on Changelly. If you have used PayPal, you will find this process even easier. Unlike PayPal, you never have a balance. Instead, you pay directly from your crypto wallet or bank card at the time you make the purchase. Choose the currency you want to make your purchase with and the currency you want to buy, and pay. No ID verification is required. You will need a compatible online wallet to fund and receive your cryptocurrency purchase.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Changelly: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Changelly never asks you to deposit funds with the exchange. Crypto-to-crypto purchases are made by depositing money from your crypto wallet. You also have the option of buying cryptocurrency with a bank card (credit or debit card) and having it deposited to your own crypto wallet. A new feature is the ability to directly buy Ripple (XRP) with fiat (US, EUR) by credit or debit card.

Step 1: Register your account

From the Sign Up form, enter your password. Follow the link in the confirmation email sent to you to activate the account. Your username (email address) and password (provided) will be sent separately in an email. You are all set to buy cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Buy cryptocurrency


Enter the cryptocurrency you will use to pay for the transaction. Then, enter the cryptocurrency you would like to buy. In either denomination, enter the amount you want to buy. Note the transaction fee, network fee and estimated time of arrival. Select Next Step.

Step 3: Deposit cryptocurrency

Review the transaction details and click on Confirm and Make Payment.

Step 4: Enter the recipient address

Enter your wallet address where you want the funds sent. Use the QR-code or click Copy to copy the exchange wallet address. Go to your wallet and send the transaction amount to the Changelly wallet address. Select Next Step.

Step 4: Verify the transaction

Want to confirm that Changelly has sent your money? You can now check from the Changelly blockchain Explorer powered by Engin.

Is Changelly safe?

There are a number of reasons why Changelly is generally considered a safe and trustworthy platform. Let us consider some:

  • Founders and Partnerships

Changelly was created by the same team that founded Bitcoin mining pool MinerGate. Though sources indicate that MInerGate and Changelly are now separate entities, the fact that it traces its roots back to such a reputable industry player is worth consideration. Furthermore, it currently has a number of noteworthy partnerships with established wallets such as Jaxx, Binance, Exodus, Ledger, Trezor and Coinomi among others. This further reinforces reliability as such renowned players would not be associated with a scam site.

  • Mode of Operation

Changelly converts currencies instantly. As such, there is no need for users to store deposits on the platform and this almost entirely eliminates safety concerns. In spite of this though, it offers two-factor authentication for those who register an account on the site.

If you have doubts as to what the best service for storing your cryptos is, you can compare the best cryptocurrency wallets here.

Does Changelly have an app?

Changelly has an Android app. Through its API, the exchange is integrated with other wallets and apps, including the Enjin wallet and Stratis app. Stratis develops blockchain solutions for Microsoft products. The Changelly API allows wallets and merchants to integrate its crypto exchange service into their services.

Is Changelly customer service reliable?

If you need assistance using Changelly, consult:

Video Guides – Video tutorials on how to buy and exchange coins and tokens

Help Center – FAQs are provided on all aspects of how to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Changelly

Email support – Contact Changelly by email through Submit a Request

Changelly pros and cons


  • Guarantees best crypto prices in the market
  • Easily exchange over 140 cryptos for a low fee
  • Non-custodial exchange does not hold customer funds
  • Integrated with many popular wallets and exchanges


  • No cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency prices set by Changelly

Changelly VS Alvexo

It is true that even though it is relatively new in the crypto space, Changelly has established a reputation for reliability. It has not been involved in any security incidences since inception and delivers on its objective.

However, it does not compare with the advantages that a platform like Alvexo can offer. The broker offers great asset variety, one of the most popular trading platforms in the market and remarkable education resources to guide newbies through their trading experience.

These are just a few of the advantages offered by the exchange. To find out more about it, visit Alvexo.


Overall, Changelly is a solid exchange platform offering a welcome blend of reliability and convenience in one package. However, we cannot recommend it due to the high rate associated with direct fiat purchases using debit or credit cards.

We recommend Alvexo instead which is one of the few platforms with full regulation and a straightforward user interface, making it a viable choice for almost all your crypto needs.

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Should I choose a regulated cryptocurrency exchange?

A trader is exposed to higher risks when trading on an unregulated exchange. If you lose money on an unregulated exchange due to fraud, it will be more difficult to seek a remedy through a legal or insurance claim. On a regulated exchange, the investor has more protection against loss. If the exchange you have deposited money with goes bankrupt, for example, the US FDIC or UK FCA provide deposit insurance.

Does Changelly offer the best crypto exchange rates?

Changelly states it offers “the best available rate at the moment of transaction.” In addition, Changelly charges a low 0.5 percent commission fee. By providing one rate to buyers based on fluctuating prices, Changelly does not incur the cost of hedging volatile prices to provide a fixed price. This allows Changelly to provide the best price at the lowest fee.

there a risk of the price I choose to buy at changing before I complete payment?

Yes. Changelly uses a floating not fixed rate which, like trading, introduces price risk. When you click to buy ETH for BTC, for example, the rate shown is not a firm rate. You first need to send money to the Changelly wallet. When your ETH hits the Changelly wallet, the transaction will complete at the current price.

What is a centralized exchange?

A centralized exchange accepts and holds users’ deposits. Most exchanges also conduct ID verification to comply with know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) rules. As a repository of client money and personal identification information, centralized exchanges have a higher risk of becoming a victim of cyber hacking and theft.

Do I need a digital wallet to trade with Changelly?

Yes. Changelly does not provide an online wallet. You will require a wallet address send and receive coins on Changelly. The exchange recommends a hot wallet.

What’s the difference between a hot and cold wallet?

Hot wallets store your crypto assets online and face a higher risk of cyber hacking. Cold storage involves storing your crypto assets offline on a USB drive or paper wallet, for example. The following risk measures should be taken to protect your hot and cold crypto assets: 1. Generate and store your private keys offline 2. Use two-factor authentication to access your wallet 3. Use biometric identification

I sell cryptocurrencies on Changelly?

At this time, Changelly provides the ability to buy cryptocurrency from its own inventory.

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