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How to Buy a Coin Before it Launches – Invest Early in Crypto

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

This article aims to help you with finding promising cryptocurrencies before they launch officially, which can help in earning massive returns in the future. Before we dive into the specifics, let us try to understand the standing of the industries and why this practice is a loophole to earning a surprising amount of profits.

Investors all around the world are constantly looking for avenues to park their funds and reap profits. The 2021 bull run has managed to attract thousands of new entrants to the blockchain industry, helping them gain millions of dollars within the period. While the market has crashed since the excitement and hope of seeing such a bullish movement in the entire industry once again remains prevalent.

Naturally, this is only expected as it is something that has been observed historically. The crypto market has bounced back after massive crashes and has always brought the prices back up with it. These cycles, while temporary, may last a couple of years, which may slow down the growth of the industry along with investors’ funds.


During such times, finding a token before it is launched officially can be one of the very few ways to cash in big. It is common knowledge in the industry that strong projects with great marketing and huge communities have great demand right from their inception. Their prices only shoot up, with the early investors making large sums of money.

As mentioned before, this guide will help you in finding high-potential tokens and details on when to buy. Read to the end as it will also feature three top-grossing projects that one should get into soon for great profits, along with a tutorial on how to acquire their tokens.

How to Buy a Coin Before It Launches – Overview

There are several methods to get into a project before it is put out for the wider audience. Some are hard to get into, as these may require special access or connections. However, most of them are simple to be a part of and are something that could help users get a massive advantage over investors who into the project later. Listed below are the three major ways of buying a token early.

Private Sales

These are generally closed sales in which major institutions, affluent investors or other cryptocurrency companies participate. Ideally, whenever a project needs to be introduced, it goes through strategic planning and requires a decent sum of money to go forward with the strategy at least during the early days. Funds from these private sales generally go towards the creation of the product, and heavy marketing so as to create buzz about the project.

While this may not essentially be a thing of concern for smaller retail investors, keeping track of private sales can be an excellent idea. This is because private sales often give retail investors insight into how the project may perform in the future since big players in the blockchain space invest only in extremely promising initiatives.

Presale ICOs

Presale ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are exactly what they sound like. These are sales where a limited number of dedicated community members are given access to purchasing the token. Essentially, a presale ICO aims to raise a decent chunk of money, but mainly focuses on creating a brand name, and getting started with a userbase before their major sale. There are many ways in which this particular stage can be carried out. One popular way of doing this is through airdrops.


A project that is set to be launched soon will have a strong social media presence. The main agenda for a company before its launch would be to advertise the project. This becomes easy when the community does that job for some incentive. Projects give away a set amount of crypto to users who help popularize the project by being active on its social media accounts, chatrooms and help bring in other people too.

This too can be an invite-only opportunity at times. However, most of the new organizations will let users into their presale ICOs in exchange for being active and simply propagating their project

Main ICO

The main ICO can be divided into two parts. These two parts would be the public presale and IEO or Initial Exchange Offering. Surely, an IEO is not a part of the presale. However, it is still an early opportunity and could reap a considerable amount of profits.

The public presale aims to raise a major amount of money. It is what developers rely on to potentially build the product, and set up roadmaps for the future. Thus, it will be open to all. Generally, the public presale is made available on the project website, and users can purchase their tokens from there itself. This is what a majority of retail investors look for to invest in. Public presales can be an excellent way to buy tokens to ensure great profits post-launch.

An IEO or Initial Exchange Offering generally happens after the official launch and means that the token is getting listed on its first-ever major Centralized Exchange. Now while this happens after the launch has already happened, the massive volatility provides an opportunity for investors to make quick profits.

For instance, a token that gets listed on an exchange like Binance is highly likely to spike up considerably before plunging back down. Buying and selling at the right time can ensure good returns. However, this is a riskier endeavour and is to be considered only after evaluating one’s risk appetite.

How to Find Coins Before They Launch

Now that we have an idea of what opportunities exist for investors to be able to acquire a token earlier, let us take a look at how one can find them. Researching a presale and then applying is the only way to not end up losing funds. But since the market is saturated with projects that could be potential rug pulls or ones with no fundamentals, it can be difficult to participate in or even find promising projects.

However, there are some places where one can frequent in order to not only find out but also discuss, analyse and understand thoroughly what the project brings to the table before being involved in it. Some of the best options for this include –

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have now become a source of information for pretty much everything. Despite thousands of scam messages, fake profiles or groups trying to lure investors, it still is one of the best places to find out about high-potential presales or ICOs. As such, there are two major platforms that are generally relied on by the masses to talk about everything crypto – YouTube, Reddit and Twitter.

Reddit is a very popular platform for people to indulge in conversations that could bring value in terms of strong investments. Despite being open to all normally, there are several pages that only accept those who have experience in the industry or have been exposed to presales before.

This is because the pages may promote projects with an elevated risk and could end up with the user losing funds. Although there are great open communities too, where one can interact, or even come across projects that could be fundamentally strong.

Twitter is also an excellent resource, as it is where projects post each of their major upgrades or developments. One can assess the community engagement, growth etc. and decide to participate in a crypto presale accordingly.

News Websites

There are a variety of news websites that focus on cryptocurrency and the blockchain sector specifically. CoinCodex, Cryptonews, Cointelegraph rank among the top news sites for crypto. These websites have a strong network, which allows them to be able to report accurate information at the earliest.

These websites can be relied on to find out presale gems, or even projects that could potentially do well in the future. However, it is recommended that the user conduct research through other means too, before actually adding funds to a project. While the information on these pages may be true, it is still important that one knows exactly what they are getting into before being a part of it.

There are many websites that aim to find top presales and list them on their page so that users can choose from the list. Unfortunately, many of them cannot be relied on due to insufficient information. Or a general lack of features. is a useful tool, as the platform considers every aspect an investor would be looking for while trying to find a suitable presale project.


It has features like SMS and Email alerts for CEX listings recommended options that are handpicked by a team of experienced professionals and even an option to add budgets so that it can allot projects accordingly. For the same reason, it is used by a variety of people and is currently one of the most preferred sites when it comes to researching presale projects.

Also see our regularly updated list of new upcoming ICOs.

Top 3 Coins to Buy Before They Launch

There are often promising new presale projects yet to launch that investors can generate a high ROI in by being early. We will look at three such projects, which have been showing the most growth potential in recent weeks.

1. Fight Out

The number 1 presale project to invest in right now is Fight Out. Fight Out is a new kind of move-to-earn project that brings players to the metaverse. It sets itself apart from earlier M2E cryptos by taking the complete fitness of the users into account.

Buy FightOut

The main draw of this project is the fitness app. It is the first-of-its-kind in the Web 3 space, containing completing fitness training modules to get you “fighting ready”. These training modules include cardiovascular training, endurance, muscle training, hypertrophy, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and more.

Training using this app and completing the challenges will reward you with REPS – the in-app currency. REPS is how you customize your avatar – the one you get when creating your account on the app – and it is your way to get into Fight Out gyms. Fight Out gyms are first-of-its-kind Web 3 gyms where you will train, your stats will be recorded, and you will win rewards.

REPS can also be used to buy FGHT – the native crypto of the FightOut ecosystem. It has many utilities within the metaverse and in the real world. FGHT tokens will allow you to upgrade your avatars in the metaverse, and in the real world, they will allow you to access stake-for-membership facilities, including one-to-one training and access to Fight Out gyms.

Many high-level combat athletes, including an ex-boxer, are the brand ambassadors of this project, which aims to inspire people to stay fit and earn rewards for doing so.

Fight Out is our first pick as the best presale to invest in. The FGHT token has raised upwards of $3 million and can be bought, for a limited time, at a discount price of 0.0166 USDT. The second stage price for this token is 0.0333 USDT. See our guide on how to buy FGHT token before it launches.

Visit FightOut Presale

3. Meta Masters Guild

Our second pick is a presale that aims to introduce a “fun” factor into an otherwise stale P2E ecosystem through mobile-focused gaming. Meta Masters Guild is a P2E crypto that is trying to increase blockchain gaming adoption rate by creating an ecosystem that brings game developers and gamers on the same page.

Meta Masters Guild Crypto Before exchange listing

The ecosystem provides a robust assortment of tools to create blockchain games at a low cost.  And the tools are versatile enough that devs won’t be held back by tokenomics or blockchain integration. Meta Masters Guild wants them to create fun games for the whole community, and through these tools, the devs can do so.

Playing and winning the games will reward players with Gems, which is the in-app currency of Meta Masters Guild. Gems can be used to buy NFTs in the form of in-game items or be swapped for MEMAG – the native cryptocurrency of the Meta Masters. MEMAG has an assortment of use cases that will be revealed as the game progresses. For now, users will get the choice to cash out their MEMAG tokens without any issue or funnel them back into the Meta Masters ecosystem.

Meta Masters have an excellent fundamental going for them. It understands the limitations of Web 3 in gaming and is trying to do the most out of limited resources by using mobile games to drive its adoption rate. The project has already announced the development of three games, and there will be more to come – with gamers having a say in what games to create and how they are made.

Meta Masters Guild entered the crypto space a few days ago and is already heading to completing its second stage. The token has raised upwards of $500k and is showing no signs of stopping – which is not unsurprising since this project has the “fun” factor going for it. See our guide on how to buy MEMAG pre launch.

Visit Meta Masters Guild

3. Calvaria

The P2E game industry is devoid of choices. There are several games for people to choose from, and still, such limited choices when it comes to options that actually appeal to the audience. Calvaria is such a project and has been gaining popularity for the exact reason. As one of the most creative and high-quality artwork projects announced recently, Calvaria could be an excellent presale pick.

Buy Calvaria

Calvaria’s ecosystem consists of its very own Calvaria Universe, which can be divided into three parts, namely Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia and The Void. It is an NFT card game, and all its NFT characters are based on the theme of the three aforementioned parts of the universe. With excellent artwork and a backstory to keep things interesting, Calvaria is an anticipated project by not just crypto enthusiasts, but also traditional gamers.

The presale for its RIA token started only a few weeks ago. It has still managed to amass a massive amount of funds and has been leading in terms of community engagement. With time, the RIA token could appreciate being one of the top gainers in the gaming category. See our complete guide to buying this coin pre launch.

How to Buy a Presale Token Pre Launch

To understand the process of purchasing a presale token better, let us take a look at Fight Out, the project mentioned in this article.

Step 1- Create a crypto wallet – Choose a wallet of your choice and create an account. Make sure to note all the private details and passwords and keep them safe, as this will be vital to retaining funds if you forget credentials in the future.

Step 2- Fund your wallet – Add funds to your wallet by depositing tokens from a centralized exchange or another wallet. Alternatively, you can also buy directly from the wallets. However, this feature is only supported by a limited number of wallet options.

Usually when buying cryptos pre launch, it will involve buying Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) or Binance Coin (BNB) and then swapping one of those for the token you are interested in.

Step 3- Land on the Fight Out page – Once you have a funded wallet, head to the presale website. Make sure that the website address is correct, as it is possible that there may be imitators who may end up stealing your funds. To go to the official Fight Out website, click here.

Step 4- Enter details and purchase tokens – Enter the amount of FGHT tokens you are looking to purchase and click on buy now. Once you are done, the amount will be deducted from your wallet.

Why buy during a presale?

Buying during a presale can be a good option only for projects with high potential like the ones mentioned above. If the investor is looking to buy such tokens, then it could largely benefit the buyer in the following ways-

1. Tokens received at lower than the listing price

The number of tokens one can buy during a presale for a particular sum of money will be much higher than the amount they will get to purchase from a centralized exchange. In short, buying a presale token ensures a heavily discounted rate as compared to the price after it is launched or listed on exchanges. For instance, Solana (SOL), which is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the space right now, was available during its presale for around $0.22. But since it was a high-potential venture with a huge community, the token was able to spike in price, reaching an all-time high of more than $250 in 2021.

2. Anyone can buy during a presale

A public presale is available for everyone. The buyer is basically getting access to an asset that could appreciate in value considerably before everyone else gets to buy and stock up on them. This makes presales an attractive period to buy crypto. The only thing required to be able to benefit from this accessibility is to find good projects during their presale phase. The tools mentioned above can be utilized for the same, and can help in finding some gems that could end up rewarding investors ahndsomely in the future.

3. Buyers will have tokens before major CEX listings

Cryptocurrencies are usually given out to investors before they are listed on any major exchanges. A new listing on a major exchange like Coinbase or Binance provides major exposure, which causes the token to spike up quickly. Presale buyers would be able to sell their tokens for a considerable profit during this time without even having to worry about buying at a higher price during the CEX listing.

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There are several projects in the space that have rewarded its presale buyers with surprisingly high profits. Getting into the right project presales at the right time can be detrimental to the number of returns one can reap. While the industry may still be in a bearish mode, it is easy for projects with potential to gain value. Despite rash market conditions, strong token presales had seen much success even during the last bear market, which serves as an example for the investors at the moment.

The projects mentioned in this article have been chosen taking into consideration several major factors that could potentially affect their token prices after launch. While it is essential for any investor to do their due diligence, the presale projects in this article -especially Fight Out – are surely recommended options that everyone should look into at least once. It is a move-to-earn crypto project and presents a major upside for early movers. Check it out by going to the official Fight Out website.

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FAQs on Buying Coins Pre Launch

Can an investor buy unlisted coins?

Before a coin is listed on a public exchange, it will typically go on sale via a presale ICO. This offers early investors the chance to buy the coin at preferential prices. Learning how to buy crypto before listing is the simple part – knowing which projects to invest in is the challenging aspect of the process.

What are the best cryptos to buy before listing in 2022?

When learning how to buy crypto before it launches one will need to spend some time researching suitable projects back to back. This guide found one of the best crypto presale in 2024 to be Fight Out. Those wondering where to buy crypto before listing will often need to complete the process directly on the project’s website.

How do you buy coins before launching?

Those wondering how to buy a coin before listing will first need to find suitable projects that are about to initiate their presale campaign. This will enable investors to buy the respective coin at the best price possible before it launches to the public.

Are presales always profitable?

No, presales can sometimes end up with the user losing all their funds. Finding the right presale plays an extremely important role here, since the presale could just be a major cashgrab opportunity for developers.

What is a good example of a successful presale?

Ethereum is an excellent example of a successful presale investment. It was available for investors at a mere $0.03 price tag during the presale. However, the token currently is worth thousand of dollars, and is the second largest cryptocurrency in the space based on marketcap size.

Can I participate in a presale without a wallet?

No. In order to purchase tokens for a presale, it is very important to have registered with a good cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet is connected to the website in order to buy the tokens.