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Best IEO Crypto to Invest in – Initial Exchange Offerings List

An IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is a fundraising event for a cryptocurrency organized by a cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike the Initial Coin Offering, an IEO is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering), where the assets are offered to the public via an exchange. From an investment standpoint, IEOs are great for investors to get their hands on a cryptocurrency with a huge upside. And for a crypto development team, an IEO provides a great way to engage the user base while leveraging the reputation and influence of the cryptocurrency exchange. 

While IEOs can present cryptocurrencies with huge long-term gains for investors, not all assets are created similarly. Therefore, this article presents a list of the best IEO crypto to invest in for 2023 and details their unique attributes so that you can make an informed investment decision. 

The Best IEO Cryptos to Buy – Overview

For investors who want to get their hands on that early-mover advantage to buying an asset when it has just been listed and making gains during huge pumping rallies, crypto IEOs are a goldmine. However, the only cryptocurrencies worth investing in are those with in-demand use cases coupled with strong marketing that always nudge the community’s sentiment in a positive direction.

  1. FightOut: Most Awaited IEO That Explores the Fitness Genre
  2. Meta Masters Guild: Upcoming IEO for Massive Returns
  3. C+ Charge: Popular EV Project With a High Potential IEO Crypto
  4. RobotEra: A Trending Metaverse Crypto IEO of 2023 Also on Presale Now
  5. Calvaria: A P2E Cryptocurrency Powering an Inclusive P2E Game
  6. Aptos: A Web 2 Crypto asset aiming to bring decentralization benefits to all
  7. BlaBlaGame: A Crypto-Gaming IEO with a Unique Concept
  8. Engage2Earn: A Web 3 Crypto IEO with GameFi Elements

Below we take a closer look at each of our picks for the best IEO crypto of this year that could yield triple-digit gains for early investors. 

Complete Review of The Best IEO Crypto Projects of This Year

To make sure that our readers can gain access to cryptocurrencies with huge potential long-term and short-term gains, we review IEO cryptocurrencies with ongoing and upcoming exchange listings. These projects have quickly gained the investor community’s attention and are in the sights of both novice and veteran crypto traders. 

FightOut: Most Awaited IEO That Explores the Fitness Genre

Imagine a personal gym trainer, that works out with you, provides instructions and pays you money too, just for working out. That is exactly what the latest cryptocurrency project FightOut aims to achieve. It has one of the best usecases when looked at the recently announced projects, and is rightfully gaining massive traction for the same. Several features, including flexibility of location while working out, an NFT avatar that is fully integrated with the metaverse etc have been added the FightOut, making it a truly interesting initiative.

FightOut Best Crypto to buy

At the time of writing, the project is in its presale phase, and has already managed to raise more than $3 million just a month into its presale, and so far has confirmed exchange listings on LBank and BitForex for after the presale concludes.

There is no doubt that it may be one of the most successful IEOs to be launched this year. So for anyone looking to get into a project earlier than the IEO itself and make some more profits, FGHT may be their best pick indeed.

Visit FightOut Presale

Meta Masters Guild: Upcoming IEO for Massive Returns

Headed by Gabriel Hristov and a group of highly skilled professionals in the blockchain gaming space, Meta Masters has become a name that is becoming increasingly popular. Despite being one of the most sought-after projects in the space, Meta Masters Guild continues to be consistent with their marketing, and announcement for keeping their community up to date with everything they have been up to.

Meta Masters Guild buy on Uniswap Best Crypto STO

The Meta Masters Guild initiative is ideally a P2E platform, which aims to create an ecosystem that could house a massive chunk of the gaming populace, irrespective of them being blockchain gamers or traditional gamers. It is set to host a variety of P2E games, of which three titles have already been introduced. A few NFTs have also been made available to buy on the website itself, which goes to show the speed at which developers intend to eventually launch their product.

The project is still in its presale stage, which means that there is still time to stock up on its native token MEMAG at a discounted rate. It has been gaining much traction though, since more than $40k worth of tokens were sold in less mere minutes as the presale was launched.

The platform has also been featured on some of the biggest crypto websites helping it fuel the pace at which funds are being raised. With a contract code audited by SolidProof and the team verified by Coinsniper, this project may be one of the top gainers right after its IEO. So for anyone looking to park their funds in strong cryptos that could reap massive profits, MEMAG can be an excellent pick.

Visit Meta Masters Presale

C+ Charge: Popular EV Project With a High Potential IEO Crypto

c-charge nft

C+Charge is a cryptocurrency project that aims to address issues in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, including inconsistent pricing at charging stations and the lack of standardization in payment methods. It is also growing to become one of the most popular IEO cryptos in the space, as the project may be listed on a string on exchanges right after too, which could trigger a considerable spike in prices.

The aim of the project is to create a universal solution for the charging station industry by developing a blockchain-based platform for EV drivers to pay for charging and earn carbon credits through the use of its native cryptocurrency, CCHG.

The project is currently in its presale stage, with the price of CCHG increasing from $0.0130 to $0.0235 in the final stage. C+Charge aims to meet the growing demand for EV charging stations and increase the value of CCHG by offering a limited supply of the token. The company is targeting long-term investors interested in obtaining carbon credits for charging their EVs.

Visit C+ Charge Presale

RobotEra: A Trending Metaverse Crypto IEO of 2023 Also on Presale Now

In RobotEra which is Sandbox style Metaverse project, users may get a chance to own virtual real estate and develop it. A player takes on the role of a robot and manages their respective land in the RobotEra Metaverse, where they may meet and make friends with other robots while gaining access to a variety of resources.

RobotEra Best IEO Crypto


An integral aspect of the RobotEra ecosystem is the TARO token, which is utilized as cash in the sandbox-style Metaverse. RobotEra DAO’s TARO token also serves as a governance token, allowing the community’s collective intelligence to be put to use in shaping the token’s long-term use.

TARO which is one of the best IEO crypto is now being offered in the presale for 0.02 USDT, the cost will continue increasing throughout the course of the presale. The price of one TARO will increase to $0.025 during the second presale phase and to $0.032 during the third and final phase, for a total increase of 60% from the first stage’s $0.012.

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Calvaria: A P2E Cryptocurrency Powering an Inclusive P2E Game

Calvaria is a P2E cryptocurrency powering the battle-card game of the same name. The game is similar to Hearthstone, Gwent, and Magic the Gathering. It has players building a deck of cards, each with unique abilities, and pitting it against NPCs or players with different decks. A fair amount of strategy is involved in playing these games, which makes Calvaria one of the rare P2E games in the blockchain space. 

Calvaria BKEX IEO

It is because P2E games have retrospectively focused more on earning and less on gaming. It has led to the emergence of several idle NFT games. While these games have immense upsides in terms of monetary gains, they don’t have what it takes to increase the adoption rate – something Calvaria is trying to do. 

According to the developers, Calvaria goes beyond the norms of standard P2E games by making it accessible for non-crypto players. Gamers in the Web 2 space are free to play the game on their PCs or desktops and will be able to engage with Calvaria’s gaming ecosystem. 

The blockchain ecosystem, however, is reserved for crypto enthusiasts, and they are offered far more than only gaming utilities. 

The platform’s native crypto, $RIA, is not only used as rewards for the players but also as:

  1. A governance token to maintain the Calvaria ecosystem. 
  2. A currency to put in gamified staking pools that offer stakeholders regular returns. 
  3. An in-game DAO cryptocurrency that allows investors with a certain number of staked tokens to participate in the decision-making of Calvaria’s future. 
  4. A currency to exchange for in-game assets – NFTs and non-NFTs – on the Calvaria marketplace. 

Calvaria successfully completed its presale round, raising 3.075 million USDT in record time, and is now poised to be listed on BKEX. The listing date is February 7th, 2023, and the listing price is 0.035m USDT. 

LBank and Uniswap will also join this IEO offering soon.

Visit Calvaria

Aptos: A Web 2 Crypto asset aiming to bring decentralization benefits to All

Aptos is the native cryptocurrency of the Aptos network, a Layer 1 blockchain that promises to be the most production-ready and safest Layer 1 blockchain. 

According to the official whitepaper, the platform has been designed to be scalable, reliable, safe, and upgradeable. Developed in three years by a team of more than 350 developers, the Aptos network aims to bring the benefits of decentralization to a larger crowd. 

The platform claims to provide novel innovations in smart contract design, performance, consensus, and decentralization.

Aptos Network

The platform natively integrates to use the Move language internally to enhance transaction speeds. That, combined with the flexible key management facilitated by the Aptos data model, aims to provide a smoother and safer customer experience. 

The official abstract also focuses on the high throughput and low latency that Aptos seeks to achieve by implementing a pipelined and modular approach to key stages of a transaction process. It involves concurrently performing everything from transaction dissemination to ledger certification by leveraging all the physical resources available and using highly parallel execution. 

Due to these features, Aptos claimed that it could provide transaction speeds of up to 100,000 TPS, which became one of the original factors behind the token’s upswing in the price chart after it landed as an IEO in late October. 

Despite the bullish use case, Aptos had a less-than-stellar launch due to the network crashing after 300 crypto wallets simultaneously interacted with the network. Furthermore, the claim of 100,000 transactions per second wasn’t correct; it was revealed that the blockchain could only process four transactions per second. That, and many partners backing off from Aptos, led to a quick retrace for Aptos in the price chart after the IEO. 

While this project has questionable tokenomics, with insider reports coming that 80% of tokens are with the developers, and the blockchain is highly centralized, the bullish case that can be made for this crypto asset is that it is live on Binance and Coinbase after selling out its private token sale.

A Binance listing has historically been the reason for the major pumping impact on cryptocurrencies. That could lead to Aptos seeing a major price increase in the future. Another positive case about this platform is Blocto, a multi-chain crypto wallet that has recently opened a $3 million ecosystem on the Aptos blockchain to bring new users. These stories say that despite general apprehensions about this cryptocurrency, major crypto players are still paying attention. On the flip side, however, leading crypto YouTubers like Guy from Coin Bureau have revealed the developer’s close relationship with big-tech companies and venture capitalists makes it not a viable crypto investment for ordinary traders.

Guy also stated that Aptos’ claim that it is scalable, decentralized, and fast is logically impossible because of the blockchain trilemma.

BlaBlaGame: A Crypto-Gaming IEO with a Unique Concept

BlaBlaGame is a “Rock, Paper Scissor” for the blockchain. Players can use BLA tokens to play Rock, Paper, and Scissors on the platform. Winners will receive rewards that would be BLA tokens. 


Due to its sheer simplicity, the game has already been placed 32,000 times. And at the time of writing, the platform has over 1,500 players. 

BLA holders can also earn rewards by using the platform’s referral system. Users get a 14% bonus on their next purchase on the BLA platform. 

BlaBlaGame was introduced as an IEO in August 2022 and is still ongoing. Interested parties can buy the game via the official platform. According to the official whitepaper, BlaBlaGame will land on CEXs and DEXs in early 2023. 

Engage2Earn: A Web 3 Crypto IEO with GameFi Elements

Engage2Earn calls itself a Web 3 engagement tracker. It features GameFi elements to strengthen the bonds within a crypto community. At the center of Engage2Earn lies the feature that allows users to launch crypto projects in exchange for E2E tokens. 


To earn E2E, users must engage with the crypto projects on the platform’s dashboard. Each project has its own tasks and its own criteria to reward the community members. In addition to these features, Enage2Earn will also feature NFTs – tickets that will allow users to participate in the task system. 

Engage2Earn began its presale in July 2022. The third round of the presale will happen in Q1 2023, followed by a listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Readers may also be interested in our guide to security token offerings (STOs).

Where to Buy IEO Cryptos?

Once you have the right IEO crypto in your sight, you must know about the best platforms to buy them. Here are our best places to buy IEO cryptos. 

Binance Launchpad

In addition to being the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, among other utilities, also offers a launchpad for new cryptocurrencies. Binance launchpad is one of the most sought-after places to buy IEO crypto because of two reasons:

  1. It is favored by most developers wanting to launch their IEOs
  2. Crypto IEOs have seen massive upswings within a few days of being listed on the platform. 

Binance makes it easy for developers to launch IEOs as it goes above and beyond to help developers with everything from post-issue services to post-launch marketing. 

Visit Binance

Cryptocom review Coin Launchpad is one of the best IEO exchanges that have launched over 70 new crypto projects.

Many developers who’re entering the crypto space for the first time prefer for their IEOs because of the simplicity of the platform. 

However, much like Binance, imposes stringent rules on which IEOs to launch – which is good news for investors looking for a worthwhile cryptocurrency.


What is Crypto IEO?

IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering, is a listing of cryptocurrency on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply put, it refers to the first time cryptocurrency is offered to people via the cryptocurrency exchange for a finite period of time. Investors can leverage this time to learn more about the IEO cryptos before buying them. 

Currently, the world’s leading IEO exchanges are Binance and, but smaller players, such as P2PB2B, have also emerged in this space. 

Crypto IEOs are relatively new in the blockchain space, and they carry more risk than the crypto assets that have already gained the attention of the crypto crowd with their utilities. Therefore, it is recommended that interested parties go through the whitepaper thoroughly before investing. 

How do Crypto IEOs Work

There are three steps involved in crypto IEOs.

Initial launch: First, the coin is created and launched. During this process, developers conduct a seed round, a token presale, and an ICO. The seed round is for initial fund gathering from leading investors, presale happens in stages for an early mover, and ICO refers to crowdfunding a cryptocurrency. 

Applying for an IEO: Once a token has gone through all three rounds mentioned in the previous step, its developers must submit an application on IEO exchanges. The exchange assesses the tokens’ whitepaper, circulating supply, and other details before accepting the project. 

Buying Crypto IEOs: Once an IEO exchange accepts the project, the IEO process is initiated. During this process, the value of the crypto asset stays the same till the end of the offering period. 

How to find the Right IEO Cryptos to Invest in?

Here are the tips for finding the right crypto IEOs:

Launchpads: Binance Launchpad and are the world’s leading IEO exchanges, featuring a separate IEO section for those looking for the best IEO cryptos to invest in. Each asset listed in the section went through scrutiny of the exchange experts – making it easy for investors to choose a cryptocurrency. 

Social Media: Another great way to search for a cryptocurrency IEO is through social media. In addition to learning about the IEO listing, going through a crypto’s social media page will give you insight into its following, the community, and the project’s development. Use the hashtags #IDO or #IEO, and you’ll find some of the best crypto IEOs to invest in. Also see our guide to the best Reddit cryptos.

Coin Ranking websites: If you’re data-oriented, you can search various coin ranking websites to find an IEO crypto. However, you must know how to differentiate between IDO, IEO, and ICO since many websites use the same terms to describe crypto offerings. 

Why Choose an IEO Crypto?

Time of buying is the biggest factor when trying to make gains on new cryptocurrencies, and crypto IEOs offer you the best time to invest in a project – when the price is low. Here are the reasons investors must choose an IEO crypto. 

It gives the First Mover Advantage

First Mover advantage is a term popularized in trading markets by those who chose to invest in a project in its early stages and made huge profits as the project grew. IEO does the same thing. IEO allows investors to buy crypto at a pre-set price during a certain period, allowing them to experience profits after the token finally enters the pricing charts. 

Furthermore, buying cryptos during IEO is cheaper – allowing frugal investors to participate in trading early and snap up what could become the next big crypto

IEO is Less Riskier Than ICOs

Although ICOs (initial coin offerings) are often profitable, their success depends on the project’s completion. In the past, haphazard ICOs have led to many rug-pulls that have left investors with nothing. IEOs, on the other hand, only get listed after the IEO exchange verifies that the project is completed. A finished product inspires confidence, and the resulting positive sentiment can Edrive-up the crypto’s price after the IEO phase. 

IEOs are offered at a fixed cost

The initial exchange offerings are done at a fixed cost – away from the volatility of the crypto market – and are often ranked among the cheapest cryptos to buy. If enough hype is built during the project’s IEO, it can fuel positive sentiment around it, leading to massive gains for early investors as the project’s token price skyrockets after entering the open market. 


Crypto IEOs is a great way to become an early mover and make gains in the crypto space. The tokens offered in the IEO phase cost less, have a fixed price, and are completed projects – making a profitable performance during the initial launch almost a guarantee. 

Tamadoge became one of the most successful IEO cryptos this year which is now applying to potentially be listed on Binance and other crypto exchanges. But those looking for early mover advantage at this stage can choose between Dash 2 Trade or IMPT. These cryptocurrencies have taken the blockchain space by storm due to their unique and essential use case. Dash 2 Trade is creating an inclusive trading ecosystem by making advanced crypto research and analytics tools for ordinary traders. And IMPT is paving the way to create an inclusive carbon credits trading economy. 

Fight Out (FGHT) - Newest Move to Earn Project


FightOut token
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  • Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
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FightOut token

FAQs on IEO Cryptos

What is IEO in Crypto?

IEO refers to Initial Exchange Offering, the first time a cryptocurrency is offered to the public via a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

How does an IEO work?

After conducting the presale, an ICO, and a seed round, the team behind the crypto asset submits an IEO application on an IEO exchange. The IEO exchange assesses the cryptocurrency based on its supply and its viability to approve or reject it. If the cryptocurrency is approved, it is added to the list of IO offerings.

Where can I buy IEO Crypto?

There are many IEO launchpads in the market. However, the platforms that are leading the charge right now are Binance and Coin Launch.

What are the best Crypto IEOs of 2023?

According to our research, the best crypto IEOs for 2023 are Fight Out and Meta Masters Guild. These tokens have great utilities, and exchanges have already started to show interest in listing them - FGHT has now been confirmed for listings on LBank and BitForex.