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Best IEO Crypto to Invest in – Initial Exchange Offerings List

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

An IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) is a fundraising event for a cryptocurrency organized by a cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike the Initial Coin Offering, an IEO is similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering), where the assets are offered to the public via an exchange. From an investment standpoint, IEOs are great for investors to get their hands on a cryptocurrency with a huge upside. And for a crypto development team, an IEO provides a great way to engage the user base while leveraging the reputation and influence of the cryptocurrency exchange. 

While IEOs can present cryptocurrencies with huge long-term gains for investors, not all assets are created similarly. Therefore, this article presents a list of the best IEO crypto to invest in for 2024 and details their unique attributes so that you can make an informed investment decision. 

The Best IEO Cryptos to Buy – Overview

For investors who want to get their hands on that early-mover advantage to buying an asset when it has just been listed and making gains during huge pumping rallies, crypto IEOs are a goldmine. However, the only cryptocurrencies worth investing in are those with in-demand use cases coupled with strong marketing that always nudge the community’s sentiment in a positive direction.

  1. Green Bitcoin – Crypto IEO and a Bitcoin Alternative
  2. Smog – Trending Project with Multiple Potential Exchange Listings
  3. Bitcoin Minetrix – Upcoming Crypto IEO Revolutionizing Stake-to-Mining
  4. Scotty the AI – Memecoin Crypto IEO with AI-based Concepts
  5. Sponge V2 – Revival of Sponge with Long-Term Upsides
  6. Meme Kombat – Cutting-Edge Approach to P2E Gaming with AI and Blockchain
  7. eTukTuk – Best New IEO in The Green Niche
  8. Frog Wif Hat – New Memecoin with the Wif Hat Appeal
  9. Aptos – Popular New Crypto asset aiming to bring decentralization benefits to All

Below we take a closer look at each of our picks for the best IEO crypto of this year that could yield triple-digit gains for early investors. 

Reviews of The Best IEO Crypto Projects of This Year

To make sure that our readers can gain access to cryptocurrencies with huge potential long-term and short-term gains, we review IEO cryptocurrencies with ongoing and upcoming exchange listings. These projects have quickly gained the investor community’s attention and are in the sights of both novice and veteran crypto traders. 

Green Bitcoin – Crypto IEO and a Bitcoin Alternative

One of the leading crypto IEOs this year is Green Bitcoin. While it has the same supply and name as the world’s leading cryptocurrency, the aspect that sets it apart from other tokens that are populating the market consists of its utilities.

Green Bitcoin Staking and Gaming

Green Bitcoin allows users to compound their gains through staking. However, the project has gone further and has even provided users with an ecosystem where staking is gamified.

The game is predicting Bitcoin’s price over the next 24 hours during the staking process. Those who make the correct price calls will be given ample bonus rewards the next day.

Green Bitcoin intends to organize daily games in order to distribute $GBTC tokens over the next 2 years.

In addition to gaming, Green Bitcoin’s staking attributes are also something to keep a close eye on. Along with standard APY returns, long-term holders will also get up to a 15% bonus in terms of GBTC tokens.

These attributes collectively make this project more relevant in the crypto space. Those interested should visit to know more.

Visit Green Bitcoin

Smog – Trending Project with Multiple Potential Exchange Listings

While Smog (SMOG) has garnered attention in the crypto space since its February 2024 launch, it currently hasn’t conducted an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Investors, however, believe that an IEO is in sight, given the project’s massive success in such little time.

Smog launched with a large airdrop, sparking significant community excitement and initial trading volume. While such airdrops often drive short-term spikes, Smog maintains an active and engaged community involved in discussions and project development. This dedicated community base could be a potential driver of future value.


Holding SMOG grants access to the exclusive Dragon’s Court, offering potential benefits like early access to future projects and potential governance rights. While details remain fluid, this fosters engagement and could incentivize long-term token holding.

Plans to bridge Smog to the Ethereum blockchain have also been successful, aiming to expand reach and attract new investors. This multi-chain ambition signals the team’s vision for broader adoption, potentially increasing utility and value. There is an impressive staking APY too, that could be another appealing factor for investors.

With that being said, beyond the current airdrop and community features, Smog’s long-term purpose and concrete utility remain somewhat unclear. Investing solely based on speculation and future promises carries significant risk.

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, you can invest in SMOG by swapping ETH or USDT tokens for SMOG on the official website. The token is currently trading at a price of $0.053 according to Coinmarketcap.

Visit Smog

Bitcoin Minetrix – Upcoming Crypto IEO Revolutionizing Stake-to-Mining

One of the best IEO crypto tokens to purchase this year, Bitcoin Minetrix has attracted interest from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. The platform aims to dispel the concerns around Bitcoin mining with its tokenized cloud mining environment with low entry barriers, enhanced safety, and no upfront costs.

Bitcoin Minetrix New crypto

Bitcoin Minetrix takes a novel approach to accomplish this, combining the concepts of staking and mining. Users can stake the native $BTCMTX tokens of the platform in exchange for mining credits. The non-tradable native ERC-20 tokens are burned in exchange for mining time or a share of the mining profits.

Bitcoin Minetrix users only need an Ethereum-compatible wallet to purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens. With the platform dashboard, they can manage all their BTCMTX tokens and mining credits in one place. The tokenization provided by Bitcoin Minetrix improves accessibility and does away with the requirement to buy cash contracts from mining companies.

The Bitcoin Minetrix presale has just over a $15 million soft cap goal. The token raised over $100,000 within just one day of its presale announcement. Investors eyeing forthcoming IEO cryptos must consider diving into the Bitcoin Minetrix presale for the best offers.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

Scotty the AI – Memecoin Crypto IEO with AI-based Concepts

Scotty the AI is one of the leading meme coins to have hit the market this year and is gaining traction thanks to its unique approach to providing users with utility. At the front of the project, people will see an interesting character, a Scottish Terrier with cyborg-based abilities.

Scotty the AI IEO

These consist of the ability to secure the blockchain, move through any firewall, and analyze complex algorithms. Through this narrative, Scotty the AI talks of its core utilities that will bring AI-based perks to the blockchain ecosystem.

Two flagship products of Scotty the AI are Scotty Swap and Scotty Chat. ScottySwap has been described as an AI-driven decentralized exchange offering people a way to swap assets in a secure environment. Scotty the AI further adds that this approach will also yield profitable results.

With ScottyChat, investors will get access to a ChatGPT-like interface that has deep-learning mechanics to analyze the market and give accurate prompts. These simple utilities are pushing Scotty the AI’s value in the market. The token has already raised more than $400k during its ongoing presale and it will likely land on an exchange soon.

Visit Scotty the AI Presale

Sponge V2 – Revival of Sponge with Long-Term Upsides

Sponge V2 is a memecoin project that can be best described as a Sponge V1 revival. This project is an attempt by Sponge devs to allow new investors to make the same parabolic gains as made by those who invested in Sponge V1 when it dropped during the memecoin mania.

Sponge V2 Crypto Game

Sponge V1’s arrival during the memecoin mania set the crypto market ablaze as the token’s value moved up by a massive 3200% within four days of launch. Short-term investors made 100x gains. Long-term holders were left holding the bag.

With this new transition to Sponge V2, however, Sponge is giving those long-term holders as well as new buyers to extract maximum value from the token. Holders can stake their Sponge V1 tokens on the platform in return for Sponge V2. New buyers can buy and stake simultaneously.

While both of them can make gains when the bridge is complete and the token is finally launched, Sponge V2 also offers incentives for long-term holding. Those who resist the urge to withdraw their tokens after the Sponge V2 launch will earn lucrative APY rewards over the next four years.

Sponge V2 is also coming up with a unique P2E mechanic that will likely bolster the token adoption rate and increase the token’s value. Once the token arrives, the official roadmap also states that efforts for tier-1 exchange listings will be made.

Visit Sponge V2

Meme Kombat – Cutting-Edge Approach to P2E Gaming with AI and Blockchain

Meme Kombat, one of the top IEO cryptocurrencies to purchase in 2024, brings popular meme coin avatars into the exciting world of battle arenas. With the use of cutting-edge technology and the decentralized strength of the Ethereum network, the project adopts a revolutionary approach to P2E gaming.

Meme Kombat

The project currently provides three primary services. First, Meme Coins come to life through Automated Battles on Meme Kombat with state-of-the-art AI. Second, the Gambling feature allows token holders of the native crypto $MK to bet on battle outcomes and win massive rewards. Third, $MK token holders can use Staking to earn a passive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 112%.

Participation and community involvement are critical components of $MK, and several tokens have been set aside as community prizes. The ongoing $MK presale offers access to half of the token supply ahead of the platform’s launch.

Early investors eyeing good returns must view Meme Kombat as one of the top upcoming IEO crypto coins. The $MK token has a hard cap of $10,000,000 and a token price of $0.279 in the ongoing presale.

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

eTukTuk – Best New IDO in The Green Niche

Another one of the best IEO crypto investments in 2024 is the eTukTuk project. eTukTuk is a crypto project focused on making urban transportation more sustainable for a greener future.

eTukTuk Best New Crypto

The project has garnered much attention recently, with its amazing pre-sale figures raising more than half a million dollars. You can even stake your holdings on the eTukTuk platform and earn staking rewards up to 300% APY, giving an intrinsic value of $TUK.      

eTukTuk has already reached its pre-sale goal of raising $680,000, and this sale is likely to end soon. The upcoming pre-sale phase will increase the $TUK token price from its current $0.026, which is quite promising for the project’s future.

As sustainability becomes more of a mainstream concern, chances are high that crypto projects like the eTukTuk will scale great heights in the coming years. Early investors should make the most of this opportunity and get a chance to amplify their returns with the upcoming IEO of the project.

Visit eTukTuk IEO

Frog Wif Hat – New Memecoin with the Wif Hat Appeal

There are many meme coins that are making high gains in the crypto community thanks to their viral imagery. Frog Wif Hat is the same. But its appeal comes from the fact that it is banking on an imagery that’s only recently introduced: an image of an animal with a hat.

Frog Wif Hat

It is clear that the concept of Dogwifhat inspired Frog Wif Hat, and that’s what’s pushing this project forward. However, unlike its dog counterpart that pushes the cuteness forward to create hype, Frog Wif Hat has been portrayed as a character with a bit more class.

With a la beret on his head and a baguette in his hand, Frog Wif Hat doesn’t focus on providing a utility or spreading love. Instead, it has created a tone of rivalry. The project’s official whitepaper portrays this frog as a character who is not a fan of current memecoin. Wanting to add more style to the memecoin-niche, Frog Wif Hat seeks to embrace its joke-based appeal.

The honest imager that Frog Wif Hat portrays made it a big hit shortly after its stealth launch on Uniswap. It went up by 800% before retracing. However, social media is still talking about it, and there is still potential for another uptrend.

Visit Frog Wif Hat IEO

Aptos – Popular New Crypto asset aiming to bring decentralization benefits to All

Aptos is the native cryptocurrency of the Aptos network, a Layer 1 blockchain that promises to be the most production-ready and safest Layer 1 blockchain. 

According to the official whitepaper, the platform has been designed to be scalable, reliable, safe, and upgradeable. Developed in three years by a team of more than 350 developers, the Aptos network aims to bring the benefits of decentralization to a larger crowd. 

The platform claims to provide novel innovations in smart contract design, performance, consensus, and decentralization.

Aptos Network

The platform natively integrates to use the Move language internally to enhance transaction speeds. That, combined with the flexible key management facilitated by the Aptos data model, aims to provide a smoother and safer customer experience. 

The official abstract also focuses on the high throughput and low latency that Aptos seeks to achieve by implementing a pipelined and modular approach to key stages of a transaction process. It involves concurrently performing everything from transaction dissemination to ledger certification by leveraging all the physical resources available and using highly parallel execution. 

Due to these features, Aptos claimed that it could provide transaction speeds of up to 100,000 TPS, which became one of the original factors behind the token’s upswing in the price chart after it landed as an IEO in late October. 

Despite the bullish use case, Aptos had a less-than-stellar launch due to the network crashing after 300 crypto wallets simultaneously interacted with the network. Furthermore, the claim of 100,000 transactions per second wasn’t correct; it was revealed that the blockchain could only process four transactions per second. That, and many partners backing off from Aptos, led to a quick retrace for Aptos in the price chart after the IEO. 

While this project has questionable tokenomics, with insider reports coming that 80% of tokens are with the developers, and the blockchain is highly centralized, the bullish case that can be made for this crypto asset is that it is live on Binance and Coinbase after selling out its private token sale.

A Binance listing has historically been the reason for the major pumping impact on cryptocurrencies. That could lead to Aptos seeing a major price increase in the future. Another positive case about this platform is Blocto, a multi-chain crypto wallet that has recently opened a $3 million ecosystem on the Aptos blockchain to bring new users. These stories say that despite general apprehensions about this cryptocurrency, major crypto players are still paying attention. On the flip side, however, leading crypto YouTubers like Guy from Coin Bureau have revealed the developer’s close relationship with big-tech companies and venture capitalists makes it not a viable crypto investment for ordinary traders.

Guy also stated that Aptos’ claim that it is scalable, decentralized, and fast is logically impossible because of the blockchain trilemma.

Readers may also be interested in our guide to security token offerings (STOs).

Where to Buy IEO Cryptos?

Once you have the right IEO crypto in your sight, you must know about the best platforms to buy them. Here are our best places to buy IEO cryptos. 

Binance Launchpad

In addition to being the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, among other utilities, also offers a launchpad for new cryptocurrencies. Binance launchpad is one of the most sought-after places to buy IEO crypto because of two reasons:

  1. It is favored by most developers wanting to launch their IEOs
  2. Crypto IEOs have seen massive upswings within a few days of being listed on the platform. 

Binance makes it easy for developers to launch IEOs as it goes above and beyond to help developers with everything from post-issue services to post-launch marketing. 

Visit Binance

Cryptocom review Coin Launchpad is one of the best IEO exchanges that have launched over 70 new crypto projects.

Many developers who’re entering the crypto space for the first time prefer for their IEOs because of the simplicity of the platform. 

However, much like Binance, imposes stringent rules on which IEOs to launch – which is good news for investors looking for a worthwhile cryptocurrency.


What is Crypto IEO?

IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering, is a listing of cryptocurrency on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply put, it refers to the first time cryptocurrency is offered to people via the cryptocurrency exchange for a finite period of time. Investors can leverage this time to learn more about the IEO cryptos before buying them. 

Currently, the world’s leading IEO exchanges are Binance and, but smaller players, such as P2PB2B, have also emerged in this space. 

Crypto IEOs are relatively new in the blockchain space, and they carry more risk than the crypto assets that have already gained the attention of the crypto crowd with their utilities. Therefore, it is recommended that interested parties go through the whitepaper thoroughly before investing. 

How do Crypto IEOs Work

There are three steps involved in crypto IEOs.

Initial launch: First, the coin is created and launched. During this process, developers conduct a seed round, a token presale, and an ICO. The seed round is for initial fund gathering from leading investors, presale happens in stages for an early mover, and ICO refers to crowdfunding a cryptocurrency. 

Applying for an IEO: Once a token has gone through all three rounds mentioned in the previous step, its developers must submit an application on IEO exchanges. The exchange assesses the tokens’ whitepaper, circulating supply, and other details before accepting the project. 

Buying Crypto IEOs: Once an IEO exchange accepts the project, the IEO process is initiated. During this process, the value of the crypto asset stays the same till the end of the offering period. 

How to find the Right IEO Cryptos to Invest in?

Here are the tips for finding the right crypto IEOs:

Launchpads: Binance Launchpad and are the world’s leading IEO exchanges, featuring a separate IEO section for those looking for the best IEO cryptos to invest in. Each asset listed in the section went through scrutiny of the exchange experts – making it easy for investors to choose a cryptocurrency. 

Social Media: Another great way to search for a cryptocurrency IEO is through social media. In addition to learning about the IEO listing, going through a crypto’s social media page will give you insight into its following, the community, and the project’s development. Use the hashtags #IDO or #IEO, and you’ll find some of the best crypto IEOs to invest in. Also see our guide to the best Reddit cryptos.

Coin Ranking websites: If you’re data-oriented, you can search various coin ranking websites to find an IEO crypto. However, you must know how to differentiate between IDO, IEO, and ICO since many websites use the same terms to describe crypto offerings. 

Why Choose an IEO Crypto?

Time of buying is the biggest factor when trying to make gains on new cryptocurrencies, and crypto IEOs offer you the best time to invest in a project – when the price is low. Here are the reasons investors must choose an IEO crypto. 

It gives the First Mover Advantage

First Mover advantage is a term popularized in trading markets by those who chose to invest in a project in its early stages and made huge profits as the project grew. IEO does the same thing. IEO allows investors to buy crypto at a pre-set price during a certain period, allowing them to experience profits after the token finally enters the pricing charts. 

Furthermore, buying cryptos during IEO is cheaper – allowing frugal investors to participate in trading early and snap up what could become the next big crypto

IEO is Less Riskier Than ICOs

Although ICOs (initial coin offerings) are often profitable, their success depends on the project’s completion. In the past, haphazard ICOs have led to many rug-pulls that have left investors with nothing. IEOs, on the other hand, only get listed after the IEO exchange verifies that the project is completed. A finished product inspires confidence, and the resulting positive sentiment can Edrive-up the crypto’s price after the IEO phase. 

IEOs are offered at a fixed cost

The initial exchange offerings are done at a fixed cost – away from the volatility of the crypto market – and are often ranked among the cheapest cryptos to buy. If enough hype is built during the project’s IEO, it can fuel positive sentiment around it, leading to massive gains for early investors as the project’s token price skyrockets after entering the open market. 


Crypto IEOs is a great way to become an early mover and make gains in the crypto space. The tokens offered in the IEO phase cost less, have a fixed price, and are completed projects – making a profitable performance during the initial launch almost a guarantee. 

Our pick for the best IEO of this year is Green Bitcoin, given its recent popularity and gaming utility.

Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
  • Contract Audited by Coinsult
  • Early Access Presale Live Now -
  • Predict To Earn - Featured In Cointelegraph
  • Staking Rewards & Token Bonuses
  • $1+ Million Raised
Green Bitcoin

FAQs on IEO Cryptos

What is IEO in Crypto?

IEO refers to Initial Exchange Offering, the first time a cryptocurrency is offered to the public via a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

How does an IEO work?

After conducting the presale, an ICO, and a seed round, the team behind the crypto asset submits an IEO application on an IEO exchange. The IEO exchange assesses the cryptocurrency based on its supply and its viability to approve or reject it. If the cryptocurrency is approved, it is added to the list of IO offerings.

Where can I buy IEO Crypto?

There are many IEO launchpads in the market. However, the platforms that are leading the charge right now are Binance and Coin Launch.

What are the best Crypto IEOs of this year?

The best IEO of this year is Green Bitcoin, a brand new Bitcoin alternative featuring gamified staking.