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Best Crypto Private Sales to Invest in

Many investors might be wondering how to invest in crypto private sales, and what are the best crypto private sales tokens to buy right now. In this guide, we'll help you get answers. We have listed the top crypto private sales to invest in this year and show you how to invest in these attractive crypto projects.
best crypto private sales
best crypto private sales

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

One of the best ways to make money with cryptocurrencies is to invest in them during private sale events rather than waiting to buy them when the crypto is officially launched. Crypto private sales enable you to buy coins at high discounts and generate rewards once they get listed and increase in value. But where to find those crypto presales and how to invest in them? 

In this guide, we will explore the best crypto private sales to buy in 2024. You will also get a clear understanding of what private crypto sales are and learn about their pros and cons. Additionally, we have included a detailed guide in our article that explains step-by-step how to buy the best crypto sales in 2024. 

Top Cryptocurrency Private Sales in March 2024

If you want to get a quick list of the best crypto private sales without going into too much detail, you will find it in this section. Below are the top cryptocurrency private sales this year: 

  1. Green Bitcoin – Revolutionizing Bitcoin Investment Strategies
  2. Scotty the AI – Crypto Private Sale of an AI Memecoin
  3. Smog – New Solana-Based Viral Memecoin
  4. Sponge V2 – Best Staking Memecoin Following the Success of Sponge V1
  5. eTukTuk – High Utility Project Still in its Presale Phase
  6. Frog Wif Hat – A Humorous Approach to Crypto Private Sales with Growth Potential
  7. Bitcoin Minetrix – Presale Crypto with an Innovative Mining Concept
  8. Meme Kombat – Gamefi Project Set to Explode in 2024

Top Crypto Private Sales Reviewed – Full List

There might be multiple crypto projects conducting crypto private sales currently, so you may get confused about which one to choose. To ease the process for you we have analyzed a wide range of crypto projects to find out the best crypto private sales of this year. But it is also essential to understand what is the main goal of the project and what features it has to attract investors. Hence, we have reviewed all the crypto private sale projects included in our list. 

Read on to find out what is the most appropriate crypto private sale project for you and invest in the project that seems the most promising to you.

Green Bitcoin – Revolutionizing Bitcoin Investment Strategies

In the landscape of crypto private sales, Green Bitcoin (GBTC) emerges as a transformative force, redefining investment strategies with its unique approach. At its core, GBTC introduces a groundbreaking Gamified Green Staking model, enabling users to predict Bitcoin trends and stake their tokens for substantial rewards. The project’s presale success, raising over $1 million, establishes a robust financial foundation, instilling confidence in investors seeking private sales with substance.

Green Bitcoin

The gamification aspect adds depth to GBTC, creating an interactive experience for users, setting it apart in the private sales domain. This innovative feature aligns with the project’s commitment to sustainability, combining Bitcoin’s legacy with Ethereum’s eco-friendly blockchain. GBTC’s eco-conscious approach resonates with investors prioritizing environmentally friendly initiatives.

Strategic tokenomics further enhances GBTC’s appeal, with 40% allocated to the presale and 27.50% to staking rewards, ensuring a well-balanced distribution. This strategic approach contributes to the long-term stability of the project, making Green Bitcoin a noteworthy contender in the realm of crypto private sales, offering investors a substantiated opportunity to diversify their portfolios.


Scotty the AI – Crypto Private Sale of an AI Memecoin

Scotty the AI is a unique memecoin project that has emerged as one of the best private sales of this year, thanks to its unique attribute of blending AI and memecoin together.

Scotty the AI cheap Memecoin

The project’s memecoin traits come from two things. The first is its imagery, which presents users with a cute dog with cyborg-like capabilities. However, the memecoin stands out from the rest thanks to its second trait – the narrative.

The narrative of this project doesn’t talk about a long-overarching story. Instead, it tells the pragmatic tale of Scotty, a Scottish Terrier that is capable of safeguarding the Ethereum blockchain through its unique array of capabilities. Its transaction speeds are lightning-fast, its memory is impeccable, and its market analysis abilities are unparalleled.

These attributes come together to underscore the AI-driven capabilities that have allowed Scotty the AI to prosper as a private sale till now. While the project is community-centric, seeing as though how the developers have surrendered the smart contract of the project to the community, its AI-focused utility gives it long-term perks not common with tokens in the memecoin niche.

Additional reasons for the project to generate interest as the best private sale in the market right now is staking. With the addition of this utility, long-term holding is incentivized as holders will get access to lucrative APY rewards.

These attributes have allowed Scotty the AI to hit the ground running in its presale phase, which has already generated $420k till now.


Smog – New Solana-Based Viral Memecoin

Smog is a new Solana-based viral memecoin that went up the price chart as soon as it landed on Jupiter DEX, which aligns with how other Solana-based memecoins have performed in the past. Why we have added Smog to the list of private sales is that a select few were privy to its launch on Jupiter DEX before it dropped.

SMOG Best Cheap Crypto

However, the token’s viral action extended to newcomers as well, who bought it quickly and made 1500% returns on their investment within the first three hours it went live.

What makes Smog different from the remainder of the tokens, however, is its unique way of providing an airdrop. Veering from the randomized approach to dropping tokens to Smog holders, Smog has introduced a unique element to it. Essentially, Smog holders will need to complete quests and tasks in order to accumulate airdrop points. These points will be tallied, and SMOG tokens will be airdropped to them accordingly.

Smog has also included staking perks as well as an ETH-bridge to allow users to buy the tokens using ETH. Recently, the platform has turned on the facility to buy the tokens from the website.

The gaming approach complements the mystical narrative that Smog the dragon has introduced to the Solana ecosystem. That is one is the reasons this project has been gaining steam on the price charts and may soon get the attention of top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges.

You can explore more about this project by checking out this video from crypto YouTuber, Crypto Zeus.


Sponge V2 – Best Staking Memecoin Following the Success of Sponge V1

Sponge V2 has entered the world of private sales in a new way. Not only is it available to all Sponge V1 holders, but it is also available for new buyers looking for a memecoin with long-term benefits.

Sponge V2 Long-term token

The uniqueness of this token stems from how it is acquired. Existing Sponge V1 holders can stake their tokens and earn an equivalent number of Sponge V2 tokens. However, first-time buyers can buy and stake their tokens simultaneously.

The Sponge V2 token will launch once the bridge is complete. Once it does, investors can choose to extract their tokens and enjoy the short-term pump that will likely happen thanks to Sponge V1’s popularity. Or, they can hold their tokens and make passive gains over the course of four years.

With the APY for long-term Sponge V2 stakers starting at 40%, Sponge V2 is also one of the best staking cryptos to support.  Another upside comes from Sponge’s P2E mechanic, which rewards players with Sponge V2 tokens.

While a memecoin coming back with utility is nothing new in the crypto ecosystem, Sponge V2 is making a comeback with achievable utilities. That makes it a suitable investment for investors of all kinds. Interested parties can visit to learn more about this project.


eTukTuk – High Utility Project Still in its Presale Phase

Another project gaining attention for its excellent and innovative use case is the eTukTuk initiative. Despite being in its presale phase without a private sale, it is considered highly valuable by many due to the opportunity for significant gains, especially given its eco-friendly nature. eTukTuk seeks to revolutionize urban transportation in developing countries through the widespread adoption of electric tuk-tuks.


This green alternative not only addresses the pressing need to reduce emissions from conventional vehicles but also lays the groundwork for a holistic transition to cleaner and more sustainable urban mobility. The project aims to establish electric charging infrastructure and decentralized renewable energy sources, fostering a robust ecosystem alongside offering an actual EV. Blockchain technology and a sharing model further enhance platform efficiency and security, distinguishing it in the realm of sustainable transportation. Additionally, the project is poised to launch a play-to-earn (P2E) game, further bolstering the potential of TUK as an investment in the near future.

Despite being in its early presale phase for just a couple of weeks, eTukTuk has already raised over $500k and is nearing completion of its first presale stage. This indicates that investors looking to enter the project at a discounted rate and capitalize on its potential profitability during the launch should act promptly.


Frog Wif Hat – A Humorous Approach to Crypto Private Sales with Growth Potential

For enthusiasts exploring crypto private sales, Frog Wif Hat offers a distinctive entry with a blend of humor and investment potential. Inspired by the success of dogwifhat, Frog Wif Hat incorporates a French theme, portraying a frog character with a béret and a baguette. As a meme coin, represented by the $FWIF token, its value hinges on market speculation, and it positions itself without practical utility.

Frog Wif Hat

The $FWIF token, comprising 1 billion in total supply, distinguishes itself with a fair launch and the absence of a presale. Importantly, the development team holds no tokens, instilling confidence in the project’s transparency. A locked liquidity pool, securing over $343,000 in Frog Wif Hat, underscores the commitment to financial security.

Operating initially on Ethereum, Frog Wif Hat’s strategic roadmap includes a phase for integration with the Solana network. This expansion aims to broaden its market reach. Transaction tax-free transfers and a nominal 0.3% Uniswap trading commission contribute to its accessibility.

For those eyeing private sales, Frog Wif Hat’s micro-cap status and growth potential may present an intriguing opportunity. However, investors are urged to exercise due diligence and recognize the speculative nature inherent in meme coins, especially those in private sale settings. Prudent evaluation of the project’s details and its alignment with investment goals is advised.


Bitcoin Minetrix – Private Sale Crypto with an Innovative Mining Concept

Embarking on its mission to rejuvenate the Bitcoin mining landscape, Bitcoin Minetrix emerges as an innovative project in 2024‘s crypto private sales. This project endeavors to breathe new life into the world of Bitcoin mining by providing a cloud mining environment, effectively reducing entry barriers, enhancing security measures, and eliminating upfront payments. This visionary approach aims to tackle the enduring concerns surrounding Bitcoin mining, presenting a promising future for this industry.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix takes center stage in the mining space, fueled by its ambitious goal to revolutionize the Bitcoin mining sector. By introducing a cloud mining environment, the platform addresses age-old challenges by lowering entry barriers, heightening security protocols, and eschewing upfront payments. In doing so, Bitcoin Minetrix endeavors to pave the way for a new era in Bitcoin mining.

Through the introduction of a cloud mining environment, the platform strategically reduces entry hurdles, fortifies security measures, and dispenses with upfront payments. This innovative approach signals a potential turning point for Bitcoin mining. At the time of writing, the project is seeing a surge in demand from its presale, which means that it may be a great time to stock up on the tokens for gains in the upcoming days.


Meme Kombat – Gamefi Project Set to Explode in 2024

Meme Kombat steps into the arena of private sales, introducing a unique fusion of dynamic battle scenarios and the captivating world of memes. This innovative gaming platform emerges as a prime contender in the realm of emerging crypto ventures, offering an interactive Player vs. Player betting feature for customized battle experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Shiba Inu, PEPE Dogecoin, and other prominent meme coins, Meme Kombat showcases meme avatars engaging in high-octane battles within an AI-powered arena. Players who wager on the victorious avatar have the chance to claim substantial rewards.

Meme Kombat

Operated by the native cryptocurrency token $MK, users can place bets on meme battles, vie for tokens, and secure attractive prizes. Furthermore, $MK tokens can be staked, yielding an impressive annual percentage yield of 112%. With battle outcomes determined by advanced AI and blockchain technologies, Meme Kombat guarantees a level playing field for all participants.

The private sale offers access to 50% of the total $MK tokens prior to the platform’s official launch. Anticipated as one of the foremost private sales opportunities for early investors in 2024, Meme Kombat sets a hard cap of $10,000,000, with tokens currently available at $1.667 each.

Buy $MK

What are Crypto Private Sales and How Do They Work?

Without a doubt, private crypto sales are one of the best ways to gain capital with cryptocurrencies. However, before putting your money into a private crypto sale, you should learn what private sales are and how they work. In this section, we will describe private crypto sales and introduce to you how to buy cryptos during private crypto sales. 

Private crypto sales are conducted during the earliest stages of crypto presales. They are usually followed by public crypto sales and are carried out for a specific group of investors. In some cases, these presales can be held secretly by the general public but in most cases they are open and everyone can buy them. During private crypto sales, you can purchase coins or tokens at extreme discounts. 

The main goal of crypto project developers in private crypto sales is to attract early investors and raise capital for their projects. Instead, investors get cryptos at very low prices and have the chance to sell them and gain money when it is listed on crypto exchanges and when it is traded at higher prices. So, how to participate in private crypto sales?

These presales are usually held for a couple of months or more and you will have plenty of time to buy tokens. However, there is a limited number of tokens planned to sell during the private sales and when the token is sold out the private sale phase closes before the deadline, so you need to be careful not to lose the opportunity. 

To buy cryptocurrency during the private crypto sale, first, visit the website of the crypto and explore the project, find out what it offers, how it works, what is the team behind the project and any other information that can help you to understand if the project can be a success. After then clear out what cryptos can be used to buy the token and buy some of them. 

Once you have the tokens you can swap with the targeted crypto, link your wallet to the platform and make the purchase filling in the number of tokens you want to buy. When the crypto is officially listed, you will immediately get your tokens in your wallet. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the private sales to know how and when your coins will be available for you.

What Are the Best Ways to Find Crypto Private Sales?

Below we have introduced some of the most effective ways to find the best crypto private sales.  

Search on Forums

Crypto forums can be a good source to learn about private sales as many enthusiasts share a lot of information about cryptocurrency news. You can find 4-5 forums that are quite active and follow the comments to be aware of the latest projects conducting private sales. However, it is important to note that you should do extra research and not only rely on the information provided on forums. If you like the project, do a quick research about the project and if you find it promising, only after that take part in the token private sale. 

Explore Social Media

Social media platforms are also quite active and dynamic, so find out the best pages, channels, or blogs devoted to cryptocurrency news and ICOs and follow them. Reddit and Twitter are the most popular social platforms where you can find such information. Tiktok is another. You can use the appropriate hashtags or search them through keywords. You can also subscribe to certain hashtags and get alerts when something new is posted about that topic. 

Find Platforms that Post about the Upcoming Private Sales

Specialized ICO platforms are another informative source to find out the best private crypto sales. These platforms usually post about the latest and hottest private sales so you will find information about the sale, including its start and end time, private sale price, how many tokens are sold during that stage, how many stages will be conducted, what is the maximum and minimum amount you can invest, etc. 

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Crypto Private Sales?

Crypto private sales can be quite risky as you buy tokens of a project which is not been launched yet and you don’t know if it will succeed or not. So why invest in crypto private sales? Here are some of the ways you can benefit from investing in crypto during its private stages of coin offering.

You Can Buy Tokens at High Discounts

As long as the crypto private sale is the first stage of the presale conducted by a particular project, tokens are offered at the lowest price during this stage. Then its value increases over the next presale events. Eventually, it goes official and gets listed on crypto exchanges being traded at an even higher price. 

It means that one of the best things about investing in crypto during the private sale event is that you have the chance to get it at extremely high discounts. Once the cheap crypto you hold is then listed at a higher price, you can sell your tokens and gain rewards. However, if you believe that the project you invested in will continue growing and the prices will increase highly over some time, you can not sell them immediately after it gets listed on an exchange but wait till the most perfect time for you. 

Early Investors Can Get Benefits

As one of the early investors, you can also get some benefits when the project is launched. You can be airdropped more tokens, get membership cards, have access to some of its services, be able to buy tokens at discounts even after the presale, etc. 

The Project You Invested in Can Become Popular

Another important factor to take into account is that you can not only benefit from selling the token and making money but also use the tokens to do various things on its platform. For example, a lot of Metaverse projects are launching with play-to-earn elements which incorporate having fun and earning rewards. And your tokens can help you integrate into the ecosystem of that project, build your avatar, buy items for them, participate in contests and win awards which can be later exchanged for real money. 


This guide analyzed the best crypto private sales to invest in right now. We have also included three of the most popular and newly launched cryptocurrency projects that have already ended their private sale. However, they have just been listed on crypto exchanges and are still traded at low prices. Hence, it is a good time to invest in those projects quickly, easily, and with little money.

The guide also explains what crypto private sales are and how they work, where to find the best crypto presales, and whether they are a good investment or not. Finally, we have finished the article with a complete guide on how to buy AI tokens from the presale. However, our top recommended crypto project that is currently conducting its private sale is Green Bitcoin, which has major potential for growth in 2024, thanks to its fundamentally strong product. 

Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
  • Contract Audited by Coinsult
  • Early Access Presale Live Now -
  • Predict To Earn - Featured In Cointelegraph
  • Staking Rewards & Token Bonuses
  • $1+ Million Raised
Green Bitcoin


What is a crypto private sale?

When a particular crypto project is about to launch the team usually conducts a private sale or an ICO before the coin is officially launched and listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a win-win situation for both - the investor and the seller. While investors get the chance to buy a certain amount of crypto at discounts, project owners succeed in raising capital for the further development of the project.

What is the difference between ICOs and crypto private sales?

ICO stands for the initial coin offering, and similar to private sales it is also conducted before the launch of a cryptocurrency. The main difference between these two is that private sale usually targets a special group of investors, VCs, and is not accessible to the general public, while ICO provides open access to the public.

What is the best crypto private sale to invest in right now?

Our top crypto private sale list includes Green Bitcoin, Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat, TG.Casino, and yPredict, and some recently completed ones now listed on Uniswap.

How do I know if a particular crypto private sale is legit?

Obviously, not all the crypto private sales are legit and many of them just want to trick you to invest in their project and steal your money. If you don’t want to lose your money investing in speculative crypto private sales you need to do proper research before buying any crypto private sale. You can get familiar with their white paper, roadmap, and the team that is working on the project, read the opinions of experts about the project, etc.