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Best TikTok Crypto Projects to Buy in 2023 – Top 10 List

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms and many crypto projects have started to utilize it to promote their products and tokens. But what are the most trending crypto projects on TikTok? In this guide, we review a top ten list of the best TikTok cryptos to buy right now.
Top TikTok Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022
Top TikTok Crypto Projects to Buy in 2022

With thousands of cryptocurrencies in the market, it becomes a near to impossible task to browse the whole list by yourself and find the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. That is why you need to find other ways of finding top cryptos to buy based on the latest trends. Social media is one of the best options when it comes to selecting the best crypto projects. Platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok may give you the best clue about which crypto assets are worth investing in as they are considerably trending among investors. 

Of course, there is a myriad of cryptos recommended on Twitter and TikTok, including not-so-popular options. Hence, you need to check out whether these projects are promoted by large groups of people and have strong communities. In this guide, we have introduced the best cryptocurrencies to buy on TikTok for 2023. These crypto are currently trending in social media and have an excellent potential to grow in the future. 

Most Trending TikTok Cryptos to Buy in March 2023

Here is a quick list of the top Tiktok cryptocurrencies that we recommend buying in 2023 for those who do not want detailed reviews. Next to each cryptocurrency you will also find its short description indicating the section it refers to and which industries it can bring innovations into. For those who are looking for detailed descriptions of each crypto project, we have reviewed all of them separately in the sections following. 

  1. Love Hate InuA Great TikTok Crypto in the Memecoin Genre
  2. FightOut (FGHT) – High Potential Fitness Oriented Crypto Popular on Tiktok
  3. C+Charge (CCHG) – Trending Tiktok Crypto with Massive Potential
  4. RobotEra (TARO): A Metaverse Crypto Trending on Tiktok
  5. Bitcoin (BTC) – The Largest Cryptocurrency that Halves Its Mining Supply Every Four Years
  6. Dogecoin (DOGE) – First Successful Meme Coin with an Army of Followers on TikTok
  7. Ethereum (ETH) – Smart Contract Crypto that is Expected to Merge with New Consensus Layer 
  8. Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Popular Meme Coin on TikTok with a Huge Army of followers
  9. Litecoin (LTC)  – Popular Crypto Project for Fast and Secure Transactions

Top TikTok Cryptos to Buy Reviewed – Full List

For those who want to learn details about the TikTok trending cryptocurrencies included in our recommendation list, we have prepared this section. Here we will discuss all the cryptos separately, describe their projects, introduce them to their native coins, and list their use cases. Apart from selecting them among the trending cryptocurrencies on TikTok, we have also researched all the projects and included the ones that have the potential for growth with low risk. 

Love Hate Inu – A Great TikTok Crypto in the Memecoin Genre

Love Hate Inu is a leading cryptocurrency to have come out this year in the memecoin genre. This asset uses the social aspects popularized by memecoin and funnels them into another social utility – decentralized autonomous organizations.

Love Hate Inu Tik Tok Crypto

Love Hate Inu is a different type of crypto DAO project since it leverages the DAO aspects to create online polls that users can vote on and earn rewards from.

Voting is done by staking the native LHINU tokens, and in return, users earn tokens as rewards. Users who have accumulated enough LHINU tokens can also create their own polls. nature of which can be anything from political, social or entertainment niche.

There are 100 billion tokens in total, and the devs have dedicated 90% of it – 90 billion – to the presale. Since devs have removed anything that could make Love Hate Inu a pump-and-dump project, people are gravitating toward this asset.

Love Hate Inu has raised close to $500 million within a short span of time, and its eight-stage presale is going out fast. Visit the official website – – to join this unique M2E project today.

Visit Love Hate Inu presale

FightOut (FGHT) – High Potential Fitness Oriented Crypto Popular on Tiktok

One of the most trending crypto projects on Tiktok at the moment is undoubtedly FightOut. The fitness-oriented initiative has managed to grab the attention of a massive chunk of the investing citizenry, thanks to its use case and highly innovative concept. Despite being a newly launched project, FightOut has positioned itself as a cryptocurrency worth holding in one’s portfolio already.

FightOut training routines

FightOut aims to bring together fitness enthusiasts and members of the crypto community and create an ecosystem where both can learn more about the other domain. For instance, a fitness enthusiast will become acquainted with the idea of crypto and NFTs, while the crypto enthusiast will be able to get guided lessons, and workout routines to help them develop their body. The initiative is actualized by integrating the M2E concept, which is something that many seem to have done previously. But an important thing to note is that none have garnered the kind of attention that FightOut has been gaining at the moment.

FGHT, FightOut’s native token is an excellent investment choice for all the right reasons. As a token that powers such a utility-driven project, FGHT has massive potential for growth in the upcoming days.

Fight Out has already raised close to $6 million, and the listing date of 31st March 2023 is drawing close. Visit the official website to enter this presale before time runs out.

Visit FightOut Presale

C+Charge: Trending Tiktok Crypto with Massive Potential

c-charge nft

TikTok may not be the best place for investment advice, but it can be a great place to discover new projects. C+Charge is among the many projects that have been popping up on the platform recently.

C+Charge is a cryptocurrency project that aims to improve the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience and incentivize the adoption of EVs. The platform’s mobile app helps users find charging stations near their location and pay for charging using C+Charge’s native cryptocurrency, CCHG.

The app also rewards EV drivers with carbon credits for each charge. Carbon credits are permits that allow the holder to emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, as they represent funding for projects that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

C+Charge is selling CCHG tokens in a presale in four phases, with the price increasing in each phase. The maximum supply of CCHG tokens is one billion, with various allocations for the presale, ecosystem, community, advisors and partners, founders, environmental and charitable causes, and exchange liquidity.

C+Charge has successfully raised close to $3 million in its presale round and the conclusion this presale is 31st March 2023. Invest today before you lose your chance.

Visit C+Charge Presale

RobotEra: A Metaverse Tiktok Crypto

RobotEra has all the right elements to make it the trending TikTok cryptocurrency at the moment. With an amazing storyline and a robot-themed metaverse, it might gel well with the target audience of TikTok, which mostly are Gen Z and Millennials.

RobotEra Best TikTok Crypto


RobotEra’s ability to combine gameplay, ownership, earning, trading, and creating a sense of community into a single project is just the right recipe for the TikTok audience.

The storyline of RobotEra begins with the people of Tero, which underwent a recent catastrophe due to which the indigenous people and the elderly robots died in a conflict between the two sides. Only 10,000 different-shaped robots survived and were awakened after the big bang with thoughts and emotions and they will be rebuilding this planet.

Moreover, being a blockchain sandbox game that features a customizable platform for the players to customize their robots at their own discretion.

With a rich backstory, richer gameplay, and opportunities for the players to earn via staking, trading, mining, transactions, and land management, RobotEra has a rich future in front of itself.

Visit RobotEra

Bitcoin – The Largest Crypto that Halves Its Mining Supply Every Four Years

Considered the driver of the whole cryptocurrency market by many people, Bitcoin is the first virtual currency and the largest cryptocurrency by its market capitalization. If you take a look at its price graphs, you will see a curve near the end of 2021. It was then when Bitcoin hit its all-time high reaching $65,000. Hitting this price, Bitcoin became the first and the only crypto to ever reach $1 trillion by its market cap. It has significantly decreased after that but still leads the chart and will increase again once the crypto market recovers. 

The cryptocurrency was launched in 2009 as an alternative to the traditional payment system. It offers decentralized, secure, and peer-to-peer money transfers without the interference of any third party such as banks, governments, and other entities. Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous person or a group of people is responsible for founding Bitcoin which pioneered in the market and paved the way for thousands of other cryptocurrency projects. 


It got viral over the next decade and has become extremely popular even among such people who have never dealt with DeFi or cryptocurrencies. Companies started to accept it as a payment method and many companies even pay salaries in Bitcoin. Bitcoin ATMs sprung out in different parts of the world that help you to cash out your BTCs or buy new ones. 

But why is Bitcoin so popular when there are several other projects that are more advanced and offer faster transactions? First of all, Bitcoin is the first which is already somehow associated with its success. Another reason is its supply and demand ratio. It is not a secret that if there is a high demand for something with a low supply its value increases. This is the case with Bitcoin. 

It has a maximum supply of 21 million coins 19 million of which are already mined. Mining Bitcoin is not an easy task and it is becoming harder and harder over the years as its mining supply is halved every four years. The high costs of its mining process, its pioneering technology, huge demand for the coin, and its low supply make it the most valuable coin in the market. See our full guide on how to buy Bitcoin online.

Buy Bitcoin

Your capital is at risk.

Dogecoin – First Successful Meme Coin with an Army of Followers on TikTok

Dogecoin is the first successful meme coin project that started as a joke without any intentions of becoming a serious cryptocurrency project. In 2013 Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus created Dogecoin to make fun of the hype that was going on around the whole cryptocurrency market. They wanted to bring some sarcasm into the crypto world and took the popular meme depicting the Shiba Inu dog and some phrases written in broken English. Hence they came up with the name Doge which is the broken version of the word “dog.” They also took the Shiba Inu image as the project’s logo. 


Before 2017 nothing interesting had happened with the coin. Benefiting from the hype surrounding speculative assets, Dogecoin managed to get some value. However, the hype ended soon and Dogecoin lost its value again. If you look at Dogecoin’s price history you will see that it has been boring since 2021. In 2021, Dogecoin’s value increased unbelievably, which was due to the fact that the meme coin got advertised by several celebrities. 

However, Elon Musk was most responsible for the coin’s popularity as he kept on tweeting about Dogecoin regularly. Due to it, Doge hit its all-time high reaching $0.68 in April 2021. The prices dropped quickly after it as the whole crypto market was suffering at that time. However, its prices are significantly lower compared to its all-time high Dogecoin is still valued several times higher than its initial price before getting popular. 

Dogecoin uses a similar blockchain as Bitcoin uses – it can be mined through its proof of work consensus mechanism. However, unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin does not have a capped supply and there are more than 132.6 billion DOGE coins circulating. The cryptocurrency is among the 10 largest cryptos by market cap. Dogecoin has a huge army of followers that make it popular on social media. So, there is a huge community supporting Doge which makes it a popular crypto on TikTok.

Buy Dogecoin

Your capital is at risk.

Ethereum – Smart Contract Crypto that is Expected to Merge with New Consensus Layer

Ethereum is an extremely popular blockchain project and the second largest cryptocurrency by its market capitalization. It is also largely supported on TikTok and has the potential to become the best TikTok crypto after undergoing the expected upgrades. It uses a programmable blockchain that developers and enterprises can use to create decentralized applications. The core features of this platform are security, decentralization, and scalability.

The idea of creating Ethereum belongs to Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian-Russian computer programmer who has become incredibly popular in the DeFi world. He proposed that blockchain technology is capable of more than just being used as a secure method for peer-to-peer money transfers.


Vitalik published Ethereum’s white paper in 2014 and launched the platform with Joe Lubin in 2015. The team conducted a presale in 2014 during which it sold 50 million ETH for the first 14 days (2000 ETHs were equal to 1 BTC at that time). 

The core mechanism underlying the Ethereum blockchain is the idea of smart contracts through which developers can create decentralized apps. Ethereum has become so popular over time that it is now among the main blockchain platforms used to create dApps. Ethereum hosts almost 3000 decentralized applications, including metaverse games, NFTs, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum blockchain currently uses the same consensus mechanism that is used by Bitcoin – proof of work. It has miners who are responsible for creating new blocks and they get rewarded for their service in ETHs. However, Ethereum plans an upgrade for its blockchain which is called a consensus layer. It plans to change its consensus mechanism to Proof of Stake which incredibly differs from the PoW.


Ethereum Merge Release Date #ethereum #cryptok #cryptocurrency #crypto #btc #money #invest #fyp not financial advice.

♬ Epic – Joystock

Proof of Stake requires Ethereum holders to lock a certain amount of the ETHs that they are holding if they want to become a validator. Then the network randomly selects validators who get rewarded in ETHs for their job. Read our full guide on how to buy Ethereum online.

Buy Ethereum

Your capital is at risk.

Shiba Inu – Popular Meme Coin on TikTok with a Huge Army of Followers

Along with the popularity of Dogecoin, several other meme cryptocurrencies were created including the Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. It is the second most popular meme coin after Dogecoin and is often referred to as the “Dogecoin killer”. Shiba is similar to Dogecoin in several aspects. First of all, they both emerged as joke cryptocurrencies and do not offer any real-world solutions to the DeFi world. Second, they both use the Shiba Inu dog as their symbol (Dogecoin has its image on its logo). And these two meme coins are considered competitors and both have their armies. 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu was launched in 2022, by an anonymous man or group who call themselves “Ryoshi.” According to Ryoshi, the main idea was to create a cryptocurrency that would be completely governed by the community. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and its native token SHIB is an ERC-20 token. Ryoshi explains that Ethereum already provides a safe and scalable blockchain and there is no need to build their own. They even gifted 50% of the initial SHIB tokens to Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin for safekeeping. However, Vitalik donated most of the tokens to a COVID-19 fund and burnt the remaining 40% of the tokens. 

After launching, Shiba Inu published its whiter paper which is referred to as “Woof paper” by the Shiba community. It introduces the project’s roadmap for the next few years. According to it, the project issues three types of tokens – SHIB, BONE, and LEASH. SHIB is the most popular token among these three and it has a circulating supply of 549 trillion tokens. It is among the 15 largest cryptos by its market capitalization. 

Shiba’s popularity is mostly based on the promotions led by its army of followers who call themselves “Shibarmy”. The SHIB token’s main page on Twitter has almost 3.5 million followers. While many traders consider SHIB a dead token it is still trending on TikTok and is among the most advertised cryptocurrencies.

Buy Shiba Inu

Your capital is at risk.

Litecoin – Popular Crypto Project for Fast and Secure Transactions

If you are looking for a bitcoin-like cryptocurrency to diversify your portfolio Litecoin is the best choice. It was founded in 2011 by former Google engineer Charlie Lee with the aim to offer an alternative to Bitcoin but with a mining system that would not allow enterprises to monopolize the mining. Though Litecoin could not achieve this goal it reshaped itself into a payment system pretty much similar to Bitcoin.


Hence, Litecoin is a proof-of-work-based cryptocurrency forked from Bitcoin and it is often referred to as “the lite version of bitcoin” by its founder. The main difference between these two cryptocurrencies is the hashing mechanism. While Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 mechanism, Litecoin uses the Scrypt mechanism which allows Litecoin to process transactions faster. Consequently, transactions on the Litecoin network are conducted four times faster than those of Bitcoin. 

As Litecoin works based on the Proof-of-work protocol, it means that miners should create blocks that contain information about transactions. As a reward, they get new Litecoins with every block they mine. But Litecoin has a low limited supply and that is why the number of LTC rewarded with each block is halved every four years. The last halving took place in 2019 when LTCs granted for each mined block were reduced to 12.5 from 25. The next halving is expected in 2023. 

The maximum supply of the cryptocurrency is 84 million coins and 84% of the LTCs are already mined. As Litecoin has a limited supply and most of the coins are already mined it has great potential to grow once it gains high popularity and the demand for LTC increases. Currently, Litecoin is the 21st largest crypto with a market cap of almost $3.7 million. Though Bitcoin is more valuable and popular than Litecoin, the second one is more affordable and provides faster transactions. For this reason, it can be considered a great alternative to BTC for fast and small payment transactions.

Buy Litecoin

Your capital is at risk.

Other Ways to Find Crypto Coins on Social Media

Finding the most trending cryptocurrencies on TikTok may be a good way of getting new investment ideas and finding out the top trending cryptos to buy. However, these recommendations are limited by short videos and you cannot find any advanced tools or analyses on TikTok to learn more about the recommended cryptocurrencies. But there are other social media platforms that can be useful for this purpose.


Twitter is among the most active social platforms where you can get multiple trading ideas. First, you can follow the official pages of those crypto projects, learn about how big and active their audiences are, and be notified about their recent news and upgrades. Additionally, you can join different crypto communities, be aware of the latest crypto trends and follow the opinions of expert crypto traders.


Reddit is another active social platform where you can find a lot of crypto investment recommendations. There are several subreddits regarding cryptocurrencies and DeFi that you can join, participate in discussions, get the latest news about the market and find out which cryptos are the best to purchase. You can find a number of Reddit groups to follow in our guide to the top cryptocurrencies to buy on Reddit. 

Where to Buy and Trade Trending TikTok Crypto Coins?

Buy ETHAfter researching social media trends and selecting which cryptocurrencies you want to invest in, you will need to find a platform where you can purchase crypto. You can buy cryptos on crypto exchange platforms and online brokers that will take care of conducting your contracts and delivering your coins to your exchange wallet. Having a large selection of online brokers you may be confused about which one to select.

Our most recommended online brokerage platform is eToro. Below are some features that make eToro an excellent broker to buy cryptos with. 

  • The platform charges competitive trading fees: you need to pay a 1% fee for each crypto transaction you make, plus buy/sell bids.
  • It is extremely safe and is powered by highly effective security mechanisms. 
  • eToro is a highly regulated platform which makes it a trustworthy broker.
  • The platform supports a good selection of assets – it lists Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Shiba Inu, and several other popular altcoins. 
  • You can start buying cryptos on eToro for as low as $20. 
  • The platform is highly functional and rich with multiple trading tools suited for beginners. 
  • Among its newest tools are Smart Portfolios which enables you to build thematic crypto portfolios quickly and easily. 


To conclude, TikTok is an excellent way of getting fresh ideas about crypto investments. However, it may offer a lot of options and you may find it hard to understand which one is a good investment. Hence, we have made a list to introduce top cryptocurrencies on TikTok and reviewed each crypto project separately to help you with your choice. 

While the last few cryptocurrencies on our list have already listed their tokens officially and are quite well-established, the first few projects are completely new. One of them is Love Hate Inu, which is a memecoin project that uses DAO concepts to create the world’s first Vote-to-Earn platform.

Love Hate Inu - Newest Meme Coin


Love Hate Inu
  • Decentralized Polling - Vote to Earn
  • Early Access Presale Live Now
  • Ethereum Chain
  • Featured in Yahoo Finance
  • Mint Memes of Survey Results as NFTs
  • Staking Rewards
  • Viral Potential, Growing Community
Love Hate Inu


Is TikTok a good place to find crypto projects?

Yes, TikTok can be an excellent source to find out the most trending cryptocurrencies and learn about them with short introductory videos. However, it should not be the only place to look for investment ideas. You need to examine other platforms and use sophisticated tools to find out which crypto can be a good investment.

Does TikTok use Bitcoin?

Currently, TikTok does not use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Nor does it rely on blockchain technology as a basis for its platform.

Can you buy and sell NFTs on TikTok?

You can’t buy and sell NFTs directly through TikTok, but you can follow the platform to find out the best NFTs and buy them on other platforms.

What is the most trending cryptocurrency on TikTok right now?

Among the most popular cryptocurrencies that are currently trending on TikTok are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Among the new crypto projects, Love Hate Inu seem to have the most popularity on TikTok.