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Top Trending Meme Coins – PETS, FLOKI, TAMA, QUACK, BABYDOGE

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Should I buy Tamadoge
Should I buy Tamadoge

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If you suggested meme coins as an investment to someone a few years back, they’d probably laugh it off. But over time, they’ve grown to become some of the most popular investment options, offering mind-blowing returns to investors.

Today, there are hundreds of meme coins and it’s tough not to get lost in between so many options and miss out on the next hit. But we won’t let that happen. To help your portfolio shine brighter, we’ve compiled a list of trending meme coins that we think are worth noticing.

Top Trending Meme Coins


MicroPets is one of the cutest NFTs on the Binance Chain, presented in adorable pets available to trade and stake. Users interested in purchasing the NFTs can access the platform and buy a box with MicroPets tokens that contain a random NFT and wager rewards. Naturally, the rarer a pet is, the more value it has.


Users can then decide to either stake these NFTs for MicroPets rewards proportional to the provided stake multiplier, or decide to trade it for $PETS in return. $PETS is the native token of MicroPets, used to perform all the transactions on the platform.

As a pet owner, not only can you trade your NFT for $PETS in return, but also trade it for a desirable replacement. Additionally, the team is also expanding into a MicroPets ecosystem, where users will be able to lock their pets for 14 days and allow them to grow into more powerful NFTs. Improving the chances of earning rewards for the users.

The team has also announced a P2P game they’re planning to launch by partnering with a development company called Cubix. Users will be able to play this game and earn rewards as they progress. Increasing the earning potential from MicroPets NFTs.

MicroPets comes out to be an amazing investment opportunity, more so because the barrier to entry is so low that anyone can own $PETS tokens, irrespective of the money they have.

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As per the whitepaper, “Floki ecosystem is a community-powered ecosystem that aims to give people control of their finances through four key utility offerings”. These offerings are an NFT metaverse game, a crypto education platform, DeFi and FlokiPlaces. The particular emphasis, apart from the FLOKI token, is to fill the education gap with crypto.


Floki is a good investment as it has performed quite well since its launch and has a fully diluted market cap of more than $100 million. It’s known to increase more than 10x in a matter of two days after a tweet by Elon Musk was posted with the caption “Floki has arrived”.

The coin was created in 2020 and the creators remain anonymous. Despite that, the coin has received some serious attention. As of today, it is trading at $0.00001035 according to

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Rick Quack is a hyper Deflationary token designed to incentive users through “self-generated automatic liquidity”. The coin follows the formula of applying massive transaction fees on every transaction and thus providing incentives for the users.


Four percent of this transaction fee is distributed to the holders, the other four percent is added to the liquidity pool to create a price floor, the other two percent goes to the developer and the remaining two percent is burnt.

The project aims to build a publishing platform and a jackpot lottery that offers bonuses every hour, throughout the month.

The project currently has a market cap of over $40 million and is trading at $0.0000000009454.

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Baby Doge is essentially a replica of Dogecoin, that presents itself as a community token for the fans and members of the Dogecoin community. It’s similar to the Shiba Inu token as well, where it bears an identical symbol on its tokens.

Byu Baby Doge
Source: TradingView

Baby Doge works on a staking system where more coins are added to the wallet of a user with every single transaction. Plus, it has much faster transaction fees when compared to other Doge currencies. For every trade, a 10% fee will be charged. Of which 5% will be distributed to all the Baby Doge investors and 5% will be allotted to the liquidity pool with the Binance coin on PancakeSwap.

The project is quite ambitious and plans to get listed on multiple crypto exchanges, launch a decentralized crypto swap, offer credit card payments, create a wallet to track rewards and start an NFT marketplace.

While Baby Doge may not be the best option for a long-term investment, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for something short-term. Otherwise, this coin can be skipped as well.

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Tamadoge is arguably the best meme coin in this list, if not the best meme coin when it comes to the value proposition it offers. Essentially, Tamadoge is a play-to-earn crypto game, where users can buy, sell and raise their Tamadoge pets and compete with each other to achieve a higher ranking on the leaderboard.

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Buyers are often skeptical of meme coins because most of them hardly provide any utility, and this is where Tamadoge outshines every other meme coin. It’s packed with a lot more utility than other crypto projects revolving around the same doge theme such as BabyDoge or Floki.

The primary way Tamadoge provides utility to its users is through Tamadoge pets. These pets are in the form of NFTs, which increase in levels as owners take care of their pets by purchasing items from the Tamadoge store. As the pet levels up, the player increases their ranking. The better rank a player has, the better chunk of the reward they receive.

This way the users are constantly engaged in the Tamadoge ecosystem, purchasing items and helping reduce the supply of TAMA tokens with the burn mechanism. Additionally, players can interact with each other in the Tamaverse, incentivising the users to participate, and creating a strong community.

The project is undergoing a pre-sale right now and has raised more than $8 million in a short span of time. This is enough testament to how excited investors are about the project. Of all the projects mentioned so far, Tamadoge unquestionably comes out to be the best.

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