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How to Buy Calvaria (RIA) – Beginner’s Guide

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Calvaria is an upcoming Ethereum-based play-to-earn gaming platform that will provide players with the chance to compete in P2E combat for real money.

With staking pools, NFT cards and modifications, and a decentralized structure, it provides players with a sense of accountability over the game while also providing a fresh setting for it (DAO).

It’s no secret that blockchain-based games are one of the most exciting developments in the world of play-to-earn gaming in the world of cryptocurrency.

With the world becoming more and more digital, the ability to control one’s own virtual goods in games is becoming increasingly crucial.

Currently, in pre-sale, Calvaria has the potential to become popular among players of Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Spellfire, and Hearthstone, making the game’s native token a sound investment. 

All the information players really have to know about Calvaria, including where to buy tokens (RIA) and how to use them can be found on Calvaria’s website.

More on Calvaria

A unique play-to-earn crypto card game, Calvaria is a platform where players create and battle with unique decks. Each card features a different powerful and special ability-wielding figure from the Calvaria realm. Victorious players in Calvaria wars are rewarded with RIA tokens.

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The creators of Calvaria have created a fantasy world full of unique personalities. The mythology of the game describes Calvaria as a battle between three factions of monsters for supremacy in the afterlife. Calvaria cards feature 3D illustrations of all of the playable characters, and only a select number of each character’s vehicle design has been produced.

Calvaria’s playing cards are all NFTs, giving card enthusiasts full ownership of their collections. Players may earn money from trading their decks in the Calvaria P2E marketplace, or they can use it to build a custom deck tailored to their play style.

Calvaria is a game that requires a lot of forethought and planning. This means that having the best deck is not a requirement for success in competition. It’s true that Calvaria shares certain similarities with other pay-to-play games like Spellfire, Splinterlands and Gods Unchained, but it also has many features that those other games lack.

The fact that players may join Calvaria at no cost is one of the game’s defining features. Calvaria is open to anybody, and everyone who joins receives a free beginning deck, no RIA tokens or NFTs are required. And because new players won’t even require a cryptocurrency wallet to join Calvaria, even card players who are unfamiliar with the blockchain gaming industry will be able to enjoy the game.

Importantly, Calvaria also features its own DAO. Those who hold the local crypto token, RIA, can participate in this DAO and help define the direction of Calvaria’s future. This is crucial since it gives the players agency over the game’s evolution.

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More on Calvaria Token (RIA)

A token that may be mined digitally, the Calvaria token (RIA) is the in-game currency of Calvaria, and familiarity with it is necessary for success in the game’s play-to-earn principles. Since RIA is a standard ERC-20 token, it may be transferred to and from any ERC-20-compatible cryptocurrency wallet with ease.

Calvaria Token Allocation

In the first place, players receive RIA as a prize for victorious fights in the world of Calvaria. Earning RIA is contingent upon player performance in ranked matches, monthly tournaments, and the narrative mode exploration of Calvaria.

In-game NFT cards may be purchased for RIA, which players can earn via gameplay or acquire from the presale or, at a later stage from another cryptocurrency exchange platform. They may improve their deck and their chances of winning fights, and hence their RIA, by purchasing new cards.

Or, they can use their RIA tokens as a wager. This prevents them from using their RIA to verify acts within the Calvaria game world. As a thank you, participants earn RIA token awards, which can be seen as a form of passive income. The stake pools and payouts for Calvaria have not been made public as of yet.

Last but not least, RIA operates as a sign of governance. Staking a certain amount of Calvaria grants a player right to vote inside the Calvaria DAO, giving them a vote in the direction taken by this cryptocurrency in the future.

A cryptocurrency pre-sale of the RIA token has begun. There will be a total quantity of 1 billion tokens, 300 million of which will be made available during the presale. A total of 250,000,000 tokens will be reserved for use in RIA staking pools.

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Why Should Calvaria Be Included In Your Investment Portfolio?

When it debuts in 2023, Calvaria will be one of the most intriguing new play-to-earn crypto games. The RIA cryptocurrency may also experience meteoric growth with its upcoming initial coin offering (ICO), much like the other crypto ICOs that experienced the same.

These are some of the reasons why Calvaria should demand your attention as of right now:

Great Growth Potential

RIA might see substantial price growth in the future. However, when more people sign up for Calvaria, the desire for RIA coins may rise, despite the fact that the overall quantity of RIA is fixed. Due to the need to use RIA to purchase things in the Calvaria platform and the possibility that several tokens may be held for staking, the price of RIA may rise if demand exceeds supply. 

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Calvaria’s future expansion is bolstered by a number of variables. Unlike other combat card games like Splinterlands and Spellfire, this one doesn’t cost anything to join! It’s also playable on mobile devices, and that makes it more available than Gods Unchained. Overall, Calvaria is now set up to be one of the most successful new P2E crypto games in this year.

You Can Make Money from This P2E Game

To put it simply, the more you play and win fights in Calvaria, the more RIA tokens you will receive as a reward. Players compete against one another in one-on-one matches or in monthly tournaments to earn RIA.

Players in Calvaria have an economic incentive to construct the most powerful decks possible.

Two approaches exist for this. Players that participate in the Calvaria pre-sale will have early access to the initial NFT drop, where a large number of powerful combat cards will be made available. Second, players who participated in the presale (or the later crypto ICO) may spend their RIA on NFT combat cards in the Calvaria marketplace, which can be one of the best NFT marketplaces when it arrives.

In any scenario, players need RIA to acquire the most effective fight cards and establish the groundwork for maximum cryptocurrency earnings. If you want to acquire RIA at the cheapest price possible, you should participate in the Calvaria presale.

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Crypto Staking Returns

By staking the RIA token in the blockchain, Calvaria generates rewards for its investors. Developers have not yet revealed staking levels or awards, however, Calvaria has pledged to allocate 250,000,000 tokens (25% of the entire supply) as a bonus for RIA investors who stake.

RIA has the potential to become a highly sought-after staking currency. In Calvaria, staking allows early investors to get an additional return from their RIA and allows battle winners to double their gains.

In addition, users that stake a certain number of RIA will be granted the right to vote in the Calvaria DAO, which is significant since voters may choose critical factors like the incentives that are offered for staking. Their ability to influence Calvaria’s future growth plans also has the potential to boost RIA’s value.

NFTs Have Potential for Better ROI

The Calvaria NFT cards are useful for more than just making purchases. It’s only natural that as more people join the game, there would be a greater demand for uncommon and effective NFT combat cards. Because of this, the value among such NFTs in the Calvaria platform is expected to increase, which is good news for those who got in on the ground floor of the Calvaria ICO and acquired the best cards in the initial phase of NFT drops.

Buy Calvaria through presale

As the value of NFTs traded on the Calvaria exchange rise, RIA may be used to buy them and keep them for the investor. Since the pricing for RIA tokens, even during Calvaria presale, is the lowest it will ever be right now, investing in RIA at this time might be a smart move for anyone looking to implement this plan.

How to Buy Calvaria Tokens

Calvaria’s native RIA coin is a promising new crypto asset for the year 2022. This token is the foundation of the Calvaria market and is required to acquire NFT combat cards from its platform. In addition to being utilized for staking and voting in the Calvaria DAO, RIA is also a means of stake ownership.

Those interested in participating in the Calvaria presale can purchase RIA tokens immediately as time is of the essence.  Follow these simple steps to start buying Calvaria tokens in the presale stage:

Create a Wallet

In order to access to Calvaria’s presale platform, investors need to have either a Trust or MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet. The RIA token may be stored in either of these wallets, which both handle ERC-20 tokens and are available for free download. You may download MetaMask for your Google Chrome, iOS or Android device by going to the MetaMask website.

Metamask Crypto Wallet

Invest In Ethereum or Tether

Calvaria’s RIA tokens may be purchased with either Tether or Ethereum. You can buy either token on a centralized cryptocurrency exchange and then move the coins to your digital wallet. There is a way to avoid this step as well. When it comes to RIA credit card payments, Calvaria has teamed up with Changelly. For a fee (gas fees), Changelly will change your credit card payments into Ethereum. While investors may purchase Calvaria tokens using a credit card, they will still need a crypto wallet.

Link Wallet to Platform

To participate in the pre-sale of Calvaria, navigate to the official site (beware of fake sites) and click on “Connect Wallet.” By choosing the wallet you downloaded earlier (MetaMask or Trust) the presale website will establish a connection with it.

Purchase Calvaria Tokens (RIA)

Now comes the time to buy some RIA. To do this, enter the desired amount of RIA and select whether you wish to purchase your RIA with ETH or USDT and realize the transaction. There is a minimum order of at least 1,000 RIA or around $10 to complete a transaction.

Calvaria Presale Live

Reclaim Tokens Post Presale

At the conclusion of the presale, Calvaria will distribute the tokens that have been bought. You’ll need to reconnect your cryptocurrency wallet to the presale site at that moment in order to get your newly purchased RIA.

Should you have any questions regarding the steps of purchasing the tokens, simply visit the Calvaria website to jumpstart your journey.

Is The Time Right To Invest In Calvaria?

The RIA token, the native currency of Calvaria, is now being sold in a cryptocurrency pre-sale. During the presale, anyone may acquire RIA so long as they purchase a minimum of 1,000 RIA (about $10).

There will be a total of 300,000,000 RIA tokens available for purchase during this cryptocurrency ICO, or 30% of the available quantity. A target of $300,000 has been set to fund the creation of the game. At this time, the RIA presale is in its first stages. In the initial phase of the presale, one USDT buys one hundred RIA, for a total cost of one cent per RIA. As each presale tier is completed, the value of RIA is likely to skyrocket to the moon.

Sneak-Peak into the Future of Calvaria’s Price

The Calvaria project is still in its development, stage and the RIA token presale is just getting started. Predictions concerning the future of this new coin are, however, extremely risky.

However, the presale of the Calvaria token RIA presale has been welcomed with open arms and is already making waves. If Calvaria’s initial exchange offering of RIA is successful, the price of RIA might skyrocket. Investors should keep in mind that there isn’t any assurance RIA will continue the same route, despite the fact that it is a trend followed by many leading firms.

Update – Calvaria has now passed the $1 million mark in its presale. See our latest Calvaria price prediction article.

Final Word

In the new crypto game Calvaria, players may earn RIA cryptocurrency by completing missions and battling with NFT trading cards. Staking RIA tokens in the Calvaria platform can create additional income for investors or be used to buy extra NFTs in the marketplace.

Compared to other P2E crypto games, Calvaria has various benefits. It costs you nothing, is a mobile-friendly platform which is compatible with both iOS and Android, and is packed with cryptocurrency investment benefits.

Now is the time to invest in Calvaria, as the RIA token is on sale during a presale at a significantly reduced pricing. To get RIA at this once in a lifetime price tag, visit the Calvaria pre-sale now at the link below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Calvaria Crypto Game All About?

In Calvaria, players construct decks of cards and compete in P2E matches to obtain rewards. Calvaria's combat cards are all non-fantasy type, giving players full control over their decks. In addition, when players win combat, they receive RIA, the money of Calvaria.

How Can You Get My Hands On The Calvaria Crypto Token?

Investors and players alike can participate in the ongoing presale for Calvaria's native crypto token, RIA. A minimum of 1,000 RIA, or about $10 in Ethereum or Tether, is required to participate in the presale. Prior to the first exchange offering, the presale provides the cheapest available pricing for RIA.

Is It Worth Investing In Calvaria?

The RIA coin issued by Calvaria is an option for investors because of the diversity of its return potential. Staking RIA generates passive income for investors, and using it to buy NFTs that might appreciate in value is another option. As more people join Calvaria, the value of the RIA token may rise as well.

Where Can You Buy the Calvaria Token (RIA)?

Calvaria is a newly designed play-to-earn online gaming platform, and its in-game money is called RIA. The Calvaria presale site, which is open to both investors and gamers, is accepting ETH and USDT as forms of payment for RIA purchases. The bare minimum to invest is $10 which is approximately 1,000 RIA.