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How to Buy Meta Masters Guild – MEMAG Token Tutorial

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The future of gaming is in the metaverse – but it should be worth the time for all players and developers involved. That is the thought behind the makers of Meta Masters Guild, the world’s first mobile-focused gaming guild that aims to bring fun decentralized games to the blockchain ecosystem – allowing players to have fun playing games while they earn.

Metamasters guild’s native token, $MEMAG,  is also shaping up to be an interesting presale cryptocurrency this year and has opened the doors of the beta phase of its presale, where you can buy it at a massive discount price of 0.007 USDT. The conclusion of the beta phase will increase the price of this crypto to 0.01 USDT. But should you invest in it?

This guide covers how to buy Meta Masters Guild while assessing its potential, its tokenomics, and why it may be the next big play-to-earn project this year.

How to Buy Meta Masters Guild – Quick Guide

Meta Masters Guild is a presale project which means that it is not yet available for sale on cryptocurrency exchanges. That gives investors a chance to become early movers and make gains from the price appreciation during the presale stages, even before the listing process begins. Following are the steps to buy this token in the private phase of the presale.

  1. Install the Metamask Wallet – The first step is to get a cryptocurrency wallet. Metamask wallet is suitable for those who don’t own a wallet yet. And for mobile users, Meta Masters Guild recommends Trust Wallet.
  2. Buy ETH or USDT – $MEMAG tokens can be bought using ETH or USDT. So head to a suitable cryptocurrency exchange – we recommend eToro – and buy one of these two tokens.
  3. Connect your wallet to the official website – The next step is to connect the wallet to the official Meta Masters guild website. Click on the “Connect Wallet” button on the home page.
  4. Buy Meta Masters Guild – Once your wallet is connected, swap your ETH or USDT for $MEMAG tokens. Fiat users can use Transak to buy ETH tokens using their debit/credit cards and then swap them for Meta Masters Guild tokens.

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What is Meta Masters Guild?

One of the biggest issues of the play-to-earn system is the lack of “fun” games to play. There is always a tug-of-war between focusing on the earning mechanics or the fun gameplay. Focusing too much on the earning aspects compromises the gameplay, and strict-gameplay focus has never been the forte of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

What is Meta Guild Masters

Meta Masters Guild takes a different approach with its mobile-centric Web 3 gaming guild. The devs behind this project want to create high-quality games integrated with the decentralized gaming ecosystem where players can earn rewards for contributing to the project.

“For the gamers, by the gamers” – is the philosophy that Meta Masters Games is going with, and thus focuses on a single currency to power everything within the ecosystem. Known as $MEMAG, this token will be swappable against the reward token of the platform – GEMS. Unlike other play-to-earn games where players need to go through many hoops to cash out their rewards, Meta Masters Guild gives players two choices:

  1. They can funnel their MEMAG earnings back into the ecosystem.
  2. Investors can cash out their MEMAG tokens as MATIC or USDT.

Meta Masters Guild is also a new-age token that doesn’t pigeonhole itself into doing one thing. It also offers other utilities for its native cryptos, such as staking and NFTs. These underlying DeFi and GameFi mechanics will likely entice the crypto crowd that seeks digital assets that are more than just another tradable coin. That fact alone makes Meta Masters Guild one of the best metaverse tokens available for presale.

Meta Masters Guild’s Principles Towards Blockchain Gaming

Crypto games have for so long been a pariah of the gaming sector, and the Non-crypto crowd has no interest in playing these games. To them, it is another way to extract money from gamers already fed up with rampant microtransactions in their games. But Meta Masters Guild follows principles that can potentially onboard multiple mainstream gamers in the blockchain space.

Meta Masters Guild Principles

Gameplay Before Anything

Meta Masters Guild has called this principle “Fun before anything”. The project has one goal – to create fun games with the potential to be lucrative to crypto gamers and fun for non-crypto gamers. With that in mind, the project promises that it won’t let tokenization, blockchain integration, and earning mechanics get in the way of fun. The devs aren’t beholden to blind optimism – they know that to create a stable GameFi economy, they need a stable player base. And to get a stable player base, they need games that can entice players to keep on playing. That makes the “fun” factor of blockchain games not a vanity but a necessity for the ecosystem.

Ownable Assets

“You can really own it” – that’s the idea behind most blockchain gaming projects in the market; Meta Guild Masters is no different. All the items you earn within the ecosystem will belong to you, and you can then trade them on the Polygon blockchain. Community ownership keeps the blockchain decentralized and players happy – one of many reasons why many experts are bullish about this unique project.

Games by Communities

The Meta Masters Guild exists to bring the community of developers and gamers together on the same page. Increased participation by the community will lead to the creation of better games. Also, the project wants the members to have a say in every phase of the project – that speaks volumes about Meta Masters Guild’s desire to make the games truly community-ownable.

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Playing and Earning

“There is a fundamental flaw in the concept of Play-to-Earn,” – say the developers of Meta Masters Guild. When all players play only to seek profit, the profits generated have to be divided among multiple people – which reduces the scale of rewards and damages the sustainability of the ecosystem. That is why Meta Masters Guild aims to provide genuinely high-quality games that people don’t just play to earn but for fun. Devs are extremely upfront that they want players to be willing to spend money on games, which they will only do if games are fun to play. Earning opportunities are naturally integrated with the platform, but it is the fun factor of the games that counts.

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How to Buy Meta Masters Guild – Complete Guide

Meta Masters Guild is one of the first presale projects of 2023 – but it is also one of the first projects we have covered with the potential to grow in value later that year. As we further deconstruct the value this project brings to the metaverse gaming space, you will know why this project is worth investing in. For now, here are the steps to buy $MEMAG – Meta Master Guild’s native token – on the presale.

Step 1 – Install the Metamask Wallet

Go to the official metamask website and download the Metamask wallet for your desktop. However, merely installing won’t be enough. You will also need to add Polygon to Metamask so that you can not only buy the tokens but can also use them to interact with the Meta Master Guild ecosystem properly. You can learn in detail about how to add Polygon to Metamask on the official Meta Master Guild website.

Install Metamask Wallet Meta MAsters Guild

Step 2 – Buy ETH or USDT

Go to the crypto trading platform of your choice and buy ETH or USDT, as one of these tokens is needed to swap for $MEMAG. While there are many options that you can choose from, we recommend eToro. It is beginner-friendly – making buying ETH easier, and has a low fee even for fiat users. Coinbase and Binance are also suitable options for buying these digital assets.

Buy ETH on eToro for Meta Masters Guild

Step 3 – Connect your wallet to the official website

Go to the official website of Meta Masters Guild and connect your wallet. You will get two options to choose from here – one for desktop and one for mobile. Pick anyone and follow the standard instructions to connect your wallet.

MEMAG coin presale

Step 4 – Buy Meta Masters Guild

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to buy $MEMAG by swapping ETH or USDT. Fiat users who didn’t buy these tokens from a crypto trading platform can instead use Transak on Meta Masters Guild to buy ETH or USDT through a debit or credit card.

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Meta Masters Guild – Answering the Call to Create a Player-owned Gaming Ecosystem

Meta Masters Guild is not the only metaverse cryptocurrency we have covered in the past. It has many of the same potentials that others showed. However, there are many reasons it differentiates itself from the standard crypto assets available in the market – and those come in the form of the reason behind this crypto’s existence.

The gaming industry, as you know, is extremely predatory. They bank upon a player’s addiction for gameplay to churn money out of them in the form of microtransactions. Think Diablo Immortal. This “free-to-play” game has had players spending upwards of $100k to buy better gear, get better loot, and get access to better zones.

In fact, there are certain “whale mechanics” built inside that game that are only accessible to big spenders. But here is one humbling truth that these spenders have started to realize.

All the assets from loot to gems to upgrade materials – nothing belong to the players. There are absolutely zero monetary benefits to them. 

And it doesn’t help that most of these gaming companies that are raking in billions of dollars every year don’t pay attention to player feedback. “They will play it because they are addicted” – that’s the business battle cry coming out of the corporate halls of these gaming companies – the blockchain space has now started to take notice.

The Case of CS-GO – A Traditional Gaming Project that Tried to Go beyond the Standard Economy

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the biggest competitive 1st person-shooter game right now. Even Valorant can’t hold a candle to it. But the reason Counter-Strike Global Offensive became more popular was not only gameplay – its skins also had a big role to play. One look at the Twitch archives, and you will see players selling their CS-GO skins, like platinum knives, dragon guns, etc., on third-party platforms for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People choose the third-party option because selling the skins on Steam only gives players steam credits they can use to buy skins or games. But with third-party platforms, flipping CS-GO skins became a great source of income. It was not long after, however, that Valve – developers of CS-GO – took notice and took legal action against players. It banned their accounts and removed their loot.

And since NFT games focus on the earning aspects so much, Steam has created a policy banning all NFT games from the platform. That current stance by Steam is damaging to players and the future of gaming in general – a future where corporate control is minimized and player ownership is promoted.

Meta Masters Guild is a Creating a Community-led Gaming Ecosystem

After seeing the current nature of traditional gaming industries, Meta Guild masters want to create a gaming system that gives players back for contributing to the gaming ecosystem. It has a totally open and fair in-game economy – allowing players to earn rewards, buy NFTs, contribute to the ecosystem, or cash out their winnings with ease.

Meta Masters Guild believes that the time will come when blockchain’s open in-game economy will take over traditional gaming. And while we cannot comment on this statement’s correctness, we believe that that’s the zeal blockchain gaming projects must have to attract the non-crypto gaming crowd – which has far more members than the blockchain space.

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Meta Master Model – Swapping Play to Earn for Play to Earn

Meta Masters Guild Play to Earn

Play-to-Earn is a novel concept. However, the abysmal performance of industry-leading crypto like Axie Infinity has taught us that we need a shift in the current system. Crypto gaming shouldn’t only cater to the crypto crowd but must also be inviting toward non-crypto gamers – that’s where Meta Master’s Play and Earn comes in.

Earn GEMS tokens as rewards

Playing the games built inside the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem rewards players with Gems – an in-app reward token that you can use however you want. Swap them for $MEMAG tokens, earn additional rewards, or buy in-game NFTs to have a go at bigger rewards – take your pick. And if you want to cash them out for ETH, you can.

Valuable In-Game NFTs for Better Gameplay

Players can also buy in-game NFTs from Meta Master Guild’s official NFT marketplace. Placing these NFTs in your crypto wallet and connecting them to the Meta Master’s website will allow you to use these NFTs within the games being hosted on the platform. There are also premium NFTs with better stats and better rewards, and they give you access to better rewards. Those NFTs will also increase your chance of earning rewards within the ecosystem.

Buy $MEMAG Directly From the Website.

Players who want to stick around for a long time can buy $MEMAG from the website directly before spending them directly on in-game NFTs. Meta Masters Guild will also host tournaments and daily and weekly challenges that will be full of special prizes. By doing so, the project is making being a part of this community more worth it. Regular giveaways are also available, and so are the special events and regular competitions. Needless to say, there is enough on this website to keep players entertained for a long time.

Add Value Get Rewards

Meta Masters Guild aims to build a transactional relationship with its player base. The more you contribute to this community by bringing in more members or engaging in meaningful conversations, the more rewards you will earn. Games are not the only thing to take care of here. Building a sense of community among players and driving it to onboard better games and better rewards is also the motive.

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Is Meta Masters Guild a Good Token To Invest in?

Buy Meta Masters Guild as it is a good investment

Meta Masters Guild is coming out as a novel play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that focuses a lot on the community. It wants the community to feel a part of an ecosystem that’s for the gamers and by the gamers – and with it comes the following benefits.

Game Creation Alongside the Community

Are you tired of the same stale gameplay offered by gaming companies? Switch to mods. But modders can only do so much. There comes a time when you must have a say in the games that you play. That’s where Meta Masters Guild is giving you a perfect chance – to build games alongside the team. The members are always open to talking about a gaming concept that you have been sitting on for a long time. So, if you have what it takes – talk to them.

This inclusivity in game development is new. It will increase player participation in games, and as more games are launched this way – the price of $MEMAG may pump after it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

In-Game Assets to High-Performing Players

If you ever wanted to participate in the pro-gaming league, but the participation fee has left you at a disadvantage, Meta Masters Guilds offers the perfect reward. Pick a game, play it, win it and take inside your crypto wallet the high-performing NFT rewards that come with it. Meta Masters Guild also wants to enter the eSports scene, and the unique reward incentive is one way it can move in that direction.

As skilled players will get the right rewards – traditional pro gamers will likely look at blockchain games in a different light. That can create a snowball effect with more traditional gamers entering the blockchain gaming scene.

eSports Team and Content Development

As the Meta Masters Guild’s gaming titles enter the eSport scene, devs will continue to support it. The dev team aims to onboard all who create content based on the Meta Master Guild’s games to develop a community of content creators. This onboarding process will see the Guild entering into a long-term partnership with these content creators, who will then market the platform’s game and entertain a community that looks at game walkthroughs in their spare time.

So, if you are a Twitch streamer with Meta Masters Guild, you have a way to compound your twitch earnings. That complementary earning window will push the value of this token even further.

Community Giveaways and Events

If you contribute to the community consistently in positive ways, you will get a chance to win $MEMAG tokens, in-game NFTs, and other rewards from the regular giveaways organized by the Meta Master Guild communities. Devs want to give back to the contributors – and a robust reward system is a great way to accomplish that.

The presence of rewards in a gaming ecosystem makes it more appealing to most types of gamers. And when you have a sense of community to go along with these giveaways – the seed of a sustainable gaming economy is sown. That factor makes Meta Masters Guild a long-term investment for everyone.

Taking these factors into consideration, it is easy to see why so many in the crypto space would consider buying Meta Masters Guild. Read more about the NFT project side of MEMAG in our Meta Masters Guild review.

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Meta Masters Guild Presale Stages

There are 1 billion MEMAG tokens in total, and seven stages in the presale. MEMAG token will be priced at $0.007 in stage 1 and $0.023 by the final stage, aiming for a total of $4.97 million in fundraising.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Stages

There will be no transaction tax when trading MEMAG, and a 5% NFT royalty fee.

There is no maximum cap on individual purchases, and the in-game currency is available across all games. As for the segmentation of the tokens, check out the breakdown below:

Meta Masters Guild Vesting Period

To make sure that the game’s economy remains sustainable in the long run, Meta Masters Guild has established a vesting period for all company tokens – not for presale investors however. Buyers will be able to sell and trade MEMAG at any point without their tokens being locked.

Having a vesting period for team tokens will limit the supply – and that scarcity can increase the price of this asset once it lands on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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MEMAG Project Roadmap

Project development can take turns for better or worse during a timeline. Therefore, to make sure that all buyers have realistic expectations of this project, Meta Masters Guild has kept the roadmap dynamic. So, expect there to be regular updates and additions as the development reaches its conclusion.

The robust roadmap has already seen devs setting the foundation for the first games, including Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World.

MEMAG roadmap

Meta Masters Guild Price Prediction – Where Will the Token Go

As the token is currently in the beta phase of its presale, it would be unwise to make any bullish predictions since we don’t have access to any technical indicators. But that does not mean that we can’t predict this token’s price movements based on the features we discussed and the market fundamentals it has.

The Meta Masters Guild is doing everything an ideal P2E game must do – it promotes both playing and earning, focusing on fun gameplay, and has tokenomics that rely on the community’s ability to grow the ecosystem.

All of these factors put Meta Masters Guild into one of the most utility-centric tokens to buy this year. Gamer participation in game development has been a growing trend in the traditional gaming ecosystem – and since Meta Masters Guild’s foundation rests on gamers creating games, we see a bright future ahead of this crypto.

At the time of writing metaverse gaming related token Gala Games (GALA) is in the headlines for a significant pump – since MEMAG is in that crypto gaming coin niche and has some of the same fundamentals backing it, there is a chance that this digital asset may pump to 10x – or even 20x – after going live on CEX and DEX platforms.


While it is true that last year saw an influx of P2E cryptos, the truth is only a few of them focus on providing a fun gameplay experience to all. That is where Meta Masters Guild is trying to come and do something truly different.

Its games-by-gamers approach is great, and not just from the development point of view. It will also introduce a fun aspect to the gameplay. That will pave the way for more traditional gamers to look at blockchain games in a different light. And since the games will be fun, a sustainable gameplay economy will develop.

You can buy $MEMAG -the native token of Meta Masters Guild – today by going to the website and becoming a part of the beta phase of the presale. A massive discount price of 0.007 USDT is what this token is currently being sold at. Become an early mover right now by going to the official website and buying this token before its price increases by 30% to 0.01 USDT.

FAQs on How to Buy MEMAG Token

What is Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is a Web 3 gaming project that aims to create a decentralized ecosystem with fun games to play and better rewards for all players.

Where to buy Meta Masters Guild?

Meta Masters Guild is currently in the beta phase of its presale. It presents an early mover opportunity for all traders who can buy it by going to the official website and swapping their ETH or USDT tokens for $MEMAG tokens. Fiat users can use the Transak tool integrated with the official website.

Is Meta Masters Guild a good crypto to buy?

Meta Masters guild is a standard P2E token with a unique P2E idea. It aims to increase player participation in game development and offers rewards in the form of in-game NFTs and tokens in doing so. Furthermore, this project emphasises on the 'fun' aspect of gameplay - which is necessary if blockchain gaming wants to appeal to all gamers.