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Meta Masters Guild Presale & NFT Game Review

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The Metaverse is where gaming is headed in the future, but getting there should be fun for both the gamers and the game creators that are participating. The creators of Meta Masters Guild, the world’s first mobile-focused gaming guild, came up with this idea with the intention of bringing enjoyable decentralized games to the environment of blockchain technology. This would enable people to have fun playing games while earning at the same time.

The native token of the Meta Masters Guild, known as MEMAG, is also setting itself up to be one of the hottest presales of 2023.

It has opened the doors to the beta phase of its presale, during which it is currently being sold at a significant discount for the price of 0.007 USDT, which has not only grabbed eyeballs but also prepared itself to attract a large investment from a bevy of keen individuals wanting to get on this presale at the earliest. Following the completion of the beta period, the price of this cryptocurrency will climb to 0.01 USDT.

Stick around till the end of this article as we cover everything you need to know about the Meta Masters Guild NFT Game and its upcoming presale.

Reviewing Meta Masters Guild NFT Game

When it comes to the Play 2 Earn model, the games are missing something — the element of fun. It’s never easy to strike a balance between monetization and entertainment for players. Putting too much emphasis on the economics of a game can detract from the experience, and the blockchain gaming ecosystem has never excelled at putting only a minimal amount of emphasis on the actual gameplay.

Meta Masters Guild Principles

The Meta Masters Guild is an alternative Web 3 gaming community that prioritizes mobile play. The goal of the developers working on this is to make high-quality games that are compatible with the decentralized gaming ecosystem and in which players may receive incentives for making contributions.

The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) holds the distinction of being the very first mobile-focused web3 gaming guild ever established. The team’s objective is to create high-quality mobile games that are integrated with blockchain technology and will eventually form a decentralized gaming ecosystem.

In order to motivate its members to work toward this goal, the team offers members the opportunity to earn rewards in return for the value they add to the ecosystem.

Every game on the ecosystem will make use of the same cryptocurrency, which will be denoted by the ticker symbol $MEMAG and will be called the Meta Masters Guild token. The in-game currency referred to as “Gems” will be able to be exchanged for MEMAG tokens across all MMG games.

Players will then be given the option to either cash out their MEMAG tokens or reinvest them in the MEMAG ecosystem via a variety of different channels.

The objective of the Meta Masters Guild system is to provide an incentive for players to spend their time and money in the ecosystem by guaranteeing that players are adequately paid for their investments. This is something that is lacking in the gaming industry at the present moment. For that fact alone, we are happy to report that this might be one of the best play-to-earn NFTs in the world.

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Why Invest in Meta Masters Guild

After being shunned by the gaming industry for so long, the non-crypto community has shown little interest in crypto games. They see it as another means of profiteering off of players who are already dissatisfied with the prevalence of already available games in the market with their rigid terms and condition.

What is Meta Guild Masters

Now when it comes to the Meta Masters Guild, they operate according to guidelines that have the potential to lure gamers from all over and bring them to the blockchain space. Following are some of the reasons why you should choose Meta Masters Guild:

The Primary Goal Is to Create Fun Games

The project’s overarching objective is the development of entertaining video games that can both attract and retain gamers. It is with this goal in mind that the project declares it will not let reward mechanisms, tokenization or blockchain integration get in the way of player enjoyment.

Meta Kart

The team isn’t obligated to be perpetually optimistic; they understand that to constantly attract gamers, the games should not only be fun but also economical. They need games that keep gamers coming back for more in order to build a consistent base. Thus the emphasis on games being fun is more fundamental than an option for the developers. That fun-centric nature makes Meta Masters Guild one of the best NFTs to buy.

Promotes Ownership

Whatever assets or currencies you accumulate inside the ecosystem, you can consider them to be legitimately yours to keep. On the Ethereum blockchain, each and every one of the Meta Masters Guild’s in-game assets may be shown to be owned, verified, and traded.

This helps decentralize the ecosystem and dramatically improves the incentives for players to purchase these assets, all while players are aware that these assets may be traded 100% of the time, cannot be changed, and are in their control. That makes Meta Masters Guild one of the best NFT projects that we have covered to date.

Games Are Created Depending on Players’ Participation

Without their community, online games are nothing, and the team at Meta Masters Guild will make sure that the community is behind them every step of the way to guarantee that they continue to thrive.

The team will be as engaged as they can to interact with the players on the platform and encourage them to participate in the decision-making. A unified community will assist to define the future growth of the ecosystem that the Meta Masters Guild is a part of.

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Offers beyond Play 2 Earn

You’ve probably heard of the term “play to earn” gaming before (P2E). The members of the Meta Masters Guild think that it is inherently defective, and they prefer to make advantage of the Play and Earn system (P&E). They do not want users to use the platform only to play games in order to make money.

It is hard for the earning algorithms to be stable if every participant in the player pool is looking to make money. The goal of the development team at Meta Masters Guild is to create games of an authentically high standard and enjoyable nature that people desire to play and invest funds in, and then to offer those players chances to earn money back and be reimbursed for the value they add to the platform.

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How to Buy Meta Masters Guild in Presale?

Meta Masters Guild is one of the first projects of 2023 that has huge potential with the capability to give back 100x by the end of the year to investors who get on early.

Following are the steps you need to take if you want to invest in the Meta Masters Guild presale:

Get Metamask or Trust Wallet

The first step you need to take is to get a crypto wallet. If you’re operating from your desktop, a popular choice is to download a Metamask wallet. You can do this by visiting the website and following the instructions. For those who prefer investing in cryptocurreny from mobile devices, a preferred wallet option for many is Trust Wallet.

Visit the website to download the wallet safely. Check 0ut our reviews of Ethereum wallets for more options.

Install Metamask Wallet Meta MAsters Guild

Buy Ethereum or Tether

One of these tokens is required in order to trade for $MEMAG, so head over to the cryptocurrency trading platform of your choosing and purchase either ETH or USDT. One of the most preferred platforms to buy these tokens is eToro which makes the process very easy and pocket friendly and has an intuitive interface. This is a recommended option for those investors who wish to buy with fiat currency. Platforms such as Binance and Coinbase are also recommended.

Link Your Wallet to Meta Masters Guild

You may link your wallet by going to the official website of the Meta Masters Guild where you will be given the option to select between linking your wallet from your mobile device or a desktop. Choose anyone and then proceed to link your wallet by following the on-screen prompts.

Buy Meta Masters Guild Tokens

The last step in the process is to buy MEMAG tokens using ETH or USDT coins. Simply follow the instructions to successfully buy your MEMAG tokens. Those investors who wish to buy ETH tokens to exchange for MEMAG with fiat currency can do so with the help of Transak on Meta Masters Guild. Follow the process, pay with your card (debit or credit), complete the KYC procedure and invest in MEMAG tokens.

Meta Masters Guild crypto coin

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Tokenomics of Meta Masters Guild

The total supply of MEMAG is 1 billion tokens, and the presale has seven separate rounds. In the first stage, the token will cost $0.007, and in the final phase it will cost $0.023, an almost 3.3x price rise.

Meta Masters Guild Presale Stages

There will be no vesting period (no lockup period) on presale tokens – so investors are free to take profit when they wish – and a hard cap of $4.97 million

There is no transaction tax (zero buy or sales tax) when trading the MEMAG token. NFTs have a 5% royalty fee.

The in-game currency may be used in any game without limit, and there are no total purchase limits. In addition, the Meta Masters Guild has instituted a holding phase for all team and company reserve tokens to ensure the long-term viability of the game’s ecosystem. The holding time will reduce the available supply, increasing the asset’s potential value once it is listed on cryptocurrency markets.

MEMAG crypto tokenomics

Is Meta Masters Guild a Sound Investment Option for Investors in 2023?

The innovative Meta Masters Guild is a play-and-earn gaming environment with a strong emphasis on the player base. The ecosystem’s goal is to make its users feel like they’re a part of something that’s truly made for and by gamers.

Following are the reasons to understand why Meta Masters Guild is a sound investment option for investors in 2023. Considering these reasons, you will get the answer why so many people in the cryptocurrency industry are considering purchasing Meta Masters Guild:

Mind-blowing Reward System

Meta Masters Guild group members regularly have giveaways where players may win in-game NFT, MEMAG tokens, and other incentives for making sizeable contributions to the group. Developers have a sincere desire to repay contributions, and a well-established incentive system is an excellent means of doing so.

A gaming environment is more likely to be successful in attracting a wide variety of gamers when rewards are included. The foundation for a long-term gaming economy may be laid with these freebies and a strong feeling of community. This is one of the reasons that Meta Masters Guild’s presale demands your attention.

Player Centric Approach

If you’re someone who is tired of boring games in the crypto space, it’s time to switch things up. As a player, it is important to have some control over the games you participate in. There’s no better place to get that experience than at Meta Masters Guild, where you can make games with a dedicated team.

If you have a game idea that you’ve been waiting on for a while, feel free to bring it up with the community members at any time. You should approach them if you think you possess the skills it takes to make a game that people would have fun playing.

As additional games are released in this manner, the value of MEMAG climbs after it is listed on cryptocurrency exchanges because of the increased demand for a token from gamers.

More in the Pipeline

Developers will continue to back the Meta Masters Guild as its games join the eSports industry. The development team’s goal is to build a community of content producers around the Meta Master Guild’s games, and they plan to do so by welcoming everyone who does so to their fold.

The Meta Masters Guild will build a lasting alliance with these producers throughout the onboarding phase, and they will use the platform’s game to promote the platform and provide entertainment for a community that views game overviews in their leisure time.

The Meta Masters Guild provides a means through which Twitch streamers may increase their profits. This token’s value will increase thanks to the supplementary earnings period.

Special Rewards for Professional Players

Meta Masters Guilds is the perfect incentive if you’ve ever wanted to join a professional gaming league but couldn’t afford the entry cost. Select a game, engage in it, emerge victorious, and save the accompanying high-performing NFT awards in your digital wallet.

The innovative reward motivation is a step on the right path for Meta Masters Guild, which hopes to break into the eSports industry. Skilled players will be rewarded fairly, thus conventional professional gamers may reconsider blockchain games. This has the potential to bring in even more amateur players to the blockchain gaming industry.

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Meta Masters Guild Project Roadmap

Below is an overview of the Meta Masters Guide roadmap from the website’s litepaper, so investors know what to expect:

MEMAG roadmap

As the project nears its completion, you can anticipate constant alerts and upgrades. Games like Raid NFT, Meta Kart Racers, and Meta Masters World have had successful launches and upgrades as a result of the developers sticking to this plan.

Meta Masters Guild Price Potential

Since there are no price charts available yet, specifying which direction the token will head is difficult – the token is still in the beta phase of its presale. However, the characteristics and other factors help in speculating.

The Meta Masters Guild is fulfilling all the requirements of a perfect Play 2 Earn game as it encourages players to play and earn, employs tokenomics that depend on the participation of the player base to expand the game’s ecosystem ad prioritizes enjoyable gameplay, and it.

Thanks to all of these considerations, Meta Masters Guild is potentially one of the best investments you can make in 2023. Since Meta Masters Guild is built on the backs of gamers making games, huge things are expected from this cryptocurrency. Gamer engagement in game production is a rising trend in the conventional gaming environment.

Past play-to-earn token presales we reviewed on this site hit their hard cap early, and we’d also expect the MEMAG presale to sell out fast and be listed on CEX and DEX platforms soon.

Final Word

The rise of Play 2 Earn cryptocurrencies is visible; the reality is that only a minority of them actually deliver on their promise of enjoyment for all players. To that end, the Meta Masters Guild is attempting to venture.

The player-centric approach is unique and one that is sure to propel the price of this token. Adding this feature will also add some levity to the action. As a result, more conventional players will be able to see blockchain games with a new perspective as they have a sense of ownership. In addition, the game’s positive reception will lead to the growth of a healthy price point in the future.

For those investors who are wondering whether they should sign up for the beta presale or not, this is the best time you can get your hands on this token at a mind-blowing price. This cryptocurrency is currently being offered for sale at a steep discount of 0.007 USDT. To be one of the early investors, you should immediately visit the official website and purchase this token before the price shoots up to 0.01 USDT.

FAQs on the MEMAG Presale

Is Meta Masters Guild a good crypto to buy?

The Meta Masters Guild token is a variation of the popular Play 2 Earn format, and it has a novel incentive structure. With the promise of in-game NFTs and tokens, it seeks to encourage more user input during the development process. In addition, this initiative places importance on the games being fun more than the profitability, which is essential if blockchain gaming is to attract a wide audience.

Where to buy Meta Masters Guild?

At the moment, the presale for Meta Masters Guild is in its beta stage. Traders may get in on the presale of this new cryptocurrency by visiting the official website and exchanging Tether or Ethereum for Meta Masters Guild tokens (MEMAG). Those who wish to purchase the token with fiat currency can do so with the help of Transak.