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How to Buy Fight Out (FGHT) – Train to Earn Token Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – The Fight Out presale has now concluded and FGHT token is listed on BKEX, BitForex, Changelly, Digifinex, LBank, Uniswap and

Play-to-Earn is a fast-growing segment of the crypto market in which players can earn cryptocurrency or NFTs in exchange for playing games. Fight Out is a new project that follows a Train-to-Earn model back its Play-to-Earn concept.

An innovative web 3.0 initiative, Fight Out aims to get users “fight-ready” in real life and the Metaverse, and build a real-world community including physical gym chains alongside each players’ virtual avatar to keep players engaged.

With the completion of its private sale in early December, Fight Out was able to gather over $1 million in funding, and the team has now opened the token to the general public – the first stage of its presale has now raised over $2 million. 

The current price for FGHT tokens on the Fight Out website ( is $0.0166 (1 USDT = 60.06 FGHT). This guide reviews how to buy Fight Out tokens and how investing in this Train-to-Earn project could be profitable ahead of its 2023 launch.

What is Fight Out?

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Fight Out is an innovative P2E ecosystem that provides tailored and actionable health recommendations. The primary objective of the Fight Out project is to use cryptos and NFTs as rewards to motivate users to complete exercises and improve their fitness levels. 

Lack of social interaction, overpriced gym memberships, and poorly planned training routines are just a few of the problems that the Fight Out team wants to tackle in the fitness sector. The development and release of the Fight Out app is an attempt to alleviate these issues while also giving financial incentives to the app’s users.

To help the registered members lead healthier lives, this new cryptocurrency provides comprehensive resources and guidance. An NFT avatar may be created within the app, and its attributes will increase when the user works out in the real world. With the use of cutting-edge smart technology, the user may get benefits as a result of their workouts. 

The Fight Out whitepaper states that the in-app currency, REPS, is used to pay out incentives. Use your REPS to buy something in the Fight Out store or get a discount on your monthly Fight Out subscription. But at the heart of the Fight Out ecosystem are the FGHT tokens that you can use to buy additional REPS. 

Fight Out tokenomics

On December 12th, the Fight Out cryptocurrency presale began, with early buyers receiving 13.5% of the available tokens. The goal of the Fight Out team is to raise the funding needed to finish creating the app and release it to the public.

Overall, Fight Out is a project that aims to improve upon the foundation laid by other Train-to-earn projects like Stepn and make the T2E space more inclusive to inspire people to train more and lead healthy lives.

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How to Invest In Fight Out Token

Due to its novel applications and ambitious objectives, the Fight Out platform stands out from the crowd. As the Fight Out ecosystem is still in its early stages of development, the team has decided to begin a presale phase in order to raise funds and stimulate interest in the endeavor.

Currently, 1 USDT will get you 60.06 Fight Out tokens, making the price per token $0.0166. Interested parties may purchase tokens for Fight Out by following the steps below:

Create a Crypto Wallet

Investors should start by making a cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets are made to hold cryptocurrency and make transactions easier. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are two of the many crypto wallet providers available, but the Fight Out team advises utilizing either one.

Metamask Crypto Wallet

Buy Tether or Ether

Once you have created a free crypto wallet, you will need Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) because those are the only two cryptocurrencies compatible with the Fight Out presale interface.

You may add these currencies to the cryptocurrency wallet you set up your free account by buying them on any of a number of different exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

Buy ETH on FightOut

Investors may also use their credit or debit card to purchase ETH straight through the Fight Out website, thanks to a partnership with Transak. No matter what approach is taken, you will need to buy a little extra ETH to pay the gas expenses.

Link Your Wallet to Presale

To join the Fight Out presale, visit the official website (beware of impersonators that pay for PPC ads and appear in Google results with fake sites) and select the “Connect” tab. Following the on-screen alerts, select the appropriate wallet provider from the menu that displays.

Link your wallet to FightOut

Purchase Fight Out Tokens

A purchase alert will show up when you link your wallet. Select ETH or USDT from the drop-down menu, input the desired quantity of tokens, and then confirm the purchase using your wallet service of choice.

Acquire Fight Out Tokens

A Token Generation Event (TGE) will take place when the Fight Out presale concludes, creating FGHT tokens. Investors who participated in the presale may now get their tokens by logging into the Fight Out platform.

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What is FGHT Token?

An ERC-20 token (built on the Ethereum blockchain), Fight Out (FGHT), is the native token of the Fight Out project and its governance token.

What is FGHT token

Users can stake FGHT to gain membership perks such as discounts at health centers, access to co-working spaces, gym memberships, and third-party services, among other benefits.

Additionally, the Fight Out app has a rewards token and in-app currency REPS, similar to the dual token system of the STEPN app which makes use of both GMT and GST.

The FGHT token stands out from the crowd however as an amalgam of a train-to-earn and metaverse crypto, making it one of the unique cryptocurrencies we have come across.

Below are some of the interesting use cases of the Fight Out app:

Users Can Create NFT Characters 

Future Metaverse platforms stand to benefit from what is expected to become a multi-trillion-dollar market in the next decade. 

FightOut Nft Avatars

When signing up for the app, users can create their own NFT characters. These characters’ statistics would be based on real-world fitness and accomplishment data. For instance, if the user’s strength level increases, that change will be reflected in their NFT avatar as well.

The Fight Out Metaverse is also a place for users to interact with one another and compete in friendly or competitive battles against other Fight Out members. In addition, mirrors and screens will be available in Fight Out facilities so that users may showcase their characters. Avatar cosmetic NFTs may be purchased using either Fight Out tokens or REPS.

Revolutionizing the Train-to-Earn Sector

Despite widespread agreement that the Train-to-Earn sector is poised for growth, established companies in the field have thus far been unable to satisfactorily address the sector’s most pressing problems. 

Fight Out has transformed the P2E Space with its best-in-class features, which include a rather comprehensive approach to efficiently keep track of an individual’s fitness demands while suitably rewarding them. 

Fight Out is different from other P2E applications in that it aims to reward its users for a broader range of motions, including both bodyweight workouts and machine and weights-based motions. Because of this, mass adoption may be encouraged, and entry hurdles for users can be reduced if the price is kept low.

Fight Out Unique Features

FightOut earning Mechanics

The earning system in Fight Out is a brilliantly designed incentive for users that leads to the development of advanced, user-defined workout routines. The users may immediately begin earning points for the exercises they are already performing. Each user of the software will become fit to fight thanks to its innovative features. 

After signing up, the app will provide the user options to customize their exercise experience based on their objectives, current fitness level, accessible equipment, preferred routines, and more. Additionally, its app allows users to monitor sleep, food intake, and other related parameters to better tailor their exercise routines. 

This information will be used by the app to devise workouts in line with the recommendations of professional fitness experts, trainers, and coaches of the highest caliber. Users may earn REPS or Fight Out tokens, which is an off-chain currency used within the app, by completing exercises. This attribute alone puts it leagues above even other crypto games on the market.

The REPS system works in a way that members of the Fight Out community are expected to participate in fitness challenges, use the app’s fitness content, and make other social contributions. Users may exchange their REPS for things like monthly Fight Out app subscriptions, in-app purchases, and private training sessions with Fight Out’s in-house coaches.

Badges are another kind of user recognition in Fight Out, and they can be viewed both within the app and outside the Metaverse.

Users may unlock in-app discounts in the Fight Out shop and more by collecting and displaying these badges. Fight Out also aims to foster a vibrant neighborhood by debuting the first web 3.0 integrated fitness centers and health bars. With these cutting-edge additions, Fight Out can speed up the process of building a recognizable brand, which in turn increases the demand for the app’s in-app purchases and the $FGHT token. 

Is Fight Out a Good Investment?

Early buyers of Fight Out tokens at the presale stage indicate investor interest in the project and its potential to stimulate the cryptocurrency market in the year 2023. Is Fight Out currently a viable investment option? Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Fight Out:

$250,000 Giveaway 

To mark the beginning of the pre-sale, the Fight Out team is holding a giveaway worth $250,000. On the day of the draw, everyone who holds at least $250 worth of FGHT tokens will be eligible to win the jackpot. 

FightOut 250k Giveaway

Individuals who choose to invest in Fight Out can do so and will be given the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by completing a series of easy social-related tasks. These include things like logging onto the Fight Out Discord server, subscribing to Fight Out’s Twitter feed, and telling your friends about Fight Out.

Rewards for Fit Lifestyle

Due to its novel approach to rewarding users to enhance their fitness, Fight Out is poised to become the most sought-after cryptocurrency in the P2E space. Fight Out doesn’t employ generic workout regimens; rather, it adapts to the individual’s goals and physical characteristics. This not only reduces the likelihood of injuries but also improves outcomes in the long run.

FightOut training routines

By rewarding users with REPS for their efforts, the app encourages them to keep working out and improving their health. In Fight Out, the more efficient your exercises are, the more tokens you will earn.

Lucrative Opportunity for Early Investors

Since it will be essential in Fight Out’s growth, Fight Out will be one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies to follow in 2023. As more people download the Fight Out app and take advantage of the 25% incentive for using FGHT to purchase REPS, the value of Fight Out is projected to increase. For the future of Fight Out’s Metaverse ambitions to succeed, FGHT tokens will be crucial. Early presale investors may do well to buy FGHT if and when it is listed on CEX and DEX platforms. We rate it one of the best presale cryptos set to go live in 2023.

Real-Life Gyms in the Pipeline

Fight Out’s future expansion into physical gyms in the real world is another fascinating feature. These will be the first gyms with Web3 integration, letting Fight Out players meet in real life and show off their virtual selves.

FightOut Gyms

The state-of-the-art equipment in Fight Out’s fitness centers will be used to monitor members’ activity and award them with REPS as a direct result. In addition to providing a place to get in shape, the gyms will serve as a community hub by including a shared office space, health bar, content studio, and much more.

There are only a few crypto assets offering this level of utility. With Fight Out bringing the charms of Train-to-Earn to the real world, this is one utility crypto that could hold its value in the long term.

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More on Fight Out Tokenomics

Fight Out has opened its presale website and expects to finish its fundraising by early 2023. Fight Out tokens are issued in the ERC-20 token format with a fixed maximum supply of 10 billion tokens. The presale will account for up to 13.5% of the total token supply. 

In addition, based on the quantity of Fight Out tokens acquired and the vesting term, early purchasers will be awarded up to 13.5% of these tokens as an incentive. The total hard cap is yet to be announced.

However, the vesting is now optional, with an option given to investors to opt-out whenever they want. The vesting duration is just for an added bonus amount.

Investors that purchase $FGHT tokens during the presale stage will be eligible for bonuses worth up to 67% of their initial investment.

At max, users can earn up to 67% bonus, which can be acquired by investing at least $50,000 (25%) and vesting for 36 months.

Over two million USDT has been raised for the project in a relatively short amount of time at the time of writing. In the midst of the crypto winter, when searching for tokens to buy, investors may want to think about Fight Out tokens because of their useful qualities and the high probability of gaining a high rate of return.

As a bonus, members may earn benefits by staking more tokens for longer periods of time. If a user invests Fight Out tokens for a lengthy period of time, they will get access to higher levels of the membership system. 

If the project’s presale goes well in the current quarter, it will have a good chance of laying the groundwork for its intentions to get listed with several exchanges in the following months. Moreover, the presale’s latter phases are anticipated to see a surge in token price.

The FGHT token smart contracts have been audited by Certik and the team KYC verified by CoinSniper.

A Look at the Fight Out Presale Price

FightOut Presale Price

Pre-sale investors have historically benefited by buying Fight Out with the intention of holding the token for the long term. However, the concept of pricing is very different for presale cryptocurrencies because they are not affected by supply and demand.

Fight Out tokens can be presently purchased on the project’s website. Since tokens are not currently available on any exchanges, investors will need to acquire them directly from the project’s developers. Tokens may be purchased for as little as $0.0166 per (60.06 tokens for $1 USDT).

There will be a total of 10 billion FGHT tokens in circulation. Sixty percent of that, or 6 billion tokens, will be sold to early adopters during the token sale. The team behind the Fight Out crypto project is banking on this strategy to bring in enough money to get its train to earn app off the ground and moving in the right direction.

Fight Out is currently accepting presale investors, and the company is even providing a bonus percentage for those who contribute early. 

The size of this incentive depends on how many FGHT tokens the investor purchases and how long it takes those tokens to vest. The Fight Out bonus, which may be as high as 67%, increases in proportion to the number of tokens and the length of the vesting period.

The Fight Out presale hard cap is up to $15 million.

Fight Out Price Prediction

It’s difficult to forecast the exact price that FGHT could reach after it is listed on major exchanges. See our Fight Out price prediction post for some potential price targets.

Overall, Fight Out’s reduced presale price, as with many new cryptocurrency projects, gives early investors the potential for a high return on investment (ROI).

Many presale cryptocurrencies see a sharp price increase shortly after being launched on an exchange, as investor interested is at its peak early on in a project and selling pressure is at its lowest.

If the ongoing presale is successful, early investors in Fight Out will be hoping the price follows that trend. The cheap token price makes investing accessible to everybody, regardless of previous experience or knowledge of cryptocurrency.


Fight Out offers unique characteristics that might aid the project in maintaining a competitive advantage, and with the help of this in-depth guide, investors know everything there is about Fight Out tokens aiding them in their investment decision.

Fight Out has reimagined the Train-to-Earn market and maximized the benefits of its innovative design. Furthermore, the promising future of NFTs and the Metaverse provided additional confirmation of the project’s viability.

With the presale of this project has just begun, interested parties can currently purchase 60.06 Fight Out tokens for 1 USDT. It’s possible that investors might receive a purchase bonus if they wait long enough for the vesting term to expire.

It is anticipated that Fight Out’s value will skyrocket as the game advances through its various pre-sale phases. Therefore, at the moment, investors have the best opportunity to acquire these Fight Out tokens for a once-in-a-lifetime price before it increases. Visit the official website and buy Fight Out if you don’t want to lose out on this early moving opportunity.

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FAQs on Fight Out Token

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a cutting-edge Train-to-Earn software that dynamically rewards its users for improving their health and fitness. The user may create an avatar and compete with other users in the thrilling Metaverse while the app tracks their real-life exercises.

How to Buy Fight Out Tokens?

Investors in Fight Out can currently only acquire tokens on the official website during the presale period. All that's required is an ERC-20 wallet, some Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT), and to ensure you visit the official site -

What Is The Price Of Fight Out?

During the presale, an investor may purchase 60.06 Fight Out tokens for 1 USDT. In other words, the current value of a single Fight Out token is only $0.00166.

What Is the Total Supply of Fight Out Tokens?

In all, 10 billion FGHT coins will be created - its total supply.

Is Fight Out A Good Investment?

Fight Out stands out from other projects in the field thanks to its novel use case and health-oriented objectives. Therefore, Fight Out has a USP in the extremely competitive crypto industry, suggesting that, should its strategic goals be realized, it might have great investment potential capable of giving back 50 times your principal investment.