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Fight Out Crypto Project Review – FGHT Coin Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – The Fight Out presale has now concluded and FGHT token is listed on BKEX, BitForex, Changelly, Digifinex, LBank, Uniswap and

As a leading Train-to-Earn (T2E) ecosystem, Fight Out meets the rising need for custom and result oriented health recommendations. In general, the purpose of the Fight Out platform is to employ tokenized prizes as an incentive for participants to perform activities and boost physical health.

Overpriced gym memberships, absence of social engagement, and unorganized workouts are just two of the many challenges the Fight Out crew has highlighted as problems plaguing the fitness industry. The team has developed and launched the Fight Out app to resolve these issues while also rewarding the participant with cash incentives to boost their morale.

The latest cryptocurrency provides its users with all the necessary guidance and knowledge they need to improve their health. The software allows users to construct NFT “soul-bound” avatars, whose stats rise as they engage in physical activity. All of this exercise activity is monitored by cutting-edge AI, which in turn grants the user access to exclusive benefits. 

FightOut Best Crypto to buy

According to the official Fight Out whitepaper, users may expect to earn prizes in REPS, the app’s own currency. Any accumulated REPS can be used in the Fight Out store or exchanged for a concession on the next month’s app subscription fee. The FGHT token, which is unique to Fight Out, may also be used to acquire REPS. 

On December 12th, an initial coin offering (ICO) presale commenced, with early buyers receiving up to 13.5% of the token supply. The Fight Out team have now launched their presale to complete development of the app and release it to the public.

The Future of P2E and How The Fight Out Crypto Project Will Impact It

The upcoming Fight Out crypto app is unique P2E fitness software that has all the tools one needs to get into fighting shape. After signing up, the user is able to customize their fitness profile by entering information about their history, objectives, location, equipment, available time, preferred workout kinds, and any muscle areas they choose to avoid. 

The software will allow users to log their daily activities, including eating, sleeping, and exercising, in order to give comprehensive and individualized feedback.

It is planned to have a workout creator who will be responsible for making custom training plans, with an emphasis on one-man missions. The in-house combat coaches and individual trainers will ensure that all of the given workouts adhere to strict protocols that take into account the most effective methods of maintaining physical conditioning.

Fight Out is unique amongst workout apps in that it places a premium on technique. Thus, top-notch movies guided by a coach and a physical therapist will explain each move in detail, along with additional videos explaining common rookie errors and providing more advanced guidance.

Fight Out is going the additional mile by introducing coaching programs to guide users toward their individual objectives, like completing their “first muscle up” or leveling up in an app’s challenge system.

Everyone wishes they could use the Fight Out ecosystem, which will include on-demand training courses and live sessions that can be attended in-app or at any of the gyms in the Fight Out network. Strength training, Yoga, high-intensity interval training, boxing, and even meditation are just some of the routines available to users. 

This different approach toward fitness makes Fight Out one of the best P2E projects, underlined by the best Train-to-Earn mechanics that we have covered to date.

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More on FGHT Crypto Token

During the presale, buyers of Fight Out tokens will be acquiring FGHT, not REPS. Native ERC-20 coin FGHT is essential to the Fight Out project’s ecosystem economy. 

FightOut DeFi

Individuals who have downloaded the Fight Out app can acquire FGHT tokens and convert them into REPS for use in the game’s in-app store or as a discount on the monthly app membership fee. Particularly noteworthy, individuals who purchase REPS using FGHT will earn a bonus of 25% in FGHT tokens.

Nonetheless, the ambitious plans of the development team mean that FGHT has a chance to become one of the greatest Metaverse currencies this year. Team Fight Out’s long-term goal is to build a Metaverse where users may take part in tournaments and win real-world rewards. The FGHT token will be utilized in this Metaverse and the forthcoming “Stake-for-Membership” system. That alone makes Fight Out one of the biggest metaverse tokens of this year.

Investors may seek to buy FGHT tokens in order to obtain access to Fight Out’s growth as a result of the token’s significance. During the first quarter of this year, the development team intends to organize a listing push on the CEX, as indicated in the project’s roadmap. Listing FGHT on a major exchange (or exchanges) would increase its visibility and liquidity, which might cause large price adjustments.

What Does Fight Out Offer That Makes It Unique?

Investors are lining up early for the Fight Out token presale because they believe the project will be the catalyst for the cryptocurrency market’s recovery this year. Is Fight Out crypto a good investment? Below are a few salient points to keep in mind as we attempt to answer this question:

The FGHT Token Has Huge Upside Potential in Terms of Price

Given its importance to Fight Out’s future, FGHT will be a prominent cryptocurrency to keep an eye on this year. Since more REPS may be purchased with FGHT (at a bonus of 25%), the value of FGHT is likely to climb as more people download the Fight Out app. 

More value will be generated for FGHT tokens thanks to Fight Out’s future Metaverse ambitions. Early presale investors may do well to buy FGHT if and when it is listed on CEX or DEX.  And once the token lands on CEX and DEX, it will likely rise – making it one of the best long-term projects we have covered this year. 

Encourages a Positive Way of Life

Fight Out is a contender for “hottest crypto to buy in the P2E niche” because of its novel strategy of encouraging users to achieve fitness. Instead of using a cookie-cutter approach to fitness, Fight Out tailors its programs to each user based on their unique needs and preferences. 

This not only reduces the potential for injury but also boosts results over time. REPS are rewarded for completing challenges and exercises in order to encourage people to keep working out and improve their health. Fight Out’s state-of-the-art monitoring technology keeps tabs on every move, and the more efficient your workouts, the more tokens you’ll earn,

Massive $250,000 Prize Giveaway

To mark the beginning of the presale, the Fight Out team is holding a prize worth $250,000. Participants will be randomly selected from all FGHT token holders who have at least $250 worth of tokens on the day of the draw. 

Individuals who choose to invest in Fight Out can do so and will be given the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by completing a series of easy social-related tasks. Following the Discord channel of Fight Out, tweeting about Fight Out, and recommending Fight Out to your friends are all great ways to become involved with Fight Out’s online community. Check out our other guide to see if it matches with our top crypto giveaways.

Physical Fight Out Gyms Are In the Works 

The possibility of Fight Out eventually being offered in traditional gym settings is also intriguing. Such gyms will be the first in the world to have Web3 connectivity, allowing Fight Out participants to meet and show off their virtual avatars in person for the first time. 

To allow members to accumulate REPS, each of Fight Out’s fitness facilities will be built with state-of-the-art tracking equipment. Each gym will also have a health bar, content studio and co-working space to act as a de facto “community center” for the locals. 

More on FGHT Token Presale

More than half of the stage 1 allotment has been sold in the project’s rapid presale. 

Those who wish to participate in stage 1 should not delay, since this portion is expected to sell out soon. Tokens are currently being sold at a price of $0.0166 apiece, however once stage 1 concludes (when $5 million is reached), the price will grow by a fixed amount (currently $0.0166) per second up to a maximum of $0.0333.

More on FightOut Presale

In addition, investors in stage 1 can receive incentives of up to 67% based on the number of FGHT tokens they buy and the length of time they choose to lock the tokens.

For investors to receive the entire 67% incentive, they would need to purchase $50,000 of FGHT and wait 67 months to receive their tokens. For the same amount of money and time commitment, you would receive 4.5 million FGHT tokens now, but only 1.5 million in the second round. 

But the vesting period is totally optional – investors can opt out of it at any time they want.

Fight Out was created by a team with extensive backgrounds in MMA, gym owning, and app development, which has been completely doxxed and KYC certified by CoinSniper.

CertiK, an industry leader in blockchain security, has completed a comprehensive audit of the FGHT token’s underlying smart contract.

The total number of FGHT tokens in circulation is 10 billion. For an outline of the latest tokenomics, see the image below – which can also be seen by typing the command /tokenomics in the official Telegram group, or on page 16 of the updated whitepaper.

Fight Out tokenomics

In addition to the free app, 24 months of app access, extra REPS, and unique autographed goods, Fight Out is also providing four different membership packages: contender, champion, global champion, and undisputed champion.

Investors who hold at least $250 worth of FGHT on the day of the draw will be eligible to participate in a giveaway for $250,000 worth of FGHT tokens. Participants can earn additional entries by performing social media actions such as following the project’s official socials.

Why Should You Invest In The Fight Out Presale? 

After reaching $2.6 million in presale, Fight Out is making headlines. The project has only been around for a short period of time, yet it has already gained a sizable fan base. Investors looking to get in on the ground floor of this project can do so by purchasing the project’s native token, FGHT, for a discounted pre-sale price.

Fight Out Gyms

If you need any more convincing that the Fight Out initiative is worth your time and money, the following five points should do the trick.

Attractive Rewards in This Industry

When a user completes a session in the Fight Out app or an authorized gym, they are awarded REPS tokens. Fight Out’s unique in-game money, REPS, may be used at the game’s official store. The REPS token may be exchanged for personal training sessions, subscription savings, and even exercise machines for the home. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind P2E perk that encourages customers to get out and reaps benefits for their health, fitness, and development. Users of Fight Out may now earn REPS to go toward their strength, cardio, technique, and endurance training. Rather than specializing in either strength training or cardiovascular exercise, they may work on both at the same time to improve their fitness. 

Revolutionizing the $96 Billion Fitness Sector

Fight Out is the top-rated earn-while-you-train cryptocurrency. It’s primed to completely transform the $96 billion business that is health and fitness throughout the world. It uses an intuitive interface that motivates users to exercise in exchange for benefits. 

FightOut Presale Review Health Bar

In this sense, it is a multifaceted strategy that may benefit many people financially. The primary component is the official app, which offers a variety of training sessions tailored to certain needs, including those for fighting skills, muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and strength. 

Networks of actual fitness centers make up the second tier. The Fight Out app will connect users to a network of 20 local gyms where they may train with other users. 

The Metaverse is the topmost level, and it’s where users may interact with other virtual athletes and take part in simulated competitions. In addition to joining existing combat leagues, players are free to create their own and invite their athletic friends to compete.

No Hidden Cost to Join

The fitness sector as a whole and P2E initiatives in particular, confront significant difficulties due to the high hurdles to entry within the market. This makes it exceedingly challenging to attract and retain new users on the site. 

Another P2E initiative, STEPN, has also mandated pricey NFT purchases before users can begin using the platform for physical activity. However, Peloton, and Soul Cycle which are two of the most popular workout applications, force their customers to shell out a lot of cash for equipment without offering any sort of incentive to do so.

Fight Out alters this by encouraging its users to work out for monetary rewards, hence reducing the hurdles to the entrance. Users may do exercises according to their fitness level and earn REPS. Further; they won’t need to drop a ton of cash on pricey NFTs to get started. 

Most workouts may be done by athletes without the need for costly gym equipment. Furthermore, Fight Out is promoting its FGHT token, which can be used within the platform, to increase acceptance. 

When used as a membership token, it provides 25% savings to the bearer. Users of Fight Out and financiers alike stand to gain from this development. The constant demand for FGHT tokens has benefited both athletes and investors, who can now get cheaper access to their preferred fitness platform. 

Linking the Real World with Virtual Fitness

Fight Out is an excellent intermediary between the realms of physical fitness, represented by gyms and home exercise studios, and the realm of virtual fitness, represented by the likes of many virtual reality platforms. Fight Out gives each player an NFT avatar that is uniquely associated with them. 

As the player completes the workouts and gains fitness in the real world, the avatar’s muscle mass, heart rate, stamina, and proficiency improve in kind. The user’s fitness level is reflected in the virtual character’s level of fitness. 

With Fight Out, athletes may design and release their own avatars into the Metaverse, giving them a window into how other competitors train and display their skills. Users can employ their characters in simulated competitions and leagues. 

The avatar’s fitness level determines how well it performs. Fight Out is planning to add digital mirrors to its physical gym in the near future to create a more engaging and interactive environment for its customers. 

The user’s avatar will appear in the mirror image as they work out. This will cement an actual hub where offline and online fitness communities may interact. 

The Fight Out Crypto Presale

Fight Out intends to make a difference in the fitness sector by executing a productive presale for its FGHT coin. This has led them to set an aggressive aim of $100 million for their presale. The success of the FGHT token sale so far indicates that this target will be reached quickly. 

Fight Out has set aside up to 13.5% of its total token supply for the presale, as stated in their latest whitepaper. The remainder of the tokens are vested and set aside for liquidity (10%) and platform development (76.5%). 

After the presale concludes, the IEO is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2023. After the early bird discount ends, Fight Out will only take payments for ongoing app use or gym memberships.

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What Is The Future Price Prediction Of Fight Out?

There is no way to foresee the price that FGHT could reach after it is published on major exchanges, thus those seeking a Fight Out price prediction will have to make some estimations – as we did in our separate guide. 

Nonetheless, because of the low presale price, we can speculate FGHT has the potential to return enormous gains, much as the finest initial coin offerings (IEO) in the cryptocurrency market.

There is often a sharp increase in price following the initial listing of a presale cryptocurrency on an exchange. This is largely attributable to a rise in liquidity and the ease with which regular investors may participate. 

A further factor adding to the upward pressure on prices is the fact that most CEXs now accept FIAT currency purchases from investors. 

While it is impossible to predict how high or low FGHT’s price will go when it is listed, we may use the history of profitable pre-sales as a guide. Popular cryptocurrencies like Tamadoge and Battle Infinity saw massive price spikes after their presale allotment was exhausted ahead of their listings on major exchanges.

Investors who purchased Fight Out before its official release hope that, if the ongoing presale is successful, the token’s price will follow suit. With the token price so cheap, participation is accessible to everyone who wants to get in on the action.

Invest in the Fight Out Crypto Project

The market hasn’t seen anything quite like the Fight Out crypto project before, thanks to its novel use cases and ambitious aims. While the system is still in its development, the Fight Out crypto project team has chosen to initiate a presale phase in order to gather cash and generate interest in the project.

Here are the five easy actions investors need to do right now to purchase Fight Out crypto tokens on any device. 

Invest In a Crypto Wallet

The obvious thing any investor should do is create a cryptocurrency wallet. The purpose of these wallets is to store and enable the transfer of cryptocurrency. Even though there are many options for where to store your cryptocurrency, the Fight Out team suggests either Trust Wallet for mobile devices or MetaMask for desktop devices.

Metamask buy FightOut

In order to get MetaMask, for instance, you would need to visit the developer’s site and then select the “Download” button. To get started with your new wallet and set up your password, just select your operating system from the drop-down menu and proceed with the on-screen prompts.

Invest in Tether or Ethereum

Fight Out’s presale dashboard only accepts Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), thus investors will need to acquire one of these digital currencies. Most centralized and decentralized exchanges provide these currencies for purchase, and once they are acquired, they may be moved into the cryptocurrency wallet set up in the first step.

As an investor, you can choose your debit or credit card to buy ETH directly from the Fight Out website owing to the strategic partnership formed with Transak. You should always buy a little bit more ETH than you need to pay the gas expenses connected with your chosen method. 

Link Your Wallet to Fight Out Presale

To invest in Fight Out’s presale, visit their website and select the “Connect” button. Select the appropriate wallet service provider from the pop-up window and then follow the on-screen directions to link a cryptocurrency wallet.

Connect Wallet FightOut

Buy Fight Out Crypto Coins

An on-screen order form will show up when you link your wallet to the device. Select USDT or ETH as the payment method, input the desired quantity of Fight Out tokens, and verify the trade using the wallet service. 

The FGHT tokens will be created at a Token Generation Event (TGE) following the successful conclusion of the Fight Out presale. Once the presale ends, those investors who participated in the presale can get their tokens through Fight Out’s website.

Also see our complete guide on how to buy Fight Out token.

Final Word

The presale for Fight Out crypto tokens has begun; as an early investor, you have the golden opportunity of purchasing FGHT tokens at a discount. Each FGHT token is offered at a very affordable $0.0166 for an initial investment of 1 USDT.

Fight Out is garnering interest from every corner of the cryptocurrency industry because of its novel application and high goals. Fight Out is gaining a lot of attention; therefore it’s possible that this presale may be one of the hottest presales of 2023 with the capabilities of giving you atleast 10 x returns on your investment.

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FAQs on Fight Out Crypto Project

What is the price of Fight Out?

During the pre-sale period, a single USDT will get you 60.06 FGHT tokens. This indicates that the current value of one FGHT coin is exactly $0.0166.

Where to take part in the Fight Out presale?

There is just one official site where it's possible to join the Fight Out crypto presale - Beware of fake sites.

How do I buy Fight Out tokens?

Investors in Fight Out can only acquire tokens on the official website during the presale period. Connect an ERC-20-compliant wallet, get either Ether or USDT, and then use either of those to buy some FGHT tokens.

What is the total supply of Fight Out tokens?

There will be a maximum of 10 billion FGHT tokens ever created. Sixty percent of these tokens — which is 6 billion — will be distributed to presale investors, with the proceeds being utilized to complete the Fight Out platform.

Is Fight Out a good investment?

Fight Out stands out from other projects in the sector due to its novel use case and health-focused objectives. This gives Fight Out a USP in the otherwise crowded cryptocurrency industry, suggesting that the company may attract substantial investment if its long-term objectives are successfully accomplished.