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Best Move-to-Earn Cryptos List – 2023

These Move-to-earn Cryptos provide the best returns based on physical activities. Read ahead as our expert provides each project's details and discusses the future outlook and growth potential.
Should I buy Move to earn cryptos
Should I buy Move to earn cryptos

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Move-to-earn cryptocurrency applications are the perfect choice for you want to engage in regular fitness-related activities. These apps encourage you to stay in shape through many activities and offer you the chance to earn cryptocurrency.

It is expected that the market share of these cryptos will increase if they maintain their current level of popularity. Since initial investments in these cryptos are still relatively cheap, now is a great time to start using M2E apps, which can increase your total earning margins.

In this article, we review the top move-to-earn cryptos so that you can start making an early investment in these respective move-to-earn crypto projects and stand a chance to make huge returns.

Top Move to Earn Crypto List 2023

Given below, we have listed some of the top move-to-earn crypto apps that give you the opportunities to earn crypto after completing fitness-related activities:

  1. FightOut – The Best Move To Earn Project To Invest in 2023
  2. Tamadoge– Best M2E crypto app to invest in 2023
  3. Battle Infinity– M2E crypto app that blends metaverse with blockchain technology
  4. STEPN- M2E crypto app based on the Solana blockchain
  5. Genopets- M2E crypto app that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle
  6. Step App- M2E crypto app with $FITFI coin as its governance token
  7. Sweatcoin- M2E crypto app that allows users to turn their steps into cryptocurrency
  8. Wirtual- Best M2E app to earn crypto by exercising
  9. DotMoovs- M2E crypto app based on the Polkadot network
  10. OliveX- Offers a variety of M2E apps to earn cryptocurrency
  11. MetaGym- M2E crypto app with $MGCN as its governance token

A Closer Look at the Best Move to Earn Crypto Game Apps

Below is a full review of some of the best move-to-earn cryptocurrency apps that provide you the chance to earn cryptocurrency after engaging in fitness-related activities:

1. FightOut – The Best Move To Earn Project To Invest in 2023

Trying to make people realize the potential of  Web 3 in the move-to-earn space is FightOut, a fitness app that brings all-things fitness to the blockchain space. FightOut is a fitness app that offers routines fit for athletes, such as HIIT, CrossFit, BJJ, and other training modules. Completing these training modules and winning the weekly fitness challenges will reward people with FGHT tokens, utility cryptocurrencies with more value than the standard tradeable assets.

FightOut Move to Earn

You can use FGHT tokens to participate in unique NFT drops, get your hands on merchandise, and participate in competitions where you will be pitted against other fitness enthusiasts in a series of sporting events. However, the best use case for FGHT is access to REPS, another in-app currency that lets you change your NFT avatar, participate in real-life FightOut gyms, and get access to personal trainers.

FGHT is also one of the best presale cryptocurrency offerings this year, with over $2.4 million raised at the time of writing. You can grab this crypto at a discount price of $0.016 and get that early mover advantage. But the perks of getting this token on the presale don’t stop there. If you’re up for it, vesting the tokens you buy from the presale for up to 24 months will give you a 50% bonus. Therefore, FightOut is leagues above standard cryptocurrencies in terms of long-term gains.

Another reason to remain bullish on FightOut is FightOut Ambassadors, elite combat athletes that will train alongside you using the apps. You can also learn from them and make your fitness lifestyle even better.

Overall, FightOut is a move-to-earn cryptocurrency through and through. It has major upsides that will redefine the Web 3 fitness space for years to come, and with the existence of real-life gyms, the project aims to blur the lines between virtual and real using blockchain – which is one of the reasons our experts are excited to cover this project.

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2. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge, a move-to-earn crypto game, is our top selection for the best move to earn cryptocurrency. It has already started making headlines with its record-breaking beta sale.

In this game, players are supposed to take care of their Tamadoge pet, take them out for a stroll, and participate in battle games with these pets. For the duration they spend socializing with their Tamadoge pet, players will be able to earn Tamadoge tokens.

Buy Tamadoge

You will become attached to your Tamadoge pet and make more money as you interact with it more frequently. Multiple Tamadoge dogs can be played with and walked at once, and you could even train your Tamadoge pet in new behaviors.

Due to its AR/VR interface, Tamadoge will operate as both a play-to-earn and move-to-earn crypto game. Tamadoge will be developing a mobile app (Tamadoge AR app) in addition to the online app that users can use to purchase, nourish, look for, and battle their Tamadoge NFTs. This app will make it easier for users to take care of their Tamadoge pets and check in on them to see how they’re doing.

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3. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

The Battle Arena is the name of the gaming platform known as Battle Infinity, which offers several P2E battle games and M2E activities, and is connected to the metaverse. Players can engage, participate, observe, and navigate the virtual Battle Arena while playing and fighting in the Battle Infinity universe and simultaneously enjoying and experiencing the alluring Metaverse.

Should I BUY the IBAT Token

Battle Infinity has recently sold out of its presale early due to strong demand and is currently launching its native token, IBAT, on PancakeSwap and preparing for several CEX listings. The game’s features will span from future combat to fantasy sports competitions involving players-created global teams for league positions. Later, as a P2E incentive token with certain M2E components, players acquire IBAT tokens.

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STEPN was introduced in March 2022 and is based on the Solana blockchain. To begin with this game, users need to purchase or rent a pair of NFT sneakers. The pricing of the NFTs differs depending on their categories, quantities, and quality, which affects how much and how quickly users can earn in-app tokens. Understandably, more expensive sneakers have better earning potential.

Users of this game can get money by running, exercising, or walking for a short amount of time that is reset every 24 hours. The prizes are sent to players’ digital wallets in the Stepn cryptocurrency known as the Green Satoshi Token, or GST. To start playing the game, players must purchase an NFT sneaker. They can then enhance the amount of GST gained per session by customizing their sneakers.

Should I buy StepN

Users of STEPN can signal in two different ways: by actively promoting carbon neutrality and receiving tokens for it or by leading a healthy lifestyle and getting tokens for it. The former benefits users financially and emotionally. The second is accomplished by STEPN’s financial support towards the purchase of Solana’s Carbon Removal Credits to fight climate change.

By encouraging millions of customers to lead healthier lifestyles, STEPN seeks to transform the fitness apps business. At the time of writing, STEPN (GMT) is priced at STEPN $0.809071 with a 24-hour trading volume of $278 million. The market capitalization of this crypto is $485 million, with a circulating supply of 600 million GMT coins.

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5. Genopets (GENE)

Genopets is a smartphone game that encourages players to pursue healthy lifestyles and is free to participate in and move to earn. Your Genopet is a virtual pet whose development is intricately related to your own. Your everyday activities fuel your path through the Genoverse as you travel, engage in combat, and grow while earning cryptocurrency.

This move-to-earn game does far more than just track your movement and gives you rewards for it. Your ability to care for your digital pet each day by looking after it is key to winning the game. Genopets is a simple game that users can play as they walk during the day. Users must bank their daily steps in order to benefit from their efforts before the watch hits midnight.

should I buy Genopets

The dual token method is also used in Genopets. The first token is GENE, which serves as the platform’s governance token, and the second is KI, an in-game token that can be used to make in-game transactions and distribute awards. Since there is no initial outlay needed to start playing, users can mint and sell NFTs for nothing.

As of now, the price of the GENE token is $6.07, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,593,622. The market capitalization of Genepets stands at $24 million, with a circulating supply of 3.9 million GENE coins.

6. Step App (FITFI)

Step app is a paid fitness app based on the GameFi platform. It is a Web 3.0 game platform where you may move and play to earn money, essentially exchanging your sweat for tokens. These native tokens are valued in actual money or US dollars. You can take part in NFT trades by using them.

Like the STEPN app, users must stake NFT sneakers, or “sneaks,” before they can begin making money on the application. These shoes may be upgraded, just like the STEPN app. Step App accepts the AVAX token because it uses the Avalanche blockchain.

should I BUY Step app

The KCAL token, which can be used to buy sneaker NFTs and take part in contests, is the utility token for the Step App. KCAL can also be acquired by using the app and staking a pair of sneakers.

In Step App, the $FITFI coin essentially serves as the governance token. It is employed for staking, and users can use it to get deals on NFT transactions. To generate some ecosystem fees, this token can sometimes be staked.

FITFI is currently getting traded at $0.092488 with a 24-hour trading volume of $16,146,049. The market capitalization of Step App is ranked at 2716th position with a maximum supply of 5 billion FITFI coins.

7. Sweatcoin (SWEAT)

A fitness campaign called Sweatcoin allows users to turn their steps into cryptocurrency and capitalizes on the Move-to-Earn craze. Sweatcoins are earned by users while riding, swimming, and walking.

Users can use Sweatcoin without having to make any additional deposits, allowing them to try out the platform for nothing. Over 63 million people have downloaded the app, logging more than 20 trillion steps between them.

The launch of Sweatcoin’s native token $SWEAT is scheduled for September. The newest round of fundraising, which raised $13 million for the network of the step-counting application, is what drives the business.

Sweat Crypto

Additionally, users won’t need to pre-purchase a sneaker NFT in order to use the Sweatcoin app once it switches to Web 3. Also, the SWEAT wallet is established completely free of charge once registration is complete. The fundamental value of SWEAT tokens will also exist.

Users have the option of holding onto them as an asset or exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies. Users will be able to swap SWEAT for fiat currency on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges if they choose to.

8. Wirtual (WIRTUAL)

Wirtual is another move-to-earn crypto app where users get rewards for exercising. They can use them to buy real goods and NFTs, events tickets, arrange virtual sporting events, and unlock features. With Wirtual, you may use physical activities like riding, swimming, walking, and running to gain cryptocurrency.

For its users, WIRTUAL encourages a healthy lifestyle. In this app, users can compete in the areas of running, walking, swimming, cycling, fitness, and dance on the basis of pace, distance, group contests, or even design their own custom problem.

Should I buy Wirtual Crypto

You will receive $WIRTUAL as compensation for every time you report the outcomes of your activity. The current quantity of coins allocated for distribution over a 20-year period is 450 million $WIRTUAL, which amounts to 45% of the total supply.

At the time of registration, every user will select an avatar. Every avatar will have a special NFT wearable. For instance, one wearable might let the user report their activity data multiple times in a day, giving them more chances to win $WIRTUAL. There are ten interchangeable wearables altogether.

At the time of writing, WIRTUAL is trading at the price of $0.110611 with a 24-hour trading volume of $44,852.66. In terms of market capitalization, the token is ranked at the position of 4232.

9. DotMoovs (MOOV)

The leading move-to-earn platform in the Polkadot Ecosystem is DotMoovs. It is an app that allows users to capture and share a video of their motions using the camera on their phone. The fact that this initiative doesn’t require you to run or walk makes it stand out from other move-to-earn ventures like StepN and Sweatcoin.

The monitoring using GPS and everything else is done by the mobile device on which the program is installed. Once you post your clip to DotMoovs, however, a sort of artificial intelligence referee that essentially serves as an Anti-Cheating checker is employed. This supervisor makes sure that you do not cheat when performing the action for which you will be rewarded.

Dotmoovs Crypto

Users in the app are rewarded using the MOOV token, which is developed on the Ethereum network. The token can be used by users to play with other users, train, and participate in challenges. Additionally, they can use it to purchase, sell, or trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in addition to goods and other items; they can also stake MOOV to receive incentives.

As of now, the price of the MOOV token is at $0.007973, with a 24-hour trading volume of $489,538. The current market capitalization of this crypto stands at $3.9 million, with a circulating supply of 496 million MOOV coins.

10. OliveX (DOSE)

OliveX offers a diverse variety of platforms that are focused on activities and encourage people to engage in physical activity. The end goal of being active and reaping benefits from it is to engage in fitness activities such as walking and running.

DOSE is a key component of OliveX’s creation of one of the finest move-to-earn dapp communities to date. The token enables easy earning and spending for OliveX users by acting as both a utility token and a rewards token.

Significantly, OliveX has released a range of games and applications made especially to accommodate specific people’s workout habits. A blockchain game for health and wellness called Dustland Runner stimulates and pushes users to receive rewards while exercising.

Olivex Crypto

Another game in OliveX’s fitness metaverse is Dustland Rider, which pays players for cycling in actual life. Using the DOSE utility token, this network was built from the beginning to be cross-chain friendly.

Currently, DOSE is getting traded at the price of $0.012614 with a 24-hour trading volume of $600,053. The current market capitalization of this crypto is $654,695, with a circulating supply of 51 million DOSE coins.

11. MetaGym ($MGCN)

A Web3 exercise-to-earn app named MetaGym includes gamification and health-related elements. It includes a related smartwatch app, smartphone app, and a unique polygon-based cryptocurrency ($MGCN). Additionally, it has functions for Game-fi, Fit-fi, and Sleep-fi.

The MetaGym governance token is called MetaGym Coin ($MGCN). The supply of MGCN is set at 2 billion, of which 25% will be provided through involvement in governance and E2E. Unlike HRT, MGCN is intended to be deflationary. The in-game utility token is called Heart Rate Token (HRT). Users acquire HRT through the various earning modes; therefore, there is an endless supply available. Many burning mechanisms are included in the MetaGym layout to assure the stability of HRT.

Metagym Crypto

Members of MetaGym have access to NFT Metaverse avatars designated as MetaGym Buddies, which they may use to track their health behaviors, record their cardio activity, and accomplish fitness events to win MetaGym Coin ($MGCN). The cryptocurrency can be spent to reach the next level and to create fresh NFT gear, improvements, and power-ups.

In order to support the expansion and achievement of each person’s fitness journey, MetaGym has developed an attractive move-to-earn NFT opportunity. This opportunity integrates exercise, health, and community engagement.

What to Consider When Investing in Move to Earn Crypto Coins?

Before investing in any move-to-earn crypto coins, it is always important to consider some essential factors:

Market Capitalization

Due to their low market capitalization, some move to earn crypto coins are prone to unpredictability and fluctuations in their price. That is why it is crucial to invest in those M2E projects that have decent market capitalization.

Deflationary vs. Inflationary

Inflationary and deflationary currencies can be divided into two major categories. Unlike deflationary currencies, which have a maximum supply, inflationary currencies have no cap on the number of units that can be in circulation. Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are inflationary up to a limited extent.

When you are planning to invest in any M2E crypto projects like Tamadoge, it is better to start early as the price of these tokens can rise at an exponential rate due to their limited supply.


Move-to-earn crypto projects offering better utility and experience to their users will certainly be profitable in the longer run. For instance, if you exercise with an activity tracker, you must make sure that your activity is appropriately reported. FitnessFi apps are not created equally, and some can be under-or over-counting your activities.

This may result in inconsistent outcomes and rewards, which over the period, will annoy and lose users. Thus, always invest in the coins of those projects that provide the best web3 experience along with other offerings.


The most successful cryptocurrency initiatives typically have their own metaverse network. The roadmap of many M2E crypto projects highlights that metaverse will be the soul of their entire journey.

Consequently, projects offering the finest metaverse experience to their users will always have an upper edge over their competitors.

User-friendly features

If M2E apps are difficult to use, you won’t gain from them. Users will invest in only those apps that are simple to use and accessible. There should be an easy signing-up process through which users can begin their fitness journey as well as participate in tasks, tournaments, activities, and much more.

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Are Move to Earn Crypto Projects a Good Investment?

An excellent way to get cryptocurrency, a type of decentralized digital currency that has gained a following recently, is through move-to-earn crypto projects. The primary motivation for playing move-to-earn games is definitely to profit from their physical activity, workouts, and active lifestyle.

And it has been noted that a number of users do, in fact, gain handsomely from it through their usage. Due to the fact that success and financial rewards are directly correlated with time spent engaging in physical activity and exercise, people who are too energized often succeed and prosper.

By simply participating in some fitness activities, the majority of users can make a few dollars per day in general; however, some users (such as those who are especially active or have big NFT investments) may be able to make more.

How to Buy Move to Earn Crypto?

In this section, we will provide you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to invest in the best move-to-earn crypto, Tamadoge:

Step 1: Install a Cryptocurrency Wallet

To purchase Tamadoge cryptocurrency, one must initially install a cryptocurrency wallet. Several of the top cryptocurrency wallets are easily available and simple to use; however, because MetaMask supports multiple chains, we suggest using it. Browse the MetaMask website, select “Download,” and then adhere to the prompts on the page to configure the wallet.

Step 2: Buy ETH or USDT

Both ETH and USDT can be used to buy Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens. Although you can also get ETH by the Tamadoge presale site using any payment card, it is simple to purchase Ethereum or USDT using a trusted cryptocurrency exchange.

Once you have made the purchase, put your assets into your new cryptocurrency wallet as soon as you’ve bought ETH or USDT.

Step 3: Link Your Wallet to the Tamadoge Presale Platform

Visit Tamadoge’s website and select “Buy.” Press “Connect Wallet” on the subsequent page, pick your wallet provider and adhere to the on-screen directions to create the connection.

Step 4: Purchase Tamadoge

Insert the quantity of Tamadoge tokens you want to buy (minimum 10,000) and select “Convert ETH” or “Convert USDT.” After that, a pop-up will check and confirm the purchase. Getting your TAMA coins is the last stage. Once the presale is over, you can accomplish this by going to the Tamadoge website’s home screen and hitting on the “Claim.”

Buy Tamadoge Now

Your capital is at risk


One of the latest cryptocurrency markets, called “move to earn,” has drawn a lot of interest. The repute connected with video games is bound to grow with the development of M2E crypto apps.

Up until now, the sole perception of these games was that they were an unproductive and seriously unhealthy hobby. But, adding physical components to games has the ability to boost their reputation and convert them into valuable products that benefit the community as a whole.

With the complete integration of the metaverse into move-to-earn crypto apps like FightOut, their native tokens will be a lucrative investment as the craze for metaverse grows among the crypto community.


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What does M2E mean crypto wise?

M2E is the latest way of employing technology where applications encourage individuals to get up and move around. Users can then earn cryptocurrency or NFTs (or a combo of both) according to the amount of their workout or the number of fitness-related challenges and goals they achieve.

What is a good move to earn a crypto investing strategy?

Sometimes, few cryptos operate in a crypto bubble and experience price crash as soon as investors lose their confidence in them. Thus, you must invest in those move-to-earn crypto projects which offer better utility and experience with high market capitalization. Further, their apps should be easily accessible and simple to use so that users should not face difficulty in achieving their fitness goals.

What are the most profitable and best move to earn crypto apps?

FightOut is the best Move-to-Earn project to invest in right now. It is bringing move-to-earn to the metaverse while providing a selection of great workout routines to turn people into combat athletes. Also, the token's DeFi utilities are equally valuable as its fitness utility.

How do move to earn crypto coins work?

Crypto tokens can act as the governance or utility tokens of the M2E apps. Users in these apps are incentivized to exercise or do activities through these tokens. The token can be used by individuals to play with other users, train, and participate in fitness-related challenges.

What are the latest move to earn crypto projects?

FightOut is the latest move to earn project to invest in right now.