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Fight Out Crypto Price Prediction – FGHT Token Potential

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Update – The Fight Out presale has now concluded and FGHT token is listed on BKEX, BitForex, Changelly, Digifinex, LBank, Uniswap and

Fight Out is a new train-to-earn cryptocurrency project currently on presale and poised to land on decentralized and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the first quarter of 2023. It aims to offer a unique experience by combining play-to-earn crypto game mechanics with working out and the metaverse.

FightOut token

The project’s public token sale started on 14th December 2022 and raised $1 million shortly before that in its private sale. The crypto crowd’s excitement for this presale project shot up as the developers opened the door for the first presale round, as over $2.5 million has now been raised.

Fight Out is an ERC-20 token ($FGHT) trying to carve a different niche in the Web3 and fitness space by not only incentivizing folks to live a healthy lifestyle but going beyond to help everyone achieve a “combat-ready” level of fitness as well as boosting their crypto portfolio.

Fight Out Price Prediction 2023 & Beyond

Fight Out is currently undergoing its presale stage, which means it is yet to be tradeable on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

While we can’t therefore make an FGHT price prediction based on technical analysis, the current sentiment regarding this crypto and its potential in the train-to-earn space gives us some insight into where the token might go once the presale concludes:

Q4 2022

Fight Out raised $1 million in its private sale alone, which began December 5th and lasted less just over a week thanks to the project’s strong fundamentals. After that the token’s presale was open to the public. At the time of writing, the token has raised over $2.5 million.

FightOut presale

The unique approach of combining P2E with the metaverse and a robust fitness app is what is driving people towards this crypto – and we might see the end of the presale sooner than expected. The price of FGHT token during the presale is $0.016.


The pace at which the presale is going leads us to believe that the presale will conclude in the first half of Q1 2023. Major crypto exchanges will likely pick it up as soon as the offering concludes. LBank Labs is one of the backers of the project, and FGHT has been confirmed for a listing on LBank exchange as well as, LBank, BKEX, Changelly Pro, BitForex, DigiFinex and Uniswap.

The interest driving this crypto will likely drive up the FGHT price once listed on exchanges. Other factors, such as the acquisition of the first Fight Out gym, the launch of the official website, and the launch of $FGHT staking, could push the price of this token to $0.1 by the end of 2023.


By the time 2024 arrives, Fight Out would have reached the end of its roadmap. Which means the grand gym will be opened. Work will start on the in-app marketplace, and the Fight Out gym membership NFT will also launch. These factors will likely drive more interest toward this cryptocurrency, allowing its price to rise closer to 3x its 2023 value, which may be $0.3.

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Read on as go into more detail on a potential Fight Out token price prediction based on the current market sentiment for train-to-earn cryptos – and try to predict how FGHT token could perform once listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

A Look at Fight Out Presale

The table below shows an overview of the details of the presale:

Presale Start 14th December
Purchase Method ETH, USDT
Chain Ethereum
Minimum Investment None
Maximum Investment None

The Fight Out project has also implemented bonuses for its earliest investors, as some crypto presales do to to drive customer interest.

Those that buy FGHT can earn up to a 42% bonus depending on their purchase amount and a further up to 25% bonus depending on the vesting period they select – making a total of up to 67%.

The below image shows how to take advantage of the first Fight Out token bonus:

Fight Out Purchase Bonus

A further bonus can then be claimed by opting for a longer vesting period:

Fight Out Bonus Vesting Period

The up to 67% FGHT token bonus will run until the presale raises its first $5 million – which at the time of writing would be an additional $2.5 million on top of the $5.5 million raised so far.

Buy Fight Out Tokens

What is Fight Out?

The market is flooded with play-to-Earn cryptos, but hardly any have been able to get the attention they deserve. It is because of the underlying issues of such projects. First, existing P2E projects have a large entry barrier, and second, it is easy to finesse the system to extract the most capital from them. Such instances have driven many away from the train-to-earn space.

Endeavoring to drive interest back to P2E cryptos with its unique approach to fitness is Fight Out. The primary goal is this project is to move people towards a fit lifestyle by not only giving them financial incentives but also giving them a sense of community where they will train alongside professional combat athletes.

Fight Out’s approach to fitness is a bit different. It doesn’t rely on standard workout protocols but ones that players can customize according to their needs. For instance, the Fight Out app lets users choose between different training modalities such as cardio, HIIT, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, cardio, footwork, mental wellness, and more.

The project also has unique tokenomics and offers real-life benefits to those who stake their tokens. These rewards include everything from access to merchandise to real-life gym memberships.

Fight Out Profit Potential – A Case Study

Several train-to-earn projects like STEPN (GMT) and Step App (FITFI) had explosive bull cycles early on after being listed on exchanges, before a correction;

STEPN launched in early 2022 at a reasonable price of $0.16. As soon as its listing on major cryptocurrency platforms began and crypto YouTubers started to cover it, Stepn rose by 175% and peaked at $4 in April 2022. However, the retrace proved to be equally powerful, and after multiple downturns and the crypto winter, STEPN is now closer to its launch-day prices.

Stepn Price all time

While it is easy to blame the crypto winter for STEPN’s performance, we must look at this matter objectively as well. While amazing, the platform has drawn much criticism from crypto enthusiasts. The cost of NFT to participate in the ecosystem is high, and the chance to cheat the system to make more money is also high.

Furthermore, since all Stepn counted as “steps”, it didn’t provide much to fitness enthusiasts who are less into running and more into combat sports.

Fight Out, on the other hand, takes a different, complete approach to fitness. Everything from steps to workouts to fitness challenges is tracked, leaving little room to cheat the ecosystem. And when there is no room to cheat, there is a higher chance for the economy to be sustainable. And when the economy is sustainable, the growth of this project is imminent.

So, we may see massive and parabolic growth for the Fight Out crypto project after the presale concludes and it gets listed on exchanges. That may give a listing pump to its price. Then, since the project has more use cases than most, by the time the presale concludes, the acquisition of a Fight Out gym and the introduction of $FGHT staking will give more power to bulls to keep the value of $FGHT higher for longer.

What Fight Out does differently to Drive more Growth towards Train-to-earn projects.

Fight Out is a project that not only moves people towards a healthy lifestyle but turns them into elite-level athletes. Furthermore, to drive P2E adoption, Fight Out takes care of both aspects that stop the sector from growing.

Special NFTs to Address High Entry Point

Train-to-Earn projects such as Stepn are too expensive to enter. One needs to be the right NFT-sneakers to enter the space, which can cost upwards of 3 SOLs. While you can argue that the bear market has driven the price down, it is not beneficial when considering that the gains made from these sneakers are also not that high.

FightOut Avatars

To address the high entry barrier, Fight Out has taken a different approach to avatar NFTs. Known as the Solebound NFTs, these avatars are automatically assigned to those who enter the account. These NFTs are automatically minted during the account creation process and represent the user’s identity in the metaverse; they are also not tradeable.

The upcoming metaverse within the Fight Out ecosystem will allow players to upgrade these avatars and socialize with the members of the Fight Out community. Every time users train trains in real life, their avatar will level up in the app. As the avatar accumulates more points, it becomes customizable. It means that players can use NFTs and other assets to change their looks within the metaverse.

A combination of Web 3 and Web 2

There have been many projects that have tried to bridge the gap between Web 3 and Web 2. However, the adoption rate for web 3 projects have been slim. Fight Out aims to remove that issue by offering discounts and an easy process to participate in the project.

FightOut Web 3 and Web 2

Web 2 users can buy $FGHT tokens via Transak and use the custom Fight Out wallet. After the user enters the ecosystem, the project aims to condition him to pay using $FGHT. The project combines simplicity and incentives to make these users Fighting Fit.

Offering Solutions-Oriented Features for All

As people have been driven towards fitness after the pandemic, Fight Out is here to provide more motivation with its earning mechanism and a slew of customizable fitness programs. The fitness app covers all the standard and non-standard workouts, from Crossfit to Tabata to HIIT and a lot more.

As this project aims to make users combat-ready, they can easily get into the program and set their own fitness goals based on their fitness backgrounds. They can also select from a slew of customizable workouts.

In addition to exercise, fighters do need to sleep and intake the right nutrition to be “Fighting Fit”. To achieve that, Fight Out also allows users to track their sleep and nutrition. The app will take in these details and create tailored workouts for users.

A Unique Play-to-Earn Mechanic

Play-to-earn projects that are backed by a train-to-earn attribute have gamified workouts, and Fight Out is no different. However, in addition to getting rewards for standard workouts, users will also be able to complete challenges and gain even more REPS tokens.

REPS is an off-chain currency that users earn for working out and completing fitness challenges. Other social acts like bringing more people to the Fight Out community or positively engaging with them also offer users REPS.

If a player isn’t satisfied by the REPS he has earned through workouts, he can swap his $FGHT tokens for REPS to then interact with the ecosystem.

But REPS isn’t the only factor that separates Fight Out from the other projects; it is the holistic approach to fitness. That is, instead of only counting the steps, or keeping in touch with heartbeats, Fight Out takes care of all the metrics so that no one can cheat the system to gain rewards. The fitter you are, the more you will earn.

The exercises are divided into five categories:

  1. Muscular Endurance
  2. Strength
  3. Cardio
  4. Wellness Mental
  5. Fortitude

To become “Fighting Fit”, users have to achieve a baseline for each category. Every week, the platform will put a soft cap for each category, motivating users to push through these caps and earn rewards.

Fight Out Gyms – Community Amplifiers

Another feature that will likely drive more adoption of the Fight Out is Fight Out gyms. These will be IRL facilities and Web 3 integrated gyms opened by Fight Out, giving users train-to-earn opportunities.

The gyms will have capture stations and smart equipment to track the workouts precisely so that everyone can earn fair rewards while training.

Health bar in the Gyms

Along with training facilities, the Fight Out gyms will have a health bar that will serve nutritious meals, coffee, snacks, and smoothies. It will act as a social area for all the gym members and will also play host to community events.

Content Studio

Fight Out gyms will also have a content hub featuring content from the Fight Out brand. Workouts will be recorded at the gym and distributed among the users using the mobile app. Everything from pro-fighter workouts to standard routines will be filmed here. Recording these workouts will be high-level professional trainers who have been in the field for a long time.

Co-Working Space

Beyond socializing and working out together, Fight Out gyms will also have a co-working space where community members can train, create their own content, eat, drink and rest. It is a unique approach that productively brings community members together in real life. Yes, there would be events to attend, but Fight Out wants to create a productive community for the ecosystem.

Staking Utilities that Move Beyond Earning Annual Percentage Yields

For a long time, APYs have been the best reward people could earn by staking their tokens. While the is nothing wrong with that, the allure of a small bonus is so high that developers ignore how staking can be utilized for providing multiple services. That is where $FGHT, the Fight Out token, shines.

FightOut staking rewards

The tokens offer unique “stake-for-membership” utilities that incentivize stakers to earn membership rewards based on how long they stake. There are three levels of memberships, and the staking requirements range from 10k $FGHT to 150k $FGHT. The membership rewards include Gym membership, health center membership, third-party services, free merch, free 1-on-1 training, access to co-working space, access to exclusive events, and access to limited edition NFTs.

What Makes Fight Out a Good Investment?

Here are the reasons why Fight Out is one of the best cryptos to buy right now:

It targets Fitness Enthusiasts

The global fitness app industry is projected to reach $120.37 billion by 2030. Part of the reason behind its growth is that people are more inclined to adopt a fitness-ready lifestyle after the pandemic. Fight Out is moving one step ahead and providing fitness enthusiasts motivation to earn and a chance to access high-level training modules that will help them easily reach their fitness goals.

A crypto-driven gym membership won’t only be lucrative but also affordable to all. Furthermore, fitness training in public gyms has always been of low quality. Fight Out is aiming to change that with its move-first-earn-later approach. The adoption of this unique project will likely skyrocket by the time the first Web 3 gym gets opened.

The timing of launching this project is right

The 2022 bear market has created a demand for assets that hold more value than just being currencies to be sold on centralized and decentralized exchanges. The Web 3 space has power, but the sole focus on how much money can be made through it is holding it back.

Thankfully,  with the demand rising for more utility-focused projects, developers have started to listen, and Fight Out is one of the many who did. $FGHT tokens are more than just another tradable asset. They allow people to enter Fight Out Gyms, access training modalities that help them reach fitness goals, and become part of a community that pushes them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

It is far more than any of the previous Train-to-earn projects have been able to achieve, and Fight Out is poised to meet all those targets.

Fight Out Takes a Holistic Approach to Fitness

Train-to-earn projects have always been about following one metric – STEPN is proof of that. That unique P2E initiative allows users to earn money based on their step counts. However, it was only after the likes of Biaheza (crypto youtube) revealed how deep the project can be finessed that people started to look for P2E cryptos that truly focus on fitness.

Fight Out, as we have already mentioned, takes multiple metrics into account when considering users’ fitness. It will offer precise scanning so that everyone has a fair chance to earn rewards. The planned Fight Out gym is going one step further by installing scanning equipment to measure the exercise scores of all who enter the space to deter anyone from cheating.

That approach may allow Fight Out to create a sustainable economy, which will prove beneficial in the long run.

FightOut presale team


The Fight Out presale has been KYC (know your customer) verified by CoinSniper for transparency, which means the team have revealed their identity to independent verification site CoinSniper. View that certificate here.

The Fight Out team’s LinkedIn profiles can also be found on the homepage of official website.

The Fight Out project has also completed a full CertiK audit of its smart contracts, which can be viewed here.

Fight Out Social Media Channels

Those interested in keeping with the Fight Out project and want to connect with other fitness enthusiasts who are equally bullish about it can use the following social media channels:

There is also a Fight Out Telegram chat group with over 31k members that you can join. But be wary of impersonators, the project is new, and its success has likely created many copycats – so don’t engage if someone sends you a message saying they are from Fight Out; admins won’t DM you first.


This guide has looked at the project fundamentals and dived into other projects of a similar nature to make a possible Fight Out price prediction. You also now have enough information to decide whether you want to become part of this project – remember crypto presales are high risk, high reward investments.

Fight Out has the potential to become one of the next big crypto projects of 2023 and it is simple to take part in its presale using a MetaMask or Trust Wallet – see our detailed guide on how to buy Fight Out tokens.

Visit the official website at (beware of fake domains that appear in Google results using PPC ads) to learn more about the team and conduct your own research by reading the whitepaper, audit and full roadmap.

Visit Fight Out

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out is a train-to-earn project that brings a holistic approach to fitness apps within the Web 3 space. The project aims to make everyone Fighting Fit by completing high-octane fitness challenges and receiving training from professional athletes

How to Buy Fight Out?

Fight Out is a presale cryptocurrency that you can buy by going to the official website, connecting your wallet and swapping your ETH or USDT for $FGHT tokens.

is Fight Out a good investment?

Fight Out is one of the most unique train-to-earn tokens that we have come across. This project aims to bring fairness to the P2E space while making sure that people can lead a healthy lifestyle while earning rewards.