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The Metaverse Is Evolving – Don’t Miss Out on This New Crypto Project with Huge Potential (TARO)

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As predicted 30 years ago in “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson, the Metaverse is here today. Metaverses are the next evolution of the internet. In this world, all devices, tools, and infrastructures are interconnected in a persistent 3D virtual world.

It is the next frontier of technology—a revolution changing everything from finance to health, payments to consumer products. You will experience the meta-universe of Web 3.0 on the screens and in a way that changes all the game’s rules. Life, business, and leisure will almost entirely occur within the Metaverse.

Discover this Next Big P2E as a robot with RobotEra.

The future of planet $TARO is in your hands
The future of planet $TARO is in your hands

TARO tokens will power all aspects of RobotEra, including development, in-game currency, P2E gameplay, and NFTs. Buy directly with USDT or ETH and claim your $TARO tokens after the presale ends. Here is more.

An Overview of RobotEra the TARO Metaverse

RobotEra is an interconnected virtual reality ecosystem that allows users to interact using their robot avatars. The concept of Metaverse has been around, and thanks to RobotEra, integration into everyday life is becoming a reality.

Experts predict the metaverse concept will be worth $13 trillion by 2030. Moreover, PwC conducted a recent survey, which revealed that 82% of business leaders envision their business strategies integrating with this innovative concept by 2027. Governments, tech giants, and financial institutions also seem eager to embrace the Metaverse as it increases in popularity.

One of the most significant benefits of RobotEra is its stake feature. The project has its staking platform. Therefore, users can deposit their TARO tokens to profit from crypto. Furthermore, this platform facilitates NFT sales and purchases across the ecosystem. Robot avatars, NFTs, and land are all components of this ecosystem.

How RobotEra Works

In many ways, RobotEra is like SandBox and is supported by LBank, a popular crypto platform in Asia. Through the Metaverse, players can create their world and experience. To create a world, players must embody robots, which allow them to manage their territories.

The Seven Continents of the New World
The Seven Continents of the New World

It depicts the robots rebuilding Taro in the year 31337 after a climatic catastrophe by humans. Each player will have an associated NFT that identifies the robots they personify.

TARO is RobotEra’s Native Token

TARO, based on Ethereum, is the native utility token in Robotera that facilitates player interaction and exchange. The ecosystem’s functionality relies mainly on TARO. With NFT technology gaining affluence in recent years, it’s the driving force behind RobotEra’s success.

One of the main features of RobotEra is the incarnation of robots. The robots will work as NFTs on a platform associated with the project for sales and purchases. Ten NFT robots are available, divided among 000 factions, each with specific characteristics and stats.

How to Get RobotEra

Take advantage of the presale period at discounted prices of 0.020 USDT with a minimum order limit of 1,000 Taro tokens. As soon as the presale ends, this price will increase to 0.025 USDT. The best time to get involved in this project is now.

  1. Create a MetaMask, Ledger Live, Xerion, or Infinity cryptocurrency wallet
  2. Visit the RobotEra project’s official website
  3. Connect the website and your wallet
  4. Choose the best payment option for you: ETH tokens or USDT tokens.
  5. Confirm the token purchase to complete the transaction
Planet $TARO awaits you!
Planet $TARO awaits you!

Join the TARO Robots

“Right now,” as Stephenson said, “the metaverse is a primordial soup of many big and small companies banging into each other.” In the future, users might beam from one Metaverse to another as they do now when browsing the web. From role-playing games to interactive storytelling to live music to esports, RobotEra will offer unique experiences. Sign up now!

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