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Dogeverse Price Prediction – $DOGEVERSE Price Potential in 2024

Dogeverse token
Dogeverse token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Memes have the ability to bring the community together through jokes. Meme coins symbolize that, but they have so far been isolated in their own blockchains. Dogeverse introduces a different narrative, presenting users with a multi-chain asset that gives them the benefit of interoperability, something not common in the meme coin niche.

The project took off the ground as a presale recently, raising close to $2 million so far. Is the current meme coin mania the only factor pushing people to buy it? Or does this token have a future beyond its ICO? This Dogeverse price prediction will analyze the different aspects of this blockchain project to learn where it might land in the next five years.

Dogeverse Price Prediction

Dogeverse is currently available as a presale, and therefore, it is not viable to use any technical analysis to predict its price action. However, this time, we are talking about a token with unique multi-chain utilities, and the overall market fundamentals give us some insight into where the $DOGEVERSE price might head in the coming years.


Dogeverse is undergoing its presale, which is hard capped at $17.002. The token’s price during the final stage of its presale is set to $0.000305. Once the presale concludes and the token lands on decentralized exchanges, it can possibly be 10x, reaching $0.003.

The reason behind our bullish reaction toward this project is that it is an interoperable asset active on multiple chains. Not only can it benefit from the Bitcoin halving, which many say will boost the price of other crypto assets, but it can also trigger the growth of the native tokens of the chains it is active on. For instance, one of the hottest assets on the markets right now is Solana, which recently reached $210, the closest that it has ever been to the all-time high it achieved in 2021. Since Solana-based meme coins are all the rage, Dogeverse can pump if Solana surges once again.

However, the crypto market moves in waves. So, we may see a downtrend for Dogeverse after the initial excitement subsides. But the correction may not be significant due to Dogeverse’s multi-chain nature. At best, we believe that the Dogeverse price will lie around the $0.002 mark by the end of 2025.


2025 will mark a year since halving. If history is any indication, that would mean the market will go on another bull run. The Bitcoin price can possibly move beyond the $100k mark, pumping all assets in the market.

If the market moves in the anticipated bullish fashion, we may see meme coins gather more interest. However, Dogeverse’s own utilities will also play a major role in how the market perceives it. The multi-chain token’s tokenomics suggest a big chunk of the total supply has been dedicated to ecosystem funds and project development, which could mean more use cases for this Dogeverse.

Therefore, it is possible that Dogeverse may take the same route as BONK, a Solana meme coin that took the market by storm last year, reaching a $1 billion market cap and integrating into multiple Solana-based decentralized applications. If that happens, Dogeverse may be able to do another 10x next year, reaching $0.03 by year’s end.


Dogeverse’s utility as a long-term token will depend on how strongly it is able to unify the blockchain communities and how well these communities perform. Global adoption will be another factor in determining how the Dogeverse price moves in the long term. If the current virality of meme coins in the market persists in 2030 as well, we may see Dogeverse increasing in price once again. As it is the first multi-chain meme coin to arrive this year, it might be considered OG crypto years from now, making its community stand at the same level as other large meme assets, such as BONK and PEPE. Taking these factors into consideration, it is possible for Dogeverse to reach $0.2 by 2030.

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Keep reading as we give a complete breakdown of the project’s fundamentals, presale, tokenomics, and roadmap to support the rationale behind the aforementioned price predictions.

Dogeverse Presale – A Quick Look

Dogeverse is already giving off a nostalgic vibe as a multi-staged presale with an actual goal. That alone sets it apart from the other short-term presale meme coins that have been popping up on the market lately, which give investors quick gains that disappear quickly.

Dogeverse’s presale is soft-capped at $8.835 million, and it has 10 stages. The hard cap placed on the $DOGEVERSE token presale is $17.002 million, and it has 6 stages. Here is the table giving a complete insight into the presale.

Token Price
Amount of Tokens
Cummulative Amount of Tokens
USD Value
Total USD Raised
Stage End Date
Hard Cap 1 (11)
Hard Cap 2 (12)
Hard Cap 3 (13)
Hard Cap 4 (14)
Hard Cap 5 (15)
Hard Cap 6 (16)

15% of the total supply of 200 billion Dogeverse tokens is allocated to the presale until it reaches its soft cap. To hit the hard-cap target, which the devs say will initiate if the project is sold out early, Dogeverse has dedicated 28.5% of the total supply. The breakdown of the tokenomics of the project is as follows:

  1. Presale Allocation (15% during soft cap, 28.5% for hard cap). This phase will generate initial interest in the project
  2. Staking rewards (10%). Dogeverse will distribute staking rewards over the course of the next two years.
  3. Projects funds (25%) – 25% is for project funds, which the devs will use to make Dogeverse more scalable.
  4. Liquidity Pool (10%) – 10% of the total supply is for exchange liquidity provisions.
  5. Marketing (25%) – 25% of the total supply will go into running marketing campaigns, which may entail giveaways or airdrops.
  6. Ecosystem funds (10% during soft-cap phase, 6.5% during hard-cap phase) – Ecosystem funds are to introduce more features into the project to make it more utility-focused.

What is Dogeverse?

Dogeverse is a multi-chain meme coin, the first “chain-hopping” crypto in the meme coin space. It establishes a cosmic narrative to go along with its unique perk.

Meet Cosmo, the chain-hopping doge. “Born from the cosmic dust of a collapsing star, Cosmo is not an ordinary dog. With its innate ability to leap between different chains, he symbolizes the essence of freedom and exploration in the crypto verse.”

These journeys, accentuating the presence of a lone traveler with a sense of freedom, have been designed to elicit a positive emotional response from the meme coin community. However, this story also underlines what Dogeverse actually is.

It is an ERC-20 token that, although developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain, has later been given the ability to navigate through five other chains with the help of Wormhole and Portal Bridge.

Dogeverse theme

With the multi-chain deployment unlocked, investors now have a way to interact with the Dogeverse ecosystem in any way they see fit. Those who want more accessibilty can pick Ethereum. Scalability seekers can go for Avalanche. Affordable crypto watchers can use the Solana or Polygon blockchains. Base is suitable for those looking for something new, and for those looking for a more utility-focused ecosystem in Dogeverse, BNB Chain is the way to go.

This act exposes the Dogeverse to multiple types of investors. Some can be gain seekers; others can be developers. Even degen investors can find the doge-based look of the token more appealing. This can inject more versatility into Dogeverse.

Dogeverse Staking

Like many of the crypto presales that have come out this year, Dogeverse has also embraced the spirit of staking. This simple attribute will motivate presale investors to hold on to their tokens in a bid to make gains in the long run.

As we already mentioned, Dogeverse has dedicated 10% of its total supply to staking, and the rewards will be distributed over two years. The reward release rate has been set to 6088 $DOGEVERSE tokens per ETH block, and at press time, the estimated rewards rate is 579%.

Staking on Dogeverse

Staking on Dogeverse has introduced the element that will help stabilize this project in the long run, making it more than a suitable asset for those looking for long-term cryptos to invest in.

Dogeverse Profit Potential – A Case Study 

How high can Dogeverse go, exactly? The answer to this question doesn’t lie in any technical indicators since the token has yet to go live on any cryptocurrency exchange. Furthermore, there hasn’t been any multi-chain meme coin in the past, at least not in the way Dogeverse has done it, which truly makes it a unique token.

However, since Solana is one of the chains on which Dogeverse is available, we can compare it with one of the best Solana meme coins that went bullish last year—BONK.

BONK was introduced as an airdrop on Christmas of 2022. However, because the market was still under the impact of the crypto winter at the beginning of 2023, it didn’t see any significant action until November.

BONK Comparison with Dogeverse

In November 2023, the token experienced its first parabolic increase. The BONK price then went down before bouncing back and reaching its all-time high of $0.000038 before correction.

However, the correction hasn’t been massive. Thanks to the current bullish market environment, BONK still maintains its value above the $0.00002 mark and has a market capitalization that exceeds $1 billion.

Dogeverse can possibly go through the same motions as BONK. Analysts like TodayTrader have said that Dogeverse has 100x potential.

However, whether the token can climb that high will also depend on the current market drivers.

Drivers That Will Determine the Dogeverse Price Movement

Listed below are the major drivers that will move the Dogeverse market.

Meme Coin Mania 

The first thing to consider is the meme coin mania, especially the Solana meme coin mania. Since the third quarter of 2023, there have been more than a few instances of Solana meme coins going viral. BONK showed that many of those token’s viral factors continue to persist to this day. Since one of the chains Dogeverse is active on is Solana, it may receive the same reaction.

Bitcoin’s Price 

Another large contributing factor that would determine Dogeverse’s price action is Bitcoin. How the market looks once the halving event is complete will determine how any presale crypto is perceived. That being said, Dogeverse’s current presale phase shows that it might launch at a time when the after-effects of Bitcoin halving are still felt. If the market is positive, Dogeverse will move positively on the price charts. Otherwise, it may take the same corrective path as other presale tokens have taken in the past.

Bitcoin price


Project’s Utilities

Utility is the key factor that will determine the long-term standing of how the Dogeverse token moves on the price charts. If Dogeverse is able to unify the blockchain communities as the whitepaper says, we may see a time when the developers will give up the project’s reins to the community members. A DAO may be established, which can bring more cases of use to the Dogeverse’s ecosystem. As a DAO crypto, Dogeverse’s position may consolidate even further.

Social Media Interactions

How Dogeverse is perceived on social media sites during its presale phase will also drive how it performs when it finally launches. Currently, Dogeverse’s follower count on X (formerly Twitter) is a little over 1.3k. Even though the quantum of members is low, the quality of conversation is high. More often than not, Dogeverse shares insights about the project and informs investors about its intricacies.

These are just some of the growth drivers that would determine how Dogeverse fairs in the future. However, is it a good investment?

Is Dogeverse a Good Investment?

Whether or not a cryptocurrency is a good investment is determined by many factors. Crypto assets aren’t tangible; they aren’t beholden to any utility. Most of the time, the only key driver that moves their price up and down on the price chart is how the community perceives them.

Dogeverse introduces investors to a token with immense potential to go viral. First, it is a doge-based token with cosmic lore—both of which can help it associate with Elon Musk, a meme coin lover who dreams of setting up a colony on Mars.

Dogeverse on multichain

Secondly, the project is available on multiple chains, giving investors freedom about how they want to interact with its ecosystem. In addition to these two reasons, the following perks are why we think Dogeverse is a good investment.

Release Timing 

Like most presales that have come out this year, Dogeverse has also launched at the right time. The market is currently in the throes of bullish sentiment with investors showing great interest in buying cryptos. The greed on the fear and greed index is high, pointing to extreme greed at 76.

This shows that people are easy to get enticed by new offerings in the market, creating buying pressure. That could make Dogeverse go through an upswing once it launches.

Interesting Lore 

The lore presented by Dogeverse is interesting. However, unlike most projects whose lore doesn’t match with their functionality, Dogeverse has weaved form and function together. It tells a tale of a chain-hopping doge while being a chain-hopping meme coin. That adds an air of honesty to the project, which makes it a suitable investment for most crypto enthusiasts.

Poised for Development

From setting aside tokens for project development to allocating a big chunk of its total supply to ecosystem funds, Dogeverse has cleverly implemented a high level of tokenomics, giving Dogeverse more time to become more than just another meme coin.

Dogeverse features

There is a possibility that this project will introduce novel utilities. It may be NFTs, games, or even cross-chain payment systems for meme coins that could be established thanks to the variety of blockchains on which they can operate. In simple words, Dogeverse is a token poised for growth.

Staking Perks 

Staking is not a new utility; most current presales have it. However, even though not unique, the presence of this utility in itself is a positive for the project’s long-term growth in the market. Although this perk is limited to the Ethereum blockchain for now, it can potentially become interoperable as the project moves forward with its roadmap. As such, buying $DOGEVERSE gives early movers the opportunity to earn passive rewards through staking while also benefitting from market gains.

Dogeverse Roadmap 

Dogeverse’s roadmap has five phases, and each phase has been stylistically named after a cosmic event.

Dogeverse roadmap

The Big Bang

This marks the emergence of Dogeverse, the conceptualization of this smart contract, and the creation of its social media channels.


Coinsult has already audited the smart contract for this project. Presale has started, and community development is in full swing.


The marketing for the project is in full force, with articles being published and the project being analyzed by many popular websites. The developers are now in the process of filing applications for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listing.


Once the presale concludes, it will go live on major DEXs, like Uniswap. Jupiter DEX and Raydium may also receive the token for listing since they are home to many Solana-based meme coins. Devs will also integrate this project into DEXTools and Birdeye.

Cosmic Travel 

The final phase of the project will mark the true beginning of Cosmo’s travel. The first CEX listing will happen while the marketing continues and more community incentives arrive.

How to Buy Dogeverse – Quick Guide

Here are the steps to buy Dogeverse tokens.

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Choose the crypto you want to swap for $DOGEVERSE tokens.
  4. Make the swap.
  5. Claim the tokens from the chain of your choice.

Visit Dogeverse Presale

Dogeverse’s Social Media Channels

Here are the links to keep in touch with Dogeverse’s social media channels.

  1. Twitter
  2. Telegram

Know that devs don’t contact first. Avoid going to the website manually. Only use the affiliate links we provide to prevent entering fake websites and social media handles.

The Verdict

In this guide, we have provided our insight into where the Dogeverse price will go once the presale concludes. We have looked at the market fundamentals and the core facets of the project to provide our projections.

A multi-chain token, Dogeverse can draw benefits from different blockchains. While only time will tell where it will head in the future, for now, Dogeverse is showing potential of becoming the next big thing in the crypto town.

Dogeverse - Multichain Meme Coin


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What is Dogeverse?

Dogeverse is a multi-chain cryptocurrency project. It was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. However, it has transited to Solana, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Base, and Polygon after the integration of Wormhole and Portal Bridge.

Will the Dogeverse price go up in 2025?

2025 will mark a year after halving, making it receptive to another Bitcoin bull run if the market follows the same trends as 2021. If that happens and Dogeverse is able to maintain its relevance on social media sites and bring unique utilities due to its multi-chain nature, it can potentially move up parabolically in 2025.