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10+ Best Beginner Cryptocurrency to Invest In – 2024 Guide

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Now that the market is showing signs of recovery in 2024 following the ‘crypto winter’ of 2022, interest in crypto from beginner level investors is spiking again – with new traders seeking out the next big cryptos that could outperform and be easy to manage as investments in the next crypto bull run.

In this guide, we will review some of the best beginner cryptocurrency options, their scope for growth in the upcoming months and how to get started with crypto trading.

Best Beginner Cryptocurrency Projects

  • Green Bitcoin – Revolutionizing Beginner Investments with Gamified Staking and Eco-Friendly Principles
  • Smog – Best Beginner Crypto in the Memecoin Niche
  • Bitcoin Minetrix – Beginner Cryptocurrency with a Scope to Earn through Mining
  • Sponge V2 – Beginner Memecoin for Short and Long-Term Investors
  • Scotty the AI – Innovative Beginner Crypto for Memecoin Enthusiasts
  • Meme Kombat – Beginner Gamefi Crypto Expected to Perform Well
  • eTukTuk – Emerging Crypto Revolutionizing the Transport Sector
  • Frog Wif Hat – Navigating the Cryptocurrency Waters as a Unique Meme Coin Entry for Beginners in [uear]
  • Wall Street Memes – Beginner Memecoin with High Potential
  • SpongeBob – Beginner-Level Memecoin to Earn Huge Rewards
  • Tamadoge – P2E Project With Unique Memecoin Status and Utility
  • Polkadot – Promising Cryptocurrency For Beginners
  • Myro – Beginner-Friendly Memecoin with a Lot of Potential
  • Ethereum – Safest and Historically Successful Cryptocurrency for Beginners
  • Cardano – Possible Top Gainer in the Upcoming Months
  • Binance Coin – Most Reputed Exchange’s Native Token for Beginner Investors

Best Beginner Crypto Coins To Invest In – Full Reviews

In this section, we will study what each project exactly does, and their status when it comes to price or potential growth. Read the descriptions to find out which cryptocurrency project would be most suitable for you to purchase as a beginner.

Green Bitcoin – Revolutionizing Beginner Investments with Gamified Staking and Eco-Friendly Principles

Green Bitcoin (GBTC) is creating waves in the crypto space, particularly among beginners, with its revolutionary gamified staking model. The ongoing presale has already raised a staggering $1 million, solidifying Green Bitcoin as a highly anticipated project.

Green Bitcoin Staking and Gaming

Investors can acquire GBTC using ETH, USDT, or credit/debit cards during the presale, and staking these tokens enables them to earn attractive annual percentage yields (APYs) that can go up to 261%.

What distinguishes Green Bitcoin is its fusion of Bitcoin’s legacy with Ethereum’s sustainable architecture. Operating as an ERC-20 token, GBTC introduces “Gamified Green Staking,” a model where users earn passive income based on their investment size and engagement in Bitcoin price predictions.

The project’s commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident through its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, significantly reducing energy consumption compared to traditional Bitcoin mining. Staking bonuses further reward accurate predictions, creating a dynamic and engaging community.

Green Bitcoin’s tokenomics allocate a significant portion to presale buyers, staking incentives, and essential aspects like marketing and community-building initiatives. The roadmap emphasizes enhancing gamified features to make staking even more rewarding, fostering a community centered on eco-friendly values and passive crypto income.

As the project heads into the next presale phase, the roadmap promises exciting developments, including intensified marketing efforts, the launch of predict-to-earn mechanisms, and premier exchange listings, setting the stage for a promising future in 2024.

Visit Green Bitcoin

Smog – Best Beginner Crypto in the Memecoin Niche

Smog’s entry into the crypto space didn’t contain much fanfare. But the fact that it is Solana-based and a meme coin allowed it to have the same growth trajectory as other Solana-based meme coins in the past.

Smog airdrop

Soon after launching on Jupiter DEX, it went up by 1500%, consolidating itself as a leading crypto to buy. However, the project’s value as a beginner-level crypto stems from the fact that it is a meme coin with simple fundamentals. The simplicity of those fundamentals extends to staking, allowing beginners to compound their gains.

Those who stake SMOG tokens will be eligible for the SMOG airdrop. However, this airdrop has a gamified staking approach, meaning that before the airdrop is announced, holders will need to complete quests to accumulate airdrop points. The more airdrop points one has, the larger number of SMOG tokens they will be given.

Combining the standard appeal of memecoin with its gamified staking element is the reason Smog is one the leading beginner-level crypto to buy. It has already taken the community by storm, and it may rise yet again once the airdrops start coming. Additional utilities for the token have also been announced. They include staking rewards and the recent ETH bridge. The former rewards users for holding the tokens, and the latter allows users to buy SMOG using ETH.

Check out this video by  Jacob Crypto Bury to get a closer look at the token’s potential.

Visit Smog

Bitcoin Minetrix – Beginner Cryptocurrency with a Scope to Earn through Mining

Mining has been an industry that’s often posed challenges for regular investors, with prevalent scams and a monopolized landscape. However, Bitcoin Minetrix steps in as a solution, offering a way for investors to potentially earn from Bitcoin mining without the need for substantial investments or extensive resources.

As one of the top DeFi 2.0 crypto projects, Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a cloud mining environment to alleviate concerns associated with Bitcoin mining, including lowered entry barriers, heightened safety measures, and the absence of upfront costs.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Bitcoin Minetrix employs an innovative approach, blending the concepts of staking and mining to realize its goals. Users can acquire mining credits by staking the platform’s native BTCMTX tokens. These tokens, being non-transferable, can be burned in exchange for mining time or a share of the profits.

Read our guide to discover how you can buy Bitcoin Minetrix this year.

For users of Bitcoin Minetrix, all that’s required is an Ethereum-compatible wallet to purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens. The management of these tokens and mining credits is made simple through an intuitive interface.

Currently in its presale phase, Bitcoin Minetrix has set a soft cap target of $15 million, showcasing its potential in the crypto market. This makes it an appealing option for both newcomers and experienced investors looking to venture into the world of cryptocurrency mining. With its innovative approach and user-friendly interface, Bitcoin Minetrix stands out as an excellent choice, particularly for beginners in the crypto space.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

Sponge V2 – Beginner Memecoin for Short and Long-Term Investors

Sponge V2 is a unique cryptocurrency project bringing together a unique bouquet of mechanics to make it suitable for beginner investors.

Sponge V2 Best beginner crypto

Sponge V2 is the second iteration of Sponge V1. Sponge V1 was one of the best memecoins to have been released during the memecoin mania of this year. With Sponge V2, it is leveraging the same aspect that made Sponge V1 successful, but providing investors with other perks.

The token has a unique staking mechanic in which staking Sponge V1 tokens will allow users to earn an equivalent amount of Sponge V2 tokens once it is released. For long-term investors, there is a holding mechanic that contains bonus APY rewards starting at 40%.

These unique aspects of Sponge V2 make it a suitable cryptocurrency for beginners. They can witness first-hand the viral capabilities of this token while also enjoying its long-term benefits.

Visit Sponge V2

Scotty the AI – Innovative Beginner Crypto for Memecoin Enthusiasts

Memecoins may be an accessible token to get behind, but beginners have always been confused by them. Their viral nature is appealing, but their unpredictable nature is worrying. Therefore, beginners who are interested in meme coins are looking for a project that provides more value than just hype.

Scotty the AI is answering this call by providing innovative memecoin AI fundamentals. The project’s AI-driven quirks are being highlighted in the attributes of its mascot – Scotty.

Scotty the AI beginner Friendly Crypto

Scotty is a Scottish Terrier. This furry dog is sporting a jacket, techno glasses, and the ability to watch over the entire blockchain. It exists to prevent any fraudulent elements from sullying the decentralized ecosystem. Helping him is its vast array of abilities like fast transactions, the ability to recall every transaction, the ability to recognize repeatable patterns in the market, and integrating algorithms that can detect fraudulent transactions.

These attributes have been integrated with two technologies within Scotty the AI’s ecosystem. One is a decentralized exchange named Scotty Swap that uses artificial intelligence to achieve fast and secure transactions and provides users with a way to generate profits through their trades.

The other element is a chatbot named ScottyChat that uses AI-gifted deep learning mechanics to scan the market to provide a complete analysis to users.

While these attributes are complex on their own, their integration with a meme coin narrative makes them easy to understand, making Scotty the AI beginner-friendly crypto to get behind.

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Meme Kombat – Beginner Gamefi Crypto Expected to Perform Well

In recent months, memecoins have witnessed significant price surges. But what if there was a project that not only embraced the memecoin status but also integrated it into its functioning? That’s precisely what Meme Kombat, considered one of the top beginner cryptos, achieves. It brings together meme mascots from leading projects like Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, and Pepe, creating AI-generated battles that users can place bets on using $MK, the platform’s native currency.

Meme Kombat

Presently, the platform offers three key services. Firstly, it employs advanced AI to incorporate popular meme coins into Meme Kombat’s Automated Battles. Secondly, through gambling, $MK token holders can bet on battle outcomes and potentially earn substantial profits. Thirdly, staking enables $MK token owners to passively earn an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 112%, in addition to in-game rewards and benefits.

Active participation and community involvement play vital roles in $MK. Therefore, a significant number of tokens have been allocated for community rewards. As of now, the project is available at a discounted price of $1.667 during the presale directly from the website. This makes it an excellent choice for any type of investor looking to start their journey in the world of cryptocurrency.

Visit Meme Kombat

eTukTuk – Emerging Crypto Revolutionizing the Transport Sector

Beginner cryptocurrencies should always be evaluated based on utility, as investing in hype-driven tokens often leads to losses. This is why eTukTuk stands out as a preferred choice today, particularly due to its innovative and practical use case. The project aims to establish a seamless transport system powered by electric vehicles (EVs), introducing its own vehicle called the eTukTuk, which will operate using a connected network of charging stations worldwide.

eTukTuk energy efficient token

Given the growing investor interest in environmentally friendly projects and the global demand for EVs, eTukTuk has the potential to emerge as an excellent investment opportunity. The project has garnered attention from major media platforms for its innovative approach. Currently, the project’s native token, TUK, is in its presale phase, presenting an opportune moment for investors to buy in.

Moreover, the project plans to launch a play-to-earn (P2E) game, also powered by the TUK token. Essentially, the TUK token holds intrinsic value within the eTukTuk ecosystem, serving as a means of payment for charging at EV stations and participating in the P2E game. Additionally, it can be utilized for staking, enabling investors to generate passive income while holding a token poised for considerable appreciation post-launch.

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Frog Wif Hat – Navigating the Cryptocurrency Waters as a Unique Meme Coin Entry for Beginners in 2024

Frog Wif Hat emerges as a distinctive entry in the cryptocurrency sphere, characterized by its meme coin nature. Drawing inspiration from the success of dogwifhat on the Solana blockchain, Frog Wif Hat is a French-themed token featuring a frog adorned with a béret and a baguette, often portrayed with a grumpy or inebriated demeanor. Notably, it lacks practical use cases, relying solely on market speculation and hype for valuation.

Frog Wif Hat

The tokenomics of Frog Wif Hat encompass 1 billion $FWIF tokens, with the entire supply in circulation. A fair launch on Uniswap and the absence of a presale campaign eliminate concerns of developer token manipulation. Locked liquidity pool holdings and plans for expansion onto the Solana network further define its fundamentals.

In terms of transactions, Frog Wif Hat operates on the Ethereum blockchain, offering potential as an ERC-20 investment. Notably, there is no transaction tax on token transfers, and a 0.3% Uniswap trading commission contributes to the liquidity pool.

Frog Wif Hat’s roadmap outlines key objectives, with completed phases including listing on Uniswap. The subsequent phases involve integration with the Solana network and ambitious goals of achieving 1,000 wallet holders, culminating in a $100 million market capitalization.

Investors are drawn to Frog Wif Hat for several reasons, including the ongoing meme coin trend, an affordable token price at $0.001374, micro-cap status with a $1.3 million valuation, and the assurance of a fully circulating token supply, mitigating concerns of sudden dumps.

As a nascent cryptocurrency, predicting Frog Wif Hat’s future value remains challenging. However, its fundamentals, combined with lessons from successful meme coins, position it as an intriguing investment option for beginners seeking entry into the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

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Wall Street Memes – Beginner Memecoin with High Potential

One of the essential aspects to find a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency is that it should be easy to understand, have a great upside, and shouldn’t be too complicated to understand what it aims to do.

All of this is combined into one with Wall Street Memes. Wall Street Memes is a meme coin that is coming into the picture after its recent presale which is seeing some bullish response from potential investors.

Wall Street Memes

The project also has a promising NFT pedigree, considering it comes from the same developers who were behind the Wall St Bulls NFT Collection, which was sold out within 32 minutes when it was launched in 2021. They are coming up with their recent Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection on Magic Eden.

The project is now available on the OKX exchange and can be brought directly from the platform.

Visit Wall Street Memes

Tamadoge – P2E Project With Unique Memecoin Status and Utility

As the latest entrant into the Doge ecosystem, Tamadoge’s introduction itself started off with a bang. There was massive hype since its presale earlier this year, and the same interest can be seen among investors and the overall community even today. 

Since it had a memecoin feel to it, investors were initially sceptical of Tamadoge, given the scams that were carried out in the industry. A majority of such meme tokens would simply be cash-grab opportunities for the developers. However, it didn’t take long for Tamadoge to prove that it was the exact opposite; infact it was a perfect combination of both memecoin status and high utility at the same time!

Tamadoge is a P2E game platform that is set to introduce a variety of blockchain games in the future. It is also set in the backdrop of its own metaverse, the Tamaverse, where users will be able to mint, breed, nurture over even use their own Tamadoge pets for rewards in the form of native token TAMA. These Tamadoge pets are NFTs which can be bought depending on the preference of the user from NFT marketplaces


Tamadoge has also set up a massive airdrop of TAMA tokens worth $100K for one lucky user, which also contributed to further driving the token’s demand. The project aims to explore newer and more unique genres too, as the developers have stated several times before. It has an ambitious roadmap and has been delivering as mentioned for the past couple of months. 

For a beginner who is looking to park their funds in popular memecoins like DOGE or SHIB, the TAMA token may be a better alternative since it boasts of a better use case and higher growth potential, being a small cap gem at the moment. 

Tamadoge started listing on top-tier exchanges in 2023, beginning with BybIt.

Register at OKX for Tamadoge

Polkadot – Promising Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Fund Projects Established By Polkadot Treasury To Increase Network Traction

Created by Ethereum’s ex-co-founder Gavin Wood, it is deemed to be a cryptocurrency project that may change the way we look at entire blockchain ecosystems today. With Polkadot, you can interoperate a series of specialized blockchains in a sharded network, enabling cross-chain transfers of any type of data or asset, not just tokens. 

The project aimed to provide a foundation for a decentralized internet of blockchains, better known as Web3. This is one of the reasons why Polkadot is referred to as a layer-0 meta protocol. It underpins and describes a format for a network of layer 1 blockchains known as parachains (parallel chains). Through its on-chain governance, Polkadot, as a meta protocol, can also update its own codebase autonomously and forklessly. 

With it, users can easily create new applications, institutions, and services, and a decentralized web can be supported. With Polkadot Relay Chain, independent blockchains can securely share information and transactions between public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles, and future technologies.

If all this sounds too complicated for you, let us make put it in a much simpler format. Polkadot is a software that seeks to incentivize a global network of computers to operate a blockchain on top of which users can launch and operate their own blockchains. Essentially, it is a platform where one can build other projects, and create endlessly. 

Naturally, it is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the entire sector due to its amazing use case and is undoubtedly one of the best assets investors can hold as beginners. 


Myro – Beginner-Friendly Memecoin with a Lot of Potential

Myro entered 2024 with a bang and rose high on the price charts. The reason for its ascendence was simple – it is a memecoin. It plays with the same doge-based aesthetics as BONK did when it took the market by storm and is based on the same popular chain that has been coveted by those looking for eco-friendly options and faster transactions – Solana.

Myro The Solana Dog

Myro, The Solana Dog, has been inspired by the name of the pet of Raj Gokal, one of the founders of the Solana Foundation. Its main aim is to attract whales and institutions to the Solana ecosystem to create prosperity for the Solana community.

In addition to the release of Myro, a Solana BuyBot has also been introduced, which beginners will find attractive as it will allow people to buy Myro and other Solana-based tokens via telegram. The platform is also aiming to introduce a bigger community in the future, which makes it suitable for all types of traders.

This beginner friendly project was quick to climb the price chart as soon as it landed on Solana. And considering it low current price and the simple fundamentals, this project is good for those looking for simplicity from the Solana community.

Buy Myro

Ethereum – Safest and Historically Successful Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Anyone who has even a little knowledge of the market would have come across the Ethereum cryptocurrency at least once. It is not only one of the most popular projects in the space but is also the second-largest token in terms of market cap after Bitcoin. Ethereum can be considered one of the first cryptocurrency projects to have gone mainstream after BTC and has remained that way for a while now. 

Created in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum is a decentralized open-source blockchain system, which was created to facilitate the functioning of several other decentralized smart contracts. It features the native token ETH, which has historically been one of the most profitable tokens to invest in in the last 5 years. 

Ethereum was first explained to the general public in a 2013 whitepaper by the founder Vitalik Buterin. The project was funded in a public crowdfunding event in the summer of 2014 by Buterin and other co-founders. During the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the project team raised $18.3 million in Bitcoin, and Ethereum’s price was $0.311, with over 60 million Ether sold. In terms of Ethereum’s current price, this would equate to an annualized return on investment (ROI) of almost 270% since the summer of 2014. 


At the time of writing, Ethereum stands alone as the number one smart contract facilitator and is speculated by most of the community to eventually even overtake the frontrunner crypto Bitcoin. While there are other excellent small-cap options too, that can give better profits like Wall Street Memes, it is always a good idea to hold a large-cap project like ETH in your portfolio too. 


Cardano – Possible Top Gainer in the Upcoming Months

Cardano was the brainchild of another Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, who had left the latter to create his own ecosystem after a fallout with Vitalik Buterin. It initially started off slow but has now gained recognition as one of the most promising assets in the entire crypto industry. This shouldn’t come as a doubt, since Cardano’s ADA has one of the biggest communities on all social media platforms. 

Gerolamo Cardano, an Italian polymath from the 16th century, inspired the founding of Cardano in 2017. As the world’s first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace is widely considered to be the inspiration behind the native token’s name ADA. A key feature of the ADA token is that it allows owners to participate in the maintenance of the network. Cryptocurrency holders, therefore, have the right to vote on any software changes. This virtually takes the control of maintaining the ecosystem from developers and gives it to the users completely, creating a highly decentralized platform. 

Naturally, such a fundamentally strong platform has much potential and could be one of the easiest investment picks for beginners, since ADA is a large-cap token too. This means that the risk is comparatively minimal, and may also reward users with a good profit in the future. 


Binance Coin – Most Reputed Exchange’s Native Token for Beginner Investors

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world at the moment and has a global network that extends to more than 140 countries. Naturally, such a powerful exchange has the potential to eventually explore unique and more innovative fields and grow its platform further. Now, the native token for this exchange is also expected to grow, similar to the exchange. This native token for the Binance exchange is called BNB or the Binance Coin

BNB was initially only used to pay fees on the Binance exchange but is now a high-utility token with a wide variety of use cases. It is now the primary token for the Binance Chain and is used to stake for several awards, airdrops etc that the Binance exchange holds frequently. It is already shocking that despite being a token that is the native currency of a centralized exchange, the crypto has grown so much. However, experts believe that the growth of BNB may increase even further as the Binance exchange grows parallelly. 

As a beginner, this token is clearly an excellent choice that users should absolutely not overlook. At the time of writing, BNB is the only exchange-based token within the top 10 cryptocurrencies list in terms of market cap. 


How We Ranked the Best Beginner Cryptocurrency Projects

Each project mentioned above has been carefully accessed by us in terms of security, growth potential, market trends and overall utility. These are the most basic governing factors that determine if a cryptocurrency can indeed be considered a promising asset that investors can profit. 

The beginner cryptocurrency tokens we covered belong to various categories and use cases, and were introduced at different times. Some projects have already created a name for themselves as exceptional investment choices, while some are yet to launch, or are in their early days. Regardless of their time of inception, each cryptocurrency is likely to gain momentum in the upcoming weeks and months, thanks to the innovative concepts they bring to the table. 

Best Exchange to Buy Beginner Cryptocurrencies

Before talking more about acquiring the best beginner tokens, let us understand how we can acquire the options mentioned above. This is important here since the list mentioned above is a combination of projects in their presale phase as well as those which have been listed on a majority of platforms already. 

For listed tokens, our recommended platform is undoubtedly the eToro Exchange. As one of the top exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, eToro has managed to position itself as a highly secure space for buying and storing your crypto. 

etoro best platform for crypto buying

eToro is an FCA-regulated brokerage platform with a widespread global network that expands to more than 100 countries. It has a wide variety of carefully picked top cryptocurrencies, along with a plethora of features for one looking for advanced trading products. At the time of writing, the platform boasts more than 6 million users, while also claiming to be the best choice for investors of all types, especially beginners. 

eToro has a social trading platform built-in within the exchange itself, which can help beginners navigate the markets with ease, and get solutions to issues faced by experienced traders at any point in time. Fees and other charges are minimal too, making it an ideal choice to buy the tokens mentioned in the list that have been launched already. 

For presale tokens, one can head directly to the official website of the project and acquire tokens by following the instructions on the website itself. Read on till the end if you would like to read a more detailed breakdown of how to buy presale tokens. 

What Should a Beginner Know When Buying Cryptocurrency?

The growth of crypto has been evident without any doubt in the last couple of years. However, choosing a gem among all this clutter can become difficult. This is especially the case for beginners, since they may not be able to distinguish a good project from a bad one, considering even scam projects manage to hide their actual intentions well these days. 

There are some factors that every investor must keep in mind while buying cryptocurrencies to grow their portfolio. The top ones that shouldn’t be missed at all are-

Buy tokens directly from the website or from a regulated exchange

There are several platforms that would feature their own marketplaces where you may be able to get crypto at a cheaper rate. These should be avoided at all costs since top projects ensure that their tokens are only listed on regulated and trusted exchanges. 

Only invest in projects after doing your own research

Due diligence is vital to picking out the best beginner cryptocurrency projects. Simply stocking up on a project based on the feel of its website is something that unfortunately a huge number of new investors end up doing. This is a trap since they generally end up losing all their funds. The only solution here is to refer to reliable websites, youtube videos, join social media communities etc. Reading the project’s whitepaper thoroughly can also shed some light on what exactly the token is aiming to achieve. With due diligence, one can easily find projects that could potentially rise in value considerably. 

Educate yourself about the blockchain industry

This is a rather obvious factor. Learning about the type of assets you are getting into is extremely important. Unfortunately, one-third of the crypto investors have no idea about the type of assets they are parking their funds in. Understanding how blockchain works, and how cryptocurrencies operate can eliminate the risk of you falling for any scams or rug pulls that you may otherwise be exposed to. 

Try to get in early on high-potential projects if possible

This is not something that may be possible all the time but is certainly something worthy of noting. Many of the best beginner cryptocurrency assets we reviewed above are in their presale phase, which means that you are directly getting the chance to buy the token at a discount, while others are yet to come to know about it. Investing early can be the best way of earning massive profits for smaller sums of money. 

How to Buy A Crypto as a Beginner – Presale

Let us try to understand how to buy a presale token easily. In this case, let us go through the process of buying the Wall Street Memes token mentioned in the list from its website. Before beginning the process, do make sure that you have set up a crypto wallet and added funds already. 

Step 1 – Go to the official website – Landing on the correct website is important as several imitators may pose as the real Bitcoin Minetrix and attempt to steal your funds. Click here to go to the official Bitcoin Minetrix website.

Step 2 – Click on the presale box to buy tokens – On the homepage, you will be able to see a box that shows the presale status in real-time. Click on the “Buy Now” button. You will be asked to connect your cryptocurrency wallet which you had previously set up to the Wall Street Memes website.

Step 3 – Add in the correct details – Once you have connected the wallet, simply enter the amount of BTCMTX tokens you would like to purchase. Check the fees and details once again and click on buy. You will get some prompts from your wallet asking for confirmation. Approve them. 

Step 4 – Claim BTCMTX tokens – You have successfully purchased WSM tokens. Wait till the end of the presale. On conclusion, the tokens you bought previously will be deposited into your account directly.


This guide aims to explored ten of the best beginner cryptocurrency coins, that investors can park their funds in without having to worry about the security or utility of the project. 

Over the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have developed and grown as a sector on a global scale. However, it goes without saying that a majority of this growth is owed to the 2021 bull run. A huge majority of the existing crypto community was created during this time, and there was a major rise in investors who made massive profits within just a couple of months during the wave. 

There was an influx of projects and concepts, which were all somehow successful, despite their concept or low-quality end-products. As expected, this did not go on for long, and the market crashed bringing down with it, a majority of the top altcoins and other assets like NFTs. The condition of low-fundamental projects was dire, and investors saw a steep decline in funds in their portfolios.

Naturally, this was because the bull run frenzy had put the masses under the impression that it will keep on going up, regardless of the quality of projects. Beginners too were confidently investing in assets that had shown no promise from the first day.

There are several cryptocurrencies that beginner investors can park their funds in. The projects we have listed have been chosen carefully and maybe some of the most profitable options in the upcoming weeks. Remember to also do your own research before getting into any project as a beginner crypto trader, and only invest what you can afford to lose. 

Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
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Green Bitcoin

FAQs on Beginner Cryptos

What cryptocurrency is best to invest in for beginners this year?

While all the cryptocurrencies mentioned in the article are excellent choices for beginners, Green Bitcoin, Smog, Bitcoin Minetrix, and Meme Kombat may the best options at the moment.

What crypto should I buy with little money?

An ideal solution to this dilemma is to distribute your funds in high potential projects. If you only have enough money to buy one crypto, then WSM may be an excellent pick.

How much crypto should I buy as a beginner?

There’s no ‘ideal’ amount of crypto to buy, as this depends on each person’s financial position and investment goals. However, beginners may wish to purchase a smaller amount at first and gradually build up their position as they become more comfortable.

Is there a way to earn cryptocurrency?

Most of the projects have goals that need to be fulfilled.