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Metropoly Crypto Project Review – METRO Coin Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The best long term crypto investments within blockchain are often those able to provide value to global industry, in the form of solutions to real-life problems. Metropoly (METRO) is one such project, aimed at creating real estate investment an easy affair for anyone looking to be a part of the worldwide property dealing community. 

Since the METRO presale began, its native token has been experiencing a strong surge in demand. It is packed with interesting use cases that almost any real-estate enthusiast would like to deal with within a single project. Metropoly’s concept itself is one of the main causes of its rise in popularity, which could also fuel its growth further in the future. 

With a highly efficient end product in its early stage and a utility token as its core currency, the scope of Metropoly booming may be very likely. However, it goes without saying that due diligence is necessary before parking funds in any kind of asset. This guide will review the project and explain the buying process for Metropoly’s METRO token in detail. It will also touch up on features and potential for the project in the coming months with respect to market conditions and trends. In this way, you will be able to assess the project well before actually investing in it. 

How to Buy Metropoly – Quick Guide

The whole process involved in being a part of the Metropoly is a rather simple affair, and can be done by simply following the following steps-

  1. Set up a crypto wallet
  2. Visit the Metropoly website
  3. Connect your wallet to the website
  4. Choose your payment option (USDT, ETH or BNB)
  5. Purchase METRO token

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What is Metropoly exactly?

Breaking into the real estate domain and potentially making money by owning some of the best properties today is possibly one of the most difficult works to do. Investing in real estate properties has never been hassle-free or an activity that required anything but maximum effort. Well, one can rest easy now with Metropoly entering the scene. The now-growing presale project has been gaining popularity as the first NFT marketplace to invest in income-generating properties without banks, hidden fees, or geographic limits. 

Essentially, the idea of Metropoly is to create a platform, where investors can park their funds into buying actual real estate properties online for as low as $100. This is made possible by dividing any particular piece of property into several fractions. While it may take up to 60 days to traditionally buy a piece of real estate, Metropoly makes it possible to acquire the same asset within a matter of seconds.

It is the perfect fit for those investors who are looking to diversify their portfolios and explore newer avenues of income. While the real estate itself may appreciate in value with time, the investor will also be able to enjoy a solid monthly rental income on the side depending on the amount of land owned by them using the project. 

As one of the most innovative concepts to be created recently, the project has already managed to garner the attention of a huge chunk of the crypto-investing citizenry. It is being speculated by the community to eventually become a top gainer, and move its way up in terms of value and community strength in the upcoming months. While the idea of combining real estate with blockchain technology has been attempted before, it goes without saying that none of them has come up with a product as unique and innovative as Metropoly

Simply landing on the website will give potential investors an idea of what the project is or how it can be used effectively to earn passive income while also holding a strong investment asset at hand. Despite only being introduced a few days ago, the project has already gained immense popularity and has been featured on some of the biggest finance websites like Benzinga, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Azcentral etc. As ownership of a property starts at a 0.1% fractional rate, holding huge quantities or smaller real estate NFTs are both possible, making it an ideal project for small as well as big investors alike. 

Moreover, the holder of real estate NFTs does not even need to worry about taking action to ensure that their property makes them money. The team at Metropoly shall take care of everything – from maintaining the property in real life to making sure that there is always a tenant. 

How to Buy Metropoly – Detailed Guide

As we talked about at the start, getting started with the Metropoly ecosystem is a simple task. There are no requirements or prerequisites as such which need to be achieved in order to participate or invest in the project. Read on and follow the steps mentioned in order to get started with Metropoly:

  • Step 1- Set up a Crypto Wallet – In order to purchase METRO tokens, you will need to first set up a defi wallet and fund it with some ETH. This is important as you will need the ETH tokens to swap for the METRO tokens. Also, make sure to leave some extra ETH for covering any fees levied while purchasing the tokens. 

  • Step 2- Visit the Official Metropoly Website – Search for the Metropoly website and land on its homepage, ensure that you do not land on some other imitator site since there is a scam usually carried out by some, where fake websites that look like legitimate crypto projects are created where players end up losing their funds. Click here to go to the project’s official website directly.

  • Step 3- Connect Your Defi Wallet to the Website – In order to purchase tokens, you will be required to connect your wallet to the Metropoly website first. Simply go to the top right corner of the website and click on “Connect Wallet”. Select whichever option you wish to go with. 

  • Step 4- Choose Your Mode of Payment – There are three options that you can use to purchase METRO tokens from the presale box on the website. Select between ETH, USDT and BNB. 

  • Step 5- Purchase METRO Tokens – Fill in the details as to how many METRO tokens you would like to purchase. Make sure to add the bonus code “Launch20” to get a 20% discount. Click on “Buy”. Your tokens will be purchased. These tokens will be deposited to your wallet directly as soon as the presale is done. 

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Top Components of Metropoly

The entirety of Metropoly’s ecosystem is primarily divided into three parts:

Real Estate NFTs

These are NFTs which are curated and approved by actual real estate professionals, with extensive experience in the field. Each NFT is backed by physical properties. For instance, if you hold a part of a condo in some city, then you will receive all the benefits of holding that particular condo in real life too. This means rent, real estate value being appreciated etc. 


The idea of transferring or selling real estate to someone else means drowning in paperwork, having to get signatures, going to multiple locations etc. All this hassle can be simply avoided by instead choosing to purchase land NFTs on Metropoly. The marketplace is simply the place where one can sell or buy these fractions of real estate in the form of NFTs. It will be directly accessible from the website and can be used to make trades in less than 20 seconds, unlike the traditional method which may take several days at the least. 


The value of a real estate property is often affected by several factors. However, the best time to buy a decent chunk of real estate is before it hits the secondary market. This way, you can purchase the asset for a much lesser rate, before the demand and value of that particular location shoot up. The launchpad facilitates the exact something. It will showcase exciting new real estate NFTs early so that the investor can reap maximum benefits. 

Metropoly Features

These are some features that double up as selling points for the Metropoly platform. 

  • Passive Income
  • Price Appreciation 
  • Voting Rights
  • Inbox Messaging System

Passive Income

The whole idea of investing in Metropoly is to eventually earn income on the side, while not having to worry about the investment, or having to put any kind of major efforts towards maintaining it. The holder of an NFT will be able to earn rent on a monthly basis without having to be concerned about the collection. This is possible since the Metropoly platform will have a property manager for all properties, who will make sure that the rent is paid by the tenants and reaches the NFT holders’ wallets. 

Price Appreciation

When you hold an NFT, you are essentially buying land or property of some kind. As these are assets that appreciate over time, your NFTs too will have a spike in terms of prices. All the user needs to do in order to ensure that they make great returns on their investment here would ideally be to just buy great properties and hold them for a longer period. 

Voting Rights

This is a vital part of the platform. Decisions when it comes to the property need to be made at regular intervals to ensure that it is well maintained, or is being used to the owners’ advantage. Metropoly will allow users to vote for making decisions. The weightage of each vote, however, will be determined based on the number of fractions held by each user. With a majority, users can also vote to sell their property entirely. 

Inbox Messaging System

Metapoly has a messaging system, where each of your platform-assigned property managers shall provide you with timely updates regarding the condition of the property, rent information, etc. 

Metropoly – Built around a Trending and Innovative Concept

Since it was introduced, Metropoly has shot up in demand. Better market conditions could definitely be a major factor here. However, the concept of investing in a comparatively lesser risky investment like real estate and also simultaneously being a part of a crypto ecosystem could most likely be the reason why the project has shot up in popularity. This is because it combines the safety real estate provides, while also providing a chance for exceptional rewards as the value of the METRO token increases.

The project has already been audited by SolidProof, while the team has been completely verified by Certik. As of now, players can purchase METRO tokens in order to access multiple packages. These packages depend on the number of METRO tokens owned by each investor. There are 5 packages, that players can get access to. The criteria are as follows:

Package 1  Package 2 Package 3 Package 4 Package 5
Student Package – $100-$999 Broker Package – $1000-$9999 Manager Package – $10,000-$24,999 Boss Package – $25,000 – $99,999 Tycoon Package – $100,000+

The platform has already collaborated with Tenset, which is an incubator that had backed Metahero (100x return from launch) and Everdome (80x return from launch). Tenset’s Infinity Program and success-driven approach, sky-high returns on previous collaborations and cutting-edge solutions are expected to make them the perfect partner to elevate Metropoly to new heights, according to the team. It has also partnered with some companies like Chain Adoption, DTC Group and Transak which has previously worked with top crypto projects like Polkadot, Tron and EOS. The team is currently looking to amp up marketing and has partnered with more than 20 crypto influencers like Travladd, Upnext Crypto, etc.

Even though there has been much discussion about tying NFTs to real estate, little actual action has been taken. For those who enter the market early, the current lack of competition offers tremendous potential benefits. This is exactly what Metropoly will be able to leverage, giving the investors a chance to make more money in the long run. 

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Chance to Win a Burj Khalifa Apartment Worth 1 Million USD

If you are looking to take part in giveaways for projects you invest in, Metropoly’s giveaway is one that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on. It has one of the most attractive giveaways, where one random user will be able to win a real Burj Khalifa Apartment worth more than $1 million. In addition, the winner will earn up to $100k per year from rent proceeds paid out in stablecoins like USDT. The experienced Metropoly team will take care of the property, tenants, rental payments, and more. The property, however, can also be transferred to the new winner if that is what they would prefer.

You must follow these steps to potentially be eligible for winning the giveaway:

  • Enter your crypto wallet address
  • Follow @metropoly_io on Twitter
  • Retweet @metropoly on Twitter
  • Tweet about Metropoly and Tag 2 friends
  • Join Metropoly on Telegram
  • Join the Discord community
  • Visit and follow Metropoly on Instagram
  • Share with friends for extra entries
  • Visit Metropoly website
  • Sign up for Metropoly’s newsletter

About the Ongoing Presale

It has already been mentioned on the website that the presale will help the team build the Metropoly platform and bring their vision of a global, decentralized real estate marketplace to life. The funds will be re-invested to support their go-to-market strategy and to secure down payments for their first properties. Additionally, the METRO token will be listed on top centralized and decentralized exchanges, which could potentially help the tokens soar in value. 

The METRO token presale has been seeing tremendous demand since it was made available for presale purchases. Within just a matter of days, the project was already able to stock up on more than $450k. It is likely to hit its minimum goal of $500k very soon. At this pace, it won’t be surprising to see the presale end way before the schedule, since investors would want to keep stocking up on METRO tokens. Out of a 1 billion total supply, the project is set to distribute 28% during the presale itself. 

The current rate of a single METRO token is $0.05, while the listing price; for when it happens is set to be $0.1. 

METRO Tokenomics

METRO is an ERC-20 token, which has been planned to be used carefully by the team in order to sustain the overall ecosystem while also helping the token gain value. Out of 1 billion total tokens, 30% will be allocated for sending rewards for the level system, which is another component of the project. 20% will be allocated to the liquidity pool, while 10% will go to the team and advisors. 10% has been allocated under “terms and conditions”, while 28% as mentioned above is to be distributed during the presale. The remaining 2% will be divided between airdrops and referral rewards. 

Metropoly Team

Metropoly’s team consists of experienced professionals from places like London, Dubai and Ontario. The CTO and Senior Blockchain Developer Mark Dave has previously worked on multiple blockchain projects and is a popular name in the industry. Other core members in the group too, are veterans in the blockchain industry and have been a part of several popular companies and crypto projects. An important thing to note about the team is that, unlike several other projects in the space, most of the members leading the project are from backgrounds that is within the project’s domain itself.

Social Media Presence

Since it was introduced, METRO has managed to create quite a buzz on social media platforms. It has a very active social presence and can be seen interacting with its community regularly. Despite being such a new entrant to the crypto market, the project has already managed to amass a massive community on its dedicated pages, with Twitter boasting more than 20k followers. 


The price of METRO is sure to shoot up in the upcoming days, given the utility and fundamentally strong concept it is built around. However, it is vital that each investor do their due diligence before parking funds into any kind of investable assets. Finding out more about the project and investing wisely can help the investor reap massive profits in the future. 

Update – see our latest Metropoly price prediction forecasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is METRO?

METRO is an ERC-20 token powering the Metrpoly ecosystem. It has a supply of 1 billion and will be used as a payment method to buy NFTs from the Metropoly Marketplace. It will also be used as reward tokens on the Metropoly ecosystem.

What is Metropoly?

Metropoly is the world's first decentralized marketplace featuring NFTs tied to income-generating properties. It gives an inclusive space for those who want to invest in real estate without the legal, financial, and technical requirements that come with it. Users can own a fraction of these NFTs and, in doing so, become fractional owners of the properties they represent. That way, the holder can earn passive income at a rapid pace.

What can I win in the Metropoly giveaway?

Investors have a chance to win an apartment worth $1 million in the Metropoly giveaway which is running now. In order to participate, you must buy at least $100 worth of METRO tokens from the presale. The official giveaway page also offers other steps investors can take to increase their entries.