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Metropoly Price Prediction – METRO Price Potential in 2023 and Beyond

Metropoly is a crypto project that aims to create a decentralized NFT marketplace featuring Non-Fungible Tokens tied to real estate properties. It aims to fractionalize these NFTs to enable individuals to invest in real estate by owning a fraction of the most popular properties across the globe by spending as little as $100. 

The current inflating prices make real estate a great investment option but out of reach of common investors. Metropoly is a project that aims to make real estate investment more inclusive by attaching NFTs to income-generating assets. All properties associated with the NFTs are either holiday homes or long-term rentals, and the NFTs associated with them are known as REN. Owning a REN will allow investors to earn passive income through rentals and appreciating prices of real estate properties. Metropoly provides these facilities and more without the need for banks, paperwork, or hidden fees. 

Metropoly was unveiled to the world in the 8th stage of the presale, and the token has raised upwards of $500k within a very short time. 

But can this presale project write the same success story as the other offerings we have covered so far? In this guide, we give our Metropoly price prediction to see if the project’s utilities give it major potential upsides to make it a viable long-term investment. 

Metropoly Price Prediction

Metropoly is currently available as a presale. Not being available on the trading charts yet means we can’t do a technical analysis of its price. 

Metropoly Price Prediction

However, much can be learned by looking at the project’s utilities, for they can help this project climb price charts once it gets listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

The current market is asking for utility cryptocurrencies and NFTs with utilities, and Metropoly meets all of these requirements as that is the basis on which are predicted the Metropoly price in the coming years. 


The Metropoly presale went live in early February and has been rushing through one stage after the next since then. The token was unveiled to the world in the 8th presale stage, but it still managed to grab the crowd’s attention. What is moving the presale right now is the project’s excellent fundamentals. It is bringing a utility to NFTs which the community has been asking for a long time – tying NFTs to income-generating assets. There are currently 1682 participants in the presale, and that number is increasing. The presale will end when the price hits $0.1, which is also the price at which METRO will launch on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The initial interest in the NFTs may pump the crypto’s price to $0.25 by the end of 2022. Another factor that will pump the Metropoly price is the fact that we will have a complete version of Metropoly’s marketplace by the end of 2023. 


The project’s current roadmap suggests that most of its development will be finished by the end of 2024. So, its price in 2024 will be affected by the general movement of the crypto market. We believe that the crypto winter will end by then, signaling the return of the bull cycle. Metropoly would be able to ride the wave of the bull cycle to move up in the price charts in a parabolic manner. However, as more regulations will also be coming to the crypto space, METRO might trade in volatile zones. When we consider these factors, we estimate that the METRO price will reach $0.50 by the end of 2024. 


Experts say that normalization will return to the cryptocurrency market in 2025. As governments adopt a progressive stance towards regulation, more utility-based NFT projects will arrive. And since Metropoly will become an OG project by then, it would accumulate more trust than its competitor project. And as the real estate price rises, the METRO NFT prices will also be affected. That increase will funnel into the METRO price, which, by the end of 2025, may reach $0.75. Our bullish estimation says that the price may cross the $1 mark by  2025. 

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A Look at Metropoly Presale

The table below shows the details of the Metropoly presale that you must know about before start moving forward with the entire review. 

Presale Start Date February 2nd 2022
Chain ERC-20
Minimum Purchase 1000 USDT worth
Maximum Purchase No Limit

What is Metropoly

Metropoly is the world’s first decentralized marketplace for real estate NFTs allowing anyone to participate in the real estate economy by investing as little as $100. 

The main goal of this project is to democratize real estate investment by introducing a concept that has been long talked about but rarely touched upon – fractional ownership. All real estate properties listed are tied to NFTs, which are then fragmented and sold through the decentralized marketplace. 

The properties tied to the NFTs aren’t standard residential properties but holiday homes and long-term rentals selected by the Metropoly Trust, which is a team managed by highly professional traders. 

Owning these NFTs will allow people to invest in income-generating assets. Not only will the owners benefit from the monthly rentals that the properties generate, but they also are able to mint profits from the inflating prices of real estate properties. 

Metropoly features a simple platform that makes investing in properties as easy as clicking a simple button. There are no middlemen involved, so legal fees and other documents are not any issues. But if a person buys all the fractional NFTs associated with a property, Metropoly does provide people with all the legal services they require to complete the property transfer process. 

With Metropoly, users get the following:

  1. Lowest entry point worldwide for real-world investments;
  2. The ability to track the performance of real-world NFT using an interactive dashboard;
  3. A chance to diversify their investment by investing in fractional NFTs belonging to different properties to reduce risk;
  4. The ability to invest in a property digitally and without many risks associated with it. 

Metropoly Profit Potential – A Case Study

We can gauge the potential of Metropoly to generate profits for early movers as well as late investors by looking at similar projects. The biggest one in this sector right now is Propy. 

Propy ranks just inside the top 500 tokens on CoinmarketCap, and like Metropoly, it also offers tokenized real estate. The project has been active since late 2017 and has gone on to go many bull runs in the past. 


The biggest bull run it went on was the first one, where it went from $0.32 to $48. This 1600% increase was noticed by the entire market. However, despite the upsides, the token was not able to make much of a mark in the ecosystem. 

The second bull run for Propy happened in early 2022 when it reached $4. The upswing was due to Propy finally making its NFT projects available to the masses. 

The success of this project showed that there is real potential for real estate NFT projects in the market. And while the Propy price has retraced and the recent Bitcoin pump couldn’t push its value, the overall potential of such NFTs still remains.

Metropoly works on the same lines as Propy. However, Propy doesn’t have fractional ownership; it just ties the NFTs to properties and sells them as a whole. It means that while it promotes the use of NFTs in the real-estate space, it doesn’t make real-estate investments accessible for everyone. 

Accessibility is the biggest selling point Metropoly has been able to capture. By allowing people to invest in properties located in the most luxurious regions across the globe, such as Burj Khalifa, Metropoly is poised to become an even better success than Propy. 

Does that mean that Metropoly will experience the same parabolic gain as Propy did upon launching? It is difficult to say. There is a stark difference between the 2018 market and the crypto market of 2023. However, seeing the interest people have in this crypto as evidenced by the ongoing presale, it might be possible for Metropoly to reach closer to Propy’s all-time high as time goes by.

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What are the Unique Aspects of Metropoly?

Real estate NFTs have always been around. However, their utility, as you can see from the brief description of Propy, is limited to tying NFTs to properties. And since the prices of these NFTs reflect the price of the properties, beginner-level investors still can’t invest in them. 

Metropoly has taken an inclusive approach to real estate investment through fractional ownership. You won’t need to own the property as a whole to generate profits, fractional ownership is enough. 

Here are the other aspects that make Metropoly one of the most unique presale cryptos that we have come across:

It Offers More than One Way To Generate Passive Income

While other real estate NFTs are here to redefine the way of home ownership, Metropoly is here to make real estate investment viable for individuals. There are two ways that fractional NFT owners can earn money – price appreciation and rent. 

The real estate market is going up fast, especially in the regions where residential property is coveted by everyone. Think of Dubai or the likes of Malaysia. These regions have excellent natural and infrastructural beauty supporting them, which makes investing in the real state in them a great choice. 

And when the price of properties in these regions increases, so will the price of NFTs. And since the NFTS are tradable,  NFT owners will be able to generate profit by auctioning or selling their NFTs. 

The second method is rent. All properties associated with the NFTs will generate monthly income through rent. A portion of that rent will go to the fractional NFT owner. 

Access to Properties Worldwide – Without Paperwork

Metropoly’s introduction of fractional NFTs has removed any limitations from the location of properties. Properties across the globe will be accessible to the people. Each property is managed by professional realtors who ensure that properties are maintained so that their value can increase over time. 

And to top it all off, these properties are accessible without the need for any paperwork. There won’t be any legal documentation required. The smart contracts will take care of all the legal requisites concerning ownership. 

Using the NFTs as Collateral

REN (Real Estate NFT) owners can put their NFTs as collateral and borrow against them. And if the borrowers are unable to pay back, the NFT is put back into the liquidity pool. This approach leads to more utilities to NFTs – essentially adding a third method to make money from crypto.

Access to Property Management Services

All the properties tied to Metropoly NFTs are managed by the Metropoly Trust through Property Management Services. Running these services are professionals who consist of a team of realtors, supers, and more. Every month or so, these management professionals would go to locations to assess the property’s health and the quality of the tenants. Their assessment ensures that the NFTs keep on generating income through their tied properties. 

Diversified investments

Metropoly offers a way to hedge against the real estate market’s inflation. Interested parties can buy fractional NFTs tied to different properties and different locations to ensure that their NFT investments are diversified location-wise. That will ensure that the lowering of property rates in one region may be offset by the increase in property rates in another.

This aspect alone makes Metropoly one of the best NFTs available in the market. 

Hedging Against Inflation

The real estate market is always thriving because the population is always booming. This means as the number of people on the planet increases, the need for residential properties across the globe will too. Metropoly offers a fractional way to invest in real estate properties and generate income in the current volatile economy.

Metropoly DAO 

This real estate project also features a decentralized autonomous organization – DAO – that allows people to vote on whether to increase the rent or sell a property. Voting powers are distributed based on the number of fractional NFTs held. It has all the makings of a great DAO project

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What Makes Metropoly a Good Investment

Metropoly is making real estate property accessible for a common person, allowing all to invest in properties across the globe with as little as $100. Here are the reasons why we think Metropoly is a good investment. 

It Adds Utility to NFTs

Investors have been asking the blockchain community to add utility to NFTs for a long time. While many projects have done so in the past, all of them have been inaccessible due to high entry barriers. Metropoly, on the other hand, has the lowest entry barrier. Having access to fractional NFTs is a good way for frugal investors to invest in projects that are relatively risk-averse. 

Also, Metropoly is also planning to gamify the NFT experience, which can attract even more traders, giving the Metropoly price a reason to grow. 

Increased Cashflow

So far, there has been only one way to make money through NFTs – selling them. While Metropoly NFT can also be sold, holding the NFT is more beneficial since it offers a regular income in the form of rent. Furthermore, lending NFTs to others is also a good way for Metropoly to allow people to generate money from interest. 

It is the Right Time To Invest in this Project

The current price charts for the broader crypto market is showing many assets are making a comeback. Bitcoin, specifically, has been able to briefly break through the $25k barrier. It indicates that the market is slowly retrieving the customer it had lost during the bear season. 

And utility cryptos with major upsides like Metropoly will benefit from them the most. Metropoly’s income-generating potential and its addition of utility to NFTs will give the Metropoly price a major boost in days to come. 

Metropoly Beta is already Live

The Beta version of Metropoly is already live, which you can check out to have a peek at how the platform will look once the project is finally live.

Metropoly Beta is Live

This indicates that the devs are serious about building this project and are already moving bullishly toward the end of their roadmap. 

Burj Khalifa Giveaway

Metropoly has launched the hottest giveaway to supplement the biggest presale of this year. Early movers can win an apartment in Burj Khalifa worth $1 million which will generate a yearly profit of $100k. 

This giveaway is truly unique since its perks consist of constant wealth generation. 

Secure Project

The entire team and the smart contract have already been audited.

You can check out the audited contract code by Solid Proof here and the team verification by CertiK here

Metropoly Social Media Channels

To keep up with the development of this project and learn more about the properties that will be associated with the NFTs, use the following links to connect with the Metropoly community. 

  1. Instagram
  2. Twitter
  3. Telegram
  4. Discord

There are upwards of 1k members on Telegram at the moment. Join up to learn more about this project, but know that devs won’t contact you directly. To learn more about the members, check out their LinkedIn profiles, which you can get through the official website. 


This guide has assessed all the fundamentals of Metropoly to give a Metropoly price prediction. We have also touched upon the reasons why Metropoly is a good investment. That said, visit the official website and check out the official on your own to learn more about this project to decide for yourself whether it is something you would be interested in investing in.

Overall, Metropoly has the potential to become one of the best altcoins of this year, thanks to its utilities. Invest in this project now by going to the official website, connecting the wallet, and buying METRO tokens. To learn more about this project, check our Metropoly presale review

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FAQs on Metropoly

What is Metropoly?

Metropoly is a real estate NFT marketplace that allows people to invest in fractional NFTs and become fractional owners of the real estate properties they are tied to. The project aims to bring real estate investment affordable for an everyday investor.

What is the minimum amount people can invest in Metropoly?

Metropoly is an extremely inclusive project that allows people to participate in the real estate economy by investing in fractional NFTs. The official whitepaper states that the fractional NFTs can be bought by spending as little as $100

Are Real Estate NFTs a long-term opportunity?

Depending on your strategy,,, real estate NFT can be a long-term opportunity. With Metropoly, owning a fractional NFT means you would be making monthly income through rent. You will also gain more value for your NFTs as the price of its associated property increases in the long term.

What are the different services Metropoly is providing?

Metropoly offers a host of services including buying and selling NFTs, managing the property associated with the NFT. Devs have taken the operational tasks associated with managing the property on their shoulders.