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Top 10 Cheapest NFT Projects to Invest In

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Do you think that NFTs are an expensive investment? Think again. 2022 has seen the rise of NFT projects that are more inclusive, have more utility, and, most importantly, are cheap.

In this guide, we cover the best cheap NFT projects to buy right now. These collections show great promise, provide many earning opportunities, and have a roadmap that will redefine the ecosystem.

Top 10 Cheap NFT Projects to Buy in 2022

Here is a quick glance at the projects that we will talk about in this article:

  1. Calvaria: Latest Entrant to the NFT Blockchain Games Domain
  2. Revolutionary NFT-based Eco-Friendly Project
  3. Tamadoge: One of the cheapest NFTs with huge potential
  4. Silks – The best cheap NFT in Fantasy Sports P2E Gaming
  5. Lucky Block: An Affordable NFT project with many prizes
  6. Battle Infinity: The Best Cheap NFT Project
  7. Awesome Possums: A Cheap NFT project with a great message
  8. Souls of nature: An Environment-focused NFT project
  9. Cega Super Sanics: A Cheap but Innovative NFT collection
  10. SolaJump NFT Game: An NFT Project for Arcade Game Lovers

Best Cheap NFT Projects of 2022 – Reviewed

It is not easy to find a cheap NFT project that’s worth your time. Many such projects have emerged in the past that end up being quick-rich schemes backed by false hype. This article has cut through that chatter. We have thoroughly researched the projects we talk about and found that these NFT projects aren’t just affordable but present utilities that can redefine the blockchain space in many ways.

1. Calvaria: Latest Entrant to the NFT Blockchain Games Domain

Buy Calvaria

Despite being filled with an excess of blockchain-based NFT games, there are only a few projects in the space that can claim to have a product that can actually be enjoyed by users. One among this limited group of projects is Calvaria, which is a recently released NFT card game that has been gaining massive traction in the past couple of days.

While there has been much talk about this project on various social media platforms, it is not simply because of the hype that generally surrounds a project during its initial days. Unlike several others, Calvaria boasts of one of the most visually appealing gaming experiences and has managed to crack the code when it comes to the Gamefi part of its ecosystem.

Each NFT card is based on locations within the game’s Calvaria Universe and has been crafted with care. Players can buy NFT characters from the platform’s marketplace or third-party marketplaces like Opensea or Binance NFT. Moreover, there is no need for any player to stock up on a single kind of card since it is a singleton game. The presale of Calvaria is been speculated to be sold out way before the actual date judging by the demand investors have been showing for RIA, which is the game’s native token.

Visit Calvaria

2. Revolutionary NFT-based Eco-Friendly Project

There are only a couple of projects in the blockchain sector’s entirety that have eco-friendly aspects to them. As the concerns around the environment grow, it is a necessity for developers to come up with solutions to tackle this huge problem caused by the blockchain sector. Fortunately, has come up with a solution for this through its own ecosystem. is a carbon offset program which focuses on contributing towards a better environment. It aims to reduce carbon emissions by providing users with carbon credits. These are in the form of NFTs that users can burn to compensate for the carbon footprint they leave behind. The concept of itself has impressed a huge majority of the blockchain audience. Headed by Denis Creighton, has already managed to gain confidence and potentially bring on board 10,000+ brands as the platform grows.

Visit IMPT

3. Tamadoge: One of the Cheapest NFTs with Huge Potential

Early movers will have the most growth this year. Thankfully, there are many cheap NFT projects that have high gains potential, like Tamadoge.

Tamadoge is a play2earn ecosystem at the heart of which lies the Tamadoge Pets, randomly generated virtual pets with unique traits. They are bought from the Tamadoge Store, the in-house NFT marketplace. Players can buy pets and upgrades from here. As these pets mature, players can put them into battle in the Tamadoge battling arena and earn Dogepoints.

Buy Tamadoge

For NFT enthusiasts looking for better NFT projects with use cases and better upsides, Tamadoge is the way to go. There are many upcoming developments in the project, including an Augmented reality app, integration with the existing metaverses, and its own metaverse. Tamadoge is intent on hitting the ground running, and early movers will have a huge upside by joining up.

Tamadoge met its presale requirement and raised 19 million USDT in two months. This token has been featured in several news outlets, including CNBC and Yahoo Finance. CNBC feature of Tamadoge stated that this unique utility-crypto can make upwards of 10x to 50x gains by 2023. To get access to such gains, better prepare for the first Tamadoge ICO on OKX on 27th September 2022. Use the link below to register an OKX and claim a mystery box with up to $10,000 in rewards. NFT enthusiasts also might want to keep a look out because the first NFT drops for Tamadoge are on the way.

Visit OKX

4. Silks – The best cheap NFT in Fantasy Sports P2E Gaming

Silks is a blockchain project that combines Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics, a metaverse, and derivatives of real-world thoroughbred racehorses. The entire idea of the game is to buy one of the Silks Horses NFTs that you think might be successful in ranking high in their races. If you own the NFT of the winning racehorse in real-world races, then you are rewarded in the Silks metaverse.

All the Silks Horses are virtual horses with real-world living counterparts. The Silks ecosystem tracks the statistics of Yearlings (racehorses that have just turned one year old) and inputs them into the NFT. As it’s a derivatives-based game, the same skill required to earn in real-world horse racing is required in the Silks metaverse.

First, to mint one of the Silks Horses, you must own a Silks Avatar. These Avatars are your identity in the Silks metaverse and allow you to collect racing rewards in the Game of Silks. It also gives you a lifetime mint pass for the annual Yearling Sale.

The first set of 5,000 Silks Genesis Avatars was launched in April 2022, and they quickly sold out. They were bought up by top investment firms and owners of prominent NFT collections, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club holders. The reception for the release was so great that the Silks Avatars quickly became a top 10 best-selling Sports NFT on OpenSea, and they were also listed on the Gaming 50 Index – the most respected NFT index in the industry.

The final batch of 5,000 Silks Avatars is currently up for sale, and you can purchase them for 0.25 ETH. Once they are all sold, your only option to participate in Silks will be to buy a Silks Avatar from an NFT holder on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Overall, Silks is set to be a game-changing P2E ecosystem and will quickly become the number one ranked fantasy sports game that mirrors real-world sports in the cryptocurrency sector.

Buy a Silks Avatar Today

5. Lucky Block: An Affordable NFT project with many prizes

If you ever thought that online casino games are always rigged, Lucky Block is about to change your luck. With its motto of “Everyone’s a winner”, this cheap and profitable NFT project makes you a winner even if you participate.


Join the Platinum Higher Roller’s Club, a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs entitle you to many benefits – including daily price draws, each with a $10,000 jackpot. If you hold one of the 25 rare NFTs in the collection, you can double your jackpot winnings. But the prizes don’t stop here – there is also a chance to take home a Lamborghini Aventador worth $300,000.

Lucky Block, like Battle Infinity, only arrived a few months ago this year but has quickly become the fastest crypto to hit the $1 billion market capitalization. It also had more than 50k investors in one day – not a norm for a new NFT project.

So, what makes us bullish about this particular NFT project? For one, it is relatively cheap to get into. And secondly, the utility of this project far exceeds the cost. There is no focus on simple profile pic NFTs here but rather on giving the holders fair and transparent earning opportunities. The decentralized lottery ecosystem ensures that the odds really are random – giving entrants and players an equal chance to win.

Each Platinum Roller NFT costs 3.75 BNB, which, at the time of writing, equals $1000. It may not be the cheapest NFT on the list, but the high odds of winning make those thousand bucks a worthwhile investment.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs

6. Battle Infinity: The Best Cheap NFT Project

If you’re an NFT enthusiast who has been waiting for a new play2earn opportunity to drop because the biggest ones available in the market are too expensive, Battle Infinity (IBAT) is for you.

Buy Battle Infinity

Created by a team of three, Suresh Joshi, Jagjeet Jena, and Vinay Chhabra, Battle Infinity is a revolutionary NFT project that brings fantasy sports and esports into the crypto space in a big way. Battle Infinity is a project with six different components that cater to different types of NFT enthusiasts.

Battle Swap and Battle Staking are for people interested in the DeFi. Battle Swap is a decentralized exchange that works like a bank within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. You can buy IBAT tokens from this platform or swap them for other cryptos. With Battle Staking, passive crypto investors can lock up their IBAT tokens to earn APY rewards as well as other benefits.

These two mechanics work closely with the Battle Market, Battle Games, and Battle Arena. The IBAT Battle Arena is a player “battleground” where you can upgrade your avatars using the assets you have bought from the Battle Market – the official NFT marketplace of Battle Infinity. The marketplace also plays a crucial role in Battle Games, a multiplayer game store on Battle Infinity where you can play many NFT and P2E games. You can win loot with your skill-based gameplay and sell it on the NFT marketplace at a hefty (fair) amount of crypto.

To prevent any chance to play out the “pump and dump” scheme, the team behind Battle Infinity has developed the Anti Dump feature. It will suppress the sell pressure to maintain the floor price of the NFTs once they launch – ensuring that your capital remains safe.

The core of the Battle Infinity ecosystem is the $IBAT, a BEP token on the Binance smart Chain. It has a total supply of 10 billion distributed by the following tokenomics.

  1. 28% are going to the current presale
  2. 10% of IBAT is for the foundation and development of the NFT games
  3. 18% is for marketing and listing on CEX platforms
  4. 20% is for the founders and partners
  5. 5% is for the lawyers
  6. 6% is for the liquidity
  7. 5% goes to the core team
  8. And the remaining 205% is part of the private sale.

What makes us particularly bullish about Battle Infinity is the road map. Currently, it is in the third phase, where the focus is on the presale and listing. More community events are also underway. The project is halfway into its roadmap and is moving steadily towards developments such as the alpha release of the product, battle asset minting, product integration on the dapp store, and more.

Another reason to watch out for this token is the listing on Pancakeswap. Lucky Block is another cheap NFT project whose price skyrocketed after its native token, Lblock, was listed on the Pancakeswap. The same can happen for Battle Infinity. We don’t need to tell you about the first mover advantage you can get with this.

If you’re looking for an NFT project that shows real promise, this is it. Also, it quickly became one of the most successful presale cryptos of this year and is now available to buy on Pancakeswap. Refer to our guide for more info on how to buy Battle Infinity.

Presale Started July 11
Presale End Oct 10 – Or 16,500 BNB Hard Cap Hit
Blockchain BSC
Min – Max Investment 0.1 – 500 BNB

Visit Battle Infinity

7. Awesome Possums: A Cheap NFT project with a great message

Many NFT projects have emerged to create a social movement and focus on donating a portion of their earnings to a cause. Awesome Possums is another project in the same vein, and the difference is that here, the reason holds more importance than the project itself. The Awesome Possums NFT project is a collection of 12,000 NFTs with a date of September 9th, 2022. Of these 12,000 tokens, 10,000 are rare, and 2,000 are hyper-realistic.

Buy Awesome Possums

The NFT project takes the issue of mental health seriously. You can see it in the project’s mission statement: “For some unfortunate possums, the end is the road. For this community of Awesome Possums, the road is just the beginning.”. The developers created this project to promote self-development techniques such as seminars, tasks, and support groups to promote addiction recovery and mental health.

When the minting day comes, Awesome Possums developers won’t only giveaway NFTs but also ETH. They will also donate a portion of the earnings to charitable institutions focusing on mental health and addiction recovery. But the value of Awesome Possum doesn’t just stop there. According to the official whitepaper, the NFTs can also be used for DeFi projects for staking, swapping lending, and governance.

The utility of this NFT project can be categorized into three points. First is the personal development and community support that allows the NFT holders to share their thoughts over on the discord channel and get therapy. Second is the collaboration with charitable organizations that, in addition to focusing on mental health and addiction recovery, also work toward offering scholarships to low-income families. And finally, some incentives range from crypto lotteries to vacations to live events and merchandise.

Only a few NFT projects are working for a cause beyond personal branding. We have Awesome Possums in our sights not only because it will be a cheap NFT project once it drops but also because it can inspire other projects to focus on mental health.

Visit Awesome Possums

8. Souls of nature: An Environment-focused NFT project

The fourth project on our list is Souls of Nature, an NFT project that, like Awesome Possums, focuses on a social cause. Not only is it a cheap NFT project in the market, but it is also one of the most sought-after metaverse NFT projects that the crypto crowd is itching to get into.

Buy Souls of Nature

The X factor of this NFT project is its dedication to creating a photo-realistic metaverse. The developers of this project, Metazoole, have created 9,271 unique, 3D NFTs that do two things for the holders – acting as the ticket to the Souls of Nature Metaverse and as player avatars. The project is still in the early days, and the mint price is yet to be announced, but from what research we have gathered, it is going to be a cos-efficient project with room for everyone.

The developers of this project have a clear and concise roadmap. They are not focusing on “making things up as they go along” but instead are focusing on giving real utilities to the users. One of them is the E2E or Experience to Earn. With Earn to Experience, you can enter the metaverse and explore the lush green forests. You’d be able to complete quests, interact with other players, and unlock a “fraction of your soul”. 5% of the project’s income will go into funding charitable institutions to protect endangered species.

The project will release in the third quarter of 2022 and will be open to the first holders for alpha testing. The developers will use the player feedback to improve the experience. There is also a Souls of Nature NFT marketplace planned that will make use of the $ZOOIE economy. For context, ZOOIE is the official token of Souls of Nature metaverse. Once the game has been updated enough to live up to the player feedback, it will launch – likely by the end of next year.

If you’re in the market for a metaverse NFT that’s also affordable, keep an eye out for the release of Souls of Nature NFT. It is one of the best metaverse NFT projects with the backing of a dedicated team and a worthwhile cause: protecting endangered species. The metaverse in itself is a far cry from the traditional, low-res game world and will surely attract gamers into the ecosystem.

Visit Souls Of Nature

9. Cega Super Sanics: A Cheap but Innovative NFT collection

The high returns of DeFi have gained the attention of even those outside the crypto crowd. That said, not many projects out there focus on blending DeFi with NFTs, but Cega Super Sanic does. Inspired by  Super Sonic, a game from one of the world’s first game developers, Sega, the Cega Super Sanics is a collection of 5,000 utility NFTs, each unique and generated randomly, carrying different traits ranging from eyes, clothing accessories, and more.

Buy Cega Super Sanics

What is Cega? It is the world’s first DeFi exotic options protocol that aims to create safe and inexpensive investment opportunities for crypto users and has the backing of the biggest players in the crypto space, such as Solana Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, and Dragonfly. It aims to push the limitations of the current crypto market.

What is meant by exotic options DeFi? It is one of the safest staking platforms out there, with yields ranging from 8.07% to all the way up to 155.77%. We say it is “safe” because of the built-in price drop protection. The price drop protection gets lower for the risker and more rewarding yield options.

If you hold one Sega Super Sanic, you can access many perks, such as airdrops, a higher APY vault, community events, merch drops, user research, and more. The project was minted on June 20th, with a small-scale whitelist mint before the main launch.

NFT and DeFi has not always been on the same page, but CEGA is trying to change that. If you’re on the lookout for a unique (and cheap) NFT project that gives you all the perks of DeFi, take the time to research Cega Super Sanics.

10. SolaJump NFT Game: An NFT Project for Arcade Game Lovers

SolaJump is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that focus on bringing back the arcade gaming experience to the users. It is one of the cheapest NFT collections on the list, for which the minting price is just 1.2 SOL ($54.7).

SolaJump NFT

Holding one Solejumper NFT will give you access to 10 lives within the game. That is, you get ten chances to participate in the genesis tournament. The last tournament happened in December last year.

Solajump is part of one of the simplest Play2earn economies that put a blockchain spin on casual gaming. The game is ready to be played on mobile phones and offers more than a few opportunities to earn. There are staking and betting options available. It is part of the multichain gaming universe with native crypto called $NERD. 60% of the total supply is allocated for community rewards, and 30% is in the Play2Earn gaming ecosystem.


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Where to buy Cheap NFTs?

To purchase cheap NFTs, you need to know about the right marketplace – ones that cater to the entrants of the crypto space and provide affordable deals on the best NFTs. Here are the reviews of two of the best ones we know.

NFT Launchpad

Created from the collaboration between Polygon and Binance chain, NFT Launchpad is one of the most open NFT marketplaces in the market. NFT LaunchPad logoWithin a short time, this marketplace has seen unprecedented growth.

NFT Launchpad uses wrapped BNB for transactions. The minting fee is cheap, and the NFTs beyond visual artworks are available for purchase. If you’re a budding creator, NFT launchpad is the place to be. You can create your NFT project, set the rarity levels, and even set the royalty fee on this platform. Building hype for the project will also become easy for you with Launchpad’s blog-like approach, allowing you to create a dedicated page about your NFT.

Be sure to check out our NFT royalties and copyright guide if you’re a budding NFT artist.

NFT Launchpad

It is home to many NFTs in our collection – such as Lucky Block Platinum High Rollers – and is great for entrants to the NFT space. The only downside is support for Ethereum is not there yet. Whether it will be added or not is something we have no news about.


  1. Simple to use
  2. Great for minting
  3. Support for Polygon and Binance Smart Chain


  1. Does not support ETH

Visit NFT Launchpad NFT marketplace branched into the NFT space with its very own NFT logo It is home to some of the best NFT artworks categorized by art, celebrities, gaming, sport, music, cross-chain, and crypto.

It has a variety of NFT collections available that are as cheap as $2. One of the best cheap NFTs on the list – Ballies – is also listed on the platform. is one of the strictest NFT marketplaces. Each NFT added to the list is first vetted by the community experts. Only after the project shows promise is it allowed to be on It is one of the NFT marketplaces that you can trust. NFT marketplace

Buying and selling NFTs won’t cost you any gas fees because all the NFTs are on the chain. It is best for newcomers because NFTs can only be bought using fiat methods like credit or debit cards. Hardcore crypto enthusiasts are, therefore, at a disadvantage here.

Be sure to check out our review of the best NFT apps.


  1. Some of the cheapest NFTs in the market
  2. Assessment-based listing
  3. Free transaction available
  4. Simple design


  1. No support yet for crypto payments

Visit NFT Marketplace


2022 has welcomed many NFT projects that focus on inclusivity. That is why most of them are cheap are great for anyone wanting to enter the NFT space.

The best NFT project that we are excited about among them is Battle Infinity. The project takes a simple yet, revolutionary approach to blockchain gaming and combines all the gaming and financial elements of crypto. If you’re interested in this particular project, the presale is live now. You can know how to buy Battle Infinity right here.

Visit Battle Infinity

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Which is the best Cheap NFT?

Our recommendation for the best cheap NFT goes to Battle Infinity, which presents a huge earning opportunity for early investors.

What is the cheapest NFT on the opensea?

Among the list, Cega Super Sanics is the cheapest NFT available on the Opensea.

Can I get NFTs for free?

No free NFTs are currently available in the market. However, most new developers conduct NFT giveaways on Twitter that you can participate in.

Which NFT marketplace is best for beginners? is a great NFT marketplace for beginners. It has a huge collection and allows you to buy NFTs using debit and credit cards.