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How to Buy IMPT Token – A Beginner’s Guide

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

There is a growing concern over the cryptocurrency industry’s impact on the environment, and as a result, numerous initiatives are taking steps to lessen or eliminate its negative effects. IMPT is one initiative that intends to advance matters further by radically altering the carbon credit trading and utilization processes.

This article explains how to buy IMPT tokens and provides an in-depth analysis of the project and its potential impact on the future of the cryptocurrency industry. In addition, we highlight the token’s present price and offer insight into its future worth based on the data we have at this time.

Key Points to Note about IMPT Token

Following are the key points of the IMPT token:

  • is a blockchain initiative that aims to reduce emissions by incentivizing users to cut back on their carbon footprint via the use of carbon credits and a novel social media platform.
  • Over 10,000 of the most well-known companies in the world have joined forces with the team. As a result, more people will be exposed to the initiative.
  • The presale has concluded, and the project is on a listing spree. Surprisingly, it has already gotten more than 7 exchanges lined up for consequent listings in the upcoming days.
  • Due to the platform’s revolutionary use of blockchain technology, users rest assured that the carbon credits they buy are legitimate.
  • IMPT’s staff is made up of doxxed leaders in each field and has years of combined expertise. This amount of openness is quite encouraging, and it suggests that the initiative has a bright future.

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How to Buy IMPT Token

It’s possible that IMPT’s growth may be exponential over the next few months as the project positions itself to become one of the most eco-friendly cryptocurrencies available.

Follow the steps we’ve outlined below for you in order to buy IMPT tokens during the presale:

Set Up a Cryptocurrency Wallet

An investor needs an Ethereum (ERC)-compatible cryptocurrency wallet in order to buy IMPT token during the presale. Trust Wallet and MetaMask are two of the finest equipped popular wallets; however, most will offer this feature. Investors can set up wallets by installing a browser add-on or a mobile wallet on their devices. MetaMask users can choose between desktop and mobile wallets, whereas Trust Wallet users can only use the latter. After downloading, the on-screen instructions make setting up a breeze. Make sure you write down the recovery code after generating the wallet and put it away safely in case the device fails.

Setup a crypto wallet

 Metamask is one of the best Ethereum Wallets

Buy Ethereum or USDT

The Ethereum ERC-20 standard serves as the basis for the IMPT coin. To that end, it accepts both Ethereum (ETH) and USDT as payment. Therefore, an investor must acquire any of these assets before they can achieve IMPT.

The website accepts credit/debit card payments via Transak, or you may buy Ethereum from a regulated exchange such as eToro. Think about the gas costs and how many IMPT tokens you need before committing to a purchase. Your purchase must be a minimum of 10 IMPT which is currently available at a price of $0.18. In contrast, petrol prices often range from a few dollars to a few dollars and a half, making it worthwhile to stock up on $100 or more in IMPT at once.

To get ETH or USDT from an exchange or broker, investors must first build a cryptocurrency wallet, ensuring it is connected to the Ethereum network, and then withdraw their funds from the exchange or broker into the wallet. To buy Ethereum Classic (ETH) on, a user must first link their cryptocurrency wallet to the site, and once the transaction is finalized, the ETH will be transferred straight to the wallet.

Connect Crypto Wallet to

Once you’ve accumulated ETH or USDT, connect your new cryptocurrency wallet on Navigate to, click the blue ‘Connect Wallet’ button, and then choose MetaMask (or Wallet Connect if you’re using a different crypto wallet) and confirm the connection from the wallet.

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The final step you need to complete the process is to buy some IMPT tokens. Enter the desired quantity of IMPT tokens (the minimum investment is 10 IMPT), and click “Convert USDT” or “Convert ETH.” After the IMPT presales are over, there will be a token generation event (TGE) and the IMPT tokens will be distributed to the investors.

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What is IMPT?

What is IMPT

More carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere now than at any time in the past. This has wreaked havoc on the environment, resulting in abnormally high temperatures and problems all across the planet. Therefore, in recent years there has been a heightened emphasis on making sure the goods and services we use don’t harm the planet.

One ton of carbon emissions may currently be balanced by the purchase of a single carbon credit. Scams and false promises are present carbon reduction sector, which might discourage individuals from making a beneficial change. Despite this, the worldwide demand for carbon offsets is estimated at over $270 billion, making it a lucrative market for any business that can simplify the industry.

Carbon Credits Offsetting Price

By tokenizing carbon credits and making them available to users as NFTs, is ready to revolutionize the carbon reduction business. This will make the carbon credits offered by IMPT one of the most trustworthy in the business since they cannot be altered after they have been sold. Additionally, tokenization secures the uniqueness of each carbon credit and removes the possibility of double expenditure.

How do users get their hands on a carbon credit? There are 3 ways:

  • Buy it directly through
  • Buy items or products from the companies which have partnered with and receive IMPT tokens, which can be traded for carbon credits.
  • In order to cut down on your business’s carbon footprint, you can link your online store with and direct a portion of its sales to carbon offsetting initiatives.

After purchasing a carbon credit, the user can choose from a directory of verified environmental groups from whom to buy carbon offsets.  As a result, IMPT has the potential to become the de facto standard for carbon offsetting, a rapidly expanding field.

Social networking site IMPT has launched where users may compare the amount of carbon they have offset as an added incentive for individuals to minimize their carbon production. Additionally, when users destroy their carbon credits, they will be rewarded with a special NFT. While NFTs are already collectible, IMPT will enable users to sell them to other users for cryptocurrency.

As one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies, IMPT is providing a service that is significantly superior to that of its rivals, and the market for such a service is enormously lucrative. As a result, the value of IMPT tokens has the potential to skyrocket over the next several months. The launching of may coincide with its meteoric rise since the importance of cutting carbon production among major corporations is expected to rise. For further information, please visit IMPT Telegram.

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Why Should You Invest in IMPT Token?

Taking into account the present market conditions, this environmentally friendly cryptocurrency appears to be a great long-term investment option. But growth isn’t the only reason why buying IMPT tokens during the presale can be a good idea.

Major Possibilities for Growth

As far as potential for future expansion goes, IMPT could be the finest project currently available. IMPT, in contrast to the great majority of presale crypto projects, has already established a number of prominent relationships that may facilitate its expansion into new markets. In addition, the initiative offers a great deal of inherent value in terms of both business and consumer applications.

An Emerging Market to Break Into

The industry of carbon offsetting, as we have already indicated, is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Currently, the market for carbon offsets is split into two categories: those that are required by law and those that are done voluntarily (VCM). Since 2008, the required market has expanded by 128%, and the VCM is projected to expand by 25x by 2050; IMPT will be active in both, and both markets provide tremendous development potential.

Making use of NFTs

Some of the most dynamic areas of the bitcoin market are NFTs. After being virtually unheard of until recently, NFTs are now a multibillion dollar industry, with the most valuable NFTs fetching prices in the thousands. The use of NFTs by to generate a carbon token that can be tracked and verified is groundbreaking. It might have a significant impact on the carbon offset industry and perhaps increase excitement among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


Converging Blockchain Technology and Nature

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have been criticized for their high energy use and potential environmental impact. However, IMPT has the potential to enhance crypto’s reputation by bringing together the blockchain and ecology. This has the potential to entice a large number of green investors who have been wary of the cryptocurrency market so far. This means IMPT may be the most reliable cryptocurrency to put your money into.

Major Brands Have Partnered With IMPT

Before its official launch, collaborated with over 10,000 of the world’s top businesses. This means has a strong foundation from which to build future agreements with other well-known companies. Due to this functionality, IMPT tokens will be in high demand as users will be able to acquire them just by buying with these businesses. As a result, the IMPT price may skyrocket once the mainnet launches.

IMPT Major Brand Partners

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IMPT Token Price

Many new cryptocurrency ventures will use a presale to gain initial traction and to reward their earliest investors. This is standard practice in the cryptocurrency industry, and it enables a project to accumulate the capital it needs to carry out essential activities like token minting on a large scale and the creation of new features.

Since the presale is now over, the price of IMPT will be determined completely by the investors’ expectations of IMPT. Naturally, it goes without saying that considering the current sentiments, IMPT may be due for a massive pump in the upcoming days.

IMPT Price Prediction

Given that the IMPT token will be traded on an open market, its value will be scrutinized by those interested in making an investment. The future of IMPT is quite promising; however, it is impossible to predict where the price of a high potential project like IMPT may go.

The IMPT whitepaper claims that the project has established partnerships with a wide variety of industry leaders and that further partnerships will be revealed in the coming months. As a result, it’s possible that IMPT’s popularity will explode after its debut.

Early presale investors would profit handsomely from this, and more price appreciation is anticipated after the project is made public and the token is listed on exchanges throughout the world.

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IMPT Social Platform

Companies are already mandated by governments to offset a certain amount of carbon annually, but convincing average individuals to do so may be a lot trickier. That is why IMPT has come up with a novel approach to fixing this problem.

To encourage individuals to offset their carbon footprints, IMPT will provide a fun social media platform where users can share their score. As users go through the game, they may earn badges and levels to display on their profiles. Carbon credits may be traded in for one-of-a-kind NFTs that are worth twice as many points.

While this platform will do wonders for increasing user engagement, it will also allow businesses to compete for higher scores, encouraging other companies to partner with the IMPT platform to lessen their carbon footprint.

IMPT Innovative Shopping Platform

Carbon credits will be available for purchase by people and businesses, but not everyone will be able to afford to use them. The good news is that IMPT has come up with a means for consumers to cut their carbon footprints even when performing their routine grocery shopping. Earn IMPT tokens by making regular purchases in the IMPT marketplace. The tokens obtained in this manner may then be spent on the IMPT marketplace to get carbon credit. The user is then free to do anything they choose with their carbon credit—keep it, sell it, or cash it in. Since many companies are expected to partner with IMPT, consumers will have access to millions of goods on which to earn rewards. That will enable people of many socioeconomic backgrounds to make meaningful environmental contributions using this energy-efficient crypto.

IMPT Shopping Platform


In this article, we’ve looked closely at the process of acquiring IMPT tokens, reviewed the nature of the underlying project, and laid out the case for why these tokens could prove to be a good investment.

The presale managed to end with the project raising a massive $20.5 million. This is shocking given the state of the crypto industry at the moment. Moreover, the project has already lined up listing with popular exchanges like Changelly and LBank, along with 7 other major exchanges that the team will announce soon. Given all these points, it would make sense for any investors to park heir funds in a strong project like IMPT if they are looking to make massive profits in the upcoming weeks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMPT token?

IMPT is a new exciting cryptocurrency initiative that has the goal of assisting both individuals and businesses in cutting their carbon emissions by providing credits that can be used to offset carbon. Individuals will be able to earn IMPT, which can be traded for carbon credits and will redefine the present landscape of the carbon credit market as a result of this project. Individuals will be able to earn IMPT by shopping with thousands of the most well-known companies in the world.

Is IMPT A Good Investment?

There is good reason to expect IMPT to attract a sizable investor base in the next months, as demand for environmentally friendly cryptocurrencies continues to rise. When you factor in the project's novel approach to a common problem, it's easy to see why IMPT is being touted as one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of the year.