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Best NFT Apps Reviewed

Since 2021 and into 2022, many different NFT apps, marketplaces and platforms have entered the NFT market, with support for desktop and mobile. We list and review the top 11 NFTs apps that cater to all aspects of NFTs - from creating and minting them for sale, to buying, flipping and trading NFTs.
NFTs are here to stay
NFTs are here to stay

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Millions of people have caught onto the NFT craze, and blue chip NFT collections like the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Apes have hit new all time highs in 2022. Around 250,000 people have been recorded to be making frequent NFT transactions through 2022.

The numbers might be even higher in years to come in the run up to the 2024 Bitcoin halving and the launch of ETH 2.0. Some new NFTs like the Moonbirds have outperformed every cryptocurrency in terms of growth and ROI.

While these digital assets have been paving the way for creating an entirely new industry and minting new millionaires, there are NFT scams, frauds and ‘rug pulls’ to avoid. It’s important to pick the right NFT apps with a good reputation and established user base. Our top NFT app pick below is linked with a regulated crypto exchange. Stick our list of the best NFT apps to avoid being hacked.

Top NFT Apps in July 2024 – Quick List

  1. Tamadoge 
  3. NFT launchpad
  4. Binance
  5. FTX
  6. Bybit
  7. Opensea
  8. Rarible
  9. Looksrare
  10. Axie Marketplace
  11. Coinbase NFT

Best NFT Apps – Full Platform Reviews

The NFT apps mentioned below are some of the top-rated mediums of being involved in NFTs. They are ranked based on several factors including safety, types of NFTs supported, regulation and more.

Some NFT marketplaces have been introduced only recently while some of them have been around and thriving within the NFT sector for a couple of years now.

1. Tamadoge NFTs

Tamadoge has recently launched its ultra-rare collection of NFTs, which allows players to get in-game assets or tools in Tamaverse. There will be 21,100 limited edition NFTs in the NFT series, and the virtual artifacts will be divided into three categories: Common, Ultra-rare, and Rare.

Each NFT will exhibit specific, unique traits and skills. Participation and $TAMA prizes are available to users. All Tama parents or Tamadoge owners will receive a puppy version of their NFT as soon as the Tamadoge metaverse actual game is launched, which is anticipated to happen before the month is over.

With this launch, the craze about the Tamadoge battle app has increased exponentially. It is expected to launch in the last quarter of this year, and the app will allow Tamadoge pets to compete against each other in games. As of now, the Tamadoge NFTs are open to auction on OpenSea.

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2. NFT Marketplace

Founded by Kris Marszalek, had one vision – giving the power to control logomoney, data and identity to everyone fairly. Launched in 2016 in Singapore, the organization saw a continuous rise in growth that wasn’t limited to just the country it was founded in, but also globally.

While the major offerings of are the exchange and DeFI wallet, the organization wasted no time to enter the NFT industry.

Launched in March 2021, pivoted its attention from solely focusing on cryptocurrencies to also being involved in NFTs. The marketplace has seen several successful NFT drops since, and over 185,000 buyers and sellers were added within just three months of launch.

crypto dot com NFT marketplace Best

The need for interoperability has been crucial in the past months since artists create their work across various blockchains. This issue too has been considered by which has promised to deliver a solution by supporting several other chains. They have only recently added the Ethereum chain to their list of supported NFT networks.

Safety has been considered to be one of the strong suits of With institutional-grade custody solution Ledger Vault and a huge $750 million in cold storage insurance for the crypto app, promises to deliver on its promise of maximum security.

As of now, NFT can be accessed using a browser and support is planned for a mobile NFT app. The team intends to build an app solely for NFTs. Some celebrities like Snoop Dogg and big companies like Aston Martin are already part of the NFT ecosystem.

Read our full NFT app review.

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3. NFT LaunchPad

As the NFT environment has been gaining much traction over the past months,NFT launchpad Logo NFT LaunchPad is one of the newest additions to the existing top digital art marketplaces. The entire feel of NFT LaunchPad is in sync with current trends and the projects that are being featured on it are some of the latest on the NFT market, such as Lucky Block NFTs.

Launched in March 2022, NFT LaunchPad has gained thousands of followers on its social media platforms and has been attracting the masses to buy, sell and create on the platform.

This is thanks to the simple user interface and the entire experience being simplified for the artists with little to no knowledge in the field of NFTs. By simply searching, users are exposed to a wide range of projects to dive into.

NFT LaunchPad

As the website mentions, the organization is built by a team of experienced developers from art and finance backgrounds, With a team equipped with the skillset required to carry the launchpad forward. It is an easy pick for users. The marketplace currently supports Binance Smart Chain and Polygon but is in the works of integrating several more.

Ideal for creators who wish to mint their artworks in a variety of formats, like mp4, NFT LaunchPad provides plenty of options to sell one’s NFT. NFT LaunchPad is backed by big names like InsideBitcoins Inc, which is one of the top digital media organizations in the world. Created with the current trends and issues in several other NFT marketplaces and apps, NFT LaunchPad provides a fresh perspective and the best experience for its users.

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4. Binance

Any individual involved in cryptocurrency or trading NFTs would be familiar with the name Binance. Binance BNB priceFounded in 2017 by Chanpeng Zhao, Binance is currently the No.1 cryptocurrency exchange in the world in terms of volume traded.

It is considered to be one of the pioneering companies within the cryptocurrency world itself and has always been at the forefront of everything blockchain-based. Needless to say, they hopped onto the NFT bandwagon as the industry kickstarted.

The launch of Binance NFT marketplace itself was nothing short of an event. With the exchange already a thriving organization, it was sure to be equipped with all the resources needed to make its marketplace successful in terms of creators, popularity, ease to use, fee and everything that would attract a user.

Binance NFT marketplace best

Released on June 24th, 2021 with a premium event auction titled “Genesis”, Binance recorded one of the most successful launches on day one itself, with thousands of people lining up to get in on the NFT collection. Binance NFT marketplace boasts of high liquidity, thanks to its excellent blockchain infrastructure and community.

Minting is available on the Binance smart chain primarily and is sure to be expanded to several other networks in the future. The platform is most popular for its three featured product lines- Events, Marketplace and Mystery box.

While marketplace and events are usual, the mystery box feature is a chance for every Binance user to win an exclusive Binance NFT that they can then sell or hold to their liking. Several NFTs won through Binance mystery boxes have sold for thousands of dollars.

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5. FTX

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange originally based in the Bahamas. FTX ExchangeFounded by one of the most influential names currently in the crypto space, Sam Bankman-Freid, FTX has made it to the top cryptocurrency exchanges list in a very less period.

Sam Bankman has been in the news several times for his charitable announcements and plans. FTX was launched in 2019 and offers options, derivatives, tokenized stocks, leveraged tokens and of course, an NFT marketplace.

Valued at around $32 billion following a funding round that raised over $400 million, FTX is one of the most trusted and well-known exchanges in the space currently. The NFT marketplace for FTX is much loved by users due to its low fees and cheap minting.

FTX marketplace Best

It also features a very simplified and de-cluttered interface, with proper navigation and demos for those new to the ecosystem. FTX also provides an app solely for being involved with NFTs.

One of the most interesting facts about the marketplace is that minting only costs a $3 dollar mint fee. The artworks created by artists can be listed for USD. The main FTX website is available in several countries but the US. The organization made sure to create an app solely for US citizens to interact with NFTs and cryptocurrencies alike.

FTX NFT marketplace stands out for several reasons. Other than a dedicated app and several other unique features that provide the users with a seamless experience, FTX also features Off-chain transactions for Solana and Ethereum Network. This means there is no gas fee levied while buying or selling NFTs.

The popular mobile crypto app Blockfolio is now known as the FTX app. Read our full review of the FTX NFT app.

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6. Bybit

A company comprising professionals previously from investment banks, tech firms,Bybit exchange the forex industry and several early blockchain adopters, Bybit has been creating a strong community and ecosystem ever since it was created.

Founded in March 2018 by Ben Zhou an ex-employee of Xm, one of the world’s largest forex and CFD trading brokerage firms, Bybit made strides in the cryptocurrency industry due to its heavy marketing and events.

With a vision of being a crypto ark of the world, it is safe to say that Bybit has established itself as a trustworthy platform to interact with cryptocurrency as well as NFTs. The bybit NFT marketplace offers a wide variety of art to choose from. Bybit exchange boasts of 5 million users and 24/7 customer service that caters to every user with maximum efficiency.

Bybit NFT Marketplace

The theme for the Bybit NFT marketplace is in sync with their proposition for the platform; to get early access into the metaverse. Bybit is one of the few exchanges that feature zero transaction fees. Bybit NFT has managed to gain around 90 thousand followers on Twitter following its recent launch on 20th January this year. The other social media platforms that feature bybit have also been seeing consistent growth in the past few weeks.

As a marketplace that supports the Ethereum network, bybit has managed to attract several famous artists to create and mint their NFTs on its NFT marketplace. With a constant stream of exciting rewards and events, Bybit is sure to gain a huge number of followers in the coming months.

Read our full review of Bybit NFT marketplace.

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7. Opensea

Undoubtedly the most familiar name that one can come across in the NFT space. openseaOpensea is the top NFT marketplace by almost every metric. While it isn’t related to any parent crypto exchange as such, it has made its mark as one of the biggest organizations in the NFT industry.

Founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah who were inspired by the CryptoKitties NFT hype, Opensea was launched on 20th December 2017. It was the first-ever open marketplace for any non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The organization is the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital assets or items to date.

Opensea has some of the biggest and most successful organizations and personalities backing the project. Top firms like Y Combinator, Coinbase, Dapper, Blockchain Capital, Quantstamp, Andreessen Horowitz etc. have time and again, consistently backed, invested, and supported Opensea. This list is accompanied by celebrities like Mark Cuban, Kevin Durant, Ashton Kutcher, 3LAU and more.

Opensea NFT marketplace

Opensea’s ambitious vision of open protocols like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 paving the way for new economies entirely has landed them with over 600,000 active users, over 2 million collections and more than 80 million NFT collections. It is also the only NFT platform to have more than $20 billion volume traded.

While the platform is accessible primarily through a browser, Opensea recently launched an app for the users. The app only allows viewing and browsing of NFTs within the marketplace; buying or selling them currently will require one to use the browser.

8. Rarible

Based in Moscow, Rarible is one of the most widely used NFT marketplaceRarible Logo currently. Founded by Alex Salnikov and Alexei Falin, the NFT marketplace was launched in 2020.

Rarible has since been on every major NFT website, article or news. It has a huge community of over 460,000 users and enthusiasts with an entirely different fanbase for its native crypto RARI.

The platform consists of a rarible collection, that can be bought on the Rarible marketplace itself as well as other marketplaces that interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Verified users are allowed to mint their artworks with an option to add them to the rarible collection. This increases visibility in the Rarible platform and acts as a boost for the creators choosing the option.

Rarible NFT marketplace-min

A DAO governance model is used by Rarible to take certain decisions by allowing users with RARI tokens to vote on things like system upgrades, and curating of featured artworks and creators on the platform. RARI can be bought on any major cryptocurrency exchange; and can also be acquired by the usage of the Rarible platform, also known as marketplace mining.

With an interconnected approach, Rarible plans on exploring and initiating API libraries, Interoperability and fiat support along with partnerships with major marketplaces like Opensea and major L1-L2 ecosystems like Polygon and Flow. The team has also been looking to eventually move fully towards on-chain governance and order book operations.

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9. LooksRare

Created by two completely anonymous founders who go by the name Zodd and Looksrare LogoGuts, LooksRare was launched with a slogan- “By NFT People, For NFT People”. After its release on January 10th, 2022, LooksRare has seen phenomenal growth as a platform and is consistently attracting more users every day due to several factors.

The creators state that this is because of their experience as NFT enthusiasts. Knowing the problems and other issues faced by NFT users while making transactions enabled them to make a platform with all these specifics in mind.

The platform boasts several perks for traders, collectors and creators like participating in events for huge rewards. The organization believes that the NFT community deserves better service than it is currently being given.

Looksrare NFT marketplace

Developed by a team of 9 experienced tech experts, LooksRare is speculated to grow exponentially, with a possibility of even surpassing Opensea eventually. The platform has indexed all NFT collections on the Ethereum Blockchain which means that a huge array of projects can be traded on its marketplace.

One of the characteristics of LooksRare is that it too has a token. LOOKS is the governing token of LooksRare and is rewarded to users of the platform, incentivizing them to more actively use the marketplace.

The collection offer is a unique feature of LooksRare. It means a buyer can simply place a random bid on the NFT project any seller who owns one of the NFTs from the said project can accept the bid and thus making trade possible.

Another important thing to note is that Looksrare gives out royalties to its creators instantly as compared to other marketplaces that can take several hours or days for the same. The community is also massively vested in the growth of the platform, and that can be seen by the volume traded. Within the first three days of launch itself, LooksRare had recorded a sales volume of about $394 million.

10. Axie Marketplace

The 2021 bull market saw the rise of several NFT games, but one that stoodAxie Logo out from the majority of them was Axie Infinity. The game recorded a drastic surge in the number of players and the tokens associated with the game too skyrocketed.

The game features monsters that have been tokenized called Axies. Axies are digital pets that you can purchase and use in Axie Infinity to fight, explore, and breed with other Axies.

The gaming company Sky Mavis developed it, which runs on Ethereum, a cryptocurrency. Although the game has an 18+ rating, it’s visually appealing to younger children thanks to its Pokémon-style design and no clear age verification process.

Axie Marketplace Best

Every Axie is an NFT and can be traded on the Axie Marketplace. While all the other apps mentioned consist of all kinds of NFT projects, the Axie Infinity NFT marketplace only includes Axies, virtual land and other items from the Axie Infinity game. The marketplace has been built solely for the trade of the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Even so, the Axie marketplace recorded over $3.5 billion in trade volume in 2021 alone.

The game has revolutionized how the masses perceive assets to be. It is safe to say that Axie Infinity paved the way for several other P2E games to successfully thrive in the market. Axie Infinity remains the most well known and widely played game on the Ethereum Network to date.

11. Coinbase NFT

One of the oldest and most widely trusted cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbasein the world, Coinbase was founded on 20 June 2012. It has since been the benchmark for every other cryptocurrency exchange that entered the space and has managed to retain its position as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges over the years.

What started as an idea that anyone, anywhere could receive bitcoin or monetary value, is now shaping to be an ambitious aspiration. Coinbase hopes to build a crypto economy, which will be a more fair, efficient, accessible, and transparent financial system, Being a distributed company, Coinbase doesn’t have a physical headquarter and operates via remote work.

Coinbase NFT marketplace

The news of Coinbase entering the NFT industry was much anticipated for a long time. Finally, the organization announced its intentions for a marketplace in October 2021.

But it is only now that the actual work is coming to fruition. Coinbase announced its NFT marketplace in limited beta, on 20th April 2022. The news came in following several weeks of users signing up to be a part of the NFT marketplace.

The marketplace, while still not entirely ready, is already speculated to be one of the best apps for dealing with NFTs, given the reputation of the parent company. It features a social-media-like interface where creators can primarily create a profile and include their collection on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The NFTs also have a comment option which could be something the other marketplaces might eventually adopt as well. A shop tab has also been included, from where the beta testers can buy NFTs. The company has promised several upgrades and features that have not been included in the beta version to be coming out very soon.

It’s safe to say a huge number of users are automatically going to shift marketplaces as the Coinbase NFT starts functioning entirely. For now to get started with the Coinbase NFT app, people need to open a Coinbase wallet.

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NFT Apps Compared

Now that we looked at the details of every ranked NFT app, let us compare some of them based on certain elements that could affect involvement with these marketplaces.

Name Mobile Application Number of NFTs Listed Parent Company (if any) Blockchains supported
Tamadoge NFT Yes N/A Tamadoge Ethereum NFT Yes 200,000+ Cronos, Ethereum
NFT Launchpad No N/A (fairly new) Binance Smart Chain, Polygon
Binance NFT Yes 100,000+ Binance Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum
FTX NFT Yes 100,000+ FTX, FTX US Ethereum, Solana
Bybit NFT Yes 80,000+ Bybit Solana, Ethereum
Opensea Yes 80 million Ethereum, Klatyn, Polygon, Solana
Rarible Yes 300,000+ Ethereum, Flow, Polygon
LooksRare No N/A Ethereum
Axie Marketplace No 670,000+ Axie Infinity Ethereum
Coinbase NFT Yes N/A (Unreleased) Coinbase Ethereum

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What are NFT apps and what types exist

As organizations find newer and better ways of making NFTs more simplified and accessible to users, the traditional means of being involved with these digital assets keep changing. One of the easiest and most efficient ways is to provide applications that would enable transacting NFTs to and fro.

Several projects and platforms adopt different kinds of methods to increase user involvement and ease to use. The platforms also sometimes do not create applications to not risk safety and privacy which are the two main features of owning an NFT itself.

Binance has an extensive NFT offering within the app itself, that allows users to interact with NFTs without having to leave the app, while apps like require the users to enter a different category of the app and make a new NFT account to buy and sell the assets. The list mentioned itself has very different ways of accessing and using the marketplaces.

The Axie Marketplace solely trades Axie Infinity Game-related NFTs, so it is natural for the platform to be integrated into a browser. The same cant be said for Coinbase. While the app does allow NFTs to be stored within its ecosystem, the platform requires them to be held in an external wallet. This problem won’t persist for long though, since coinbase has been working to partner with MasterCard and make buying and selling NFTs through fiat.

Opensea and rarible, two of the biggest NFT marketplaces too, have an application integrated for mobile phones. But these apps are meant only for viewing and browsing NFTs; trading them on the application itself is not possible.

One would need to access the website to make the transactions. Hence, there are several kinds of wallets that seem to be changing and upgrading continuously with newer and better alternatives being found every time.

While there are concerns regarding privacy for applications, they are the simplest and most hassle-free way of interacting with NFTs. Organizations realize that apps are preferred by users as well. Apps for several top marketplaces can be expected soon as new updates and advancements are made in the NFT industry.

How we ranked the best NFT apps

With a huge number of marketplaces and other means to acquire an NFT, it is an increasingly tedious task for users to come upon marketplaces and apps that assure experience.

These are some of the prime factors that were considered while ranking the NFT apps and marketplaces.

  • Safety- This was considered the most important among all the other points. Every exchange must have a strict policy and firewalls set in place to prevent any kind of fraud or scams within the apps and marketplaces. While activities like rug pulls cannot be avoided, every measure that can be taken to prevent actions like these must be initiated. Trusted marketplaces like opensea have previously even helped in retrieving stolen NFTs from certain artists.
  • Usability- When it comes to blockchain tech, some people might be extremely knowledgeable. This cannot be said for the remaining majority of the investing citizenry. A need for knowing complex coding or a complex user interface etc are some things that several people might not be accustomed to. Thus, it is important to have an interface that can walk the users through various features while simultaneously being easy to use even after the demo is done.
  • Collections available and Theme setting- The variety of collections within a platform is the same as the content in an art gallery. One would be most attracted to a gallery that has the best pieces on display. Similarly, the best NFT apps and marketplaces need to have a collection that not only includes popular NFT collections but also work that is unique and worth buying for the users as a legitimate form of value.

The final thing that comes down to is the theme or design of the app. When all other conditions are met; which marketplaces or apps have in common, what the users prefer most is a layout of the app that is appealing to them. The way the app works and the kind of swiping actions etc play an important role in attracting potential users.

How to get into NFT trading using an app

NFTs were bought and sold initially by people who knew how to follow through the entire process of acquiring them. This included knowledge of getting in touch with the right sources, having the right computer skills to initiate the transactions, etc. That is not the case anymore. Apps have taken over the time-consuming and difficult process of minting, selling, and buying NFTs.

The process of being involved in NFTs using NFT apps is quite easy. If the app supports the trading of cryptocurrency, then the user needs to download the app and finish KYC or Know your customer. This is a mandatory criterion that must be complied with for the app to be used.

Later on, the user can top the app with the cryptocurrency needed to buy the desired NFT. One can simply get onto the NFT marketplace within the app, choose the NFT and buy the particular asset in exchange for the cryptocurrency owned.

How to buy NFTs using – our recommended app is one of the safest options for dealing with cryptocurrencies as well as NFTs currently. Buying NFTs on the platform too is a very simple affair.

  1. Create an account on (this can be done within the app as well)
  2. Use the same credentials to log into the NFT marketplace via the homepage
  3. Browse from the wide variety of NFT collections displayed on the screen of the page. One can choose the NFTs that are available at the time by clicking on the “Drops” option.
  4. Click on the NFT that you would like to purchase and select Buy NFT
  5. Simply enter the payment details needed, the passwords, and the allotted cryptocurrency required to make the transaction go through. (make sure to hold the particular crypto in your wallet)
  6. Within seconds, the NFT will be sent to your wallet.


What is an NFT app?

Any mobile application that allows you to interact with NFTs of any kind can be considered to be an NFT app. In certain instances, NFT apps may only allow the user to view available NFTs and not conduct trades.

How to buy NFTs on

One can buy NFTs on the app directly by going to the NFT marketplace through the app and simply selecting on NFT required. Then the required cryptocurrency can be used to make the transaction go through.

How to buy NFTs on the Opensea app?

After visiting the website and browsing through several projects, one can simply click on the buy option on the available NFT. This has to be done after connecting the external wallet to the Opensea website. If done, a prompt would show up asking the user to authorize the purchase. On accepting, the required amount of crypto will be swapped in exchange for the NFT chosen. Bids are also another method by which trades can be made.

What app is best to buy NFTs?

While there are several great options, is one of the top NFT marketplaces currently that provides a wide array of NFT projects to choose from. With the marketplace within the crypto exchange, it becomes easier to transfer crypto from the app and buy NFTs from the marketplace seamlessly.

Can you create NFTs on opensea?

Yes, users can create their own digital artwork and sell them as well on the opensea website easily.