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Quint Coin Price Prediction 2022-2025

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Quint Coin logoMany cryptocurrencies are emerging – trying to one-up one another in terms of utility. Some are trying to become the next big metaverse cryptos – trying to make virtual worlds more real. Others are trying to redefine DeFi and bring the virtual utilities to the real world.

Quint has aspects of both – a DeFi cryptocurrency that powers a “super staking” platform that provides not only high yields but also physical rewards from everything from airline tickets to supercars, and aims to “connect the metaverse to the real world”.

This relatively new cryptocurrency is bursting with potential and has a robust roadmap. Based on these factors, we put together a potential Quint price prediction. Find out how much success this coin can obtain, backed by its current and future developments, and learn how to invest in Quint coin.

Quint Coin Price Prediction Overview

Here is a small overview of Quint coin price predictions for upcoming years based on the numerous factors we highlight later in this guide. It will ensure that all the investors are aware of all the information they need before buying Quint coin.

  • End of 2022: Quint coin is one of the best IDO projects this year that arrived a few days before the market entered crypto winter. Despite being a new coin that came up during a bearish time, Quint has hit the ground running. If it keeps up with this bullishness, we predict that by the end of 2022, the Quint price will be $4.
  • End of 2023: The “super staking” feature is a novel concept. Although it is still a bit unknown, people will likely know more about it by the end of 2023. As people grow more aware of it, the price will get a much-needed push, making Quint token worth $10 by the end of 2022.
  • End of 2025: Considering the pace at which the blockchain is developing, we expect a major uptick in Bitcoin and Ethereum’s prices by that time. By taking the impact of these cryptos on other altcoins into account and considering the bullish developments in the Quint ecosystem, we estimate that by the end of 2025, the Quint price will likely rise to $30 – a 15X growth from its current cost.

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A Closer Look at the Quint Token Price History

To make proper predictions about any cryptocurrencies to leverage that knowledge to earn money, we must have an idea about the pricing history – and the factors that contributed to that. In Quint’s case, the factors that influence its price include five applications:

  1. The Super Staking Platform
  2. DeFi > Real-World Assets
  3. Boutique NFT Marketplace
  4. Metaverse Arts Club
  5. The Quint Shop

The flagship feature contributing to the bullish price action that Quint has experienced till now is super staking. It revolutionizes the concept of crypto staking by going beyond just rewarding the holders with cryptos. That is, at the end of the staking period, Quint organizes a raffle – a crypto competition of sorts – rewarding holders with prizes that include supercar experiences, airline tickets, holidays, and more.

Super staking is one of the Quint developer’s ways to bridge the gap between the virtual and real. That is, they are trying to bring real-life assets and DeFi together. To achieve this, the developers aim to develop the super staking platform into a platform that allows investors to transform into fractional owners of real estate projects. It will diversify the investor’s income stream and revolutionize this cryptocurrency’s utility.

But it is not all dedicated to DeFi. Quint is a diversified ecosystem with room for NFTs. And not just any NFTs, but ones with an air of exclusivity in terms of artwork and prices. The platform plans to host the coolest NFT projects that will revolve around high-class articles like Rolex watches, luxury cars, and the physical equivalents of some of the NFTs.

Quint Coin features

These high-profile use cases gave the project a much-needed push during the initial offering, making it one of the best IDO cryptos of this year. And getting marketing in places like Times Square and Bond Street made this token always visible to the crowd. As a result, Quint was about to raise a large $1 million in the IDO stage.

Quint Price

These factors made Quint’s price rise by manifolds. It went from $0.096 to $2.7 – almost a 28x increase after listing. There was a marginal retrace to around a $1.5 level afterward. But Quint quickly recovered over $2 in the last week of July – the price point at which Quint price is hovering around at the time of writing.

In brief, the following are key points to know about the token so far.

  1. Quint is the native crypto of the Quint Ecosystem.
  2. It is a BEP token aiming to bring the utilities of crypto to the real world.
  3. Quint raised $1 million during the IDO (Initial DEX offering) event.
  4. Three months after the Initial DEX Offering, the Quint price rose by 28x.

Quint Crypto Price Prediction 2022

2022 is the budding year for Quint that came before the market experienced the cold waves of crypto winter. Thankfully, Bitcoin’s massive dip didn’t impact the Quint Price other than a marginal retrace. And the token went back up quickly after that, and so far, it is trading sideways at a respectable position.

Knowing that the token recovered quickly during the crypto winter is an important factor to consider when making Quint price predictions. The credit for that price performance goes, in no small part, to the “Super Staking” feature. So far, this feature has been the main driving force behind the token’s performance. Allowing investors to stake their QUINT tokens and participate in raffles that offer real-life prizes isn’t novel – but is uncommon. Another crypto that comes to mind that implements somewhat the same approach is Lucky Block. However, it is an NFT competition platform and not for staking.

Quint price prediction 2022

When it comes to staking, holders have staked 132.3 billion Quint Coins on the platform with the Total Value Locked (TVL) of $256.015 billion. What has helped this cryptocurrency platform so much is the fact that the backers of this platform aren’t simply developers. They are high-profile individuals, including the Chief Operating Offer is Etihad Aviation Group and the Managing Director of a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate. Such names behind the project inspired confidence and made the IDO a success.

And since the financial background of this crypto project is so robust, it is not only the real-world rewards that make Quint such a great deal. The Annual Percentage Return (APR) rate is also good at 15% at the time of writing. Supplementing that rate is the “auto compounding” feature that aims to increase the gains on locked QUINT even more. And from the bullish way the devs have shown the info on the website, we predict that the APR might increase soon. But these features are only for the “Conventional pools”.

Coming soon are Quintessential Pools – another unique staking pool that will offer customized experiences to the users, including higher APRs and better real-life rewards like discounts on fees to visit higher-class spas and restaurants.

There are also Luxury Raffle Pools offering real-world luxury prizes. So far, 100,000 QUINT tokens are staked on these raffle pools.

These features will surely attract investors looking to leverage the crypto ecosystem for their traveling needs. Thus, we expect to see the Quint Price rise to $4 by the end of the year.

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Quint Price Prediction 2023

The features coming soon for Quint will definitely push the token’s price in 2023. As the new year rolls in, the crypto community will witness many developments in the DeFi space, including the emergence of some of the best DeFi applications and cryptos that will promise higher yields to crypto enthusiasts. In Quint’s case, the fractional ownership of the real estate properties is what will drive the Quint price.

The team behind Quint will leverage its immense financial backing to invest in real estate properties and transfer the returns to the Quint holder who have locked their tokens in the super staking pool. In addition to giving higher returns and strong collateral to the project’s treasury, this approach will also bring DeFi and the real world together in a big way. As a result, people’s interest in this cryptocurrency will increase, and so will the traction of the project.

Another bullish development next year is the “Quint Shop” – giving token holders access to exclusive merch and apparel. But the project won’t stop there. Being a community-driven “shop”, the Quint Shop will allow the users to create their own products and list them – allowing others to buy them. It would essentially be a blockchain=based eCommerce platform – a rarity in the blockchain during this time.

These attributes will make Quint one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. Therefore, even if we do a conservative estimate of the Quint price, we’ll likely see a more 2.5x increase to $10 by the end of 2023.

Quint Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

The developments in the crypto ecosystem by the end of 2025 will be big. As the blockchain becomes more mainstream and the adoption rate accelerates, many utility-based cryptocurrencies will witness massive upticks. Those will like include Quint.

If we consider the current pace of Quint’s development, the NFT mobile app mentioned in its roadmap in phase 3 will be up and running by 2025. And the project will likely make great headways into phase 4 of the project with the release on Avalanche and other chains.

Those developments will sharply contrast to what Quint coin is today, a BEP 20 token standard only available on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, the future developments of this asset also include being launched on Solana, Ethereum, Fantom, and Avalanche. Being multi-chain crypto will make it more accessible to more people. As buying this cryptocurrency becomes easier, Quint’s audience will increase.

Quint Price Prediction 2025

But the biggest growth driver for Quint coin in later years would be GameFi. Experts estimate that game devs will remove many bottlenecks existing in GameFi by 2025 – allowing the blockchain gaming market to increase to $50 billion by that year.

Thus, experts say that Quint will experience the most growth during these years. Therefore, our Quint price prediction is that the token will hit $30 by the end of 2025. The price likely will go higher by 20230. However, making long-term estimations beyond 2025 would be unwise at this point because we are yet to see this token’s potential in the upcoming one or two years.

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Modelling Potential Yearly Highs & Lows for Quint

The table below presents the potential highs and lows that Quint price might go through in the future. Our research backs these price points. However, investors must aspect some deviation because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and hardly follows a predictable price trajectory.

Year Potential High Potential Low
2022 $4 $1.30
2023 $10 $2.80
2025 $30 $14

What is Quint Used For?

Quint token is shaping up to be one of the best utility tokens of this year. It has many use cases that will increase the demand. For now, investors will likely leverage this cryptocurrency for the following reasons:

Speculating on the Growth of the Project

The price performance of any token is a good way to speculate on the development of its project. For instance, the Ethereum price recently crossed the $2k mark – albeit briefly – due to the macro-economic event. It told the investors that Ethereum had been bullishly working towards its Merge update that will arrive soon. Investors can do the same by looking at the Quint token price.

The value of this cryptocurrency grew by almost 30x recently – giving massive gains to IDO investors. And if we consider our Quint price prediction, the price will likely see another 2x increase by the end of 2022. And if the project takes a non-linear approach to growth – a parabolic upswing is also possible.

NFT Integration

Quint holders can leverage to buy NFT from Quint ecosystem’s NFT marketplace. Accessibility is not the motive here, as all the NFTs are mostly blue-chip projects suitable for high-end traders who want to make massive gains by flipping NFTs. And these NFT traders have many NFT options for now, from art, automotive, and horology to music, photography, and avatars.

Quint NFT Integration

The team behind Quint is also trying to attract popular NFT artists to the platform. Another feature that will be coming on the platform is NFT renting – allowing holders to rent their Non-Fungible Tokens to others and generate passive income. While the underlying mechanics of this feature are not yet visible, it is highly that NFT holders will get to decide the underlying terms.

Generating Passive Income

Passive income generation is one of the primary USP of Quint as it is one of the best staking platforms in the market. The combination of crypto and real-life rewards gives this project a much-needed novelty to set it apart from the rest.

In addition to earning up to 15% APR from locking cryptocurrencies, investors will also participate in the raffle. These raffles have high-end rewards and bring the staking utilities to the real world. The team is also developing a tool to allow users to have fractional ownership of real-world real estate properties. Imagine being able to rent those properties. That will give investors access to fractional rent – opening another venue to generate passive income.

Factors Driving the Price of Quint Coin

What are the reasons behind the upsurge in the Quint price, and what factors will influence its growth? When answering this question, it is important to remember that Quint is a cryptocurrency with similar growth factors to other market altcoins.

Listing on Major Centralized Exchanges

It is no news that even the anticipation of being listed on popular exchanges is enough to pump the price of many cryptocurrencies. The crypto crowd even has a name for such events known as the “listing pumping impact”. The most prominent exchanges in this matter are Binance and Coinbase.

If Quint gets listed on these exchanges– likely because the Quint is a high-cap token – the price will likely see a major uptick. Parabolic growth is possible upon listing. However, maintaining that growth would be challenging because the “listing pumping effect” only lasts for a few days. That said, being on popular cryptocurrency exchanges will increase the demand for Quint, which can raise its value.

Backing of a Strong Community

Another factor that will likely influence the price of Quint is the community’s backing. Cryptocurrencies have always been community-driven assets, and Quint is no different. It is the community that gave the token its initial traction, and it is the community’s satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) that will drive the price of this coin in the future.

Thankfully, the community behind Quint is large and powerful. The official Telegram Group has more than 19,000 members, and the Twitter account has more than 50k organic users.

Use Cases of Quint Coin

The final factor that will drive the price of the Quint token is the use case. In its current form, this cryptocurrency possesses many utilities, from staking to NFTs to eCommerce (Quint Shop). And there are many more bullish developments about this aspect in the roadmap.

These developers consist of another feature in super staking that will allow users to gain fractional ownership of real-world properties. Furthermore, the developers have already said this project is about connecting the metaverse with the real world. Due to this reason, Quint has recently received the Best Metaverse Crypto award at The Global Digital Industry Investment summit. The natural progression from here is the upcoming GameFi integration.

How to Invest in Quint – Complete Guide

Overall, Quint has a very bright future. The token has strong fundamentals with novel ideas that can redefine decentralized finance. We can say that if the current price trajectory holds up, the token will achieve growth in the long term.

Here is the complete guide to follow to invest in Quint:

Step 1 – Set up your crypto wallet

The first task is to set up a BEP-20-compatible wallet. MetaMask and TrustWallet are some of the best crypto wallets in this regard. That said, other options are also available, including the Binance Wallet. Setting up the crypto wallet isn’t a difficult process. All users need to do is download the wallet on their phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Metamask Wallet

Step 2- Get Binance Coin (BNB)

For now, investors can primarily buy QUINT using BNB. Thus, the next step is to buy Binance Coin. BNB logoThere is a wide array of cryptocurrency exchanges that offer BNB. But before selecting, investors must decide whether they want to swap crypto or buy BNB using fiat currencies.


Your capital is at risk

Step 3- Linking Wallet to PancakeSwap

Once the user has bought BNB, they must link their wallets to PancakeSwap by going to the official website and clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button. Select the wallet and start the process.

PancakeSwap Connect Wallet

Step 4 – Buy Quint Coin

Once the wallet is connected, users must go to the swap feature of the Pancakeswap and select the BNB for which they want to buy QUINT. After choosing the appropriate amount, confirm the transaction, and the process is complete.

Pancakeswap Quint

Also see our full guy to buying Quint which includes details on Bitmart, its first CEX listing.

Quint Price Forecast – The Verdict

We have considered all the aspects of this token in this article. We have made bullish predictions about this crypto and backed them through research. From those facts, we can conclude that Quint will shine a lot in the market. The project’s price action has been admirable till now, and the token has gained significant traction quickly.

Furthermore, the project’s future developments give us another reason to hope. Bringing metaverse to the real world is nowhere near a novel idea, but how Quint has implemented it may draw much attention. All that remains to be seen is how this coin actually performs in the coming time.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Quint

Why Invest in Quint Coin?

Quint is the latest cryptocurrency project attempting to bring real-world utilities of staking. It has performed well till now, and the crowd sentiment has remained bullish about this crypto.

What will be the price of Quint Coin by 2030?

The token has only arrived recently. Thus, making such a long-term prediction is unwise. However, if the token continues to develop and the project can stay true to this roadmap, then there is a chance for Quint holders to gain massive profits by 2030.

Is QUINT on Binance?

Quint is not listed on Binance. But there are chances that it will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange soon.

Where can I buy QUINT?

Currently, the best place to buy QUINT is PancakeSwap. It is a great decentralized exchange – allowing users to swap BNB for QUINT tokens.