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How to Buy Quint Coin – Beginner’s Guide

Quint not only deals with Metaverse, but also with staking, offering dual advantages. Here's how you can buy Quint Crypto.
Quint founders donate $16 million
Quint founders donate $16 million

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The crypto market has tens of thousands of digital currencies with varied use cases. Quint, one among them, has been able to make a mark for itself with its unique approach to the metaverse and its initiative to link its metaverse platform with reality.

The Quint ecosystem tries to offer its customers the best of both worlds by letting them use the metaverse and also earn real-life rewards through staking and other Defi services. After its launch in April 2022 on the Binance Smart Chain network, an Ethereum bridge has also been proposed making the coin available on more platforms.

In this guide we review the background of the Quint crypto project, and how can investors buy Quint tokens.

How to Buy Quint – Quick Steps

Quint is easily accessible on PancakeSwap and the following guide will help you learn how to buy Quint (ticker QUINT) on PancakeSwap.

  • ✅ Step 1: Visit PancakeSwap Account – First visit PancakeSwap – beware of phishing links and fake domains
  • ? Step 2: Deposit BNB Into Your Wallet – Connect a MetaMask wallet to PancakeSwap. To buy Quint you will require BNB tokens to swap for QUINT on its QUINT/BNB trading pair.
  • ? Step 3: Search for Quint – Search for Quint on the search bar and ‘QUINT/BNB’ will appear in the search results.
  • ?Step 4: Buy Quint – Once the order box appears enter he number of BNB tokens you want to convert into Quint and click on ‘Buy Quint’. More instructions are also available at

Visit Quint Site

Where To Buy Quint Coin?

Quint has been successfully able to list its token on PancakeSwap and Bitmart and also plans to increase the number of exchanges it is available on as part of its roadmap. This will make it more accessible to the investors and in the process increase the liquidity of its tokens.

For the time being, you can buy Quint tokens from either of the two, i.e., PancakeSwap (a decentralized exchange) and Bitmart (a centralized one).

1. PancakeSwap – Decentralized Exchange That Offers Many Cryptos

With 2.2 million active users in the past 30 days and a total of 26 million transactions, PancakeSwap is one of the most popular decentralized exchanges in the market, its native DEX coin being CAKE.

Launched in 2020 on the Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap is famous for its speedy transactions and also its lower transaction costs. It was launched as an alternative to Uniswap but it now boasts more Total Locked Value (about $4.3 billion).

Pancakeswap buy quint

PankcakeSwap, being a decentralized exchange does not demand any personal information or KYC documents from the users. This makes it a little more hassle-free and secure than the other centralized exchanges.

Users need a Crypto wallet compatible with the Binance Smart Chain and BNB tokens (Binance Coin) to purchase quint from PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap is the first exchange that Quint was listed on after its presale.

Visit PancakeSwap

2. Bitmart – One of the Best Centralized Crypto Exchange

Bitmart is a centralized crypto exchange listed in the Cayman Islands. Unlike PancakeSwap investors are required to submit your KYC documents Bitmart before purchasing Quint coins or other top altcoins.

Bitmart, being a big exchange offering more than thousands of coins to millions of users is very secure.

Is Quint Crypto worth buying

To buy Quint coins on Bitmart you first need to buy USDT as the exchange only supports Quint/USDT pair. You can purchase USDT from your debit or credit card. Once you have USDT in your account, you can go ahead and purchase Quint with it.

Bitmart and its third-party partners charge processing fees equivalent to 2-3%. You can get a discount on the commission charged by Bitmart(normally 0.25%) if you have BMX tokens. BMX is Bitmart’s very own token which it launched in 2018.

Generally, transactions of large volumes are subjected to lesser tax rates than those of lower volumes.

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What is Quint?

Quint aims to be much more than a regular cryptocurrency. It helps its investors win real-life rewards like holiday trips, luxury cars, and whatnot. It essentially aims to integrate metaverse with reality to provide its investors with something tangible to boast about.

It does so by providing a ‘super’ staking platform to its users, which helps them earn crypto interest using the pools they stake their currencies too. As the coin is in its nascent stage, the investors are assured of a high APY (annual percentage yield).

Should I buy quint crypto

Along with interests, the Quint team also gives NFTs to the investors when they stake their money in their ‘Quintessential pools.’ The investors have the option to redeem the NFT later and earn a good amount of profit from the same.

And if the investors like their NFTs so much that they wish to hang them on their wall, then they need not look anywhere else as the Quint’s Boutique NFT Market place has them covered. It will deliver their NFTs in physical form in state-of-the-art token frames.

Is Quint a Good Investment?

For long-term investment success, we need to be aware of the business model Quint is incorporating, its roadmap for years to come, its taxation policies, its userbase, and its overall success. Although Quint has a very strong use case and exciting value proposition, it is fairly new in the crypto market.

We’d be in a better position to answer this question once the coin is a bit more mature. But that should not stop you from digging further, especially considering the rewards of being an early investor in a high-growth promising coin.

Listed below are some of the most enticing features of Quint coin:

Providing Incentives To Stake With Quint

Quint’s flagship ‘Super’ Staking is a tool that has everybody excited. Crypto staking is a way through which an investor can earn interest on his idle funds in his wallet. This money is pooled to increase the liquidity in the exchanges.

Each Quint investor automatically gets an entry in the prize draw once he stakes his money in the ‘quintessential’ pool. The funds can only be withdrawn once the prize draw is over(usually 22) days. Prizes generally include luxury items like watches, discounts on travel bookings, luxury car experiences, etc.

He is also given an NFT the moment he invests his money in the pool. This acts as a double reward for the investor and goes on to incentivize potential investors to invest in the cryptocurrency for a long period.

Along with Quintessential pools, they also offer staking options in conventional pools(active currently) where a user can win crypto rewards.

Quint NFT Marketplace

Quint also boasts an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell their NFTs. Users can also buy a tailor-made NFT from the Quint NFT boutique to suit their requirements. And if that’s not enough, they are also given a physical version of the same from the Quint team.

This creates a sense of physical ownership of NFTs. This initiative symbolizes the team’s very core goal of integrating the metaverse on the metaverse with reality.

The buyers of NFTs from the NFT Marketplace also get to be members of the Metaverse Arts Club, where they can interact with the core community or, as the Quint team puts it, “the Crème de la crème”

In general, a marketplace specifically for NFTs of the Quint ecosystem will increase the liquidity of investors’ NFT assets and might also help them in making huge profits.

The Quintverse’s Quint Shop

The Quint shop is exclusive to Quint token holders and NFT holders. Through the Quint shop, the members are allowed to buy merchandise which again is very exclusive. These merchandises can only be bought using quint coins or the NFT tokens that were bought from those coins.

Members also get to bid on auctions for limited edition merchandise.

Quint’s Roadmap

Quint has created a well-defined roadmap (as is evident from their website) where they have listed out what they are planning to achieve in all the respective phases of their product development. They have divided this whole process into 4 phases.

They have completed the first phase successfully which involves the Development of their website, release of its whitepaper, DEX smart contracts development, launching Quint token on Binance Smart Chain, and also the alpha launch of their Boutique NFT Marketplace.

In phase 2 they plan to release the beta version of Boutique NFT Marketplace, the launch of the Quint Shop, and also launching the much-awaited Super staking platform. They plan to develop a bespoke wallet and an iOS and android app for its NFTs in the later phases.

Knowing that they have so much in the pipeline the investors can be assured that the cryptocurrency will not vanish in thin air all of a sudden as has been the case with some altcoin projects.

The Team Behind The Project

A good plan/roadmap could only do so much for the success of a project. The main pillar behind that success is the team responsible for it. The Managing Partner of Quint, Rahul Chaudhary, is a veteran businessman who is responsible for running one of Nepal’s biggest Conglomerate, the 140-year-old CG Corp.

Mohammed Al Bulooki, the chairman of Quint, is also the Chief Operating Officer of the prestigious Etihad airlines and brings a lot of experience to the team.

With these two veterans, onboard the project has great chance of achieving great heights and maybe one day become the hottest coin in the market.

Quint’s Presale

Quint launched its presale on the 7th of April and it lasted for 7 days it was a huge success. From presale, it managed to raise approximately $3 million which was about 9400 BNB.

It was later (on 21st April) listed on a number of exchanges (both centralized and decentralized) like Bitmart and PancakeSwap.

A lot of investors invested in the presale as they were pretty sure that the prices would get higher once the presale was over. The investors were not wrong as the price did rise.

Quint’s Price

Quint coin was priced at $0.50 during its presale season and has since hit an all-time high of $2.81 as it got listed in exchanges like PancakeSwap. This shows a fourfold growth of the coin and that too within a year.

Quint Crypto

And if that was not enough to attract investors to the party then Quint has also started to sell their coins at a discount of 25% which from the looks of it is not going to last for a long time.

Quint Price Prediction

Investors who are looking at Quint as a long-term investment option should not worry about its price and volatility in the short term.

The pricing of a coin is an outcome of a lot of market factors and a relatively new project finds itself more affected by speculative activities than by its own performance.

Quint, being at its nascent stage, should not be judged just on the basis of its price which, at the moment is, around $2. It would be better to learn about its roadmap and its objectives – although we have put together a more detailed Quint price prediction guide.

How to Buy Quint – Full Guide

Now that we are very much aware of what Quint is and where we can buy it, it only makes sense that we learn how to buy them. In this article we will learn how to buy quint coins on PancakeSwap, as it bought it on Bitmart is pretty straightforward.

Step 1:  Visit Pancakeswap

First things first, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with PancakeSwap. Visit the official website at

Step 2: Add Funds

To buy anything from PancakeSwap, you are first required to hold crypto assets to swap, and for that, you also first need to integrate your PancakeSwap account with your crypto wallet.

It is important to have BNB tokens in your wallet or else you are required to buy the same from the exchange first as you can buy Quint coins only using BNB coins.

This is because Quint coins are paired with BNB coins on PancakeSwap.

Step 3: Search for Quint on PancakeSwap

Once you have ample funds in your PancakeSwap account, you are required to search for quint coins on the search bar and click on the Quint/BNB option. Now you can make a purchase for Quint coins.

Step 4: Buy Quint coin

At last, an order box appears on your screen on which you are required to choose between ‘limit’ order or ‘market’ order. The market order ensures that your transaction is executed at that very instant, which is not the case with limit orders.

Now you are required to enter the total number of BNB tokens that you are willing to exchange for Quint coins, and at last, click on the ‘Buy Quint’ option.

Now you have Quint coins which are your access pass to all the amazing features that the Quint ecosystem has to offer or will be offering further down the road.


Quint is a cryptocurrency with a very unique and enticing value proposition for its investors and has had a successful presale. With the next three phases of its development lined up it would be a great investment option in the long run.

Investors can easily buy Quint token within ten minutes via PancakeSwap DEX using this guide or visit the website to learn more about the project.

Visit Quint Site


What is Quint coin?

Quint is a token that offers its investors a pass to the Quintverse where they can stake money, win prizes, and more added utility - visit to read the whitepaper and roadmap.

How do I buy Quint Crypto?

You can buy Quint coin from either PancakeSwap (a decentralized exchange) or BitMart (a centralized exchange).

Is Quint on Binance?

Quint is a cryptocurrency that runs on Binance Smart Chain but it is not yet listed on Binance Exchange.

Where to Buy QUINT?

Investors can either buy Quint from PancakeSwap where it is not necessary to submit KYC documents unlike other central exchanges, or alternatively buy Quint on Bitmart.