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Where And How To Buy Arkham 2.0 (ARKM) In 2023 – Beginners Guide

Arkham Coin: Today's Hottest Trend on CoinMarketCap – Key Points to Watch
Arkham Coin: Today's Hottest Trend on CoinMarketCap – Key Points to Watch

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Arkham is a brand new cryptocurrency that started its public sale first on Binance Launchpad on July 11. The coin got officially listed on other crypto exchanges on the 18th of July, and its price surged from $0.702 to $0.808 in just 2 hours. As a native cryptocurrency of the Arkham platform, the coin has governance and utility purposes within its network and has three main use cases. 

In this guide, we will extensively provide a step-by-step guide on how to buy Arkham, review the best platform where you can buy the coin, and analyze why it is a good investment.

How To Buy Arkham (ARKM) Crypto – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide on what steps you need to take to buy Arkham coin. For a more detailed explanation, check the next section. 

  • Step 1: Select a crypto exchange that supports Arkham tokens. Our top pick here is ByBit, as currently, it is the best crypto exchange that lists ARKM coins. 
  • Step 2: Visit the ByBit website and create a personal account. You will also need to verify it to use more features provided by the platform. 
  • Step 3: Next, you can deposit funds into your account using a suitable payment option for you. Credit cards, crypto wallets, and e-wallets are among the payment methods ByBit offers. 
  • Step 4: Search Arkham Coin on the platform. 
  • Step 5: Open the “Buy” section and fill in the number of coins you want to buy, and finalize the transaction. 

Buy Arkham Coin

How To Leverage ByBit To Buy Arkham

This section of the guide provides a detailed introduction to all the steps you will need to take to buy Arkham coins safely and effectively. We will show the whole process through the ByBit exchange, which is our top pick to buy Arkham coins. 

Step 1: Open An Account

To start with, you must visit ByBit’s website and create your personal account. Click on the Sign Up Now button to open the registration window. ByBit’s sign-up process is quick and easy. All you need to do is to type your email address and create a password for your account. You can also select the mobile phone option to verify your account. 

Step 1. Open an Account

However, once your account is created, you will need to provide more details, including a profile picture, and turn on different security mechanisms to enhance the safety of your account. To do this, visit the Account and Security section, where you will find different subsections for improving your account security. 

​​Step 2: Verify Your ID

Verifying your account on ByBit is not necessary to use the exchange; however, if you don’t verify it, you will have limited access to the platform. ByBit has three different verification options. The first one is called Basic and only requires email verification, but you will be able to withdraw only 20,000 USDT daily and 100,000 USDT monthly. 

Step 2. Verify Your ID

The Level 1 verification gives you more benefits, including unlimited P2P trading and event bonuses. But, it requires identity verification, for which you will need to provide your ID and take a selfie within the app. Level 2 verification is address verification with more benefits, and it requires Proof of Address. For this verification, you must provide a bank document or a utility bill with your address on it. 

Step 3: Make A Deposit

Once you have provided the necessary documents that your account is verified, you can fund your account. Arkham coin is available to buy through USDT tokens, but first, you need to deposit funds to buy USDT. ByBit supports multiple payment options: bank cards, bank transfers, P2P payments, e-wallet options, and crypto transfers. Select any of the options available for you and follow the steps to buy USDT coins. 

Step 3. Make a Deposit

Step 4: Search For Arkham

Now that you have USDT coins on your ByBit account, you can jump into the process of buying Arkham coins.  Search the ARKM coin in the search area and tap on the first result. This will navigate you to the buying page, where you will find charts and technical indicators to do analyses about the coin. 

Step 4. Search for Arkham

Step 5: Buy Arkham 2.0

When you are ready to buy the coin, select the type of order you want to create – Market or Limit. Fill in the number of Arkham coins you want to buy and finalize the transaction by clicking on the Buy ARKM button. Once the transaction is verified, you will get the coins on your ByBit exchange account. 

Step 5. Buy Arkham 2.0

Buy Arkham Coin

Where To Buy Arkham Crypto – Best Platforms

Before we get into the details about the Arkham coin, let’s find out where you can buy Arkham coins. The best way to do it is to find a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Arkham coin. There are many crypto brokers that have already listed Arkham on their exchange, and we have picked the best platforms to buy Arkham coin in our list. 

ByBit – Best Crypto Broker To Buy Arkham Coin With Low Fees

ByBit is our top pick to buy Arkham crypto safely and efficiently. It is a crypto derivates trading platform founded in 2018. As one of the best crypto exchanges, ByBit offers trading services in over 180 countries and has millions of registered users. With ByBit, you can trade between 300 crypto pairs, and it enables you to go 100x leverage on your trade. There are various features making ByBit an exceptional broker. 

One of the most important features is its safety which is a priority when it comes to crypto trading. Although ByBit is not regulated by top financial organizations, the broker integrates different security mechanisms to keep your funds safe. There are multiple safety features you can activate for your account and increase the safety level. 


One of the benefits that comes with using Bybit is that it does not mandate users to go through the KYC procedure after opening an account. Hence, it is easy to get started with the exchange. You can create your account in a matter of minutes and start trading. However, there’s a limit to the amount you can trade without a KYC. 

The next key feature of ByBit is its affordable fee structure. The broker charges competitive trading fees, which are called taker (0.0075%) and maker fees (0.025%). ByBit also does not charge deposit fees when you charge your account, and withdrawal fees differ depending on which method you choose to withdraw your funds. For more information, read our Bybit review

Other useful features include the demo account to help you practice your trading with virtual money before you start using real money. ByBit provides educational content to learn about crypto trading, a mobile app to download and trade through your phone, and a well-designed platform. 

ByBit’s payment methods include bank cards, P2P payments, crypto wallets, and the Advcash e-wallet. ByBit is mostly focused on crypto-to-crypto trading; however, 30 coins are available to buy also with fiat currencies. 

Buy Arkham Coin

Binance – Popular Crypto Broker For Advanced Traders

Founded in 2017, Binance has already managed to become the largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. The exchange is quite popular among advanced traders as it supports a great number of sophisticated tools and technical indicators for seasoned traders. Hence, Binance can be a bit hard to use for beginners in trading. If you are a beginner, you can check out a few Binance alternatives here.  

As for professional traders, Binance is one of the best options that they can consider for their trading endeavors. One of the best things about this crypto exchange is the versatility of the cryptocurrencies. You can buy, trade, and hold over 350 cryptocurrencies on Binance, and you can also visit its marketplace for the most popular NFTs in the DeFi.

Like ByBit, Binance supports different payment methods to buy crypto assets. You can link your crypto wallet, or you can select a traditional payment option, such as bank cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers. For more details, check our Binance review


As for safety, Binance has some regulatory issues with different nations. However, the platform has built a good reputation for being a secure place to trade. In our recent eToro vs Binance guide, we extensively analyzed how the latter has been using 2FA and other top-notch security mechanisms to protect its users’ accounts.

The main Binance exchange is not currently available in the U.S., traders in the country can use the Binance U.S. platform. The latter is similar to Binance in many ways but has quite a limited number of cryptocurrencies (60 cryptocurrencies). 

When it comes to pricing, Binance offers quite competitive trading fees. When trading on the exchange, you will need to pay a fee of 0.1%. For instant buy and sell options, the fee is 0.5%. You can also use Binance’s native token, BNB, and get discounts on fees. Read our guide to discover how you can buy BNB safely.

Binance is also well-suited for both mobile traders and desktop traders. Apart from its website, the broker offers its mobile app and desktop app, and both are free to download. 

Buy Arkham Coin

Uniswap – Decentralized Exchange To Buy Arkham Coins Safely

If you want to buy Arkham coins on a decentralized exchange, Uniswap is the best choice. It is one of the leading decentralized exchanges in the market, with around almost 85,000 daily users. As a decentralized exchange, Uniswap is not controlled by a single company. It works on blockchain technology which enables users to swap between cryptocurrencies without the interference of any third party. 


As a decentralized exchange, Uniswap has its pros and cons, which you need to consider before selecting this platform. The greatest plus is the safety of your funds as it is extremely hard to hack the blockchain.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to open an account on Uniswap or provide any personal data. All you need to do is to link your crypto wallet and start exchanging cryptocurrencies. Apart from Arkham, you can also buy other notable crypto assets on Uniswap.

The second important feature is the number of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform. Uniswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain; hence you can trade all the ERC-20 cryptocurrencies. This is great because there are plenty of projects built on Ethereum, including also Arkham Coin. However, such popular coins as Dogecoin and Bitcoin can’t be traded on this platform as they use another token standard. 

More so, we also recognize Uniswap as one of the best yield farming platforms around. It features rewarding and reliable farming utilities. Meanwhile, to swap cryptocurrencies on this platform, you have to pay gas fees which are network fees and can get higher or lower depending on the congestion of the network.

Apart from the Swap option, you can also select the “Pool” option on Uniswap and earn rewards by becoming a liquidity provider. Uniswap also stands out with its user-friendly interface and interesting design. 

Buy Arkham Coin

Bitget – Popular Crypto Exchange With A Simple Interface

Bitget is another alternative to buy Arkham coins with low fees and great security features. The broker has been providing crypto trading services since 2018 and has already attracted 8 million users. Bitget supports a huge number of cryptocurrencies and many fiat currencies. With this platform, you can trade 400 crypto assets, and some of them are available to buy with 40 fiat currencies. 


Bitget is a heavily regulated platform. It boasts the regulatory backing of many countries including the USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, etc. This makes Bitget a reliable and trusted crypto broker and enables users to safely trade on the platform. Also, it is mandatory to go through the Know-your-customer process to start trading on Bitget. 

The next good feature of the Bitget is its versatile trading options. Bitget supports spot trading, derivatives, and futures trading. The broker is also highly popular for its copy-trading features and is considered the largest copy-trading broker by volume. Just keep in mind that you will pay 10% of your earnings to the trader whose trades you copied. 

Finally, Bitget is an affordable platform in terms of trading fees which differ depending on the trading style. For example, spot trading includes a maker/taker fee of 0.1%, and futures trading includes a 0.02% maker and a 0.06% taker fee. As a CEX, Bitget supports payments through bank cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

What Is Arkham?

Arkham (ARKM) is the native token of the Arkham Intelligence blockchain project, which was founded in 2020. The main aim of the project is to deanonymize blockchain by matching wallet addresses with real-world entities. This will increase the transparency of the blockchain, which can lead to better analyses of the historical data and mass adoption of the blockchain. 

The project has recently conducted a massive sale of its Arkham coin on Binance Launchpad, allocating 5% of its token supply at a price of $0.05. After that, Arkham’s native token was officially launched and hit the exchanges with a price of $0.72. As the native token of the Arkham Intelligence project, ARKM plays a vital role and has many use cases for the platform. Hence, Arkham’s popularity and value strongly depend on the popularity of the Arkham project. 

There are several reasons to consider Arkham Intelligence, the next well-established blockchain project. First, it has launched an innovative artificial intelligence tool called ULTRA that will assist in the deanonymization of the blockchain. This is the main tool behind Arkham’s first product called the Analytics platform. 

Arkham token

With this platform, Arkham users will be able to see the entities behind the wallet address and follow their activities. They can track what top traders are doing in real-time, see which assets they have on the chain, which exchanges they used, their wallet balance, etc. Having this information will also make it easier for them to follow the flow of the funds and make better investment decisions. 

The second product of the Arkham project is the Intelligence exchange with intel-to-earn features. On this platform, users can sell or buy intelligence, such as address labels, chain dynamics information, and other data. In return, they will be rewarded in Arkham’s native token, which is one of the use cases of this cryptocurrency. 

Apart from it, ARKM has two other major use cases within Arkham’s ecosystem. First, it is the only coin used on the Intel Exchange where users can buy and sell intelligence on Arkham’s marketplace. And finally, Arkham is also the governance token of the project. It means that ARKM holders can vote on various decisions regarding the Arkham Intelligence project. 

Arkham is currently the #380 largest cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $$65,837,520. It has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 Arkham tokens. The token supply is allocated between community incentives (37%), core contributors (20%), investors (17.5%), Binance Launchpad (5%), foundation treasury (17.2%), and advisors (3%).

Is Arkham Coin A Good Investment Right Now – Arkham Analysis

If you still can’t make up your mind about buying Arkham coin, we have introduced some good reasons why it is a good investment right now. 

The Project Has Attracted Many Leading Investors

One of the indications that shows that Arkham can be a successful project is the leading investors that it has already attracted. Arkham project managed to conduct two phases of equity financing, and it raised $10,000,000.


Among the leading investors of the Arkham project are the co-founders of OpenAI and Palantir. Venture capitalist Tim Draper, Bedrock Capital investment firm, GSR Markets, Wintermute Trading, and others also participated in the funding. 

Exclusive Features

Another reason to invest in Arkham is that it offers a lot of unique features to increase the transparency of the blockchain, enabling users to earn rewards in ARKM tokens. The deanonymization of the blockchain and the Intel Exchange Arkham provides lots of benefits for investors. 

First, it will make it easier for them to track the activity of the top investors and traders, predict the future trends in the crypto space, track their portfolio and make more reasonable decisions based on the data. Arkham will also help to recognize illegal fund flow and carry out an on-chain investigation through its AI tools. 


The next thing that can play a role in Arkham’s success is that the project is already quite popular, with thousands of followers on its social media account. It has an active Twitter account with almost 250,000 followers, where you can find the latest updates about the Arkham project.


Arkham also has a Discord channel with over 45,000 members and a Telegram channel with more than 15,000 members. 

Meanwhile, you can check out our guide to discover some of the popular Discord groups you can join this year.

It Is Still Affordable

Finally, Arkham has just launched on the exchanges and is still quite affordable. You can invest in Arkham Coin at a price of $0.43 as of press time, thus positioning it as one of the best under $1 coins to buy now. Check out our guide to discover other under $1 coins with great potential

According to its roadmap, Arkham still has a lot of products and upgrades to launch in the future. This can positively affect the value of the coin, increase its adoption and lead to its price increase. 

Is It Worth Buying Arkham In 2023?

Arkham is a new exciting cryptocurrency project that addresses blockchain transparency and integrates AI tools to help users make more reasonable financial decisions and reduce the cases of fraudulent actions. Its native token ARKM has a significant role in the ecosystem of this project with various use cases that make it a valuable asset. 

ARKM entered the market on July 18 and has already captured attention. The coin has a 24-hour trading volume of over $43,844,528 million as of press time and has already listed on many popular exchanges. This makes ARKM a popular new project, with many investors trying to buy it at its low price. As the coin links with the Arkham project, it has the potential for growth if Arkham gets mass adoption.

This makes Arkham Coin a good investment right now as the project is still in the early stages of its development and has some new tools and products to launch in the features. It makes ARKM coin a good investment in the long-term perspective due to the valuable solutions it tries to incorporate into the world of blockchain and DeFi. Check our guide to discover other long-term coins you can buy now


Besides, the Arkham project has already got investments from such big players in the industry as the co-founders of the OpenAI project. Other notable investors are Palantir. Coinbase, Bedrock, Digital Currency Group, etc. With such popular investors, the Arkham project seems to be a trustworthy and valuable product that can solve real-world problems in this field. 

Finally, ARKM is not just a coin for trading, it has many other important uses. You can access the Arkham platform, have governance rights on the project, and earn rewards in ARKM coins through its platform called Intel Exchange. Meanwhile, you need to keep in mind that the crypto space is highly volatile, and you need to invest with caution without putting all your capital at risk. Nonetheless, read our guide on how to buy cryptocurrency safely this year before getting started. 

Ways Of Buying Arkham Coin

As Arkham coin is already officially launched and listed on different crypto exchanges, there are multiple ways to purchase the coin. Different crypto exchange supports different payment methods. It is important to explore what methods this or that exchange support and, depending on which option is suitable for you, choose an exchange and create an account. In this session, we have reviewed some of the ways to buy Arkham coins. 

Buy Arkham Token With Bitcoin 

One of the most popular methods is to buy Arkham coins with cryptocurrencies. Rather than connecting a credit or debit card, you can simply connect your crypto wallet to the platform and swap your cryptocurrencies with Arkham tokens. ByBit is one of the best-centralized exchanges that support swapping between cryptocurrencies. 

You can also use a decentralized exchange for this purpose, as their main payment method is through crypto wallets. Uniswap is our recommended DEX for buying Arkham coins. Uniswap is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so it only supports ERC-20 tokens. You can connect your crypto wallet to the Uniswap platform and use your ETH coins or other ERC-20 tokens to swap with Arkham coins. 

Check out our guide to discover where and how you can buy Ethereum with ease.

Buy Arkham Token With PayPal

PayPal users can now transfer cryptoApart from crypto wallets, you can deposit funds in your account through traditional wallets, such as Paypal. This is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of buying Arkham coins. From our recommended brokers, Bitget and Binance support deposits through PayPal. The deposit fees for this payment method may differ depending on the exchange. So, first, check the conditions before selecting the broker. 

Apart from Arkham, you can also buy Bitcoin easily with Paypal.

Buy Arkham With A Credit Or Debit Card 

Finally, one of the most popular methods of buying Arkham coins is using a credit or a debit card. Most of the leading centralized crypto exchanges support deposits with credit and debit cards. Among the crypto brokers supporting Arkham coin, ByBit is the best choice as you can transfer funds to your account without deposit fees. Withdrawal fees are also affordable and differ depending on the crypto you want to withdraw. 

To charge your ByBit account with your bank card, select the one-click buy option and choose the bank card payment method. Once you fill in the necessary details about your bank account, you can buy USDT coins and swap them with Arkham coins on the platform. 

Arkham Token Price Prediction – Where Does Arkham Go From Here?

Before investing in Arkham cryptocurrency, it is a good idea to take a look at the Arkham price predictions. Below we will provide data based on the technical analyses of the popular AI-based platform making crypto predictions. 

Arkham Price Prediction 2023

According to the technical indicators of CoinCodex, Arkham’s current sentiment is Neutral, with a Fear and Grid index of 52. The platform considers Arkham a good buy right now based on its price forecast. The platform suggested that Arkham’s could increase as high as $0.691 and decrease as low as $0.67 before the end of the year. 

Arkham Price

In the same vein, BitNation also predicted $0.93 as the average price for the coin in 2023 and tipped the token to hit $1. With just a few weeks to the end of the year, it will be interesting to see Arkham attain a $1 milestone.

Read our full Arkham coin price prediction here.

Arkham Price Prediction 2024

All of the platforms are again optimistic about the average price of Arkham coin for the year 2024. According to CoinCodex, Arkham will experience a yearly low of $0.574 and a yearly high of $0.86. BitNation’s predictions indicate that Arkham will be traded above $1 for the whole of 2024. The coin’s average price will be $1.55, with a minimum price of $1.36 and a maximum price of $1.74. 

Almost the same is with the Digital Coin Price’s predictions which indicate Arkham’s trading price will be over $1. The platform predicts a minimum price of $1.33 and a maximum price of $1.57 for the Arkham coin. The average price will be $1.47. 

Arkham Price Prediction 2025-2030

In the long term perspective, Arkham will show growth based on the predictions of these platforms. However, the numbers differ between those predictions. CoinCodex holds the most bearish predictions, according to which Arkham will hit a maximum price of $1.6 for the year 2025, but it will decrease to $0.99 during 2026. However, Arkham will keep growing and hit the $1 mark again in 2027. The coin’s price can reach $1.7 by the year 2030. 

BitNation and Digital Coin Price are both bullish about the Arkham price in the long-term perspective. According to the first one, it will hit $2 in 2025 and have an average value of $2.17 for that year. In 2027, Arkham will hit $3, while by the year 2030, Arkham will have an average price of $5.89. 


Digital Coin Price indicates that Arkham’s highest price for 2025 will be $2.24. The coin’s average price will be below $3 until 2028. However, Arkham has the possibility of reaching $6 in 2030. Its average price can be $6.4, with a minimum price of $6.05 and a maximum price of $6.48, according to this platform. 

Best Arkham Token Wallet

If you want to transfer your Arkham coins to a cryptocurrency wallet and connect to the world of Web3, we recommend using the ByBit wallet. It’s a trustworthy custodial wallet provided by the ByBit crypto exchange that will give you access to the features of DeFi, blockchain games, and NFTs. 

The ByBit wallet has a number of features making it exceptional. ByBit puts emphasis on making a simple and easy-to-use wallet that will not scare novice traders with its complexity and, meanwhile, will be safe and secure. So, the wallet is simple to use and simple to manage, ensuring you can easily connect to Web3 and easily manage your private keys. 


Other key features include the integration of security mechanisms to guarantee your safety while you are navigating the world of Web3. ByBit also provides educational resources for the different levels of users to help them learn about the different features of the Web3 ecosystem. 

Check out our guide to discover other DeFi coins to buy now.

Arkham Token Alternatives

There are many other alternatives to Arkham cryptocurrency that you can consider buying to manage the risks properly and build a diversified portfolio. As one of the main features of the Arkham crypto project is its decentralized exchange, you can invest in other DEX coins, such as Bitcoin ETF Token, Launchpad XYZ, Uniswap, Sushiswap, 1inch, Pancakeswap, and many others.

Bitcoin ETF Token

There’s no doubt that Arkham has been attracting huge attention from investors. To an extent, the way the crypto project utilizes artificial intelligence to provide insights about exchanges, transactions, whales, and tokens has convinced investors that Arkham has a promising future.

However, Bitcoin ETF Token has emerged as a reliable alternative to Arkham. The project has a transparent roadmap that’s clear enough to aid investors in understanding the benefits of investing in the token.

Without a doubt, there are strong indications that BTCETF Token will enjoy a noticeable price rally soon. It is designed to enjoy the prosperity of Bitcoin, thereby positioning it as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. Hence, it is expected that the token will rally to Mars once the United States Securities and Exchange Commission approves various BTC ETF applications.

More so, there are emerging pointers that we may witness the launching of a BTC ETF soon because financial heavyweights like Blackrock have picked up interest in the investment instrument. This places Bitcoin ETF Token among the coins with great potential.

Currently, Bitcoin ETF Token is available on presale, raising close to $500,000 as of press time. To participate in the presale, check out our guide on how to buy Bitcoin ETF Token safely.

The burning mechanism of Bitcoin ETF Token is another interesting part of the project that makes it a good alternative to Arkham token.

Buy Bitcoin ETF Token Now


To conclude, Arkham is one of the newest projects in the crypto space, with a market cap of over $65 million. As the native token of the Arkham blockchain platform, ARKM is used for multiple purposes within its network. Arkham project introduces two main products – Intel Exchange and Analytics platforms. Arkham platform can be used for various purposes, most importantly teaching lost funds and identifying fraudsters. 

Due to its advanced and innovative features, the Arkham project has already caught attention. The project already has 100,000 users on the beta version of its platform. So, it has a huge chance to grow and become a popular project in the DeFi market. As long as ARKM is the main token of this ecosystem, the demand for this coin will grow along with the popularity of the Arkham project. 

If you want to invest in Arkham coin in the early stages of its development and buy the coin at a low price, we recommend using the ByBit cryptocurrency exchange. All you need to do is to visit the website, create an account, and deposit funds to buy Arkham coins. You can also consider other alternatives to Arkham, particularly Bitcoin ETF Token. Currently, the token is on presale and available to early investors at a discount price. 

Buy Bitcoin ETF Token Now


What is Arkham coin?

Arkham coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Arkham decentralized platform. The coin has multiple use cases within Arkham’s ecosystem. First, it is the main coin of Arkham’s intel-to-earn ecosystem. As a utility coin, it is also used to distribute rewards and grant discounts. Finally, it is a governance token and grants its holders voting power on Arkham’s projects.

Should I buy Arkham tokens right now?

Arkham token is a new cryptocurrency project that has good potential to grow in the future. The coin powers a decentralized platform that has already gained popularity. If the Arkham project manages to grow huge attention and become a well-established platform, this can draw more attention to the coin and lead more people to invest in it.

What’s the price of Arkham coin right now?

Arkham coin is currently traded at a price of $0.43. With a circulating supply of 150 million tokens and a market cap of over $64 million, Arkham is ranked the #380 largest cryptocurrency on the CoinMarketCap table.

What does Arkham coin do?

Arkham coin (ARKM) is used for multiple purposes on the Arkham decentralized project. ARKM is used to distribute rewards among the platform’s users. You can be rewarded with ARKM tokens for several activities on Arkham’s platform, such as inviting new users to the platform, creating content analyses, or simply using the platform. Another way to get rewards in Arkham tokens is through its intel-to-earn project. This is Arkham’s Intel Exchange, where you can earn new ARKM tokens by providing useful content and intelligence to the platform.

Where can I buy Arkham coins?

Arkham coin is available to buy on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, including CEXs and DEXs. Our top recommended platform is ByBit because it integrates strong security systems and versatile trading features to provide its users with a good trading experience. Additionally, it is easy to get started on the ByBit exchange, and you can create an account with a few simple steps.

What is the limit supply of Arkham tokens?

The Arkham project has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 ARKM tokens, from which 50,000,000 coins were used for Binance Launchpad. Currently, the circulating supply of the Arkham coins is 150,000,000 tokens which makes the 15% of its maximum supply.