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13 Best Crypto Trading Bot Platforms to Invest With

Bots can do some things better when compared to humans, and crypto trading is one such thing. In this guide we present the top crypto trading bots you can experiment with to automate your trades.
Best crypto trading bots
Best crypto trading bots

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The cryptocurrency trading market is expanding and has already attracted a lot of attention and notoriety. Even PayPal has embraced crypto, giving its users the ability to buy, keep, and trade cryptocurrencies. To succeed in crypto trading, you need a lot of time, talent, knowledge, and experience, which is one of the major obstacles the business is experiencing behind all of this attention and popularity. In the modern world, where consumers crave rapid pleasure and quick results, automation has taken over numerous industries, including Bitcoin trading.

A promising new technology that can make the laborious work of investing in cryptocurrency much more fun is the use of ‘crypto trading bots’. This is because they automate the buying and selling procedures, allowing traders to spend less time in front of a computer each day.

Crypto Trading Bot Overview – Top List

  • Learn 2 Trade Algo – Best Overall Trading Bot for Automating Trades
  • Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – New Crypto Analytics Platform With Automated Trading Tools, Bots
  • Napoleon-X on eToro – Social Automated Portfolio Management and Copy Trading
  • OKX Trading Bot – Exchange With In-House Crypto Trading Grid Bot
  • CryptoHopper – Portal for Trading Bots with a 30-Day Trial Period
  • Pionex Provides both Paid and Free Trading Robots
  • Zignaly Newcomer-Friendly Copy Trading
  • HaasOnline A Wide Variety of Pre-Built and Customizable Bots Available
  • Shrimpy – Autonomous Asset Management with Copy and Public Mood Analysis
  • TradeSanta – Crypto Bot Platform 3-Day Trial and a Wide Range of Indicators
  • CoinRule Choose from a Variety of Accounts with Multiple Plans

There have been some concerns regarding how these bots operate and if the gains will exceed the drawbacks, which we’ll explore further in this guide.

Full Guide to Legit Crypto Trading Bots

Investors can read our research of the top 12 cryptocurrency trading bots this year in our full guide:

1. Learn 2 Trade Also – Best Overall Trading Bot for Automating Trades

Our first pick for our legit crypto trading bots list is Learn 2 Trade Algo. This automated trading bot has been around for a while serving the Forex trading space and has recently pivoted some of its utilities toward cryptocurrency trading.

Learn 2 Trade Best Trading Bot

Learn 2 Trade earns our number-one spot due to its high profitability and other services – including copy trading. Copy Trading is a facility that allows investors to follow in the footsteps of more successful traders, and Learn 2 Trade is one of the few platforms to provide this facility.

Learn 2 Trade’s trading bot is suitable for 24/7 trading and is also easy to set up, taking less than 10 minutes to do so. This project comes with a three-tier subscription plan – starting at £99 per month.

What makes this trading bot special is its integration with Telegram, where users can receive instant alerts about the current happenings of the cryptocurrency market. This approach further adds to the already great facility of automated trading – helping traders avoid having to watch the crypto trading market constantly.

The trading bot is compatible with Cornix and multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that are currently leading the cryptocurrency space. The process to get started is also quite simple. You first need to purchase the subscription through the official telegram channel. You will then receive an email that will give you access to a member-only exclusive bot.

You can then launch the bot and type in your email address, followed by launching Learn 2 Trade’s telegram channel. Turning on the notification is recommended since it will deliver you updates in the near time.

Learn 2 Trade also recommends using Cornix to make the most out of your trade, but you can also integrate with other cryptocurrency exchanges of your choice. Currently, you can only connect Bybit or Binance to the trading bot. But there are plans to add more.

With Learn 2 Trade (L2T), you can execute long or short positions. Day trading is supported, but you can open positions for a longer period if you want. The risk-reward ratio provided by the Learn 2 Trade algorithm is 1:3.

There is a 79% success rate associated with the platform, and the monthly subscription fee only starts at £99. Learn 2 Trade is suitable for those who want to make the most out of the volatile trading markets. You can buy the bot by using any fiat method such as Visa, Mastercard, and VISA.

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2. Dash 2 Trade – The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bot in 2023

Dash 2 Trade is an upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform and an all-in-one analytical tool. The Dash 2 Trade dashboard is set to use the top cryptocurrency trading bots and a number of time-tested strategies to make buying lucrative assets simpler.

Its native currency, D2T, will power the platform. Users can pay for a subscription with D2T.

Additionally, holders of this token will have access to a watchlist and a backtesting and strategy development platform. The latter is analogous to programmable crypto trading bots. Anyone looking for a full-featured crypto trading bot approach will find all they require on the Dash 2 Trade interface.

In terms of trading signal subscriptions, Dash 2 Trade will notify D2T owners in real time of what order to place. A buy (long) or sell (short) order will be indicated along with the name of the potentially profitable crypto token. Additionally, the proposed entry price will be shown on the dashboard.

By integrating a cryptocurrency exchange with Dash 2 Trade via an API, investors can use the auto-trader. The orders will then be automatically executed when traders have configured the bot according to their preferences. Furthermore, Dash 2 Trade is more appealing because it evaluates the effectiveness of its trading bots.

The D2T token is the project’s native digital asset and can be used to pay for platform services. Users can select one of three available subscription tiers offered by Dash 2 Trade depending on the features they want. The token presale for D2T has now concluded and D2T is listed on exchange.

See our Dash 2 Trade price prediction for an insight into how D2T could also be a good investment, above and beyond making use of the crypto trading bots on and other tools on the platform.


  • Fully focused strategy builder and backtesting supported
  • Equipped with advanced trading signals with stop loss and take profit mechanism
  • Social sentiment Analytics and On-chain report
  • Portal developed by the reputed Learn 2 Trade team
  • Presale of native token has high upside potential


  • Launches in Q1 2023

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3. Napoleon-X on eToro – Social Automated Portfolio Management and Copy Trading

Napoleon-X is a crypto trading bot made available to copytrade for registered eToro users.

It managed to outperform the 2022 crypto bear market despite Bitcoin being its primary asset and BTC losing over 66% of its value since its 2021 all-time high. Many alternative currencies or ‘altcoins’ which this crypto trading bot held have experienced even steeper declines.

However, the cryptocurrency trading bot controlling the Napoleon-X ‘Smart Portfolio’ makes automatic choices to purchase and sell according to market circumstances, as opposed to passively holding Bitcoin along with its other key cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, and others.

Napoleon X

According to

Napoleon Crypto is a regulated French asset manager which designs low-frequency systematic trading strategies.

It has designed a long-term quantitative machine-learning-based investment strategy using the following assets: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, XRP/USD, and EOS/USD. Each asset allocation is given equal exposure and rebalanced daily.

The strategy has been developed using advanced machine-learning technology by a team of experts with vast asset management experience from tier-1 investment banks.

Some of them are unregulated and some of them are frauds, so some traders have good reason to be wary of Bitcoin robots, automated trading platforms, and similar software.

However, this specific AI trading platform is provided by eToro, a legal cryptocurrency exchange with 27 million members and has been in operation for over ten years. More than 6,000 of them currently trade the Napoleon-X bot, managing $5 million in assets.

The technique doesn’t require copy traders to use the trading robot tools directly and may be turned on and off whenever desired. Additionally, the sum of money utilised to copy trade the robot portfolio automatically may be changed over time.

Napoleon-X may be a good alternative for individuals seeking a secure, reliable trading bot because the bot’s real trading is done by the people in charge of the portfolio and has a proven win rate over the last 12 months.

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4. OKX Trading Bot 

The OKX trading bot offers customers cutting-edge trading tools that let anybody, from experienced traders to rookie investors, build a fully autonomous cryptocurrency trading robot which will work around-the-clock and generate passive cryptocurrency revenue. The several time-tested tactics on which OKX trading bots are founded make it simple for you to use various technical indicators and algorithms.

There are seven various modes for the bot. For users of all levels of expertise and aptitude, the spot grid, future grid, smart portfolio, and recurring purchase strategies are suitable. As they involve more risk and complexity or work best when trading huge volume orders, arbitrage, iceberg, and TWAP modes, on the other hand, are perfectly applied to more seasoned traders.

OKX trading bot

The bot creates grid lines between a higher and a lower price that has been selected by the user, and whenever the price of the traded asset reaches one of these grid lines, the bot sells cryptocurrency immediately so that the user does not have to worry about it.

See our full OKX review.

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5. CryptoHopper-Portal for Trading Bots with a 30-Day Trial Period

For both novice and seasoned investors, CryptoHopper is a platform that specialises in cloud-based AI crypto trading bots. Users can utilise external measurements with the company’s pre-programmed, algorithmic trading platform to make informed judgments.

Investors may link CryptoHopper to nine other cryptocurrency exchanges, despite the fact that this platform isn’t as amazing as the aforementioned Dash 2 Trade. This covers a number of companies, including Kraken, Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and OKEX.


Investors may utilise both free and paid trading signals from multiple sources using it. Additionally, it incorporates more than 30 trade indications and more than 90 candle patterns. Crypto bot trading here includes 75 different cryptocurrencies in addition to Bitcoin.

On the site, DCA bots repeat actions while buying digital assets at different price points, much like at Pionex. With mirror trading, Cryptohopper enables newbies to invest like seasoned pros, earn from the use of their own strategies, and develop trading skills. Along with a 30-day free trial, this platform also provides a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot.

Read our full review of Cryptohopper and its crypto trading bot features.

6. Pionex – Provides both Paid and Free Trading Robots 

Pionex is mostly a cryptocurrency exchange. The network serves more than 100 nations worldwide with its open-source cryptocurrency bots and other services. Over $5 billion worth of trade occurs on the site each month. Pionex stands out among all of our assessments of cryptocurrency trading bots for a number of reasons. First, 16 integrated AI cryptocurrency trading bots are available on the site.

Mesh trading bots automatically perform buy and sell orders around-the-clock and provide leverage of up to 5x. Investors can build their own index with the use of rebalancing bots. Additionally, this site provides “DCA” worldwide cryptocurrency bots, which are solely concerned with dollar cost averaging.


The crypto arbitrage bot, on the other hand, takes advantage of the Binance-supported futures market. ETH is traded by the crypto arbitrage bot after weighing return and risk. The bot effectively pays the lowest price for ETH on the spot market. It also sells it for the same price on the futures market.

By employing this method, the arbitrage bot may keep a market-neutral portfolio and enable investors to generate a return (funding fees) on short positions. Pionex uses the arbitrage benefit to cover the financing fee. The investor’s account will be credited every eight hours with the financing cost of 15–50% APR if they maintain a short position in the perpetual futures market.

7. Zignaly – Newcomer-Friendly Copy Trading

Zignaly enables interaction and ecosystem contribution between novice and seasoned investors. Additionally, users of the Zignaly terminal may automatically execute trades with the help of outside signal providers. Like the top cryptocurrency bots, Zignaly’s tools may be utilised to make passive income and are easy to use.

The greatest cryptocurrency bot may be created by advanced investors utilising their own special methods. Additionally, seasoned investors will be happy to learn that they may enter the market using a TradingView account and their favourite indicators. At Zignaly, investors may fully or partially automate cryptocurrency bots.


Zignaly concentrates on providing a user-friendly platform with low entry criteria in order to make trading accessible to beginners. Additionally, the terminal provides one of the top profit-sharing crypto trading bots. The investor selects a trader from among the 100+ professionals registered in the marketplace to participate.

The choice will be decided in light of the professional trader’s past performance, approach, and other crucial factors. The minimum investment is $1, and because autotrading is used, the investor only has to make payments to the trader when their account is in the black (making gains). Their initial investment determines the earnings they make.

8. HaasOnline – A Wide Variety of Pre-Built and Customizable Bots Available

HaasOnline is one of the top cryptocurrency bots available, with a backtesting engine that can examine up to 56 weeks of statistical information. HaasOnline has the Flash Crash Trade Bot, which has one of the most unique features on the market today, as it allows customers to conduct spread orders on the markets of their choice.

This guide also discovered DCA, paper trading, options, backtesting, arbitrages, and cryptocurrency scalping bots. The primary platform offers access to the bot-specific programming language HaasScript. It provides customizable dashboards so that traders may monitor their market activities.


When trading with crypto bots at HaasOnline, investors have a variety of tactics at their disposal. The Ping Pong algorithm, for example, offers a distinct method of scalping. For day traders, this may therefore be the greatest cryptocurrency bot. The regular crypto bot product is quite customizable. See our list of the best cryptos to day trade.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), and Bollinger Bands are used by the Mad Hatter. HaasOnline provides a variety of pre-built bots. Additionally, investors can create artificial order templates. Additionally, a number of order types can be used on different exchanges. Additionally, market data, charts, and other tools are available to investors.

9. Shrimpy-Autonomous Asset Management with Copy and Public Mood Analysis

Shrimpy allows investors to monitor their holdings across many exchanges. This platform provides portfolio management, trading tools, and some of the top crypto bots from a single interface. This guide discovered that there are a total of 16 exchanges accessible for managing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

Investors may participate in automated or Bitcoin bot trading using Shrimpy. The latter is accomplished by using a range of techniques and metrics. One of the top free crypto trading bots is available on this platform. By selecting the automated button, investors may rebalance their portfolio while mirroring and following accounts of interest.


It will automatically update when the cloned investor’s portfolio is modified. Shrimpy further makes social trading possible. In other words, Shrimpy members may monitor one another’s cryptocurrency portfolios and follow each other’s moves.

Both new investors and those wishing to share social transactions to earn commissions gain from this. Social investors for the people they follow may see the number of followers, daily, weekly, and monthly performance, chart visualizations, and the most recent time the investor was active.

Starting at $15 per month for novices, the other three pricing categories are available for copy trade and social cryptocurrency bot trade accounts. The monthly fee for professional accounts is $63. Shrimpy charges $299 per month for its most costly bot-trading cryptocurrency service.

10. TradeSanta’s Platform Offers a 3-Day Trial and a Wide Range of Indicators

Some of the top free cryptocurrency trading bots are available from TradeSanta. For a free 3-day trial, investors may test out the free, basic, advanced, or maximal crypto bots. The cloud-based Bitcoin trading platform provided by TradeSanta is available 24/7. A single bot and accessibility to the trading terminal are included in the free basic plan.

On the other hand, the advanced plan offers limitless pairings, trailing take profit tools, trading signals, and up to 99 bots. This has a monthly cost of $45. Infinite AI-enabled crypto trading bots, pairings, techniques, derivatives, personalised TradingView signals, and much more are included in the top package. Each month, this costs $70.


The TradeSanta platform enables orders from many exchanges and makes use of technical indicators like the RSI. This covers services like Huobi, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, and Binance (including the US version). In our opinion, the dashboard is appropriate for inexperienced and seasoned traders.

Additionally, the platform allows fiat payments made with tools like credit or debit cards. Investors also have the option of choosing many low market cap altcoins alongside the big caps like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Investors might engage in copy trading to duplicate the professional traders’ tactics. Finally, a smartphone app is available so that investors may monitor their cryptocurrency bot while on the road.

11. CoinRule – Choose from a Variety of Accounts with Multiple Plans 

A user-friendly platform called CoinRule offers bots for trading cryptocurrencies that are compatible with more than ten well-known exchanges. This comprises a number of platforms, including Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Binance, and more. Much like many of the top crypto robots, CoinRule leverages the greatest market indications for wise money allocation.

Investors can use the platform’s strategy testing tool after registering to evaluate performance using historical data. At CoinRule, there are more than 200 rules to select from. By developing fresh regulations based on well-liked indications, distinct techniques might also be put into action.


The relevant Bitcoin trading bots will carry out the rules in a matter of seconds and may be programmed to run every minute. Weekly updates to the platform’s indicator library are posted on the CoinRule blog. Those that trade cryptocurrencies can continue to employ their present trading methods.

They can start by looking at past data, utilising the backtesting feature and a free trial account. From a basic subscription that costs nothing to a pro account that costs $449.99 per month, CoinRule provides a variety of options.

The latter offers TradingView integration, unlimited exchanges, 50 live and demo rules, and template strategies. When purchasing a yearly membership, the platform provides savings of up to 25%. indicators.

12. 3Commas – Pre-set and Strategy Automation for DeFi

A variety of DCA and grid bots as well as trading signals are supported by 3Commas. 3Commas uses DCA short bots in negative markets to borrow, sell, and then buy back tokens at a lower cost. In contrast, the DCA bot may also be utilised in bull markets to obtain a more desirable average entry price.

This is accomplished by buying during natural dips and selling during spikes as the price rises over time, employing DCA long bots. 3Commas advises using grid bots to purchase tokens at a discount when they reach support levels in sideways markets.

3 Commas

When they get close to the levels of resistance, the bot will sell. Investors who are unsure about where to begin might avoid the learning curve by using one of the several preset Bitcoin robots developed by seasoned traders.

Investors can include indications into the most effective cryptocurrency bot for their objectives to replicate the positions of profitable traders. Like many of the top-rated free cryptocurrency trading bots, 3Commas’ products may be connected to significant exchanges like Coinbase Pro, Binance, and BitMex. The integration of crypto trading bots is supported on a total of 18 exchanges.

When registering with 3Commas, no credentials are required to be entered. This is because only API keys are used by the website to communicate with crypto exchanges. We provide a free 3-day trial to new investors.

13. HodlBot – Beginner’s Friendly Crypto Trading Bot

HodlBot has a well-organized structure in place for managing its cryptocurrency assets. Users may create unique cryptocurrency portfolios and have trading bots automatically rebalance them. It only requires two easy actions, making this the ideal cryptocurrency robot for beginning traders.

Users of HodlBot can first utilise API keys to link the platform to the exchange of their choice. They may then put an established plan into practice or design a portfolio specifically for them using the platform’s sophisticated measures.


After the bots are installed, HodlBot will automatically monitor the performance of the portfolio and make any required modifications.

For the first seven days, HodlBot is free to use. The premium subscription plan’s monthly cost is simply $3. In other words, HodlBot may be the greatest cryptocurrency trading bot for anyone on a tight budget.

Crypto Trading Bots: What are they?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by computer programmes known as cryptocurrency-automated trading bots to automate the trading of cryptocurrencies. By using these bots, traders can decrease the time and effort needed to keep an eye on their portfolios while increasing their chances of making lucrative transactions.

Many different cryptocurrency trading bots are available, each with a specific function. While some bots are made to assist newcomers in learning about cryptocurrency trading, others target seasoned investors who wish to boost their profits.

Automatic and manual crypto trading bots are the two primary categories. While human bots interact directly with cryptocurrency wallets, automated bots function using an online exchange or brokerage platform.

The most efficient cryptocurrency trading bots demand the least amount of trader input, making them suitable for trading any cryptocurrency. Many of these bots also have risk management tools that enable them to adapt their investment plans automatically as circumstances change.

The Rise of Crypto Trading Bots

Whether or not bots will change cryptocurrency trading cannot be answered definitively. However, it is clear that bots have the ability to increase trade efficiency. Here’s a look at how bots are altering the cryptocurrency trading environment.

Bots are gradually replacing other trading instruments in the cryptocurrency market. During erratic market conditions, they enable traders to carry out trades with little human involvement and save time.

Bots will be able to manage larger portfolios with more precision and speed as they become more advanced. Aspiring investors will be able to take advantage of opportunities while avoiding frequent blunders thanks to this.

Additionally, bots provide transparency, which is frequently lacking in human trading activity. Traders can more easily manage their investments by employing bots because they can get all of their pertinent data in one location. Overall, bots are transforming the world of cryptocurrency trading by giving investors a transparent and effective platform to prosper in the current market environment.


There is no disputing the fact that bots may help investors with their bitcoin trading. However, keep in mind that in order to employ a bot properly and efficiently, investors will need to perform some research.

A sophisticated crypto analytics platform may be used by investors to develop successful trading plans. That’s where Learn 2 Trade Algo shines. With over 75,000 members, this trading bot keeps people updated about market changes through telegram. And its copy trading utility allows traders to fine-tune their strategies by copying elements of the strategies of more successful traders.

Visit Learn 2 Trade Algo

FAQs on Bot Trading

Which is the best cryptocurrency trading bot?

After evaluating the available choices, we discovered that Learn 2 Trade is a fantastic substitute for the finest cryptocurrency trading bot services. It covers most trading bot related services and offers updates through telegram. And being able to be integrated with exchanges like Binance and Bybit gives this trading bot an edge over its competitors.

Is cryptocurrency trading using a bot profitable?

Although using a cryptocurrency bot can be beneficial, there is no assurance that all of the transactions will result in profits. The state of the cryptocurrency market is subject to change, just like any other market. This is why choosing a trustworthy crypto trading bot is essential.

What cryptocurrency bots are free?

Numerous cryptocurrency bots are available for free. Examples include the free cryptocurrency trading bots provided by Coinrule, Pionex, and 3Commas. However, individuals who want to use bots to their fullest extent should think about a premium solution.