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TG.Casino Price Prediction – $TGC Price Potential in 2023

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

TG.Casino is a new crypto project that has landed as a presale, which will likely conclude before the end of 2023. A Telegram-only casino, TG.Casino offers multiple rewarding features, including accessibility, anonymous betting, and staking, allowing players to become part of its growth.

TG.Casino introduced the presale of its native token – $TGC – on 20 September 2023 and raised more than $1.4 million within a few weeks. With its inclusive approach, it is likely that this project will meet its presale target ahead of schedule.

But what lies for $TGC beyond the presale? In this TG.Casino price prediction guide, we will take a closer look at the token’s potential and analyze the multiple upsides that could make it one of the leading long-term tokens of 2023.

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TG.Casino Price Prediction

While $TGC is only available as a presale, which makes it difficult for us to look at technical indicators to forecast its price, there are key fundamentals we have assessed that have led us to give a bullish TG.Casino price prediction for this project this year and beyond.


TG.Casino launched as a presale on 20th September 2023 and raised more than $1.4 million within a few weeks, largely because of multiple crypto whales interested in this project. Not only does it show that the initial interest in this token is high, but it also indicates that major players in the crypto space are looking at it as a crypto with high potential.

During the presale, the TG.Casino price is $0.1375 as of the time of writing. The presale has a hard cap of $5 million. If the current pace at which the presale is going persists, it will conclude before the end of Q3 of 2023. A listing pump will likely happen once the token lands on DEX. If $TGC follows the same trend as other cryptos, it is likely that we will see its price pump to $2. A retrace will set in, which will likely subside its value to $1.5 by the end of 2023.


2024 will introduce a bit of balance to the crypto space, especially since many of the regulatory issues will likely be resolved. Bitcoin halving is also coming next year, which could have an impact on how $TGC performs. Based on these factors, the TG.Casino price will likely reach $2.5 by the end of 2024.


Many say that the next bull cycle will arrive in 2025. If that comes to pass, the entire crypto market will go through a major bullish wave. TG.Casino, being one of the leading Telegram casinos, would likely see growth as well. If competitors arrive, and TG.Casino is able to offer more utilities than them, it is possible for the $TGC price to hit its all-time high of $5 in 2025.

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A Look at TG.Casino Presale

Most of the projects that have been released since the beginning of 2023 have incorporated a multi-staged approach to their presales. This approach has incentivized investors to buy early and make gains from the appreciating prices when the presale enters a new stage. Being able to generate gains outside the live market this way is one of the reasons why most crypto presales have been a success.

TG.Casino Tokenomics

However, TG.Casino has taken a different route. Instead of opting for a multi-staged presale, it only has one. One $TGC token is being offered at a discount price of $0.1375 as of press time and so far, more than $1.4 million has already been raised. It shows that Investors are more interested in the fundamentals of the project rather than its presale prospects.

Phases Token Price % of Supply Amt of Tokens Total Raise Value
1 Stage $0.125 40% 40,000,000 $5,000,000

There are 100 million tokens in total. Here are the details about the project’s tokenomics:

  1. 40% of the total supply is for the presale, with the goal of raising the initial capital to develop the ecosystem
  2. 20% is for the liquidity pool
  3. 20% is for staking purposes
  4. 30% is for player rewards and bonuses
  5. 5% is for marketing
  6. 5% is for the affiliates

What is TG.Casino?

TG.Casino is a Telegram-only crypto casino that merges the concept of online casinos and cryptocurrencies with the popular messaging platform. It leverages the security and speed of Telegram to provide users with a different and anonymous way to play the games.

With its integration with Telegram, TG.Casino is a casino that players can engage with anytime they want. As one of the best Telegram bots, TG.Casino will be able to offer an array of games, manage player counts, and process bets. And with the community factor that Telegram has introduced, TG.Casino will be able to allow real-time interaction between the members and service providers.

The official whitepaper also states that TG.Casino will tap into the encryption technology implemented by Telegram to ensure that all the transactions happening via the platform are protected.

At the core of this unique gambling ecosystem exists $TGC, an ERC-20 token with multiple utilities. Not only will this token play a key role in providing players with rewards and access to a loyalty program, but it will also help stabilize the project’s economy. The whitepaper has also explained that $TGC will be useful in future partnerships for the platform, letting users have access to the benefits that come with them.

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Additionally, there is only a minimum fee involved with TG.Casino. The official whitepaper states that investors can withdraw their earnings at any time – all because of integrated blockchain technology.

While it is too soon to say anything about the games supported on this platform, TG.Casino has stated that all standard casino games like slots, table games, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and more from industry-leading developers will be made available once the product launches.  There’s also a Sportsbook on TG.Casino, making it an all-around gambling platform. You can check our TG.Casino review to know more about the amazing sports betting options on the site.

Games available on TG.Casino

The key utility that’s pushing this ecosystem, however, is staking. With staking, $TGC holders will be able to earn a lucrative APY along with enhanced platform loyalty bonuses. Staking will also play a key role in supporting the ecosystem. The reduction of the circulating supply of the token as a result of staking can contribute to increased scarcity and a boost in the $TGC price.

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What are the Growth Drivers for TG.Casino?

With TG.Casino, you get access to a crypto gambling platform accessible only through Telegram, which gives it a flare of accessibility. The other reason to invest in this project lies with its current presale offering, which can make you a part of its growing community. With that in mind, here are the factors that will likely boost the TG.Casino price in days to come:

Boom in the Online Crypto Casino Market

Since 2017, the crypto casino market has grown to $250 million. While this growth is admirable, it is to be noted that it is a small fraction of the global casino market, which is worth $263.3 billion. Despite that, there are reports suggesting that crypto casino markets are booming.

Global casino market

The reason behind the rise of crypto casinos is a handful of attributes – the first one is anonymity, and then comes fast transactions.  However, most of the crypto casinos, even the ones that are considered to be the best, have mandatory KYC requirements, which creates apprehensions among privacy-centric investors. Furthermore, it was revealed that 80% of all players engage with all online casino games through mobile. Since multiple crypto casino platforms don’t come with a dedicated app, that’s one more market missed.

Telegram has taken care of all of these aspects. Being available on Telegram, it does not require any KYC. And since it is available on a messaging app, it can tap into those 80% of online casino players, giving them a better alternative.

Rewards System

Another major growth driver for this project could be its unique rewards system, which involves profit sharing and staking.

TG.Casino will use a portion of profits to buy $TGC tokens from a decentralized exchange. The tokens bought will then be distributed in two ways. 60% of the bought tokens will go to the rewards pool, and the remaining will be burned to limit the total supply of the token.

TG.Casino Reward System

With Staking, players will get access to APY rewards. They will be able to hold their tokens and receive rewards based on their staking duration. Once the staking period ends, the initially staked tokens plus the rewards are automatically released to the staker’s wallet.

With staking, $TGC can become one of the leading long-term cryptos.

Licensed Casino 

People don’t often think of a Telegram casino being licensed, considering the minuscule amount of details one needs to provide to engage with the casino. With TG.Casino, however, things are different. This crypto-gambling site already has the license to operate from the Curacao Gaming Commission, thereby earning it a place among the most reliable Telegram casinos around.

TG.Casino licensed casino

People who are on the lookout for legitimate Telegram betting platforms will find TG.Casino enticing. The licensed aspect alone could be a major asset for TG.Casino in days to come.

Right Time to Launch This Project

2023 has been a year of multiple regulatory issues. Bitcoin went up to cross $30k. While it has managed to stay above the $33k level as of press time, that could change any day since trading volume for this crypto is falling. The same is the case with other major cryptocurrencies that are being traded live on exchanges right now.

TG.Casino Presale (APY)

As a result, investors have started to exit their positions from centralized exchanges. They have either directed their attention towards low-cap cryptos that are being launched on Uniswap or crypto presales. With crypto presales, investors have a chance to earn more as early movers. Considering that $TGC is available at a discount price, its future prospects are looking great for short-term holders. Read our guide on how to buy the TG.Casino token to get started.

TG.Casino Price Potential – Case Study 

There haven’t been many crypto casino-related tokens in the market that could help us gauge the potential of the TG.Casino price. However, recently Rollbit has made huge waves in the market, thanks to the performance of its native token – RLB.

RLB was launched in June of 2023 and pumped by 790% by the end of August 2023. While the token has since taken a corrective path and has now dropped by 51% from its peak, it still has enough upsides to make it stable.

Rollbit Price Chart

Unlike TG.Casino, which provides staking utility, RLB’s perks are tied with Rollbit’s functionalities. Users get access to increased rakeback, reduced trading fees, and RLB lottery. But like TG.Casino, RLB has also implemented a buy-and-burn mechanic, which makes that token deflationary.

However, the official whitepaper states that other than staking and profit sharing, $TGC will also deliver perks like gaming credits, access to cashbacks, and promotional offers. So, it is likely that the TG.Casino price may follow the same growth trajectory as Rollbit once the final product rolls out.

TG.Casino Social Media Channels

To keep up with the project’s developments, here are the social media channels to keep in touch with:

  1. TG.Casino Telegram
  2. TG.Casino Twitter

As a general rule, devs won’t DM you first. Don’t click any links that you think are dubious, and only use the affiliate links available on this page to explore the TG.Casino presale.


TG.Casino is using all the inclusive attributes to gain interest during its presale. The same attributes can make it the next cryptocurrency to yield great dividends to early investors once the presale ends and the product launches. In this guide, we have explored those fundamentals and weighed them against the current market conditions to give our TG.Casino price prediction.

TG.Casino’s native token – $TGC – is currently available at a cheap price. Interested parties can use the affiliate link below to go to the official website and participate in this presale.

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What is different about TG.Casino?

TG.Casino is a crypto casino based entirely on Telegram, which gives it additional inclusive attributes such as security and no-KYC. Furthermore, the casino is also offering its native crypto - $TGC - as a presale to let players share in its success. This factor alone is enough to differentiate the offerings of TG.Casino from other platforms.

Is there a staking feature on TG.Casino?

Yes, one of the core attributes of TG.Casino is its staking utility. With it, users will be able to hold their $TGC tokens and earn a lucrative APY. At present, users can earn up to 356% APY, but this number will likely reduce once more tokens are staked.

When will $TGC go live on cryptocurrency exchanges?

TG.Casino will be available to purchase on cryptocurerncy exchanges once the presale ends, which will happen once it reaches its hard cap of $5 million.