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How to Buy TG.Casino Token – $TGC Presale Review 2023

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Anonymous gambling has become a key to enjoying crypto casinos without being embroiled in the current regulatory ecosystem. That is why Telegram casinos are getting so much traction. Leading among them is the new arrival known as TG.Casino.

A blockchain-powered crypto gambling site, TG.Casino offers secure crypto gambling opportunities via Telegram. Being fully licensed is another reason this platform is getting attention from many players. As one of the most promising Telegram bots, TG.Casino is offering its native token – $TGC – via presale.

This guide explains how to buy TG.Casino token and why it is a good investment for crypto investors and gambling enthusiasts alike.

Buy TG.Casino Token

How to Buy TG.Casino – Beginner’s Guide 

Here are the steps to buy TG.Casino token via its ongoing presale:

  1. Go to the official website – Go to the official website – – using the affiliate link only. You’ll be able to avoid copycat links this way.
  2. Connect your wallet – Click on the “Connect Wallet” button to connect your wallet. Make sure that you have ETH or USDT in your wallet before you do so.
  3. Enter the number of TG.Casino tokens you want to buy – Enter the number of $TGC tokens you want to buy in the given section. The minimum limit is 100 $TGC tokens.
  4. Buy $TGC – Click on Swap to buy the tokens. You’ll be able to claim them once the presale concludes.

Buy TG.Casino Token

What is TG.Casino?

TG.Casino is an innovative crypto gambling platform that takes a simpler approach to providing casino solutions by integrating with the Telegram app.

What is TG.Casino

By leveraging the security, speed, and seamless crypto-transactions on Telegram, TG.Casino aims to provide a gambling solution that’s easy to access, requires minimal details, and is fair and secure.

Perks of Integrating with Telegram

  1. Instant accessibility – Users can interact with the casino without downloading any additional apps or software. Telegram has over 700 million users worldwide, all of whom can be considered TG.Casino’s prospects due to the low entry barrier.
  2. Security and encryption – Telegram has a secure infrastructure that encrypts all the interactions done on the platform. TG.Casino aims to leverage that in order to encrypt its bets, ensuring that user’s funds remain protected.
  3. Real-time community engagement – Not only will the players be able to interact with the simplicity that comes with Telegram-based betting, but they will also have access to a community that can interact with them via the messaging app. Engagement will be constant, and feedback will be instantaneous, allowing players to get their problems sorted in a snap. You can get started on the Telegram betting bot here.

Games and Other Perks 

While using Telegram will give the casino a minimalistic appeal, the games hiding behind its simple UI will be many. There will eventually be thousands of slot, table games, baccarat, blackjack, and other games available on this crypto gambling site, offered by the leading developers in the casino space. You can read our full TG.Casino review to check out the extensive gaming options on this betting app.

Games on TG.Casino

The introduction of a sportsbook is also on the cards, allowing users access to a large market and letting them have access to in-game and pre-game betting. As one of the best Telegram betting apps, players and punters will be able to use a large array of cryptos for betting on TG.Casino. And when it comes to deposit requirements, TG.Casino has taken an inclusive route, only requiring a deposit of $1 to get started.

From the graphic of the casino app given on the official website, it looks like a 150% welcome bonus of up to $30,000 and 500 free spins for new players will also be part of the equation.

TG.Casino App

These features are underscored by the fact that TG.Casino is fully licensed, which makes this crypto-gambling site a level above other anonymous gambling platforms.

$TGC – The Native Crypto of TG.Casino

Thanks to TG.Casino offering the native token $TGC, the perks of playing on the gambling platform will go beyond the norm. According to the official whitepaper of the website, $TGC is TG.Casino’s way to change the casino reward systems. Those who buy this TG.Casino token will be able to share the benefits that come from the growth of this ecosystem.

The benefits can be condensed into three key points:

  1. A new form of player rewards and loyalty programs – Players will be able to earn $TGC by participating in the games. It will create an ecosystem of constant engagement in which players will feel worthy when spending time on TG.Casino.
  2. Economic Stability – A portion of profits generated on TG.Casino will back the $TGC token. With tangible backing, the crypto asset will be protected against the market’s volatility.
  3. Future usage – The utility of the $TGC will go beyond rewarding and staking. The official whitepaper of this project states that partnerships with other gambling platforms might also be in the cards, which will open $TGC to a whole new level of perks.

Staking on TG.Casino – A Unique Attribute

At the core of TG.Casino’s reward system lies staking. This approach is designed to make the platform more worthy to long-term holders. Not only will they have access to a high APY – which currently stands at 351%, but they will also have access to profit sharing, which will amplify user’s rewards.

TG.Casino Staking

This profit-sharing model that TG.Casino has established is unique. Whenever the casino generates profit, 60% of it will be given back to the $TGC holders, and the remaining 40% will be burned in order to limit the total supply of the tokens.

Just like other well-known crypto staking platforms, TG.Casino seeks to shower users with amazing loyalty perks, such as having a first go at any new bonus that has dropped. Those who stake the most will also develop the most reputation, which will foster healthy competition and increase community engagement.

How to Buy TG.Casino Token – Full Guide

Now that we have taken a look into TG.Casino’s multiple unique attributes, here are the steps to buy TG.Casino token during its ongoing presale”

Step 1: Go to the official website 

First, you need to go to the official TG.Casino website using the affiliate link we have provided. The number of copycats vying to phish your details has increased ever since it became news that TG.Casino has raised over $1.4 million within a few weeks. Once on the website, check out its whitepaper to develop a deeper understanding of this project.

TG.Casino Homepage

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button, and you’ll be asked to pick one of the six crypto wallets: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, OKX Wallet, Rainbow, and Ledger Live. You can click on WalletConnect instead to pick the wallet you have and make sure that it supports the Ethereum chain.

Wallet on TG.Casino

Before you connect your wallet, however, ensure that it has an adequate amount of USDT or ETH to begin with. You must buy at least $12.5 worth of $TGC tokens, and the number of tokens you have must also cover gas fees. Go to Binance. It is the leading exchange to buy these tokens from and has an affordable fee structure.

Step 3: Enter the amount of TG.Casino tokens you want to buy

Enter how many $TGC tokens you want to buy. As we already mentioned, you must buy worth $12.5 at least, which is 100 $TGC tokens. You can buy more if you wish to maximize your advantage as an early mover.

Step 4: Buy $TGC 

Once you have selected the number of tokens to buy, click on the “Swap” button to swap your USDT/ETH for $TGC. However, if you wish to stake your tokens in order to compound your gains beyond the listing pump, you can choose the “Buy and Stake” option instead.

TGC Staking Rewards

It will lock your tokens inside the staking pool, allowing you to reap the benefit of an APY, which is currently 351%.

Buy TG.Casino Token

TG.Casino Tokenomics

TG.Casino ($TGC) has a unique tokenomics which places it a step above other Telegram bot tokens. The tokenomics is designed to incentivize players to engage with the ecosystem. Other purposes behind this include giving more utility to the token and creating a sustainable ecosystem. Here is the full specification of the $TGC token:

Total Supply 100,000,000
Presale Supply 40,000,000
Token Price $0.1375
Network Ethereum Chain
Token Type ERC-20
Token Name $TGC
Minimum Buy 100 $TGC

Here is the breakdown of the total supply of $TGC tokens:

  1. 40% of the tokens are available as presale. This allocation’s goal is to attract early investors and provide initial capital to boost the platform’s marketing and development.
  2. 20% of the tokens are for the liquidity pool to ensure that once the presale ends, investors can trade $TGC tokens easily on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  3. 20% of the total supply lies inside the staking pool.
  4. 10% of the total supply is for player rewards and bonuses. TG.Casino will use this portion to reward players who engage with the ecosystem.
  5. The remaining 10% is distributed equally among marketing and affiliates.

Is TG.Casino a Good Investment?

TG.Casino has a unique value proposition when it comes to its utilities. It is an anonymous crypto casino on Telegram, which will allow users to access the casino easily. Secondly, being a licensed casino, it also has the interest of those who want to back a casino that has legitimacy. However, the reasons that TG.Casino has become one of the best crypto presales of 2023 are the following:

Mobile-Centric Casino 

While being accessible on Telegram gives TG.Casino a unique appeal, another reason for being bullish about it is the large market it could attract. Over 80% of players play online casino games through mobile phones, which gives TG.Casino access to a large market. Experts forecast that Telegram will have over 1.5 billion users in the next 3 to five years. If TG.Casino is able to acquire even a fraction of these new additions as customers, it would boost the value of $TGC, bringing more value to existing as well as late investors.

Unique Token Burn Mechanism

TG.Casino has cleverly intertwined its burning mechanism with profit sharing. 60% of all the profits generated by the ecosystem will go to $TGC holders. TG.Casino will burn the remaining 40%. As the offerings on TG.Casino prep it for being a successful venture, burning will likely be continuous. That will rapidly diminish the number of tokens available, boosting the $TGC price in the long term.

Regular Audits

Per the official whitepaper of the project, the $TGC smart contract will go through regular audits to ensure security and transparency. 2023 has seen the emergence of many scam tokens, and having access to a legit asset in such an ecosystem will increase the $TGC adoption rate.

Rising Number of Crypto Gamblers 

According to the reports, the number of crypto bets increased by 44.6% in Q1 of 2023. The iGaming market is growing constantly, despite the arrival of crypto winter in 2022. Therefore, it can be said that TG.Casino is launching when it is possible for it to achieve a high level of growth in a short amount of time, which will likely make $TGC one of the next big cryptos of 2023.

Access to Whale Attention

The TG.Casino presale has raised more than $1.4 million within a few weeks. Many of the early movers, according to some reports, are whales. The presence of crypto whales gives this project more legitimacy than other cryptos that can only attract lukewarm interest.

TG.Casino Profit Potential 

The online gambling industry is over $263 billion. However, the crypto casino market share is only $250 million of it. While this covers only 0.1% of the total market, reports show that crypto gambling has been gaining steam rapidly.

Access to no-KYC features and fast withdrawals is attracting more people to this niche. Furthermore, since 80% of crypto bettors are on mobile, there is a large market up for grabs, and $TGC can benefit from it.

Buying $TGC

Being exclusive to Telegram, this mobile-only casino can potentially grow quickly. And with benefits like profit-sharing and staking, $TGC will likely attract more investors, becoming the next cryptocurrency to bring great returns to early investors.


The casino world is asking for an easy-to-access and anonymous gambling platform and TG.Casino is ready to answer the call with its Telegram-only online casino. But while being on Telegram gives this casino anonymity, access to its native token – $TGC – gives investors long-term upsides.

It is likely that the current boom in the crypto casino space will be of benefit to TG.Casino. Investors on the lookout for early moving opportunities can buy $TGC via the ongoing presale on The token is currently available at a discount price, making it a good buy for investors looking for affordable cryptos.

Buy TG.Casino Token

TG.Casino FAQs

How is TG.Casino unique?

TG.Casino is a Telegram-only casino hosting a wide array of games and sportsbook. Being a Telegram-only gambling platform gives it additional perks, including offering anonymous gambling opportunities to players. Users can also become an active participant in this platform's growth by investing in the $TGC token.

How long will the TG.Casino presale last?

The presale of the TG.Casino presale will last until the hard cap of $5 million is reached. The soft cap for the presale is $1 million.

Is TG.Casino legit?

TG.Casino is a telegram-only casino that not only offers players a host of games to interact with, it is also a fully licensed gambling platform. So yes, it is legit.