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Best Solana Airdrops 2024 – Top 8 List

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Solana is home to a lineup of substantial airdrops that can provide early movers with excellent investment opportunities, thanks to its genuine web-scale blockchain features. The blockchain’s scalability, speed, and low fees empower developers and projects to efficiently distribute free tokens to a large number of participants. 

Are you looking forward to earning free tokens on Solana? We combed the market and have now provided a list of the best airdrops that Solana wallet holders can savor right now. We will also explain the meaning of Solana airdrops, how they work, using past events as examples, and the elements to look out for before participating in any airdrop.

Top Solana Airdrops – Quick List 

Below is a highlight of the best Solana airdrops you should watch out for:

  1. SMOG Overall Best Solana Airdrop In 2024. Without a doubt, SMOG is one of the biggest airdrops in the crypto town right now. Being a project that prioritizes community engagement and rewards, SMOG is planning to launch numerous airdrop campaigns, providing Solana users with a lucrative investment opportunity. The fact that SMOG will launch multiple airdrops is enough reason for all Solana airdrop hunters to keep in touch with the project.
  2. Pyth Network – Top Trending Solana Airdrop. The airdrop of this popular Solana project is definitely one big thing to pay attention to. After the success of its first airdrop, Pyth network has shown no signs of slowing down as it has launched another phase of its distribution campaign. There is a lot for grabs as the project has allocated 600 million of its native tokens to its community and reward efforts.
  3. Zeta Market – Highly Anticipated Solana Airdrop. Zeta Market recently confirmed plans to launch its airdrop campaign. Since the news of its upcoming airdrop dominated the airspace, the project has been under the watchful eyes of free token hunters. In preparation for its token distribution, Zeta Market has launched a point-awarding program where users earn a Z-score for their interaction with the platform.
  4. Kamino Finance – Decentralized Lending Protocol With An Upcoming Airdrop Event. Kamino Finance is a renowned project that is based on the Solana network. The protocol has a game-changing feature that seamlessly combines lending, liquidity, and leverage. Kamino Finance focuses on delivering one of the simplest ways of providing liquidity and earning yield on-chain. This is one of the top projects on Solana that you should keep close tabs on as its airdrop may be imminent.
  5. – P2P Liquidity Protocol With A Rewarding Point System. The point system is a strong indication that its airdrop is imminent. While we await the official launching of its airdrop campaign, interested participants can seize the opportunity to interact with the platform and earn more points. Like other Solana airdrops, those with high points stand the chance to earn more free tokens with
  6. Parcl – Earn More Points To Win Free Tokens. Recently, Parcl netted $11.6 million worth of investment from prominent investors like Solana and Coinbase. The financial commitment has enhanced the visibility of the platform, providing it with enough resources to execute some of its plans. Like some of its counterparts, the exchange has an active points system which has positively strengthened arguments about its potential airdrop.
  7. Marginfi – Popular Lending Protocol With A Vast Security System. Marginfi is a leading decentralized protocol on the Solana network. The project has gained significant prominence due to its emphasis on risk management. Marginfi has matured into a platform for users aiming to enjoy access to leverage and maximize capital efficiency.
  8. Elusiv – First Privacy-Centric Protocol On Solana. Elusiv is the first privacy-oriented SDK on Solana mainnet that seeks to provide universal encryption to users and applications. While the platform has yet to launch its native token, however, there is growing confidence that we may witness its airdrop soon. Hence, Solana airdrop hunters should take note and monitor the project closely.

Best Solana Airdrops – Full Review

In this segment of our guide, we will fully review all the Solana airdrops that made our quick list.

SMOG – Overall Best Solana Airdrop In 2024

SMOG is a new meme coin project on the Solana network and it is one of the top airdrop campaigns you should definitely keep close tabs on. The project is making major headlines due to its outstanding emphasis on changing the existing narrative of meme coins. Interestingly, SMOG has shown early flashes of replicating and possibly outgrowing the success that popular meme coins like Pepe, Myro, Bonk, and Dogecoin have enjoyed in recent times.


One of the most outstanding attributes of this adventurous project is its transparent business model. SMOG has a well-stipulated tokenomics that’s designed to help it actualize its goals of becoming the latest success in the meme coin landscape.

Pointers from its litepaper establish how the total token allocation of SMOG is strategically designed to enhance the growth of the project, its market liquidity, and community engagement. Its airdrop campaign speaks to the project’s commitment to fostering active community interaction and reward. As per its allocation, 50% of the token’s total supply has been allocated to cater to its marketing strategy.

To an extent, allocating such a huge portion of its total supply underlines SMOG’s unwearying effort to fast-track its adoption. Analysts believe this strategic development positions SMOG as one of the Solana projects with the most potential. Therefore, becoming an active participant in the SMOG community will put you in a commanding position to benefit hugely from one of the most successful stories to be ever told in the meme coin sphere.

You stand a huge chance to get involved in this project at an early stage through its airdrop programs. 35% of the token’s total supply is allocated for its airdrop campaign which you should definitely not miss out on.

Across its three development phases, SMOG wants to constantly organize airdrops. The reason behind this approach isn’t far-reaching. SMOG adopts a “Fair Launch Model” to give an equal advantage to early movers in harnessing the benefits of the project. Under this model, SMOG integrated with to help it manage its airdrop campaigns. 

SMOG has three phases in its roadmap, and each of them is heavily dominated by airdrops. Indeed, this is another pointer that stresses why you have to keep up with this project at all times to enjoy free investment opportunities. 

The first phase of the roadmap focuses on developmental strategies like airdrop research, staking, token deployment, and social activation. The second stage is aimed at implementing the project’s strategies. During this phase, SMOG will focus on reaching more than 10,000 committed holders in an effort to grow its community and engagement. Within this period, SMOG will push hard to enhance its presence on top platforms to ensure more visibility.

As part of the second phase, SMOG will introduce burning initiatives to control the supply and regulate the value of the token. SMOG will then proceed to its third phase, which will see the launching of more airdrops to further improve community engagement. 

To participate in this airdrop, you need a wallet that is compatible with the Solana network. You will also have to buy ETH, SOL, USDT, USDC, BONK, or any other supported tokens. Connect your wallet to the official website of SMOG, swap the tokens for SMOG and the website will automatically start counting your airdrop points in preparation for the official launching of the project on Solana.

Visit SMOG

Pyth Network – Top Trending Solana Airdrop

After concluding a successful free token distribution in November 2023 amid much fanfare, the project has announced plans to initiate the second round of its airdrop. According to its token allocation, the project has committed 600 million PYTH to the community and launch efforts. A considerable portion of this allocation is expected to flow into the project airdrop for Solana users through the various phases of the initiative.

In the first phase of the airdrop, the project gave out more than 163 million PYTH to about 51 thousand users across various blockchain networks including Solana. Unlike SMOG, the PYTH network extended its airdrop distribution to users from other networks like Avalanche, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync, Aptos, Sui, Cosmos, and Ethereum. On the flip side, the SMOG airdrop is specifically meant for Solana users.


Despite being one of the most lucrative and well-talked-about airdrops, Solana users may not get a big chunk of the PYTH free tokens. The project team is focused on getting the tokens to as many blockchains as possible as we witnessed in the first phase of the airdrop. 

Similarly, the next phase of the initiative is targeted at supporting decentralized applications that have adopted the Pyth network or its services. This is not good news for individual Solana users as project teams will get more of the tokens. So far, dApps like Synthetix, Mango Markets, Bonfida, Helium, and PancakeSwap have all received a significant portion of PYTH tokens as many other projects stand the chance to get more. 

Therefore, Solana users may not really get their hands on the token, still, the lucky ones will definitely thank their stars if they benefit from the airdrop. This assertion isn’t far-reaching as PYTH has recorded some impressive price movements. Above all, Solana users should always monitor future developments relating to the Pyth airdrop to take their chances of claiming the few available tokens allocated to their ecosystem. 

Zeta Markets – Highly Anticipated Solana Airdrop

The airdrop of this popular under-collateralized DeFi derivatives platform is highly anticipated by Solana users. Zeta Market is a well-known project running within the Solana ecosystem. The platform provides liquid derivatives trading to individuals and institutions. Foremost, it is important to establish that Zeta Market doesn’t have an active airdrop program. 

Zeta Markets

At the moment, the DeFi platform doesn’t have a native token. However, there are indications and plans for the launching of a native token for Zeta Market soon. Consequently, the DeFi outlet has communicated its plans to introduce the proposed native token to the crypto market via an airdrop program. 

We can confirm the authenticity of this upcoming airdrop for Solana users as Zeta market has launched a point-awarding program in preparation for the launching of its native token. The point system is calculated based on your level of commitment to trading on the platform. According to findings, the more you trade, the more Z-points you earn. Therefore, as a Solana wallet owner, all you need to do is connect your wallet to Zeta Market via its official site. 

After connecting to the platform, you can start trading on its Options or Futures market to earn more Z-points. The higher your Z-points, the more tokens you are likely to receive when the airdrop is eventually launched. Simply, all you need to do to claim tokens from the proposed airdrop is to trade on Zeta Markets. So far, SMOG still presents one of the best ways of netting free tokens through airdrops for Solana users. 

While Zeta Market has confirmed plans to launch an airdrop campaign, the date for the commencement of the distribution has not been made public. The uncertainty as regards the time in which the airdrop will be launched places SMOG as an immediate and sure pathway to earn tokens right now.

To an extent, airdrop hunters may have to hang on for a while to benefit from Zeta’s upcoming free token distribution. Before then, you can keep trading on Zeta to increase your chances. 

Kamino Finance – Decentralized Lending Protocol With An Upcoming Airdrop Event

Kamino Finance is one of the most prominent projects on the Solana network. The platform automates and optimizes concentrated liquidity management for decentralized market makers within the Solana ecosystem. Likewise, Kamino Finance customarily fixes, adjusts, and auto-compounds liquidity positions, eliminating the hurdles that users face while accessing a CLMM (Concentrated Liquidity Market Maker). 

The platform automates its services, allowing users to choose the vaults that suit their portfolios and market conditions. Kamino Finance provides on-chain liquidity which allows users to earn optimized yields. This innovative approach has earned Kamino Finance a good reputation among users within and outside the Solana ecosystem. 

Kamino Finance

More so, the fast-rising reputation of this platform is a result of its focus on reshaping the decentralized exchange landscape on Solana. So far, the platform has integrated prominent Solana protocols like Hubble, Orca, Jupiter, and SolanaFM. Also, Kamino Finance has managed to record a noticeable Total Value Locked (TVL) worth $88.6 million. 

Like most projects on the Solana network, Kamino Finance is set to join the trend of launching a point system. The news about the impending initiative has triggered community members of Kamino Finance and Solana at large to speculate about the possible launching of the project’s airdrop campaign. 

However, Kamino Finance doesn’t have a native token yet. Still, there is growing optimism among community members that the project may introduce its native token in the near future. Monitoring developments around this project can place hunters in a good position to get free tokens if it eventually kickstarts its airdrop campaign. – P2P Liquidity Protocol With A Rewarding Point System

Renowned as the first fully decentralized P2P liquidity protocol for NFTs, seeks to streamline the process of lending and borrowing SOL, USDC, and MSOL. While there are numerous lending platforms around, stands out by creating an ecosystem that supports users to borrow crypto coins with NFTs as collateral. Hence, with, NFT owners will not have to sell their assets whenever they want to buy crypto

This fast-rising Solana-based project aims to build a unique lending and borrowing ecosystem. Apart from empowering borrowers to take out loans against their NFTs, it also supports lenders to independently create their own lending pools and strategies. With this, lenders are able to earn interest from the loans taken from their pools. 

As of press time, has yet to launch its airdrop but there are indications it will do that soon. It has already designed a point system to reward users who interact with its platform. If you lend or borrow crypto through the platform, you will stand the chance to earn “Droplets.” Borrowing $10 or its equivalents in crypto, for instance, attracts a “Droplet.”

Amid the growing anticipation of its airdrop, users are already obtaining SOL by using their NFTs as collateral on Meanwhile, according to our findings, the platform’s point system will likely play a significant role in determining the eligibility for its upcoming airdrop. If this eventually happens, only those that have earned “Droplets” will be eligible to claim the aidrop when launches its native token. 

Parcl – Earn More Points To Win Free Tokens

Parcl has also earned a spot on our list of the best Solana airdrops around. It is a decentralized protocol that provides city indexes for users to speculate on price movements in the real estate markets. Through Parcl, you can trade tokenized real estate markets with as little as $1. 

Parcl’s city indexes represent the total value of real estate in a given city. Rather than trading the individual real estate property, Parcl empowers traders to invest in the index price. Every index reflects real-time median price per square foot and are updated with millions of data points. With this, traders can rest assured that they will get accurate insights into the entire real estate market of a given city. 


While trading on Parcl, you can go long or short, depending on your market predictions. It supports cross margined perps trading on several real estate markets. By allowing traders to trade with as little as $1, Parcl has made real estate relatively accessible to everyone. 

To reward its users and further enhance the trading experience on its protocol, Parcl launched its points program. With this program, the Solana-based protocol wants to reward every trading activity in its ecosystem. There are indications that those who earn points will be eligible for its imminent airdrop. Get started with Parcl, splash some funds into the pools, and engage in trades. 

Marginfi – Popular Lending Protocol With A Vast Security System

Like, Marginfi is also a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol on Solana, leveraging the powers of blockchain technology to promote financial inclusion. With its vast security system, lenders can rest assured that their crypto deposits into its liquidity pools are safe. The funds are pooled together and made available to borrowers on the platform. 

To borrow a particular crypto on Marginfi, borrowers are expected to use another crypto as collateral. That said, the interest rates that are paid by borrowers and earned by lenders are usually determined algorithmically and depend on supply and demand. Therefore, it is safe to affirm that Marginfi provides a secure pathway for lenders to maximize their deposited assets. 


Marginfi is expected to unveil its governance token soon, meaning its airdrop might probably be imminent. Amid growing anticipation of the airdrop, particularly from members of its community, Marginfi has come up with a vast point program. Using Marginfi for your lending and borrowing endeavors will qualify you to earn points which might eventually, be the sole criterion to claim its upcoming airdrop.

Apart from borrowing and lending crypto assets on the platform, you can also earn points by referring new people to Marginfi. However, as you look forward to its upcoming airdrop, be careful of bad actors working to imitate the project. 

Elusiv – First Solana Privacy-Centric SDK Offering Privacy Features

Since it completed its $3.5 million funding round in 2022, Elusiv has been focusing on providing maximum privacy on the Solana ecosystem without sacrificing security and decentralization. Being the first privacy-oriented SDK on Solana mainnet, Elusiv offers universal encryption to users and applications. 

Without a doubt, the emergence of Elusiv has made it possible for Solana developers to access numerous privacy features. It is building an innovative decentralized compliance mechanism, ZEUS to preserve the privacy of true users and further enhance the mainstream adoption of the Web3 ecosystem. 


In August 2023, the open-source protocol launched its private token swap feature. Hence, users can swap between numerous assets without sacrificing their privacy. This tool is relatively available on a web app and supports transfers to other crypto wallets in SOL, USDC, USDT, BONK, and SAMO. 

Like Marginfi, Elusiv has yet to launch its native token. However, there are indications it will develop the token soon, meaning early users of the platform should be expecting an airdrop.  

What Are Solana Airdrops?

Solana has made a name for itself as an accommodating hub for decentralized applications. Following the launching of the open-source blockchain by Solana Labs in 2017, the network has matured into one of the heavyweights in the industry. Solana houses more than 100 DeFi projects and boasts a Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $1.7 billion as of press time.

The influence of Solana isn’t limited to the DeFi sector alone as the network also has a robust presence in the NFT landscape. Developers are racing to build or expand their projects on Solana due to its high throughput and low network fees.


With the growing presence of promising projects on the blockchain, it is no surprise that it has become a popular spot for scores of airdrops. Basically, airdrops on Solana provide an avenue for emerging projects to announce their launching to the crypto market. Airdropping tokens to Solana users is one of the fastest ways for projects to reach a wide range of users. Projects use airdrops as a promotional campaign to increase platform engagement and earn more trust.

In most cases, Solana airdrops are free but they demand some minimal tasks from interested participants. These tasks are usually not tedious but they mean a lot to project teams. For investors, airdrops come as freebies, ways of making free money, and avenues to get into a project with glittering potential. With Solana at the receiving end, airdrops on the network are crucial to the expansion of its ecosystem.

How Do Solana Airdrops Work? 

Generally, the basic role of every airdrop is to create strategic awareness for a new protocol and token. While it is considered a creative marketing strategy, crypto airdrops help to provide lucrative rewards for early movers. More so, existing projects also carry out airdrops to reward the commitment of their respective communities. 

Since Solana is home to a host of new and existing decentralized projects, users can easily find a host of airdrops on it. Apart from that, Solana’s innovative features, particularly its low transaction fees, scalability, and developer-friendly ecosystem make it a popular spot for airdrop events. 

Like other blockchain networks, airdrop events on Solana come with predetermined criteria. While the criteria varies and depends on each project, participants must meet the respective conditions to claim free tokens. Most Solana developers or projects consider participants’ interactions with their ecosystems to determine their eligibility for the airdrop. 

Solana Airdrops

As such, these projects create a point or any other scoring system to measure users’ activeness and commitment. This simply means the more activities they perform on a platform, the more they acquire points. These points, in most cases, serve as the only benchmark that Solana projects use to reward active members of their communities. Meanwhile, don’t forget that to interact with these projects, users must hold SOL, the native token of Solana. 

That said, participants with high points are offered more tokens than those with lower points. While other terms and conditions may be applied, it is safe to affirm that the point system has been the most popular method through which Solana projects have incentivized users to stay active on their networks. 

To help you gain better insights into the peculiarities of Solana airdrops, we will walk you through some of the past free token distribution events, discussing how they were successfully implemented. 

Jupiter – Over $700 Million Airdrop

Jupiter is well-known as one of the biggest DeFi protocols on Solana, providing liquidity to traders who are looking for the best prices with minimal slippage. According to its website, the solution is built for “smart traders who like money.” News about its last airdrop event first came into the limelight in November 2023 after the project unveiled its native token, $JUP. 


Eventually, the team behind the project kick-started the airdrop on January 31, 2024, distributing over $700 million worth of JUP to nearly a million Solana wallets. The airdrop was only available to Solana users who interacted with Jupiter before a snapshot was taken on November 2, 2023. Like other notable Solana airdrops, Jupiter also used a scoring system to determine participants’ eligibility for the airdrop. 

Without a doubt, this airdrop has provided a great investment opportunity for beneficiaries, considering the promising potential of the project. Being a governance token, holding JUP provides an avenue for holders to participate and vote on critical issues affecting the project. Jupiter is expected to conduct more airdrops in the future as it looks to continuously incentivize users’ engagement and interaction on its platform. 

Dymension – Over $350 Million Airdrop

Dymension launched its airdrop on January 2, 2024 after going live on mainnet. Despite being a Cosmos-based project, Dymension’s $350 million airdrop event cuts across select communities like Solana, Celestia, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Base, becoming one of the top trending topics on CoinmarketCap. 


Renowned as a layer-1 blockchain on Cosmos and inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC), Dymension is aiming to provide connections among rollup scaling networks. According to the project, it “standardizes rollups with IBC, similar to how tokens were standardized with ERC.”

According to Dymension’s blog post, over 180,000 Solana wallet holders benefitted from the airdrop. These wallet addresses were considered eligible because they held a minimum balance of 1 SOL as of December 19, 2023. 

Things To Look Out For Before Participating In Solana Airdrops

While crypto airdrops provide a good opportunity to earn free tokens, it is imperative for users to be careful so as not to fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, in this segment of our guide, we will provide some of the elements that you must look out for before participating in airdrops, particularly on Solana.


Before participating in any airdrop, it is important that you comprehend its terms and conditions. As earlier mentioned, the eligibility for airdrops varies and depends on each project. While some projects require that participants hold certain tokens, others may request that they engage their social media platforms. Therefore, pay attention to the terms and conditions of the airdrop.


Distribution Method

Another major thing to look out for before participating in an airdrop is its distribution method. Since Solana has the capacity to handle a large number of transactions, rest assured that every airdrop conducted on it will be fast and secure.

Utility Of The Token

Unfortunately, there are many crypto coins in the market right now with no real-life utility. Therefore, we advise that you check out the utility and potential of the token to know if it has value outside the airdrop.

You might also need to see how the coin fits into your investment portfolio. SMOG, for instance, has made its way into the list of the top meme coins on Solana and has been tipped to yield great returns to early movers.


Reputation Of The Project

The reputation of the project conducting the airdrop is also important. You can check various reviews by members of the community to know if the project is legitimate or not. Nonetheless, all the Solana projects featured on this list, particularly SMOG, have been assessed by our review team and found to be reliable and legitimate. The meme coin project provides an easy and secure pathway for Solana users to earn free tokens.

Best Solana Airdrops – Our Verdict

In this guide, we extensively discussed some of the best Solana airdrops that provide participants with amazing investment opportunities. More so, we took you through the nitty-gritty of Solana airdrops, covering how they work and the things to look out for before participating in any. 

Amid the growing popularity and adoption of cryptocurrencies, seasoned developers have embraced airdrops as a marketing strategy to create community awareness about their projects. Outside that, airdrops have also been instrumental in helping them reward community engagement and loyalty. 

While there are many ongoing or upcoming airdrops on Solana right now, only a few are legitimate. To enable you to make the best pick this year, we combed the market and found the Solana airdrops on this list, especially SMOG to be reliable. Hence, they come highly recommended to everyone looking to earn free tokens via the Solana ecosystem. 

Visit SMOG


How can I be eligible for Solana airdrops?

The eligibility criteria for Solana airdrops vary and depend on each project executing the free token distribution. Although most of these projects require that participants hold SOL or interact with their platforms, it is still recommended that users visit the website or social media handles of the projects to know the terms and conditions of their airdrops.

Is crypto airdrop on Solana a secure way to earn free tokens?

Solana is one of the best blockchains around when it comes to security. Therefore, rest assured that every airdrop event that is executed on the network is relatively secure.

Can I participate in two different airdrops simultaneously on Solana?

Yes, it is quite possible to participate in two crypto airdrops at a time. But, bear in mind that you will only be able to claim these airdrops if you meet their respective criteria.