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MetaBlaze Price Prediction – MBLZ Token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Play-to-earn tokens have emerged as the biggest players this year. With people trying to find the best crypto assets to support, gaming cryptos have come out as the top offerings with the most use cases. One of the hottest new cryptocurrencies set to emerge in this sector is MetaBlaze token. This new, radical cryptocurrency is pushing forward hard and could take the crown as the best P2E crypto in the market. In advance of its launch, our experts have put together a potential MetaBlaze price prediction.

This guide explains how far Metablaze can grow by the end of this year and beyond. And as we give our Metablaze price prediction, we will also focus on what this crypto asset brings to the table for investors. 

MetaBlaze Price Prediction Overview 2022 – 2025

  • End of 2022: Judging from the pace of the presale on the official site, we believe it will conclude by the end of this year, and MetaBlaze price will reach $0.0004 by that time.
  • End of 2023: Once this project lands on centralized exchanges (CEXes) and starts to create more buzz in the market, an even larger community will likely form around this crypto. That could pump the MetaBlaze token price to $0.0007 by 2023.
  • End of 2025: By the end of 2025, a lot of development will have already taken place within this ecosystem. And as the game enters the mass adoption phase, we will likely see MBLZ token getting closer to the $0.002 price level.

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MetaBlaze Pricing History

To make an accurate prediction on a crypto’s future price its essential to first at least retrace its past background and current roadmap. In this section, we will look at the presale history of MetaBlaze and what has sparked investors’ interest in this new cryptocurrency.

MetaBlaze price History

When we look at the current P2E market, one common word that permeates everywhere is “boredom”. Many games solely focus on the earning aspect; even if there is the gameplay, it doesn’t create immersion for the player. The reason that such crypto games are thriving is because of the community’s belief that things will get better in the future.

However, that doesn’t go for every Play2Earn crypto token, as many metaverse projects are seeing less immersion than before. 

What is MetaBlaze?

MetaBlaze is focusing on a different strategy – pushing for narrative-based, immersive gameplay from the beginning. To top it all off, MetaBlaze is also introducing the world’s first revolving rewards pool. These factors are coming into play as MetaBlaze is continuing to entice the crowd as they are paying close attention to the prospect of earning cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and BNB as rewards, 

But that’s not the only reason crypto enthusiasts have no trouble rallying behind this project. Transparency has been low in crypto, with many developers taking the time to introduce themselves to their fans. MetaBlaze, on the other hand, has already doxed the founding team – people know those behind the project. It has boosted its validity in a space where people have grown careful about which tokens to trust. 

MetaBlaze is built on the Binance Smart Chain and will also be tradeable as an ERC-20 cryptocurrency. As one of the greenest blockchains in the ecosystem, MetaBlaze sports low transaction fees, and hush transaction speeds. They will help MetaBlaze gain a larger user base, as it is an essential element behind the success of this cryptocurrency.  

Players will step into this metaverse and witness as the team expands virtual worlds with new creations, new architectures, and mechanics backed by great storytelling by the main team. When the players first enter the space, they will engage with the community through an NFT-based game. While small in scale, these games are still rewarding and the building blocks of a triple-a role-playing game that will eventually compete with the likes of Witcher and even Mass Effect. And the fact that it would be built on Unreal Engine 5 has got gamers looking into crypto gaming in a new light. 

Here are some key points about the MetaBlaze project:

  1. MetaBlaze is an anticipated P2E game created using UE5 (Unreal Engine 5)
  2. It is the world’s first crypto ecosystem featuring a revolving staking pool. 
  3. The price of MetaBlaze crypto is expected to reach $0.0002 upon exchange listing. 
  4. MetaBlaze has raised $3.4 million of its 4 million dollars hard cap at the time of writing. 

When the game finally arrives, it will likely push MetaBlaze as one of the most rewarding and graphically-intensive games in the crypto space. So far, MetaBlaze has already raised 3.4 million USD and is about to hit its hard cap of 4 million dollars – which means that the crypto community is waiting for it cautiously. 

At the time of writing, MetaBlaze is in the second phase of its presale and selling at just $0.00015069. Experts believe that once it lands on cryptocurrency exchanges, its price will pump to $0.0002, making it one of the best crypto presales of this year. 

If you want to keep up with the developments of this unique metaverse project, you can join to the official Telegram.

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MetaBlaze Price Prediction – 2022

Assessing the history of MetaBlaze gives us the right idea of what this project could mean for the crypto space – giving us ample information to predict its price in the coming month. It is one of the best new crypto launches this year, with its P2E utility stretching the limits of blockchain gaming into new dimensions. Those bullish about it say that it can potentially witness a dramatic uptick once it lands on the market. 

MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2022

Gameplay-first approach hasn’t always been the route gaming cryptos have taken – at least not before 2022. Most have relied on idle gaming, and even if there has been “gameplay,” it is nothing more than a combination of a few presses to hit the target. MetaBlaze is looking to change that. Its gameplay-focused approach brings the graphical-intensive nature of traditional gaming into the crypto space. No longer would one have to stay content with Axie Infinity which refuses to go beyond its static gameplay, or Decentraland, which has given us an environment, but nothing else to do. 

That said, these cryptos have been successful; even Axie Infinity has a market capitalization of more than 1 billion after the drastic downward shift that happened in the market. 

MetaBlaze has a fixed token supply of 4.2 billion. The devs plan to burn 18% of this supply after the end of the presale and listing on Pancakeswap. Keeping that supply in mind while considering the crowd’s bullishness about crypto gaming, we believe that MetaBlaze will reach $0.0004 by the end of 2022. Experts say that the low of $0.0003 is also possible, as a minor retrace often follows a major pump. That said, if the marketing strategies of this crypto hold up, the price can climb even higher by the end of this year. 

MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2023

The year 2023 will likely bring MetaBlaze into the limelight as the project starts to follow its roadmap and tamp up its marketing efforts. If and when the first gameplay of this crypto asset arrives, the crowd will rejoice, and a niche crowd will likely try to rally behind it, pushing the value of MBLZ to a higher level. 

That said, it is important to remember that MLBZ, like all cryptos, is a speculative asset whose price is determined by the sentiments of the wider crypto market. Therefore, we also must watch other altcoins to predict MetaBlaze’s price action next year. That said, the strength it accrues by the end of 2022 will move the crowd sentiment in the positive direction and grow the MBLZ price parabolically. 

By the end of 2023, we expect to see MetaBlaze making major headway in the development of the game. With the BlaziVerse dApp arriving on the scene next year, the crypto crowd might see people adopting it fast after the initial release. 

Blaziverse Dapp

That initial interest would be due to what the BlaziVerse will allow users to do. It would be an NFT marketplace app focusing on providing players with a lobby so they can participate in the games. The app will also let players buy MBLZ tokens and spend them on in-game items or sell those in-game items to earn cryptocurrencies. These factors might make it one of the most versatile NFT marketplaces in the ecosystem.

With so many features in the app, experts believe that we will likely see record levels of this application – making MetaBlaze one of the biggest new crypto launches in the market. This utility, combined with the crowd’s bullishness, will push the value of this cryptocurrency even further. 

Taking these factors into account, we predict a sharp uptrend in MBLZ’s price charts by the middle of next year – pushing the token to close 2023 at $0.0007. That said, if the cryptocurrency market continues to show the same bearish trends of 2022, MBLZ will only make it to the $0.00035 mark. 

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MetaBlaze Price Prediction 2025

MetaBlaze states in its official whitepaper that the project will use more games, more utilities, and more NFTs. If that vision is realized by 2025, it will bolster MetaBlaze’s growth parabolically. 

The main source of this growth, however, will be the MetaBlaze Role-Playing Game (RPG). The devs claim this crypto-based RPG to be immersive on-chain, letting players explore the vast expanses of the metaverse using their avatar NFTs. 

This vast, expansive, and randomly generated universe reminds us of games like No Man’s Sky. While that game stumbled during the initial launch, it soon redeemed itself with expansions that practically redefined exploration. If MetaBlaze takes that as a blueprint from the start, it will land on the right footing when the game finally arrives. And if everything is done right, this project will attract not only crypto investors but also gamers who, for so long, have been nothing more than critical of crypto-gaming. 

That said, even the developers know that game development isn’t linear progress. So, even if the game isn’t complete by then, we will likely see the arrival of more NFT games within the BlaziVerse, such as MetaMinez, adding more use-case to the MBLZ crypto. Those will make it more appealing to a crowd that wants to invest in utility tokens.

To sum up, if this cryptocurrency is able to make the waves that it needs to with its games, NFT offerings, and utilities, we might see a 4-fold increase in MBLZ price from its end of 2023 valuation – landing on $0.0014. And if the project makes a lot of headway in its MetaBlaze RPG, the price can go as high as $0.0020. 

What are the Potential Highs and Lows for MetaBlaze Crypto

Here is a simple overview of what we believe the highs and lows of Metablaze crypto could be in the coming years. Take note that these predictions are based on the current market trends and the historical performances of other play2earn cryptocurrencies. 

Year Low  High
2022 $0.0003 $0.0004
2023 $0.00035 $0.0007
2025 $0.0014 $0.0020

What is the Use of MetaBlaze?

MetaBlaze is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency with multiple use cases. Here are the most exciting among them.

A Triple-A Play-to-Earn Game

Triple-A games have big studios and developers behind them – and there have been none for crypto games. MetaBlaze is about to change that narrative by creating an on-chain triple-A title that will give the players an expansive world to explore. Here, they would walk across the terrain, fly, explore, battle, and earn rewards that would translate to real-world monetary gains. 

MetaBlaze triple a game

Investment Instrument

The success of Battle Infinity and Tamadoge has taught the crypto market that play2earn cryptos are investment vehicles worthy of making big gains for those involved. And MetaBlaze is no different. Much like the former, MetaBlaze is taking strides to redefine the P2E ecosystem with its gameplay-oriented nature. It has led us to predict that Metablance will reach $0.002. 

Upcoming NFT Collection

The NFT market has finally started to recover from the rut of crypto winter and is achieving more growth than ever before. MetaBlaze can capitalize on this renewed craze with its NFT-based games. It will launch its first NFT drop of 2000 Non-Fungible Tokens known as MetaRoyals, followed by 10,000 MetaGoblins and 100,000 Goblins. The minting date is 15th October 2022, with 1,000 NFTs offered as presale mints. While they would be launched as standard GIFs, they will have more utility as the project develops. 

Monetary Rewards

There is no Play-to-earn without a proper earning mechanic. And the MetaBlaze ecosystem pays special attention to it. After the launch of the first Metamines mini NFT game, players will start earning a variety of cryptos through its revolving staking pool – making MBLZ one of the most innovative staking cryptos in the market. And once the project begins to expand, more earning utilities will be added to the MBLZ crypto token – compounding the already high gains that players would have access to. 

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Driving Factors for the MetaBlaze Price

Many common factors determine the price increase of cryptocurrencies, and the same goes for MetaBlaze. But being P2E crypto, MetaBlaze has more factors working in its favor. 

It is a P2E Crypto

The success of many play to earn presale cryptos, such as Tamadoge, has made one thing clear – the crowd is up for rallying behind P2E cryptos. These cryptocurrencies have a great use case right from the beginning. And their earning opportunities while providing awesome gameplay are a big plus. Soon, we will see major developers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft entering the NFT space – pushing crypto gaming even higher. The positive impact of those moves will leak into projects like MetaBlaze and make them more valuable in the market. 

Social Media Hype

Social media is the driving force behind the success of every cryptocurrency active in the market. Word of mouth of the community members and the developers spreads like wildfire, dictating the price movement of an asset. Channels with Play-to-earn tags have upwards of half a million followers, giving MetaBlaze immense marketing potential. 

The sentiment of the Wider Crypto Market

One of the most humbling facts about the crypto market is that no matter how bigger and better your crypto’s use case is, you’re only as good as people’s sentiment around the wider cryptosphere. If other p2e cryptos in this domain continue to gain interest, MetaBlaze will follow their rise. Otherwise, it would need to ramp up its marketing efforts and start entering partnerships to funnel the positive sentiments of other assets into its own to move up. 


And finally, the biggest driving factor behind the growth of MetaBlaze is innovation. For too long, cryptocurrencies have only relied on market sentiments and overhype to carve their niche within the crypto space. It all changed with the arrival of crypto winter.

Investors and traders alike are now looking for useful crypto assets with a long-term use case other than flipping when the price is high. And MetaBlaze has to follow that idea. It has to prove that it is more than just a short term pump – dumping after a parabolic increase has often been the downfall of many crypto assets. Thankfully, from what we have gained by reading the project’s whitepaper, MetaBlaze is following the right track.

Where to Buy MetaBlaze?

MetaBlaze is currently undergoing its presale stage/ It has huge upsides for those who can get into this project early. This future cryptocurrency can be bought from the official website using the steps below. Take note that buying more than $2500 worth of MetaBlaze will also give you a MetaGoblin NFT for free. 

  • Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet: MetaBlaze can be bought with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or BNB. Therefore, your first step is to get a crypto wallet. Here is the list of the best Bitcoin wallets to choose from. 
  • Step 2: Buy the cryptos to swap for MetaBlaze: The next step is to populate that crypto wallet with one of the listed cryptocurrencies. Our recommendation is eToro, a crypto trading platform with low fees and social trading utilities. 
  • Step 3: Create an account on MetaBlaze: Go to the official MetaBlaze website and create an account by providing a few key details. 
  • Step 4: Complete the KYC project: MetaBlaze has implemented stringent security measures to make sure that only legitimate users are accessing the website. Therefore, when prompted, provide a government-issued ID to complete the account creation process. 
  • Step 5: Add a Binance Smart Chain Address: Add a BSC address to MetaBlaze. It will give the location to MetaBlaze to airdrop MBLZ tokens after you buy them.
  • Step 6: Buy MBLZ: Finally, complete the MBLZ purchase. Select the crypto you want to exchange for MetaBlaze while your wallet is connected to the official website, and send the payments. The tokens you buy will be visible on the dashboard, and the airdrop will happen once the presale ends.

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Is MBLZ the Best Coin to Buy in 2024?

With so many use cases, many leading crypto news publications rate MetaBlaze among the best cryptos to buy this year. 

In our MetaBlaze price prediction, we highlighted the many positives that this crypto possesses. These factors will likely influence MetaBlaze’s influence within the crypto space. And with the flagship role-playing game that uses Unreal Engine 5, we will probably see more increase. At the time of writing, this crypto has already raised upwards of $3.4 million out of its $4 million hard-cap. So, there is no doubt that many parties are already interested in this project. 

MetaBlaze NFT

The goal of MetaBlaze is simple – making the P2E system more practical by focusing on one of the most critical elements that devs often ignore – gameplay. With its gameplay-centric approach, we can see MetaBlaze making all the positive moves and creating all the right sentiments in the market. 

Due to the game’s graphically-intensive nature, it can potentially increase the adoption rate by onboarding those who are already bullish about P2E cryptos and gamers who still see the crypto gaming market apprehensively. That adoption will increase the buying pressure on MBLZ, increasing its price. 

Another factor behind this crypto that makes us bullish about price action in the coming months is the developer’s willingness to dox themselves. Many big crypto projects have historically had hidden developers. But the rising calls for transparency have moved many devs to be forthcoming about their identities. 

Overall, we believe that the social media hype, the market sentiment, the innovation, and the approach to gaming will fuel MetaBlaze in the coming months. And once the presale ends, MBLZ token could become the next crypto to explode

MetaBlaze Price Prediction – Conclusion

MetaBlaze is one of many play-to-earn, metaverse-focused cryptos this year. However, its singular approach to gaming and giving the crypto world its first revolving staking pool sets it apart from the other crypto assets we have covered in the past. 

As we researched this project, we found that few crypto assets can match their merits. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it becomes a 10x crypto in the coming years. However, it is important for us to be realistic and also focus on the wider crypto market before making this assessment. That said, the project has more than enough utilities to make it an upside for many early movers – making now a good time to check out for those who want to participate in the MBLZ presale. 

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FAQs on the MetaBlaze Project

Is MetaBlaze a good investment?

Metablaze is a P2e Crypto with many use cases that will continue to expand as the project moves further along its roadmap. It intends to make the first triple-a game within the crypto space and has the world's first revolving staking pool with many crypto rewards. With so many upsides, we believe that, yes, it is a good investment.

How much is MetaBlaze worth?

MetaBlaze is currently only a penny-crypto and only costs $0.00015069, and its initial listing price is $0.0002.

What will MetaBlaze be worth in 2025?

If MetaBlaze follows its roadmap, it will be worth $0.0014 to $0.0020. But the growth will even be more parabolic if the crypto market is conducive to growth.

What is MetaBlaze Used for?

MetaBlaze has many use cases. But its primary goal is to bring a new era of gaming within the crypto space and introduce a revolving staking pool that offers many types of cryptos. MetaBlaze can be used for buying NFTs, is an investment vehicle, and will become the first triple-a crypto game.