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Love Hate Inu Crypto Project Review – LHINU Coin Presale

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Love Hate Inu is a newly introduced cryptocurrency project which has been gaining massive traction within the memecoin space. Community members from some of the biggest memecoin projects like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu etc. have started pouring funds into this initiative due to the fundamentally strong product, and innovative concept that it is built on.

As a Vote-to-Earn platform, Love Hate Inu can potentially revolutionize the way polls or surveys are conducted, and that too with a variety of added benefits. Investors will have access to an ecosystem where they can get rewarded for simply stating their opinions on topics like entertainment, social issues, politics, finance etc. This could potentially disrupt the $3.2 billion online survey industry, which makes Love Hate Inu a crypto that should not be overlooked by anyone. 

Love Hate Inu crypto project

According to the whitepaper, Love Hate Inu was created as a meme project that could integrate real-life use cases to it to get the best of both worlds- memecoin status and utility. Needless to say, their concept does make it look like they have succeeded in creating such an ecosystem. The project’s mascot is a Shiba Inu dog, similar to the popular memecoin SHIB. 

The presale for Love Hate Inu’s LHINU token commenced on March 7th, 2023, with much success despite the current market conditions. More than $100k was raised by the initiative within just hours of the presale’s inception, which is nothing short of impressive. 

Love Hate Inu’s team was quick to come up with marketing campaigns and social media strategies to amass a massive community within a short period of time. Naturally, the unique and innovative concept behind the project helped them successfully achieve this task, which has now caused the demand for LHINU tokens to surge on a drastic level. 

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The Potential of Vote-to-Earn and How Love Hate Inu May Help in Shaping it

Leveraging opportunities by finding solutions to problems using blockchain technology is what a good cryptocurrency initiative is all about. However, the success of any project depends largely on how unique its concept is and the amount of innovation that the team can bring to the table. Well, Love Hate Inu has triumphed in terms of all these aspects by creating an entirely new blockchain category. 

The idea of voting to get inputs for potentially making is something that the crypto community is very familiar with. DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, operate on the same concept. However, Love Hate Inu has not only created a product that can be used for topics now concerning the blockchain industry but has also managed to add an incentive factor to it. 

This incentive factor is what generally drives the popularity of cryptocurrency projects at the moment. Everyone is on the lookout for initiatives that may truly have a promising concept but also help them to earn passively. Love Hate Inu has succeeded in incorporating such an aspect into its ecosystem, which is indeed commendable. However, this reward system may not be the only factor that could help the price of LHINU go up in the future. 

Welcome to Love Hate Inu

Community members have displayed their excitement about earning passive income by simply having to vote, but are of the view that Love Hate Inu may see major adoption in the upcoming months, which could automatically end up with the token spiking in price. Clearly, this is a very real possibility as the developers have also promised an increased set of use cases for LHINU in the future. 

Love Hate Inu is set to play an integral role in creating an avenue for communities, organizations, or even institutions of authority to acquire data in a fair and systematic manner. While all of this may sound like too much for a memecoin, it is important that highly successful projects like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Tamadoge all started off in the same manner but ended up making explosive profits for all their investors. 

A variety of such possibilities and high potential are what make LHINU one of the best memecoins we have covered to date. 

More on the LHINU Crypto Token

It may not be entirely wrong to say that a majority of investors judge a crypto project entirely based on the price or status of its native token. This makes sense since native tokens usually power the entire project ecosystem. A higher valuation for tokens would ultimately convert to higher engagement and higher transactions, which means more funds for the team to upgrade the initiative even further.

During the ongoing presale, investors will be claiming Love Hate Inu’s LHINU tokens, which shall be deposited to their wallets when the hard cap has been met. It is an ERC-20 token and is one of the most vital components of the Love Hate Inu ecosystem. 

As a deflationary asset, LHINU is already a crypto that will appreciate over time. Moreover, the token’s safety can be guaranteed as well for concerned investors since 90% of the tokens shall be sold during the presale itself. This means that an unexpected dump can be avoided, and the chances of the project being a rug pull virtually drop to zero. 

There is no vesting for presale buyers, which is an advantage for those looking to get into the project as soon as possible. One can purchase LHINU right from the website by exchanging their crypto from defi wallets or by using a credit card to pay with fiat. Read on till the end to learn how to invest in the LHINU token presale. 

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What Does Love Hate Inu Offer That Makes It Unique?

Let us take a look at some of the unique offerings of this new memecoin project.

Vote-to-Earn Mechanism

The V2E concept itself is what the Love Hate Inu crypto project is based on and is one of the most unique components that any memecoin project has come up with in a long time. The Vote-to-Earn system has never been incorporated in other projects the way it has been in Love Hate Inu. Since the project may eventually scale to a stage where voting for incentives may become the main USP, it won’t be surprising to see investors flock to stock up on LHINU tokens and participate in the project actively. 

Love Hate Inu Price Prediction

Huge Community Growth and Token Price Appreciation Prospect

With deflationary properties, highly strategic tokenomics, and a fundamentally strong concept, LHINU token an easy bet. Like SHIB or TAMA, LHINU is also a memecoin that has already amassed a massive community. While the numbers may not be as high as the other two projects, one must note that it is still in the presale phase. 

Despite being such a recent addition to the industry, the growth LHINU has been experiencing- in terms of community and token demand has been impeccable, to say the least.

Potential to be Associated with Major Companies/Institutions in the Future

There is a rise in companies and major authorities across the globe trying to integrate blockchain into their operations. This may prove to be highly beneficial for Love Hate Inu since its voting platform can be something that these institutions can leverage for farrier survey and data gathering processes. 

The developers have also stated that earnings in the form of NFTs, company merchandise etc. can be expected in the future since there are plans to actively introduce external entities to the platform and compel them to use Love Hate Inu’s voting service to gather data. 

Investors Actively Participate and Can Also Make a Change

This part depends on how well the point talked about above works out for Love Hate Inu. If companies do adopt Love Hate Inu as a part of their survey resources, or to make important decisions, then users will be able to have a direct influence over them. They can choose which entity they would like to make decisions for and vote accordingly on the platform.

More on the LHINU Token Presale

The tokenomics for LHINU is fairly simple. There is not much that needs to be understood when it comes to allocation since the whole pie chart is divided into just two parts- 90% tokens which are set to be sold during the presale, and the remaining 10% that shall be used to provide liquidity, fund exchange listings, and provide community rewards.

Love Hate Inu Presale

There is a 100 billion total token supply, of which 90 billion tokens, as mentioned before, shall be distributed in the crypto presale. There shall be 8 presale stages in total, which have originally been scheduled to be conducted from March 8th to May 8th. 11.25 billion tokens are allocated for each stage, with the price increasing by over $0.000005 every time a stage gets completed. 

There are fixed timelines too that the team plans on adhering to in order to finish their presale process in a systematic manner. 7.5 days is the time allocated for each stage, after which the price shall be increased, as mentioned before. The price for the first presale stage shall be set at $0.000085, which shall then eventually increase all the way up to $0.000145 before the presale ends officially. Naturally, this means that early will have a considerable advantage over those who wait till exchange listings. 

The presale for this ERC-20 token has a hardcap of $10,068,750, which investors and the overall community expects shall be reached way ahead of the predetermined timelines. At the time of writing, no contract audit has been done, since the project is brand new. 

A contract audit and team verification can be expected sometime in the future, as mentioned by the team on several occasions. The expected time for these developments has not been shared yet. However, investors have been promised that each update shall be announced on time across all social media handles belonging to Love Hate Inu.

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Why Should You Invest in the Love Hate Inu Presale?

There are many reasons to invest in Love Hate Inu’s LHINU token, the first and foremost being the scope for profits. However, there are some factors which make specifically investing in the presale a much sweeter deal. Here are some of the few reasons why you should consider investing in the Love Hate Inu crypto presale:

Memecoin Status+High Utility

This entire article ideally focuses on one thing, the project’s utility and use cases that make it stand out from a majority of other memecoins. The meme coin status is something that any token within the Doge ecosystem boasts of as soon as it gets introduced. This is because investors associate the Dog mascot in any project with Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, both of which are currently successful high-market cap coins. 

The use case and fundamentally strong product of Love Hate Inu have already been emphasized in this review. There is no doubt that a project like Love Hate Inu will earn the trust of investors as something that could potentially add value to the lives of people across the globe in some way. 

The Project Has Already Been Gaining Popularity

Investors need to stay in sync with the cryptocurrency industry, its trends and community interests at all times to be able to keep up with token volatility. This can be fairly difficult, but simply doing a social media check, reading articles about a particular crypto etc. can help in finding more about the project and its status in terms of growth. 

Love Hate Inu

The Love Hate Inu crypto project has already managed to amass a massive audience and has a virality factor to it. By this, we mean simple factors that can highly influence the social media engagement of the platform. For instance, the website has already rolled out some polls and their results for investors to look at and analyze. These generally include opinions about some popular internet personalities like Andrew Tate, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump.

The caricatures of these personalities have been created in a very appealing and fun-inducing way, which could end up being viral, potentially leading to increased engagement. 


This is one of the most important parts of the Love Hate Inu crypto asset that we haven’t covered yet in this article. Vote-to-Earn is the primary concept that the entire project has been built around. However, in order to support this concept and provide a systematic way to conduct the polls, the allocation of the votes must be carried out carefully. 

To tackle this issue, the developers have introduced their own “Stake-to-Vote” concept. Based on this idea, users need to stake their tokens on the platform in order to receive votes that they can use for polls and potentially earn rewards. 

The number of votes one will be provided shall depend on the time and amount of tokens staked on the platform. A holder who buys a decent amount of LHINU and stakes them as soon as possible shall have an advantage over an investor who buys a huge amount of tokens much later.

The Earlier You Buy, The More Profitable You May Be

We already mentioned how an early buyer could have an advantage over those who invest in the token much later. However, another reason is the increasing presale price. While the price of a single LHINU token during the first presale stage is $0.000085, it will increase by several times before the listing process starts. 

Investors would have multiple opportunities to buy the token at a much-discounted price if they choose to invest in the token during its presale. The price of one LHINU token at the time of listing shall be $0.000145. This means that an early-stage buyer would have already racked up some profits as compared to those who wait till the token gets listed. 

Love Hate Inu

Ambitious Roadmap

The roadmap for Love Hate Inu is surely one that will attract investors and excite memecoin enthusiasts. Unlike many other projects in the same category, this memecoin project’s roadmap is both ambitious and realistic at the same time. No unrealistic promises have been made, but the plan for Love Hate Inu in the upcoming months does deserve appreciation. 

Revolutionizing the $3.2 billion Online Survey Sector

The online survey industry has been thriving in recent years thanks to a rise in marketing and an increasing requirement for data. However, there are only limited options when it comes to gathering personal opinions or votes from a huge audience. Love Hate Inu opens up the doors to break down these barriers with its fair voting system.

The team that created Love Hate Inu has not yet identified themselves, which is pretty common now as most memecoin project owners decide to keep their identities anonymous. But this hasn’t affected the pace at which the ecosystem for Love Hate Inu is being built.

Of course, there will be several more updates before Love Hate Inu actually becomes a perfect tool for investors to target audiences and gather data in a proper format. But with the right kind of development, team, and support from the community, this may not be difficult. 

What is the Future of the Love Hate Inu Crypto Project?

Predicting the performance of Love Hate Inu is difficult, given the limited information with respect to investor trends and the fact that it is still in its presale phase. However, there is little doubt that it may have an explosive year ahead, thanks to the fundamentally strong product it features.

The need for a project like Love Hate Inu is only felt when such a concept becomes available for actual use. Moreover, the fact that users can earn income by simply voting on polls is something that can attract investors from the masses.

There are several updates and developments to the project that is due to happen in 2023, right after the presale ends. As per the roadmap, there are some major upgrades to the ecosystem that can be expected throughout 2023. The most high-impact development, however, could be the exchange listings. 

Once the presale is over, Love Hate Inu will be on track to get listed across multiple crypto exchanges. This will increase the LHINU token’s exposure to investors, which will convert into more buyers. Thus, while we can’t accurately predict the token’s price at the moment, we can safely assume that it will be due for an explosive pump in the upcoming months.

See our Love Hate Inu crypto price forecast piece.

Invest in the Love Hate Inu Crypto Project

There are very few memecoin projects that boast the kind of utility Love Hate Inu does. Due to its highly innovative and unique concept, the LHINU token’s demand can be expected to surge exponentially. So, while the platform is still being developed, investing during the presale can be an excellent way to potentially earn massive profits. 

If you think that this is something you should do as well, then follow the steps mentioned below to buy Love Hate Inu:

Set Up A Crypto Wallet

Metamask Website

Creating a defi wallet is the first and most important step any investor should do. These wallets serve to both store and facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrency. Although there are many places you can keep your cryptocurrency, the Love Hate Inu team advises using MetaMask on desktop computers or Trust Wallet on mobile devices. 

For instance, you can simply go to the developer’s website and then click the “Download” button in order to obtain MetaMask. Select your operating system from the drop-down box and follow the on-screen directions to begin using your new wallet and create your password.

Fund Your Crypto Wallet

Funding Wallet

Since the Love Hate Inu cryptocurrency presale dashboard only accepts Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT), investors must first obtain one of these digital currencies. Most centralized and decentralized exchanges sell these currencies, and once purchased, they can be transferred into the cryptocurrency wallet created in the first step. 

You can also use your credit card to buy ETH directly from the Love Hate Inu website. Make sure to always buy slightly more ETH than you need to cover the gas costs associated with your chosen method.

Connect Wallet To the Love Hate Inu Website

Love Hate Inu Select Wallet

Now go to the official website and click the “Buy Now” button. To link your cryptocurrency wallet, select the appropriate wallet service provider from the pop-up window and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Successfully Purchase LHINU Tokens 

Love Hate Inu purchase

After you connect your wallet to the device, an order form will appear on the screen. Choose USDT or ETH as the payment option, enter the desired number of LHINU tokens, and use the wallet service to confirm the transaction. Your transaction will be successful. 

Investors that took part in the presale can obtain their tokens through the Love Hate Inu website after it concludes.


The Love Hate Inu crypto project has one of the most interesting concepts we’ve seen so far from a top memecoin project. As an initiative being launched at a time when the crypto markets are more bullish, it is very likely that LHINU may make its way to becoming one of the top gainers in the next couple of months.  

Update – over $5 million has now been raised in the LHINU presale.

FAQs on Love Hate Inu Crypto Project

How can I buy LHINU tokens?

Love Hate Inu crypto project investors can only acquire tokens on the official website during the presale period. Connect an ERC-20-compliant wallet, get either Ether or USDT, and then use either of those to buy some LHINU tokens.

What is the total supply of LHINU tokens?

The total supply of LHINU tokens is 100 billion.

What will the listing price of LHINU be?

The listing price of LHINU will be $0.000145, a 70.5% gain from the stage one price.