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Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment in 2024 – Trader Predictions

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

The crypto bull run of 2021 was followed by a sharp correction in 2022 – entire crypto projects like Terra (LUNA) and exchanges such as FTX blowing up created one of the longest bear cycles in the crypto market. However, while the recent state of the crypto market has bearish, it is now showing signs of recovery in 2024 – and we must not forget that crypto, like stocks, moves in cycles.

Where there are bad days, good days are near, and vice versa. While 2022 did give a major blow to confidence in crypto as an invesment in general, with the market performance of some altcoins hitting close to their all-time lows, January 2023 saw a massive bear market rally. Many traders are now asking – is cryptocurrency a good investment in 2024?

Read to learn whether cryptocurrency remains a worthwhile asset to invest in this year and also learn how to make the most out of even the most choppy market conditions.

Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment in 2024? Predictions

When you’re pondering the question – is cryptocurrency a good investment? – first ask yourself if you have the appropriate risk tolerance needed to deal with this speculative asset. It is an important factor since “going all-in” is not always the best route, given how volatile crypto can be, demonstated by the price chart below.

total crypto market cap is crypto a good investment

The total crypto market cap peaked in Nov 2021 at $3 trillion, currently $1 trillion

Here is a summary of what we think the answer to this question could include:

  1. Cryptocurrency is capable of generating parabolic gains. That was made evident by the 2021 bull run when multiple tokens, aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum, reached highs that allowed even the most modest investors to accumulate massive wealth.
  2. Cryptocurrency provides faster transaction speeds than fiat. Bitcoin started slow, but more crypto assets are emerging, improving upon the old chains and offering better and higher transaction speeds. Solana, for instance, offers 50,000 TPS and is the fastest blockchain in the world right now. More chains are emerging, promising better transaction speeds – upwards of 100k, even a million TPS is now in sight.
  3. Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset class. It hardly follows the traditional market fundamentals and almost always follows the whims of the community and the future prospect of the token. That is a factor that has pushed the crypto price to an unprecedented scale and has also caused massive drops depending on the market conditions.
  4. Cryptocurrencies remain a novel type of investment. Yes, Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. However, what followed after was a stream of new crypto assets with the same value – all of them were meant to be traded. However, the rise of blockchain technology and its awareness among most traders has led to an influx of new, utility-based cryptos with real-word use cases. These assets are new – and most likely have set the benchmark for the assets to come.
  5. Since cryptocurrencies are volatile – and there are many scam crypto projects on the market, it is important for investors to be aware of the risks involved. Before considering any crypto as an investment option, DYOR – Do Your Own Research – is the mantra to stick to.
  6. People must look beyond question – “Is now a good time to invest in cryptocurrency?”. Apart from making predictions by looking at some technical indicators, there is no way to precisely predict the movement of a crypto’s price. The question should be, “how much should I invest in X asset”. The answer to this is a hedging process where instead of putting in massive amounts in one crypto, people buy a small number of tokens at regular intervals.
  7. No one should put all their eggs in one basket – meaning no one should invest in ONLY one cryptocurrency. Diversifying crypto investments is the key here. It is a risk-averse technique that allows people to compound their gains in the bull market and offset their losses in the bear season. Also, cryptocurrencies must not be the only asset that people invest in. Investors must look to traditional assets alongside cryptos, like stocks, ETFs, and index funds.
  8. Investors must always be on the lookout for crypto presales. The presale cryptocurrency projects let people become early movers and help them generate profits through price appreciation that happens when the presale goes into another stage. Also, the marketing and interest during the presale pump the value of the token massively once it finally lands on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The bottom line is – people should have realistic expectations when they invest in cryptocurrency. No longer they the quick-rich schemes that many thought when many altcoins reached their all-time highs in 2021. People are getting more aware and regulations more stringent. In light of this, risk should be assessed, research should be done, and potential upsides of an asset should be analyzed before finding the right time to invest in crypto.

Why Cryptocurrency is Still a Good Investment

The bear market of 2022, led by the two former darlings of crypto – LUNA’s Do Kwon and FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried – shook a lot of faith retail investors had in cryptocurrencies. The resultant calls for crypto regulation are also making new money averse to these speculative assets.

However, those who believe in the underlying technology – and there are many of them – understand that these assets are here to stay. Also, despite the 2022 bear market that has consolidated the voices of many crypto detractors, many investors still gravitate toward crypto and its offerings. The bull run of 2021 didn’t happen out of the blue – there was a discernible reason behind it.

And the bear market has arrived as a great lesson to many – one that will only improve the quality of cryptocurrencies and the trading habits of investors from this point forth. With that in mind, here are the many reasons why the cryptocurrency is still a good investment for everyone involved.

Cryptocurrency Provider Unparalleled Transaction Speeds

There is nothing more intrusive and annoying than the slow transaction speeds related to fiat deposits – especially when people are transferring money outside the country. Wire transfers, as secure as they are – which they are not – take up to 24 hours to transfer. That makes immediate transfers for critical reasons a hassle.

Unparalleled transfer speeds

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, allow the transfer of money across countries in a matter of minutes. Granted that some scalability issues have acted as a roadblock to transferability, new cryptocurrencies are being developed that are specifically addressing the issues of the old.

Bitcoin, the first crypto, for instance, has a transaction speed of only seven blocks per second. Ethereum started out handling 13 to 14 blocks per second. Solana, a cryptocurrency project that emerged and called itself the “Ethereum killer”, offers 50,000 transactions per second – and now is the fastest blockchain in the world.

But Solana is not the end. Many new cryptocurrencies are emerging, and all of them promise better speed. So, we might see a crypto project with above 100k TPS in the future.

Cryptocurrencies Are Still Coming Up As Reliable Investment Products

Despite the recent shortfalls of crypto trade, we must not overlook one simple fact – cryptocurrencies are still new. And also, don’t forget that these now “overly risky” tokens are the same assets that reached more than $3 trillion in valuation during the 2021 bull-run, with Bitcoin leading the charge at upwards of $1 trillion market capitalization.

It was soon after that many African and South American countries started to accept Bitcoin as legal tender – El Salvador is one of them. To these countries, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a hedging asset that can take them out of the hyperinflation state they are in.

And when it comes to Bitcoin, many experts say that it is still undervalued. Many crypto watchers have gone as far as to say that Bitcoin will be worth $100k in 2024 just as the largest bear market subsides.

And it is a natural thing to say. Bitcoin, in many forms, is like the internet when it first landed in the early 1990s. People didn’t bet on it becoming as successful as it did. Cryptocurrencies are the same, underappreciated and undervalued technologies that will gain momentum and gain it fast once more of their utilities come to the surface.

Web 3 will be a necessity in the future, and blockchain is the enabler of that future. And since cryptocurrencies are what power the blockchain – their value is bound to increase in the coming days.

And as cryptocurrencies continue to appear more reliable as an investment product, more people will gravitate towards them. We witnessed that in early 2022 when many people participated in presale cryptos and made parabolic gains soon after.

These instances make cryptocurrencies a high-growth investment, especially for early movers and those who have the foresight to buy the dip.

Invest in a Crypto Presale

Bear Markets Present a Chance to Buy Cryptocurrencies at a Discount

The current bear cycle will remove many cryptocurrencies from circulation – that’s the truth. We saw it with LUNA and FTX. And let’s not forget about other thousands of assets that ceased to exist because they couldn’t take the freezing winds of crypto winter.

But the assets that persist still continue to maintain a solid ground. There are people that still bet upon them – hoping to make things turn around.

And when there is a reversal, it is these investors that make parabolic gains.

What we mean to say is that during bear markets, cryptocurrencies are available at a discount price. Buying them at a discount allows investors to make massive gains when the bear cycle ends and the bull cycle arrives.

Let us take the example of Ethereum.

  1. Ethereum experienced its first bull run in 2018 when its price went from near $200 to beyond $1000.
  2. Then the 2019 bear season arrived, which pushed the ETH price to sub-$100 levels.
  3. After accumulating at the same price until the mid of 2020, things started to change.
  4. And finally, when the November 2021 market arrived, the price of this asset exceeded $4k – which is a 4000% increase.
  5. These massive gains made Ethereum the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the market.

Ethereum Price Chart - All-Time Chart

Ethereum price chart

2022 saw the Ethereum price retrace steeply – to below $1k at one point. And after some volatility, the token has once again found stable ground at above $1.5k. Ethereum is now accessible to multiple traders at the current price point. And as more buyers come in. the price of this asset will increase in the future.

And once this bear cycle ends, the upcoming bull market will be big.

Overall, bear markets make cryptocurrencies accessible to ordinary traders – encouraging maximum participation. The new influx of buyers can have an unintended effect of pumping the price of an asset.

It allows One to Create a Diverse Portfolio

Diversification is the key to successful investment for any asset, and cryptocurrencies are no strangers to that philosophy – especially since there are more than 22k cryptocurrencies to choose from.

While not all of them make it to our list of the best cryptos to buy, some of them have untapped potential that will be realized once these projects grow. Finding which ones, however, is the really difficult part. But when it works, the gains are often parabolic.

Another factor of cryptocurrencies is their ability to give fractional ownership. Investors don’t need to buy one Bitcoin or one Ethereum token when they buy cryptocurrency. They can invest what they can afford and get an equivalent amount of fractional crypto in their portfolio.

It does two things. One, it increases participation. And secondly,  it keeps the risks minimum. When the risk is minimized, people are encouraged to diversify their assets. While diversification can also be risky, doing so with the knowledge of the markets allow people to offset their losses or compound their gains depending on the market conditions.

The Potential Upsides of Certain Assets (Presales) are almost Immediate

2022 emerged with multiple presale offerings. These tokens were offered to the public before the token generation event that puts them on listing exchanges.

Presales allows people to invest in crypto as an early mover and is similar to the Initial Public Offering. It allows the team to develop the hype and technology behind cryptocurrencies, and when the listing happens, the pump is almost immediate.

Another big factor that works in favor of the presales is that most of them happen in multiple stages.

And since the listing price is equivalent to the final stage price of crypto. Those who participated in the first stage would get 3x gains – guaranteed.

In 2022, Lucky Block went on to become the first presale crypto to reach a $1 billion market capitalization after it got listed on exchanges following its presale.

And since more presales will come from this point forth, investing in cryptocurrencies is a good idea.

Cryptocurrencies Have Performed Well in The Past – And Can do So Again

The 2021 bull run allowed investors to make many to make high levels of gains, even at small investments. It showed the world that this speculative asset is capable of making high returns that traditional markets can’t necessarily parallel.

However, being a speculative asset is the best and the worst thing about cryptocurrency. Since there is no traditional trend that these markets follow, making crypto price predictions isn’t easy.

But that doesn’t take away from the potential of parabolic gains cryptocurrencies can make. While the old guards of crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum might not see the parabolic gains they were able to generate in the past, there are newer cryptocurrencies with more utilities and upsides that can possibly mirror the same feat.

That’s not to say that Bitcoin and Ethereum have no chance of making higher profits. As we said, Bitcoin, to this day, is seen as an undervalued asset by some of the industry’s more bullish experts. They believe that it has the potential to reach $100k once the next bull phase arrives.

That bull phase might have a bigger impact on certain presale tokens like Dogecoin20. Since people have been asking for metaverse tokens that are more inclusive and provide a better gaming experience, products like this will likely see exponential gains in the future.

What are the Risks to Consider Before Investing in Cryptocurrencies?

Is cryptocurrency safe? That is one question that reverberates through the entire crypto space. Cryptocurrency is an enticing market that’s capable of generating manifold gains for beginners as well as novice investors. However, like any asset, it has risks – but those risks are aggravated because of crypto’s speculative nature.

Therefore, investors must weigh all the risks before investing. Also, understanding the risks decides whether a particular cryptocurrency is a good investment or not.

Volatility Risks

Here is an example to demonstrate the volatility risk surrounding the crypto space.

  1. For instance, if a cryptocurrency’s official page showcases a great roadmap but so far there has been no development about the same – the token probably is a good investment.
  2. Another factor to understand is the volatility risks associated with cryptocurrencies. LUNA crash led to the cryptocurrency market capitalization dipping below $1 trillion because of Bitcoin’s massive retrace. The token was able to pull back to some degree, but the FTX crash led to many institutes selling off their holdings which led to the market cap dropping to $817 billion.
  3. The middle of the first month of 2023 saw the cryptocurrency markets coming back. People are in a rush to escape the winter, and the market capitalization has now been pushed above $1 trillion once again, with Bitcoin’s market capitalization being $861 billion.

For those looking for risk-free, stable returns, this level of volatility might be too much to handle.

When the market reaches its peak, it is generally a sign that retracement is on the way. However, many people are not aware of it and end up buying high. It then creates a lossy scenario because the crypto price retraces are often dramatic.

Security Risks

Another big risk to consider when investing in cryptocurrencies is related to security. The blockchain trilemma is still very much prevalent.

If a chain is decentralized and scalable, it can’ be fully secure. If a chain is decentralized and secure, then devs will run into scalability issues, and if a chain is scalable and secure, then it mostly means that it is under the control of a central authority – which is against decentralization.

And since decentralization is the major selling point of blockchains, security issues – even when the devs don’t want to – are kept somewhat on the back burner.

Another major risk associated with security is the number of fake cryptocurrencies that are available in the market. Thankfully, fishing them out is easy since their roadmaps are badly worded, and their official websites often don’t contain much information.

However, many new fake assets are arriving where scammers have taken special care to be seen as legitimate as possible.

Investment Risks

Another large issue with cryptocurrency investment comes from a lack of research. While diversifying your investment and investing in multiple cryptos is important, that requires thorough research. That means reading lengthy whitepapers that are often too technical to be understood by a layperson.

That leads to people finding one crypto to get behind and stick with. In the best circumstances, such assets can blow up and make massive gains for investors. But the more common occurrences of such cryptos are bad ones – where many end up losing all of their capital.

Many LUNA holders lost their life savings the market crashed in May 2022. Many tweeted to have lost their homes. And unfortunately, many resorted to self-deletion.

Therefore, hedging while investing is important – meaning one must invest in multiple cryptos in small amounts to make the most out of this situation.

An Analysis of Volatility of The Crypto Market

Navigating the cryptocurrency market becomes easier when we analyze the source of volatility of the crypto market.

Note that cryptocurrencies, like traditional assets, move in price depending on demand and supply. And the demand for crypto is dedicated to the positive sentiment people have toward it.

If a cryptocurrency project has brought in a new update, the sentiment becomes positive. That leads to huge waves of buying pressure from both institutional and individual investors. The 2021’s bull market is one instance of that.

The more recent example of this buying pressure is the LUNC performance. LUNC, or Terra Classic, is the hard fork of the original Terra blockchain and is now operated by the community. In the last quarter of 2022, the LUNC community introduced a 1.2% burning tax and staking.

Both of these factors combined with create a buying frenzy, and for the next few days, LUNC destroyed all the market fundamentals to reach its all-time highs. While many thought that it was only those overly bullish on LUNC who bought the tokens, charts show that many outsiders and new investors also gravitated toward it.

The update induced FOMO in the market, and at one point, LUNC reached a market capitalization of $2.85 billion. That was one of the rare instances of a bull market scenario inside a bear season.

On the other hand, when Terra Luna fell into a death spiral and crashed the entire crypto market, FUD – Fear, uncertainty, and despair – became the primary things to be in the minds of the people. Institutions and individuals organized massive sell-offs to get rid of their LUNC holdings, as well as their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.

Then the FTX crash further worked its way to vaporize whatever trust people had in the crypto market. Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped to their lowest value in 2022. Bitcoin dropped below $20k, and Ethereum struggled to stay above $1k.

And in January 2023, the prices are back up again. Experts say that the economic slowdown has led investors to believe that Fed might delay increasing the interest rate – and that is moving up the price, alongside other bullish news such as Amazon expressing an interest in crypto again.

Despite the volatility, crypto enthusiasts believe that there are only upsides to investing in cryptocurrencies in the long run.

When it comes to pricing Bitcoin, it is done against the US dollar, much like traditional assets such s gold and ETF. Other currencies, however, must also take the value of their currency against the dollar into account when considering the price of crypto.

How to Deal with Crypto Market’s Volatility

Cryptocurrency’s volatility is one of the crypto market’s biggest strengths and its biggest weaknesses. While it does make crypto unappealing to risk-averse investors, it does give people a chance to make parabolic gains if they are willing to get down and research and invest properly. The profits that you can generate are high.

Here are a few tips for dealing with the crypto market’s volatility and making gains.

Don’t Invest Impulsively

Terms like FOMO and FUD have only become so much more prevalent in the crypto space because the emotional drive to invest (or not invest) in crypto has astronomical consequences for crypto prices.

It is those emotions that drive people to make bad investment decisions. One look at Twitter, the bot tweets showing the “to the moon” emoji show whatever needs to be said. Therefore, always make sure that when you invest, your emotions aren’t involved.

If crypto is performing badly, find out the reason behind it. Go on social media. Listen to actual crypto experts and read the whitepapers yourself. Learn about the team if you have to. Your job is to make sure that you have enough information to act logically and not get swayed by emotions.

Invest in Small But Regular Increments

Do not invest a lot of money in one go. Invest sparingly and at regular intervals to ensure that you can make split-second decisions and drop out when the market isn’t moving in a positive direction.

And if the crypto prices drop, your losses won’t be heavy. This strategy is known as the dollar-cost averaging strategy.

Investors use this strategy to play the long game – meaning they look for long-term investments and invest in little amounts to hedge against the market. And when the bear market arrives, you can buy a small amount of crypto at a discount. When the next bull market arrives, and you sell your assets, you will generate more profits.

Diversify your Crypto Investments

Cryptocurrencies are volatile, and some cryptos are more than others. DeFi coins like Uniswap often trade in volatile zones but bring high gains. While tokens like stablecoins choose a more non-volatile path and bring small but regular gains.

Therefore, invest in a mixture of cryptocurrencies if you want to make it big in the crypto space. Pick among a mixture of crypto assets. And if you don’t want to deal with the research, it takes to find a diverse range of cryptos to invest in, go to eToro and find one of the crypto bundles.

Leverage Asymmetrical Upside

When you see an asymmetrical upside – crypto rising massively without much reason -make sure not to be swayed by emotions and pick logic instead. For instance, January 2023 has seen Bitcoin going beyond the 23k mark due to massive bull action. However, the token is still in the oversold zone according to the RSI indicator.

That could mean a reversal is in order. So, if you are a holder, you can either take immediate action and sell it to make small gains, or you can play the long game.

But to decide which direction to take, go to trading view and get a thorough look at different technical indicators before you make a decision. Watch the moving averages, Bollinger bands, and Fibonacci retracement levels as closely as you can.

The Arrival of Utility-Based Cryptos and Their Impact on Investments

The utility is a term that has only recently started to be associated with cryptocurrencies because people want tokens to be more than tradable assets.

However, 2022 has seen the demand for utility cryptos rise. While Bitcoin’s ability to be more valuable than gold when it comes to storing value has been noted, other utilities are also needed.

  1. Projects like Ethereum have the utility of creating smart contracts for other cryptos – which has led to novel concepts like DeFi tokens and Web 3 tokens.
  2. Binance Coin is a DEX crypto that allows you to lower your trading fees when you are buying or selling cryptocurrencies on Binance.

Utilities ensure longevity for a cryptocurrency. The developments happening to a blockchain project keep the users engage, and the price stabilizes or goes up.

On the other hand, the best memecoins are nothing more than joke tokens. They don’t have any utility to speak of, and their price movements rely on good words from a celebrity like Elon Musk.

However, seeing the value use cases bring into a lifecycle of crypto assets, many of these memecoins have shifted gears and are now planning to use utilities of various forms.

Cryptocurrencies As Short Vs. Long Term Investments

The best crypto for intra-day trading allows investors to make profits in short bursts as they leverage the asset’s rampant volatility. For a long time, this approach has been the center point for many cryptocurrencies. However, the volatility often doesn’t lead to positive results and can cause more harm than good

That’s why people have now started to look at more long-term assets and are creating long-term investment plans, such as employing a dollar-cost averaging strategy.

Long-term investment strategies take away the worries of keeping an eagle eye on short-term price movements of crypto. Just checking an asset’s movements once a month will do. And when employed correctly, volatility does not matter, and people still make massive gains over time.

However, finding a cryptocurrency investment worthy of long-term gains is the issue here – which requires a fair amount of research.

But that’s not to say that short-term trading strategies aren’t worth your time. Presale cryptos allow you to invest in crypto in the earlier stage, and as their price appreciates in subsequent stages, the short-term returns are massive.

That said, those with a vision would prefer to hold on to these cryptos since most of these crypto offerings have long-term upsides.

Is Cryptocurrency a Good Investment in 2024 – An Expert Opinion

Everyone on Twitter parade around as an expert these days. Their words should be taken with a grain of salt since their knowledge is limited by their own biases.

Another thing to focus on when listening to experts is the preference of every expert differ – and that clouds how they see a particular asset. Therefore, conducting your own research is a much better and safer option.

Here are some of the comments of proper experts that we found.

Negative comments

The current bearish trend has had many traditional experts go against crypto, and they have this to say.

Warren Buffet, the stock market legend and one of the most respected investors in the world, has told people to “stay away from bitcoin; it is a mirage.” But on the other hand, he also warned people to stay away from Tesla, and we all know how that turned out.

Positive Comments

Tom Lee is the founder of Fundstat Global Advisors and is one of the biggest crypto traders in the industry. He has come out in support of Bitcoin and remains hopeful that one day, Bitcoin will reach a $200k valuation.

If that turns out to be true, the value of all other assets will also go up.

JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon had an antagonistic attitude towards Bitcoin in 2017. He called it a fraud and compared it to tulip bulbs. However, the bull market of 2023 and the sheer development of Web 3 space has forced him to reconsider.

The CEO now says that Bitcoin has a significant upside.

These are, of course, subjective opinions and should be considered as such. Investors really looking to take a deep dive into the crypto space must do their own research before investing.

Cryptocurrencies that are Worth Investing Today? Top Beginner-Friendly Cryptos

PlayDoge (PLAY)

PlayDoge stands out as a new project that underscores the value of investing in cryptocurrency. The allure of this Play-to-Earn (P2E) memecoin comes from both its engaging gaming mechanics and its meme appeal. The meme aspect is particularly compelling: PlayDoge portrays its doge characters in an 8-bit style reminiscent of Tamagotchis, striking a nostalgic chord with old-school enthusiasts and drawing in meme aficionados.


The P2E mechanics of PlayDoge mirror those of a Tamagotchi, where players nurture their digital pets. However, PlayDoge elevates the experience by integrating the $PLAY token, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Unlike traditional Tamagotchis, where interest waned as pets died quickly, the $PLAY token fuels a more dynamic interaction. It serves as both a reward for player engagement and a medium to acquire in-game items or participate in mini-games for additional earnings.

The rewarding ecosystem that PlayDoge has cultivated not only enhances the gaming experience but also makes it a compelling investment within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Visit PlayDoge

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE)

Dogeverse introduces a unique thematic approach to cryptocurrency, featuring Cosmo the dog, born from a supernova and capable of navigating multiple blockchain networks. This character-driven narrative is backed by a solid technological framework, allowing Dogeverse to operate across Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Base, which broadens its appeal and utility. The project’s seamless integration into multiple chains has not only captivated the crypto community but has also facilitated rapid presale achievements, reflecting robust investor interest and belief in its potential.


There has not been much information provided with respect to its future plans. But while the utility element of the project may not be as clear, the project does seem to have the hype required to potentially spike in value.

Dogeverse further distinguishes itself by providing staking opportunities—a feature not typically associated with meme coins—enabling token holders to generate passive income from their holdings. This addition enhances the project’s practical value, making it more than just a meme but a worthwhile investment with long-term benefits. As Dogeverse continues to develop its footprint across additional blockchain platforms, it aims to enrich its ecosystem with more functionalities that support both its narrative and technological prowess, securing its position as a versatile and sustainable player in the crowded memecoin space.

Visit Dogeverse

Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana is a newly launched presale, which has been gaining popularity due to its exciting theme across the memecoin space. It is reminiscent of South Park’s infamous WoW character, Sealana embraces the spirit of playful irreverence that defines the memecoin culture. This rotund seal, lounging at his PC amidst a sea of chips and tinned tuna, symbolizes the carefree ethos of the project—where laziness meets opportunity in the degenerate market.

While some may raise eyebrows at the lack of utility or a roadmap, Sealana’s allure lies in its unabashed embrace of unpredictability. The absence of a roadmap is not a stumbling block but rather an invitation to join the adventure of speculative dynamics. It allows for organic growth and unexpected pivots, keeping investors on the edge of their seats and fostering a sense of community-driven excitement.


Moreover, Sealana’s decision to keep its total supply shrouded in mystery adds an extra layer of intrigue. By positioning itself as a token “enough for everyone,” the project taps into the thrill-seeking instincts of the degen memecoin community. This bold move sparks conversations and speculation, fueling the viral buzz that surrounds Sealana in social media circles and crypto forums.

In essence, Sealana is more than just a memecoin—it’s a testament to the boundless creativity and risk appetite of the crypto space. It invites investors to dive headfirst into the wild currents of the market, guided by a chubby seal on a quest for the next big Solana memecoin.

Visit Sealana

WienerAI (WAI)

As the cryptocurrency market continues to go through volatile motions, people have started to wonder if high-cap tokens are worth the time and investment. In 2024, one project that has been generating significant buzz among traders is WienerAI ($WAI), a unique fusion of AI technology, meme culture, and a touch of humor.


WienerAI’s peculiar concept of combining a dog-themed meme coin with cutting-edge AI has caught the attention of traders and investors alike. The project’s ongoing presale has already raised over $370,000 in its first week, a testament to the positive sentiment surrounding this innovative idea.

Traders are particularly intrigued by WienerAI’s tokenomics, which are designed to foster long-term growth and sustainability. The project has allocated 20% of its total token supply for staking rewards, offering an annual percentage yield (APY) of over 3,000% during the presale phase. This incentivizes investors to hold their tokens for the long term, potentially creating a solid foundation for price appreciation.

WienerAI’s ambitious vision to make AI more approachable and personify it as a companion has resonated with traders seeking projects with real-world utility. The project’s roadmap outlines plans to develop AI-powered applications and products, adding substance to the meme-worthy concept.

With its unique blend of viral themes, favorable tokenomics, and long-term vision, traders are increasingly viewing WienerAI as a compelling investment opportunity in 2024. The project’s ability to captivate investors and build an active community has further fueled speculation about its potential for growth and adoption.

Visit WienerAI

Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice introduces an advanced blockchain gambling platform where its proprietary DICE token is at the center of all interactions and transactions. Designed with a limited supply, DICE tokens are set to become increasingly valuable as more players join and engage with the platform, thereby driving demand. This strategic scarcity aligns with the platform’s long-term goals to not only provide entertainment but also offer a robust investment opportunity for those involved in the crypto-gambling sector.

Mega Dice

The benefits for DICE token holders extend beyond simple gambling. They include access to unique NFTs, daily casino profit shares, and special gaming rewards, enriching the user experience and providing additional incentives to hold and use the token within the platform. Mega Dice’s commitment to leveraging the Solana blockchain enhances its operational efficiencies by ensuring faster transactions and reduced fees, thereby improving the overall user experience. With these innovative elements, Mega Dice is redefining online gambling, making it more engaging, profitable, and user-friendly for a global audience.

Now, while the DICE token is yet to be launched(currently in its presale phase), the investors seem to be highly bullish on the token, since the possibility of an iGaming crypto like DICE pumping is usually high, especially in these market conditions. So if one is looking to park funds into a high-potential utility crypto within the casino space, then DICE can surely be a top contender to consider.

Visit Mega Dice

99Bitcoins (99BTC)

The 99Bitcoins initiative redefines the educational landscape within the cryptocurrency sector by integrating a Learn-to-Earn model that rewards users with 99BTC tokens as they advance through educational content. This model not only incentivizes learning but also directly engages users by providing tangible rewards that increase in value as they deepen their cryptocurrency knowledge and involvement. The tokens earned can be used to unlock exclusive content, gain discounts, and participate in special community events, making the learning process both rewarding and engaging.


Expanding its educational reach, 99Bitcoins plans to integrate with the Bitcoin blockchain through the BRC-20 standard, a move that will pioneer new educational pathways and broaden its user base. The platform’s commitment to providing valuable trading signals and additional learning resources positions it as a comprehensive educational ecosystem in the cryptocurrency domain.

By blending education with substantial rewards and community engagement, 99Bitcoins not only supports its users’ educational growth but also enhances their trading capabilities, establishing itself as a vital resource for both newcomers and experienced traders in the evolving digital currency landscape. It can be an excellent substitute for investors to consider against memecoins that provide no utility and are completely reliant on hype for a value increase.

Visit 99Bitcoins

eTukTuk (TUK)

For those seeking a high-potential cryptocurrency with tangible real-world utility, eTukTuk is a must-have in any beginner’s portfolio. Despite being a newcomer, it has quickly gained prominence for its innovative approach to fostering a social community among EV owners, particularly within a network of tuktuks aimed at promoting eco-friendly and convenient commuting. Originating from Sri Lanka, the project aspires to expand globally, offering riders access to essential services such as charging station locations through its ecosystem.


At the heart of this endeavor are two key components: the EV tuktuk itself and a network of charging stations strategically positioned to support riders throughout their journeys. Complementing these offerings is a P2E game, allowing players to step into the role of drivers ferrying passengers between destinations. All such interactions within the ecosystem are facilitated by the project’s native token, TUK, currently available in its presale stage at $0.026.

Investors stand to benefit from early acquisition, as each presale stage promises incremental price increases, offering a straightforward path to profit. With its futuristic concept, solid product offering, and immense growth potential, eTukTuk emerges as a compelling investment opportunity worth considering.

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Bitcoin still remains a worthy cryptocurrency to invest in 2024. Being the world’s largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization exceeding $400 billion, this cryptocurrency has a lot of potential – but less so than the above three presale cryptos we have covered.

Bitcoin Upside Potential for 2023

That said, investors continue to believe that Bitcoin is an undervalued asset. And the current price point makes it an interesting crypto to get behind – especially since it can be bought at a discount price.


Ending our list of worthy cryptocurrency investments is Ethereum. It is the second biggest crypto and the biggest altcoin in the world. While it started out as a way to provide more utility to cryptos but followed the same Proof of Work mechanism as Bitcoin, Ethereum has now fully embraced Proof-of-stake with the merge upgrade.

The Ethereum network supports a large number of crypto assets – many of them are listed in our presale. And at the time of writing, Ethereum is accumulating above $1.5k – which is almost 70% below its all-time high – giving investors a chance to buy it at a discount.

Is Cryptocurrency A Good Investment in 2024 – Our Final Verdict

This guide has now answered the question – “is cryptocurrency a good investment”?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile, and their speculative nature makes them far from being risk-free. However, if you have a good investment plan and you are willing to research the assets thoroughly, the upsides of investing in cryptos are many.

The best cryptos that we are bullish about are now available on presale. They have high upside and have the potential to go 10x when their listing goes live.

Of the various token sales we’ve reviewed the top crypto investment right now is PlayDoge. It is a leading Dogecoin alternative available as a presale.

PlayDoge (PLAY) - Newest ICO On BNB Chain


  • 2D Virtual Doge Pet
  • Play To Earn Meme Coin Fusion
  • Staking & In-Game Token Rewards
  • SolidProof Audited -


Is cryptocurrency worth investing in this year?

Cryptocurrency can be a worthy investment to some - especially those with a high-risk tolerance. There is no harm in investing in presales or using a dollar-cost investing strategy. Presales will allow users to make guaranteed gains before the token lists, and dollar-cost averaging will let them make gains in the long term.

Is cryptocurrency a good investment in a long term

Long-term cryptocurrency investments are few. And our two-cents go to Ethereum and Bitcoin. These are foundational crypto assets whose value will grow with the success of other tokens. However, to gain a long-term benefit, investors must be willing to hold these cryptos rather than selling them during bear seasons.

Should I invest in crypto or stocks?

Investors should always diversify their investments - which means that they must invest in both cryptos and stocks. Diversification reduces the risks during bear season and compounds the gains during bull runs.

Can you make money with cryptocurrency?

Yes, investors can make money with cryptocurrency. But that depends on the type of crypto they are choosing to invest in. Also, investors must keep an eye on the price charts if they are serious about investing.

Should I buy cryptocurrency?

Investment decisions are subjective and must be backed by proper research and analysis of both upsides and downsides. That being said, it is advised that invest put a small amount of their investments in crypto to prepare for the bull runs.