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Calvaria Review: Project Details, NFTs, Presales and Tokenomics

Calvaria is a new addition to the world of play-to-earn crypto games that promises great gameplay coupled with unparalleled underlying DeFi mechanics. Banking upon the success of gaming cryptos like Battle Infinity and Tamadoge, Calvaria, too, seeks to become the next presale success this year and is eyeing an early 2023 launch window. 

Is this gaming crypto worth it? If so, how does it differentiate itself in a market saturated with cryptocurrencies that cater to the gaming cryptosphere? This review dives deep into this NFT’s nature, from its P2E mechanics to tokenomics, to see if this novel NFT project has what it takes to become the next best thing in crypto gaming. 

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a battle cards game, in a similar vein to Gods Unchained, featuring cards that represent different characters with unique abilities. Players must build a unique deck of these cards and fight using complex strategies to win tournaments and get rewarded with a plethora of rewards in the form of in-game assets and RIA tokens. 

What is Calvaria?

Like other crypto-games, Calvaria has been designed to give true ownership of in-game assets to the players. These resources can be earned either by playing the game or investing in the Calvaria ecosystem.

As mentioned in the game’s light paper, the Calvaria project is set to feature two :

P2E Mode

Calvaria P2E Mode

P2E (Play-to-earn mode) is meant for crypto gamers. They will access a marketplace where they will be able to buy cards and upgrades. Additionally, NFT collections, royalty rewards, and NFT upgrades will be accessible in this mode. Additional perks include:

  • Constant look at drop boxes.
  • Advertising and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Access to physical and digital goodies.
  • The ability to put wagers on tournaments.
  • A scholarship system. 

F2P Mode

Calvaria Free-to-Play

Calvaria aims not only to create a crypto game but a game that even the Web 2.0 crowd can become a part of, for which it has created the F2P (Free to Play mode). General gaming crows will have complete access to the game, including top-ups, Non-NFT assets, card upgrades, portions and buffs, in-game store commissions, tournaments, and in-game ads. 

Powering the entire ecosystem is $RIA, the main in-game currency. $RIA forms the root of Calvaria’s entire economy. Another token within the ecosystem is $eRIA or Earn RIA – a token awarded to win the tournaments. 

In terms of gameplay, Calvaria has two modes:

Single Player Campaign

Those who want to dive deeply into Calvaria’s lore can use this optional but important single-player mode. It will introduce the players to the game’s rich history and tutorials. Players will be able to battle against the game’s AI. Winning matches will reward players with cards they can then use in PVP battles.

Player vs. Player

PVP is Calvaria’s main game mode – allowing you to prove your gameplay mettle against other players. Everything from misdirection to strategic planning is at a player’s disposal to win games and NFT tokens. Getting the right upgrades will let you increase your defenses and the damage you do to other players’ decks. Each game will last three rounds, and winners will be given $eRIA tokens. 

Due to these diverse gameplay modes, Calvaria has all the makings of being the next big metaverse coin.

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Why invest in Calvaria?

Calvaria does many things similar to other games within the blockchain gaming space. However, some factors set it apart from its competitors. 

Visit Calvaria Unique Gameplay

A Unique P2E in The Blockchain Ecosystem

Calvaria has taken a unique approach to crypto gaming by making it game-centric. Axie Infinity, for example, is a game that has great tokenomics but needs to catch up in terms of gameplay. Calvaria features addictive gameplay, allowing players to build their decks and implement strategies to win tournaments. In the game, players will get to choose between different factions, each with different backstories and unique decks and cards that will give them a better chance to win at tournaments. This gameplay is backed by a rich story mode, 3D mode, the ability to play without a crypto wallet, and a unique P2P marketplace to buy and sell in-game assets. 

This inclusive approach to gameplay primes Calvaria to become a magnet to attract non-crypto gamers that, for so long, have critiqued crypto gaming while sitting on the sidelines. In the long term, this approach is what the crypto gaming industry needs right now. 

Real Ownership of Resources

By leveraging blockchain technology, Calvaria has made all the in-game assets, from decks to unique cards to upgrades, truly ownable by the players. Players can not only use them to play the game but also sell them on the Opensea or use them on decentralized applications.   

Economy Beyond the Game Itself

The game’s underlying economy has been designed to attract not only players but also general crypto investors. The $RIA tokens are not only tradeable on exchanges but also can be used for staking to earn high APY from the gamified staking pools. Calvaria aims to leverage $RIA tokens to power the platform’s DAO and NFT platform to create a community of traders and gamers who can invest profitably and spread awareness about blockchain to a larger crowd. 

An Experienced Team of Developers

A project is only as good as the team of developers backing it. Thankfully, Calvaria is supported by a diverse team consisting of experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists. The team has helmed many projects in the standard IT business since 2012. For the development of Calvaria, the team hired additional members who deeply understand the gameplay mechanics of battle card games and decentralized applications. 

An Ethical Approach to Generating Funds

An initial NFT Offering or Initial Node Offering is considered an ethical way of generating funds for a cryptocurrency. Here, NFTs are offered on cryptocurrency exchanges or marketplaces for a limited time at a predetermined price. Calvaria has already partnered with KuCoin,, and for its INO launch. These factors are already shaping Calvaria as one of the best NFTs to buy

Calvaria is Undergoing a Presale

The volatile market conditions make it more appropriate for investors to invest in tokens that aren’t at risk of these volatile sentiments of the crypto crowd. Therefore, presale cryptocurrencies have acquired a lot of steam in 2022. Play to earn cryptocurrencies have ruled these presales, the latest successful examples being Battle Infinity and Tamadoge. Battle Infinity met its presale target 66 days ahead of the presale, and Tamadoge surpassed Ethereum’s ICO. 

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This initial bullishness can fuel positive sentiments into Calvaria, which will cause it to experience a pump once it lands on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Bright Future in Crypto Gaming

2022 has seen the arrival of game-centric crypto games, with the ability to drive up the adoption rate of blockchain games by gamers from the non-crypto space. Battle Infinity, for instance, aims to change blockchain gaming by making Unreal-engine-powered games to be played on its platform. Calvaria has taken a similar approach. With a focus on gameplay and story-telling, Calvaria has what it takes to go up by 12x by 2024. 

Read our full Calvaria price prediction to see what we foresee for this unique cryptocurrency.

Also, check out this video from Crypto trader and analyst Jacob Crypto Bury in which he explains the huge upsides this cryptocurrency has for early movers

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What is RIA – the In-Game Crypto of Calvaria Ecosystem?

The Calvaria ecosystem has two tokens – $eRIA and $RIA. 

$eRIA tokens fulfill the game’s three major functions;

  1. Implementation of the game’s P2E mechanics that allow players to earn eRIA tokens and then use them to buy upgrades, exchange them on cryptocurrency exchanges, or stake in Calvaria’s gamified staking pools. 
  2. Upgrading the cards by merging them with other cards that are at the same level.
  3. Getting new cards from the in-game marketplace.  
  4. Shopping for in-game assets from the store that includes customization items to enhance the card’s effectiveness and reach on the battlefield. 

The second token is $RIA, the core of Calvaria’s ecosystem.

Governance Token

Governance is the primary function of the $RIA tokens, which focuses on maintaining the health and economy of the Calvaria ecosystem.


Users can stake their RIA holdings on Calvaria’s staking platform to earn passive rewards. The official whitepaper is yet to outline much information about the staking rewards, but when it does, Calvaria might become one of the best tokens that you can stake to earn interest.

Participating in Voting

Users who stake a certain number of $RIA tokens become eligible to participate in Calvaria’s DAO. The decentralized autonomous organization is crucial to governing and growing Calvaria’s ecosystem. Voting decisions will include the following:

  1. The way funds are distributed through the prize fund
  2. The way funds are distributed from the operations fund
  3. Changes in the total supply of the tokens. 

A lot of information will be slowly revealed as the project inches closer to the conclusion of the presale. In the meantime, check out our list of the best crypto DAO projects.

In-game Marketplace

Calvaria’s marketplace will play host to in-game resources, including decks, cards, upgrades, and energy packs, to name a few. Most of these resources, except a few, would be NFTs that players would buy using the $RIA token. And as the tokens return to the marketplace, Calvaria’s economy will maintain stability. 

Rewards for Competing in Tournaments

The final utility is $RIA tokens as a reward for winning at tournaments and investing in Calvaria’s ecosystem. All the tokens swapped for NFTs in the in-game marketplace will be divided into two parts. 90% of these tokens will go to the seller of the in-game assets, and the remaining 10% will move into the NFT marketplace. 

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What is Calvaria Tokenomics

Calvaria Tokenomics

Calvaria has a maximum fixed supply of 1,000,000 tokens, divided among the following components of the Calvaria ecosystem. 

Allocation Percentage of Total Supply
Presale  30%
Staking Pool 25%
Prize Pool 20%
Operations Fund 8%
Initial NFT Offering 6%
Team 5%
Liquidity Fund 4%
Advisors 2%

Calvaria developers plan to unlock the tokens baked on a pre-established schedule that will start with the Token Generation Event, which will happen after the presale. It is slated to last for 62 months. The scheduling will come into play to help with the long-term growth of the calvaria ecosystem. The devs launch a total of 3.2 million $RIA in circulation – 0.32% of the total supply in the initial phase. Below is the rest of the timeline. 


Calvaria set aside 30% of the tokens in the presale, which is currently in its fourth stage. The value of the token will appreciate with the stages (there are a total of 10), leading to substantial gains for those who choose to invest in this project early.

Staking Pool

25% of the RIA supply is dedicated to the staking pool. The staking pool, the largest token reservoir in the project’s ecosystem, allows Calvaria to create a sustainable economy. It will offer passive income to the stakers. The token supply in the pool will be replenished from the tokens earned by selling assets in the in-game marketplace. 

Furthermore, when the DAO finally launches, voting will allow stakers to decide the direction of how the staking pools’ rewards will be replenished, what the APYs would be, and how this pool will grow. 

Prize Pool

20% of the total Calvaria supply will be dedicated to the prize pool. Calvaria aims to use the prize pool to attract active crypto gamers who can dive into the Calvaria: DOE ecosystem to earn more rewards. 

The prize pool will be used to reward players with RIA tokens in various in-game events, including:

  1. Winning tournaments
  2. Daily reward systems
  3. Seasonal rewards
  4. Weekend rating rewards
  5. Additional game modes

RIA tokens withdrawn from the withdrawal pools are instantly tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges. That said, Calvaria has stated that the team has the right to lock these assets during the initial stage of the development of the project to prevent massive sell-offs.

Operations Fund

8% of tokens are dedicated to the operations fund. This fund aims to promote community activity and enhance marketing efforts. In terms of community activity, RIA tokens from the operations fund will be used regarding community engagement, attracting new users, and community involvement.

Devs also plan to use the operations fund to establish partnerships with other entities within or outside the blockchain space, issuing grants to artists and third-party developers, as well as funding unscheduled events.

Initial NFT Offering

6% of the total supply of RIA tokens is reserved for the INO – Initial NFT Offering. The funds raised through INO will be poured into the technological development of Calvaria: DOE. 


5% of the token supply is dedicated to the team. Since the token unlock schedule is gradual, the team will focus on maintaining interest in the project through the long term, and synchronizing it across advisers, community, and investors.  

Liquidity Fund

Calvaria has set aside 4% of the supply of the total token towards the liquidity fund. Its purpose is to maintain the token’s liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges – allowing tokens to become tradable immediately once they get listed on the trading platforms. 


The final 2% of the tokens will be dedicated to the advisors. Advisors are individuals and institutes –stakeholders that had and will continue to provide financial and technical assistance to the Calvaria project. 

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How to Buy Calvaria?

  1. Visit the official website of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity
  2. Click on the Buy Now button
  3. Connect an Ethereum wallet that has USDT or ETH
  4. Enter the amount of ETH to swap for Calvaria
  5. Buy Ethereum

A Look into Calvaria Roadmap

The Calvaria roadmap has six phases, each of them realistic and attainable, provided the team behind the project never loses momentum. 

Calvaria Roadmap

Q3 2022

The first quarter saw this project going through a full audit. The presale is live, and the developers are working on the Den of Skulls Liquidity pool behind the scenes. 

Q4 2022

Calvaria has already partnered with KuCoin,, and for its INO (Initial NFT Offering). The current pace of presale makes it evident that the CEX listing might be coming soon. NFT drops are also on the way. 

Q1 2023

The beginning of 2023 will give the crypto crowd the first taste of the Calvaria: DOE through its alpha version. The scholarship platform form for DoS will also launch, and so will the Den of Skulls campaign mode in the Calvaria ecosystem.

Q2 2023

Calvaria plans to partner with influencers, gamers, and streamers to show off DoE tournaments. It will also be the time when the game will officially launch. 

Q3 2023

Game expansions for Den of Skulls and Duals of Eternity will arrive during this schedule. Calvaria will also lay the foundation for creating an in-house eSports team. Offline events will be organized, and NFT holders will participate. 

Q4 2023

Finally, Calvaria will launch a VR (Virtual Reality) experience. More extensions will also be introduced to the game, and there are plans to launch a conference. 


Calvaria is a unique P2E game that still seems familiar because of its nuanced and familiar gameplay. The developer’s approach to creating an inclusive game that’s open to non-crypto gamers must be noted because of its potential to increase the blockchain gaming adoption rate. So far, the project has stayed in its development, and we believe that it will continue the same momentum next year. 

That brings us to this project’s presale. It has reached its fourth stage, and more than $1.5 million USDT has been raised. The project is closing in on the fifth phase of the presale quickly, which means early movers have a limited time to buy $RIA at a discounted price of $0.025 before it increases to $0.03.

If you want to keep up with this project’s presale, stay tuned with our news section as we cover the latest actions within the crypto space while keeping you updated about Calvaria’s presale stages. You can also follow our Telegram to get instant alerts for all the crypto news articles we add. 

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FAQs on Calvaria (RIA)

What is Calvaria?

Calvaria is a P2E game that, in a fashion similar to Gods Unchained, focuses on battle-cards gameplay where players fight within a PVE and PVP ecosystem to win tournaments and win rewards. Its native crypto is $RIA, which powers Calvaria's ecosystem, which includes the game, gamified staking pools, an in-game marketplace, and a DAO.

What makes Calvaria different from other P2E games?

Calvaria differentiates itself from other P2E games such as Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Spellfire by having a story mode, 3D characters, mobile gaming, a P2P marketplace, and allowing non-crypto gamers to start playing without connecting crypto wallets.

When will Calvaria be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges?

Calvaria will be up on cryptocurrency exchanges after the conclusion of the presale, which will coincide with the beginning of the token generation event.

Does Calvaria have a DAO?

Yes, Calvaria has a decentralized autonomous organization that will be under the management of the community that will vote on how the Calvaria ecosystem will be governed.

Is the team behind Calvaria doxxed?

Yes, the core team behind Calvaria is already doxxed on the official website.