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How to Buy Lucky Block V2 – New ERC20 Token

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

One of the few cryptocurrencies that held its value in mid 2022 when the rest of the market crashed was LBLOCK V2, the Lucky Block project’s second token, an ERC20 token. It is one of the most sought-after tokens that has been launched in 2022 and has managed to gain a massive community dedicated to the growth of the project.

This guide shall discuss how to buy the V2 of the LBLOCK token since a majority of investors have been wary of the recent developments within the project. We shall further review the token and its decision regarding the V2 token launch.

Key points on Lucky Block V2

  • Lucky Block is one of the top blockchain-based NFT competitions platforms.
  • The V2 token is an Ethereum chain token unlike the V1 token which is built on the Binance Smart Chain
  • Its competitions platform allows entrants from all over the world and is more transparent than other traditional gaming options
  • The platform has been involved in several philanthropic activities since its launch, including donating to the Red Cross
  • LBLOCK V2 will run parallelly to the original LBLOCK V1 token
  • LBLOCK V2 has an upcoming crypto exchange listing on on September 1st

How to buy Lucky Block V2: Quick Steps

As a project that has been on several watchlists since its launch, Lucky Block has a huge number of people who wish to buy tokens. Those who wish to buy the tokens easily using a DEX can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1- Set up a Crypto Wallet – Create a personal cryptocurrency wallet to store the LBLOCK V2 tokens first. There are several options like Trust Wallet and Metamask, but make sure to choose one that supports the Ethereum Chain.
  • Step 2- Deposit assets – You will need USDC or ETH to make your purchase of the LBLOCK V2 token. Make sure to deposit the required amount of tokens into your wallet.
  • Step 3- Connect Wallet to Uniswap – Open the Lucky Block Website and navigate to the how to buy Lucky Block page. Once there, select Buy Lucky Block on Uniswap. Connect your wallet to Uniswap.
  • Step 4- Buy LBLOCK V2 – Buy the desired amount of tokens. LBLOCK V2 tokens will be deposited into your wallet. Alongside Uniswap other options are also listed, including MEXC and LBank.

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How to buy Lucky Block V2 Crypto Tutorial

The LBLOCK V2 token can be currently purchased through a DEX as well as a CEX. Listed below are all the options to buy LBLOCK V2 tokens.

Buying LBLOCK V2 through a CEX

CEX stands for Centralized Exchanges. Since the main aim of the Lucky Block team was to create a token that can be traded primarily on Centralized Exchanges, there are several listings that can be expected for the token shortly – including on

LBLOCK V2 price chart

LBLOCK V2 price chart on MEXC

Currently, the LBank and MEXC exchange supports the LBLOCK V2 token. However, it is expected to be introduced on shortly as well among other major exchanges. Buying on a CEX is usually an easy process. To buy LBLOCK on MEXC or LBank:

  • Create an Account on the exchanges (LBank or MEXC)
  • Provide all necessary details
  • Submit KYC documents and get approved
  • Deposit USDT to the exchanges from other platforms. You can also buy directly through third part-providers within the app or through the P2P method
  • Once you have the required amount of USDT in your account, search for LBLOCK on the exchanges(The token you shall see is the LBLOCK V2 token)
  • Select the trading pair, and buy the desired amount in exchange for your USDT tokens.


Buying LBLOCK V2 through a DEX

Step 1- Set up a cryptocurrency wallet- It is important to choose a cryptocurrency wallet that has a good reputation and follows every standard safety protocol to make sure that your assets can remain safe.

There are several options in the market like Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet. We recommend using the Metamask wallet since it supports multi-chain transactions. In the case of others, ensure that the wallet supports the Ethereum chain

Step 2- Purchase or Deposit ETH or USDC- In order to buy the LBLOCK V2 token, you will need to have a certain amount of assets that can be swapped. Also, make sure to buy some Ethereum tokens regardless in order to make up for any transaction fees.

You can add USDC or ETH by buying them off centralized Exchanges like eToro or Binance and then deposit them to the wallet. Additionally, you can also choose to buy the assets directly through your wallet if such an option is available.

Step 3- Connect your Wallet to Uniswap- To purchase the tokens, head over to the Lucky Block Website. On landing on their page, you will see a Buy LBLOCK option on the top right of the interface. Click and choose the Buy LBLOCK on the Uniswap option – which makes use of DexTools a platform that integrates Uniswap.

Once you are taken to DexTools, connect your wallet to the page to trade.

LBLOCK V2 token price

LBLOCK V2 price chart on DexTools (integrated with Uniswap)

Step 4- Make the Purchase- Mention the amount of LBLOCK V2 you would like to buy by adding the amount of ETH or USDC onto the website and swapping the tokens. As the transaction goes through, you will see a popup on the website stating that the tokens are received.

The LBLOCK V2 tokens shall be deposited in your wallet.

Buy LBLOCK V2 on Uniswap

What is Lucky Block?

Lucky Block is a market leading NFT competitions platform, and relatively unique in its mission. It is designed to be a blockchain-based NFT games platform that can provide a smoother, fairer and more efficient experience for the user.

The team is headed by CEO Scott Ryder and consists of a group of professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of tech, management and blockchain. In simple words, the project depends on blockchain technology to set up a completely decentralized system. The innovative concept helps with the preexisting problems in the traditional industry like manipulation, lack of security and untimely payouts.

The project managed to grow at an exponential rate and garnered massive attention within its presale phase itself. The presale which was set to end at around 1st Feb this year sold out almost 10 days before on 21st Jan. Lucky Block V1 sold out its tokens raising over $6 million and boasted of more than 8500 holders within a short space of time.

The project gained popularity post-launch due to its various philanthropic ambitions, which started off with a major donation to a prominent charity fund- The British Red Cross. There have been several announcements from the team that has historically affected price as well as engagement from the community.

Lucky Block boasts of various competitions and events which its users have access too. It had previously announced the launch of an NFT collection – Platinum Rollers Club NFT – which is currently on its way to being sold out. The team has announced a Lamborghini car as the grand prize to one random NFT holder as the collection gets sold out.

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The users were surprised as Lucky Block came out with its new concept for a V2 token within the ecosystem to help the platform grow further – as it further strengthened its stand as the best utility cryptos on the market.

Why Was LBLOCK V2 Developed

The Lucky Block team brought about V2 of the token hoping to aid in the growth of the project. Surely, Lucky Block had been gaining popularity and status as a reliable platform. Infact, they claim to be one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the space. However, the token was only available on DEXs, limiting the opportunities for the project – but it did make it one of the cheapest cryptos to buy.

For this reason, Lucky Block rolled out LBLOCK V2, which is built on the Ethereum Chain. As an ERC-20 token, it is being focused to provide more exposure to the project as LBLOCK V2 is set to be listed on several major exchanges in the coming days. The token shall be completely tax-free and will contribute to increasing the liquidity of the asset.

Currently, developers have been working on the infrastructure while looking to list the token on several other exchanges. This move will help Lucky Block to open its gates to a wide array of potential investors, who were untapped up until now due to the limitations of being constrained to DEXs.

In an interview, The CEO Scott Ryder was asked several questions among which one was regarding staking options for LBLOCK V2. He stated that the team has been working on it and might make that feature available in the future. Lucky Block has also been setting up a bridge for users to convert their V1 tokens to V2 tokens later. The bridge is currently under the approval process by Certik.

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LBLOCK V2 Price Prediction

Since its launch just a couple of days ago, the V2 token has already managed to grow in size in terms of holders and community. Currently trading at around $0.002, it is difficult to technically analyse the standing of the token due to limitations in data and the period since launch. However, in terms of engagement and infrastructure growth, it is safe to say the platform has been thriving.

BUY Lucky Block V2

The Lucky Block V2 price is now tracked separately to V1 on CoinMarketCap

The two major developments that could alter the price potential for the token positively are the upcoming bridge and CEX listings. The platform mentioned that they are currently in talks with around 7 CEXs, which could pave the way to creating a bigger demand for the token since it will attract users from every new exchange.

The V1 token will run parallelly to the V2 token and can be migrated as soon as the bridge is live in the future. However, it too has been seeing a considerable upside due to the major developments within Lucky Block recently. At the time of writing, the LBLOCK V1 token is trading at $0.0004 with a market cap of more than $17.5 million.

In short, LBLOCK may be due for some decent gains as the developments are announced systematically. As a project that seems to be attracting a huge chunk of the masses, it is highly likely that Lucky Block will outperform several contenders as the bull market is back up again. See our full LBLOCK V2 price prediction post.

How to Buy LBLOCK V2 – Conclusion

The guide has given detailed instructions on how to buy the LBLOCK V2 tokens, its further developments and the reason for this new addition to the Lucky Block ecosystem. As an emerging project with more than 43,000 members on its Telegram and a huge community overall (including Discord where it’s possible to chat and network with other investors), LBLOCK V2 may be one of the top gainers when its ETH bridge is completed.

Another bullish case for Lucky Block is its new crypto exchange listing on on September 1st – its largest CEX listing to date.

For those that missed the Lucky Block presale earlier in 2022, Tamadoge is another option and may go on to perform well after launch as LBLOCK did.


What is Lucky Block V2 Token?

Lucky Block V2 is an ERC 20 token. And as such, Lucky Block now also runs on the Ethereum chain. The V2 token is tax free making it better suited to day trading, and listings on more centralized exchanges that don't list BEP-20 tokens. The V1 token has not been abandoned however and is used to play the Lucky Block jackpot and earn rewards.

How to Buy Lucky Block?

Investors can Buy Lucky Block from a DEX such as Uniswap or CEX such as LBank and MEXC. As of September 1st 2022, it can also be purchased on

Will Lucky Block V1 users buy Lucky Block V2?

Since Lucky Block V2 will lead to the crypto being listed on more cenralized exchanges, it is likely that its popularity will increase - leading to higher gains. And the bridge update is also on the way. Due to those two factors, it is highly likely that V1 users will also invest in V2 - however the V1 token price should also rise if the V2 token price performs well.