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How To Buy Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Presale Review

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Multiple versions of Bitcoin arrived this past year. Some attempted to replicate its original distribution model, while others integrated its mining schedule into staking. Green Bitcoin, however, is introducing gamification.

With its fresh new take on Bitcoin, Green Bitcoin is introducing gamified green staking, a unique concept where investors are rewarded based on their accurate predictions about Bitcoin’s price. The project has launched as a presale, making waves already by raising more than $330k in a few days.

This guide shows how to buy Green Bitcoin and what its upsides are for investors in the short and long term.

How to Buy Green Bitcoin – Quick Guide

Green Bitcoin has recently launched as a presale offering, giving investors a chance to get in early and rake in the gains. This quick guide explains how to buy Green Bitcoin via this presale:

  1. Step 1: Go to the official website – Navigate to the official Green Bitcoin website using only the affiliate link.
  2. Step 2: Connect your wallet – Ensure that the wallet has a sufficient amount of ETH or USDT to buy Green Bitcoin. Once it does, connect the wallet to the platform.
  3. Step 3: Buy Green Bitcoin (GBTC) – Swap your ETH or USDT for GBTC. Claim your tokens once the presale concludes. Stake it if you seek to benefit from the platform’s staking mechanics.

Buy Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin Presale 

Green Bitcoin has launched as a three-staged presale. The first presale stage is early presale, and the other two are regular and late presale, respectively.

Here are the GBTC prices on each stage;

  1. Stage 1 – Early Presale – $0.188
  2. Stage 2 – Regular Presale – $0.333
  3. Stage 3 – Late Presale – $0.455

The listing price of this token is $0.6, and the price GBTC is aiming for is $2. The table below shows the profit presale investors can make once the coin goes live:

  1. Stage 1 investors will generate a profit of 220% when GBTC lists and 967% when its price hits $2.
  2. Stage 2 investors will generate a profit of 80% when GBTC lists and 500% when its price hits $2.
  3. Stage 3 investors will generate a profit of 32% when GBTC lists and 340% when its price hits $2.

A Look at GBTC Presale

What is Green Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin is a unique version of Bitcoin with gamified staking mechanics, bringing BTC to an eco-friendly ecosystem. An ERC-20 token, GBTC aims to create a unique way of generating passive income. Investors won’t only earn from the token’s price increase but also from accurately predicting Bitcoin’s future.

What is Green Bitcoin

GBTC’s green attribute comes from being available and developed on an eco-friendly blockchain – Ethereum. The chain’s Proof-of-Stake mechanics make it 10,000 more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, those looking for another green crypto project as an alternative to GBTC can consider Chimpzee. For more information, read our review on Chimpzee and its ongoing presale.

Gamified Staking Mechanic

Investors will appreciate Green Bitcoin’s unique stance on staking. Green Bitcoin has named it Gamified Green Staking, and it involves holders interacting with Bitcoin by making daily BTC price predictions. Those who stake their tokens get a chance to forecast Bitcoin’s price. Those who make accurate predictions get a proportionate share of the daily staking reward pool.

Staking With Green Bitcoin

To this staking pool, Green Bitcoin has dedicated 27.5% of the token’s total supply of 21 million. That is, it contains 5.8 million GBTC tokens. This reward pool will expand gradually over the course of two years and will be fully distributed by December 31st, 2025.  Rewards will be distributed daily from this pool to stakers who accurately predict Bitcoin’s price.

Surprisingly, this unique attribute makes Green Bitcoin one of the leading gaming cryptos to invest in 2024.

How Does the Staking Reward Work?

Green Bitcoin has outlined a layout of how it will align its staking mechanics with Bitcoin’s price movements.

Basically, when a person stakes their GBTC tokens, they can predict whether BTC will rise or fall the next day. For the next 24 hours after making the prediction, Green Bitcoin will accumulate GBTC rewards every 10 minutes.

Buying Green Bitcoin

At night, the platform will tally the total tokens staked and weigh them against Bitcoin’s price trend. Those with accurate predictions will get a portion of the day’s mining fee reward, which will also be distributed every 10 minutes.

Our experts appreciate this unique take on staking. By aligning it with the Bitcoin price prediction game, Green Bitcoin is fostering engagement and competition. It incentivizes investors to interact with the ecosystem longer, which, in turn, can help the GBTC’s price rise.

For more information, check out our Green Bitcoin Price Prediction.

Extra Staking Rewards

While Green Bitcoin has provided a unique spin on staking, it hasn’t exactly veered away from tradition. A traditional staking mechanic in place rewards investors based on how much they have staked and for how long.

With that, Green Bitcoin has introduced three categories of stakers:

  1. Daily Stakers – Those who stake daily will receive daily rewards, which will be calculated according to the size of their stake and the total staked amount.
  2. Weekly Stakers – Those who stake weekly will get the same perks as daily stakers and a 5% bonus.
  3. Monthly Stakers – Those who stake monthly will get a 10% bonus on top of their daily staking rewards.
  4. Six-Month Stakers – Those who stake for six months are considered long-term “hodlers” by Green Bitcoin. They will get a 15% bonus alongside daily staking rewards.

Green Bitcoin incentivizes long-term staking, which is good both for the ecosystem and the investors.

For people, this model brings more rewards. And for the ecosystem, it limits the number of GBTC tokens in circulation, which will contribute to boosting the token’s value. This factor makes Green Bitcoin a good long-term investment.

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Presale Staking 

The staking perks are not only for those who buy Green Bitcoin after it goes live on exchanges. Those who buy GBTC during the presale also get the option to stake it. In return, they will earn a high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 100%.

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)

Per the whitepaper, it means presale investors will be rewarded with 5% of the amount of GBTC they have staked.

Buy Green Bitcoin

How to Buy Green Bitcoin – Complete Guide

Green Bitcoin is currently available at a discount price of $0.318. Like with all presales, the price of the token will increase as the presale advances. Therefore, those looking to make early gains should act quickly by following the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the official website

Navigate to the official Green Bitcoin website. Use only the affiliate link, as the presale’s success will likely bring many scammers out of the woodwork. Also, once on the platform, we recommend going through the whitepaper to get to assess Green Bitcoin’s offerings.

Step 2: Connect your wallet

There are two ways to buy Green Bitcoin. One is through the wallet, and the other is through a card. When using a wallet, ensure it has sufficient ETH or USDT. If it doesn’t, we recommend going to Binance since it is one of the most affordable ways to buy ETH or USDT using fiat.

Connect your wallet to buy GBTC

Alternatively, you can use a card to buy GBTC tokens.

Step 3: Buy Green Bitcoin (GBTC)

Proceed with the next steps as mentioned on-screen and buy Green Bitcoin. Those wishing to buy and stake GBTC can scroll down further and click the “Buy and Stake” option. It will lock the tokens in Green Bitcoin’s staking pool, allowing presale investors to earn up to a 100% APY.

Buy Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin Project Analysis – Is It Better than Bitcoin?

We have already seen a flurry of Bitcoin variants as presales this year. All of them introduced a staking mechanic in one way or the other. While offering the same things, these Bitcoin variants changed certain elements around, making them more appealing to investors.

Green Bitcoin

While Green Bitcoin’s staking mechanics don’t change the fact that it is still another Bitcoin version with staking, the introduction of gamification gives it more value. Through gamification, it can potentially achieve the following aspects:

Creating Essential Engagement Within the Ecosystem

Through its unique gameplay aspects, Green Bitcoin has created an engaging ecosystem for its users. While standard staking will still reward investors, enhanced rewards are also available for those who make Bitcoin price predictions.

Furthermore, those who aren’t able to make accurate predictions will be able to learn from other stakers. It will potentially foster a sense of community, which is not often the case with Bitcoin.

Letting People Engage with Bitcoin Without Buying Bitcoin

The Bitcoin price has recently surpassed the $40k mark, making it increasingly possible for it to reach $100k by the time the next bull run arrives. However, while there are many Bitcoin enthusiasts, not everyone can afford it.

Green Bitcoin has given them a way to engage with Bitcoin by predicting its price. Although not a direct engagement, it can help $GBTC stakers learn more about the crypto markets and how Bitcoin’s price moves.

$GBTC Staking

Setting the Stage for Future Partnerships

Green Bitcoin states in its greenpaper that it seeks to forge meaningful partnerships with industry as part of its commitment to sustainable growth. Through gamification, the project has created the unique appeal necessary to entice these industry leaders.

In a sense, Green Bitcoin’s gamified vision for Bitcoin is similar to a predictions market, which is prevalent across multiple DeFi projects. There are projects like Polymarket, Hedgehog, Projection Finance, and more that could find appeal in the simplicity of Green Bitcoin’s own version of a prediction market. They may become future partners of the project.

Can we use gamification alone to claim Green Bitcoin to be better than Bitcoin? No. Green Bitcoin leverages a green blockchain, Ethereum, which is 10,000 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin, making it a good green alternative. This eco-friendly nature can potentially make Green Bitcoin more valuable than Bitcoin in the future.

Gamification on Green Bitcoin

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Is Green Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Bitcoin is now on the rise, which can lead to people falsely perceiving Green Bitcoin as just another token banking on the recent surge in the BTC price. However, there are many unique attributes that make it a good investment in its own right. Here are the reasons why Green Bitcoin can potentially be the best crypto to invest in 2024.

The Timing of The Project’s Release is Right 

Green Bitcoin is entering the market at a time of heightened interest in Bitcoin, with a significant catalyst being the Securities and Exchange Commission’s focus on spot Bitcoin ETFs. Another reason for Bitcoin’s rise is the strong desire of market bulls to overcome the downturn, often referred to as the ‘crypto winter,’ experienced last year.

Green Bitcoin can leverage this surging interest to invite investors looking for cryptos under $1 to invest in.

High Engagement Factor that Drives Green Bitcoin’s Price Up

We have already discussed how the gamification of standard staking mechanics introduced by Green Bitcoin can drive engagement. But how much can the GBTC price potentially increase?

Green Bitcoin can potentially rise higher if the engagement attribute works well for it. As time goes by and Green Bitcoin gets noticed, more people will become interested. It is highly likely that they will engage with the gamified staking mechanic, which will allow them to interact with other community members.

Green Bitcoin

As the number of GBTC stakers increases, the number of Green Bitcoin tokens circulating in the market will decrease. This will introduce scarcity, which can potentially boost the GBTC price.

Multi-Staged Presale with a Pre-Determined Listing Price

Green Bitcoin has once again started an influx of presale cryptos with multiple stages. Investing in a presale with multiple stages gives investors time to research and think about the project before investing.

The other bullish factor about Green Bitcoin’s presale is that devs have already determined its listing price. It has been set to $0.6. For early presale investors, this will bring a profit of 220%, and for late investors, it will bring a profit of 32%.

Meanwhile, you can check out our guide to discover other notable crypto presales in the market.

Audited project

Another reason to get behind GBTC is the fact that it is an audited project.

Green Bitcoin Audit

Consult has inspected the blockchain project and found it positive on all fronts.

Buy Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin Tokenomics

Green Bitcoin Tokenomics

The project follows simplified tokenomics, keeping GBTC transparent and profitable for investors.

  1. Presale – 40%
  2. Staking rewards system – 27.5%
  3. Marketing – 17.5%
  4. DEX Listings – 10%
  5. CEX/DEX Listings – 10%
  6. Community Rewards – 5%

Green Bitcoin Roadmap 

Green Bitcoin Roadmap

The project’s roadmap is a standard one, consisting of achievable milestones for which it has set the stage.

Presale Launch

The presale of the project has been launched, which has set the stage for Green Bitcoin’s upcoming development

Launch of Staking and Predictions

Soon after the presale ends, Green Bitcoin will launch staking and predictions. The reason for this early launch is for this project to get as many users onboard early on as possible.

Release of the Token

After the launch of the staking and predictions model, GBTC will go live on Ethereum DEXs. Per the whitepaper, the token will primarily be listed on decentralized exchanges.

Community Building 

The project’s final phase will consist of strengthening the community and implementing the rewards model.


In this guide, we have explained how to buy Green Bitcoin via its presale. We have also discussed its unique upsides and given a critical analysis of this project.

The project’s unique spin of staking that involves gamification sets it apart from other Bitcoin copies from the past. Other factors like brand-friendliness and transparency can also bolster its price when it goes live on the price charts. Interested parties can visit to participate in the presale.

Buy Green Bitcoin


How can I buy Green Bitcoin?

Since Green Bitcoin is available as a presale, buying it is simple. The process entails going to the website and use either USDT, ETH, or a debit card to buy GBTC. The purchased Green Bitcoin can be unlocked only after the presale concludes.

Is Green Bitcoin available on presale?

Yes, Green Bitcoin is available on presale, meaning early investors can purchase the token at a discount price.

How can one contact Green Bitcoin team?

The Green Bitcoin team can be reached on Telegram. Note that they won't reach out to you first. To stay updated with Green Bitcoin, however, we recommend using Twitter.