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Green Bitcoin Price Prediction – $GBTC Token Potential In 2024

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)
Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Green Bitcoin is a gamified version of Bitcoin currently available in a presale and poised to launch in Q2 2024. This blockchain project takes a unique approach to stake by aligning it with a game of predicting Bitcoin’s price.

An ERC-20 token, Green Bitcoin (ticker-symbol: $GBTC), is making waves across the crypto space, having raised more than $1 million since the commencement of its three-staged presale.

We provide our Green Bitcoin price prediction in this guide, highlighting its upsides and what value it holds once the ongoing presale concludes.

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Green Bitcoin Price Prediction

As Green Bitcoin is currently available as a presale, we don’t have any technical indicators to predict its price. However, the token’s release timing and fundamentals are enough for us to make a Green Bitcoin price prediction for the next few years.


Green Bitcoin launched as a presale in 2023 and will go live on Ethereum DEXs and other centralized and decentralized in Q2 2024. Following its launch, its listing price has been set at $0.6. Green Bitcoin’s official whitepaper states that the devs are anticipating the price to hit $2 once it goes live.

If positive news comes about Bitcoin from the regulatory front i.e. the Securities and Exchange Commission approves spot Bitcoin ETF applications, it would spell good news for Green Bitcoin. We anticipate that GBTC will be the crypto to explode, reaching $10 before the end of 2024. However, some downturn may come for the markets a few days after Bitcoin halving, which may negatively impact the GBTC price. This will likely push the price of Green Bitcoin down to $5.


Experts and crypto enthusiasts are anticipating that Bitcoin will hit another bull run in 2025. The wider macroeconomic conditions will likely get better as well, pushing the Green Bitcoin price into the above $15 zone. However, since Green Bitcoin would have completely distributed its staking rewards by then, we forecast that Green Bitcoin will hit around $10 before the year closes.


Over the next decade, crypto prices will be dictated by regulations and what utilities crypto projects can bring to the table.

Since many say that Bitcoin will decouple from traditional markets by then, there is a possibility that the GBTC price will stabilize around $8 by the end of 2030.

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A Look at Green Bitcoin’s Presale and Tokenomics 

There are three presale stages of Green Bitcoin. The early presale stage, the regular presale stage, and the late presale stage. The price of this token during the early presale, which is now over, was $0.188. For the regular and late presale stages, GBTC prices are $0.333 and $0.455.

Project devs have already set the Green Bitcoin price when it goes live on Ethereum DEXs: $0.6.  It means those who invest in this project now can earn an 80% profit. Those who invest in the final presale will earn a profit of 32%.

Green Bitcoin Tokenomics

Green Bitcoin has taken a simple route when it comes to its tokenomics. There are 21 million tokens in total, like Bitcoin, and they are allocated in the following ways:

  1. Presale  – 40% of the total supply is dedicated to the presale, which the whitepaper says will set the stage for the project
  2. Staking Rewards System – Green Bitcoin has implemented a unique staking rewards system that rewards investors for correctly predicting the Bitcoin price. Green Bitcoin has dedicated 27.5% of the total supply to this system.
  3. Marketing – 17.5% of the total supply has been dedicated to marketing. The team plans to launch impactful campaigns to enhance Green Bitcoin’s global presence.
  4. DEX Listings – 10% of the total supply has gone to DEX listing to maintain fluidity in trading.
  5. CEX/DEX Listing – 10% of the total supply is dedicated to listing on centralized exchanges. Per the whitepaper, this will amplify $GBTC’s accessibility and global presence.
  6. Community Rewards – The final 5% of the total supply will go into community rewards. Per the whitepaper, this will help foster engagement within the community and help Green Bitcoin grow.

The presale has 39 stages, and it has a hard cap of $7.081 million.

What is Green Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin is a novel blockchain project that has come to the crypto space with a unique utility: gamification of crypto.

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The platform has introduced a novel “Gamified Green Staking” mechanic to help investors earn and enhance their passive income. The fundamentals of this mechanic – as we will discuss later – are set to foster long-term engagement in the Green Bitcoin ecosystem.

Another key aspect of this token is its green feature. It is a green cryptocurrency because it was built on the Ethereum Blockchain, which consumes 10,000 times less energy than Bitcoin.

That green aspect also comes into play during gamified staking, the platform states. Rewards are enhanced for those who engage with this system properly.

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What is Green Gamified Staking?

While staking is a gateway to getting lucrative APY rewards regularly, gamified staking is meant to enhance those rewards.

Staking With Green Bitcoin

This “revolutionary” mechanic, as the platform puts it, empowers token holders to actively interact with Bitcoin’s market activity by predicting its price.

When staking, investors will get a chance to predict Bitcoin’s price. If they forecast Bitcoin’s price action over the next 24 hours correctly, they will get a proportionate share of the daily staking pool.

How does this work?

Green Bitcoin has highlighted the working of gamified staking comprehensively in its official whitepaper, but the general gist of it is:

  1. Investors stake their tokens and predict Bitcoin’s price.
  2. As the new day comes, a new round arrives, allowing investors to bet on Bitcoin’s price again.
  3. The same night of that very day, Green Bitcoin will count the number of tokens staked and weigh it against the actual Bitcoin price.
  4. Those who predict correctly get a cut of the day’s mining fee rewards, which will be distributed at a 10-minute mining interval.
  5. Investors will be able to get their total winnings every 24 hours.

Essentially, green gamified staking introduces a novel and accessible predictions market that anyone can engage with.

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Standard Staking System 

Introducing a novel approach to staking does not mean that this Bitcoin-inspired cryptocurrency project has not included a standard staking model. Holders will also enjoy staking rewards.

GBTC staking

However, like everything, Green Bitcoin has also given this approach a unique spin – by rewarding extra to those who stake for longer.

  1. Daily stakers will get a standard staking reward depending on their staked tokens and the size of the staking pool
  2. Weekly stakers will get a standard staking reward plus a 5% bonus
  3. Monthly stakers will get a standard staking reward plus a 10% bonus
  4. Six-month stakers will get a standard staking reward plus a 15% bonus

This approach to staking incentivizes long-term holding, which can potentially help boost the GBTC price.

Presale Staking

Green Bitcoin also offers staking opportunities for presale investors. Those who buy GBTC via the presale will get more than 200% APY. This approach ensures that people continually engage with Green Bitcoin even before the token goes live on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Alessandro De Crypto is one of the crypto YouTubers that has spoken positively about the project’s presale staking opportunity.

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Green Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

Green Bitcoin has hit the ground running with its initial presale phase. Over $1 million has been raised already. If the momentum persists, it will likely be among the top crypto presales in the crypto town.

The listing price for when this crypto lands on Ethereum DEXs is set to $0.6. Furthermore, it anticipates listing on centralized exchanges as well. Per the whitepaper, Green Bitcoin can go up to $2 by the time it goes live.

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)

It is likely that Green Bitcoin’s unique mechanics and general interest in Bitcoin will work in GBTC’s favor. As the token gains more exposure being live on cryptocurrency exchanges, its value can go up to $5 by the end of 2024.

Green Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

Bitcoin halving will be a year old in 2025. If history is any indication, 2025 will be a bullish wave for the Bitcoin price. As Bitcoin surges, other cryptocurrencies will follow. Green Bitcoin would also have a lot of exposure by then. If the marketing efforts of GBTC turn out right, it may be possible that this project will move past the $15 mark in 2025.

Green Bitcoin

However, how long the bull run will last will be a matter of community sentiments. The 2021 Bitcoin bull run, during which its price went from $23k to $68.7k, lasted for almost a year. Can we expect the same for the next wave of bullish investors? Not really. There are multiple factors at play here, and people have grown wiser about which cryptos to pick.

Another factor to consider here is that Green Bitcoin would have distributed its rewards by 2025, as it says in the whitepaper. Any sale of these rewards will introduce more GBTC into the market, which will lead the Green Bitcoin price to recede. However, if the interest in this crypto continues to persist, it may stabilize around the $10 mark.

Green Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

2030 will be different for Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. Laws would have been made by then, and crypto assets may become similar to traditional assets. This will introduce stabilization in Green Bitcoin’s price action, causing it to trend sideways.

Gamification on Green Bitcoin

More competitors may also arrive, which will further push the Green Bitcoin price down. Considering these factors, we predict that Green Bitcoin will be worth $8 by the end of 2030. It shows that Green Bitcoin is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of this year.

What will be the Growth Drivers for Green Bitcoin? 

Once Green Bitcoin goes live, the following will act as its growth catalysts:

Ethereum’s Influence 

Green Bitcoin’s status as an eco-friendly cryptocurrency is because of Etheruem’s influence. Being built on the Ethereum blockchain, GBTC has the advantage of enhanced transaction speeds and lower transaction fees. Those looking for sustainable cryptos to buy could consider investing in Green Bitcoin.

The Crypto Market

$GBTC’s success will also depend on the broader crypto market and its uniqueness among other ERC-20 tokens. Factors like regulatory developments, community sentiments, and utilities will determine how crypto prices will move, and they will influence Green Bitcoin’s value.

These may fuel the hype for Green Bitcoin, which, according to Clinix Crypto, is one of the determinants that will bring more investors towards this project.

Roadmap and Future Developments

Per the official website, Green Bitcoin is not going to wait much longer once the presale concludes to launch its gamified staking facility. The quick adoption rate of this facility and the engagement that is to come will also determine how Green Bitcoin performs.

Green Map


Green Bitcoin replicates Bitcoin’s total supply: 21 million. A substantial amount of tokens out of this supply have been allocated to staking rewards and presale. These allocations will bring scarcity to the ecosystem, giving the Green Bitcoin price a boost.

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How to Buy Green Bitcoin – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide to buying Green Bitcoin via its presale:

  1. Go to the official website –
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Buy GBTC and claim it once the presale concludes

For further details, check out our how-to-buy guide for Green Bitcoin.

Green Bitcoin Socials

Listed below are the links to keep up with the project:

  1. Twitter
  2. Telegram

Be careful when engaging with the project via Telegram or Twitter. The team won’t contact you first.


In this guide, we have given our complete Green Bitcoin price prediction. We have based our forecasts on the token’s current fundamentals and overall macroeconomic conditions.

Green Bitcoin has multiple potential upsides, with the key one being gamified staking. It makes Green Bitcoin a good long-term investment. Those who want to rake in the early bird gains, however, can visit to participate in the ongoing presale.

Green Bitcoin - Gamified Green Staking


Green Bitcoin
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Green Bitcoin


What is Green Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin is a novel version of Bitcoin with a unique gamified staking utility. This perk aligns standard staking rewards with a Bitcoin price prediction game.

How high will the Green Bitcoin price go in 2024?

Once the presale concludes by the end of Q2 of 2024, Green Bitcoin may move up the price charts to reach $10, thanks to the upcoming halving and the recent interest in Bitcoin.

Is Green Bitcoin a good investment?

Green Bitcoin takes a unique spin on the green variations of Bitcoin. By offering something novel, it gives users access to a token with long term upsides. Considering these factors, we believe Green Bitcoin is a good investment. However, we recommend that investors check out the project's official whitepaper to make their own judgements about the project.