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How to Buy Ethereum with Paypal – Full Guide

Read our guide below to know more about how you can buy Ethereum using PayPal.

Are you looking for solutions on how to quickly buy Ethereum with PayPal? In general, Ethereum, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are complex concepts and can be difficult to grasp, especially for beginners. PayPal, the global financial payment processor streamlines online payments; as a result, enabling PayPal in the world of blockchain and other cryptocurrencies can facilitate any misunderstandings.

For more information about how to buy Ethereum, see our main page. If you’re looking for ways to buy ethereum, we recommend creating an Ethereum wallet.

The process of getting started is straightforward and doesn’t require any complex knowledge of technology, blockchain, or cryptocurrency. This guide assumes that you already have a verified PayPal that is ready for use and a computer. If you don’t have a verified PayPal, you can quickly create one using their website.

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    Don’t invest in crypto assets unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest.

    How to buy ETH with Paypal on eToro

    PayPal’s app provides a convenient way to purchase cryptocurrencies on eToro, including Ethereum (ETH), directly from your mobile device. You can buy this coin with just a few taps without navigating through complex exchanges. Additionally, on eToro, PayPal offers support for other prominent cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This wide range of options allows users to explore different investment opportunities within the crypto market. PayPal’s integration of cryptocurrency trading into their app has simplified the process. Follow the steps below if you want to buy or trade cryptocurrency with Paypal on eToro.

    Step 1: Sign up to eToro

    You must first visit the eToro website and click the ‘Sign Up’ button. You will then be asked to submit personal details, including your full name, email address, phone number, and password. You can also sign up through your Facebook or Google accounts to make the process even faster.

    Step 2: KYC & Verification

    At this point, you will be asked to provide proof of your identity, meaning that you’ll have to upload a copy of your driver’s license, ID or passport. This is a necessary step to take if you intend to trade crypto but not if you just want to buy Ethereum coins.

    Step 3: Deposit funds into your account by selecting Paypal as a payment method

    Once you select PayPal as your payment method, you can make a deposit of your choice into your eToro wallet and then buy Ethereum by searching for the digital coin on the platform’s search engine. The minimum deposit required on eToro is $250, which is quite low compared to many other trading sites.

    Where to Buy Ethereum with PayPal in 2024?

    eToro logo


    eToro was founded more than 10 years ago. Since its creation, the services it offers have improved significantly, making it one of the best brokers in the industry. It currently has over 6 million active users worldwide. It is regulated by some of the most trusted agencies in the world of online trading, such as the FCA, MiFID, CySEC, and FinCEN, agencies based in the UK, Cyprus, and the US.

    eToro has always been up to speed regarding the latest technologies and services. That is why it has recently introduced its own crypto wallet, which allows you to store the cryptocurrencies you buy on the broker’s trading platform. This means that not only you will be able to buy Ethereum through PayPal on the trading site, but you will also be able to store it in your eToro wallet and wait for the coins to increase in value before you can sell them.

    eToro is known to offer some of the best trading services. Not only the signup process is very simple, but the trading interface is just as simple to use and very intuitive in case you don’t have much experience with online trading.

    Fees: eToro is available in over 60 countries, including the US, and is our recommended choice, especially considering its limited fees. Regarding cryptocurrency fees, eToro has slightly wider spreads than other assets, but that is simply to make up for the volatility of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, whose prices can increase or decrease by more than 15% in a day. Ethereum, in particular, has a spread of 1.90%. Since most other trading sites have much higher spreads on Ethereum, trading on eToro is more convenient. Non-trading fees include a $5 inactivity fee and a $25 withdrawal fee, but no fees are charged for deposits or opening your account.

    VISIT eToro Here




    Buying and selling Ethereum through PayPal in the form of CFDs is also possible for Plus500. The trading site, which has its headquarters in Israel, entered the market in 2008 and was created by Alon Gonen, Gal Haber, Elad Ben-Izhak, Omer Elazari, Shlomi Weizmann, and Shimon Sofer. Together with eToro, it is now one of the most trusted trading platforms after having made significant improvements since its establishment.

    Like eToro, Plus500 is regulated by trusted agencies such as the FCA, meaning the platform operates under regulatory restrictions to protect customers and their investments. Plus500 also has in common with eToro that its trading interface is very intuitive, and learning how to use the platform is very easy, even for inexperienced users.

    On top of that, Plus500 has very low fees. Besides requiring a low minimum deposit, the platform has low spreads, even on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, which normally have higher spreads due to their volatility. The spread on Ethereum is, in fact of 0.85%. In terms of non-trading fees, there is a $10 inactivity fee. No withdrawal or deposit fees are charged.

    Buy Ethereum with PayPal and sell Ethereum in Your Country

    UKUS and Canada

    With the aforementioned forms of buying Ethereum with PayPal in mind, let’s review each countries’ respective best method for buying Ethereum using PayPal.

    The best way to buy Ethereum with PayPal in the UK is via eToro. The CFD broker Plus500 is an alternative, which lets you buy and sell Ethereum CFDs with PayPal. Both platforms are well-regulated, meaning customers’ interests are always protected.

    To buy Ethereum with eToro, you need to follow the steps below. Once you’ve bought your coins and made your initial deposit on the trading platform, you just need to click on the Ethereum market in the overview screen in the platform, and click on the buy button.

    The most effective and best method to Buy Ethereum with PayPal in the US and Canada is via eToro.

    eToro is extremely secure and maintains safety for US residents that other exchanges do not.

    Compare Ethereum Exchanges

    Compare the most popular Ethereum exchanges, see the latest ETH prices, and see which offer PayPal.

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    Tips for Buying ETH with PayPal


    Utilize as much of the verification that is available prior to any amount of purchases. The reasoning for doing this sooner rather than later in the accounting process is that you’ll avoid longer wait and confirmation times if you do it all at first notice.

    Additionally, adding as many layers and methods of authorization and security will enable you to not only maintain a safer account, but also, a more integrated and accessible form of buying different assets on whichever exchange you choose to integrate PayPal with.


    Always check for phishing links.  PayPal phishing links are very common, and combining the concept of phishing with cryptocurrency just makes things even more hectic. Phishing is often used to trick users into submitting their login info or depositing cryptocurrency. As a result, anytime you’re logging in or going to access sensitive information, always check your browser’s security indicator (On Chrome this can be found by clicking the lock symbol in the URL bar). This will ensure that you not only know exactly who the site provider is, but you also know any additional specs about the site you’re on. Also, if you’re using a third party exchange that isn’t well known, make sure you do your research to make sure its reliable.

    ✅ Do Your Research

    Do your due diligence prior to anything. If there’s a site that offers Ethereum purchasing with PayPal but unreliable, and there are no reviews or acclamations about it online, it’s best to avoid it. Be wary of various scams in the PayPal and cryptocurrency community. 

    Ethereum vs PayPal

    Analyzing both Ethereum and PayPal and extracting their core differences while comparing their similarities as well can help monumentally when utilizing both Ethereum or PayPal. Let’s review not only what makes them similar to one another, but also their differences on what each can accomplish.


    • Both Ethereum and PayPal are payment methods
    • They are both relatively P2P methods of paying other users
    • Ethereum and PayPal both enable fast, non-costly methods of payments
    • Ethereum and PayPal streamline the online payment ecosystem
    • Both Ether and PayPal can be used for international transactions


    • Ethereum is itself a currency and platform whereas PayPal is only a platform that uses already created currencies
    • Ethereum is decentralized while PayPal relies on central systems like banks and institutions
    • PayPal uses accountants and auditors to verify transactions which takes a lot of time while Ethereum verifies transactions instantly on the public ledger
    • A payment with Ethereum cannot be reversed, while it can be on PayPal
    • Ethereum does not require identification to use, PayPal requires extensive prior verification.

    Is Ethereum better than PayPal or vice-versa?

    Ethereum is not strictly ‘better’ than PayPal, and PayPal is not directly more efficient than Ethereum; they both have their respective pros and cons relative to one another, and they are respectively better for certain things compared to the other. For example, PayPal is integrated into many online merchants and services, making it an easier option for online payments than Ethereum. However, Ethereum can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world, and the transaction can be confirmed and settled within just a few seconds. PayPal requires additional fees and longer time frames.

    It is a payment processor and platform but not a currency. Ethereum is both a platform and a currency (Ether). PayPal can be developed with and integrated for various uses but is not infrastructure. Ethereum is an underlying infrastructure for applications and those wanting to build decentralized applications. Ethereum is technically faster than PayPal as well. As far as being multi-faceted, Ethereum is, in fact more useful because it can be used as a platform for other applications and can also be used as a currency. Ethereum is less costly, faster, and globally enabled than PayPal is in current standards.

    Reasons to buy Ethereum with PayPal

    KYC ProcedureNo Bank DetailsInstant Payments or TransfersSupported by Well Known ExchangesChargeback

    A KYC, which stands for ‘Know Your Customer’, is a form of verification that ensures your purchase is nonfraudulent and is in coordination with the regulatory body of your residence.

    A majority of exchanges and providers require that you complete a KYC procedure before your purchase which can take a very long time to complete; with PayPal, the KYC is already built in and completed beforehand, which means you can simply buy Ethereum at any time without the hassle of completing additional work.

    Many are worried about linking their bank account and details to an online exchange and rightfully so! PayPal lets you buy Ethereum without inputting bank details and without having to put a large amount of financial information online for people to see.

    A great quality of PayPal is that representations of your funds are made instantly through transfers, so there’s essentially no waiting time or amount of time you need to be patient before purchasing your Ethereum. If there are funds in your account, they can be used near immediately.

    PayPal integration can be done by any unknown provider; but verified PayPal integration is only available for select and well-known exchanges. As a result, only the best of the best in terms of exchanges support validated PayPal implementation.

    Things like cryptocurrency are entirely immutable, which means there is no such thing as refunds or chargebacks; however, PayPal does, in fact, enable chargebacks in the case of any fraudulent or glitched payments.

    eToro - Our Recommended Crypto Platform

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    eToro exchange
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    Can I buy Ethereum with PayPal anywhere?

    Unfortunately, you must find a supported exchange with PayPal integration to buy Ethereum using PayPal. Before any purchase, make sure PayPal is integrated.

    Can you sell Ethereum on PayPal?

    You can't sell Ethereum on PayPal (The website or platform itself). However, you can sell Ethereum to fiat on platforms like Coinbase and then withdraw the funds to your PayPal.

    Can I buy Ethereum with USD on PayPal?

    You cannot directly convert your USD for Ethereum on PayPal itself, but you can deposit USD to Plus500, buy Ethereum CFDs, and sell them there.

    Can I buy Ethereum using GBP on PayPal?

    You can't buy Ethereum directly on PayPal using GBP. However, you can deposit GBP to Plus500 and then use the GBP to buy Ethereum and sell Ethereum CFDs.

    Can I use PayPal to buy Ethereum on Coinbase?

    No, Coinbase does not support direct Ethereum (ETH) purchases using PayPal.

    Is buying Ethereum on paypal safe?

    Buying Ethereum on PayPal is generally considered safe due to PayPal's established reputation and security measures. However, taking precautions, such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being vigilant against scams, is still important. Consider researching the risks of cryptocurrencies and using a personal wallet for added security.

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