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Best WhatsApp Trading Signals Groups to Follow

A WhatsApp trading signals service is an excellent way for traders to get market information and find trading opportunities. So, if you are looking for the best WhatsApp trading signal applications, in this guide, we list and review the most accurate and reliable 5 apps you can find in the market.
Best WhatsApp Trading Signals
Best WhatsApp Trading Signals

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Looking for the best trading signals in 2023 and prefer the convenience of a mobile phone? Investors can access several top trading signals groups on their mobile device or tablet by joining trading groups on WhatsApp. However, the possibility of scams and volatile results makes it hard to select the best options. 

This guide will review the various WhatsApp trading signals groups on offer in 2023 – and analyze the available features and use cases. 

List of WhatsApp Trading Signals Groups

Here’s a quick overview of the top WhatsApp trading signals providers: 

  1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best WhatsApp Trading Signals in 2023
  2. Learn 2 Trade – Top Alternative to WhatsApp Trading Signals in 2023
  3. – Popular WhatsApp Trading Signals Alternative for Cryptos
  4. Crypto VIP Signals – WhatsApp Group for Receiving Trading Signals
  5. ForexGDP – Top Trading Signals Group for Forex Signals

Closer Look at the Top 5 WhatsApp Trading Signals in 2023

The sections below conduct an in-depth analysis of the best WhatsApp trading signals – evaluating the available trading features, tools and more. 

1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best WhatsApp Trading Signal in 2023

At the very top of our list is Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – one of the best new trading signals platforms to leverage this year. Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency and social analytics platform that uses its native cryptocurrency to offer its trading signals and services. 

With D2T, an ERC-20 token, members can purchase monthly packages to get access to some of the best trading signals. Here’s a list of some of the features you can get from the Dash 2 Trade dashboard: 

  • On-chain analysis to access top trading signals on some of the best crypto assets
  • Social and technical indicators to spot future price movements
  • Auto-trading features which will automatically scan and initiate new trades
  • Presale scoring systems that review upcoming presales by analyzing the development team, growth potential and more. 
  • Strategy builders and backtesting platforms that lets you practice futures trading strategies on a virtual platform that mirrors live market conditions. 

D2T features

With D2T, members can purchase a Starter or a Premium Tier – costing a monthly fee of 400 and 1,000 D2T, respectively. While the Starter tier gives one access to backtesting features and on-chain analysis, the Premium tier gives users access to all the exclusive trading signals and tools that Dash 2 Trade offers. 

In November 2022, D2T was released on presale. From a total token supply of 1 billion – 262.5 billion has been set aside for the ongoing presale. While the first presale round listed the token at $0.0446. Now, D2T is on its final presale round – available to buy at $0.0533 per token. Since the beginning of the presale, Dash 2 Trade has raised more than $9.2 million. The presale hard cap is set at $13.4 million. 

Dash 2 Trade’s presale will finish at the beginning of 2023, after which it will be listed on a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform has already announced that the token listing is officially provided by three popular CEXs – Bitmart, LBank, and Changelly, and a decentralized exchange Uniswap. 

D2T $9.3m

The first centralized exchange launch will take place on January 11th, 2023 and the token will be listed at a relatively higher price than its presale price. So, the presale is the last chance to obtain D2T tokens at a low price. Dash 2 Trade also plans to launch its trading platform during Q1 of 2023, according to its roadmap. 

The website launch and beta testing stage will provide users with such important tools as social metrics data, technical indicators, new listing announcements, etc. The launch of the backtester tool, which will enable us to test different strategies and build an efficient one is planned to launch during the Q4 of 2023. And the Auto trader tool is expected to launch in 2024. 

Though Dash 2 Trade is still in the early stages of its development, there are several reasons to keep an eye on this project and purchase it. First, Dash 2 Trade has become extensively popular and successfully conducted several presale stages. Second, it is backed by a team of professionals and Learn 2 Trade team members, which is a well-known trading platform with tens of thousands of users. 

Additionally, you will have the chance to enter Dash 2 Trade’s giveaway by buying $150 worth of D2T tokens. The giveaway also enables you to get extra entries by accomplishing such easy tasks as following its Twitter, tweeting about it, joining its Telegram group, etc. With extra entries, you will increase your chance of winning the giveaway and getting a prize worth $150k. 

See our full guide on how to buy D2T.

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Learn 2 Trade – Top Alternative to WhatsApp Trading Signals in 2023

Learn 2 Trade is one of the leading crypto and forex trading signals providers in the market. The platform also primarily focuses on teaching people how to trade forex and stocks and has over 13 years of experience in this field. Learn 2 Trade claims to have trained more than 250,000 people worldwide and created a community of more than 70,000 active traders.

When it comes to crypto and forex trading signals, the important thing is whether these signals are provided based on clear analyzes and research. Learn 2 Trade’s team has the most experienced traders in the world with over 15 years of experience in trading. Hence, the platform has gained an excellent reputation and reliability. 

Learn 2 Trade does not have a WhatsApp group, but users can join its Telegram groups which already have 40,000 members in the forex trading signals group and 25,000 in the crypto trading signals channel. There are different ways you can join the Learn 2 Trade community, as the platform supports both free signals and VIP signals. The free option will provide up to 3 signals a week, daily technical analysis, webinars, alerts on economic markets, and other tools.

The paid subscription includes 5 VIP signals daily with a 76% success rate. The signals contain such information as entry, take profit and stop loss, amount to risk per trade, and risk-reward ratio. Another great thing is that you can get lifetime access to the VIP signals by investing $250 in the D2T crypto project, which is developed by the Learn 2 Trade team members. 


If you want more sophisticated service and multiple crypto trading signals a day, you can choose one of the paid subscriptions. Learn 2 Trade offers different paid plans for joining its community. There is a chance to select a 1-month subscription plan for a price of £40/month. There is also a chance to select a more economic subscription plan, such as the 3-month or the 6-month subscription plan, and save a lot of money by paying only £30/month for the first and £21.5/month for the second one.

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Your capital is at risk. – Popular WhatsApp Trading Signals Alternative for Cryptos

Another popular crypto signals provider is which has built a good reputation in the market since 2014. The platform provides quite accurate and comprehensive signals through its Telegram group. The signals are shared by professional traders who have years of experience in the trading section. The platform has already managed to gather around more than 10,000 active traders who use the trading signals.

The delivered signals stand out with 82% accuracy and include 5 information components in them. The first one is the entry price which hints to the traders about the price to enter the trade. There is also the profit point component which offers the price at which it is reasonable to exit the trade and profit. The other three components are Stop Loss Point, Risk Reward Ratio, and Amount to Risk Per Trade. 

As with the case of Learn 2 Trade, provides free and paid options to join their community. The platform enables users to join its free Telegram group and get up to 3 signals a week based on a full technical analysis. It is also a great chance to test the VIP option and see if the platform is worth trusting.

The premium option offers 4 different packages, and the longer you subscribe, the lower the fees are. The most expensive package is the one-month subscription plan, during which you need to pay £42 a month. There is also an adoption to be billed quarterly and pay only £78 every 4 months. The bi-annual package enables you to pay £114 every 6 months, and there is also an annual package where you pay £210 for a whole year. 

All the packages provide the same services, which include 2-3 daily signals with an 82% success rate and other parts of information. Traders can also get lifetime access to’s VIP signals by creating an account with Avatrade and depositing $250. Alternatively, they can get lifetime access by investing in Dash 2 Trade’s native tokens for as much as $250.

Dash 2 Trade presale

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Your capital is at risk.

Crypto VIP Signals – WhatsApp Group for Receiving High-Quality Trading Signals

Crypto VIP Signal is another WhatsApp trading signals provider that we decided to include in our list. It is widely known as one of the most successful and accurate trading signals providers in the industry that is reserved to those who manage to get direct access and join the group.

The platform provides three signals on its Facebook and Telegram platform, but we consider that this one does not have as much credibility as the next providers included in our list. Though it is free to join its Facebook group, we could not find any recent information or signal notification posted on its group.

Crypto VIP Signals

They also seem to have a Telegram and WhatsApp group, but we couldn’t access them to find out the information they post. It is also worth noting that the signal provider does not also have a website where we can find any information about their paid services and learn how to join them. 

In this regard, Crypto VIP Signal seems a bit unreliable compared to such popular and reputable crypto signals providers such as Learn 2 Trade and Dash 2 Trade. Hence our advice would be not to risk your money trusting this provider and instead check to find useful information on such platforms as the other 4 providers in the list. 

ForexGDP – Top Trading Signals Group for Forex Signals

ForexGDP is a WhatsApp trading signal provider that can be a good choice for traders who prefer forex trading. The platform only provides signals related to foreign exchange pair trading, which is quite popular in that market.

The platform was created in 2015 and has so far built a good reputation according to the previous signals and reviews introduced on their website. It notifies about the signal through the WhatsApp group, Telegram channel, and email. 


If you want to join the community, there are 3 subscription plans offered by ForexGDP. The first one is free, and you can get only 2-4 signals per month, join its WhatsApp group, get trade ideas and get entry and exit information with a basic setup. The next package is called Premium and looks more sophisticated. You can select between 1-month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months subscription plans, the prices of which are $74, $66, $29, and $20, respectively. 

The premium package provides up to 8-14 signals per month with accurate exit and entry information. Additionally, you will also get Big Trades signals and be notified about the forex signals through email. Otherwise, you can select the Supreme package, which again offers 4 types of subscriptions. The most expensive one is the 1-month subscription plan which costs $147/month. The cheapest one is the annual subscription plan which costs $37/per month.

The Supreme plan includes all the features of the Premium plan except that you get 16-25 signals per month. Additionally, you get 4 types of signals compared to the Free and Premium packages. These extra types are Commodity, News Trading, Jackpot, Entry, and Trend Reversal signals. If we compare ForexGDP to several other WhatsApp Trading Signal providers, it looks quite better. The platform has a website, which has a bit of complicated website but supports huge educational content and information about the company and its services. 

Why Use a WhatsApp Trading Signal Service?

Finding a good WhatsApp trading signal group can be a tricky task, as many of them provide those signals for another reason. You can even find a lot of free signal providers and easily join the group. But these signals may not be quite well-researched, and the groups are just created to gather as many people as possible and use the platform for advertising purposes. 

On the other hand, there are popular communities such as Learn 2 Trade or Dash 2 trade. These platforms are worth paying attention to as the first one has already built a strong community with more than 40,000 active members, and the second one is using innovative solutions to revolutionize how people trade. But what is the use of following these trading signal groups? Here are some benefits you can get. 

Find Out About New Coins

WhatsApp trading signal groups are an excellent source of learning about new cryptocurrencies. They notify you about many new listings on large crypto exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase or new token presales about which you may not have been aware.

This will enable you to invest in those tokens before their launch or when they are just listed and benefit from the low prices. Dash 2 Trade has a special tool called Crypto Presales, which will rate and notify the users about the latest crypto presale and crowdsale opportunities

Enter New Crypto Competitions

The next benefit you can get with crypto signals providers is the opportunity to enter new competitions, including airdrops and giveaways. The reason is that many new crypto projects conduct giveaways to promote their project or do an airdrop to reward their early investors. You can enter these giveaways or airdrops simply by buying the tokens and doing some minor tasks to win extra entries. 

For example, Dash 2 Trade currently holds one of the largest giveaways right now, the winner of which will get $150k worth of its tokens. To enter the giveaway, you need to hold $150 worth of D2T tokens during the moment of the raffle. Moreover, you can be granted extra entries for accomplishing some tasks. 

For instance, you will get 5 more entries if you retweet about the project or tweet about it. Following Dash 2 Trade on Twitter will give you one entry. If you perform all these tasks you will have more than 16 extra entries. 


To sum up, finding a trustworthy and accurate crypto signals provider can be a daunting task for traders. Though the market is filled with hundreds of options, many of the providers may not be reliable because of their hidden aims. They can send you notifications about buying a certain crypto but have a secret aim to boost that crypto, earn money through advertising space, or simply steal users’ personal data, such as mobile numbers. 

Hence, it is essential that traders do their own research before trusting any WhatsApp trading signals. When it comes to recommending a crypto signals provider, on top of our list is Dash 2 Trade. One of the best things about it is that it leverages blockchain technology to build a decentralized platform. Here, everything is transparent, which reduces the possibility of fraudulent cases. 

Dash 2 Trade is a highly reputable cryptocurrency project as it is backed by a prominent platform, Learn 2 Trade. The D2T project has already created a buzz around it – recently featured on Cointelegraph – and has the potential to become one of the best future cryptocurrency projects following its Q1 2023 rollout.


What is a WhatsApp crypto trading signals app?

Crypto trading signals are notifications that you get about a certain cryptocurrency which hints to you that it’s a great time to buy or sell that crypto asset. These signals are usually known as Buy/Sell signals. There can also be Stop-Loss, Take-Profit signals with other information about trading. The leading crypto signal providers provide this data based on careful analysis and historic data. Users can get these notifications on different platforms, including Telegram groups, Twitter accounts, or WhatsApp groups.

Where can I find the best signals for crypto trading?

There are multiple crypto signals providers in the industry. You can even join some of them for free and get 3-5 crypto signals in a month for free, but you need to buy a monthly subscription for more signals and sophisticated information. Our top recommended crypto signals provider is Dash 2 Trade which will launch its decentralized platform at the beginning of 2023. An alternative for Dash 2 Trade is Learn to Trade which provides up to 3 signals per week for free. While the paid option includes 5 signals per day, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and different trading guides. Both platforms are highly popular: Learn 2 Trade has 40,000 active users and many more followers on Telegram.

How do crypto signals work?

When you buy a subscription from a certain crypto signals provider or decide to join its free plan, you subscribe to the platform where the signals will be introduced. After that, you regularly get notifications which are called signals. The number of signals you will get per day or week depends on the provider and the subscription plan. The signal contains information about buying or selling a crypto asset introducing which crypto to buy or sell, to price to buy it at, the sell targets, etc. Later you use this information to make the trade.

What is the best signal provider for cryptocurrency trading?

There are several signal providers for cryptocurrency trading, but you need to check their reliability, functionality, and other features before buying a subscription plan. Our top recommended crypto signals provider is Dash 2 Trade which will launch in the near future. We also consider Learn 2 Trade,, and Crypto VIP Signals among the best crypto signals providers to use.