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10+ Best Crypto Crowdsales to Invest In

Since cryptocurrency crowdsales have become such an increasingly popular form of investment, many investors are looking for the best crypto crowdsales to invest in. So, in this guide, we rank and review the best crypto crowdsales coins to buy now as a potentially long term investment.
Best Crypto Crowdsales
Best Crypto Crowdsales

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Before being officially launched and listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrencies undergo presale stages which are known as cryptic crowdsales. These presales are carried out through multiple stages and enable investors to buy the tokens directly from the project and get high discounts. 

For these reasons crypto crowdsales are considered an excellent way to generate money as you invest in them in the early stages of their development and benefit greatly when they hit the exchanges and their value increases. But how can you decide which crowdsale cryptos are worth investing in for 2024 as the market is overcrowded with a lot of cryptocurrencies? You can face some challenges getting to explore the market to find out the best crypto crowdsales. 

To ease your task, we have already done detailed research and introduced a list of the best crypto crowdsales to buy in 2024. This guide also gives a clear understanding of the benefits of cryptos crowdsales and how to find them. Additionally, you will be explaining in detail how to buy cryptocurrencies with an online brokerage platform. 

Top 17 Cryptocurrency Crowdsales in 2024

If you want to buy crypto crowdsales immediately without going into details, here is a short list of the top crypto crowdsales recommended by our analysts. 

  1. Green Bitcoin – Crowdsale Revolutionizing Sustainable Investments
  2. Scotty the AI – AI Memecoin Crowdsale of 2024
  3. SmogMemecoin Crowdsale Available on Jupiter DEX
  4. Sponge V2 – Memecoin with Long-Term perks
  5. eTukTuk – High Potential EV Project Offering an Ambitious Usecase
  6. Frog Wif Hat – Meme Coin Magic with a French Twist
  7. Bitcoin Minetrix – Highly Popular Crowdsale with a Unique Concept
  8. Meme Kombat – Meme Project Integatring Gamefi Elements
  9. FightOutBest Crypto Crowdsale in 2024 with a Unique Approach to Move 2 Earn
  10. C+Charge – A Green Crypto Crowdsale for EV owners
  11. IMPT – Environmentally-Friendly Crypto Crowdsale that Tokenizes Carbon Credits
  12. Tamadoge – Best Cryptocurrency Project that Incorporates Blockchain, NFTs, and P2E
  13. Lucky Block – Best Crypto Project that Takes Prize Draw Competitions to a New Level
  14. Defi Coin – New Cryptocurrency Project with a Deflationary Token
  15. Battle Infinity – Metaverse Crypto Project with Exciting New Features
  16. NFTWorkx New Crypto Crowdsale that Offers NFT-Generating Services

Top Crypto Crowdsales Reviewed – Full List

Speaking about cryptocurrency investments, it is highly recommended that you learn about the project you are going to purchase. Crypto crowdsales are not an exception especially when you consider the fact that they are brand-new and don’t have any past price history to review their performance. The only thing to do is to explore the project, find out what it offers, and get familiar with its roadmap, team and features it introduces. 

The detailed reviews about the cryptos being in the presale stages would give you a clear understanding of that project and help you decide whether the project is worth investing in. In this section, we will thoroughly review all the crypto crowdsales included in our recommendation list and introduce their benefits or exclusive features. 

Green Bitcoin – Crowdsale Revolutionizing Sustainable Investments

In the crypto crowdsales landscape, finding projects that not only promise returns but also align with principles of sustainability can be a rewarding endeavor. Green Bitcoin (GBTC) stands out as a game-changer, offering investors an opportunity to participate in a crowdsale that goes beyond profitability and prioritizes eco-friendly practices.

Green Bitcoin

Green Bitcoin’s crowdsale introduces investors to a sustainable staking model, a factor that sets it apart in the crowded crypto crowdsale space. Operating as an ERC-20 token, GBTC leverages Ethereum’s infrastructure to significantly reduce carbon emissions. The gamified staking experience not only generates passive income but also promotes engagement through daily predictive challenges tied to Bitcoin price movements.

Investing in Green Bitcoin’s crowdsale means becoming part of a project with a carefully structured tokenomics. With 40% of the supply allocated to presale buyers and 27.5% earmarked for staking incentives, GBTC positions itself for long-term adoption and impact. The crowdsale is not just about funding; it’s a strategic step towards building a community united by eco-friendly values.

Crowdsale investors seek security and reliability, and Green Bitcoin ensures this by subjecting its smart contracts to a comprehensive audit by blockchain security firm Coinsult. This verification adds a layer of confidence for participants, making the crowdsale a compelling opportunity for those looking to invest in a project that prioritizes both innovation and security.

As investors explore the vast landscape of crypto crowdsales and seek the best coins on platforms like Uniswap, Green Bitcoin shines as a project with innovative fundamentals, sustainability at its core, and a vision for long-term growth.

Visit Green Bitcoin

Scotty the AI – AI Memecoin Crowdsale of 2024

For those looking for a unique crowdsale to get behind this year, Scotty the AI epitomizes unique offerings. On its front, Scotty the AI is a project that experts define as a meme coin with unique imagery.

Scotty the AI crowdsale

The imagery doesn’t take a cute route of telling a simple story. Instead, Scotty the AI informs investors about its characteristics. These characteristics aren’t limited to the furry goodness that the Scottish Terrier representing the project brings but extend to its capabilities.

These capabilities are being used to highlight the nuanced elements of the project that reveal Scotty the AI’s true functionalities in the background. These functionalities include fast transactions with no latency and memory recall of those transactions to fuel the project’s AI-driven capabilities to provide market analysis and help investors make successful trades.

These features are to be packed in Scotty Swap, a decentralized exchange, and ScottyChat, a chatbot.

Additionally, Scotty the AI’s appeal as a reliable crowdsale of this year increases thanks to the presence of its staking capabilities. Those who invest in this crypto during its current presale will be able to stake it at the same time. Holding these tokens once the presale is over will allow investors to compound their gains with an Annual Percentage Yield. Currently, the APY reward is 295%.

The presale is almost done with the fourth public round and is nearing its $542k target. Investors looking to invest in this crowd sale should act now.

Visit Scotty the AI

Smog – Memecoin Crowdsale Available on Jupiter DEX

Smog is not a conventional crowd sale, which means that it won’t give investors a traditional early-moving opportunity. Instead, it is providing users a way to invest in crypto with long-term fundamentals and the face of a meme coin.

Smog Best New Crypto

The token appeared on Jupiter DEX a short while ago and went up the price charts in a parabolic fashion. Within 3 hours of its launch, it made 15x gains for those who invested early. It was the initial viral nature of this dragon-themed memecoin that gave it the initial traction.

However, the token’s long-term fundamentals make it a suitable candidate for being called a crowd sale. Smog has implemented a significant change to the traditional airdrop model, which introduces a gameplay ecosystem within the memecoin niche. The airdrop model will consist of quests, tasks, and rewards that will likely drive more community interest towards this token.

Recently introduced staking mechanics and the ETH-bridge may also push the value of this token higher.

Those who want to buy Smog can visit the official website using the link below. The token is rising in value rapidly, which means it could cross the $1 billion marketcap soon and go live on exchanges like Binance, which will further pump its value.

Visit Smog

Sponge V2 – Memecoin with Long-Term Perks

Sponge V2 is a different type of memecoin from the remaining tokens on this list due to multiple reasons. The first one is that it is a different kind of crowdsale; it doesn’t always require buying.

Sponge V2 Crowdsale

Investors must go to the official website and stake their Sponge V1 tokens to earn an equal number of Sponge V2 tokens. This staking approach has been put in place because Sponge V2 is the evolution of the first Sponge.

Sponge V1 was one of the biggest memecoins of 2023, which hit the ground running shortly after arriving on Uniswap. It didn’t take long for this token to grow parabolically and make early investors a lot of gains. However, like most memecoins, interest in it subsided, and the token’s value declined.

However, since the community had persisted around this cryptocurrency, developers started to work towards introducing a new staking mechanic as well as a P2E game.

With the staking mechanic, investors can necessarily exchange their Sponge V1 tokens for Sponge V2. Those who choose to hold their tokens will also earn lucrative APY rewards over the course of the next four years.

Sponge V2 will also act as a reward token for the upcoming Sponge P2E game, which gives this token more long-term benefits.

Those interested in this “crowdsale” can visit to learn more about this project.

Visit Sponge V2

eTukTuk – High Potential EV Project Offering an Ambitious Usecase

Investors often face disappointment when crowd sales rely solely on hype or trendy themes, as seen with memecoins. However, eTukTuk stands apart as a robust project with a genuine and innovative use case, making it particularly attractive to environmentally conscious investors. This green cryptocurrency was recently launched and is already nearing completion of its first crowdfunding stage.


eTukTuk’s core focus is on establishing a global network of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations, aiming to mitigate the environmental risks posed by vehicles emitting harmful gases. Backed by a comprehensive whitepaper outlining its potential environmental impact at scale, the project quickly gained attention, becoming a trending crowdsale.

The project offers two primary components: the EV vehicle itself and a chain of charging stations. Additionally, it has introduced a play-to-earn (P2E) concept, providing investors with a glimpse of its broader objectives. Powering all these initiatives is the project’s native token, TUK, currently available in the presale at $0.026 per token. However, with each successive presale stage, the token price is set to rise. This presents an opportunity for investors to participate in the crowdsale and potentially realize significant profits, all while supporting a high-potential green cryptocurrency.

Visit eTukTuk

Frog Wif Hat – Meme Coin Magic with a French Twist

When we talk of crypto crowdsales, Frog Wif Hat introduces a novel and lighthearted approach. A meme coin inspired by the success of dogwifhat, Frog Wif Hat embraces a French theme, featuring a frog adorned with a béret and a baguette. Positioned as a meme coin with no utility, its value hinges on speculation and market hype.


The native token, $FWIF, comprises a fully circulating supply of 1 billion, and the fair launch on Uniswap, without a presale, ensures transparency. Notably, the development team holds no tokens, eliminating concerns of manipulation or rug pulls. A locked liquidity pool, securing over $343,000 worth of Frog Wif Hat, underlines a commitment to financial security.

Operational on the Ethereum network, Frog Wif Hat’s roadmap includes a phase for integration with the Solana network. The absence of transaction taxes during transfers and a modest 0.3% Uniswap trading commission add to its investor-friendly features.

As a crowdsale investment, Frog Wif Hat’s micro-cap status and potential for growth make it an intriguing option. However, investors should exercise caution due to the speculative nature of meme coins.

Visit Frog Wif Hat

Bitcoin Minetrix – Highly Popular Crowdsale with a Unique Concept

Bitcoin Minetrix is a fresh entrant in the cryptocurrency space in 2023, capturing significant attention from crypto enthusiasts worldwide. This project is determined to rejuvenate and reform the BTC mining sector by addressing critical concerns.

Bitcoin Minetrix

At its core, Bitcoin Minetrix introduces a tokenized cloud mining environment, characterized by reduced entry barriers, heightened security measures, and the absence of upfront costs. This innovative approach aims to democratize the mining process.

A groundbreaking fusion of mining and staking sets Bitcoin Minetrix apart. Users can acquire mining credits by staking the platform’s native BTCMTX currency. This process is straightforward, requiring nothing more than an Ethereum-compatible wallet to purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens. Users can seamlessly manage their BTCMTX tokens and mining credits through an intuitive UI.

The tokenization of the cloud mining environment represents a significant step towards accessibility. It eliminates the need to engage with mining companies for cash contracts. As Bitcoin Minetrix is currently in its pre-sale stage, it has set a soft cap target of a little over $15 million.

The project’s unique concept, coupled with its association with Bitcoin, positions it as a compelling option for those seeking to invest in crowdsale projects.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix

Meme Kombat – Meme Project Integatring Gamefi Elements

In 2024, Meme Kombat stands out as a promising crowdsale in the cryptocurrency space, garnering substantial interest from the global crypto community. Unlike many recent meme projects, Meme Kombat goes beyond mere hype, aiming to revolutionize peer-to-peer gaming through advanced technology and Ethereum’s decentralized prowess.

Meme Kombat

At its core, Meme Kombat introduces Automated Battles featuring AI-driven characters inspired by renowned meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Holders of the platform’s native cryptocurrency, $MK, can participate in these battles, placing bets on outcomes for a chance at significant rewards.

Additionally, $MK token holders can engage in staking, allowing them to earn an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 112% passively. These earnings complement the various in-game rewards and benefits offered by the platform.

Community involvement is central to Meme Kombat’s ethos, with a substantial allocation of tokens reserved for community rewards. Currently in its presale phase, half of the total token supply is available, with a hard cap set at $10,000,000 and a presale token price of $1.667, making the token an ideal buy for those looking for some good crowdsale gains.

Visit Meme Kombat

FightOut – Best Crypto Crowdsale in 2024 with a Unique Approach to Move 2 Earn

FightOut presents one of the most innovative crypto crowdsales this year. The project is shooting to introduce new mechanics in the move-to-earn space, and so far, we believe that the project has what it takes to become the next big M2E crypto. So far, the project has raised close to $3 million in a few short days.  And as people are becoming more aware of the project, the presale is gaining speed.

FightOut Crowdsale crypto

At the center of the FightOut ecosystem is an idea that involves transforming people into combat-ready individuals. People can download the FightOut fitness app, create an account and participate in fitness challenges and earn $FGHT tokens. Players can customize their fitness routines as they wish and earn $FGHT tokens while leading a healthy lifestyle.

Among the many utilities of $FGHT tokens, the biggest one is that it can be swapped for REPS, an in-app currency that allows players to buy in-game assets to customize their avatars (the avatar is free, permanent, and non-sellable). REPS can also be used to enter real-world FightOut gyms when they open soon and as payment to fitness trainers.

The project has also onboarded several professional combat athletes and trainers to drive up the adoption. Developers have not put any boundaries on the minimum and maximum requirements. However, those who want to participate in the $250k giveaway must buy at least $250 worth of $FGHT.

At the time of writing, the project has already crossed the $6 million mark in terms of funding and is expected to get listed very soon, which has caused a store among investors. A massive chunk of buyers has been stocking up on the token since it is currently available at a discounted price. Click on the link below to participate in this crowdsale project.

Visit FightOut

C+Charge – A Green Crypto Crowdsale for EV owners

C+Charge is a green crypto crowdsale that has taken a brand new approach to combat climate change – increasing the EV adoption rate. The token is currently available on presale at a discount price of 0.013 USDT. It has four presale phases, so buying it now will give a shot at 80% profit as the price of this token increases to $0.0235 at the end of the presale.

Buy C+Charge on Crowdsale

At the of the C+Charge ecosystem exists a mobile application that, in addition to playing the role of a P2P payment system, will also give you the following benefits.

  1. CCHG as payment and rewards – Charging your EV (electric vehicles) at the C+Charge partnered charging stations will reward you with CCHG tokens. CCGH also acts as a mode of payment on these stations. Staking CCHG tokens will reward users with tokenized carbon credits.
  2. Charging Station and Price Tracker – For so long, there has been no way to track an operational charging station and know the charging costs before reaching the station. The app tackles this issue with the aid of a database that allows EV owners to locate operational charging stations and know the prices beforehand.

Due to these two factors, the C+Charge crowdsale has the potential to become another presale success this year. Only 400 million tokens have been dedicated to the presale out of its 1 billion total supply. Furthermore, only 80 million tokens – 8% of the presale – will act as liquidity when the token finally gets listed on exchanges. So, it is better to grab this token in the current crowdsale phase. Moreover, more than $3 million has been raised and this crowdsale is expected to end on March 31st so investors may need to act fast if they do not want to miss out on exceptional returns.

Learn more about this token in our how-to-buy-C+Charge guide.

Visit C-Charge

IMPT – Environmentally-Friendly Crypto Crowdsale that Tokenizes Carbon Credits

While initially cryptocurrencies were accepted as alternatives to centralized payment systems, their importance has grown over the years touching different fields. They also have changed the way blockchain technology works making it more nature-friendly and reducing the harm that it causes the environment. Additionally, different crypto projects have been launched aiming to solve multiple climate problems. 


The IMPT project is one of the DeFi projects concentrated on climate change-related issues and it tries to reduce the amount of carbon in the environment. It has a native token with a similar name – IMPT token which is currently in the second stage of its crowdsale. It managed to sell out all the tokens provided for the first stage with a price of $0.018. The value of the token increased to $0.023 during the second stage and it has already sold more than half of the coins. 

The project closed its presale ahead of time after raising upwards of $20.5 million. Those who want to buy IMPT can participate in the IEO as the token has been listed on Lbank, Uniswap, and Changelly Pro. the developers are also planning 7 more exchange listings next year – an act that will likely pump the IMPT price further.

 So, what makes the IMPT project so special and popular among investors? As the project is focused on climate change it tries to benefit the environment by decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere. IMPT does so by tokenizing carbon credits and selling them.

To make it more clear, carbon credits are certain amounts of carbon dioxide that are traded in the same way as other tradable assets. When anyone buys carbon credit he has the right to burn it or wait for its value to increase and sell it to another investor to make a profit from it. IMPT’s platform introduces these carbon credits as NFTs. Anyone can purchase these NFTs using IMPT’s native token, which can later be traded or burnt to prevent its effect on the Earth’s atmosphere. By burning their NFTs, users get Carbon scores. 


Tamadoge – Best Cryptocurrency Project that Incorporates Blockchain, NFTs, and P2E

Another great candidate for the best crypto crowdsale is Tamadoge which is an exciting play-to-earn game with a simple narrative. Though the game is easy to understand it is quite functional with interesting and attractive features. The core feature of the game is Tama pets which users buy when they are still immature. Each of them comes with various pros and cons unique to them. 


Users need to take care of their pets during the game and raise them by buying food, and accessories from Tama’s in-built store. Once the pets are mature enough they can participate in different battles and get points if they win. Tamadoge’s native token TAMA plays a huge role in the game’s ecosystem. It is used to reward the players with the highest TAMA points which they get for winning the competitions.

TAMA is also used to buy and sell in-game items and to stake to generate passive income. There are different benefits you can get from investing in a TAMA token. First, it is not a simple token to buy and sell and has several uses within the Tamadoge’s ecosystem. First, you can use it to buy TAMA pets and play the game to earn real money. 

Second, TAMA is a deflationary coin and 5% of the token is burnt every time one makes transactions in TAMA. Finally, there are taxes applied by the project when you buy or sell the coins. TAMA’s maximum supply is 2 billion tokens but the coin is deflationary and its supply will decrease over time which will make time scarcer and hence more valuable. 

Tamadoge is already quite popular but the coin’s value is strongly associated with the game’s popularity. If more people play the game there will be more demand for the token which will increase its demand. But as long as TAMA is also a deflationary coin every transaction will reduce 5% of the tokens and the supply will decrease. So, the high demand and low supply can affect the coin’s price positively. If you want to invest in Tamadoge, the coin is currently available to buy on the OKX crypto exchange. 

Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Lucky Block – Best Crypto Project that Takes Prize Draw Competitions to a New Level

Platforms offering competing events or prize draws are often accepted as fraud and a waste of time or money which is sometimes close to the truth. But this new blockchain project called Lucky Block takes a completely new approach to the competing sector and makes it more user-oriented. First and foremost, Lucky Block is built on blockchain technology which means that the transactions are transparent and automated. It makes Lucky Block more reliable and reduces the risks of being a victim of fraud.

Lucky Block

Additionally, Lucky Block introduces many benefits for the users – the prize draws are quite frequent with the platform, users have more chances to win, the prize pools are quite high and what is most important you will be rewarded even when you don’t win in the competition. Lucky Block prizes and rewards can be quite expensive, and they may include luxurious cars, $1 million in Bitcoin, a few-day vacation, etc. 

To take part in these competitions you need to buy its native token – LBLOCK v1 which is quite vital for the platform’s network. Later you will use these tokens to buy NFTs which will give you access to different competitions. But you will be rewarded also for simply holding the LBLOCK token as the project occasionally rewards the holders with new LBLOCK tokens. Still, if you don’t want to use LBLOCK to benefit from its ecosystem, you can buy LBLOCK v2 which is designed to be listed on centralized exchanges.

Visit Lucky Block

Defi Coin – New Cryptocurrency Project with a Deflationary Token

The decentralized exchange industry is also growing and DeFi Swap is one of the most popular DEXs in the market. The ecosystem is supported by the DeFi coin which is the native token of the exchange. The development of the exchange and its popularity will positively affect also the DeFi coin as they are bounded together. Currently, the exchange supports swapping, staking, and earning options but it plans to incorporate more in the future.

Founded in 2021, the DeFi coin has become quite popular among investors. It is mostly preferred as a long-term investment due to its features. The team applied such features to boost the long-term holding of the coin. One of the reasons is that you pay high taxes every time you buy or sell DeFi coin which prevents short-term traders from speculating on its price changes and keeps the value of the coin quite stable.

Defi Coin

Additionally, users holding DeFi coins are rewarded with new tokens for just having the coin. The 50% of the taxes generated from buying and selling the coin is distributed among DeFi coin holders to promote long-term investment in the project. DeFi coin is also deflationary and its maximum supply of 100 million tokens will decrease gradually which is another feature that makes the token a good long-term investment. 

Buy DeFi Coin

Battle Infinity – Metaverse Crypto Project with Exciting New Features

Battle Infinity is one of the most exciting metaverse games that combines blockchain and NFTs with play-to-earn elements and gaming to give an incredible experience to gaming enthusiasts. It introduces a metaverse with several platforms designed to make the experience on the platform versatile. The core feature of the game is the IBAT Premier League where players can build their dream teams and participate in fantasy sports. 

The winners of the games are rewarded with Battle Infinity’s native token – IBAT which has many use cases within the game’s ecosystem. IBAT is used to buy items from Battle Infinity’s in-built marketplace which is called IBAT Market. IBAT is also stackable which enables holders to generate passive income locking up their tokens.

Battle Infinity

Other components of the Battle Infinity include the Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange where users can swap between various cryptocurrencies. IBAT Battle Market introduces a lot of P2E games which users can buy and play to earn money. Eventually, you will find an IBAT Battle Stake through which you can stake your IBAT coins to gain more tokens. 

Note: Battle Infinity Presale ended 66 days ahead of time. Investors can not get IBAT from LBank and Pancakswap.

Visit Battle Infinity

NFTWorkx – New Crypto Crowdsale that Offers NFT-Generating Services

NFTWorkx is an interesting DeFi project that provides services to artists, musicians, athletes, businesses, musicians, authors, influencers, and other people to create their own NFTs, give utility to those NFTs, or benefit from other features of the Web 3 ecosystem. The company helps its users to create and sell their NFTs, assists in branding, promotes content or merchandise, and builds a strong community. 


The native token of the NFTWorkx is called WRKX which is used for different purposes within the network. First of all, it powers the NFTWorkx ecosystem as the transactions within the network are conducted in WRKX tokens. Additionally, it is used to reward the NFTWorkx community and users for simple tasks, including verifying their accounts, completing their profiles, sharing their content, etc. You can also buy Platinum NFTs with the WRKX token and participate in various competitions where you can win Sports cars or luxurious watches. 

The WRKX tokens are distributed among different components of the NFTWorkx ecosystem, including its community, team, marketing, presale event, liquidity, etc. The project has a well-designed website that says that the presale of its native token will start in 50 days. The countdown of the presale is introduced in the “Token” section where you can also find other useful information about WRKX. 

Visit NFTWorkx

What are Crypto Crowdsales and How Do They Work?

When you buy cryptocurrencies that are officially launched you usually do it through a centralized or decentralized exchange. In that case, the token is listed on a  particular exchange which acts like the third party between you and the token. But before officially launching the cryptocurrency, many project developers conduct a sale of the token which is called the presale stage of the crypto. 

Crypto crowdsale is one of the stages of the crypto presale during which investors can purchase the token directly from the owners of the project. At that time, the token is not listed on any exchange, and you need to visit its website to link your crypto wallet to its platform and purchase the number of tokens you want. 

What is the use of conducting crypto presales? Actually, they are beneficial for both the buyers and sellers. Best crypto projects presales and NFT presales are usually carried out when the project is almost ready to launch and is in the final stages of its development. When the developers of the project organize a crowdsale, they raise capital which can be used for the development of the project. Buyers benefit in their turn, as they take the chance of investing earlier and getting high discounts. 

What Are the Best Ways to Find Crypto Crowdsales?

Crypto crowdsales occur during the early development stages of a certain project. When it is newly introduced the cryptocurrency is not popular enough, so you may miss the opportunity to buy it before the crowdsale ends. That’s why it is important to know about crypto private sales before the cryptocurrency goes live. Here are some of the ways you can find the best crypto crowdsales. 

Search on Forums

There are several forums specialized in cryptocurrency trading, so you will always find many crypto crowdsales announced by them. They usually provide short descriptions of the cryptocurrency project and details about its crowdsale, including start and end dates, price, the number of tokens being sold during the crowdsale, etc. You can search for the projects separately and learn about them in detail before buying any of them. 

Read the Terms and Conditions of the Crypto Projects

The next method of learning about crowdsales is to explore the cryptocurrency project that is about to launch. You can find a lot of useful information about certain crypto by reading their roadmap, where they usually announce the public or private sale stages. Make sure also to read the terms and conditions of the presale not to miss the deadline. 

Find on Social Media 

One of the most efficient methods to find the best crypto crowdsales is to search for them on social media platforms. When crypto projects are in the early stages of their environment, they start their marketing campaigns on social media platforms, such as Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

When the project development team wants to attract investors during the crowdsale stage they usually announce the presale events on social media accounts and boost the posts to attract more people. Telegram groups can also be a good source of finding crypto presales but always make sure to do your own research to learn about the project you are about to buy. 

Follow Educational Platforms

Eventually, you can follow educational platforms focused on cryptocurrency trading, like our website. These platforms can be of big use when looking for an excellent crypto crowdsale to invest in. The reason is that they usually sort out and select the best projects from thousands of alternatives, so you don’t need to waste much time analyzing a myriad of crypto projects and selecting the ones appropriate for you. On our website, we introduce the trending crypto presales and provide detailed descriptions about each crypto crowdsale recommended by us. 

Why Crypto Crowdsales Can Be a Good Long-Term Investment?

If you hesitate about purchasing crypto crowdsales, first you need to understand what you will get investing in them during the presale stage. Below we have listed some of the benefits of buying crypto crowdsales that can help you make a more reasonable decision about your investment. 

Benefit from the Low Prices

One of the reasons investors tend to buy crypto crowdsales is that they get extremely high discounts during this stage. During the presale events, the crypto is valued at almost half of its ICO value. The price of the token rises with each following presale stage, still, if you buy it in the final stage of its presale there is a big difference between its value when it gets listed on a centralized or decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. 

Get Access to Different Features

Best crypto crowdsales usually come with a lot of benefits when you invest in the early stages. These benefits can be of various kinds. For instance, many sophisticated crypto projects enable you to buy a certain amount of tokens at discounts even after being officially launched and listed on a cryptocurrency exchange. Other projects do airdrops and send free tokens to the early investors of their project once the token goes live. 

These benefits can be also related to the ecosystem of the cryptocurrency project. For example, investors can have a free membership or access to some platforms of the project. So if a project seems interesting to you you can invest in its crypto crowdsale not only for selling the coin and benefit from the price difference, but also to use these tokens to benefit from the various features of its network. 

Make Money When the Crypto Grows

And finally, these projects have huge room for growth, which means that their value is going to increase once they succeed in the implementation of their goals. However, you need to bear in mind that these investments involve high risks and most of the projects may fail after being launched. One of the ways to manage the risk is to diversify your portfolio by investing in different projects, especially competing ones. 

When you diversify your portfolio, you still have the chance to make money from the successful project even if you lose some of your investments. Plus, you invest in those tokens when they are sold at low prices meaning that in case of success their value can grow exponentially.

How to Invest in Crypto Crowdsale Tokens?

If you are interested in buying crypto crowdsales, you may want to know how to go through the process of purchasing the tokens. Buying a crypto crowdsale is actually an easy process if you have selected a trustworthy and functional cryptocurrency broker. We will introduce the whole process with one of the leading cryptocurrency brokers worldwide, OKX. 

Step 1: Create an Account with OKX

When you want to buy crypto with an online crypto broker the first thing is to set up an online account. Creating an account with OKX includes two simple steps – you need to provide a real email address and create a strong password for your account. Then you must visit your email address and verify your account through the provided link. 

Step 1 Create an Account with OKX

Step 2: Verify Your OKX Account

But if you want to trade with the OKX platform, further ID verification is mandatory. To verify your OKX account visit the Verification section and select “Individual Account”. The next step is to select your nationality and eventually provide your identity details. The broker required filling in your full name and ID number. If you provide everything properly, OKX will verify your account in a short time. 

Step 2 Verify Your OKX Account

Step 3: Buy USDT with Fiat

Now when you have a verified OKX account you can finally get to buying TAMA tokens. OKX supports both fiat and cryptocurrency purchases. Still, not all the tokens are available to buy through fiat currency. You can’t buy TAMA immediately with fiat currency, but you can use fiat to buy another coin that is exchangeable with TAMA tokens. 

So, your first step is to buy USDT coins, which you can do instantly by clicking on the “Buy with Card” option from the “Buy Crypto” section. You will be navigated to the buying window where you need to write the number of USDT coins you want to buy and provide the necessary card details to finalize the transaction. 

Step 3 Buy USDT with Fiat

Step 4: Buy Tokens with USDT Coin

When you get USDT coins on your exchange account, you can easily buy TAMA tokens with them. Search the the token you wan to buy in the “Markets” section and click on the “Trade now” button. 

Step 4 Buy TAMA with USDT


Crypto crowdsales are an excellent investment when it comes to making money with cryptocurrencies in a short time. They stand out with a lot of pluses, including affordability, huge potential for growth, exciting DeFi features, etc. On the contrary, they can be incredibly risky – not all the new tokens have unique features to offer the investors and many of them are created only for speculation. 

It is not crucial to stay away from such cryptocurrencies and not to be trapped by any crypto offered in the market. But finding an excellent crypto crowdsale can be a herculean task. In our guide, we have introduced the best crypto crowdsales that come highly recommended to invest in this year. The list includes the most exciting metaverse crypto crowdsales, innovative DeFi projects, high potential memecoins like Green Bitcoin, Smog, Bitcoin Minetrix, Meme Kombat etc.

In the guide, we also explained in detail what the crypto crowdsales are, how you can find the best crowdsales, and touched up their benefits. If you want to buy crypto crowdsales you need to follow the instructions introduced on the website or social pages of the certain cryptocurrency. You can also find a step-by-step guide in our article about buying one of the newest cryptocurrencies with a brokerage platform.

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What is the meaning of crowdsale in crypto?

Crypto crowdsales are events planned by the developers of the project to raise capital for the further development of their project. It helps early investors to buy coins at extremely low prices and sell them when the crypto goes official and increases in value.

How does a crypto crowdsale work?

Crypto crowdsales are usually conducted through multiple stages and the price for each token increases with each coming stage. The tokens are available to buy until the deadline or when the tokens planned to sell during that stage are sold out. During crypto crowdsales you buy tokens directly from the project, so you need to browse its website and follow the mentioned steps to make the contract. Usually, the steps are connecting your crypto wallet to the platform and having some tokens on it that you can exchange with the crypto you want to buy.

What's the biggest crypto crowdsale on record?

Among the best crypto crowdsales are the Green Bitcoin crowdsale, which managed to raise a substantial amount within a very short span of time.

What is a crowdsale contract?

When you buy tokens during the crowdsale stage you don’t get them in your wallet at that time because the cryptocurrency you invested in is not launched officially. But you make a contract that ensures that you will get the certain number of tokens that you purchased during the presale once the crypto goes live. Hence crowdsale contract is your proof that you bought it and ensures that you will get the coins in your wallet once the crypto is launched.

What is a crypto crowdsale NFT?

Crypto Crowdsale NFT is a cryptocurrency crowdsale during which investors can buy non-fungible tokens at discounts. These NFTs can give various benefits in the future, such as selling it when the NFT becomes more valuable or keeping it to have access to different platforms, ecosystems, etc.