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Top Crypto Gainers Look To Rally For The Weekend – Here’s 3 Coins for Buying the Dip

3 top gainers
3 top gainers

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The crypto markets can’t seem to have enough volatility in one go. As soon as the markets started showing a certain degree of recovery, the recent incidents once again led to severe volatility in the crypto markets.

However, keeping all of that aside, the crypto markets are rising, and newer more unique projects are entering the markets, giving investors an opportunity to invest and explore. Investors are now pinning their hopes on a few cryptocurrencies that might add some greenery to their volatility-hit crypto portfolios.

Here are some of the best crypto gainers to look out for that might rally during the weekend, and how you can include them in your portfolio.

Why Do The Crypto Markets Seem Volatile?

The year 2022 has battered the crypto industry, with many investors losing confidence in the entire ecosystem. While there have been several winners, such as Tamadoge, the debacle of large crypto exchanges like FTX, and the LUNA crash has led to investors revisiting their investment decisions.


Bitcoin hit a two-year low of $15,632, from its November 2021 peak of $69,000.

Moreover, several geo-political situations, including the Ukraine-Russia war, and the hawkish moves by the Fed, combined with demand-supply related issues in the economy have led to the crypto industry reel into a massive pressure-like situation.

Top Crypto Gainers That Might Rally During The Weekend

1.  Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

One of the top projects to have entered the crypto markets in turmoil is Dash 2 Trade. However, it has been able to create an impact with its presale. Dash 2 Trade was able to raise more than $3.5 million in less than three weeks of its presale. The cryptocurrency is currently at Stage 3 of its presale with $5.9 million already raised, out of the $8.7 million target for the stage.

Dash 2 Trade

D2T was able to make it to our list of top crypto gainers due to the importance it holds in bringing something unique to the table. Dash 2 Trade tries to capitalize on the FOMO trend of cryptocurrencies, by offering investors an opportunity to invest in cryptos they could be trading at a time before they explode and become trendy.

D2T terms itself is a crypto analytics and social trading platform that makes it easier for investors to act on the basis of actual insights instead of a hunch.

The D2T platform provides features like trading signals, social sentiment, on-chain analysis, strategy building and social trading tools, and trading competitions for subscribers amongst many others which makes it a holistic crypto insights platform for investors and traders alike. The project plans on implementing a ‘0% Tax Forever’ policy

Buy Dash 2 Trade

Its native token, D2T is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. D2T has a fixed supply of 1 billion and no more tokens will be added to protect it from inflationary tokenomics.

The roadmap for D2T seems quite sorted, with presale and website coming up in early 2023, which will involve a dashboard for the investors. Furthermore, the project will be coming up with copy trading and social trading functionalities, along with an auto-trader tool

2. Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is a new P2E crypto game that has investors and gamers excited. It allows players to collect NFT cards and battle against each other. Another unique thing about Calvaria is its storytelling ability which might have many hooked.

The game features three different cities within the game, each with its own unique characteristics. Moreover, battle cards within Calvaria are NFTs and hence are completely owned by their buyers. It also features a built-in peer-to-peer marketplace where players can buy, and sell their cards.

Visit Calvaria Unique Gameplay

Calvaria is a strategy-based game and consists of features that many recent P2E games lack. There are no barriers to entry to play in Calvaria. Anyone can join Calvaria and gain a free starter deck without requiring to buy a card. What makes it even more democratic is the fact, that it has its own DAO. The players who own the ecosystem’s native token, RIA, have a vote in determining the future of Calvaria.

RIA is the native token of the Calvaria ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens. Currently, 30% of the tokens or 300 million of them are available during the ongoing presale of the crypto token. Calvaria is currently at Stage 4 of its Presale, with 1.6 million USDT raised and around 103 million RIA tokens being sold.

Many, apart from gamers, are looking keen to invest in Calvaria due to the nature of in-game ownership, which essentially makes the gamers, the owners of the resources they own, which in themselves are an NFT.


IMPT is doing what other cryptos are usually accused of not doing- fighting climate change. Moreover, its effort is finally gaining traction, as is quite evident by the numbers during the presale. The token is currently at Stage 2 of its Presale with almost 680 million tokens already being sold and almost $12.6 million being raised.

There have been conversations about how IMPT’s approach to combining cryptocurrencies and climate change is revolutionary. It’s a good choice for investors who want to contribute towards climate change and get rewarded for the same.

IMPT works as a measure for companies to buy carbon credits for the emissions that they generate. Every company or individual can purchase a carbon credit to offset a ton of carbon output. However, due to tons of politics and manipulation, the carbon credit industry hasn’t been able to contribute towards reducing climate change quite effectively.

This is where IMPT’s efforts come in. is planning to tokenize carbon credits and offer the same to their users in the form of an NFT. This would mean that every carbon credit bought would be verifiable, making every carbon credit count. Furthermore, it also avoids duplication of carbon credits.

There are various ways through which individuals or companies can buy carbon credits via IMPT. An individual can directly purchase a carbon credit from Also, a consumer can simply buy a product from one of the leading 10,000+ brands, including Netflix and Microsoft that IMPT has partnered with, and they can earn IMPT tokens which can be converted into carbon credits.

An organization can also get in touch with and dedicate a certain percentage of sales proceeds towards carbon offsetting projects.

What makes IMPT even more special is that it has gained some credibility amongst regulators who are otherwise going hard on crypto. IMPT uses a proof-of-stake system, making it consume 99% lesser energy than its proof-of-work counterparts.

Conclusion: Finding The Right Crypto Gainers

The crypto industry might be facing loads of pressure at the moment.

However, as it has always been, investing in projects that hold a certain degree of value and uniqueness will always pay off. This is why projects like Tamadoge tend to be performing so well, even though meme coins have been declining by almost 62% in the last week. Moreover, Tamadoge has even gone ahead and listed itself on which is amongst the top crypto exchanges in the world.

Cryptocurrencies have certainly set their roles, and are going to stay. While the FTX incident might be a hiccup, the investors seem bullish about the long-term returns and an overall utilitarian role of cryptocurrencies, as a new way of making transactions and investing.

Getting onto the right boat is crucial for an investor at any stage of their journey. This is why it is usually recommended to conduct due diligence before putting in hard-earned money into a highly speculative asset such as cryptocurrencies.

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