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Best Crypto for Thanksgiving Week – Here’s 3 Coins for Buying the Dip (D2T, IMPT, RIA)


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Crypto has easily managed to be a part of the talk at the dining table, all thanks to the increased interest of investors of all ages who have shown interest in the asset. The sharp fall and then rallying of the crypto markets, along with the advent of newer currencies, have made the topic unelusive while spending time with family and friends.

This Thanksgiving is going to be no different as the crypto market recovers from the November crash and the Fed’s new measures that directly and indirectly influence the volatility of these assets.

This also makes the Thanksgiving break a perfect time to invest in new assets and educate your family and friends about the same over the dining table.

Buying the Dip in the Crypto Market

Buying the dip is a popular phrase in the stock market. It means purchasing more assets when it is trading at a value that is below average. Buying the dip helps an investor reduce the average amount of money he spent on buying them and also enables him to make even bigger profits when the prices bounce back.

Buying the dip (although tempting) is a risky move that should be done after taking into consideration factors like the type of asset, its price history, the public sentiment around it, its growth potential, etc.

Given below are three crypto assets that, although fairly new in the market, show great growth potential and should make it to your thanksgiving discussion.

Coins to Buy this Thanksgiving Week

1. D2T (Dash-2-Trade)

Dash-2-Trade is a crypto trading analytics platform that strives to provide all the relevant information to its users for their next profitable crypto transaction.

Launched in 2022, Dash-2-Trade is a fairly new platform that is still under development but has been able to get public recognition due to its novel and exciting use case. Dash-2-Trade offers users a dashboard that allows them to procure useful insights like the socio-economic trends, the on-chain analyses, and the technical indicators that help the users choose the right coin to buy or sell.

Dash 2 Trade presale hits $6M, confirms another CEX listing on BitMart

D2T token is the official token of the Dash-2-Trade platform. The coin could be used to enjoy all the services that the platform has to offer. The coin is being offered on a fixed supply basis (meaning that there will not be further issues with the coin).


D2T has issued a total of 1 billion D2T tokens, of which 66.5% or 665 million tokens are being offered to the public. A total of 50 million coins (5% of the total supply) has been reserved for the purpose of talent acquisition that will help the platform enormously in its development and betterment.

Veteran Team

The D2T platform has been developed by veterans who were behind the very successful platform named Learn2Trade, which had amassed about 70,000 community members from all over the world. The platform will benefit greatly from the experience of the founders and their already-established reputation in the crypto space.

0% Tax

Moreover, the founders of D2T believe in the idea that the platform should provide value to the token and not the people trading on it. This has been the reason behind making the sale and purchase of D2T tokens free of any tax making the entry and exit from the Dash-2-Trade ecosystem barrier-free.

This will act as an incentive to new traders and the traders who are skeptical of the novel D2T platform, as they don’t have to pay any tax for using the platform on a trial basis.

Forming Trade Strategies with Backtesting Mode

The dash-2-Trade platform allows its users to create their own trading strategies using the indicators and metrics available on the platform. Once a user is ready with their own trading strategy, they have the option of testing it on the platform’s backtesting mode (a simulation of the real crypto trading world).

The backtesting mode helps the platform in testing the effectiveness of its trading strategies and making necessary changes to them(if needed). The user can use this feature again and again, to come up with the best trading strategy.

Listing Information

The listing of a token on an action affects its price greatly, and it is for the same reason that Dash-2-Trade is offering all the latest insights regarding the listing of different tokens on crypto exchanges and the public sentiment, which would help the investors in making informed investment decisions.

The D2T token has entered the third stage of its presale and has been able to receive a warm reception from the investors so far. The platform has been able to raise funds north of $ 6.5 million (where 1 D2T= 0.0533 USDT).

LBank, adding to the coin’s list of accomplishments, has announced that they will list the coin on their platform once it is done with all the presale stages(which, as of now, doesn’t seem like a long wait).

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale


Lately, crypto assets ( especially the big ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin) have been brought to the limelight for their immense deterrence to the environment. This has further led many to rethink whether crypto can succeed in the traditional way of making payments, as it didn’t appear sustainable.

The crypto space, however, has made a big leap in the form of platform, which was founded keeping in mind the grim state of the environment and the ways to recover from the same.

IMPT has used the carbon credit mechanism to curb pollution and fund big environmental projects in an online and decentralized setup. The platform runs on the IMPT token, which is used to invest in environmental conservation projects and also to purchase carbon credits from the platform.

IMPT buy

The coin has completed the first stage of its presale, where the platform managed to sell 300 million IMPT tokens. More tokens will be made available to interested investors in further three stages of the presale.

The IMPT platform strives to standardize and make the Voluntary Carbon Market more accessible to both corporations and individuals. It also aims to provide the necessary investment that environmental conservation projects need for their successful completion.

Voluntary Carbon Market

Unlike the Mandatory Carbon Market, which is only for limited corporations and governments, the Voluntary Carbon Market is open for both corporations as well as individuals. The VMC works on the idea that individuals, too, are capable of both polluting as well as conserving the environment.

The individuals using the IMPT platform can choose a project that they want to invest in and then do the same using IMPT tokens.

The Alternate Carbon Credit

The founders of IMPT were fast to acknowledge the fact that all individuals may not have the means to directly purchase carbon credits. They, therefore, developed an alternate method that helped the users collect IMPT tokens while doing their regular shopping, and the same could be converted into carbon credits.

The platform has partnered with about 10,000 retailers for the same, who have introduced a minimal carbon margin that is charged from the buyers on the purchase of items. The margin(carbon) is then added to the individual’s account in the form of IMPT.

Incentivizing the Disposition of Carbon Credits

The carbon credits received from investing in conservation projects and carbon margins are in the form of an NFT, which is registered on a decentralized ledger. The user, on burning their NFT, gets an NFT well crafted by artists that they have the option to either hold or sell. In this way, the IMPT platform incentivizes climate conservation activities.

IMPT has entered the second stage of its presale and has been able to raise more than $13 million as of now. The token is being sold at $0.023, which may rise in the future stages and listing platforms.

The value of IMPT tokens is directly linked with that of carbon credits. With the worsening of climatic conditions worldwide and the growing concern among the masses, it can be safely said that the value of carbon credits and, therefore, the value of IMPT tokens is only going to surge.

IMPT tokens could be a good investment option for investors as it is backed by its sound environment-centric project.

Visit IMPT Official Website

3. RIA (Calvaria)

Calvaria is a P2E (Play-to-Earn) card game that is decentralized and allows users to win rewards by playing both single-player as well as multiplayer games. RIA is the official currency of the Calvaria ecosystem, which enables them to purchase NFT cards, among other resources in the game.

shall I buy calvaria

As Calvaria operates on a blockchain and is decentralized, its assets can be owned by the players who can use them in other blockchain-based platforms or sell them to earn profits. Calvaria runs on the Polygon blockchain making its operations easily scalable (fast and with less pollution).

The game also has the eRIA coin, which is especially used for in-game purchases and can be collected as a reward for the quests made by the player.


Like various other P2E games (Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, etc.) that became popular this year, Calvaria, too, is showing signs of tremendous growth. The RIA coin has successfully completed 89% of its stage 4 presale.

The platform, to get early investors, is providing a discount on its presale (1USDT=$40 RIA), which is only valid till the presale. An investor will be able to purchase $33.33 RIA coins from 1 USDT once the presale is over.


Calvaria has released RIA coins on a maximum fixed supply basis (no further issues of the coin). A total of 1 billion coins is being supplied, of which 30% was reserved for the presale stage. It can be safely said that the platform has been able to sell at least 25% of RIA tokens from its presale.

Polygon Based

Calvaria runs on the Polygon network, which despite being similar to the Ethereum network, can handle more transactions than the latter version at a faster rate. This helps the Calvaria game to solve the scalability issues that it may have to suffer, as such games are supposed to support large numbers of transactions on a regular basis.

0% Tax

The money generated from the sale of RIA tokens is split into two parts. 10% of the revenue goes into the staking pool, whereas the remaining 90% goes into the rewards pool. The sale and purchase of RIA tokens do not come with additional fees, which usually act as a disincentive for investors to invest in new assets.

Visit Calvaria Official Website


All the above coins are still in their presale stage. The platforms they support are still under development. The coins are made available at a discount to attract early investors for the further development of the platform. Once the presale is over, the investors will be expected to pay a higher amount for the same coin.

As all the above-mentioned coins don’t have any transaction fees associated with them, it makes it easier for the investor to invest in a certain asset without running the risk of suffering huge losses.

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