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Who Accepts Bitcoin As Payment? 14 Best Stores That Support Cryptocurrency


Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bitcoin has become one of the most viable alternatives for online payments. There’s probably no one in today’s contemporary world who has never heard of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, as Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity and adoption, many companies have implemented it as a payment method for their goods and services.

In this guide, we cover some of the best companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method and the goods and services they offer.

14 Best Companies That Accept Bitcoin Payments

If you are looking for some of the best companies that support Bitcoin payments, here is a list of options you can consider:

  1. Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Crypto-only E-commerce Store
  2. – Wide Range Of Furniture For Private And Commercial Buyers
  3. BigCommerce – Exceptional Hosting Services
  4. Etsy – A Large Collection Of Creative Contents
  5. – Peer-to-Peer Services
  6. Bitrefill – Peer-to-Peer Gift Card And Mobile Refill Platform
  7. Whole Food Market, Inc. – Largest Natural And Organic Food Supermarket Chain In The U.S.
  8. Crate And Barrel – Quality Furniture For Homes And Offices
  9. Nordstrom – Luxury Fashion Items For Men And Women
  10. Subway – Global Fast-Food Chain
  11. Yum! Brands, Inc. – Applaudable Fast-Food Services
  12. Restaurant Brands International, Inc. Multinational Fast-Food Chain
  13.  Virgin Group – Quality Customer Service
  14. Rakuten – Attractive Cashback Offer

Top Online Stores That Accept Bitcoin – Full Review

In this session, we extensively review the best stores that accept Bitcoin.

Crypto Emporium – Overall Best Crypto-only E-commerce Store

Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium sits at the top of our list of online stores that accept Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, it also accepts other crypto assets. Crypto Emporium started in the EU market around 2018 to provide utility for cryptocurrency through the sale of luxury goods and properties. 

After it gained traction in the EU, it expanded its operations to over 125 countries. Crypto Emporium’s support for Bitcoin and major altcoins has enabled it to overcome the barriers associated with currency exchange. You can buy your desired product at the store from anywhere in the world. It features hundreds of luxury items including electronics, automobiles, and watches. For further details about its extensive list of products, check our Crypto Emporium review

Does Crypto Emporium Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Users can make payments in seven different cryptocurrencies. The list includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. You can successfully buy expensive watches with Bitcoin or other payment options accepted at the store. In the future, Crypto Emporium will look to add other crypto options to the list. 

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Crypto Emporium 

As one of the best places to spend Bitcoin, Crypto Emporium accepts payments directly from the platform. At checkout, buyers select their preferred cryptocurrency from the listed cryptocurrencies and proceed to payment. The platform provides a wallet address where buyers will send payments. Upon confirmation of the payment, Crypto Emporium sends an email to buyers acknowledging the payment.

Visit Crypto Emporium – Wide Range Of Furniture For Private And Commercial Buyers

Overstock is one of the best crypto e-commerce platforms around. It offers a wide range of furniture for private and commercial buyers. The company went into the furniture business in 1999 with the aim of providing an outstanding shopping experience for customers.

For over two decades now, Overstock has continued to lead the e-commerce landscape. Its furniture retailing business stands out in the industry with several innovative solutions. Since 2014, the company has been accepting Bitcoin for over 4 million projects listed on its platform.

It made the move as part of its elaborate plan to expand its market and attract a new category of buyers. Overstock is not only accepting cryptocurrency; it has also invested in it and recently launched a robust blockchain project. However, the downside to cryptocurrency use on the platform is its refund policy.

Does Overstock Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Yes. Overstock started with Bitcoin as the only accepted cryptocurrency in 2014. However, the platform recently partnered with Coinbase to expand its supported cryptocurrencies. Users can now make payments with Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and all major altcoins.

It also entered into a strategic partnership with ShapeShift, the largest instant crypto exchange platform in the world. The relationship helped Overstock to improve its activities around blockchain technology. Hence, you can make payments in any cryptocurrency of your choice on the platform. 

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Overstock

Overstock established relationships with two third-party cryptocurrency processing companies. The first was with Coinbase in 2014. Users can make payments for Overstock products by selecting Coinbase at checkout. Shapeshift also provides cryptocurrency payment services to Overstock customers. Users can use the ShapeShift app to convert one cryptocurrency to another.

BigCommerce – Exceptional Hosting Services


BigCommerce stormed the industry in 2009 with a focus on providing store hosting services to retailers and businesses worldwide. Being a SaaS company, it imbibes many of the Web 3.0 features.

Over the past two decades, BigCommerce has established itself as a globally recognized brand with over 60,000+ merchants. In its plan to provide services to more regions of the world, the platform now operates in over 120 countries. Around 2022, it announced its support for Bitcoin and other major crypto assets as part of its growth strategy. 

Does BigCommerce Accept Cryptocurrency? 

BigCommerce supports over 20 cryptocurrencies. Its ability to handle a large number of cryptocurrencies can be attributed to its integration with Bitpay. Through the support of Bitpay, users can pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP, etc. However, the choice to accept cryptocurrency is still at the discretion of the merchant.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At BigCommerce

Bigcommerce handles crypto payments through installed gateways. Merchants who have their goods or services listed on the platform have complete control over which gateway to install. However, there are over 10 cryptocurrency gateway options that are available to merchants through its plugins. Merchants can install any of the plugins that allow shoppers to make payments in over 20 different cryptocurrencies.

Etsy – A Large Collection Of Creative Products


Etsy hosts the largest collection of creative products on the internet, alongside hundreds of thousands of users across the world. It launched in 2005 and has been a go-to platform for anything digital and creative. The platform is best known for providing customized product designs and vintage items to shoppers.

All the creative works listed on Etsy are regarded as the intellectual properties of its merchants. The platform expanded its reach to cover over 70 countries, particularly in continents like South America, Asia, and Africa. Owing to its global reach, it announced its support for cryptocurrency in 2015. Merchants now have the option of allowing shoppers to pay for products through its BitPay option.

Does Etsy Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Yes. Etsy partnered with Bitpay in 2015 to allow buyers to make payments in cryptocurrencies. The list of cryptocurrencies supported on the platform are Bitcoin, Pax Dollar, Gemini Dollar, Euro Coin, Litecoin, XRP, ApeCoin, Dai, Binance USD, USD Coin, Wrapped Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Coin, and others.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Etsy

Users have different payment options at checkout. Users should select the BitPay option from the list of payment methods at checkout. Bitpay allows buyers to make payments directly from their wallets or through Bitpay cards. The platform supports over 100 wallets. However, you should note that merchants have total control over whether they’ll accept or reject cryptocurrency. – Peer-to-Peer Services

The platform provides peer-to-peer services to cryptocurrency and gift card holders. It began operations in 2014 and has grown its platform to over 200,000 users. It usually connects gift card holders with shoppers willing to pay cryptocurrency for specific items on Amazon. Don’t forget that Amazon does not accept cryptocurrency payments directly. 

Occasioned by this development, the Amazon gift card holder is expected complete the order at a 15% discount and ship it to the cryptocurrency holder. Upon completion of the transaction, pays out cryptocurrency to card holders who successfully complete an order.

Does Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Yes. only supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Users can’t pay with other cryptocurrencies. A shopper on the platform can place an order by selecting a preferred discount on the order page. Then, gift card holders who are willing to fulfill the order at the set discount will pick up and complete the order. Once a user completes the order, rewards the gift card holder with the cryptocurrency deposited by the shopper. 

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At

Once you place an order on the platform, will provide a wallet address where you can make your cryptocurrency deposit. Once the payment goes through, will send a notification via email to confirm payment. Meanwhile, shoppers can track the progress of the order directly on the platform.

Bitrefill – Peer-to-Peer Gift Card And Mobile Refill Platform


Bitrefill is a peer-to-peer gift card platform that provides a similar service to While focuses exclusively on Amazon products, Bitrefill features hundreds of brands and companies worldwide. It gathers companies from various parts of the world and makes them accessible to cryptocurrency holders.

Most companies that are yet to accept cryptocurrency for their products or services often provide gift cards to customers and staff. These cards can be harnessed to purchase goods at the companies’ websites.

Bitrefill leverages these offers to make those gift cards available to cryptocurrency holders as a way to provide utility for their crypto . Besides gift cards, BitRefill also enables crypto holders to use their coins for prepaid mobile refills.

Does Bitrefill Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Bitrefill is a cryptocurrency-only platform. Users purchase gift cards, make payments for phone bills, and many more on the platform using cryptocurrencies. Alongside Bitcoin, Bitrefill also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, USDC, USDT, Dash, and Dogecoin. Read our guide to discover other stores that support Dogecoin.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Bitrefill

Bitrefill uses peer-to-peer payment methods. Users fund their Bitrefill accounts directly from their cryptocurrency wallets. However, the payment may take a few days to reflect in their Bitrefill accounts. Buyers use the money from the Bitrefill account to process other payments, including gift cards and phone tips.

Whole Food Market, Inc. – Largest Natural And Organic Food Supermarket Chain In The U.S.

Whole food inc

Whole Foods is the largest natural and organic food supermarket chain in the United States, with a presence in the United Kingdom and Canada. It established its business on the premise of providing a wide selection of healthy food items to the American public.

The brand now has a huge customer base of healthy food lovers in America. It opened for business in 1980 and grew into a global chain with over 500 stores and a 91,000-plus workforce. Around 2017, Whole Foods Market, Inc. was acquired by Amazon. Today, it is regarded as one of the first organic food chain brands to embrace the idea of cryptocurrency payments. Despite being a subsidiary of Amazon, Whole Food Market Inc. announced its support for cryptocurrency in 2019.

Does Whole Food Market Inc. Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Yes. Whole Foods Market, Inc., along with several other retailers across the United States, announced support for cryptocurrency in 2021. While Whole Foods does not accept cryptocurrency payments directly at the stores, it offers an alternative approach to crypto payments. The company established a strategic relationship with Flexa, which is the parent company of the SPEDN app.

The app allows users to deposit Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Gemini Dollar, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Celo, and Zcash. 

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Whole Foods Market, Inc.

Whole Foods Market shoppers have to fund their SPEDN account with cryptocurrency to make payments at Whole Foods stores. At checkout, you’ll provide your SPEDN payment code at any Whole Foods Market, where the attendant will review and scan the code to receive payment for your goods. While your SPEDN receives funds in cryptocurrencies, Whole Foods Markets Inc. would get the dollar equivalent of the money you paid.

Crate And Barrel – Quality Furniture For Homes And Offices

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is a subsidiary of Otto Group. The brand launched in Chicago in 1962. It specializes in quality furniture and creative pieces for homes and offices. In its over six decades of existence, it has become a trusted provider, operating in over nine countries.

Recently, Crate and Barrel decided to expand its business into new markets by allowing customers to pay for goods and services in cryptocurrency. Holders of various cryptocurrencies can now purchase furniture at any of its stores.

Does Crate And Barrel Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Crate and Barrel accepts cryptocurrency payments for furniture items purchased from its store. It started its cryptocurrency initiative through its partnership with Flexa, the parent company of SPEDN. Crate and Barrel customers can make payments in over 10 cryptocurrencies using the SPEDN app. Supported crypto assets include Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Gemini Dollar, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Celo, and Zcash.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel customers make payments through Flexa’s SPEDN app. With the app, buyers are able to deposit cryptocurrencies and make payments in dollars at various Crate and Barrel locations. The store will scan the payment code generated by the SPEDN app to receive the dollar equivalent of the crypto payments made by customers.

Nordstrom – Luxury Fashion Items For Men And Women


Nordstrom is a 120-year-old fashion retailer that has evolved through the years and stayed ahead of the industry. Its ability to adapt to technological trends helped it stay ahead of the pack. The brand started its business in 1901 with a focus on providing customers with the best experience in the fashion industry.

Nordstrom offers clothing, accessories, and other fashion items for men, women, and kids of all ages. In 2019, Nordstrom announced that at least 100 of its 300+ stores would accept cryptocurrency through its partnership with Flexa. However, the number may grow to include more locations and stores in the future.

Does Nordstrom Accept Cryptocurrency?

Nordstrom may not have a company-wide program that allows it to directly process cryptocurrency payments, but its collaboration with Flexa has made it possible for crypto customers to shop at its store. 

Flexa allows Nordstrom customers to make cryptocurrency payments using SPEDN. The app converts cryptocurrency payments to their dollar equivalent, which is paid to the store at checkout.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Nordstrom

To make cryptocurrency payments at Nordstrom, customers must install the SPEDN app on their mobile devices. The app allows users to fund their accounts with about 10 different cryptocurrencies. To checkout at any Nordstrom store, users will generate a payment code, which will be scanned by the cashier. 

Subway – Global Fast-Food Chain


Subway is a global fast-food chain of American origin. Founded in 1965, Subway has become one of the leading fast-food franchisees worldwide. As of 2021, Subway has more than 37,000 locations in over 100 countries, providing fast-food services to various categories of customers.

In 2021, the company openly announced its decision to support cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. However, its franchises still have ultimate control over what mode of payment they accept or reject. Besides, cryptocurrency may not be available in all countries due to local laws that apply in various countries.

Does Subway Accept Cryptocurrency? 

Yes. However, this does not happen directly within the company’s payment channels. Except for a few franchises that accept Bitcoin and other crypto assets directly, most cryptocurrency payments at Subway usually happen via a third-party payment platform like BitPay or through Subway gift cards purchased through Bitrefill.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Subway

Subway shoppers may visit the Bitrefill platform to purchase subway gift cards of equivalent value to the products they intend to buy at any Subway location. However, it’s best to perform the transaction a few days ahead. This is because it often takes some time for Bitrefill to complete the transaction.

Another alternative is to carry out the transaction using BitPay or a BitPay card. Subway cashiers receive the dollar value of any cryptocurrency payment. 

Yum! Brands, Inc. – Applaudable Fast-Food Services


Yum! Brands is a global chain of restaurants dedicated to providing exceptional fast food services to customers across 55,000 locations worldwide. The brand started in 1997 as a spinoff from PepsiCo. It has over 1,500 franchises in 155 countries.

Yum! Brands is a conglomerate that operates internationally recognized brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Most of the subsidiaries of Yum! Brands are now leaders in their niches. In November of 2020, Yum! Brands started testing cryptocurrency payment in its Venezuela Pizza Hut and has also expanded the payment method to many of its locations worldwide.

Does Yum! Brands, Inc. Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Yum! Brands announced support for cryptocurrency in 2020. However, not all the businesses under Yum! Brands, Inc. accept cryptocurrencies. Besides, the decision to accept cryptocurrency or not is subject to the decision of each franchise. Yum! Brand processes cryptocurrencies through third-party platforms. Therefore, it accepts payments in over 20 different cryptocurrencies.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Yum! Brands

Users spend cryptocurrency at Yum! Brands through the BitPay platform. The brand partnered with the BitPay platform to provide third-party cryptocurrency payment services to its users. Hence, cryptocurrency holders pay for goods and services through the gateway.

Restaurant Brands International, Inc. – Multinational Fast-Food Chain

Restaurant brands international

Restaurant Brands International (RBI) is a multinational fast food chain with over 29,000 restaurants worldwide. It went into business in 2014 after a merger between the international restaurant giant Burger King and the Canadian coffee sensation Tim Hortons.

As a global giant, it has a business presence in over 100 countries and an annual revenue of over $35 billion. The company announced its support for cryptocurrency in 2020 as part of its commitment to providing excellent service to customers and expanding its business operations.

Most of the RBI chains in Germany have successfully implemented the use of cryptocurrency as an alternative to fiat. The progress is slower in the United States and Canada; however, users can still use cryptocurrency to purchase items from RBI via gift cards from platforms like Bitrefill and Bitpay.

Does Restaurant Brands International, Inc Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Restaurant Brands International Inc. started accepting Bitcoin and other crypto assets in 2020. Despite its declared support for crypto, RBI is yet to succeed in its quest to make the payment option available across all its locations

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At  Restaurant Brands International Inc

To spend cryptocurrency at Restaurant Brands International Inc., shoppers need to use a third-party platform. Bitrefill and Bitpay are the two popular options to choose from. Users can purchase gift cards or make payments at RBI locations that allow BitPay checkout.

Virgin Group – Quality Customer Service

Virgin group

Virgin Group is a global conglomerate that’s been in business for over five decades. It started as a music record distributor and it built its brand into a conglomerate with hundreds of smaller business interests. The business has a reputation for providing quality customer service, which is one of the reasons it adopts technologies and innovations that offer the best user experience.

As far back as 2013, Richard Branson, who is the founder of Virgin Group, announced that the space tourism arm of the business would allow customers to make payments in cryptocurrency. The announcement came only four years after Bitcoin was created, making Virgin one of the first global brands to embrace the cryptocurrency trend. 

Does Virgin Group Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. However, Virgin Group does not accept cryptocurrencies for all its businesses and ventures. It mostly uses cryptocurrency exclusively for its space travel business, which is exclusive to Virgin Galactic. Other franchises in the Virgin Group also accept various cryptocurrencies. But as a brand, there’s no company-wide program that elaborates on how cryptocurrency works for goods and services.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At  Virgin Group

The major cryptocurrency accepted by Virgin Galactic is Bitcoin, and customers can pay directly to the company. However, users can still leverage the Bitpay app to make payments in other cryptocurrencies. The company partnered with Bitpay to establish a third-party processor for its cryptocurrency transactions. Bitpay allows users to pay with 20+ cryptocurrencies and supports several crypto wallets.

Rakuten – Attractive Cashback Offer


Rakuteen is an e-commerce platform of Japanese origin. It went into business 1997. The initial name given to the brand was MDM. It later changed from MDM to Rakuten. The company now has a presence in several countries, providing services to millions of users worldwide.

Rakuten started as a fiat-based platform, allowing small business owners to list their goods and services on its platform. It earns commission on every completed sale. As part of its commitment to expanding customer pull and the reach of its platform, the company announced its support for cryptocurrency in 2021. It’s believed that the use of cryptocurrency on the platform would open up a new category of shoppers for the platform.

Rakuten is indeed committed to expanding its operation to the point that it covers cryptocurrency holders in its established cashback offer. The program has since given over $1 billion to shoppers across the globe.

Does Rakuten Accept Cryptocurrency?

Yes. Rakuten announced its support for cryptocurrency in February 2021. However, users cannot pay directly to merchants on the platform. Crypto payments can be made through the Rakuten wallet. Cryptocurrency holders can now make payments in only three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Meanwhile, there’s a limit to the number of transactions that users can perform with cryptocurrency.

How To Spend Cryptocurrency At Rakuten 

Rakuten handles its cryptocurrency payments in-house through its E-money platform. It operates a point-of-sale payment business called Rakuten Pay. Cryptocurrency holders can fund their Rakuten Pay accounts from cryptocurrency wallets. The funds in Rakuten Wallet can be used across the majority of its platforms.

It also covers payments for products at Rakuten supermarkets and drugstores. The platform sets 1000 yen as the minimum funds that users can deposit into the Rakuten wallet through cryptocurrency and the maximum at 100,000 yen. 

How Do I Pay With Cryptocurrency?

There are several ways to go about paying with cryptocurrency. The method you adopt is determined by the available options on the selected e-commerce platform, store, or company.

Popular cryptocurrencies

Below are some of the ways you can spend cryptocurrency online or on-site.

Pay Directly To The Company, Store, Or Website

Usually, stores and platforms like Crypto Emporium, Ralph Lauren,, and a few others accept cryptocurrency payments directly from shoppers. These companies provide users with dedicated wallet IDs or QR codes, where they can make payments. Upon confirmation, users receive notification of the payment status. 

Pay Through A Third-Party Platform

Companies also partner with third-party payment gateways like Coinbase, Gemini, SPEDN, etc. to provide cryptocurrency payment capabilities to users. These platforms allow users to fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies. 

Pay With Gift Cards

The final option is to pay through gift cards. Platforms like, Bitrefill, etc. allow users to exchange their cryptocurrency for gift cards. Most times, it might be a virtual gift card, or other users may complete the order on behalf of the cryptocurrency holder.

Meanwhile, you can check out our guide to discover how you can buy cryptocurrency for your purchases on any of the listed stores.


Without a doubt, this guide has provided an answer to the question of “Who accepts Bitcoin?” Therefore if you are currently in possession of some coins and looking to buy products online or on-site, we are pleased to inform you that there are now a host of stores that accept Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies for payments.

In this guide, we examined some of the best stores you can consider. Among all the selected e-commerce stores in this guide, Crypto Emporium stands out, thereby making it a great option for all shoppers across the globe.

Visit Crypto Emporium


Does Crypto Emporium support Bitcoin?

Yes, Crypto Emporium accepts Bitcoin payments for all its products, including watches, electronics and automobiles. Outside that, it also supports popular altcoins like Ethereum. In fact, it is a crypto-only e-commerce store.

Is It safe to buy products with cryptocurrency?

Yes. cryptocurrency uses peer-to-peer payment channels, which are void of third-party interference. Moreover, it happens over blockchain technology, which is currently the most secured network worldwide. Hence, paying with cryptocurrency is safe and secure.

Can I return items purchased with cryptocurrency?

Companies usually set strict refund policies around cryptocurrency payments due to the peer-to-peer methods. Usually, users will be able to return purchased items under certain conditions. Once users satisfy the conditions, they’re eligible for refunds. Otherwise, such users may not be eligible for a refund.

Can I earn rewards or cashback for purchases made with cryptocurrency?

Yes. Users earn as much as 4% cashback on platforms like Crypto Emporium. Other platforms, like Rakuten, offer up to 10% cashback on certain transactions. There are other platforms that provide incentives to users who opt for the cryptocurrency payment method.

Can I use cryptocurrency to pay for subscriptions?

Yes. Users can subscribe with cryptocurrency on platforms that allow direct cryptocurrency subscriptions. Another option is to use third-party platforms like Bitrefill.

Why are companies and stores accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method?

Cryptocurrency is a new and trending alternative to fiat. Many companies and vendors who accept crypto payments do so to open up a new category of users or customers. In addition to that, it helps companies navigate the currency exchange barrier. Many companies struggle with international currency exchange rates.